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smartboyhwNoskcaj, ping03:32
smartboyhwNoskcaj10, ping03:46
balloonsNoskcaj10, tests are fully synced to rev18904:17
smartboyhwHey hey balloons04:18
balloonsgoodnight smartboyhw :-p04:18
balloonsI win!04:18
smartboyhwballoons, meh:(04:18
balloonshow are you?04:18
balloonsI'll stay for a min :-)04:18
smartboyhwballoons, great:)04:18
balloonshow was your trip? find the UK interesting?04:19
smartboyhwballoons, which autopilot tests would you recommend me to touch on? (Since many are completed it seems) and UK is great!04:19
pittiGood morning04:49
Noskcaj10smartboyhw, pong, i was at school06:19
smartboyhwNoskcaj10, I can't seem to understand the structure of the .pot file, I just can't seem to get how the .ui.h thing works06:19
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Noskcajsmartboyhw, Right now, i'm working with kirkland to fix the translations. I was just letting you know you "missed a spot"06:23
smartboyhwNoskcaj, OK. Please work with him to fix the translations then:)06:23
smartboyhwI might be busy these days. I've got a piano exam coming up on the 13th (ABRSM G8)06:23
smartboyhwThen if it is approved I will work on doc of another project06:24
smartboyhwMore useful than Testdrive (LOL)(06:24
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slickymastergood morning all08:47
slickymasterknome, ping. Are you there?08:49
rbasakjibel, pitti: adt-virt-lxc ready for review again in https://code.launchpad.net/~racb/ubuntu/saucy/autopkgtest/lxc/+merge/172856. It assumes cloud-init in the container, and defaults to "ubuntu" as the normal user inside the container. I'm not sure how that sits with merging into Debian.09:07
rbasakBut this should be good for testing, and I'd appreciate feedback on that. The catch is that Debian has no LXC template for a container that uses cloud-init, so I'm not sure how useful this will be to Debian right now anyway.09:08
rbasak(though of course Debian users could use Ubuntu containers)09:08
pittirbasak: ah, one needs cloud-init for a container? I thought the normal approach would be to debootstrap (I think that's what the templates do)09:09
pittirbasak: but thanks for this! we can add some debian/rules magic to only install the backend on ubuntu builds09:09
rbasakpitti: Ubuntu has "ubuntu" and "ubuntu-cloud" templates. "ubuntu" is debootstrap, "ubuntu-cloud" takes a cloud image with cloud-init in it. There's currently no general mechanism for knowing when a container is ready after it has been started, and adt-virt-lxc needs that. cloud-init provides boot-finished, so I'm using hta.t09:10
rbasakhta.t? Left and right hands are out of sync!09:11
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pittirbasak: I broke my tongue trying to pronounce it!09:11
rbasakIt's only off-by-one :-P09:11
rbasakI suppose I could "adduser autopkgtest" in the container actually. Then it'd be consistent.09:13
rbasakBut I still need the boot-finished signal in order to use debootstrapped containers without cloud-init. stgraber and hallyn were talking about some kind of standard mechanism for that.09:13
rbasakBut I think it's a bit far away at the moment, and using boot-finished works for now.09:14
knomeslickymaster, pong09:26
slickymasterknome, just a quick question. Remeber that yesterday we spoke about the typo in Xubuntu Docs?09:28
slickymasterknome, well I already branch it and my question is in which file do I correct the typo? in the xml?09:29
knomeyes, the xml09:29
knomeanything that is in build/ will be ignored09:29
slickymasterknome, the one under xubuntu-docs/desktop-guide/C/ right?09:30
knomeslickymaster, that's right09:30
slickymasterknome, :) thanks. I push it by lunch´09:31
knomeok, thanks09:31
slickymasterknome, you don't have to thank me09:31
pittirbasak: do you know if I can specify a particular boot device in cloud-init?09:47
pittirbasak: for supporting nested VMs for jodh I want to pass the original pristine VM as a virtio drive to the "outer" VM, so that within the VM you can start a nested one (with a locally created overlay)09:47
pittirbasak: passing that as -drive and building the VM on top of /dev/vdc seems more efficient than wasting memory for copying the VM image into the VM09:48
pittirbasak: but sometimes the VM doesn't start up; that could be because it tries to boot from the wrong device, or that cloud-init works on the wrong device09:48
rbasakpitti: good question09:50
rbasakpitti: I'm not entirely sure. Checking with smoser might be an idea. I don't think cloud-init would do anything wrong here, and you should be able to force boot from /dev/vda from the qemu command line I think. But /dev/vdc's filesystem will have the same UUID as /dev/vda's filessytem. So could the initramfs be mounting the wrong root fs?09:52
pittirbasak: hm, would it? I'm booting an image with an overlay09:53
pittirbasak: oh, how can I force booting from /dev/vda? I was looking for that but didn't find it09:53
rbasakLooking at a cloud image, /etc/fstab defines / as LABEL=cloudimg-rootfs09:53
pittirbasak: "-boot order=c" doesn't work09:54
pittirbasak: ah, that could be it then09:54
rbasakSo I think the initramfs will look for that, and find two filesystems with that label.09:54
rbasakAnd one is read-only.09:54
pittiindeed, it boots fine in maybe 50% of the cases09:54
rbasakPerhaps your "outer" VM needs to modify that to /dev/vda and rerun update-initramfs? But then you'll have two images, and hackery.09:55
pittirbasak: argh, they indeed both have identical UUIDs and labels09:55
pittirbasak: that would be it, thanks09:55
rbasakIt's a valid requirement, though. We should provide users with a way to do that.09:55
pittirbasak: I'll think about it a bit, how to obfuscate the pristine r/o /dev/vdc enough09:56
pittirbasak: the hint about label/uuid was spot-on, cheers09:57
rbasakpitti: I was basing my understanding of boot order definiton upon what I can do from virt-manager, and I know that translates to the command line somehow. Looking at the manpage I assume that -boot order=c should work - now that you agree it's probably the label/uuid, is that consistent with your observations?09:57
pittirbasak: in the worst case we have to scp the VM instead of passing it as -drive, it would just waste some 250 MB of RAM09:57
rbasakpitti: how about attaching the disk after the outer guest has booted?09:58
pittirbasak: it's a bit hard to see what the outer VM is doing, but it's very well possible that it was booting alright from /dev/vda09:58
pittirbasak: it's plausible that the initramfs got confused and mounted the wrong rootfs, or that cloud-image worked on the wrong one, or possibly both09:58
pittirbasak: attach after boot> that sounds like a nice trick, how does one do that to a running VM?09:59
* rbasak looks09:59
pittirbasak: I guess over its monitor?09:59
rbasakI'm not sure if you can hotplug a fixed disk like that though.10:00
pittiI should probably replace -monitor stdio with a named pipe or a bash fd10:00
rbasakBut it looks like you can do it for virtual cdrom hardware and USB10:00
pittirbasak: seems SCSI and virtio are fine, just not IDE (but who cares)10:01
pittirbasak: thanks!10:02
rbasakIt still seems a bit hacky though. I'm interested to hear what smoser thinks. I'll send him the log of this as he's not on here.10:02
rbasakNo problem. I hope it works!10:02
slickymasterknome, As it turns out, the typo isn't present in the offline-packages.xml file. It's in the *.po files that the typo is present, which are the files that contain the translations10:07
knomeslickymaster, okay. in that case, i should probably update the translations10:07
slickymasterknome, I can just go ahead and correct the typos in all of those files10:07
knomeslickymaster, no need to - it's an automatic process10:08
slickymasterknome, okie dokie, I'll leave it in your hands10:08
* knome tries to get to look at it before he leaves10:09
pittirbasak: works nicely! now off to scripting that10:12
pittijodh, jibel, rbasak: bug 1158391 updated with a new patch; now with 50% more hacks and stability!10:38
ubot5bug 1158391 in Auto Package Testing "ability to have a DEP-8 test run a test in a separate full system environment" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115839110:38
jibelpitti, since you had 50% of boot failure, that makes 75% successful boots ;)10:39
pittijodh, jibel: as discussed this doesn't yet contain a wrapper script to simplify the qemu-img / qemu run, as jodh potentially wanted to change the image before booting, or put other stuff in between; let's see how much of that we can generalize, and then provide a convenience script as a second step10:39
pittijibel: darn, you got me there! rational arithmetic is hard!10:39
jodhpitti: thanks. Yes, I'm finishing up reworking my scripts to configure the vm on first boot atm...10:40
pittijodh: ah, nice; did you run into the boot hangs with the previous patch?10:40
jodhpitti: alas, never got that far due to issues attempting to do crazy stuff in nbd-mounted chrooted vm images ;)10:41
pittijodh: heh, no worries10:41
pittijodh: if you are happy (for the first version) with the commands I gave in https://bugs.launchpad.net/auto-package-testing/+bug/1158391/comments/3, I think I can land this now10:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 1158391 in Auto Package Testing "ability to have a DEP-8 test run a test in a separate full system environment" [High,In progress]10:42
pittijodh: you'll need to loop over ssh, it'll fail while the sub-vm is still booting up10:42
jodhpitti: yup - they work for me :)10:42
pittijodh: cool10:42
jodhpitti: yes, I'm building up a library of routines to do "ssh polling" and other such grossities10:43
pittijodh: bin/testbed/wait_bootfinished10:43
jodhpitti: ah! :)10:43
rbasakpitti: you could use a udev rule instead of that polling loop for the pristine_vm hotplug event, but it's probably not worth the effort.10:43
pittijodh: that's for prepare-testbed, though, but it might have some overla0p10:43
pittirbasak: well, then I'd still need to wait for teh rule to get executed10:44
jodhpitti: is there a command I can run to install the dep-8 Depends packages in the pristine VM?10:44
rbasakGood point.10:44
pittirbasak: I actually want to block run-adt-test until it appears (it's not noticeable anyway), so that we avoid chowning and running the test while it's not there yet10:44
pittijodh: adt-run?10:45
pittijodh: I guess at some point we'll need the whole run-adt-test machinery in the VM, so that you can use it to attack the nested VM :)10:45
rbasakpitti: the patch looks good to me then10:45
* pitti is reminded about the "Ship in a bottle" Star Trek NextGen episode10:45
jodhpitti: ok, so that then would require that I have the dep-8 tests execute conditionally (based on my ADT_ENVIRON_TYPE=nested variable as mentioned the other day).10:45
jodhpitti: again, works for me :)10:46
rbasakI'm not sure the run-adt-test machinery is the appropriate thing to use inside the VM. But I guess that depends on the amount of reuse. If it's just to start sub-VMs and run stuff in them, then I think we should move that functionality to a more generic tool and put that in cloud-utils in the end.10:47
pittijodh: ah right, it's not quite run-adt-test, as we don't want to run the controller script in the child VM again10:47
pittijodh: but anyway, adt-run will install test depends; it might not be appropriate for the reason above, so perhaps calling pbuilder-satisfydepends directly is better for that case10:48
rbasakOr just apt-get install? Why do we need the more complex depends syntax here?10:49
jodhpitti: but I've still got to install pbuilder in the pristine VM right? :)10:49
pittijodh: no, these VMs have autopkgtest installed already10:49
pittiand consequently, pbuilder10:49
pittijodh: we build them that way, after all :)10:49
* jodh really should read the adt scripts at some point ;)10:50
rbasakpitti: I don't think we should rely on that. We shouldn't depend on adt-virt-null any more than we have to.10:50
pittijodh: it's the list in bin/prepare-testbed, the cloud-config bit10:50
pittijodh: search for "packages:"10:50
rbasakjodh: by pristine VM, do you mean the inner nested one? I think pitti is talking about the outer one.10:51
pittirbasak: yes, but we still need adt-run, so our pristine VMs always have to have autopkgtest installed10:51
pittirbasak: they are really identical10:51
pittiexcept of course we boot the outer one with an (initially empty) writable overlay10:51
rbasakOh I see. The image has these things preinstalled?10:51
pittirbasak: yes, by way of "packages:" in cloud-config10:51
rbasakThen the inner one might use a different cloud-config10:52
pittiwell, at that point we don't generate VMs any more; everything is already instaled10:52
rbasakI'm confused. Can we define some terms?10:53
pittiwe don't actually want cloud-config to go and install required packages at each run; this only happens at "prepare-testbed" (which we run once a day), not for every test10:53
pittirbasak: I guess cloud-config will actually consider the config again in the nested VMs, but as the packages are all installed already it has nothing to do10:53
rbasakI see. So you create a new VM daily, use cloud-config to install things, then shut it down again?10:54
rbasakThen you use a clone of that for every test?10:54
rbasakThen you use a clone of that for every package?10:54
pittirbasak: yes; we use the generated VM as a read-only backing of a qemu-img generated throwaway overlay10:54
rbasakSo that outer VM running the dep8 test will see autopkgtest and auto-package-testing installed.10:54
rbasakAnd the inner VM started by the outer VM will also have these things preinstalled in its image.10:55
pittiit still uses cloud-init, but it should be mostly a no-op at this point10:55
pittiat least it's reasonably fast10:55
rbasakNow I think that although these things are true, our tests shouldn't rely on this.10:55
pittiand I have actually used them while I was offline in a train10:55
pitti(well, with apt-cacher-ng for the actual tests)10:55
rbasakSince I'd like to see adt-virt-null replaced with adt-virt-kvm eventually, and don't want us to lock in to the current adt-virt-null situation.10:56
pittirbasak: well, that's fine; for now we don't promise that much about the child VMs, except that "they boot and you can log in and sudo"10:56
rbasakThe reason I don't like it is that by using adt-virt-null we're influencing the test environment in a way that the dep8 spec allows us not to do.10:56
pittibut it's the case that they are identical to the real autopkgtest VMs10:56
pittirbasak: right, in particular we cannot currently run "breaks-testbed" tests10:57
rbasakSo if we want things installed in a dep8 test, we should use a Depends, or for the inner VM manage that part ourselves and make sure it is done. Even if we need autopkgtest and it's there already, since that might go away.10:57
pittirbasak: so for now, I think we should let jodh play around with that stuff to get a better feel for what's still missing and how we want to wire this together10:57
pittirbasak: yep10:58
* jodh plays10:58
rbasakOK :)10:58
* pitti scratches off another item from is "stuff to get done OMGbeforeholidays"10:58
rbasakpitti: thanks for your work!10:58
pittirbasak: my pleasure; nice idea with the hotplugging!10:58
rbasakI still don't like it. I've asked smoser for his opinion for when he wakes up.10:59
pittijibel: so, mind if I land that and break the world? I'm here until tomorrow evening to deal with regressions/fires, at worst I'll back it out10:59
rbasakI mean it works. It just seems like a workaround for something that ideally shouldn't be necessary.10:59
pittirbasak: I can't say I'm that trilled by it, but it's at least efficient and seems to be reliable10:59
rbasakIt didn't occur to me that we have to worry about regressions.11:00
pittirbasak: yesterday I was considering just scping the image, but you know how long such hacks tend to last11:00
rbasakPerhaps this functionality should be limited to a dep8 Feature?11:00
pittirbasak: I mean in the case that VMs suddenly hang or stop booting and we block autopkgtests with that11:00
jibelpitti, go ahead and break the world, you're on vacations tomorrow, that'll let me a week to fix it :)11:00
pittijodh: not tomorrow yet11:00
pittierr, jibel ^11:01
rbasakAlthough atm, the tests still influence each other. With the current setup, it's more of a Feature for the entire test suite of a package, not one indiviual test.11:01
pittijodh: assigned bug 1158391 back to you for further input what you would like to see11:10
ubot5bug 1158391 in Auto Package Testing "ability to have a DEP-8 test run a test in a separate full system environment" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115839111:10
jodhpitti: ok, thanks.11:10
jodhhmm, why is my ADTRESULTSDIR unset ?11:10
pittijibel: world duly broken, I'll watch out for autopkgtest failures (well, I do that anyway..)11:10
jibelthank you11:10
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smoserpitti, rbasak i was reading http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/08/01/%23ubuntu-quality.html#t09:4713:19
smoseri dont have an easy way to convince an initramfs to boot off of one out 2 identical drives.13:20
smoserattach after boot  should be fine.13:20
smoserthe other way would be to boot with '-kernel' and '-initramfs' and '-append' with 'root=/dev/vda'13:21
smoserer.. whatever it was supposed to do (or even root=/dev/by-path/virtio/0/0 or whatever that would be)13:21
smoserwe do boot by label, which is less than ideal, but booting by uuid woudln't even help you here.13:22
smoserthe attach after boot is the cleanest path i think.13:23
smoseroh, the other thing.. pitti mentioned '250M'13:24
smoserthats a bad size i think.13:24
smoseras it implies that you've not uncompressed the qcow image13:24
smoserwhich means that all reads tothat disk go through cpu decompression13:25
smoserrbasak, how could you possibly "flag" that other disk ?13:40
smoserthis really is not cloud specific in any way13:41
smoserother than being about 6 million times more likely to occur in a cloud13:41
ubot5Launchpad bug 665235 in Ubuntu on EC2 "grub-legacy-ec2: attaching a volume to maverick instance may boot off it" [Wishlist,Triaged]13:42
rbasaksmoser: yeah it's probably an initramfs thing, not a cloud-init thing13:42
rbasaksmoser: maybe a way to tell the initramfs/mountall to ignore certain paths?13:42
rbasakI'm not sure how we'd get that message through though.13:43
smoserwell, not really.13:43
rbasakIt's sort of circular13:43
smoserthe hardest thing of this is that it is event driven13:43
smoserthe finding of root=13:43
smoserudev sees it, adds a path, and 'wait-for-root' gets an event and mounts it because that added disk matched criteria13:44
smoserso you can't say "if i have 2 disks that are the same, then ..."13:44
smoserbecause, well, then you'd have to wait around some arbitrary time for the possibility of another disk appearing that matched that criteria13:44
rbasakI'd like to say "/dev/vdc" (or /dev/disk/by-path/...) does not match your criteria.13:45
rbasakKernel cmdline seems appropriate, but if we can do root=/dev/vda and that works, perhaps that's my answer.13:45
smoseryou can, but thats yucky13:45
smoserbecauase then you have to just "know" the right kernel paramters13:46
smoseror inspect them.13:46
rbasakGood point13:46
smoseror i have to publish them (which is only marginally better, but then implies that people *should* do this)13:46
rbasakAnyway, I wondered if there was an easy solution, and/or if we care. Sounds like it's more complicated than it's worth.13:47
smoserconsuming cloud images should not require knowing intimate details about the inconsistency of the linux kernel command line parameter system.13:47
smoserone option might be to use grub's env area13:47
smoseror MBR area13:48
smoserwhere we would allow reading of the 'root=' param from a well defined location inside the MBR.13:48
rbasakMBR involves modifying the disk image though, at which point we might as well change the label.13:48
smosergrub woudl have to do it.13:48
smosernot so much though13:48
smoserand modifying the label doen'st really help so much as i might move to uuid :)13:48
rbasakPerhaps the BIOS should have a config area for this stuff.13:48
rbasakDoesn't UEFI do something like that? :)13:49
smoserand modifying the label would break boot of that image!13:49
smoseryour mention of uefi is very relevant.13:49
rbasakOOI, is there a UEFI-supporting qemu model?13:50
smoserin that MBR is not sufficent as i would ideally hope to sometime in the near future have cloud images that are uefi/mbr dual boot13:50
smoseryes, there is.13:50
smoserbut thats not rreally any better.13:50
smoserits just changing the place that you look to use your intrinsic and brittle knowledge.13:50
smoseryou see that bug above ?13:50
ubot5Launchpad bug 665235 in Ubuntu on EC2 "grub-legacy-ec2: attaching a volume to maverick instance may boot off it" [Wishlist,Triaged]13:50
smoserthat was the first time i went through this thought process :)13:51
smoserand punted.13:51
smoserthats what we want :)13:52
rbasakWhat if virtual machines always used /dev/vda as the root fs, and it was up to13:52
smoseror uuid13:52
rbasakit was up to the host to make sure that the first disk is first13:52
smoseroh, shoot. did we lose /dev/disk/by-path ?13:53
smoseri seem to recall that , and i dont have it here.13:53
ubot5Launchpad bug 1193705 in systemd (Ubuntu) "[udev] /dev/disk/by-path missing" [Low,Incomplete]13:53
smoserso that wont be helpful13:53
rbasakbtw, cloud-localds needs genisoimage which doesn't recommend or suggest.13:54
smoserwell it doesn't require it.13:54
rbasakalso qemu-utils for qemu-img13:55
rbasakin the default use case it needs it13:55
smoserit does depend on it in saucy i think13:55
smoserunless i didn't upload13:55
rbasakThe problem remains in saucy13:56
rbasakI just started a fresh instance based on a recent daily and upgraded everything13:56
smoserso its in trunk13:56
rbasakOK so it'll get there in the end. No worries :)13:56
smoserah. but that iddn't make it to saucy.13:56
smoserrbasak, so...13:57
smoserthis and your other tool13:57
smoserthat you  mentioend13:57
smoserthe dependency creap of cloud-utils scares me13:57
rbasakYeah I need to finish it all13:57
rbasakAnd adt-virt-kvm13:57
rbasakMaybe split the package up?13:57
smoserso my long term plan is to move cloud-localds and some of the other things into13:57
smoseror the like13:57
smoserbecause you dont likely need genisoimage in your cloud image13:57
smoserso you're welcome to do that for me :)13:58
smoseri'd even depend on 'mtools' in cloud-image-utils13:58
rbasakFor nested kvm I do :)13:58
smoserwell, that is a very specific use case of a cloud instance.13:58
smosernot necessarily a incorrect one. just probably not the most common13:59
smoserthe kernel is the other area whwere we end up with feature creep14:00
ubot5Launchpad bug 1206961 in linux (Ubuntu) "Include rbd and kvm modules in the virtual package" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:00
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smoserthat was the motivation for my discussion on dropping 'linux-virtual' and having 'linux-server' and 'linux-generic' where linux-server would include this sort of stuff, but would not include bluetooth and audio drivers.14:01
rbasakYeah makes sense14:01
rbasakThanks for the discussion14:01
balloonssmartboyhw, sorry I dozed off before we finished conversing last night it seems :-p check out: http://www.theorangenotebook.com/2013/07/automating-core-apps-how-we-doing.html14:26
smartboyhwballoons, yeah14:26
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dkesselwarm evening16:08
balloonsdkessel, evening to you16:17
* dkessel has 'run-adt-test' failing silently :/16:20
dkesselpitti, are you there? can you tell me why run-adt-test is (silently) failing here?: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5936933/16:22
pittihey dkessel16:23
pittidkessel: sorry, didn't get to your mail yet16:23
dkesselpitti: oh nvm - i guess i need to download the vm image again after the reboot....16:23
* dkessel remembers he had this before... last year16:23
pittidkessel: you mean that immediately exits?16:23
pittidkessel: I was just about to give your branch a try, but I don't have much time today any mor3e16:24
dkesselpitti: yup, that exits quite immediately16:25
pittidkessel: I don't have much experience with running adt-test as user16:25
pittii. e. "anything could happen"16:25
pittidkessel: nevermind, I mis-looked; it's run-adt-test16:25
dkesselpitti: well if you could find some minutes the other day, that would be great...16:27
pittidkessel: does /tmp/adt/disks/pristine-saucy-amd64.img actually exist?16:28
pittidkessel: btw, I set BASEDIR=/home/martin-scratch/images/adt in ~/.adtrc, so that I don't keep losing my VMs16:28
dkesselahhh .adtrc... - yeah that was my problem... it was missing after reboot. thanks16:29
pittiI also have APTPROXY= in there, to use apt-cacher-ng16:31
pittitogether with -s, it's a real joy to see download and install taking seconds only :)16:31
pittidkessel: I'm running the tests with run-adt-test now; the actual maven tests are running now16:32
dkesselpitti, good hints with the environment variables :) - well let's see if it fails on your system too...16:33
pittidkessel: yes, I get the same error16:33
pittidkessel: when I run "sudo adt-run --built-tree=. --no-built-binaries --debug --- adt-virt-null" in the unpacked tree (in the VM) I get further16:41
pittiERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:2.5:compile (default-compile) on project cli: Fatal error compiling: tools.jar not found: /usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-amd64/jre/../lib/tools.jar16:41
pittidkessel: but this downloads from http://repo.jenkins-ci.org, so this would fail in the data center anyway16:42
pittidkessel: shouldn't we have all these modules packaged already?16:42
pittidkessel: I have absolutely no idea about the original error yet, I'll try to have a look tomorrow16:43
* pitti waves good night, need to leave16:43
dkesselpitti: night16:43
m-b-oballoons !19:04
balloonshey m-b-o :-)19:04
balloonsok, so is autopilot confirmed installed now?19:04
m-b-oinstalling atm19:05
m-b-oit's about https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-weather-app/+bug/120731519:05
ubot5Launchpad bug 1207315 in Ubuntu Weather App "Autopilot test failures when run on device" [Undecided,New]19:05
balloonsahh yes.. I get to look through popey's bugs in a few19:05
m-b-oI'm on the device via ssh. So I can start a testrun from there?19:06
m-b-oautopilot is now installed19:07
balloonsm-b-o, yes, there's a nice wiki page talking about this. let me pull it up19:08
m-b-ogot it running :)19:09
balloonsm-b-o, I think this is the page I was looking for: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/AutomatedTesting/UbuntuTouch19:09
m-b-oUInput: UInputError('"/dev/uinput" cannot be opened for writing',)19:09
balloonsdid you use phablet-test-run?19:09
m-b-oballons: thanks!19:09
m-b-oautopilot run ubuntu_weather_app19:10
knomeballoons, HELLO.19:11
knomeballoons, we need your help :)19:11
balloonsm-b-o, this page too: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Testing/Autopilot. But you've got it going so :-)19:11
knomeballoons, can you re-enable the xubuntu product being visible in packages. ?19:11
balloonsknome, ey-ey capt'n19:11
knomeballoons, for me, it says status: active though, so please tell me if i should be able to do that myself19:12
balloonsXubuntu Desktop has you as owner and still active19:12
balloonsknome, what are you having trouble with/19:12
knomeballoons, it doesn't appear in the tracker...19:13
balloonsknome, you should add a build for it.. and a milestone too19:13
balloonsknome, so you can see all the milestones now for saucy.. I have a milestone for each app19:13
balloonsyou can do the same, or lump all your apps under one milestone19:13
balloonsyou see last cycle we had milestones for each testing event19:14
balloonsthat's the traditional way of doing it19:14
knomehow do i control milestones?19:14
balloonsknome, do you have access? it's  a tab19:16
knomesummary products testcases testsuites series builds19:17
balloonsnice.. so you can't set product families or milestones19:17
balloonsok, well, I can. so how would you like it setup?19:17
balloonsyes sad panda19:18
knomeis there any possibility i can get super cow powers? :P19:18
knomelook at the xubuntu desktop product - we all have it organized under that19:18
balloonshave you been working with stgraber on the ui stuff? tell him you'd like super cow powers, haha.. he controls the acl's, but again you are already set as owner for xubuntu stuff in packages19:18
knomeas long as it shows up in the tracker for testing anyway you see it fit, we're happy19:19
knomeyes, but looks like i can't do much!19:19
balloonsproduct families are silly.. and milestones can be static19:19
balloonsbuilds are the most important19:19
balloonsso you want a milestone for xubuntu? called what?19:19
knomewhat are the milestones usually called?19:20
balloonsfrom there you can edit the builds for apps you want to appear, etc19:20
knomeif it's the name that's showing up in the tracker frontpage "Xubuntu Desktop" would be good19:20
knomethis is just over-confusing because you have ten things and the name is the same for al!19:21
balloonswell step back for a moment from the craziness that is the package tracker. the iso tracker has milestones you know. saucy daily, saucy alpha 1, saucy beta, saucy final19:21
balloonshistorically the package tracker followed this line of thinking and name milestones for each testing event. So if we had a testing week, that was a milestone. If we had a specific call for testing, that was a milestone19:22
knomegenerally, do you do multiple milestones for packages?19:22
balloonsnow, we've eschewed that and have milestones for the entire cycle; a bit like the dailies19:22
balloonsperhaps we should push our thoughts a bit more on this19:23
knomethen the milestone should be called Saucy19:23
balloonsmake a proper daily milestone, add product families for apps, add slot things accordingly19:23
knomeoh please yes19:23
balloonslol.. iterations my friend..19:23
balloonsthat seems to make a lot of sense. I think it's definitely worthy of a mockup19:24
balloonswe can use the test site to do a quick trial run of how it could look19:24
knomelet me turn up my desktop machine, this chair isn't comfortable19:25
knometurn on too19:25
balloonsknome, forgive me, but your getting some ubuntu packages assigned to xubuntu for test purposes :-p\19:28
balloonsyou = xubuntu19:28
knomebasically, we have testsuites like "Xubuntu Office"19:29
knomeand "Xfce"19:29
knomewhich contain several testcases, like Abiword, Gnumeric, ...19:29
balloonsI'm a visual person, so let's start here and iterate ;-)19:30
knomethen we have the Xubuntu Desktop product19:30
knomelet me get my head around it19:30
balloonsok, it's coming together here: http://packages.qa.dev.stgraber.org/qatracker/milestones/254/builds19:31
balloonsok, so the basic layout is setup now19:31
knomeexcept the products shouldn't be named by apps19:32
knomethat doesn't make sense for me19:32
knomeif one app has one testcase, it should just be shown as a testcase, not have a testsuite named by it19:32
knomei think the xfce testsuite is the easiest19:34
knomewe clearly have a lot of different small components for it19:34
knomeand they share the xfce testsuite19:34
knomein the same way, firefox and thunderbird should be in a "xubuntu internet" testsuite19:34
knomedoes that make sense to you?19:34
knomeballoons, ^19:38
balloonsI'm swapping channels at the moment, and thinking :-)19:38
balloonsso can we roll back for one moment19:39
balloonswhat your describing is not possible atm19:39
knomewhy not?19:39
knomeit clearly seems possible19:39
balloonsif I understand properly.. but it might be19:39
balloonshence, roll back19:39
knomejust don't name the testuite "firefox"19:39
balloonsso, does what is on the page make sense?19:39
knomeanything that doesn't make sense is: http://packages.qa.dev.stgraber.org/qatracker/milestones/254/builds19:40
knomein the xubuntu product, we'd like to have subitems like "Xubuntu Office"19:40
knome(which would then have testsuites like abiword and gnumeric)19:40
balloonsright, but those are the products being listed19:40
balloonsfileroller is a product19:40
balloonsi made it a part of the xubuntu family19:40
knomein that case... where are the testsuites?19:40
balloonsclick the product, aka fileroller19:41
balloonsand then the testsuites are listed19:41
knomei see...19:41
balloonsSO, you could make a internet xubuntu product19:41
knomewell no, it's fine if the product is "Xubuntu Desktop"19:41
balloonsIll try mocking up one as you say19:41
balloonsohh.. your ok now?19:41
knomethat's just *one level* of duplicating things19:42
knomeyeah, i don't see families, so...19:42
balloonsok, so what should I tweak?19:42
knomein http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/, no "Xubuntu" shows up19:44
knomeif you could add a Xubutnu family (and add the "Xubuntu Desktop" product to that) and make it show up, i'd be happy19:44
balloonsknome, well I want to keep pursing your ideas in the sanbox19:46
balloonsso as the sandbox stands should we make changes?19:46
knomeballoons, let me try to get my head around it again :D19:46
balloonsmake a xubuntu internet product family and list products under it?19:46
balloonsmake a xubuntu internet product in the xubuntu product family, and add firefox etc testsuites to it?19:47
knomeso, the milestone would be "Saucy Daily" - that's good19:47
balloonsknome, yea, we could choose something like that19:47
balloonshey Noskcaj join in the fun :-)19:47
knomeno when i click that...19:47
balloonswe're brainstorming on how we layout packages.qa.u.com19:47
knomecan you explain two things:19:47
knome1) what's the products filter on the left19:47
knome2) what's the subtitles (table cells with dark bg)?19:47
balloonsLetozaf_, hello to you also :-) I have good news.. adding a feed works again in rss reader19:47
balloonsproduct filters are product families19:48
Letozaf_balloons, hello19:48
balloonsthey are the same as the table subtitles19:48
Letozaf_balloons, good19:48
balloonsProduct (Xubuntu) is a product family19:48
balloonsunder Product (Xubuntu), you see fileroller. that is a product, assigned to the xubuntu product family19:49
knomeballoons, ok, so...19:49
Letozaf_balloons, I have done the swipe thing, but it doesn't work, can you have a look at it, it swipes on the top left side of the screen instead on the topic19:49
knomeballoons, would it make sense that the product families were flavor names?19:49
balloonsLetozaf_, sure send along the source19:49
Letozaf_balloons, ok, just a minute19:50
balloonsknome, in the iso world that is how it's done. here, well that depends :-)19:50
balloonsI just set it up to be a clone of how iso.qa.ubuntu.com is done19:50
balloonswe should iterate and tweak from there19:50
knomeballoons, i would do as we do it in ISO, to not confuse people19:51
knomewhen we refer to "product family", it should always be clear what we are referring to19:51
Letozaf_balloons, https://code.launchpad.net/~carla-sella/ubuntu-rssreader-app/checkswipe19:51
knomeballoons, so yeah, the product families should be flavor names19:51
knomeballoons, then, the product should be "Xubuntu Desktop" for example19:52
balloonsok, fair enough. Now, did you want to mess with the products themselves? in the iso world a product is an image19:52
balloonsin the packages world a product is a package19:52
knomeballoons, will autopilot tests show up in packages. too ?19:52
balloonsknome, what do you mean show up? not by default no19:52
knomeballoons, where are the autopilot tests reported+19:53
balloonswe could setup something to push autopilot results to the tracker it's been done in the past19:53
balloonsautopilot results are pushed to jenkins19:53
balloonsdepending on the test, it's spread around various jenkins instances19:53
Letozaf_ balloons it's in the test_remove_topic test19:53
balloonsthe idea is the qa dashboard should be the source for all the data19:53
knomeballoons, would it make sense if the products were called "Xubuntu manual tests" ?19:54
balloonsknome, so in theory you should see the collated results here: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/19:54
* Letozaf_ is doing an apt-get update and dist-upgrade19:54
* Letozaf_ got the rssreader updates :)19:55
* balloons checking19:55
balloonsif you got the updates, feel free to push that new branch up :-)19:55
balloonsLetozaf_, the branch seems to be missing the test_.py file?19:56
Letozaf_balloons, argh!! let me check19:56
balloonsLetozaf_, lol.. no worries..19:56
balloonsjust bzr add if needed.. it's weird it's missing19:56
Letozaf_balloons, yes it's weired, I see other missing files though19:57
knomeballoons, huh? :P19:57
Letozaf_balloons, let me push it againg with another name19:57
balloonsknome, umm hmm.. xubuntu manual tests19:58
knomeballoons, yes - that would avoid calling two levels with the same title19:58
balloonsI could see that.. I don't think it would bother me at all..19:58
balloonsknome, which 2 levels are the same now?19:58
knomeballoons, product, testsuite, testcase :P19:58
knomeballoons, THREE!19:58
balloonsmanual tests is a bit redudant as every product family would have it19:59
knomeballoons, sure. but it's redundant to have a product called fileroller, with one testsuite called fileroller, with one testcase called fileroller19:59
balloonsknome, let me try adding your other idea19:59
balloonsi'll just play around and push things to that page :-)19:59
balloonsknome, ok I added xubuntu office a couple ways20:01
balloonsrefresh and have a look20:01
balloonsone under xubuntu product family and one as it's own product family20:02
knomethe one under makes more sense to me20:02
knomeso in http://packages.qa.dev.stgraber.org/qatracker/milestones/254/builds/27971/testcases, what are the table headers?20:02
Letozaf_balloons, this is strange, I did this:  bzr push lp:~carla-sella/ubuntu-rssreader-app/anotherSwipeCnt20:03
knome... what's the xubuntu office then? product?20:03
Letozaf_balloons, and got this output: Using default stacking branch /+branch-id/717401 at chroot-68486096:///~carla-sella/ubuntu-rssreader-app/20:03
Letozaf_Created new stacked branch referring to /+branch-id/717401.20:03
balloonsLetozaf_, that looks fine.. right? it made a new branch.. you could have push to your original20:03
balloonsknome, we can change the names, lol.. i'm just trying to point out how the data is structed and how you can play with it20:04
Letozaf_balloons, oh yes ... missed a refresh of my browser :p20:04
knomeballoons, let me open a pad :P20:04
Letozaf_balloons, I changed a looot of things so I thought it would be better to open another one20:04
balloonsLetozaf_, ok, let me pull that one20:05
balloonsLetozaf_, ok so i'll run and then look at the code.. I can see it :-)20:07
knomeballoons, http://pad.ubuntu.com/WygoQzxF0h20:07
knomeballoons, see, there's no redundancy (except the product one)20:07
Letozaf_balloons, ok thanks20:08
knomeballoons, compare to the current structure (just added that)20:08
balloonsLetozaf_, ahh i see.. it swipes too high is all20:08
balloonsknome, looking20:09
* Letozaf_ is looking at the code20:09
knomeballoons, the point is, the user will need to click something 4 times to get to the abiword test anyway20:10
knomeballoons, there will always be redundancy.20:10
balloonsknome, i get your point.. the redundancy is sometimes important20:10
knomeballoons, i don't see how it is important here20:10
balloonsas not every product has a testsuite named after itself, then a testcase that is similar20:10
balloonshowever 99% do :-)20:10
knomeif a product doesn't have a testsuite named after itself - then great - let's keep that20:11
knomebut for xubuntu's POV, abiword *is* simply a testcase20:11
knomeit isn't a testsuite20:11
knomeand definitely not a product20:11
balloonsagain, packages tracker was made with the mindset product = package20:13
balloonswe can change that, just history of how we got here20:13
balloonsin practice your right.. everything is a 1 to 1 relationship and the structure is cumbersome20:13
knomei see your point on why that makes sense20:13
Letozaf_balloons, even if I change the lineY value it still swipes high20:13
knomeit's just redundant, and it makes people confused as there are multiple levels of things and they all have the same titles20:13
balloonswe made the structure to share data as much as possible..20:13
balloonsright.. so this is a pretty big proposed change20:14
knomei understand that, and i see we will lose some of the shared data20:14
balloonsknome, well let's see20:14
knomeotoh, we can leave the biggests tests out of the xubuntu desktop product20:14
balloonstestsuites can be shared20:14
knomeeg. we can definitely test firefox under the firefox product20:14
balloonstestcases can be shared20:14
balloonswhat are we losing out on/20:14
knomeballoons, tracking if all tests are run20:15
knomeballoons, if testcases are under two different products, each product count their own stats20:15
knomeballoons, eg. 1 done/2 tests total20:15
knomethat's the only thing we lose with this new structure20:15
knomebut IMO that's a non-problem20:15
balloonsatm, we're happy to get results from a multitude20:15
balloonsi don't see it as such..20:16
knomesure, and i know the bugs are shared20:16
knomemy point is20:16
balloonsyou saw my multi-flavor product family20:16
balloonswe could just use that right?20:16
balloonsthere's only a few apps that would go there20:16
knomewe can group the worst tests there, like firefox20:16
balloonsbrowsers, email clients?20:16
knomeatm we share xfce with ubuntu studio20:16
balloonsI was just going to say that20:17
balloonsstudio and mythbuntu20:17
knomebut in all honesty, they can just go and report the xfce tests under our product20:17
knomeat least studio20:17
balloonsand ubuntu gnome now as well20:17
balloonsvery similar20:17
knomeubuntu gnome doesn't use xfce :P20:17
Letozaf_balloons, if I run the rssreader app I just updated from PPA I get : file:///usr/share/ubuntu-rssreader-app/ubuntu-rssreader-app.qml:7 "./listview": no such directory20:17
knomeit uses gnome :P20:17
balloonslol.. no to ubuntu20:17
balloonsthere will be more overlap there than normal for a flavor20:17
balloonsperhaps perhaps20:17
knomebut that's something UG/U need to resolve20:17
knomemaybe UG should create a product that only had packages that are *unique* to them20:18
balloonsof course, by 14.04 that woin't be the case20:18
balloonsI would encourage the idea to test only packages specific to you under your flavor20:18
balloonsthe others can go into a multiflavor bucket20:18
knomethat's why we would like a flavor-product20:18
balloonsbut I don't think that will be too big20:18
balloonsok ,so let's mock your proposed20:19
knometo make it clear which packages our testers need to test20:19
balloonsI'll need some time to do it20:19
knomewe don't want to have to maintain a list elsewhere...20:19
knomesure :)20:19
knome(it's pretty much done in the non-sandbox though ;))20:19
balloonsLetozaf_, it might be broken in the ppa.. they just updated the source today20:19
balloonsnot sure when it built20:19
balloonsit *shouldn't* be broken, but it's possible20:19
knomeballoons, the only thing we lack in production is the Xubuntu product family.20:20
Letozaf_balloons, just wanted to try to add a feed but I'm not in a hurry :)20:20
knomeballoons, and the Saucy Daily milestone.20:20
balloonsLetozaf_, bzr merge lp:ubuntu-rssreader-app20:20
balloonsthat will merge with your source and you can try it :-)20:21
Letozaf_balloons, cool thanks20:21
Letozaf_balloons, I get bzr: ERROR: Working tree "/home/letozaf/autopilot-tests/ubuntu-rssreader-app/" has uncommitted changes (See bzr status).20:23
balloonsyou should commit first beforehand :-)20:23
Letozaf_balloons, wait I changed a line...20:23
Letozaf_balloons, it worked thanks20:24
Letozaf_balloons, cool it works now :P20:26
Letozaf_balloons, I tried to change the value of lineY in the code but the swipe is alway high and in the same place20:26
knomeballoons, so did you process my input already? ;)20:32
balloonsknome, lol, no debugging things20:32
balloonsLetozaf_, playing around with it now20:41
Letozaf_balloons, thanks :p20:41
knomeballoons, btw... you've mis-ID'd some tests in the branch.20:42
knomeballoons, eg. there is already tests 1589->1592.20:42
balloonsknome, I can't misid them, as they are set by the script.. haha20:46
* knome slaps the script20:46
balloonsbut seriously if they are mis-id'ed it means someone or something duped them20:46
balloonsI'm guessing humans20:46
knomei'll fix that later today then.20:47
knomebut let lderan fix the script.20:47
balloonsLetozaf_, ok so you have a select_many on the canonical topic20:51
balloonsit would be better if we knew exactly what to select20:52
Letozaf_balloons, if I use select single I get an error :(20:52
balloonsLetozaf_, sure.. hence we need to assign an objectName and go after the right one :-)20:52
balloonslet me have a look in vis for a minute20:53
Letozaf_balloons, thanks20:53
knomeballoons, elfy: i fixed the ID's on the branch.20:56
balloonsLetozaf_, ok, looking looking :)20:56
elfyknome: ok - I'll work at getting the rest done asap then20:57
knomeelfy, what rest? :)20:57
Letozaf_balloons,  :) I'm looking too ...20:57
elfyknome: oh ok ...20:57
elfyI just need to deal with the bugs then20:58
elfythanks :)20:58
knomeelfy, yup. np ;)20:58
balloonsLetozaf_, so I see Standard, text with Canonical20:59
balloonslooking at TopicTab.qml I want to see if things line up20:59
Letozaf_balloons, I used it, but don't remember why I discarded it ...20:59
balloonsTopicTab.qml doeesn't seem to line up21:00
Letozaf_balloons, maybe because it did not have x and y properties21:00
balloonsso this is coming from somewhere else21:00
balloonsyes, the label is no good21:00
balloonsall the x, y is 0 021:00
balloonsok, so looking deeper I see the labelvisual your going after21:01
balloonswith coordinates :-)21:01
Letozaf_balloons, yep that's why I picked it21:02
Letozaf_balloons, but doesn't work with select single, only many21:02
Letozaf_balloons, :(21:02
balloonsLetozaf_, if you ever have to use select_many it means your search isn't specific enough21:03
balloonsyour getting multiple matches back21:03
balloonsand that's not going to work :-)21:03
Letozaf_balloons, true21:03
Letozaf_balloons, I didn't find anything else though21:03
balloonsagain, I want an objectname for each topic.. but I'm not finding it in the qml21:03
balloonsLetozaf_, one thing you can do is multiple searches21:03
balloonsso for instance you could do this21:04
balloonsitem = self.app.select_many('Standard', text = 'Canonical')21:04
balloons        return item.select_single('LabelVisual', text = 'Canonical')21:04
Letozaf_balloons, looks good21:05
Letozaf_I will try it21:05
balloonsthe idea is you can issue a select, then issue a select against the result set from the first select21:05
balloonsand so on21:05
balloonsagain however I want to find this in qml and do it that way21:05
balloonsahh! there it is21:06
balloonslook in the feeds folder21:06
balloonsthe qml file is in there.. managetopicspage.qml21:07
Letozaf_balloons, ok found it21:07
balloonsLetozaf_, so I added objectNames to those objects on the page21:09
Letozaf_balloons, I found only the Standard one21:09
Letozaf_balloons, where is the LabelVisual ?21:10
balloonsLetozaf_, sometimes the object titles don't line up.. for instance you'll never see a QQuickLoader in qml.. they are spawned from the std qml files21:12
balloonsperhaps a little confusing. I like to just assign some objectNames and then go into vis and look at the object I want and make sure it's named21:13
Letozaf_balloons, ok ...21:13
balloonsthen use the object name from looking at in in vis, combined with the assigned object name and you should be set21:13
balloonsin this case, I would grab all the topics21:14
balloonsthen filter by the topic title you want, which can be a second select or property check or whatever21:14
knome00:01  balloons: ok, so looking deeper I see the labelvisual your going after21:15
knomeballoons, you're21:15
balloonsI was doing so well..21:15
knomeor i just wasn't around21:16
knomeweren't? blah. :)21:16
balloonsLetozaf_, I think I've confused you, but here's what I would do21:16
balloonswasn't is correct21:16
Letozaf_balloons, I tried but did not work :(21:17
balloons    ListView {21:17
balloons        id: manageTopicsList21:17
balloons        objectName: "topicList"21:17
balloons        item = self.app.select_many('QQuickListView', text = 'topicList')21:18
balloons        return item.select_single('LabelVisual', text = 'Canonical')21:18
balloons:-( syntax is wrong21:19
* knome slaps balloons 21:19
knomeuse a pad21:19
balloonsI'm so lazy21:19
knome(or get a(nother) room)21:19
Letozaf_balloons, :)21:19
balloonsI do like the saying.. get a pad!21:19
Letozaf_balloons, lol21:20
balloonspeople displaying public affection could be yelled at, "get a room"21:20
balloonsso it falls in line with that..21:20
Letozaf_balloons, lol lol21:20
balloons"get a  ..."21:20
balloonsget a job ya bum, etc21:20
knomehaha, yes ;)21:23
Letozaf_balloons, I think I understood what you did, I will try tomorrow it's getting late for me :)21:27
Letozaf_balloons, hope it will work :)21:28
balloonsLetozaf_, I'm not getting an object after defining it21:28
Letozaf_balloons, :(21:28
balloonssad panda.. I'll keep chuggin along21:28
balloonsthat should work, so :-)21:28
Letozaf_balloons, I will try this tomorrow evening, and come back in case it doesn't work :)21:29
Letozaf_balloons, going to bed now :P21:29
balloonssleep well Letozaf_21:29
Letozaf_balloons, thanks for your help21:29
Letozaf_balloons, good night :)21:30
knomeballoons, so... >:)21:30
lderanyes balloons :P21:39
=== salem_ is now known as _salem

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