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codepython777anyone here who runs powerdns/any other dns server?02:47
codepython777I'm running pdns and it dies in the middle - cant find anything suspicious in the logs02:47
codepython777grep "error" /var/log/daemon.log = nothing02:48
qman__I've never heard of this powerdns02:53
qman__bind logs to /var/log/syslog02:53
sarnoldqman__: never? o_O I thought you were a DNS -guy-!02:54
randolph`will installing a wm (openbox) on a server affect the security?02:55
qman__every piece of software you install will have an effect on security02:56
sarnoldand X tends to have more than its share of security surfaces..02:56
qman__in regard to X and supporting apps in particular, X11 uses network sockets internally02:56
qman__it's a complex system and unless you've got a default deny firewall, I would strongly recommend against it02:57
codepython777qman__: This one logs to /var/log/daemon.log. grep "error" shows this error in the current log file : Jul 31 14:21:05 machine1 snmpd[1966]: net-snmp: 33 error(s) in config file(s)02:57
randolph`true. good to know.02:57
sarnoldcodepython777: here's google's cache on the logging part of the pdns syslog docs: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:KTOMeQoYlsQJ:doc.powerdns.com/html/syslog.html+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=ubuntu02:58
codepython777sarnold: when the crash happened, it was logging into daemon.log - the only line that looks bad is that net-snmp line03:00
codepython777am not sure that killed the pdns daemon thou03:01
sarnoldcodepython777: yeah, snmpd errors don't seem likely.. :/03:01
sarnoldcodepython777: maybe check dmesg, see if there's segfaults?03:01
codepython777dmesg | grep seg - but i did reboot after the crash.03:02
codepython777null there03:02
codepython777I tried syslog as well - no luck there03:02
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Senorls : cannot access /usr/lib*/librt.so*: No such file or directory05:30
Senorhow to fix this problem?05:30
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chmacikonia: I am now :-)09:37
stethoHi - are there any tools that will allow me to compare what packages are installed on a number of servers?09:43
rbasakstetho: it's a really common question. Try AskUbuntu, and look into "dpkg -l" and "dpkg --get-selections".10:07
stethorbasak: The question is about comparisons - are there any tools? I can get the lists but I've got 17 servers to compare.10:08
rbasakstetho: I don't know about dedicated tools. I've always used general Unix tools to do this sort of thing. sort, diff, comm, etc.10:09
rbasakIMHO, they serve the task perfectly.10:09
stethorbasak: That seems to be the answer I'm finding. Cross referencing 17 text files is going to be a pain.10:10
rbasakstetho: you might be interested in meld. It's a nice GUI. Not sure if it does things 17 ways, but looking at two side by side works well.10:10
stethoI'll have a look. Thanks10:10
rbasakBeyond that, there are services like Landscape that manage packages across multiple servers. But that's commercial.10:12
rbasaksmoser: I'm interested to hear your thoughts on http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/08/01/%23ubuntu-quality.html#t09:4710:14
rbasaksmoser: for nested KVM, we'd like to provide a read-only cloud image disk to a guest, so that it may use that to start nested guests. But it screws up because (we think) of duplicate filesystem labels.10:14
VSpikeHere's a mystery.. process list http://sprunge.us/hFiF memory http://sprunge.us/GACa http://sprunge.us/VXTG ... where is all the memory going?10:47
VSpikeI killed everything I could kill and still the free memory has not come back10:47
VSpikeipcs -m is empty and slabtop looks much the same on this and another server in the pool which is using very little memory10:48
VSpikedf shows about 360K in tmpfs10:49
chmacAnyone know if I can use the same cert / key / chain SSL files for both nginx and apache?11:10
_rubenchmac: sure11:20
_rubenchmac: well, assuming they're in a format understood by both11:20
chmac_ruben: Awesome. What are the apache equivalents of nginx's ssl_certificate and ssl_certificate_key?11:27
chmacThe key one is obvious, but the ssl_certificate is the tricky one, I can't find an apache equivalent11:27
chmacOn nginx the ssl_certificate contains, in this order, server's cert - intermediary - ca11:27
_rubenchmac: i think the trick is to have both SSLCertificateFile and SSLCACertificateFile point to that file11:34
chmac_ruben: Ok, let me check that out, thanks11:34
chmac_ruben: Do you mean SSLCertificateChainFile instead of SSLCACertificateFile? The latter is for Client Authentication according to my reading of the docs https://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/mod_ssl.html#sslcacertificatefile11:36
_rubenchmac: interesting, that's how I read it too, but SSLCACertificateFile is what we use on our servers11:48
chmac_ruben: As far as my experiments go, I can't put more than one cert in the SSLCertificateFile directive or apache fails to start with "Init: Multiple RSA server certificates not allowed"11:48
_rubenchmac: hmm .. I played with a similar setup some time ago. If only I could recall which server that was ;)11:48
chmac_ruben: Are you sure your server is actually serving the intermediate certificates? I understand that most browsers work fine without the intermediaries...11:49
chmac_ruben: lol11:49
chmac_ruben: If I had a penny for every time I thought, oh yeah, I've done that, now where was it… :-)11:49
_rubenheh, yeah11:52
_rubenthe joys of central configuration management .. if only our nginx/apache configs were part of it ... :)11:52
brendan-morning ya'll.. i have a question.. when i login to our boxes, we get the notification from the motd, that 'x' # of packages are available for update.. is there a command to run to see which packages are available for update?11:59
brendan-or a file to read that would show this11:59
_rubenchmac: i know it's possible, just forgot how. and dont have the time to dive into atm :/12:00
chmac_ruben: You're sure the server is sending the intermediary certs also?12:00
chmacI'm not sure how to actually check / verify that, over my head at this point!12:01
_rubenbrendan-: apt-get dist-upgrade would show that for instance12:01
_rubenchmac: pretty sure i tested that12:01
brendan-but then you need to have user interaction to deny the upgrade12:01
_rubenchmac: testing it is trivial if the site's reachable over the internet. tons of ssl checkers out there12:01
chmacbrendan-: There is a command, give me one sec...12:01
brendan-ok ty12:02
chmacbrendan-: /usr/lib/update-notifier/apt-check --package-names12:02
brendan-my goal is to have a cron that runs and grabs the list which is either emailed over or just dumped to a text file12:02
chmacbrendan-: That script is the workhorse of all that stuff, it has a few options12:02
chmacbrendan-: Then what you need is security-update-notifier my friend!12:02
brendan-ok great. thanks. let me check it out12:02
brendan-shameless plug12:03
chmacbrendan-: There's even a puppet module! http://forge.puppetlabs.com/chmac/security_update_notifier12:03
chmacbrendan-: It's an ugly hack, but it does the job12:03
brendan-very nice12:03
brendan-we use PE here12:03
_rubenif only i could time to dive into puppet :/12:03
chmacbrendan-: Just pings me when there are security updates outstanding12:03
brendan-you need some examples on the forge12:03
chmacbrendan-: But if you want to know every time any update is available, apt-get install apticron will do the trick12:03
chmacbrendan-: I look forward to your pull request ;-)12:03
_rubenour current homegrown config management stuff is become way too limited over time12:04
brendan-and i dont want to pay for landscape12:04
chmacbrendan-: http://github.com/chmac/puppet-security-update-notifier12:04
brendan-too expensive for12:04
brendan-only needing patch management12:04
chmacbrendan-: We're using scaleXtreme, for $10/server/month they'll do all that jazz for you12:04
chmac_ruben: FWIW, a year or two into my puppet experience, it's a bloody nightmare. augeas is supposed to be great, but honestly, just managing 3 servers, it gets outrageously complicated figuring out what goes where12:05
brendan-we have 35 VMs with PE12:05
brendan-and adding more12:05
chmacbrendan-: We're using the free version, but for maybe even $5/mth/server then you can push updates to them all automatically12:06
brendan-chmac: but you can control what gets pushed?12:06
chmacbrendan-: Yeah, there's a web interface and all, shows what's outstanding, etc12:06
chmacbrendan-: It's a little scary, you can run anything you want on all / some of your machines!12:06
brendan-hmm, /usr/lib/update-notifier/apt-check --package-names gives packages, any way to see the versions its going from and to?12:06
chmacGive them a command and they'll run it as root on all boxes, not sure I like somebody having that much power, but hey, it's free! :-)12:06
chmacbrendan-: Not sure, try running it with --help12:07
brendan-i can see yeah, man apt-check didn't work12:07
chmacbrendan-: There's also unattended-upgrades I think12:07
chmacRight, there's no man page, and it's not in the path, took me a while to dig it out12:07
chmacbrendan-: If you do end up using security-update-notifier, I'd be grateful for a heads up12:08
brendan-i need to read through the module and see what it does12:08
chmacI built it out of frustration, and it's pretty ugly, but nice to know if it's useful anywhere else12:08
chmacbrendan-: The puppet module only installs the script, in a pretty ugly way, it uses a file{} to copy the script onto each machine and then throws it in cron I think12:08
chmacbrendan-: It's *very* crude, but it works on our ubuntu machines, can't promise on any other flavour!12:09
brendan-no luck with the --help. options for that are (-h/--help, -p/--package-names, --human-readable, and --security-updates-unattended)12:09
brendan-fair enough chmac12:11
brendan-i got modules like that as well12:11
brendan-as long as it works12:12
brendan-can go back and refactor12:12
chmacbrendan-: Ooh, maybe --security-updates-unattended is new, don't recognise it, which ubuntu version?12:12
brendan- --security-updates-unattended12:12
brendan-                        Return the time in days when security updates are12:12
brendan-                        installed unattended (0 means disabled)12:12
chmacbrendan-: My bad, I have it, just ignored it12:13
chmacI thought it might actually install the updates12:13
brendan-the /usr/lib/update-notifier/apt-check --package-names is a big help though12:18
brendan-to at least see what types of things are pending updates12:18
chmacbrendan-: Yeah, only challenge is that it doesn't separate security / regular updates12:18
brendan-but ehh12:18
chmacbrendan-: I generally ignore non security updates on our production machines12:18
chmacbrendan-: Only way around that I can figure is by modifying the apt-check script, it's python I think12:19
brendan-yeah, looking at the script it is python12:19
chmacbrendan-: If you find a way to get only the security updates, or if you're interested in collaborating on doing that, let me know12:23
brendan-i saw def isSecurityUpgrade(ver)12:24
brendan-in the script which is a function but its a matter of looking where that checks12:24
brendan-line 12412:25
brendan-then 13612:25
brendan-so its getting a list from somewhere then doing a comparison and doing a count12:26
smoserrbasak, correct.13:17
smoserit will screw up because of duplicate filesystem labeles13:17
rbasaksmoser: is there any better way to get it not to do that, but still pass the image through so the guest can use it? For now, we're hotplugging the disk after the system has booted. I feel that there should be a better way, because passing an arbitrary disk image seems reasonable, even if it does have a conflicting label, provided we can flag it as such.13:39
rbasaksmoser: nm, just seen #ubuntu-quality.13:39
c^^c^^For a 64 bit ubuntu server install any idea how much memory\space is consumed after install without running anything extra13:58
wormsDoes anyone know if there is a JeOS equivalent in the latest Ubuntu? I want a minimal server installation with no services running. I want to make a VM that people can download from my site and the smallest I am able to build now is about 800mb :(14:50
Davieymarcoceppi: Hey, if i wanted a python 2to3 conversion lint test for all *.py files in charms.. would you be the right person to poke?14:56
marcoceppiDaviey: you mean an automatic 2to3 conversion test in the jenkins testing scheme?14:57
Davieymarcoceppi: Testing that conversion cleanly happens14:57
marcoceppiDaviey: Me or mims would be good to talk to, but mims is on vacation14:58
Davieymarcoceppi: Ok, great - i think you will rock my world14:59
Davieymarcoceppi: Basically, we want to make sure that all *.py files in charms cleanly convert.. for when we move to 3 in the future14:59
marcoceppiDaviey: Sounds simple enough14:59
bcessahi, good day, just a quick question, can someone please recommend a good PCI approved network scan program/package?14:59
marcoceppiworms: have you considered using the cloud images? I'm not sure about nothing running an services at startup but theyr'e about 200MB in size15:00
jcastrothey are pretty stripped down15:00
wormsI will have a look. Thanks!15:00
marcoceppiDaviey: so we can add a task to the charmtester to make it an arbitrary job, or I can make a juju plugin that just attempts a 2to3 conversion on all .py #! python files15:03
marcoceppiDaviey: what are the requirements you had for this?15:03
zulmarcoceppi:  umm...what?15:03
zulDaviey:  2to3 is a nice tool but it doesnt catch everything15:04
marcoceppis/2to3/whatever tool makes sense/15:05
marcoceppiIt'd probably be something like 2to3 then run unit tests/functional tests in charm if they exist15:05
Davieyzul: Wat do you suggest?15:08
Davieyzul: I really just want a smoke test, if there is something better.. make it so :)15:08
zulDaviey:  i use python-modernize in conjunction with 2to315:09
Davieyzul: can you work with marcoceppi to get this nailed? :)15:11
zulDaviey:  uh...i only got the tail end what do you want to do?15:11
marcoceppizul: Daviey so the tool to run is a bit irrelevant, the method it what's more important to me. Do you invision doing a one-off run or do you want it part of the regular daily charmtester stuff?15:12
marcoceppia bit irrelevant for me*15:12
Davieymarcoceppi: Either. Probably regular15:18
Davieymarcoceppi: Maybe just part of the lint tooling you are doing?15:18
DavieyBasically, an easy to identify status on conversion ability15:19
DavieyAnd impartiality, harder to regress15:19
marcoceppiDaviey: I'm not doing any lint tooling directly, more like testing-helpers15:19
Davieymarcoceppi: Hmm, that could be it15:20
marcoceppiDaviey: So charmtester will be getting an overhaul after this week, I'll keep this in mind and just add a job to test all python files based on zul's recommended methods for linting 2to315:20
marcoceppicharmtester == jenkins15:20
zulDaviey/marcoceppi:  porting python charms should be pretty easy shouldnt it? its not like they are overly complicated15:21
zul(or shouldnt be)15:21
marcoceppizul: well, a good portion of charms are pretty straight forward, but some can be quite complex15:21
zulmarcoceppi:  true15:22
marcoceppiIdentifying conversion problems will provide more visability to charm authors of what they need to fix15:22
Davieychmod +x, isn't hard to do.. but seems people forget :)15:23
zulDaviey:  like disabling a patch before a build and then forgetting to re-enable it after?15:25
Davieyzul: who would possibly do such a thing? :)15:26
zulDaviey:  surprising it happens a lot15:26
Davieyzul: Are you ready to cry?15:27
zulDaviey:  yes15:28
Davieyzul: pep8 has been refreshed, as policy.  Which means that openstack will need a pretty big refresh, i suspect :)15:29
zulDaviey:  something to push and increase our contributions ;)15:30
Davieyzul: nah, don't need that.15:31
zulDaviey:  well they use flake8 now which uses pep8 (i think) so the point is mute15:32
zuland we dont run the pep8 tests anymore during the builds eitther15:32
smosermarcoceppi, i had a TODO item that i just remembered....15:34
smoseradam_g, also maybe important to you.15:34
smoserwe're writing charms in python, right? (ie, the openstack charm cleanup)15:35
smoserif we're writing new code, we really need to be making sure that that new code is python3 functional.15:35
smoserare we doing that ?15:35
Davieyzul: right, but flake8 will be refreshed.  And agreed, it's an upstream issue, not a package building issue15:37
marcoceppismoser: I think that's Daviey's point. Check the charms for python3 compat15:39
marcoceppiHowever, this is important. I don't think python3 compat is that important.15:41
smoserwell, it sort of is.15:42
marcoceppiCharms do whatever they want, as long as there is a python2.x in the archives an install hook could easily install it if written in a language that installed by default15:42
smoserat some point in the not so distant future, the "How can I get /usr/bin/ruby in the image to write charms in ruby", will also apply to '/usr/bin/python'15:43
marcoceppiAre you moving to python3 default in the next LTS15:43
marcoceppis/are you/are we/15:43
smoseri suspect that we will not be completely rid of python in images in 14.04. but i would like to be.15:43
smoserbut its not so much that you can pick any language you want to write charms in15:44
smoser(thats acceptable / a-good-thing)15:44
marcoceppismoser: Oh. This is a more interesting issue. So really we need to address the "How can I preinstall packages needed for hook exec"15:44
smoserits that at this point in the history of the world, writing *new code* that is not python3 compatible is a-bad-thing.15:44
marcoceppismoser: Right, I think it should be considered a best-practice for those writing hooks in python. I'd be interested to see the results of the constant checking15:45
marcoceppiNot sure I'd make it a physical blocker for charms anytime soon though15:45
smoseri personally dont care about anyones efforts other than canonical's here.15:46
smoserignoring that now costs money later.15:46
smoserif that is someone elses money, i dont care :)15:46
zulsmoser:  its still going to be a long while until openstakc is python3 compat15:46
marcoceppismoser: right, I'm just thinking from a charm community pov15:46
smoserso its just somethign to be aware of.15:47
marcoceppismoser: ack15:47
smosereven if 14.04 has /usr/bin/python15:47
smoser14.10 or 15.04 probably doesnt.15:47
smoserand 16.04 does not.15:47
smoser(by default)15:47
marcoceppiright, so for 14.04, that's important for us since we're writing charms against LTS by default15:47
smoserbarry may have significantly strong feelings that differ with my statements above :)15:48
Davieymarcoceppi: I am expecting stock ubuntu images to be python3 only for 14.04, but many non-default packages easiy pull it in.15:57
Davieymarcoceppi: Our strategy to convert to py3 is mostly around making sure we have supporting for auto-conversion15:57
DavieySo, we need to make sure that autoconversion has some basic lint testing15:58
rbasakBreaks/Replaces issue with /usr/bin/juju? Bug 1206539.15:58
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1206539 in juju "package juju (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: tentative de remplacement de « /usr/bin/juju », qui appartient aussi au paquet juju-core 1.11.4-1~1514~precise1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120653915:58
marcoceppiDaviey: Right, but we made the mistake from oneiric -> precise where we just pushed all the charms forward. We likely won't be doing that this time. Instead having authors manually re-submit for the next LTS15:58
smoserDaviey, cloud-init is the biggest thing that i'm aware of.15:58
marcoceppiThis could be part of that process though15:58
Davieymarcoceppi: For reference, upstream openstack is now gating on py3.3 compatibility.. We are pretty near the py3 switch :)15:58
marcoceppiIt'll be at least a week before I can take a look at this, but when I do I'll just have an extra jenkins job run so we can start gathering data15:59
Davieymarcoceppi: Hmm, I want a BIG warning if auto conversion isn't looking clean15:59
Davieymarcoceppi: What do you mean by, "we made the mistake from oneiric -> precise where we just pushed all the charms forward" ?15:59
TheLordOfTimepurely curious: anyone here with substantial experience with packaging and packages know how Debian package policy violations are handled in Ubuntu?P16:00
SpamapSTheLordOfTime: best to mention a specific bug really16:02
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1206878 in nginx "Configuration should be purged only in nginx-common" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:03
TheLordOfTimeSpamapS:  also privmsg'd the bug to you16:03
SpamapSTheLordOfTime: looks about right :-P16:04
rbasakTheLordOfTime: we can cherry-pick that patch if it matters, otherwise pick it up from Debian on the next merge/sync?16:04
TheLordOfTimeSpamapS:  at this point, there's a patch in Debian that was adopted and probably is usable, the only thing I need to worry about right now is getting the bug to Triaged/[SomePriority]16:04
TheLordOfTimerbasak:  this affects Precise16:04
TheLordOfTimeFound in version nginx/1.2.0-116:04
TheLordOfTimeFixed in version nginx/1.2.1-116:04
rbasakLooks like it needs an SRU then :)16:04
TheLordOfTime^ from Debian BTS16:04
uvirtbotTheLordOfTime: Error: "from" is not a valid command.16:04
TheLordOfTimeshut up you bot16:04
TheLordOfTimerbasak:  what about the bug priority?16:05
mgwIf I set up dhcp peers, will they share lease information? Or does the peer system just keep all but one of the peers from responding to lease requests?16:05
TheLordOfTimeI'll handle the SRU after i'm back from vacation, but right now I"d like to set that to Triaged/[somepriority] and I'm unsure of the relationship between level of the violation and ubuntu bug priority16:05
rbasakIMHO, it's not really about the level of policy violation, especially for a stable release. The priority should be based on the impact it has to real users.16:06
rbasakt's subjective, I'd go with Medium, since it's not going to affect that many real users, as it's an edge case.16:07
rbasakThanks for volunteering for the SRU!16:07
* SpamapS raises the bug to Critical16:08
SpamapSthrowing peoples' configs away == Critical16:08
* patdk-wk raises a beer16:08
TheLordOfTime^ that16:08
uvirtbotTheLordOfTime: Error: "that" is not a valid command.16:09
TheLordOfTimeSpamapS:  while you're there, you able to approve the Precise nomination?16:09
SpamapSTheLordOfTime: somebody did :)16:09
TheLordOfTimeSpamapS:  note: 1.2.1-2 was in Quantal and the fix in Debian was in 1.2.1-1 so Quantal and later are Fix Released16:11
TheLordOfTime(bug set as such)16:11
TheLordOfTimeSpamapS:  no harm in setting "In Progress" and assigning myself, then sitting on my hands until I'm back at home to create the SRU, right?16:14
TheLordOfTime(you can expect me to ask for sponsoring :P)16:14
SpamapSTheLordOfTime: the only harm is that nobody else can work on it whiel you sit on your hands.16:16
patdk-wkyour hands really that cold?16:17
TheLordOfTimeSpamapS:  honestly, i'll have a debdiff soon enough, probably before i'm home from vacation...16:17
TheLordOfTimebut the internet on my phone is so flaky here... I'm not sure it'll be uploaded until two days from now16:17
TheLordOfTimewhen i'm either at a hotel with good wifi or already at home16:17
TheLordOfTime(flaky wifi is flaky)16:18
SpamapSgood hotel wifi is flaky. :(16:18
TheLordOfTimeSpamapS:  premium hotel wifi at a four star hotel, costing $9.99 for 24 hours with a consistent 54Mbps downspeed is flaky?16:18
SpamapSTheLordOfTime: They're getting better all the time at the good ones.16:21
SpamapSTheLordOfTime: for a long time the 4-star's were worse than the 2-star's16:21
SpamapSIt was like, best western was giving me 10Mbits but the Hilton wouldn't even give me enough wifi signal.16:22
zulroaksoax/adam_g: https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/keystone/refresh/+merge/17812716:53
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zulroaksoax: refreshed https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/ceilometer/refresh/+merge/17789817:45
lightweightEvening! I just installed a new nic. I doesnt light up, but ifconfig displays eth0 eth1 eth2. What to do?18:09
lightweightadded a new one that is, I didnt replace my old card.18:10
sarnoldlightweight: try another wire? try another port on the switch?18:11
lightweightsarnold: both wire and port on switch worked fine yesterday on another computer, same goes for the NiC18:12
lightweightas you understand, Ive moved this stuff to a new computer now18:12
sarnoldlightweight: re-seat the nic in the computer?18:12
geniiMaybe check /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules  to see which of them are getting what designations of eth0 eth1, eth2 and so on18:21
sarnoldheh, he pinged out, wonder if he was ircing from that machine?18:22
mgwIf I set up dhcp peers, will they share lease information? Or does the peer system just keep all but one of the peers from responding to lease requests?19:58
BilgeI'm trying to install mongo extension into PHP after upgrading to 5.5 but it's looking in the wrong place, or it installed the shared object to the wrong place20:32
BilgeI get PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/lib/php5/20121212/mongo.so'20:32
BilgeSure enough it's not in that location, it's in /usr/lib/php5/20100525/ instead20:33
BilgeBut I don't understand what those date folders mean or where they're configured20:33
BilgeOK figured it out ;320:35
memusyou did pecl install again?20:37
BilgeYes, but also php5-dev20:45
BilgeBoth are needed to be updated20:45
memusgood to know. Iḿ gonna upgrade next wekk. :)20:46
ssfdre38is there a way to track e-mail messages being sent from or from what user?22:17
sarnoldssfdre38: I expect so, which email server are you using?22:28
sarnoldheh, the section on logging in the sendmail manual is surprisingly short. :/22:37
sarnoldssfdre38: if you don't get the information you need in the logs by turning up the logging level, you might be able to get there by using a milter.22:38
Brian21Hi Everybody!23:13
Brian21I would like help with drbd.23:15
Brian21 Starting DRBD resources                                                                                                                    [ d(r0) 0: Failure: (104) Can not open backing device23:17
multiHYPcan someone help me please get the gui running on my server?23:41
multiHYPI have a vac, installed ubuntu-desktop too, but gnome-classic fails to run via lightdm and startx cannot even start.23:41
sarnoldmultiHYP: investigate xvfb23:43
multiHYPwhat is xvfb?23:45
multiHYPsarnold: can you elaborate?23:47
sarnoldmultiHYP: xvfb is an X server that does not require hardware to function. it might be just the thing for you, if you want to use vnc.23:47
multiHYPmy internet is in 1 word, crap (china like crap) without going into too much details.23:47
sarnoldmultiHYP: oh man :(23:47
multiHYPi would really like to use what I already have installed23:48
multiHYPi.e. ubuntu's own desktop23:48
Patrickdkwithout going into detail? you just well23:48
sarnoldhey Patrickdk :)23:48
Brian21hi everyone!23:49
multiHYPwell I'm behind a firewall that blocks proxies and vpns23:49
multiHYPso if this gui works might be my only chance of checking some banking stuff.23:49
Brian21can any one can help with drb?23:49
PatrickdkBrian21, till you state the issue, not really23:49
Brian21Basically I followed this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/drbd.html and get the following error23:51
Brian21  [ d(r0) 0: Failure: (104) Can not open backing device.23:52
Patrickdkdo your disks actaully exist?23:53
Patrickdkand did you skip step 4?23:53
sarnoldBrian21: what command did you run that you got that error?23:53
Brian21sudo /etc/init.d/drbd  start23:54
sarnoldBrian21: did you execute step 4 on both servers?23:54
Brian21no errors23:55
sarnoldBrian21: can you paste the drbd.conf file that you used to a pastebin? (redact the secrets if you need to)23:56
=== gary_poster is now known as gary_poster|away
Brian21Sarnold, here's the link http://paste.ubuntu.com/5938163/23:59
=== gary_poster|away is now known as gary_poster
Patrickdkthe whole disk?23:59

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