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gambit69Looking for help. I'm trying to find the command to copy and rename a file in the same directory please. thank you'00:42
gambit69Ok....Second room I've been in with a bunch of names in the room but no one is talking. Why bother logging into the room if no one is going to chat and be helpful? :(00:44
wilee-nileemmm 3 whole min00:46
RobbyFI saw it like 30 seconds after00:46
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RobbyFbut I don't know the answer00:47
RobbyFomg look at all the apps loaded00:48
RobbyFaw just fakes00:49
mhall119RobbyF: install the core apps and collections ppas00:50
mhall119RobbyF: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-touch-coreapps-drivers/+archive/daily and https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-touch-coreapps-drivers/+archive/collection/00:50
mhall119then apt-get install touch-coreapps and touch-collection00:50
mhall119then you'll have a bunch of working apps installed00:50
RobbyFemail client?00:51
mhall119RobbyF: not yet, but we want to make one00:51
RobbyFIt's in the core apps but I havn't seen anything worked on.00:52
Blacklistedgive me operator00:52
RobbyFneed an exchange client supported :(00:52
BlacklistedI want oper00:52
mhall119yeah, it was one of the original core apps but nothing was done yet00:52
BlacklistedGIVE ME OPER00:52
mhall119Blacklisted: you're not making sense00:53
mhall119RobbyF: we plan on using Trojita to get IMAP working00:53
mhall119I did just see a Qt project for Exchange support though00:53
RobbyFoh good.00:57
RobbyFI know thunderbird isn't QT but does it do exchange offhand?00:58
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Chuck_hi i have tried to install ubuntu touch on my nexus 4 following the official instructions, now my device doesnt get past google bootloader screen but does boot to bootloader/recovery. however its not showing up in adb devices so i dont really know what to do02:00
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dufluChuck_: In my experience, yes you do need adb working to install/resinstall Ubuntu touch. If adb is not working, then you can still reinstall Android and start again with these steps: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install#Restoring_Android02:05
Chuck_ok im trying those instructions now, terminal currently just says <waiting for device> but hopefully it will progress past that02:14
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AskUbuntuLooking for a simple example of "expansion" building block in Ubuntu SDK | http://askubuntu.com/q/32723002:23
Chuck_yea so i follow those instructions but of course adb isnt working so step 5 doesnt do anything, i put into bootloader using volume/power key and do command from step 6 and its stuck saying <waiting for device>02:24
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dufluChuck_: Sounds like the physical USB connection is not working. Try unplugging/replugging it. Also check "lsusb" and "dmesg" for information suggesting the phone is not connected or has disconnected02:40
Chuck_i appriciate the help, i switched usb ports and it seems to be doing its thing now02:43
Chuck_@Duflu Thanks a ton!02:43
dufluChuck_: No problem02:43
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RobbyFhmm, how to beat light off lol03:24
RobbyFsilly question, I to I close an application that I'm currently in.03:26
RobbyFbesides from going to the home screen03:26
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dufluRobbyF: Don't know. I've been wondering the same03:47
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SphyyrHello all.04:42
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cjohnston /504:48
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janimoogra_, is lxc-console -n android supposed to work ?07:19
janimoType <Ctrl+a q> to exit the console, <Ctrl+a Ctrl+a> to enter Ctrl+a itself07:19
ogra_janimo, nope07:19
janimobut nothing else07:19
ogra_see my mail about flipped containers ;)07:19
ogra_there is an android-chroot command but that only chroots into the android rootfs, it doesnt actually switch into the container07:20
ogra_it is enough to start commands though07:20
dholbachgood morning07:20
artas182xDoes anybody know which changes i need to run flipped ubuntu phone?07:23
ogra_artas182x, a bunch, what device07:23
artas182xLG L9 P760. I have git repo for chroted ubuntu.07:24
ogra_do you have the unflipped image working already ?07:25
ogra_ok ... does your device use a "normal" boot.img (does "abootimg -i $path/to/boot.img" recognize it as such ?)07:26
ogra_(if not, it gets a lot harder)07:27
asacogra_: ho07:27
asacogra_: you know what happened to our images in lab?07:28
artas182xLg uses nornal boot.img, but I don't have linux computer near me, i can't type command.07:28
ogra_asac, what always happens ... thats how far the tests go if nobody catherds them07:28
asacogra_: why did nobody do that?07:29
ogra_asac, now that you have to ask QA :)07:29
asacogra_: reswults disappeared?07:31
asacwe had like good imagres yesterday, but i dont see the good results anymore07:32
asacogra_: can you recall?07:32
ogra_artas182x, ok, so to turn a flipped image into unflipped the first thing you need is the generic ubuntu initrd in your boot.img as well as an unflipped rootfs ... to start android in the container the android ramdisk needs to sit in /boot/android-ramdisk.img ... depending on your kernel config you might need to enable some console and VT options to make upstart happy07:32
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ogra_asac, i'm not sure, i know 30.1 wasnt complete ... 31.1 and 31.2 were failed builds07:34
ogra_asac, i dont remember if 31 was complete or not07:34
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artas182xOk, thank you, i will try it later. Do it need any changes later ti do succesful boot?07:35
ogra_artas182x, make sure to do a recent build of your device specific zip, all the above files should be available in the out dir07:35
ogra_you need more07:35
ogra_the above is the first step07:35
ogra_if you got something ready, come back and i'll help you07:36
ogra_that the kernel works out of the box is rare so we will most likely need to debug the first boot ... once you get to an adb connection the rest is mostly paperwork (creating a proper udev rule etc)07:37
ogra_so your first target should be getting the thing booted and an adb connection07:37
ogra_https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/PortingFlippedInProgress has an in-progess wikipage we are just trying to get sorted07:38
asacogra_: so plan is:07:44
asac1. get the 31.3 results published or rerun07:44
asac2. release that07:44
asac3. add the rest of the tests we have07:44
asace.g. todays image need special attentiion07:44
asacwhere is jcollado07:44
jibelasac, he is on holidays07:45
asacjibel: are you able to help getting jobs through?07:46
asacgema is starting todays off now07:46
jibelasac, no, I don't know these jobs at all07:46
ogra_jibel, do you know who else can shepherd and re-run the tests  ?07:49
ogra_(in a european TZ)07:49
* ogra_ suspects there is nobody07:49
asacogra_: gema is kicking them off now07:49
asacbut she will be in meetings for a while07:49
asacso might not be there...07:49
asacbut... best option we seem to have right now07:50
jibelogra_, maybe psivaa ? he starts around 0800UTC07:50
jibelI'll ask him when he gets online07:51
ychenghi, on nexus4 with ubuntu touch installed, run test_glesv2 / test_sf show something on display08:00
ychengbut run test_egl does not do anything08:00
ychengis that normal ?08:00
jibelogra_, asac psivaa will help with touch smoke tests08:07
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ogra_jibel, thanks08:14
gemaI have restarted the jobs08:21
gemapsivaa: I am looking at those08:21
gemapsivaa: the only problem right now is to figure out if all the results are appearing on the public instance form the internal one or not and then if they apear on the dashboard08:22
gemapsivaa: there seems to be a problem with the dashboard today that some results are missing, so it may be just a case of the dashboard not begin able to import/show the results08:22
psivaagema: right, the runs are in the public instance but dashboard does not show all of them08:23
gemapsivaa: that is a cjohnston issue08:24
gemapsivaa: I have raised a critical bug , please make sure he sees it first thing his morning08:24
ubot5Launchpad bug 1207218 in Ubuntu QA Dashboard "Results were lost for 20130731 touch images" [Critical,New]08:24
AskUbuntuCan I travel to Tibet Independently? | http://askubuntu.com/q/32731608:25
gemaAskUbuntu: that's a peaceful thought you put in our minds, travelling to tibet :)08:31
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Yorkshire Day! :-D08:33
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MaxWallstedtIs lp:platform-api still needed in the android build in the flipped images?09:02
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janimoMaxWallstedt, yes09:06
janimoMaxWallstedt, only uchroot is no longer needed09:06
MaxWallstedtOk, thanks!09:07
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dholbachMaxWallstedt, great work on getting your port! thanks a bunch for updating the image info in LP so quickly!09:11
dholbachMaxWallstedt, not sure if you saw lp:~sergiusens/phablet-tools/flash_change already, but it's the branch which (once landed) will be able to flash the device, using the image info09:12
dholbachaccording to the merge proposal it should be something like "phablet-flash community --device i9100"09:13
MaxWallstedtdholbach, Yes, I saw that, and I'll try it out as soon as I can09:13
dholbachmaybe you can comment on https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/phablet-tools/flash_change/+merge/177927 as well once you played around with it?09:13
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MacSlowdednick, ping09:28
ogra_MaxWallstedt, dholbach, i9100 wont work out of the box, it needs kernel changes  (specifically the cmdline needs console=tty1 appended, else upstart wont boot)09:28
* ogra_ is working on that since sunday .... you can hardcode the cmdline from the bootloader in the kernel to achieve that change, but that breaks recovery mode completely09:29
dednickMacSlow: pong09:30
ogra_(beyond that flipped runs fine on my SGS2)09:30
MaxWallstedtogra_, Thanks for that information!09:30
dholbachogra_, nice!09:31
dholbachogra_, is that something which is going to happen to other devices too?09:31
asacgema: job still running?09:31
ogra_MaxWallstedt, i also added a udev rule and the needed fstab changes to the respective packages already09:31
dholbachin that case we might want to document it09:31
asacgema: just wonder ... a few days back we got 140 tests09:31
ogra_MaxWallstedt, sound and camera are still not working with it though, that will need further inspection09:31
asacnow its 12809:31
asacgema: oh its default/sdk/security that haven't run yet09:32
asacgema: coming or did they choke?09:32
gemaasac: ack09:32
ogra_dholbach, the console issue will happen on several devices, but not all09:32
MaxWallstedtWell, one thing at the time09:32
ogra_dholbach, for our supported devices two worked without any kernel changed .... grouper and manta (both tablets) needed touching for the console stuff like the SGS209:33
asacpowerd crashed09:33
ogra_its a matter of the graphics driver in use .... seems mali and tegra need tinkering09:34
dholbachmaybe we should put that on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/PortingFlippedInProgress then(?)09:34
asacogasawara: how is sprint going?09:35
ogra_well, its highly individual what you need to set .... i was trying to find a common denominator09:35
asac11:33 < asac> https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/saucy-touch-mako-smoke-unity8-autopilot/9/artifact/clientlogs/09:35
asac11:33 < asac> powerd crashed09:35
asacogasawara: ^^09:35
asacthere is a .crash file with coredump for investiating09:35
dholbachogra_, sure it is - I just thought that the general information might help ... if porters run into the issue09:35
ogra_CONFIG_VT and CONFIG_HW_CONSOLE might be something common09:36
ogra_i'm not 100% sure yet09:36
murgeroHey guys!09:37
murgeroHow is everyone?09:37
ogra_asac, whoopsie is on the images since a few days, probably QA and ev could work together to have it automatically process the crash files from utah09:38
ogra_(push it to the retracer, automatically create a bug and attach that to the dashboard)09:39
asacogra_: we have just added the feature to export .crash files09:40
asacwhoopsie etc. is on our list09:40
ogra_ah, sweet09:40
asacbut its not really a priority because we dont have arm retracers yet anyway09:40
asacogra_: see https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/saucy-touch-mako-smoke-unity8-autopilot/9/artifact/clientlogs/09:40
ogra_asac, what happened to them ?09:40
asacunity8 had a failure and seems powerd just kicked in09:40
asacogra_: dunno09:40
ogra_we have arm retracers since lucid iirc09:40
asacogra_: sounded like they were never there  :)09:40
asacogra_: but not for whoopsie09:41
asacfor the old infra09:41
ogra_but NCommander kind of dropped the ball on them09:41
asacbut maybe i just got it wrong09:41
asacwill double check the story in todays CI standup09:41
ogra_they worked for a year or so09:41
asacogra_: for this whoopsie thingy?09:41
ogra_and after that on and off09:41
asacnot the old stuff?09:41
asaclike launchpad bug retracing09:41
ogra_the old stuff09:41
asacogra_: so yeah09:42
asacnone are there09:42
evasac: no, you have it right. We don't have armhf retracers on daisy.ubuntu.com yet. That's RT https://rt.admin.canonical.com//Ticket/Display.html?id=5801909:42
asacfor whoopsie09:42
ogra_well. there are retracers somewhere ... they can probably be re-purposed09:43
evogra_: the ones we have don't scale09:43
evthis calls for prodstack and a lot of them :)09:43
ogra_so we are waiting for calxeda ?09:43
evogra_: no, these are virtualised09:44
ogra_ah, k09:44
asacev: ack09:45
asacsteve gave me the big story :)09:45
asacinteresting stuff09:45
asachave to think about it :)09:46
asacbut guess i will just forget09:46
asacand hope for it just happening09:46
* ogra_ goes back to fix up lxc-android-config 09:46
evwe may get uploading the reports from jenkins to daisy.ubuntu.com for free, depending on how my conversation with Katherine next week on automatic reporting on Touch goes.09:46
evbut obviously there's additional work we can do to smooth the experience from a crash happening in jenkins to the developer getting a launchpad bug number09:47
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popeyhello Notex10:02
starthalHi, if I flash the daily Saucy build for grouper should I expect graphics to work?10:11
starthalThank you10:12
MaxWallstedtogra_, Did you need to change CONFIG_VT=y and CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE=y for i9100?10:14
ogra_MaxWallstedt, well, i changed it, i havent done a reverse twst, might be that just changing the cmdline stuff works, i'll test that later today10:14
MaxWallstedtogra_, in galaxys2-common/BoardCommonConfig.mk there's a line: BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE := console=ttySAC2,115200 consoleblank=0. Is that the one that needs to be changed?10:18
ogra_MaxWallstedt, right10:18
ogra_and the configuration for it (kernel needs to override bootloader)10:19
MaxWallstedtShall any of those values remain?10:19
ogra_loglevel=4 androidboot.serialno=0009c7dd53c73f sec_debug.enable=0 sec_debug.enable_user=0 c1_watchdog.sec_pet=5 sec_log=0x100000@0x4d900000 s3cfb.bootloaderfb=0x5ec00000 ld9040.get_lcdtype=0x0 consoleblank=0 lpj=3981312 vmalloc=144m console=tty110:19
ogra_thats the one i use atm10:19
ogra_no, i replaced it completely10:19
ogra_but thats suboptimal since the bootloader prepends something to the line of you press the buttons for recovery mode on boot10:20
ogra_i.e. you cant use recovery anymore10:20
ogra_i talked to apw yesterday (one of our kernel geniuses) if we could have a patch that flips the cmdline handling around (so that ker kernel can append to the bootloader line)10:21
ogra_*that the10:21
MaxWallstedtIs it possible to re-flash the recovery afterwards?10:21
ogra_well, that wont gain you much10:22
ogra_and the recovery itself isnt broken10:22
ogra_the mechanism to boot into it is10:22
ogra_we actually need to use the bootloader cmdline and just append console=tty1 to it ... but the kernel only offers to completely replace it or to *pre*pend10:23
ogra_replacing will break recovery ... prepending will still leave us with the wrong console arg (only the last one is read and teh default cmdline has a console=ram in it)10:24
MaxWallstedtIs it possible to return to android in that state?10:25
ogra_well, you need to re-flash10:26
gemaasac: all results are there10:26
gemaasac: images look good10:26
ogra_(using haskell or whatever)10:26
asacgema: nice10:29
ogra_gema, looks to me like 7 are still missing10:29
ogra_(we had 140 the last times)10:29
gemaogra_: do you know which job is missing?10:29
gemaogra_: the dashboard has this problem with results parsing10:30
gema(I think)10:30
ogra_not really and i cant see the 140er results on the dashboard anymore10:30
gemaogra_: ok10:30
gemapsivaa: can you check against all the jobs we are running per device, which one is missing to show?10:30
ogra_but all successful runs the last days had that amount10:30
ogra_seems there is a lot missing10:31
ogra_(from dachboard)10:31
psivaagema: ogra_: some jobs just finished running so the dash is yet to to pick them up10:32
ogra_ah, cool10:32
mardyLaney, seb128: ping for https://code.launchpad.net/~mardy/ubuntu-system-settings/private-module-dir/+merge/17780110:46
NotexDoes wifi work fine for other people?10:47
NotexHello einnamehalt10:47
einnamehaltWhy isnt ubuntu avaliable for iPhones10:47
einnamehaltthat makes me sad cause i only have an iPhone10:48
seb128mardy, hey, as said I've no strong opinion on the topic, but I would prefer the to prefix the system directory with ubuntu-10:48
seb128mardy, I guess we can discuss the name at the call in 3 hours, can you join this week?10:48
Notexeinnamehalt, I'm pretty sure Ubuntu Touch will never be on IOS.10:49
einnamehaltthats very sad :c10:49
mardyseb128: ah, right! I think I can10:50
einnamehalti needthere must be a way to unlock the iDevice so that the User can do whatever he wants to do with it. I am thinking of an Jailbreak for changing the OS10:50
starthalBut by the time your iPhone dies there will likely be an Ubuntu phone on the market10:50
seb128mardy, great10:50
NotexIf you want to do whatever you want, I would suggest getting an Android phone/tablet. Apple gives no freedom to their customers.10:51
einnamehaltI had an Android device and i was very disapointed of that :D10:52
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popeyeinnamehalt: it's not within our remit to port to apple hardware, but if someone in the community wants to try, that would be great10:53
einnamehaltthat would be very great haha10:53
bfillerseb128: I added some information to settings sheet about keyboard settings. currently osk only reads it's settings from a config file10:53
seb128bfiller, thanks10:53
ali1234what happened to the porting guide?10:54
w-floNotex, wifi is working fine for me (WPA2)10:54
ali1234it used to make sense :(10:54
popeyali1234: its being rewritten10:54
seb128bfiller, do you know if we have plans to provide an api to change the osk config? or we should just have a custom backend editing the ini style config file?10:54
popeyali1234: if you have suggestions, dholbach would appreciate the help!10:54
ali1234i suggest you fix it?10:54
Notexw-flo, must just be the port I was using. No wifi signals were being picked up.10:54
bfillerseb128: it's a good question, not sure if there is a Qt api that we can write a backend for to talk to maliit10:55
popeyali1234: not as useful as I had hoped10:55
Notexw-flo, why they were being picked up. But could not connect to them.10:55
w-floNotex, maybe you can fix it in adb? like "ifconfig wlan0 up" ..10:55
w-floNotex, oh. strange10:55
bfillerseb128: I need to look into that, would be best to not write directly to the file10:55
ali1234all i can tell you is it contains statements which do not match reality10:55
ali1234like for example "breakfast will automatically set up your device specific repos at the local manifest file .repo/local_manifest.xml. "10:56
popeyright, again not useful without knowing which ones10:56
Notexw-flo, might download the latest release of Ubuntu Touch and see if wifi works.10:56
ogra_ali1234, there is a porting clinic soon that will try to work through it it never has been updated for the flipped container model10:56
seb128bfiller, yeah, I would prefer not have to edit the file ... especially if changes there are not dymamic and picked up by the osk10:56
popeyali1234: you referring to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/PortingFlippedInProgress ?10:56
janimorsalveti, can the ubuntu_chroot service be dropped from the phablet-saucy branch?10:56
ali1234i am refering to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting10:56
ogra_janimo, +++10:56
popeythat's being replaced / rewritten10:56
ogra_and plus !10:56
seb128bfiller, e.g not sure if it re-reads the config when it changes or if it only does once on start10:56
popeyso "yay"10:56
janimoogra_, popey I am specifically referring to the init.rc patch, not sure where the service lives actually10:57
ali1234well the new guide says exactly the same thing10:57
ogra_janimo, our container script set has a sed snippt that disables it ... that needs to go from lxc-android-config at the same time10:57
bfillerseb128: it's not dynamic right now but we will fix the osk to make it dynamic10:57
janimoogra_, if sed does not succeed the script aborts?10:57
seb128bfiller, I just looked at your edit, interesting10:58
ogra_janimo, it should live in one of the bzr branches in the tree10:58
ogra_that branch can go as well10:58
janimoogasawara, ah is it uchroot? ok10:58
ali1234yeah what time is the clinic btw?10:58
* ogra_ hugs leann10:58
ali1234the email doesn't say10:58
ogra_ali1234, hmm, dholbach might be able to tell us :)10:58
seb128bfiller, that's the design from mpt: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LanguageAndText?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=phone-language-and-text.png ... it conflicts with the feature set it seems10:58
seb128bfiller, e.g you have quite some of those options as "not supported in 13.10"10:58
asacogra_: sent mail about /current10:59
seb128mpt, ^ seems like: spell checking, auto correction and auto punctuation are not going to be supported by the osk in 13.10, should we just drop the controls for those settings?10:59
bfillerseb128: right, some of those have no support currently in maliit and doesn't look like we'll have time to implement10:59
janimoali1234, all day long I think10:59
ogra_MaxWallstedt, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5936079/ thats my current cyanogenmod_i9100_defconfig, likely needs cleanup11:00
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ogra_(sorry was a bit distracted)11:00
bfillerseb128, mpt : we'll have auto correction, but spell check and auto punctation are at risk. maybe I should list as "at risk"11:00
bfillerpossibly we can do11:01
seb128bfiller, that works for me ... the settings side is not going to be lot of work, so we can add control/hide them at the end of the cycle, depending on what the osk ends up supporting11:01
seb128bfiller, we just need to make sure we have the things that are required by the prd11:01
ali1234so my question then, is where does breakfast actually put the local manifest when you run it on a codename that isn't on phablet?11:02
bfillerseb128: agreed11:02
ogra_asac, bfiller, rickspencer3 ... marking 20130731.3 ... DONE11:02
ogra_so we currently have a new /current :)11:03
popeyali1234: a question for rsalveti or sergio when they wake in a short while11:03
rickspencer3thanks ogra_11:04
rickspencer3and popey :)11:04
w-floyay :)11:04
davmor2ogra_: Yay \o/11:05
* popey spies a 2013080111:07
ogra_doanac, so for your script ... you can now chmod -x /var/lib/lxc/android/pre-start.d/10-no-adbd which will disable the existing sed code ... and if you need something new, just copy your own 11-no-adbd in place (or overwrite it or whatever) the snippet needs to be executable and have a #!/bin/sh at the top11:07
cdesaiali1234: .repo/local_manifests/roomservice.xml11:08
ali1234ok. next question. can i extract the vendor binaries from a phone running ubuntu-touch already?11:12
ali1234answer: yes, apparently11:14
dholbachali1234, ogra_, the whole day :)11:17
dholbachjust ask all the questions you have11:17
seb128bfiller, who is the right person to talk to wrt the osk config/how to access it/what we need etc..?11:17
davmor2ogra_: does that make 31.3 the latest daily or will a 01 be arriving shortly?11:21
=== schwuk_away is now known as schwuk
ali1234dholbach: how should i report the problems in the porting guide?11:21
dholbachyou could either just mention it here, add a note to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/PortingFlippedInProgress or bring it up on the mailing list (ubuntu-phone at lists.launchpad.net)11:22
mamenyakaI got my Sony Tablet Z flipped port up and running! Can someone help me with this: wlan: [447:F :HDD] hdd_driver_init: WLAN device not found!! [   14.045318] wlan: driver load failure11:25
dholbachmamenyaka, well done!11:26
dholbachif you (at some stage) could see if flashing with lp:~sergiusens/phablet-tools/flash_change works, that'd be great - according to the merge proposal, it should be something like "phablet-flash community --device pollux"11:27
diefmoro. apuja ubuntu phonen asennukseen?11:28
ogra_dief, and in english ?11:29
ogra_davmor2, 01 should be running tests now11:29
ogra_(or start soon)11:29
diefok. i need help for ubunutu phone11:29
davmor2ogra_: it is on grouper and manta that's what made me ask :)11:30
ogra_the dashboard is always behind, give it some time ...11:30
bfillerseb128: tmoenicke is the owner of that, he's on my team11:31
ogra_though tests tend to hang or get stuck and need a manual touch sometimes11:31
diefI try to install ubunutu phone for sgs- i900011:31
seb128bfiller, ok, thanks, attente is the desktoper who is working on this system settings panel, I will tell him to get in touch with tmoenicke11:32
mamenyakashould the lp:~sergiusens/phablet-tools/flash_change  work simply by running the command you gave me?11:33
dholbachmamenyaka, yes, it should grab the info from your phablet-image-info branch you pushed11:34
dholbachf you could comment with your experience on https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/phablet-tools/flash_change/+merge/177927 that'd be great11:34
mamenyakasimply running $ ./phablet-flash gives me errors11:34
mamenyaka$ ./phablet-flash11:35
mamenyakaTraceback (most recent call last):11:35
mamenyaka  File "./phablet-flash", line 24, in <module>11:35
mamenyaka    from phabletutils import arguments11:35
mamenyaka  File "/home/andras/Android/flash_change/phabletutils/arguments.py", line 21, in <module>11:35
mamenyaka    from phabletutils import environment11:35
mamenyaka  File "/home/andras/Android/flash_change/phabletutils/environment.py", line 26, in <module>11:35
mamenyaka    from phabletutils import community11:35
mamenyakaImportError: cannot import name community11:35
ogra_uh, please use a pastebin11:35
ogra_(next time)11:35
mamenyakafirst time here11:35
ogra_no worries11:35
dholbachdid you run something like "phablet-flash community --device pollux"?11:35
=== hikiko is now known as hikiko|lunch
ogra_sergiuiens should eb up soon11:38
dholbachlet me follow up on the merge proposal11:38
ogra_*be up soon11:38
dholbachyes, I guess he forgot to "bzr add" a file or two11:38
ali1234how do i fix the java7 problem again?11:39
ogra_ali1234, hmm, i thought the branch was patched to not complain anymore11:39
ali1234it still complains11:39
ogra_openjdk 6 should help though11:39
ali1234it's installed11:39
ali1234brunch still tries to use 711:40
ali1234Your version is: java version "1.7.0_25".11:40
ali1234The correct version is: Java SE 1.6.11:40
ogra_as i said, 6 should help :)11:40
arturHello, I'm building ubuntu touch for L9. I've downloaded saucy repo, i applied patches from porting guide. What to do next to run flipped image?11:41
ogra_(and as the error suggests)11:41
ali1234and as i said, i just installed it11:41
ali1234openjdk-6-jdk is already the newest version.11:41
ali1234openjdk-6-jre is already the newest version.11:41
ogra_you probably need to remove 7 (temporary)11:41
ogra_seems the java binary still points to 711:42
ali1234purged. it still doesn't work11:42
mamenyakawhy don't you use oracle-java?11:42
ogra_he doesnt11:42
davmor2ali1234: you shouldn't need java, you may find that there are some .jar packages in some odd folder11:42
ali1234the build system checks java version even if it does not use it11:43
ogra_mamenyaka, because it should work with openjdk as well11:43
xnoxogra_: linaro verified that 1.7 works just fine, maybe we should still their version checks to accept 1.7 as fine.11:43
xnoxogra_: or i should finally fully patch the tree to not require java, nor check it at all.11:43
ogra_xnox, we should just get rid completely of all java stuff11:43
xnoxogra_: ok, will look into that.11:43
davmor2ali1234: I stand corrected then :)  I think it will always complain till you install the main orcale java to be honest it should still continue though11:44
ogra_xnox, how up to date are the android packages, do you currently regulary rebiuild them ?11:44
* ogra_ would like to swithc before end of the day today11:44
mamenyakayou should purge all java and reinstall then11:44
ogra_davmor2, no, you dont need any oracle stuff11:45
xnoxogra_: there was a build yesterday. There will be another build in the moment to drop more stuff as per jdstrand comments in bug 120380011:45
ubot5bug 1203800 in android (Ubuntu) "[MIR] Android, CyanogenMod, Clockworkmod, et al" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120380011:45
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
davmor2ogra_: no you don't need it but I think the install still whines that it isn't the right version. but carrys on compiling and stuff as expected11:45
ali1234make: *** No rule to make target `/home/al/Source/ubuntu-touch/phablet/out/target/product/galaxysmtd/ubuntu-boot.img'11:46
xnoxogra_: I haven't automated doing daily uploads of android package, will be looking into that soon, but i think it will only come with moving to phablet-saucy branch & making the export tarball look like the one used by android package.11:46
ogra_xnox, well, dholbach's clinic effort today should get us there ... hopefully we can switch branches this week11:47
dholbachyou guys are all awesome! :)11:47
ogra_ali1234, are you using the right branch ? flipped works better with the new one11:48
ali1234what do you mean "the right branch"11:48
ali1234what is the right branch?11:48
ali1234and how do i tell if i am using it?11:48
xnoxogra_: hm, ok. but there are outstanding patches not applied from me. I will rebase the rest of them and switch android package, i guess.11:48
xnoxogra_: i'll keep you informed of any changes =)11:49
ogra_xnox, ok, then i'll hold back with the switch11:49
xnoxogra_: i think i will experiment with switching to saucy branch in a ppa.11:49
xnoxogra_: the archive package will stay as it is, for now, from phablet branch.11:49
ogra_ali1234, i think its called phablet-saucy11:49
xnoxogra_: i'd rather see cdimage switch to build from android package rather sooner than later.11:50
ogra_xnox, well, if it works  i will switch :)11:50
ali1234i don't see that branch anywher ein the repo11:50
ali1234nor anything like it11:50
ogra_xnox, but it needs to be rebuilt as soon as hybris changes happen (like yesterday)11:50
ogra_janimo, do you have the runes for ali1234 to switch to the saucy branch ?11:51
* ogra_ forgot them 11:51
ali1234i am on m/phablet-10.111:51
janimoogra_, ali1234  to switch an android build tree?11:51
ali1234as far as i can tell11:51
janimoali1234, well it would be repo checkout phablet/phablet-saucy11:51
ogra_janimo, to eth saucy next thingie11:51
ogra_yeah, that one :)11:52
janimobut I think that branch is not normally fetched by default11:52
ali1234all i have done is run phablet-dev-bootstrap, add my old repos, rebase them to latest cyanogenmod, and then attempt to rebuild it11:52
* xnox is chatting with Alan Cox on G+, I feel like I'm in touch with celebrities now ;-)11:52
ogra_fanboy !11:52
ali1234so why doesn't the default branch work then?11:52
janimoali1234, the phablet-saucy branch is not fetched locally11:53
ali1234how is that relevant?11:53
xnoxali1234: it does but you need to add extra taget dependenices for your board to build ubuntu-boot.img, which may or may not work.11:53
janimoali1234, what exactly is not working for you?11:53
ali1234make: *** No rule to make target `/home/al/Source/ubuntu-touch/phablet/out/target/product/galaxysmtd/ubuntu-boot.img'11:53
ogra_ali1234, the default branch does not ahve all flipped bits yet11:54
ali1234i am confused11:54
janimoogra_, wait does the default not work already with both flipped and unflipped?11:54
janimoogra_, and saucy with only flipped?11:54
janimoali1234, if you want saucy remove the sync-c="true" line from .repo/manifest.xml and do a repo sync11:54
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ali1234back in feb, i was able to build an image for galaxysmtd. today it does not work. what exactly changed?11:55
janimothen repo checkout phablet/phablet-saucy11:55
ali1234i don't know if i want saucy or not11:55
ogra_ali1234, almost everything changed11:55
ali1234so which change is the change that causes it to no longer work?11:56
ogra_we are now booting into ubuntu, running android inside a container and the android part was stripped down a lot11:56
mamenyakaI had the same error11:56
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
mamenyakalook here11:56
mamenyakaandroid_device_samsung_aries-common / shbootimg.mk11:56
mamenyakarename boot.img to ubuntu-boot.img11:57
ogra_yeah, samsun is a bit tricky if it comes to boot.img11:57
ogra_they also dont use a normal andoid bootimg11:57
cdesaionly on older devices though11:57
cdesaiall good now, from S3 IIRC11:57
ali1234so should i be using saucy or not?11:58
ogra_cdesai, oh, thats good to know ... getting my SGS2 to flipped was really painful11:59
ogra_ali1234, you should11:59
ogra_nobody cares for raring or quantal anymore11:59
jaI was wondering if Ubuntu 13:10 Touch runs on asus fonepad me371mg11:59
ali1234why isn't saucy the default branch then?12:00
ogra_ali1234, again, because we havent taken care for ports that much while getting flipped to work12:00
ogra_which is why we have the porting clinic today12:00
ogra_to bring the tree and ports up to date12:00
cdesaimamenyaka: ali1234 from what I'm seeing, renaming won't work12:00
cdesaiubuntu-boot.img has ubuntu initrd12:01
ogra_yes, it needs to12:01
cdesaithe one made by shbootimg.mk has the standard android initrd12:01
mamenyakawell, it worked for me12:01
ogra_right, you dont want that12:01
cdesai10.1 mamenyaka?12:01
ogra_the android initrd needs to end up in /system/boot/android-ramdisk.img12:01
cdesaiphablet-10.1 I mean12:01
mamenyaka10.1 and phablet-saucy12:01
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
cdesaiaries just copies the kernel to boot.img12:02
mamenyakaonly on phablet-saucy there is android-boot.img12:02
cdesaiand the kernel has stage1 ramdisk, and stage2 normal and recovery ramdisks12:02
mamenyakaand I just replaced the boot.img in the .zip wth the ubuntu-boot.img12:03
mamenyakaand renamed12:03
ogra_and the normal ramdisk must be the generic ubuntu one12:03
cdesai$OUT/ramdisk.img is used12:03
ogra_ti shouldnt12:03
ali1234so what should i actually do?12:03
ogra_then you wont be able to boot12:04
jaI was wondering if Ubuntu 13:10 Touch runs on asus fonepad me371mg intel atom z242012:04
ogra_ja, thats intel, right \/12:04
ogra_oh, you said so12:04
ogra_no, it wont work unless someone first ports it to cyanogenmod12:04
artur Hello, I'm building flipped base image for LG L9 P760.  I did patches from porting guide 1.0 expect PARANOID_NETWORK (fails on build). What to do next to get it working?12:05
xnoxja: no, no ubuntu runs on intel atom z* series due to 32-only uefi.12:05
mamenyakaI have this with boot.img that needed to be modified: http://tinyurl.com/ojgjlu712:06
arturCan you describe what i need to patch?12:08
janimorsalveti, ogra_ does this omap4 message look familiar?12:11
janimoSDP4430 Media: dsp: no backend DAIs enabled for SDP4430 Media12:11
janimoI know it has been seen on the panda a few releases ago, it appears a lot in my dmesg on a GNex like device12:11
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Chocantomhall119: ping12:16
=== hikiko|lunch is now known as hikiko
arturCould anybody help me with moving ubuntu to flipped from unflipped?12:22
mamenyakaartur: what is the problem?12:23
arturI want to build unflipped image, i have synced saucy repo, and i have applied changes from porting guide 1.0. I don't know how to do next.12:24
mamenyakataking screenshots with Ubuntu SDK isn't working with flipped, as it tries to save to sdcard12:26
mardyLaney: hi! about your allow_libdir_override branch, it looks good to me12:27
mardyLaney: in the comment, you mentioned that you didn't find a way to do something with qmake, what was it?12:27
ogra_mamenyaka, please file a bug12:28
mamenyakahow should I share some pictures here?12:28
ogra_(against the sdk)12:28
ogra_use some imagebin service12:29
mamenyakahere? https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team12:29
ogra_ubuntu-bug ubuntu-sdk12:30
janimoNot sure if this is harmless or not for basic bringup E/Sensors - (pid) setDelay(0) failed (Operation not permitted)12:30
ogra_try calling that in a terminal12:30
mamenyakahah, didn't know that exists12:30
ogra_janimo, i dont remember anymore if the PVR issue above was actually fatal12:30
mamenyakathis is not an official ....12:30
mamenyakaand http://pastebin.com/KeLDh8wf12:31
ogra_Mirv, ^^^ ?12:31
arturHow to put initrd in boot.img?12:31
ogra_artur, try with abootimg -i /path/to/boo.img if it is a normal android bootimg or something vendor specific12:32
=== _salem is now known as salem_
ogra_if it is, you can use abootimg to update the initrd12:32
arturOk, when i used abootimg,  i have some info about this boot.img12:34
mamenyakahere are some images: http://pastebin.com/dja9ZHuF12:35
mamenyakaI don't know if this is only with me, but all apps that only use the side behave like this12:35
Chipacacjwatson: who should i talk with about click package hooks?12:35
ogra_artur, great, so just update the initrd inside ... abootimg -h should help12:35
arturok, i will try in minutes12:36
popeyballoons: can you take a look at bug 1207301 and bug 1207315 when you get a moment please.12:36
ubot5bug 1207301 in Ubuntu Calculator App "autopilot tests fail on device" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120730112:36
ubot5bug 1207315 in Ubuntu Weather App "Autopilot test failures when run on device" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120731512:36
cjwatsonChipaca: There's a doc/hooks.rst file in the click source package with the spec; and then it should generally be up to the package consuming the file(s) in question to deliver a hook12:37
cjwatsonChipaca: (Whoever's writing the hook probably still wants to talk with me about the details, until things bed down some more)12:37
arturogra_, can you descripe how to update initrd?12:38
Chipacacjwatson: and there are at this point no hooks for scopes12:40
Mirvogra_: which discussion / what?12:41
MirvUI Toolkit bugs by default to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit12:41
ogra_Mirv, hwo do people file bugs ? seems ubuntu-bug ubuntu-sdk doesnt work12:41
ogra_mamenyaka, ^^^12:41
ogra_artur, abootimg -h should tell yoou12:42
Mirvalso SDK in general there doesn't hurt, it can be then put elsewhere12:42
timpogra_: what doesn't work? bug can be reported here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+filebug12:42
ogra_timp, seems mamenyaka cant take screenshots with flipped, because it tries to save them in /sdcard (i think that should be moved to /home/phablet/Pictures/)12:44
cjwatsonChipaca: Indeed, somebody who maintains whatever consumes scopes would need to write one12:44
Chipacacjwatson: gotcha12:44
Chipacacjwatson: thanks12:44
cjwatsonChipaca: I expect this will involve looking for scopes in more locations than just wherever it currently is in /usr12:44
cjwatsonChipaca: Since that'll be read-only ...12:44
cjwatsonChipaca: There are also confinement problems depending on how scopes run; it's necessary to make sure that any code delivered in click packages runs under apparmor confinement12:45
cjwatsonChipaca: If scopes already run as a separate process, then it would probably be sane to define a way to install scopes in a user's home directory (under ~/.local/ or whatever); if they don't, I suspect it would be a good idea to figure that out first12:46
=== rtg is now known as Guest10102
timpogra_: ah. I don't know how the screenshots are made or who is responsible for that12:46
ogra_well, something in the sdk seems to offer making shots12:46
mamenyakabug reported12:47
timpjppiiroi1en: ^ did you add the screenshot to the qtc?12:47
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
popeyballoons: also bug 120732512:50
ubot5bug 1207325 in Ubuntu Terminal App "Autopilot test failures on device" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120732512:50
mamenyakaanother question: how to reboot?12:52
jppiiroi1entimp, ogra_: there is a fix for that coming12:54
jppiiroi1enin the release pipeline12:54
jppiiroi1encould be available already12:54
ogra_jppiiroi1en, you rock12:54
didrocksasac: slangasek: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-release-nominators12:57
MacSlowdednick, ping12:58
dednickMacSlow: pong12:58
ogra_didrocks, is that for the ubuntu-release oscars ? :)12:58
xnoxogra_: and the Oscar for the best changelog entry goes to..........13:00
* ogra_ glares at the pulse dbus errors in http://paste.ubuntu.com/5936359/13:01
jppiiroi1enogra_: any ideas if the BeagleBone + 7" LCD touch cape could be used with our stuff? As i have one :p13:02
ogra_jppiiroi1en, if someone does a port :)13:02
didrocksogra_: of course ;)13:03
ogra_i know they have an android image based on ASOP, so it shouldnt be to hard13:03
popeyballoons: also bug 1207333  (these may all be related, but not every app borks, only some)13:04
ubot5bug 1207333 in Sudoku App "Autopilot test failed on device" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120733313:04
jppiiroi1enogra_: would you create one if i buy you a BeagleBone? ;)13:04
ogra_jppiiroi1en, lol, if i had the time13:04
jppiiroi1enogra_: same here13:05
arturogra_: what i need to edit in initrd?13:05
Laneymardy: thanks. I mean that I don't see any automatic libdir support like you get with autotools13:06
Laneyi.e. I'm not sure what the variables you see in qmake -config are for13:06
ogra_artur, nothing, you just need to use the ubuntu genric one (should have been pulled in during your build)13:07
arturok, thanks13:07
arturhow the ubuntu generic initrd is called?13:08
ogra_artur, look in your out dir ... there should be an ubuntu-ramdisk.img13:09
mardyLaney: there isn't automatic libdir support AFAIK, the way you did it is the correct one13:10
mardyLaney: before I merge in your branch, can you please tell me why it's important?13:10
arturi have only android-ramdisk.img and ramdisk.img13:10
mardyLaney: isn't multiarch useful only if you want to support binaries built for different archs to coexist?13:11
arturI know, android-ramdisk.img is ubuntu-ramdisk.img, but not renamed, i think13:12
Laneymardy: This is only moving the files; it's not a multiarch conversion yet (the package would have to be split or something for that to work)13:13
LaneyI like the general goal of moving files out of /usr/lib where possible and it facilitates such a conversion in the future which would help with cross-building amongst other things13:13
LaneyAnd it's becoming the standard in Debian/Ubuntu - see debhelper compat 9 and qmake -config13:14
arturogra_: i recompiled boot.img. What i need to do next?13:15
ogra_make sure it ends up in your zip13:15
nexwave-mathey guys, I'm I late to the party? Port clinic?13:16
arturok, i have it in zip13:16
asacplars: so you will send around the list of tests that we will add today to ue-leads?13:16
* ogra_ hugs xnox ... thanks !13:16
asacplars: can you explicitely call out who owns which?13:16
mardyLaney: OK. I don't see the practical benefit now, but I understand it can make things easier, so I'll update my MR with it. Thanks!13:16
asacplars: rule: the engineering manager owning the app under test is the owner13:16
asacplars: thx13:16
arturogra_, i have it in zip, what i need to do next?13:16
ogra_try flashing it and the saucy armhf.zip, then see where that gets you13:17
plarsasac: will do13:17
plarsasac: in the email you originally sent out, were those names accurate?13:17
cjwatsonmardy: Cross-building's about to be a fairly significant priority for foundations AIUI, for what it's worth13:17
xnoxogra_: ?! =) android upload?!13:18
ogra_artur, if everything is right you should be able to adb into the device after boot .... if it isnt the device will be in a reboot loop13:18
cjwatsonSo we appreciate grassroots help with it13:18
nexwave-matogra_, are you running the port clinic chat?13:18
ogra_xnox, yeah :D13:18
xnoxogra_: =)13:18
arturogra_, ok i must only do nandroid backup, then i will install zip13:18
asacplars: i think so... feel free to run the paste through me13:19
ogra_nexwave-mat, well, the prot clinic runs in here ... i'm just one of the doctors :)13:19
* ogra_ doesnt run it ... but i try to help 13:19
arturI'm downloading current saucy zip13:20
nexwave-matok, well I'm probably going to ask questions that have already been answered but yesterday I setup my ubuntu touch environment anew. I can build and boot old unflipped images, phatblet-tool and repos are up-to-date as of 5 min ago. Where to I start to build new flipped image?13:21
mamenyakawill there be something regarding the 70-devicename.rules?13:21
ogra_mamenyaka, "be something" ?13:23
ogra_can you be more specific ?13:23
asacslangasek: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5878124/13:24
asacthats the list of ppa stuff and owners from 2 weeks ago13:24
mamenyakaas with the .config file, adding them for each device13:24
ogra_mamenyaka, yeah, thats sadly needed ... we might somehow pull thet into the android build and copy it on first boot or some such13:25
ogra_rsalveti, ^^^13:25
mamenyakathank you13:26
mamenyakaI started to flip my other port, Samsung Note 10.1, but stuck on boot13:26
nexwave-matThis is the top part of my ".repo/manifest.xml":13:26
mamenyakabut this one's weird: http://pastebin.com/LNJ3xVs513:26
nexwave-mat<remote  name="phablet"13:26
nexwave-mat           fetch="git://phablet.ubuntu.com" />13:26
nexwave-mat  <remote  name="github"13:26
nexwave-mat           fetch="git://github.com" />13:26
nexwave-mat  <default revision="refs/heads/phablet-10.1"13:26
nexwave-mat           remote="phablet"13:26
nexwave-mat           sync-c="true"13:26
nexwave-mat           sync-j="1" />13:26
ogra_nexwave-mat, please use a pastebin13:26
ogra_mamenyaka, stuck ? or in a reboot loop ?13:27
mamenyakaadb working13:27
ogra_can you adb ?13:27
mamenyakano bootloop13:27
ogra_congrats then13:27
mamenyakayes, see pastebin13:27
=== schwuk_away is now known as schwuk
ogra_mamenyaka, aha, so the initrd didnt find your rootfs13:27
ogra_can you pastebin the output of "ls /dev/disk/by-name" and /dev/disk/by-partlabel ?13:28
mamenyakaone moment13:29
mamenyaka# ls /dev/disk/by-name/13:29
mamenyakaBOTA0     BOOT      RADIO     RECOVERY  SYSTEM13:29
mamenyakaEFS       PARAM     BOTA1     CACHE13:29
mamenyaka# ls /dev/disk/by-partlabel/13:30
mamenyakaBOTA0     OTA       USERDATA  PARAM     BOTA1     CACHE13:30
mamenyakaEFS       HIDDEN    BOOT      RADIO     RECOVERY  SYSTEM13:30
w-flomy device is strange. I don't even have those paths. only by-id, by-path and by-uuid. x.x13:30
ogra_w-flo, yeah, yours is definitely strange13:30
rsalvetiogra_: we had that wi for slangasek to come to something more automated, like parsing and generating the udev files as needed13:31
rsalvetibut yeah, this step could indeed be part of the android build13:31
ogra_rsalveti, oh, indeed, i totally had forgotten about that13:31
rsalvetiogra_: how are you dealing with the udev rules currently? creating it by hand?13:31
w-floogra_, do you happen to know if this could be caused by a bad kernel config? or maybe a bad kernel? AFAIK that kernel is community-made, as the original kernel for the device was 2.6.xx and then someone ported stuff to 3.0 and possible forgot something ..13:31
ogra_the point is that usually converting the ueventd.rc isnt enough13:31
ogra_you need to manually add some devices13:32
rsalvetiogra_: just concerned if we should include everything in ueventd.rc without proper review13:32
ogra_rsalveti, look at the new portin wiki :)13:32
ogra_someone added my awk script13:32
ogra_the ueventd.rc bits should be relatively safe13:32
janimoogra_, I added it, but if you know what else needs to be done for udev rules please add it :13:32
ogra_but the issue is that there is still manual work needed13:33
ogra_janimo, well, on my SGS2 i needed to add most of the graphic device bits manually13:33
ogra_and i still dont seem to have all devices right in the current rule (sound and camer dont work)13:33
janimoogra_, why are those not in ueventd.rc?13:34
ogra_no idea13:34
ogra_probably because something in init.rc sets the permissions for them13:34
ogra_mamenyaka, i have a fix but that needs a new initrd, will take a moment13:34
mamenyakathank you13:35
w-floI have ueventd.vision.rc in $ANDROIDROOT/device/htc/vision and ueventd.rc in $ANDROIDROOT/system/core/rootdir ... combining  both seems to make most/all of the hardware work correctly13:37
ogra_ah, right, there can indeed be a device specific ueventd.rc as well13:39
mamenyakaI only converted the device specific ueventd.qcom.rc, should I also get the ueventd.rv converted?13:41
w-flothere's a "compass" user/group in the android ROM for my device, is that a common cyanogenmod thing? it runs akmd and has a few device nodes.. since that user is missing right now in ubuntu I used s/compass/system/ and that fixed my accelerometer.. If the user is common in cyanogenmod, it might be a good idea to add the user to the ubuntu rootfs.13:44
w-flomamenyaka, I converted both. I think it was required for everything to work correctly (not sure)13:44
ogra_mamenyaka, yeah you most likely want both of them merged into one rules file13:45
sergiusensdholbach: sorry about that!13:50
=== oSoMoN_ is now known as oSoMoN
dholbachsergiusens, was it a missing "bzr add"?13:50
dholbachthat should be most easy to fix then ;-)13:50
sergiusensdholbach: pushing, and yes it was that :-)13:50
sergiusensdholbach: you can pull now13:51
dholbachmamenyaka, ^ if you want to try phablet-flash again, you should just have to "bzr pull" and then try again13:51
mamenyakawill do13:51
dholbachsergiusens, ran into http://paste.ubuntu.com/5936518/ now13:52
mamenyakaseems to working now13:52
sergiusensdholbach: oh, sorry late night changes13:52
mamenyakawhat is the command again?13:52
dholbachmamenyaka, I ran "./phablet-flash community --device i9100", but it seems like sergiusens is still fixing something13:53
mamenyakaok then, same here13:53
dholbachsergiusens, the image-info was pulled correctly it seems13:53
sergiusensdholbach: it's a simple fix ;-)13:53
rsalvetijanimo: regarding ubuntu_chroot, yes13:54
dholbachsergiusens, 𝅘𝅥𝅮 music to my ears 𝅘𝅥𝅯13:54
sergiusensdholbach: ok, try now13:54
MaxWallstedtIt started downloading for me13:55
sergiusensmamenyaka: did you pull again?13:55
dholbachmamenyaka, does "bzr up" say something about revision 153?13:55
mamenyakait says up to date13:55
sergiusensbzr revno should prin 15313:55
dholbachMaxWallstedt, yep, pulling your image now :)13:55
ogra_MaxWallstedt, did sound ever work on the SGS2 ?13:55
rsalvetijanimo: I believe those omap4 related issues is coming from alsa ucm or similar13:56
rsalvetijanimo: don't think they are causing any harm for now, but diwic would know better13:56
janimorsalveti, right, that's what previous LP bugs indicate, just unclear what the solution was for panda13:56
janimorsalveti, an annoyance really as it fills up dmesg13:56
ogra_rsalveti, well, they might configure your audio as pandaboard :)13:56
MaxWallstedtogra_: Well, I could play that Sintel video with sound, but it's not terribly loud. And I couldn't change volume13:56
rsalvetiogra_: indeed13:56
ogra_MaxWallstedt, ok, thats a regression vs unflipped then13:56
=== kentb-out is now known as kentb
ogra_and diwic isnt around so i cant ask him about it13:57
dholbachsergiusens, should something like http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~pollux-image-dev/phablet-image-info/pollux/view/head:/manifest.json work? or is that deprecated now?13:57
dholbachif so, we might want to go and update the other ones on https://code.launchpad.net/phablet-image-info as well13:58
sergiusensdholbach: oh, I'm keeping what I rewrote in the wiki13:58
sergiusensdholbach: I'll be adding better error reporting today/tomorrow13:58
dholbachmamenyaka just found http://pastebin.com/N3iWJ58H in case you didn't see it above13:58
sergiusensdholbach: but I'm only looking for manifest.json now13:58
ogra_awe, happy porting clinic day :)13:58
sergiusensdholbach: oh, just opened the link, that should work13:59
sergiusensdholbach: haven't tried, but checking if the entry is a dict or an str13:59
dholbachmamenyaka, you could try something more like http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~i9100-image-dev/phablet-image-info/i9100/view/head:/manifest.json - that seems to work13:59
mamenyakaI will check it out13:59
sergiusensdholbach: let me try that pollux14:00
mamenyakais hash needed?14:00
sergiusensmamenyaka: dholbach let me fixt that... your config _should_ work14:00
sergiusensmamenyaka: no, it's optional14:00
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
=== _salem is now known as salem_
seb128kenvandine, Laney, didrocks, tedg, mardy: I'm coming to the settings hangout, 2 min14:01
seb128just finished another call14:01
seb128I need to grab something to drink first14:01
* tedg is fighting Google, 2 days14:01
didrocksseb128: I won't be around TBH :p14:01
didrocksbut you know what I did14:02
Laneytrying to figure out how to join it on my tablet14:02
kenvandineseb128, yeah, google is forcing me to update the plugin...14:03
sergiusenstedg: they are too big to fail ;-)14:03
mamenyakaso, should I update to the newer manifest.json format?14:05
sergiusensmamenyaka: your json is incorrectly formatted14:05
sergiusensmamenyaka: line 6 and 3 have a ',' at the end14:06
seb128kenvandine, weird, didn't happen here (but I'm using their ppa so it might have updated recently)14:06
MaxWallstedtdholbach: did the new phablet-flash work for you?14:06
sergiusensmamenyaka: the previous version should of worked too btw14:06
dholbachsergiusens, once your branch landed in trunk, I'll add a note to the docs to test-run phablet-flash before asking for approval14:06
dholbachMaxWallstedt, I don't have a i9100 device, but yes, it got up to the "adb recovery ..." step14:07
mamenyakaokay, working now14:07
* dholbach hugs mamenyaka, MaxWallstedt and sergiusens14:07
dholbachgreat work :)14:07
mamenyakabut the old format for my n8000 isn't14:07
sergiusensmamenyaka: don't change it and let me check it :-)14:08
MaxWallstedtI got this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5936564/14:08
popeyfginther: https://code.launchpad.net/~pkunal-parmar/ubuntu-calendar-app/BUG_1201094/+merge/178064 - "IOError: [Errno 28] No space left on device14:09
popeyfginther: can we fix that pls?14:09
sergiusensMaxWallstedt: to quickly test can you start adb as root? adb kill-server && sudo adb start-server14:09
fgintherpopey, ack14:09
ckingwhere do I file bugs for ubuntuappmanager?14:10
MaxWallstedtI think my setup has problems with adb, in recovery I can't find my device14:11
sergiusensMaxWallstedt: not even as root?14:12
Chocantopopey: Hey :) Who do I must contact to ask to add the poppler-qt5 package on the ubuntu-touch-coreapps ppa ? :)14:13
nexwave-matis making a flipped port as simple as taking ubuntu-boot.img from my $OUT directory renaming it boot.img and replacing it in cm-10.1-20130731-UNOFFICIAL-p930.zip then flash to device?14:13
ogra_adb kill-server; sudo adb start=server14:13
MaxWallstedtI think I fixed it, I'm running ubuntu in VirtualBox and have to pass some usb stuff to the virtual machine14:13
popeyChocanto: do you need autolanding / ci ?14:14
ogra_cking, see topic ...14:14
Chocantopopey: This package isn't mine so I think no14:14
ogra_nexwave-mat, no, it needs a lot more ... but if you can get it to boot and give you adb the worst part is done14:14
sergiusensmamenyaka: rev 154 should work with the n800014:15
ckingogra_, oh ta14:15
ogra_cking, its one of the "spethial" packages :)14:16
ckingit is special in many ways14:16
ogra_it will go away once we switch to Mir14:16
Chocantopopey: This package is proposed for saucy but I don't really know how long it will take to MOTU to review it and then to add it to the saucy repo14:16
mamenyakasergiusens: it does work!14:17
ogra_crazy talk14:17
Chocantopopey: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/poppler/0.24.0-0ubuntu114:17
sergiusensogra_: you're living the dream!14:17
mamenyakais it okay to have a mile long Traceback on pressing CTRL+C in phablet-flash?14:18
popeyChocanto: i can push it to that ppa14:18
popeywill take a look a bit later14:19
Chocantopopey: Ok, thank you a lot :)14:19
ogra_sergiusens, MaxWallstedt ... so one issue i see with the i9100 is that /data is actually really small ... the install would ahve to use another partition to store the zip before installing it ... i guess there are more such devices out there14:20
w-floguess which, for example :D14:20
* w-flo 's device14:20
ogra_i thinnk we need to find a common way for such devices ...14:20
w-floit's bug 114598414:21
ubot5bug 1145984 in touch-preview-images "ubuntu zip updater-script script should be smarter regarding the tar.gz copy" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/114598414:21
ogra_my i9100 has a giant partition but it isnt /data14:21
nexwave-matogra_: I had it booting yesterday with no mods and ADB, however adb was directly into CM... I guess I wasn't flipped?14:21
ogra_nexwave-mat, yeah, you werent14:21
w-floI've posted a patch to that bug, but it needs some work I guess %)14:21
ogra_nexwave-mat, you would end up in the ubuntu rootfs  if it worked14:21
ali1234ok, i am using saucy now14:23
ali1234i still get the same error14:23
ali1234make: *** No rule to make target `/home/al/Source/ubuntu-touch/phablet-saucy/out/target/product/galaxysmtd/ubuntu-boot.img'14:23
Tassadar_the installer could use /tmp - RAM is usually big enough, and it's fast14:23
ali1234Tassadar_: the problem is that the installer does some really silly thing: you have to copy the zip onto the phone, then it unzips it, producing a tgz, then it un-tgzs that14:25
ali1234so it ends up needing 3x as much space as it actually should14:25
Tassadar_yeah, that's why I'm suggesting /tmp14:25
mamenyakaali1234: I don't know, you should get error with android-boot.img in phablet-saucy14:25
Tassadar_it has to do it like that, because ZIPs can't preserve permissions :/14:25
sergiusensmamenyaka: yeah... I'm not capturing exceptions initially, I find them more informative14:26
ali1234wait, hang on14:26
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|tea
sergiusensTassadar_: were you the one who proposed the MR?14:27
ali1234how do i checkout saucy?14:27
sergiusensogra_: where is META-INF these days?14:28
sergiusensis it still hidden in cdimage?14:28
nexwave-matwell wish me luck, first flash attempt now.14:28
Tassadar_what does MR stands for?14:28
ogra_sergiusens, somewhere in the cdimage code ... cjwatson merged it in14:28
sergiusensTassadar_: Merge Request14:28
ogra_i need to dig for it, not sure where exactly it landed14:28
Tassadar_since I don't know which one you're talking about, then no14:28
sergiusensogra_: heh, well the fix everyone is proposing is to move the location where the unpack is done in the edify script14:29
jibelthomi, why does the package autopilot-touch change the ownership of /dev/uinput from14:29
jibelthomi, crw-rw---- 1 system bluetooth 10, 223 Aug  1 14:24 /dev/uinput14:29
jibelthomi, to crw-rw---- 1 root root 10, 223 Aug  1 14:24 /dev/uinput14:30
ogra_sergiusens, yeah, understood, though where would we move it to ?14:30
sergiusensogra_: people are saying /tmp14:30
janimoogra_, seb128 where are the upstart conf files for session jobs like unity and maliit?14:30
ogra_sergiusens, not knowing which is the big partition makes that kind of hard14:30
thomijibel: hmmmm, it shouldn't do - We need to make sure we have write access to that device when we run the tests. Initially we had a udev solution, but something was updated, and now it fails14:30
ogra_janimo, /usr/share/upstart/sessions/ iirc14:30
janimoogra_, thanks14:30
thomijibel: fginther did the initial fix (IIRC), but it sounds like we need a better solution to the issue14:31
ogra_sergiusens, hmm, /tmp might be a tmpfs ... not sure thats so cleaver on 512M devices14:31
Tassadar_I think 512mb should be enough14:31
sergiusensogra_: how big is the tar?14:31
oSoMoNpopey: is there a calendar app design hangout today?14:31
mamenyakaogra_: how is the fix coming so that initrd finds rootfs?14:31
popeyoSoMoN: i pinged lina and no reply14:31
Tassadar_recovery eats almost nothing, but you'd have to test that14:31
jibelthomi, okay, I'll file a bug14:31
ogra_ali1234, nothing produces a tarball on unpack ... the zip contains one and that gets untarred after unzipping ... its only 2x the size14:32
sergiusensso I guess the consensus is we will not satisfy all camps14:32
oSoMoNpopey: ok, can you please ping me if it turns out we’re having the meeting?14:32
popeywill do oSoMoN14:32
w-flowouldn't a sane shell script to find a suitable location for the tar.gz work?14:32
ogra_mamenyaka, i'm waiting for a package to build that has the fix ... and will then need to re-generate the initrd package14:32
cjwatsonsergiusens,ogra_: ./lib/cdimage/build.py:449:        "-m", os.path.join(phablet_build, "META-INF"),14:32
ogra_cjwatson, thanks14:33
sergiusenscjwatson: thanks14:33
ali1234ogra_: i watched the installer proceed on adb... it uses 3x the necessary space14:33
cjwatsonsergiusens,ogra_: But that's just using it - the actual file still lives in /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/utouch-android/phablet-build-scripts/14:33
cjwatsonWhich is not ideal14:33
ogra_thats weird, it doesnt do thet here14:33
ogra_cjwatson, definitely not14:33
ali1234it unzips the zip to the same directory, then it untars the tar to the same directory14:34
sergiusenscjwatson: ogra_ it has the updater bin we still need to get rid of (packaged)14:34
ogra_cjwatson, we should be able to make xnox' android package spit out the edify interpreter to have it in an extra binary14:34
oSoMoNfginther: hey, I’m trying to download a package built by jenkins, and it says "jenkins is not ready", known problem?14:34
fgintheroSoMoN, can you point me to what you're trying to download?14:35
sergiusensogra_: that would solve it14:35
cjwatsonRight, I'm all in favour of it going away, just not going to work on it myself :)14:35
ogra_sergiusens, well, i assume it does get built in every android build we do ... so it would just be an entry in the control file to get a new deb for it14:35
oSoMoNfginther: http://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/webbrowser-app-saucy-armhf-ci/140/artifact/work/output/*zip*/output.zip14:35
xnoxogra_: please elaborate.14:35
oSoMoNfginther: (from https://code.launchpad.net/~abreu-alexandre/webbrowser-app/add-webapps-integration-support/+merge/177501/comments/401288)14:35
sergiusensogra_: it does as long as we build recovery I think, which we do14:35
fgintheroSoMoN, looks like someone had to restart jenkins14:35
rsalvetiogra_: yeah, ideally that should be a binary coming from the build system14:35
ogra_xnox, we need the updater-binary (which is an interpreter for the edify language android uses to install the zips)14:35
sergiusensxnox: there's a META-INF in the ubuntu zips that has a binary that runs an edify script14:36
fgintheroSoMoN, It might take 30-40 minutes for it to be up again14:36
oSoMoNfginther: what, seriously, 30-40mins?14:36
ogra_sergiusens, yeah, we do14:36
oSoMoNthat’s crazy14:36
nexwave-matogra_, I'm getting this error, adb logcat14:36
nexwave-mat/system/bin/sh: exec: line 1: logcat: not found14:36
ogra_nexwave-mat, logcat isnt in PATH14:36
xnoxogra_: as an arch:all package ? =)14:36
ogra_nexwave-mat,  try /system/bin/logcat14:37
xnoxogra_: or just part of the android package somewhere extracted?14:37
ogra_xnox, well, as something we can install during builds to produce the zip with it inside14:37
ogra_i guess all is best, yeah14:37
ogra_though ... hmm14:38
mfischsforshee: tiagosh on my team said he was on a call and the screen blanked14:38
ogra_i wonder if we actually need it if we switch to system images14:38
ogra_does stgraber pull the zip or the tarball from cdimage ?14:38
janimoogra_, how do I restart the session? Using Upstart's service ?14:38
arturogra_: I have got kernel panic: "not syncing: Attempted to kill init!"14:38
nexwave-matogra_, http://pastebin.com/iQU8Ph9e14:39
ogra_janimo, either restart ubuntu-touch-session as root ... or if its just the shell, sudo -u phablet -i initctl stop unity8 ... and start the same way14:39
ali1234what does this mean? : device/samsung/aries-common/: leaving saucy; does not track upstream14:39
ogra_artur, that means upstart couldnt find a proper console device14:40
salem_sforshee, ping14:40
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
ogra_nexwave-mat, ah, no, in the initrd there is no logcat14:40
janimoartur, try passing console= something you see in dev/ttyXX when booted in recovery14:40
mamenyakaali1234: what did you do?14:40
ali1234mamenyaka: repo checkout saucy; repo sync14:40
ogra_shouldnt that be phablet-saucy ?14:41
ali1234no, because that isn't a branch14:41
=== chihchun_afk is now known as chihchun
ali1234"error: no project has branch phablet-saucy"14:41
mamenyakalook, here is what I did to get saucy14:41
mamenyakain .repo/manifests $ git fetch origin phablet-saucy:phablet-saucy14:42
mfischsalem_: if you think you can repro it can you enable debug by editing /etc/init/powerd.conf and follow the direction in there14:42
fgintheroSoMoN, it's back up14:42
mfischsalem_: that will get us some useful logs in /var/log/upstart14:42
mamenyakaand $ git checkout phablet-saucy14:42
salem_mfisch, ok, will do14:42
slangasekbarry: so I'm pretty consistently reproducing the error message with ubuntu-system-settings failing at the moment we ask for a reboot.  How do we debug this?14:42
oSoMoNfginther: excellent, thanks14:42
=== chihchun is now known as chihchun_afk
nexwave-matogra_, is that cause I built with the phablet branch^14:43
arturjanimo, what do you mean: passing console. I don't understand it.14:43
sergiusensali1234: mamenyaka this should work repo init -b phablet-saucy14:43
janimoartur, on the kernel command line14:43
sforsheemfisch: why is the screen blanking during a call a bug?14:43
janimomake sure the console= argument is something that exists14:43
mamenyakaoh, right14:43
janimoartur, at least that was the cause for kernel panicking on my device14:43
mfischsforshee: dont we hold a request or do we just poke the active timer?14:43
ali1234sergiusens: python traceback, ending with: error.GitError: manifests rev-list ('^HEAD', 'e10f4a838c44e592845d1823f9e3389c48d74ce3', '--'): fatal: bad revision '^HEAD'14:44
sforsheemfisch: we hold a request for the proximity sensor but I don't think we hold the screen on14:44
sergiusensali1234: for which repo?14:44
mfischsforshee: ah thats right, salem_ see what sforshee wrote14:44
ali1234sergiusens: for .repo/manifests14:44
barryslangasek: my next upload will have much improved logging (i.e. actually logging to a file for postmortem), and command line tools to mimic the dbus api.  it will also allow you to (with a few contortions) run everything on a desktop, short of rebooting of course.  i'm trying to polish things up - are you under a deadline?14:45
sforsheemfisch: but thinking about it we probably do want the screen to stay on while the call is ringing14:45
ogra_nexwave-mat, no, it is because the ubuntu initrd is already quite big due to shipping adbd, adding logcat to it would amke it to big for many devices14:45
slangasekbarry: "mimic the dbus api" - shouldn't system-image-cli *use* the dbus service?14:45
salem_sforshee, the problem is that after a while the screen is locked, and if you wish to hangup the call you have to press power, unlock the screen and finally hangup.14:45
sergiusensali1234: and that's with running repo init -b phablet-saucy in the android croot?14:45
mamenyakahow do I put in names of users in chat easily?14:45
mfischsforshee: we do poke the activity timer, can the phone ring for longer than that?14:45
barryslangasek: i've thought about that :)14:46
nexwave-matsyncing phablet-saucy now.14:46
slangasekbarry: I'm not under a deadline, but I'd like it if we could have this wrapped up with a bow on top by the end of the week ;)14:46
sergiusensmamenyaka: I press tab on irssi14:46
barryslangasek: i do want a "pure" cli script, but i think a dbus-connecting cli script is worthwhile too14:46
sergiusensmamenyaka: or xchat accomplishes the same (with a TAB)14:46
mamenyakaI am using xchat14:46
mfischsforshee: if someoen sets the activity timer to 10 seconds it could go off while ringing14:46
mamenyakagot it14:47
w-floyet another porting question.. since the update-fstab script doesn't work with the strange partition setup on my device, I've added this to fstab manually: /dev/mmcblk0p26/dataext4noatime,nodiratime,errors=remount-ro00    ... now I can't mount /data: mount: /dev/mmcblk0p26 already mounted or /data busy; mount: according to mtab, /dev/mmcblk0p26 is mounted on /   ... what's wrong this time? :)14:47
salem_sforshee, and it is weird that the call is still active and when you look at the screen it is black. most users wouldn't realize the phone is actually locked.14:47
mamenyakasergiusens, thank you14:47
ali1234i am going to delete this and clone it again (third time today)14:47
asac16:29 < Saviq> kgunn, olli_, asac, unity8 is getting released into distro right now14:47
ali1234it would be helpful if there were clear instructions on how you are supposed to get saucy14:47
asac \o/14:47
mamenyakaali1234, please try what I suggested you14:48
asacthx Saviq!14:48
ogra_asac, yay !!14:48
ali1234mamenyaka: i did, it didn't work14:48
mamenyakaali1234, the git fetch didn't work?14:48
sforsheesalem_: the lock thing is a UI issue, not really anything to do with powerd14:48
sergiusensali1234: saucy or the phablet-saucy branch? I'm not sure why rsalveti called it phablet-saucy ... it's more of a pure flipped branch14:48
barryslangasek: in the meantime, run this in the shell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5936666/14:48
sforsheesalem_: I don't think the screen turning off during a call is weird though14:48
asacogra_: yes yes yes ... we are getting there :)14:48
ali1234sergiusens: i don't know. i need clear instructions on what i am supposed to use14:48
sergiusensali1234: the standard android way of doing it should work14:48
barryslangasek: e.g. `python3 -i <script>.py`14:49
rsalvetisergiusens: phablet-saucy because it is the branch for to be used by the saucy release (final)14:49
ali1234sergiusens: and what is that?14:49
ogra_asac, well, i just heard Mir and lightdm will take longer :(14:49
barryslangasek: then you can do things like:14:49
barry>>> iface.GetUpdateVersion()14:49
barry>>> run(iface.GetUpdate) # hopefully doesn't time out14:49
salem_sforshee, ok. do you know who is enabling the proximity sensor during a call?14:49
rsalvetisalem_: powerd itself14:50
barry# if it does, just run it again until you get the ReadyToReboot() signal14:50
arturjanimo, where is this argument set?14:50
barry>>> iface.Reboot()14:50
sergiusensali1234: if starting from scratch repo init -b phablet-saucy -u git://phablet.ubuntu.com/CyanogenMod/android.git14:50
mamenyakaali1234, what error do you get with git fetch?14:50
sforsheesalem_: it's the pushing of the power button that causes the lock screen to appear, nothing about the prox sensor14:50
janimoartur, as the rest of the kernel command line, probable in devices/vendor/dev/BoardConfig.mk14:50
barryslangasek: it may not be too useful until i get the new logging uploaded14:50
nexwave-matogra_, http://pastebin.com/iQU8Ph9e14:50
ogra_mamenyaka, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/saucy/+source/ubuntu-touch-generic-initrd/0.17hould have your fixed initrd inside ... (download it  to /tmp ... then dpkg -x <packagename.deb> . and fish it out of usr/share/)14:50
seb128mardy, so, you are going to update your mp for the rename right? (just checking so I don't end up waiting for that, while you wait on us to approve the current version)14:51
plarsgrouper seems to be having a major problem in the automated tests for the -pending image today, our guy in the lab is telling me that it's stuck in a boot loop where the google screen shows, the speaker pops, it vibrates, then reboots14:51
nexwave-matbuild broke after syncing phablet-saucy14:51
ali1234sergiusens: i'm not starting from scratch14:51
mamenyakaogra_, thank you14:51
plarsogra_: ^14:51
ogra_it might still need a few min14:51
ali1234sergiusens: i'm attempting to update an existing build14:51
plarsor anyone else?14:51
arturjanimo, I found it. That's it: BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE :=14:51
sergiusensali1234: btw, I was using the phablet-10.1 branch until just now and switched seamlessly (I did not mangle with .repo though)14:51
ogra_plars, "it vibrates" is worrying, given the grouper has no vibrator14:51
mamenyakarepo init -b phablet-saucy is also working fine for me14:52
barryslangasek: oh, and you could be hitting this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-system-image/+bug/1206866 (which is also fixed in the next upload)14:52
sergiusensplars: can you get it into the bootloader?14:52
ubot5Launchpad bug 1206866 in Ubuntu system image "TypeError when two upgrade paths have the same score" [High,Fix committed]14:52
salem_sforshee, I know, but my point is that the ui shouldn't be locked during a call. I will confirm with designers if we should lock the screen or not.14:52
sergiusensplars: probably a bad kernel was flashed14:52
arturjanimo, this is blank argument14:52
plarssergiusens: I think rfowler is trying to reflash it again now14:52
ali1234so how do i do it with phablet-dev-bootstrap?14:52
janimosforshee, ogra_ do you know what may block sensorservice from starting?14:53
plarssergiusens: it's just flashing the -pending image for today14:53
janimoWaiting for service sensorservice...14:53
ogra_mamenyaka, hmm probably rsalveti or sergiusens have an idea, they are better in android than me14:53
sergiusensplars: if the zips don't work, try over fastboot14:53
sergiusensplars: let me try on my system14:53
ogra_janimo, a race14:53
plarsrfowler: ^14:53
sergiusensogra_: mamenyaka about what?14:53
ogra_sergiusens, http://pastebin.com/iQU8Ph9e ... i think thats not enough of a snippet though14:53
janimoogra_, and should that also prevent unity8 from starting? Right now I have unity8 exiting and respawning14:54
rsalvetijanimo: yup14:54
rsalvetiit uses sensor via platform-api14:54
janimook, good to know14:54
rsalvetiwithout the sensorservice running properly, the shell will fail to load14:54
janimonow I need to chace that race then?14:54
ogra_janimo, add a sleep 3 to lxc-android-config.conf ... right above the lxc-wait line14:54
ogra_with luck that fixes it14:54
janimoogra_, ok let's see14:54
rsalvetito first check if it's indeed a race, I'd suggest trying to manually load the sensorservice from the android side14:54
rsalvetito check if it's able to load itself properly14:54
ogra_try higher values too if 3 isnt enough14:54
rsalvetithen if so, it's probably a race indeed14:55
sergiusensmamenyaka: is that error with phablet-saucy?14:55
janimoogra_, where's that conffile?14:55
ogra_janimo, upstart job14:55
rsalvetiuntil the upstart android bridge is properly implemented14:55
mamenyakasergiusens, which error?14:55
ogra_janimo, but rsalveti is right .. use android-chroot and first try to manually start14:55
sergiusensmamenyaka: http://pastebin.com/iQU8Ph9e14:56
rsalvetiogra_: android-chroot is not a real container, so would suggest getting adb to run from the android container, and use adb shell for that14:56
rsalvetijust as a test14:56
ogra_rsalveti, it works fine for me14:56
w-flojanimo, sensorservice failed to start for me when there was a mount problem in the android container (I think it shows in logcat  | grep mount)..14:56
ogra_when the sensorservice issue occurs14:56
asacwhats jims nick?14:56
asacis he here?14:56
asacjhodapp: ping14:57
ogra_what jim ?14:57
rfowlerplars: what?14:57
rsalvetiogra_: yeah, depends a lot of the service, if we need a service to talk with some other android specific stuff, then we might have issues14:57
mamenyakasergiusens, yes, but I don't know what this is14:57
jhodappasac: pong14:57
asacjhodapp: how does your workpipeline look like?14:57
ogra_rsalveti, right, but i know it works in this specific issue14:57
asace.g. what you work on now, what next etc.14:57
ogra_rsalveti, i'll drop the chroot tool with the next upload14:57
sergiusensmamenyaka: what device?14:58
janimow-flo, I have no mount errors in logcat though14:58
rsalvetiogra_: cool14:59
sergiusensmamenyaka: I don't think we have chromium_net anymore, so you need to remove the dep from whatever is bringing it in14:59
jhodappasac: finishing the new gstreamer backend, getting QtMultimedia to integrate with what I've done and our media platform, getting audio to work in the new media pipeline, supporting media apps that will need to use this new stuff, etc14:59
nexwave-matanyone else getting this?14:59
nexwave-matfatal: unable to connect to phablet.ubuntu.com:14:59
nexwave-matphablet.ubuntu.com[0:]: errno=Connection refused14:59
asacjhodapp: we have scheduling problems14:59
jhodappasac: in what way?14:59
asacjhodapp: we need to know what you exactly plan to work and in which order14:59
mardyseb128: yes, I'll update it tomorrow15:00
mamenyakasergiusens, I have nothing to do with that pastebin error15:00
asacbecause we have the big pressure to get the MM service done ... and dont know how to schedule and how much prep before you can finish etc.15:00
janimorsalveti, how do I manually start sensorservice in the chroot?15:00
jhodappasac: that's in a presentation that we put together (mfrey)15:00
ogra_janimo, android-chroot ...15:00
asacjhodapp: but that isnt your presonal work pipeline15:00
ogra_janimo, sensorservice15:00
janimoogra_, I did that15:00
asacits really about days not month :)15:00
ogra_thats all15:00
jhodappasac: it's roughly the path I'm taking15:00
janimoogra_, ah that simple15:00
seb128mardy, thanks! have a good evening ;-)15:00
ogra_works for me15:00
asacwe have lots of interconnected pieces15:00
jhodappasac: right15:00
asacso we need to be more accurate15:01
asacso we dont make shitty decisions :)15:01
janimoogra_, I thougt I needed servicemanager or am startservice or some other tool15:01
dholbachcan I get a    o/    of everyone who's maintaining an Ubuntu Touch port right now?    It'd be great (and you'd make sergiusens very happy) if you could follow https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/MakingPortsAvailable and then check if lp:~sergiusens/phablet-tools/flash_change works for you, if you run "phablet-flash community --device <vendor>" (ie. vendor like "i9100")15:01
ogra_janimo, not for testing :)15:01
jhodappasac: we can try, this is all new and experimental15:01
ogra_janimo, you need it for proper function indeed15:01
rsalvetiasac: want to do waterfall planning now? :-)15:01
jhodappexperimental in nature I should say15:01
ogra_but thats something init needs to handle on the android side15:01
asacrsalveti: absolutely not15:01
jhodappasac: lets schedule a meeting with mfrey, rsalveti, yourself and me15:02
asacanyway topic is over15:02
asaci will brief you after15:02
* ogra_ wouldnt mind a waterfall ... 15:02
ali1234dholbach: i'm giving up until the new porting guide actually works15:02
rsalvetiasac: well, breaking everything in details, with days and such is quite waterfall for me :-)15:02
ogra_its ~30°C here15:02
sergiusensogra_: come to Iguazu!15:03
dholbachali1234, AFAIK it should work with the "old" image too15:03
ogra_sergiusens, i'd love to15:03
asacrsalveti: if you do it for the whole project. i just wanted to know his work pipeline for the next couple of weeks15:03
sergiusensogra_: it was closed an hour after I visited 3 weeks ago due to the flood15:03
asacand the order15:03
dholbachali1234, you'd just need to specify which ubuntu image you use15:03
asacnot the exact days15:03
AskUbuntuDual SIM Ubuntu Phone | http://askubuntu.com/q/32744915:03
ali1234dholbach: the old guide no longer works because the phablet default branch is broken15:03
asacthe sharper we know the better the decision is and the less likelyhood for revisiting :)15:03
asacrsalveti: jhodapp: anyway, stay tuned.15:03
ali1234dholbach: and there is no clear instructions on how you are supposed to use saucy so i have no idea if that works or not15:04
jhodappasac: sounds good15:04
mfischsergiusens: you seen this error before?  "Command 'adb shell rm -Rf /cache/* /data/*' returned non-zero exit status 255"15:04
sergiusensali1234: the default branch shouldn't be broken15:04
dholbachali1234, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/PortingFlippedInProgress is a work-in-progress is all I know15:04
mfisch(during flash)15:04
sergiusensmfisch: only if you have unformatted partitions15:04
ali1234sergiusens: well it is. when i follow the exact same steps that i used back in february, it does not work15:04
ogra_sergiusens, mumble btw ...15:04
asacricmm: will you dial in in 25min?15:05
ali1234sergiusens: i was then told to use saucy instead but nobody seems to know how to do that15:05
asacrsalveti: you want to dial in as well?15:05
ogra_asac, stop clashing with our team meeting all the time :P15:05
asacabout big api/qml alignment15:05
asacogra_: there is not a single slot left here that allows any flexibility15:06
asacricmm alone is enough15:07
ogra_you need rubber schedules ;)15:07
slangasekbarry: so, iface.Reboot() returned nothing and the system did not reboot15:09
mamenyakaogra_, what should I do with ubuntu-touch-generic-initrd-0.17.tar.gz?15:09
nik90|Officepopey: can you verify with designers if today's design meeting is taking place?15:09
ogra_mamenyaka, unpack and fish out the initrd ... then add it to your boot.img15:09
ogra_it has a fix to detect your partitions15:10
popeynik90|Office: they're all in IoM, so I don't think we'll get any design people on the call.15:10
popeynik90|Office: so that's a "no" ☻15:10
barryslangasek: that's interesting.  what build# are you at right now?  and is this a nexus7?  i'll flash my device to the same version and try it locally15:10
slangasekbarry: n415:10
slangasekcurrently at build version 2013073315:10
nik90|Officepopey: ah ok. thnx15:10
nik90|Officewhat is loM?15:10
mamenyakaogra_, build-initrd.sh? and how do I modify boot.img?15:11
ogra_mamenyaka, you need the deb and unpack it like i explained above15:11
mamenyakaI knew I was doing something wrong15:11
popeynik90|Office: Isle Of Man15:12
rsalvetiasac: please include me as well15:12
asacrsalveti: get the dial details from ricmm15:12
asacrsalveti: he has the invite15:12
barryslangasek: ok.  i am going to try to do an update with my unreleased version to see if i can reproduce the problem and capture log output.  i'll ping you when i have a package you can try, if you're still around ;)15:12
rsalvetiasac: can't you also invite me?15:12
rsalvetiok, will ping him15:13
asacone sec15:13
asactought pining was easier :)15:13
slangasekbarry: sounds good15:13
asacrsalveti: ricmm:L i will ping you when it starts ... dunno if we overrun etc.15:13
asacrsalveti: invited15:14
mamenyakaogra_, so is this the one: ubuntu-touch-generic-initrd_0.17_armhf.deb I download?15:14
ogra_pull it into /tmp15:14
ricmmasac: yes I will dial in15:15
stgraberogra_: I'm pulling the .tar.gz15:15
mamenyakaogra_, yes, and where d I give out the dpkg command?15:15
ogra_stgraber, hah, i thought so, so we dont really need the ziip anymore after the switch15:16
ogra_cjwatson, ^^^15:16
ogra_so lets just go with what we have atm and just drop the whole stuff after switching15:16
sergiusensogra_: we will break commmunity if we drop the zip15:17
ogra_sergiusens, we dont plan to switch them over too ?15:17
sergiusensogra_: well, not sure... is it possible?15:17
ogra_sergiusens, i thought stgraber's design allowed that people can run their own servers for ports15:18
sergiusensogra_: the infra is a bit more complex15:18
ogra_i might be wrong15:18
mamenyakaogra_, I have ubuntu-touch-generic-initrd_0.17_armhf.deb in /tmp, and dpkg -x ubuntu-touch-generic-initrd_0.17_armhf.deb . gives error with permissions15:18
janimoogra_, rsalveti so putting a sleep 30 there does not help, but starting manually from chroot works. So the screen gets black and other errors appear in logcat, but  snesorservice is out of the way at least15:19
janimoso unity still exits and respawns but with more errors in the upstart logs15:20
=== tilal6991-away is now known as tilal6991
janimorsalveti, do you know if the compat with ICS blobs is still retained? The previous port to this device had a working albeit sluggish UI, with unity8 it does not show up15:21
janimoI don't know how the current unity8 differs from the graphics in the initial UTouch preview15:21
nexwave-matogra_, kernel build error http://pastebin.com/iQU8Ph9e can you help find the source?15:22
ogra_nexwave-mat, what did you change ?15:22
rsalvetijanimo: can you check if sensorservice is part of your init.rc files from android?15:23
janimonexwave-mat, what is the erros, seems like zImage built fine15:23
janimorsalveti, will check15:23
w-flojanimo, if I were you, I'd edit $ANDROIDROOT/system/core/rootdir/init.rc and move sensorservice from "late_start" class to "main"15:23
rsalvetijanimo: if cm based, the ics blobs should still work15:23
mamenyakaogra_, I think I got it, I have initrd.img-touch-0.31, what next?15:23
ogra_nexwave-mat, looks like an issue with a config change you did15:23
janimorsalveti, yes, cm based15:23
janimophablet-saucy based15:24
ogra_mamenyaka, now you use abootimg to update the ramdisk with it15:24
w-floI had a lot of problems with the late_start class simply never being started for all kind of reasons15:24
rsalvetijanimo: that's why I rebased to cm 10.1.2, to be in sync with cm15:24
janimow-flo, ok, although moving to late-start was an explicit commit in the phablet tree IIRC15:24
ogra_err, to update the bootimg with it15:24
rsalvetiand also be compatible with any device that supports cm10.115:24
w-flojanimo, yes, I've seen that. I've got it working with main now..15:24
plars<plars> grouper seems to be having a major problem in the automated tests for the -pending image today, our guy in the lab is telling me that it's stuck in a boot loop where the google screen shows, the speaker pops, it vibrates, then reboots ---- Sorry, I meant to say maguro is having this problem, flipping too fast between a couple of different issues15:25
plarssergiusens: ^15:25
w-flojanimo, sorry, actually I got it working with late_start now. but it's still a hack :)15:25
nexwave-matogra_, synced phablet-saucy branch15:25
sergiusensplars: yeah, heard you over mumble... let me flash latest pending on maguro15:25
plarssergiusens: I figured as much, but restating here for anyone else's benefit :)15:26
w-flojanimo, this was my initial workaround to get sensorservice up: https://github.com/w-flo/android_device_htc_vision/commit/ce4271bec4226ee6b842d246a300bdfc3e6a3665 (ignore the fstab.vision changes)15:26
ogra_nexwave-mat, well, it is an issue with your kernel, that isnt in the phablet-saucy branch15:26
nexwave-matogra_, it was building fine with just the phablet branch...?15:27
ogra_dholbach, we should do this clinic once a month or so ...15:27
janimow-flo, thanks15:27
dholbachogra_, sounds good to me - leading up to an update porting guide maybe weekly ;-)15:27
janimow-flo, although after starting sensorservice my main error is EGL related15:27
w-flojanimo, oh. I had EGL related problems when the permissions on /dev/kgsl-3d0 were wrong15:27
w-flobut that's probably special to my device15:28
janimow-flo, right, I probably need to review whatever is in udev rules from eventd.rc15:28
ogra_nexwave-mat, well, looking closer i see the things i thought were config issues are actually warnings, there is no error in your paste15:28
nexwave-matogra_, well the build just dies after those lines. No files get outputted.15:29
asacricmm: rsalveti: dial in now15:30
ricmmasac: dialing in15:30
ogra_nexwave-mat, yes, i see that, not really sure whay though ... were there errors before the stuff you pasted ?15:30
nexwave-matogra_, I'll brunch again and see what happens15:30
nexwave-matogra_, maybe but the log was too long for the buffer15:31
nexwave-matogra_, it will take a bit longer going to "make clean" first15:33
dixeflatlinehello errbody15:33
=== tilal6991-away is now known as tilal6991
* janimo hugs w-flo15:38
janimoadding an udev rule for the pvr node allos the UI to start15:38
w-floyay :) congrats!15:38
janimothat one was not in the ueventd.rc15:38
* janimo adds not to wikipage15:38
=== jhodapp is now known as jhodapp|lunch
rsalvetijanimo: yeah, that's needed for sgx15:39
w-floI loved that moment when the GUI was finally up :) now I just need to get rid of all those hacks, not sure how..15:39
ogra_janimo, did you use the ueventd.$devie.rc one too ?15:40
janimoogra_, yes that too15:40
ogra_ah, k15:40
janimobut pvrsrvkm is not there either :/15:40
ogra_for SGS2 all the intresting bits were in that one15:40
=== sfeole` is now known as sfeole
ogra_janimo, feel free to add it to lxc-android-config (i did the same for SGS2 already)15:41
ogra_(to the package i mean)15:41
=== Namidairo is now known as Namidairo`bnc
mamenyakaogra_, I have the new ramdisk.img, now what?15:43
nexwave-matogra_, this time I grabbed as much as I could http://pastebin.com/iQU8Ph9e15:43
janimoogra_, so you mean to add my devices udev rules to the package via an MR you mean?15:45
ogra_mamenyaka, did you push it into boot.img ?15:46
ogra_janimo, no branches for that package ... just add it :)15:47
mamenyakahow to do that?15:47
ogra_mamenyaka, use abootimg :)15:47
mamenyakaof course, but is there a simple command, I just extract then repack things15:47
mamenyakanexwave-mat,  please look here: device/lge/iprj-common/iprj.mk and comment out libOmxVdec15:48
ogra_looks like an issue with the multimedia stuff15:50
ogra_mamenyaka, you onpack and repack the boot.img ? how ? thats exactly what abootimg does :)15:50
mamenyakafor ramdisk.img I was using abootimg-unpack-initrd15:51
mamenyakaif that's ok15:51
ogra_you want the plain initr.img file as it came out of the deb15:51
ogra_dont touch it15:51
mamenyakaI see15:52
ogra_then add it to the boot.img15:52
nexwave-matmamenyaka, libOmxVdec seams kinda important, no?15:52
ogra_and replace the one in it15:52
mamenyakanexwave-mat, I've been removing all kinds of stuff which had errors :)15:52
mamenyakabut I hope it's only for video decoding, which you can live without for the moment15:53
tilal6991mamenyaka: It is indeed15:54
nexwave-matdone, rebuild in progress15:54
mamenyakaogra_, is this correct? $ abootimg --create boot.img -f bootimg.cfg -k zImage -r initrd.img15:56
nexwave-matNow I have this, http://pastebin.com/iQU8Ph9e15:58
ogra_mamenyaka, dont you have a boot.img already ?15:58
ogra_mamenyaka, just update it15:58
tilal6991nexwave-mat: That's exactly the same error15:59
robert_ancellmterry, ok, back to unity8-greeter - done anything to make it work better on desktop?15:59
ogra_mamenyaka, abootimg -u /path/to/boot.img -r /path/to/initrd.img15:59
mamenyakaoh, I'm better of just destroying and rebuilding stuff :)15:59
ogra_well, unpacking and rebuilding works too indeed15:59
* ogra_ is a lazy bastard, i just update :)16:00
mamenyakaogra_, thank you, but that's too simple for me :D16:00
=== schwuk is now known as schwuk_away
nexwave-matafter a make clean, http://pastebin.com/iQU8Ph9e16:09
mterryrobert_ancell, last I heard you didn't have any blockers16:10
mterryrobert_ancell, you had that touch-session bug, but you have a workaround for it16:10
robert_ancellmterry, I want to run without crazy phone dependencies :)16:10
mterryrobert_ancell, ah.... hm16:10
mterryrobert_ancell, I thought you were just going for no mir16:11
robert_ancellno mir?16:11
mterryrobert_ancell, er...  no mirserver16:11
robert_ancellyes. But I need it to run in a normal desktop environment and Qt to connect to Mir, not X16:11
mamenyakaogra_ I have bootloop16:12
mterryrobert_ancell, right, that was the bit I was missing16:12
mterryrobert_ancell, so crazy phone dependencies are the bits needed to supply Ubuntu.Application (qtubuntu I think)...  and ubuntu-touch-session16:13
robert_ancellmterry, is the qubuntu in universe only for surface flinger?16:14
mterryrobert_ancell, more like only for android I think16:14
=== schwuk_away is now known as schwuk
robert_ancellit doesn't have a build-dep on mir, so I guess it's not mir capable16:14
mterryNot sure what all it abstracts, but I don't think it's just surface flinger16:14
mterryrobert_ancell, I thought it had some dummy proxy for desktop though16:15
mterrydidrocks, did qtubuntu ever get capable of running on desktop fine?16:15
mterryI don't remember where we left that16:15
didrocksmterry: no, it's only providing an -android flavor16:16
didrocksI renamed the binary package qtubuntu-android btw IIRC16:16
* seb128 feels ignored by mterry16:16
mterryseb128, I very well might have missed your message.  Or you missed my reply.  My irc is awful16:16
robert_ancellmterry, I think racarr knows. I was just talking to didrocks16:17
mterrydidrocks, ah so you did16:17
AskUbuntuubuntu for phones - cannot find any Carrier | http://askubuntu.com/q/32748316:17
janimow-flo, hmm sensorservice is actuall late_start specifically not main_start now that I look again16:18
mterryrobert_ancell, so you can probably get it to work if you just use a wrapper like ubuntu-touch-session and point it at the same fake plugins the ./run script in unity8 trunk does when passed -f16:18
janimoin the official phablet tree16:18
mterryrobert_ancell, there's a fake qtubuntu plugin in there16:19
w-flojanimo, oficially it is late_starte, which failed to trigger with my device for reasons I don't fully understand yet16:19
robert_ancellmterry, are you trying this from your side? All the changes are in the lightdm in the archive16:19
robert_ancelljust never been tested with a real greeter16:20
nexwave-matis it normal to have this much trouble from switching branches from phablet to phablet-saucy?16:21
robert_ancellricmm, hey, trying to find out what we can do to get Mir support for Qt into the archive. Is it just a matter of merging lp:~robertcarr/platform-api/mir-with-packaging into lp:platform-api?16:21
mterryrobert_ancell, I can try from my side, sure16:23
ogra_nexwave-mat, no16:25
janimoogra_, does the adding of rules files for each new device scale though?16:26
mterryrobert_ancell, in middle of lunch, will try in a bit16:26
robert_ancellmterry, sure16:26
ogra_janimo, no, it would be better to have a script in the build that puts it into the android zip ... but it is a good short term solution16:26
janimoogra_, can this not be something grabbed from the android ROM as was done earlier with resolution settings IIRC?16:26
ogra_(since we have the infrastructure in place already for the nexus devices)(16:27
janimoogra_, indeed16:27
ogra_we will have to revisit the whole stuff anyway once we switch to system images16:27
ogra_though following sergiusens  words above we might not be able to for ports16:28
janimoogra_, so should I upload a new version of lxc-android-config with my device added?16:30
mamenyakaI just rebooted, can no longer log in into ubuntu. How? What? Why?16:30
nexwave-matanyone else working on an arm port with qcom-display-caf device?16:32
ricmmrobert_ancell: give me 30 minutes16:32
mamenyakanexwave-mat: did you manage to build?16:32
ricmmrobert_ancell: once Mir hits main I will update the relevant branches16:33
ricmmand land both platform-api and qtubuntu16:33
nexwave-matno the changed you suggested didn't seam to have much of an effect. I was able to built on the old phablet branch though16:33
robert_ancellricmm, Mir is approved for main, it's just waiting for something to depend on it for promotion16:33
nexwave-matmamenyaka ^^16:33
ricmmrobert_ancell: ok, lets talk in 15-20 as im OTP16:33
robert_ancellricmm, we're putting patches into X that will trigger that, but you're welcome to trigger it before us16:33
ricmmput the patches into X16:34
mamenyakanexwave-mat: could you link me the last pastebin?16:34
ricmmI wont land critical qtubuntu and platform-api changes on a friday timeframe16:34
nexwave-matmamenyaka, all I did was repo init -b phablet-saucy, repo sync, brunch p930. and now i'm is this...16:34
mamenyakanexwave-mat: and you commented out the omxvdec?16:35
nexwave-matyes from device/lge/iproj-common/iproj.mk16:36
nexwave-matI removed it from the list16:36
mamenyakayou could try to pull latest hardware qcom media16:36
mamenyakain manifest next to ...qcom/media add remote="github" revision="cm-10.1"16:37
ogra_janimo, feel free16:38
nexwave-matmamenyaka, just compared and phablet-saucy has the lastest commits16:38
mamenyakanexwave-mat: then delete all of omx, idk16:40
janimoogra_, done.16:41
ogra_thx :)16:42
mamenyakaogra_: bootloop, what now? maybe I scewed up?16:42
nexwave-matmamenyaka, commented out all the the libraries with omx from iproj.mk16:42
ogra_mamenyaka, reboot to recovery, and llets take a look at /proc/last_kmsg16:42
nexwave-matwell see what that does16:42
didrocksogra_: in case you are not aware, you can now push the removal of the "next" ppa from the iso build16:43
didrocksogra_: unity8 components are in distro16:43
ogra_didrocks, hmm, i thought they were in a while16:43
mamenyakaogra_: i'd would love to that, if I had a working ubuntu16:43
didrocksI saw slangasek making the configuration change, not sure if it's pushed though16:43
slangasekwhich which?16:43
didrocksogra_: unity-api was, not unity-notifications nor unity816:43
mamenyakanexwave-mat: let me know if it builds16:44
didrocksslangasek: removal of ubuntu-unity/next16:44
slangasekdidrocks: ah no, I didn't make the config change16:44
slangasekI leave that to ogra :)16:44
ogra_yeah, i dont see a livecd-rootfs upload16:44
didrocksI'm sure it will be a pleasure for him :)16:44
ogra_it definitely will :)16:44
didrocksogra_: enjoy it! :)16:44
* ogra_ does so :)16:45
nexwave-matGuys, can I use the phablet branch and not the new phablet-saucy to make flipped image?16:45
nexwave-matcause if I can than I have a working flipped image but without logcat in it...16:46
nexwave-matmamenyaka, even with that stuff all commented out its still trying to build it...16:49
ogra_sergiusens, cjwatson any idea when we can drop the coreapps PPA and switch click back on ? (since i'm just dropping PPAs from -meta and livecd-rootfs that question bubbled up in my head :) )16:50
MaxWallstedtogra_: I flashed my flipped image and when I reboot I'm stuck on the Samsung boot screen. I can adb into the device and it's in ubuntu-phablet16:50
mamenyakaogra_, sorry, what file should I check?16:52
ogra_MaxWallstedt, awesome !16:53
ogra_MaxWallstedt, so it looks like your container didnt start16:54
ogra_one sec, i'm just flashing another device here ... i'll get back to the SGS2 afterwards16:54
mamenyakanexwave-mat, this can't be16:55
mamenyakayou should grep for omx in device/lge/16:56
ogra_MaxWallstedt, how did you flash ? for me the tarball; wasnt completely unpacked on first try due to the fact that /data is only 2G16:57
ogra_MaxWallstedt, check if there are directories in /var/log ... thats usually a good indicator to see if the unpacking completed16:58
nexwave-matmamenyaka http://pastebin.com/d0uYvG4G16:59
MaxWallstedtogra_: This is the contents: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5937037/16:59
nexwave-matall commented16:59
ogra_MaxWallstedt, looks fine ... so it isnt that16:59
ogra_MaxWallstedt,  can i see "ps ax" ?17:00
cjwatsonogra_: It should mostly work now, but somebody needs to try installing the core apps as click packages and check whether they're actually launchable17:00
MaxWallstedtogra_, here you go: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5937040/17:01
cjwatsonogra_: Also, I'd like somebody to check that switching the core apps to click packages doesn't completely break the test infrastructure ...17:01
cjwatsonogra_: (I bet *-autopilot won't know where to find the apps when they're installed as click packages)17:01
ogra_cjwatson, yeah, thats one of my fears as well17:01
thomiThe test suites will launch apps using upstart, so I assumed that wouldn't be an issue17:02
ogra_all that utah and atopilot stuff feels anyway like we are building the roof before we have walls ... but whatever :)17:02
ogra_thomi, well, even apps that have no upstart job ?17:02
mamenyakanexwave-mat, did you do a $ make clean?17:02
thomiogra_: my understanding was that we were using upstart for *all* apps, but perhaps that's not the case.17:03
mamenyakaogra_, please, I lost the message where you wrote which file to check in recovery17:03
ogra_thomi, i havent heard of that ... i know we use it for all session bits17:03
ogra_(unity and friends ... pulse etc ... )17:03
ogra_hmm, "and friends" has to be used with care nowadays17:04
ogra_just strikes me :)17:04
ogra_i didnt mean the friends app indeed17:04
cjwatsonthomi: Which will be lovely once click apps start using upstart ;-)17:04
cjwatsonthomi: Not done yet17:04
ogra_cjwatson, ah, but thats the plan ?17:04
thomicjwatson: heh, well, neither is the autopilot side, so...17:04
cjwatsonI need to resolve some things with Ted17:04
* ogra_ is totally behind on click 17:04
ogra_mamenyaka, adb shell cat /proc/last_kmsg | pastebinit ...17:05
ogra_mamenyaka, thats what i use from my laptop in your situation :)17:05
ogra_MaxWallstedt, hmm, seems all container bits are actually running, i dont get why surfaceflinger didnt start17:06
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
ogra_MaxWallstedt, the output of /system/bin/logcat -d might be intresting17:06
nexwave-matmamenyaka, yes more than once17:07
mamenyakaogra_, I only have kmsg, no last_kmsg17:07
ogra_thats bad ... we need it17:07
nexwave-matill do it again17:07
ogra_mamenyaka, it gets lost if you make the device powerless try to get into recovery directly from the boot loop17:08
ogra_dont pull the battery or so :)17:08
sergiusenscjwatson: ogra_ we have a plan for testing in a blueprint17:10
ogra_great, plans are good17:10
sergiusenscjwatson: ogra_ the core community apps although aren't tested from utah17:11
cjwatsonRight.  But given how much people are focusing on tests, let's not rip the ground out from under them until they work.17:11
sergiusensso it's not an urgent need today17:11
sergiusenscjwatson: only apps tested in utah are the ones already in the archives17:11
mamenyakaogra_, I can't pull the battery, but to reboot into recovery I have to hold down power + vol up, when it rebooted from bootloop, I did that, still no last_kmesg17:12
sergiusensthere are dependencies in the PPA that we would need to get into the archive17:12
ogra_plars, just for the record, my freshly flashed maguro boots fine with 080117:14
plarsogra_: thanks, I'm getting rfowler to reflash the one in the lab with -b right now, we'll see if that helps. Otherwise we may have a broken phone :(17:15
ogra_mamenyaka, ok, so we need to fly blind ... inconvenient but doable ... you did have it booting into initrd and now it should find your partition, so i guess  it is init that isnt happy when we switch to the rootfs ... can you show me your kernel cmdline ?17:16
ogra_(cat /proc/cmdline)17:16
MaxWallstedtogra_: I couldn't pastebin (It was too long) so I hope this will do https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4IBqFdESCuCLTMybHhlLUEycUU/edit?usp=sharing17:18
nexwave-matfresh log after "make clean" http://pastebin.com/iQU8Ph9e17:18
ogra_MaxWallstedt, do it from the PC : adb shell /system/bin/logcat -d | pastebinit17:18
ogra_that will automatically pipe it to the pastebin17:19
ogra_(next time)17:19
mamenyakanexwave-mat, I give up17:19
mamenyakanexwave-mat, I will try to build it17:20
MaxWallstedtogra_: Ok, thanks! http://paste.ubuntu.com/5937100/17:20
ogra_heh, for some reeason chromium thinks your former one was a youtube video17:21
nexwave-matI thinking of starting from 017:21
MaxWallstedtThis one's right: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5937104/17:22
ogra_nexwave-mat, that might make sense ...17:22
nexwave-matwhat the best way to start from scratch with phablet-saucy branch?17:22
mamenyakanexwave-mat,  with repo init17:22
ogra_MaxWallstedt, ugh ... looks like a serious mali problem17:23
MaxWallstedtogra_: Did you use CyanogenMod's sources ore mine for your build?17:23
ogra_your instructions are awesome ... using CM is just effort :)17:24
mamenyakaMaxWallstedt, ogra_  libsqlite.so is missing, isn't that the problem?17:24
ogra_mamenyaka, yeah, looks like17:25
ogra_i wonder why17:25
ogra_i'm using the same branches with a build from monday17:25
ogra_and for me everything is fine17:26
ogra_MaxWallstedt, did you have any errors at buildtime ?17:26
MaxWallstedtogra_: I don't think so, would it continue building if there was?17:27
nexwave-matI dont use phablet-dev-bootstrap?17:27
mamenyakanexwave-mat, don't use17:28
nexwave-matwhat the exact command I should use to sync phablet-saucy from scratch?17:28
ogra_MaxWallstedt, dunno, it definitely shouldnt ...17:28
mamenyakanexwave-mat, repo init -u http://phablet.ubuntu.com/gitweb -b phablet-saucy, but correct me if i'm wrong17:29
janimorsalveti, ogra_ w-flo changing sensorservice to class main instead of late_start allows unity to start17:30
rsalvetijanimo: yeah, changes the race17:30
rsalvetisomething is trying to access the sensor service right after the container is started17:30
ogra_janimo, hmm, is that in the plain init.rc or in the device specific one17:30
MaxWallstedtShould CyanogenMod/android_external_sqlite.git be in the manifest?17:31
ogra_in the plain toplevel one it wouldnt be an issue to change it17:31
rsalvetiwe moved to late_start because we had a different issue with mako17:31
rsalvetiwe really need to fix this upstart race thing asap17:32
ogra_rsalveti, ^^^ should external_sqlite be in the manifest ?17:32
mterryracarr, ppa:mir-team/system-compositor-testing seems kind of out of date.  Is it still the recommended way to get Mir on the desktop?17:32
janimoogra_, in the main init.rc17:32
rsalvetiafaik we removed sqlite from phablet-saucy17:33
ogra_janimo, well, that should be easy to patch then17:33
ogra_rsalveti, hmm17:33
ogra_rsalveti, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5937104/17:33
ogra_have a look at that one17:33
rsalvetihm, which device is this?17:33
ogra_rsalveti, i'm using the exact same brach for my SGS2 ... built on monday using it without issues atm17:34
rsalvetiand we shouldn't need libandroid_runtime.so17:34
rsalvetioh, that's mali17:34
janimoogra_, so you switched to saucy and it no longer works?17:34
ogra_janimo, not me, MaxWallstedt17:34
rsalvetiogra_: but then how did you get that to work?17:34
rsalvetimaybe you were using an older build17:34
ogra_i'm using his branch to build my SGS2 image17:34
ogra_for me it works, for him it doesnt17:35
rsalvetiwhich branch?17:35
rsalvetiyeah, but maybe you did the build before we removed sqlite17:35
ogra_phablet-saucy plus the SGS2 stuff17:35
ogra_i built it on monday17:35
rsalvetican you check if you have that library in your system image?17:35
janimoogra_, before the pvrsrvkm and the rest of udev rules  I also had similar errors (EGL related, tracebacks,)17:35
ogra_root@ubuntu-phablet:/# find /system -name *sqlite*17:36
ogra_root@ubuntu-phablet:/# find /system -name *sqlite*17:36
ogra_silly irc17:36
rsalvetiE/linker  (11576): linker.c:1918| ERROR:     0 could not load needed library 'libandroid_runtime.so' for 'libEGL_mali.so' (link_image[1918]:     0 could not load needed library 'libsqlite.so' for 'libandroid_runtime.so' (load_library[1095]: Library 'libsqlite.so' not found))17:36
mamenyakaogra_, rsalveti why isn't hardware/qcom/media-caf included in manifest?17:37
ogra_root@ubuntu-phablet:/# find /system -name *sqlite*17:37
rsalvetiE/linker  (11576): linker.c:1918| ERROR:     0 could not load needed library 'libsqlite.so' for 'libandroid_runtime.so' (load_library[1095]: Library 'libsqlite.so' not found)17:37
rsalvetiogra_: right17:37
rsalvetiogra_: were you using the phablet-saucy branch17:37
ogra_needed to escape the slashes forst, sorry17:37
nexwave-matI used this, repo init -b phablet-saucy -u git://phablet.ubuntu.com/CyanogenMod/android.git it worked better17:37
rsalvetimamenyaka: I believe that would depend on the hardware17:37
sergiusensmamenyaka: does it need to be for regular builds?17:37
ogra_rsalveti, yes, you told me how to switch iirc17:37
ogra_or janimo17:37
sergiusensmamenyaka: breakfast should bring it in17:37
nexwave-matresyncing now see you in a bit17:37
rsalvetiogra_: well, the lib is there =\17:37
sergiusensshould be a cm.dependency17:37
ogra_rsalveti, right17:37
rsalvetiogra_: let me add sqlite back then17:37
rsalvetixnox: ^^ we need to sync later17:38
rsalvetibut I'm still updating the phablet-saucy branch17:38
mamenyakasergiusens, it isn;t in the dependencies17:38
ogra_well, can we get rid of libandroid_runtime ?17:38
rsalvetiogra_: no, mali depends on it17:38
rsalvetiogra_: in your case17:38
ogra_ah, crap17:39
rsalvetiwhich is wrong17:39
rsalvetibut, samsung crap17:39
ogra_well, there will probably be more mali devices like that17:39
sergiusensmamenyaka: just add it in17:39
ogra_and we shouldnt exclude samsung17:39
rsalvetiyeah, ideal would be to have a stub lib17:39
mamenyakasergiusens, of course I did17:39
mamenyakasergiusens, just askin17:39
rsalvetiogra_: but at least during runtime it worked for you it seems17:39
sergiusensmamenyaka: probably device specific17:39
rsalvetiso I believe it's just linking wrongly17:39
ogra_even though i would like to have the world rather buy UbuntuEdges :) people buy that samsung stuff all the time :)17:40
sergiusensmamenyaka: we try and keep the default repo's to a minimum17:40
ogra_|(including me)17:40
rsalvetisure, we need to support it :-)17:40
rsalvetijust saying it's more unexpected crap :-)17:40
ogra_well, one day there will be more ubuntu edge devices than samsung ones ... :)17:40
ogra_world domination and the like ... y'know :)17:41
rsalvetior samsung edge devices17:41
rsalvetigalaxy edge17:41
rsalvetiwould be awesome17:41
bregmayayy, the power came back on again17:41
ogra_the metapackage update always grinds my chromebook to a halt17:42
ogra_and indeed i was premature ... unity8 wasnt promoted eyt17:42
ogra_dch warning: no orig tarball found for the new version.17:43
ogra_Removed unity8 from touch [armhf i386]17:43
mamenyakaogra_, so what we do about cmdline?17:43
ogra_mamenyaka, oh, did you paste it already ?17:43
Joe_BIs there any difference between the 2013 nexus 7 and the old one as far as flashing is concerned?  Also, if one connects a mouse & keyboard to a nexus 7 or 10 is it possible to use a normal desktop interface?17:43
mamenyakalike a year ago17:43
ogra_sorry, missed that17:43
fooxhi everyone ! i have one stupid question. I've been using ubuntu touch on a nexus 4 for a few weeks now and the only important thing that would push me to use it as an everyday phone would be 3g support. does anybody hve a clue about when it'll be available ?17:43
mamenyakaogra_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5937091/17:43
rsalvetiogra_: added sqlite back17:43
rsalvetirepo sync should get everything17:44
ogra_MaxWallstedt, ^^^17:44
MaxWallstedtogra_: How should I regain the recovery?17:45
ogra_mamenyaka, ok, so one thing we should try is to get console=tty1 appended ... another thing might be that your kernel config needs CONFIG_VT set17:45
mamenyakaI will try the kernel config first17:45
ogra_MaxWallstedt, heimdall ... use a kernel with the cmdline forcing disabled17:45
ogra_rsalveti, doesnt look good for sao paolo again :(17:46
rsalvetiogra_: yeah, just saw that17:46
rsalvetiwe need better players17:47
rsalvetibut hard when europe is paying in hundreds mi17:47
ogra_well they were pretty awesome in tehir defense against bayern17:47
rsalvetiyeah, was a good game overall17:47
mamenyakaogra_, I already have CONFIG_VT=y17:48
ogra_mamenyaka, hmm, other console options then, HW_CONSOLE ?17:48
mamenyakayes, set to =y17:48
xnoxrsalveti: ogra_ : ok, adding sqlite back in.17:49
ogra_last resort would be to set FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE to M17:49
xnoxrsalveti: ogra_: i am afk, but will do an upload later.17:49
ogra_xnox, k17:50
rsalvetixnox: ok17:50
mamenyakaogra_, ok, will try17:51
Joe_B@foox, I believe it's working but requires command line activation, try adding nmcli as a search term.17:54
Joe_Btry starting here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=4217065817:55
ogra_Joe_B, i think he dropped off already17:57
mamenyakaogra_, do I need to replace initrd.img again?17:58
ogra_manyou can use abootimg to replace zImage ;)17:58
Joe_B@ogra_ thanks, but maybe that info should be easier to find?17:58
ogra_mamenyaka, ^^^17:58
Joe_BI think the first couple google results I got were unanswered askubuntu questions.17:59
ogra_Joe_B, it definitely should, though 3G should actually work nowadays (there are bugs that awe is just fixing though)17:59
morphisawe: maybe worth a look for you: https://github.com/webOS-ports/ofono/commit/a059b470b47b2375aa94faed5c1a58e96a6567e217:59
mamenyakaogra_, that's great!17:59
mamenyakaogra_, but didn't the ubuntu-touch-generic-initrd ge updated?18:00
rsalvetimorphis: yeah, I think that this is something awe was planning on doing as well18:01
ogra_if it did it should be the right one by now18:01
ogra_mamenyaka, the fix you used before is in the archive now18:01
ogra_(where the package is pulled from during build)18:01
awemorphis, sweet!18:01
mamenyakaogra_, I saw it was downloading ubuntu-touch-generic-initrd-0.1718:01
ogra_yeah, then it is right18:02
awemorphis, I've been heads down fixing bugs in gprs, related to roaming, NM, ...18:02
morphisawe: saw that :)18:02
awemorphis, also have a bunch of work next week to get mms working18:02
morphisawe: I talked with holtman long about the mbpi issue and this was a result of it18:03
awemorphis, currently working on moving out ofono code into the archive, so we don't have to pull from the ppa18:03
morphisnever had the time to submit it upstream18:03
morphisawe: yeah18:03
ogra_one cant talk short with holtman :)18:03
awemorphis, ok... this is really great stuff18:03
awemorphis, also not sure if you saw our re-working of gprs-context to add unit tests18:04
rsalvetitime for some late lunch18:04
aweI'd like to apply that to all of the rilmodem code, but first things first18:04
morphisawe: not in detail, I am currently loaded with so much work that I only read the headlines18:04
rsalvetimorphis: I guess I know the feeling :-)18:04
morphisrsalveti: hehe18:04
rsalvetiwant to find time to upstream the rest of the hybris stuff, but it's hard18:05
rsalvetievery time something critical pops up18:05
awemorphis, did you include the apns.xml file in your code?18:05
morphisawe: no, it should be part of any android image18:05
* rsalveti lunch18:05
morphisso hopefully part of the phablet image as well18:05
aweok, just checking.  ;)-18:05
awemorphis, have you done any work with mmsd yet?18:06
morphisawe: not really18:06
morphisjust looked through the code18:06
aweok, there's definitely some work to do18:06
ogra_just tell people to use email :P18:07
mamenyakaogra_, yey, bootloop again18:07
awea couple of things... our code currently only supports a single active data context, so that will need to change18:07
ogra_mamenyaka, hmm, did you check, i think there is an option for the last_kmsg stuff in the kernel18:07
awealso ofono mucks around with the ip config of mms contexts18:07
aweso we need to teach it not to do that for mms contexts18:07
ogra_mamenyaka, might make sense to make sure thats enabled18:08
aweand finally, I'm not sure whether ofono truly supports a single context that supports multiple uses18:08
aweie. a single data context that supports ussd, internet & mms18:08
awebut that's a task for next week18:08
mamenyakaogra_, no such thing18:08
aweJoe_B, you shouldn't have to activate the NM connection manually anymore. It should just work, however as ogra_ said, we're working out some bugs in the NM code18:09
morphisawe: at last the API doesn't allow this18:09
morphisproperty Type of org.ofono.ConnectionContext can be only one of the defined types18:10
awemorphis, it will have to.  ;)-18:10
* awe looks forward to some more ofono hacking18:10
morphisAPI breakage, yeah!18:10
awemorphis, not as bad as dual SIM support18:10
awe( or CDMA support )18:10
Joe_Bawe, is there a nice gui to connect/disconnect at the moment?18:10
awefor mobile data?18:11
morphisawe: maybe we have to expose virtual contexts to be compliant with ofono's needs18:11
awethere's a toggle switch in the network indicator to enable/disable18:11
aweJoe_B, but that's about it18:11
mamenyakaogra_, how should I enable it?18:11
aweit relies on the provisioning working though18:11
aweJoe_B, so when the phone boots, it reads your operator from the SIM18:12
aweand then looks it up in the mbpi db18:12
aweand then if matches are found, creates them in /var/lib/ofono/<IMSI>/gprs18:12
ogra_mamenyaka,  the option should be SEC_LOG_LAST_KMSG18:13
aweright now, if it finds multiple APNs for your operator, it creates contexts for all of them18:13
aweI have a patch which causes it to only create a context for the first18:13
awethe real fix however is to use Android's APN db18:13
awewhich morphis has apparently worked out18:14
aweI will work on getting this into our images next week18:14
awemorphis, as mentioned this is on my plate for next week, so will be doing some heavy thinking about it then18:14
morphisawe: ok18:15
awemorphis, I'll ping you once I've actually gotten a chance to play around with the code a bit more18:15
morphisif I will find some time anywhere soon I will submit this one upstream anyway as alternative to mbpi18:15
morphisawe: ok18:15
awemorphis, are you working on CDMA?18:15
aweit's a big feature request, but not on our short-term priority list18:16
morphisawe: no :18:16
awegetting GSM solid, and LTE are more important18:16
ogra_mamenyaka, the only other idea i have is to randomly start enabling console and tty options until it works18:16
awemorphis, any idea if the Jolla guys are?18:16
morphisawe: let me ask18:17
morphisStskeeps: ^^18:17
Stskeepsnot to my knowledge18:17
aweStskeeps, are you a Jolla developer?18:17
Stskeeps<- chief research engineer, but no, not doing ofono coding18:18
mhall119awe: Jolla guys are probably in #sailfishos18:18
Stskeepslibhybris etc, sure18:18
aweStskeeps, ah ok18:18
ogra_Stskeeps, what kind of chiefs do you resaerch in your job ?18:19
awemorphis, perhaps next week we could try and find some time to do a three-way discussion about rilmodem & remaining work to be done18:19
=== jhodapp|lunch is now known as jhodapp
mhall119ogra_: you misunderstand, he engineers research into chiefs18:19
ogra_aaah !18:19
* awe head spins18:20
Stskeepsawe: we're probably also interested in discussing - all this ought to end up in upstream18:20
Tassadar_so that's how you become Master Cheif!18:20
aweStskeeps, agreed18:20
Stskeepsrilmodem is a solid piece of work, can impact a lot around the open source ecosystem18:20
aweStskeeps, thanks...18:20
morphisawe: ok, just propose a time for the discussion :)18:20
aweit's definitely a goal to upstream it18:20
awefirst I have to get it working with the stock ofono18:21
awemorphis, where are you based?18:21
* ogra_ points north18:22
awemaybe next tue?  4 UTC?18:22
morphisawe: germany18:22
morphisawe: let me take a look into my calendar18:22
morphisawe: 17:00 UTC would be better for me18:23
Stskeepspersonally i would motivate a joint rilmodem git tree somewhere, all this git(upstream)->bzr(ofono)->git(jolla/webos/etc) stuff is making things a bit funny18:24
mamenyakaogra_, no last_kmesg18:24
aweStskeeps, that's definitely a topic we could discuss...18:25
Stskeepsas 'our' guys are doing a lot of work you're probably interested in and reverse18:25
aweStskeeps, I'm actually working on creating a patch against ofono, with the goal of starting the upstream conversation18:25
Stskeeps:nod: sounds good18:25
Stskeepsideally we'd all work upstream18:26
aweright now, our bzr tree has a bunch of Makefile changes that they wouldn't accept18:26
ogra_mamenyaka, you did already set console=tty1 ?18:26
mamenyakanot yet18:26
aweespecially wrt to udev, and they modem initialization code18:26
ogra_(as last cmdline arg)18:26
ogra_try that then18:26
awewe're working on fixing that as part of this effort.18:26
awethe stock ofono uses a udev plugin to activate modems18:27
Stskeepswhich is a tad different with ril18:27
mamenyakaogra_, what should I edit?18:27
awewhereas as we're going to use an upstart android bridge to detect rild via exported android props18:27
ogra_mamenyaka, well, check the boot.img if it carries a cmdline (abootimg -i )18:27
mamenyakaogra_, this: CONFIG_CMDLINE="console=ttySAC2,115200" ?18:27
ogra_putting it in the kernel is a last resort18:28
ogra_fi you are lucky to have a normal bootimg you should be able to set it there18:28
Stskeepsawe: i might remember wrong from my n900 days but wasn't it possible to activate modems through configuration? i mean, phonesim?18:29
aweStskeeps, could you check with your ofono guys and see if an irc meeting next week would work ( or put them in touch with me via email? )18:29
mamenyakaogra_, boot.img has * cmdline = console=ttySAC2,11520018:29
aweStskeeps, phonesim is for testing18:29
Stskeepsawe: i'll have a chat with them, should be possible18:29
ogra_mamenyaka, awesome18:29
Stskeepsawe: sure, but in terms of modem activation :)18:29
aweStskeeps, ok.  fyi, I'm off tomorrow18:29
Stskeepsalright - what was your mail?18:30
ogra_mamenyaka, abootimg -u /path/to/bootimg -u "cmdline=console=tty1"18:30
ogra_mamenyaka, then check again with -i18:30
aweStskeeps, re: activation... we want it to be done at runtime as much as possible18:30
awecurrently we have hard-coded parameters in our ofono upstart job18:31
aweso we're going to try and make that a more dynamic job, by detecting rild props, and then launching ofono in a mode where rilmodem is activated18:31
mamenyakaogra_, yes, it works, only with -c, not -u18:32
awevs. the normal desktop mode where the udev plugin runs18:32
mamenyakaogra_, * cmdline = console=tty118:32
ogra_now try with that18:32
ogra_and keep it there ... even if you move on to kernel config changes etc18:32
ogra_if that doesnt work, i'm out of ideas ... but i would start wildly trying out different console options until it works18:33
ogra_(console kernel config options that is ... and VT and tty settings in the kernel config ... even with fbcon etc)18:34
mamenyakaogra_, no luck18:35
ogra_if you find a working one, roll back until you can nail it down to one option18:35
ogra_mamenyaka, just a question, you have an ubuntu flipped rootfs on your USERDATA partition already, right ?18:36
mamenyakaogra_, yes18:36
ogra_(i.e. you flashed the armhf zip)18:36
ogra_well, then all you can do lacking logs is randomly poking at kernel options i fear18:37
mamenyakaogra_, that would be funny  if I had something else18:37
ogra_well, the only thing i cant cover with adb is a crashing init ... which results in the reboot loops ... all other errors are catched in the initrd and adn is started18:38
ogra_so it is pretty clearly init crashing ... just wanted to make sure it isnt crashing just because it isnt there :)18:38
mamenyakaso what should I try to poke the kernel with?18:39
ogra_console device options, graphics options ...18:40
mamenyakaogra_, can it be that for the unflipped image I had the font render issue and reverted back to an older mali?18:46
ogra_mamenyaka, no, mali isnt involved at that point, unless you also patched the kernel in other places than mali code18:47
mamenyakaogra_, no18:47
mamenyakaogra_, I found this in a BoardConfig.mk file: BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE := "console=ttySAC2,115200" - can I edit here?18:48
nexwave-matok, so I'm back with a clean phablet-saucy repo, http://pastebin.com/iQU8Ph9e18:48
ogra_mamenyaka, yeahm that might work, it will likely set it the same way in bboot.img you just did18:48
w-flomamenyaka, sorry, I don't know what you and ogra_ have tried so far.. is CONFIG_VT and CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE enabled in your kernel config? That was causing boot loops for me18:49
mamenyakaw-flo, yes, they are18:49
ogra_yeah, he tried that first18:49
w-flomamenyaka, I thought so :)18:49
mfischstgraber: how are you copying files out of /home before the mount? I added some links and files in ~phablet and they don't show up now18:49
ogra_w-flo, not having any logs doesnt help either :)18:50
* mfisch forgot stgraber is off today, will email18:50
mamenyakaw-flo, wait a minute,  CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE isn't set18:50
w-floogra_, I agree :)18:50
ogra_mamenyaka, !18:50
w-flomamenyaka, not sure if that will help. I enabled both, VT_CONSOLE and VT at the same time, and then it started working18:51
* ogra_ needs to go afk for a while ...18:51
w-flobut you should certainly try it! :)18:51
w-flofrom reading the VT_CONSOLE help text it sounds important18:52
nexwave-matlog of 2nd brunch without make clean, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5937381/18:52
mamenyakanexwave-mat, yep, something with obj/lib/libnv.so18:53
mamenyakanexwave-mat, same file, disable PRODUCT_PACKAGES += \    hwaddrs18:55
balloonskenvandine, can you review my merge? I finished elopio's branch and added the 3 suggested autopilot tests. https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/dropping-letters/finish_elopio_branch/+merge/17814719:03
mamenyakaw-flo, ogra_ still not working, bootloop19:06
w-flomamenyaka, :(19:07
kenvandineballoons, sure19:07
w-flomamenyaka, that took me a few hours as well. I compared my kernel config with the mako kernel config and tried to spot the differences that seemed important...19:07
mamenyakathere should be similar devices, which may have last_kmsg19:08
mamenyakaw-flo, only if I knew all of this kernel stuff19:08
w-floyeah, I know next to nothing about all that stuff. At least I know what an initramfs is now.. :D19:09
w-floit's learning by doing for me19:09
ali1234ok i am definitely using saucy now. same problem: No rule to make target `/home/al/Source/ubuntu-touch/phablet/out/target/product/galaxysmtd/android-boot.img'19:10
ali1234except now it's android instead of ubuntu19:10
mamenyakaali1234, great job!19:11
ali1234i am no better off than when i started really19:12
mamenyakaali1234, please edit boot.img in that file I mentioned to android-boot.img19:12
ali1234in shbootimg.mk?19:12
mamenyakaogra_, on my other device, pollux_windy, I have BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE  := console=ttyHSL0,115200,n8 androidboot.hardware=qcom user_debug=31 msm_rtb.filter=0x3F ehci-hcd.park=3 maxcpus=219:12
mamenyakaand it just works19:13
mamenyakaali1234, yes19:14
ali1234well it's building19:14
mamenyakanexwave-mat, how's the build?19:15
nexwave-matmamenyaka, http://pastebin.com/iQU8Ph9e after make clean19:15
nexwave-matand comment out19:15
mamenyakanexwave-mat, just keep disabling things from that file until it builds, now you need to disable audio.primary.iprj19:18
w-flomamenyaka, can you tell me what's in the /etc/fstab file on your working device after booting?19:19
w-floI can't figure out what's wrong with my fstab :|19:19
w-flomost importantly the /data mount19:20
mamenyakaI have no fstab in /etc19:20
w-flooh.. so it's not using the flipped container model yet? (Or is something completely wrong with my image :o)19:21
mamenyakaw-flo, it's on flipped19:21
w-flomamenyaka, hm! there's an /etc/fstab file in the ubuntu rootfs.. I wonder why you don't have that?19:22
mamenyakaw-flo, # added by lxc-android-boot for /data19:26
w-flomamenyaka, many thanks :) *compares to his file*19:26
w-flohm, looks the same.. and it works? so there are files in /data ? I keep on getting "mount: according to mtab, /dev/mmcblk0p26 is mounted on /"19:27
mamenyakaw-flo, I thought you were talking about the root /etc19:27
w-flooh.. wait19:28
w-floso maybe I got that wrong. Isn't that the root /etc?19:28
mamenyakano, it's from /data/ubuntu/etc19:28
w-floohhh. damnit. my device seems to be totally screwed up then :D19:29
ali1234well it looks like it built... but... ERROR: boot size (10670080) is 135.68% of limit (7864320)19:29
mamenyakaw-flo, when I adb shell into my device, I am automatically at /data/ubuntu/, just seen as if I am at /19:29
mamenyakaali1234, well that's not good19:30
w-flomamenyaka, that sounds like it works correct for you, and it's bugged for me. hm.19:30
MaxWallstedtogra_, It now booted into unity, but when I rebooted it just enters a black screen and I can't reach it with adb.19:30
w-floali1234, I had the same problem. You could remove adbd and libcrypto.so from the initrd or try to trim down your kernel's size19:31
w-flowithout adbd in the initrd, debugging is pretty difficult, but maybe there's no need to debug (if you're lucky and your data partition has a common label)19:31
mamenyakaogra_, just one last thing, at what point should the wifi module be loaded?19:31
mamenyakalogcat: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5937533 around line 1957, Camera App not working, can someone have a look at this?19:37
w-flomamenyaka,  maybe the probglem is in line 2125 / 2126?19:41
mamenyakaw-flo, yep19:41
mamenyakabut I think also PAL_BroadcastEvent_Send: couldn't find activity service.19:42
w-flomaybe you can use strace to find out which files don't exist but should exist.. just an idea :)19:43
mamenyakaw-flo, strace?19:43
w-floit tells you about some of the things a process does19:44
w-floapt-get install strace , then start strace -p *PID* .. IIRC19:44
mamenyakavery well then19:45
mhall119Saviq: tedg: do we have any automated testing on the HUD for Ubuntu Touch?19:49
mamenyakaw-flo, OMG, it just started working19:50
mhall119I have HUD actions available again, but always for the webbrowser app, regardless of which app is actually focused19:50
w-flomamenyaka, wow! how did you make it work?19:50
tedgmhall119, I have heard that, kinda waiting for the port to the new application manager to work on it.19:50
mamenyakaI just pressed it19:50
tedgmhall119, Guessing it could be a platform API issue.19:51
w-flomamenyaka, haha .. nice :)19:51
tedgmhall119, Since the HUD hasn't changed really.19:51
mhall119tedg: ah, you think it's not being notified that the focused app has changed?19:51
sergiusensmamenyaka: \o/19:52
tedgmhall119, That'd be my guess, but really all that code is EOL right now.19:52
mhall119so....when do we get Mir in the Touch images?19:52
* tedg keeps asking but gets uncertain answers19:52
mhall119I assume kgunn is sprinting this week19:54
mhall119tedg: are you?19:54
tedgmhall119, Nope, I'm not important enough :-)19:54
mhall119you're important enough to me, I'd totally have made you travel :)19:55
tedgI think we need more face-to-face meetings actually.  Those are best for solving integration issues, and most of the issues we have right now are integration ones.19:56
mamenyakasergiusens, I doesn't always work, If I launch dropping letters, then launch Camera, close Dropping letters, wait a minute, THEN it works19:57
sergiusensmamenyaka: that's strange...19:58
sergiusensmamenyaka: there's a test-camera (or with _) in your path, try that19:59
mamenyakasergiusens, If I simply open Camera, it's just blank white19:59
mamenyakasergiusens, what should I see?20:00
sergiusensmamenyaka: if it works, the camera...20:00
mamenyakaafter some time it failed20:00
sergiusensmamenyaka: look at logcat20:00
mamenyakasergiusens, I have the test_camera output first: http://paste.ubuntu.com/593760120:01
sergiusensmamenyaka: might just be a problem with the test app...20:02
mamenyakasergiusens, F/        (13894): const VALUE& android::KeyedVector<KEY, VALUE>::valueFor(const KEY&) const [with KEY = android::String8; VALUE = EffectMode]: key not found20:02
mamenyakaW/CameraService(13876): Disconnecting camera client 0x415f2cb0 since the binder for it died (this pid 618)20:02
mamenyakaI/CameraClient(13876): Destroying camera 120:02
mamenyakasergiusens, just a quick side thing: how can I test sound?20:03
plarsmhall119: who's the best person to ask about the calculator-app tests?20:04
sergiusensmamenyaka: I was going to tell you to just playback a video but thats' not working for me...20:06
mamenyakawhat video should I try?20:07
sergiusensmamenyaka: in the video lens, the first three videos work20:07
mamenyakasergiusens, I'm notsure if I know the video lens20:09
mamenyakais that with all the movies?20:09
sergiusensmamenyaka: yes20:09
sergiusensmamenyaka: the first one is the sintel video20:10
mamenyakaand which one should I try and how should I play it?20:10
mhall119plars: ask balloons about tests, he can redirect you from there20:10
sergiusensplars: I hope you are not adding community core app tests depending on debian packaging20:11
balloonsplars, they should be all merged, however popey has a open bug that they are all failing on the device itself20:11
plarssergiusens: that's exactly what I was asked to do, why?20:11
plarsballoons: you don't say :)20:11
plarsballoons: I'm glad it's not just me20:12
sergiusensplars: that conflicts with using the click packages...20:12
popeyi have a few bugs ☻20:12
balloonsplars, :-) apparently popey has found that many are not working on the devices, despite running fine on desktop and emulated enviroment20:12
plarssergiusens: all the app tests we're adding right now depend on debian packaging20:12
* popey coughs up the first four of https://bugs.launchpad.net/~popey/+bugs?orderby=-id&start=0 for plars 20:12
plarssergiusens: but I'm sure that will all have to change later20:12
sergiusensplars: for the core community apps, it's like starting Monday20:13
plarssergiusens: but for other stuff (phone, unity8, etc...) should all work ok?20:13
sergiusensplars: there's a mandate to remove all PPAs by tomorrow from the default image (don't ask)20:13
plarswith deb packages?20:13
mhall119by tomorrow?20:13
sergiusensplars: yeah, that will need to be adapted for later on, but for now it's staying20:14
sergiusensmhall119: so I've been told, management decission at the sprint..20:14
plarssergiusens: we could still add PPAs for now though right?20:14
plarssergiusens: ex. for installing utah20:15
sergiusensplars: you can add them, they just won't be default in image build20:15
plarssergiusens: ok20:15
plarssergiusens: ok, so in either case, I don't think I can add these community app tests just yet20:15
mamenyakasergiusens, what about this error when I try to install something through apt-get: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5937633/20:16
sergiusensmamenyaka: that's ogra_ ... but it shouldn't break you20:16
mamenyakaogra_, ^^20:17
ali1234the kernel alone is bigger than what it claims is the maximum boot size...20:17
mamenyakasergiusens, can you help me with wifi module?20:18
plarssergiusens: even the sdk stuff seems to be in ppas though?20:20
plarsubuntu-ui-toolkit-examples and ubuntu-html5-theme for example20:20
sergiusensplars: hmmm, which one? The one we pull in is in the archives20:21
sergiusensplars: called qtdeclarative5-.*-ubuntu or something like that20:21
plarssergiusens: I'm just looking at package names from the dependencies contained in the autopilot tests20:21
plarssergiusens: the 2 I pasted there claim to be coming from a ppa according to apt-cache-policy20:22
sergiusensplars: which tests?20:22
plarssergiusens: basically I've been asked to add *-autopilot to our daily runs20:22
plarssergiusens: I'm ripping through the list, and making 0 progress so far20:23
sergiusensplars: I wonder how we are set these conflicting agendas20:24
gemaplars: what is the problem, the tests are failing?20:33
gemaplars: our job is to make them run and fail20:36
gemaplars: someone else will fix them20:36
plarsgema: well, that's one problem, the other is that ppas are going away, like right away20:36
plarsgema: so they won't even be installable, nor will the apps they test20:37
gemaplars: they are moving to what, click packages?20:37
plarsgema: yes20:37
gemaplars: don't we have a way to install click packages?20:37
gemasergiusens: ^ ?20:37
plarsgema: there's a way to install click packages I think, not sure they are available there yet or even how to do it20:38
sergiusensgema: click packages don't include the autopilot tests20:38
gemaplars: do you have that problem with any of the autopilot tests we have right now successfully running?20:38
mfischsergiusens: do you happen to know when the system-image-updater image is unpacked? Meaning when is home copied into the r/w partition. (none of the guys who worked on it are around)20:38
sergiusensplars: we haev a hook in the build20:38
plarsgema: yes, they are inconsistent, we get failures every day20:38
gemasergiusens: those tests wre supposed to be packaged along with the click packages20:38
plarsgema: but rerunning sometimes sees them pass20:38
sergiusensgema: really?20:38
gemaplars: we should stop rerunning until they pass20:39
gemaplars: so that devs see the issues20:39
mamenyakasergiusens, will we have another chat day like today anytime soon?20:39
gemasergiusens: yes20:39
gemasergiusens: who is responsible for this change?20:39
sergiusensmamenyaka: I guess so, we just need to have dholbach set one up20:39
gemasergiusens: lool ?20:39
sergiusensgema: I am20:39
gemasergiusens: who asked you to do it?20:39
plarsgema: sometimes we have to rerun them for other reasons (ex. new build)20:39
gemasergiusens: and gave you the requirement20:39
sergiusensgema: during the click standups on wednesdays20:40
gemaplars: other reasons is fine, tests failing .. not fine20:40
sergiusensgema: where is the requirement to include them?20:40
gemasergiusens: you cannot do this change without taking testing into account20:40
plarsgema: right, that's not what I was suggesting20:40
gemasergiusens: this was discussed in our meeting last week20:40
sergiusensgema: not in this way...20:40
gemasergiusens: please check with lool, it is not acceptable to leave these apps without tests20:40
gemasergiusens: and no plan for that20:40
sergiusensgema: and the click packages took place a month ago20:40
sergiusensgema: well they never were there in the first place20:41
gemasergiusens: you are telling me that we have no way to run teh tests for these apps and that didn't raise a red flag to anyone?20:41
mamenyakaall: I will be going now, it was an honor talking to you guys, thank you for all the help!20:41
sergiusensgema: we do20:41
gemasergiusens: who is responsible for making this happen?20:41
w-flobye mamenyaka :)20:41
sergiusensgema: branch source, push tests, run them20:41
gemasergiusens: did someone push you to do this today?20:42
sergiusensgema: that's what we agreed on during the qa meeting20:42
sergiusensgema: no20:42
sergiusensno one pushed me20:42
gemasergiusens: we agreed that we would land the testing along with the packages, I thought20:42
gemasergiusens: ok, then the frequency of our meeting is clearly not sufficient20:43
gemaplars: are you in the click standup?20:43
gemaplars: one of us should20:43
sergiusensgema: that's not in the notes summary https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/qa-s-image-based-updates20:44
nexwave-matmamenyaka, how do you know what to look for?20:44
plarsgema: no20:44
gemasergiusens: there are no details of click packages in those notes and we discussed them20:45
gemasergiusens: we are not ready for this and it is landing before we have had the chance to test it, as far as I can tell20:45
sergiusensgema: only thing we discussed was upstream merger and this item: Need to adapt autopilot tests to launch Click apps rather than directly running binaries20:46
sergiusensgema: it already landed 2 weeks ago, was pulled for the demo this week20:46
gemasergiusens: right, and we also need to be able to run autopilot tests for smoke testing20:46
sergiusensgema: which is fine20:47
gemasergiusens: I am not blaming you, things are moving quick, just saying we need to improve at communication20:47
gemasergiusens: is it?20:47
sergiusensgema: autopilot, yes, should be able to run20:47
gemasergiusens: the recommended way is to install tests from a branch that may or may not be in sync with the package20:47
sergiusensgema: as I was going to add it in the image by default20:47
gemaand run them20:47
gemasergiusens: there is no way to reproduce such a run20:47
gemawhen there are problems20:47
gemasergiusens: it is not an acceptable way of testing, we are not running those tests from a branch like that20:48
sergiusensgema: ok, I can add the tests into the click builds, doesn't seem clean20:48
gemasergiusens: we will have to figure out another way and hold the landing of our testing20:48
gemasergiusens: ok, so what would be a clena way?20:48
sergiusensgema: so 2 things, we have to remove the PPAs Monday... community core apps are not in the archives, so either they are click or they are gone20:49
plarssergiusens: is there a way to make a click package for just the tests, with a dependency on the click package with the app?20:49
sergiusensplars: click packages don't have dependencies20:49
gemaplars: what he said20:49
gemaplars: they are "static apps"20:49
sergiusensI'll include them in the package then20:50
plarsgema: so can we just make sure that we install both? Doesn't seem that gets us any closer to making sure they are in sync though20:50
gemasergiusens: for the time being20:50
gemasergiusens: but we need to figure out a better way20:50
gemaplars: at least we have two versioned packages that we can download and use and keep track of20:51
gemaplars: but I agree it'll be messy20:51
gemaplars: if sergiusens can put the tests in the packages for now it'll buy us some time to figure out a better way to do it20:51
plarsgema: so then should I add these failing tests now, and then repeat all this next week?20:52
sergiusensgema: plars they still won't be in the PYTHONPATH so you'll have to hunt them20:52
plarssergiusens: will they at least be somewhere predictable?20:52
gemaplars: we are going to have to change everything anyway, the point of having the tests there is to give devs a chance to fix them now20:52
gemabefore next week :)20:53
gemaand for that they need results20:53
gemaso effort is not wasted on our side nor on sergiusens , imo20:53
gemabecase it enables people to fix problems20:53
sergiusensplars: if it's system install it will be in the read only location ... the desktop file is the best resource to find where it's installed20:53
gemasergiusens: you are putting this click packages still in our r/w build, right?20:54
sergiusensgema: it's disabled for now, but yes... there's a hook that installs them20:54
plarssergiusens, gema: I think we'll just have to investigate how to do it with the click packages once we have it, but it sounds like there will be some work involved there20:54
gemaplars: agreed20:54
rsalvetisergiusens: yeah, later on we might want to move the tests from the package itself20:55
gemaI think we should include the tests for now and then figure out a way to keep them in sync20:55
gemaI will bounce some ideas with slangasek tomorrow20:55
rsalvetiwe could just have the source to produce 2 packages and have the 'dependencies' via our seeds20:55
sergiusensrsalveti: I know, I don't want it there20:55
plarsgema: some aren't even installable it seems20:55
gemasee what he thinks20:55
rsalvetihaving some sort of testing seeds20:55
sergiusensrsalveti: click packages don't have dependencies...20:55
gemaplars: then those will fail20:55
gemaand someone will fix them20:55
rsalvetisergiusens: yeah, that's why I said about changing the seeds instead20:55
sergiusensrsalveti: and we can't produce two packages without hackery20:56
rsalvetiand forcing the dependencies there20:56
plars ubuntu-clock-autopilot : Depends: ubuntu-clock-app (= 0.3bzr88saucy0) but 0.5bzr157saucy0 is to be installed20:56
plarslooks like those tests are out of date20:56
rsalvetisergiusens: yeah20:56
gemaplars: ok, let them fail and sort it out20:56
rsalvetibut it should be more than fine to include it all in the package for now20:56
gemaplars: that's not our concern20:56
rsalvetias the priority is just removing the ppas20:57
gemarsalveti, sergiusens sounds like a plan20:57
sergiusensrsalveti: someone will need to archive the deps in the PPA though... or some apps won't work20:57
gemaplars: for whichever tests we are doing, I guess we just install the click package and run the tests20:58
gemaplars: for this week20:58
mhall119sergiusens: even if we use Click packages for the core apps, we'll need to get their plugins into the archives20:58
gemaplars: if you don't around to add them all , just add one or two20:58
gemaas a proof of concept20:58
mhall119or bundle the plugins with the apps themselves20:58
gemaso we can refine it20:58
sergiusensrsalveti: in here I see https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-touch-coreapps-drivers/+archive/daily konsole-qml-plugin  nemo-qml-plugins  u1db-qt20:59
plarsgema: I'm trying to add the whole batch right now, but I like to make sure I'm not messing up on my side, and that's hard when they fail regardless20:59
sergiusensmhall119: I would put them in the archive and have them be part of the sdk20:59
rsalvetisergiusens: right, they would all need to go in the seeds, right?20:59
plarsgema: I have 4 done so far20:59
gemaplars: sounds good21:01
crocketoh my god.21:01
crocketUbuntu edge is losing.21:01
bobweavernot if I go door to door crocket21:01
nik90bobweaver: :)21:04
bobweaverYou all think I am joking I am going to do it if I feel that it is worth it21:05
bobweaverI rasied 16 mil for puget sound inn a month with 4 other people once :)21:05
* nik90 wouldn't be suprised at all :D21:05
AskUbuntuWill the Ubuntu Edge work with 800MHz CDMA networks in India | http://askubuntu.com/q/32758421:07
loolsergiusens, gema: You two discussing about testing of builtin apps that are being clickified?  I also remember the initial plan was to push the tests separately from the app in the hangout with QA 10 days ago, but really any solution would work; we could also include the tests in the app, but it's not super elegant; pretty sure thomi wouldn't like it either  :-)21:07
sergiusenslool: yeah, that's what I remember from the meeting21:08
loolgema, sergiusens: basically anything that allows us to run the tests is fine, but having them in the image is not so great; I think the compromise was adding autopilot to the image and then manually adding tests to run once it's booted; thomi didn't like autopilot in the image though21:08
loolalso -- ideally -- we'd find an approach that any application developer could follow to test his app21:09
loolbut in the mean time, pushing the tests with e.g. adb push or scp is fine21:09
sergiusenslool: yeah that last one is why I thought of autopilot in the image, until we have the client/server capability21:10
loolthomi: ^21:11
sergiusenslool: then we'd just install the driver21:11
loolsergiusens: sounds good to me21:11
loolbfiller: are you in dublin?21:12
sergiusensbfiller: are you in some beervana state?21:12
loolhe can't type, he has a beer in his hand21:12
gemalool: as long as plars is happy I am happy, we have to add these tests to run today21:13
bfillerI'm in Dooblin21:13
gemalool: if they fail we will let asac decide tomorrow what the solutionshould be21:13
plarsgema: oh, they will fail :)21:13
gemaplars: we are up for some fun tomorrow then ! :D21:14
gemaplars: \o/21:14
plarsgema: a few might actually pass21:14
loolgema: if they fail to add them or if they fail to pass?21:14
gemalool: both , we'll have fun either way21:15
loolI'm more worried that it will be a different interface to launch the app21:15
gemalool: you don't think we should add them today?21:15
loolideally, we'd ask unity but we don't have that yet and the app wont be in the PATH21:15
loolgema: which tests are these?21:15
gemalool: see ue-leads21:15
gemalool: the 2nd batch21:15
plarsgema: the rssreader ones will pass, all 0 of them21:16
loolplars, gema: Oh yeah; I'm all for more passing tests  :-)21:16
gemaplars: if there is 0 of them they will fail x)21:16
plarsgema: no, there is a stub for it, with 0 tests, so it passes21:16
gemaplars: make it fail21:17
sergiusensgema: plars if I add the bzr revno to the version in these packages, you would be able to branch the coorect tests, right?21:17
gema0 tests is a failure21:17
gemasergiusens: not today, that'll require changes to utah21:17
loolgema plars: ISTR asac and rick were ok with the baseline we had today with 99% pass rate to add more tests; just dont change too many things at once or we wont know what broke what21:17
sergiusensgema: well, click as it's whole would require changes21:17
plarsgema: it *should* be pretty obvious from looking at it that it shows 0 passed, 0 fail, but isn't red (thus, not a bad run). Making it red with 0/0 makes it look like something bad happened on the infrastructure side21:18
plarsgema: I could misspell it or something, but I think that would be counterproductive21:18
plarslool: everything is changing at once21:18
gemaplars: jus add them and we will deal with the aftermath later21:18
loolplars: 0 tests sound like out of date config to me, so red seems appropriate to fix the setup, but this is kind of a minor condition21:18
gemaplars: let's make all these problems visible and they will get fixed21:19
loolplars: I mean, dont land new tests + new way to run tests + new image format + 3 new features + 5 new stacks the same day  :-)21:19
* gema relaly needs to go to paint some slides21:19
* gema -> gone21:19
loolgema, plars: The whole point is to push many things as possible as fast as possible, but checking after we land each thing whether it had regressed anything -- or just revert it!21:20
loolso with that, I feel like I have commented enough on things you two know better than I do  ;-)21:20
plarssergiusens: I don't know enough about click to understand, is anything installable right now so I could see what it would look like?21:21
plarssergiusens: otherwise, it sounds plausible21:22
sergiusensplars: yes21:22
plarssergiusens: but likely we'll have to break next week and just fix this21:22
sergiusensplars: look at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/livecd-rootfs/trunk/view/head:/live-build/ubuntu-touch/hooks/60-install-click.chroot21:22
mfischmy container didn't start and now my dbus upstart log is 2.1GB21:23
mfischnot sure if the full log is cause or effect21:23
sergiusensplars: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/click_packages/21:24
mfischsergiusens: this look familiar at all?  "** (com.canonical.settings.network:1767): CRITICAL **: nm_active_connection_get_state: assertion 'NM_IS_ACTIVE_CONNECTION (connection)' failed"21:24
sergiusensplars: click list holds the latest21:24
sergiusensmfisch: not really21:24
plarssergiusens: that url doesn't seem to work for me21:25
plarsoh hang on21:25
plarssergiusens: I was talking about the one in the script21:25
sergiusensplars: the one in the hook or the one I just gave you?21:25
sergiusensplars: oh, that's the internal equiv of what I just gave you21:25
sergiusensplars: install them like in the hook21:26
plarssergiusens: ok, so it would be something we would scrape at install time, or something in click info?21:27
sysdoc_After unlocking the boot loader on the Nexus 10 how long should it take to reboot the tabled?21:27
sergiusensplars: the version (bzr revno) you mean?21:28
sysdoc_Following the instructions to load Ubuntu Touch on the Nexus 1021:28
sergiusensplars: if so, there's supposed to be click info21:28
plarssergiusens: also, it looks like maybe we could just look at click pkgdir for the install location, so maybe finding the pythonpath won't be too terrible21:28
sergiusensplars: there's one thing that's interesting, and it's that we can have multiple click versions installed being different for different users (that's not part of phablet though)21:28
bobweaverHow do I get UBuntu touch (unity 8 ) to install all the libs with cmake ?  to the correct dir ?  I tried mkdir build ; cd build ; cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/usr but it is not working :( ../21:39
bobweaverfor run time that is ^^21:40
bobweaverUbuntu applications and also gestures are not installing21:40
bobweaverqml/c++ libs ^^21:40
doanacsergiusens: its seems phablet-tools is up-to-date for saucy, but its not in our PPAs?21:40
sergiusensdoanac: let me fix that21:40
sergiusensfginther: hey21:40
doanaccjohnston: ^^^21:41
cjohnstonsweet. ty21:41
sergiusenscjohnston: doanac ok, copy->pub in progress21:44
doanacsergiusens: thanks!21:44
sergiusensdoanac: I wrote a script that does this automatically, fginther setup a jenkins job which would do it and want to add this package there, but just can't find the job21:45
cjohnstonhttp://s-jenkins:8080/job/phablet-dput/ maybe?21:50
AskUbuntudb.changeVersion doesn't work as expected | http://askubuntu.com/q/32759421:57
xnoxcan someone give me the real api for "s-jenkins" ? or instructions how to set it up properly... my vpn connection doesn't seem to have any dns names.22:00
rsalvetiI believe most of the time people just add as a local host alias22:03
xnoxrsalveti: I see. Somehow the URL given in merge proposal doesn't let me trigger re-try / rebuild.... Do i need special rights in that jenkins instance?22:04
rsalvetixnox: I believe you need at least a valid jenkins account22:05
* xnox guess my other account is in the other autopkg jenkins....22:05
rsalvetisergiusens: ^?22:05
sergiusensrsalveti: you need an account22:05
sergiusensxnox: ^^22:05
xnoxsergiusens: i have an account =) xnox22:05
sergiusensxnox: let me give you cow powers then22:05
sergiusensxnox: so you need an account on
xnoxsergiusens: hm, as in sh account or jenkins. I can login on that url.... =)22:07
sergiusensyou can login to jenkins? let me search xnox again22:08
xnoxsergiusens: does http://s-jenkins:8080/job/ubuntu-themes-ci/10/rebuild work for you?22:09
xnoxor is it stale & gone ?22:09
sergiusensxnox: yes, I'll trigger22:09
doanaccjohnston: phablet-tools is up-to-date now22:11
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faust7thhello everyone. i am having trouble installing ubuntu touch on my nexus 4. I installes the "touch-armel+mako.zip" and "touch-armhf.zip" and everything seams to be installing OK but during reboot i only see the Google logo on the display22:20
faust7this there some way to get informations off my nexus 4 to know what is wrong?22:21
AskUbuntuHow to order the Ubuntu Phone? | http://askubuntu.com/q/32759722:23
tomo_hi guys, i need help with putting ubuntu on my tablet22:24
tomo_does somebody know how to put ubuntu on prestigio multipad pmp5880d ultra duo 8.022:25
sysdoc_If you download the ubuntu-touch image manually and place it in the directory that the phablet-flash -b command can you then install  using 'phablet-flash -b' or will you need to use another command?22:30
sysdoc_Oh way that doesn't seem to matter cause the download will not get past 34 megs...22:32
xnoxsysdoc_: bootstrap needs all the *.img files as well.22:32
sysdoc_Well the server seems to be chocking on just  the download of one of the files22:33
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sysdoc_Ubuntu's server is unusable22:37
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mfischawe: you still around? salem_ and I had a Modem ofono question22:41
awemfisch, yea22:42
mfischawe: when you hotplug a SIM, I had expected to see a propertiesChanged signal come out22:43
mfischawe: if we got such a signal telepathy-ofono could try to register the sim22:43
awemfisch, there's no support for hot-plugging SIMs22:44
mfischawe: but Android doesn't appear to support hotplug either, so is something lower level blocking it?22:44
aweblocking what?22:44
awewhat's confusing about "not supported"?22:44
ali1234hot plugging SIMs does not work in any phone that i know of, period22:45
ali1234maybe some dual SIM phones with special accomodation but i think they even need to be power cycled to switch SIM22:45
aweali1234, there've been claims from others that some nokia phones supported it22:45
mfischI know it's not supported, I was curious why, but I can live with this answer22:45
ali1234none of the ones I've ever used do22:45
rsalvetimfisch: modem is usually a huge blob running in a different cpu and such22:46
rsalvetiguess it's just easier and better to do a complete reboot22:46
ali1234yep, and it does a lot of work to register the SIM on the network... and deregister it22:46
ali1234you are not supported to just power off a phone... you have to tell the network you are logging out22:47
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ali1234i think even if you pull the battery it has to have a capacitor big enough to still send the "log out" message22:48
ali1234in short, the hardware simply doesn't support hotplugging22:49

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