snap-lGood morning12:52
brouschI have 2 lingering problems with the Win7 migration: Lotus 123r5 (for Windows!) and Firefox over redirected folders13:17
brouschFF is going in the trash13:17
snap-lbrousch: 123r5? Isn't that a DOS version?13:42
brouschNo. It says on the floppies "For Windows!"13:43
snap-lOh fun13:43
brouschIt's next on the list for re-writing13:44
snap-lDid you try the files under Libreoffice?13:45
snap-lIt allegedly has support13:45
snap-l(according to the file menu)13:45
brouschIt does not13:58
brouschThe only thing that can read these spreadsheets in Excel9713:58
snap-lCould try Wine, and convert them14:06
brouschConversion won't help since they are basically programs written in Lotus macros14:07
snap-lOh that's lovely14:07
snap-lAnd nobody though in the 10+ years since to rewrite this?14:07
brouschI'm doing it now!14:07
snap-lCongratulations. :)14:08
snap-lWay to be forward-thinking. ;)14:08
brouschBut really it's hard to knock a system that's worked for pretty much 20 years14:08
snap-lOh, no doubt. I'm sure it's gold watch will look lovely14:09
snap-lIf you can find the original boxes you could put that gold watch in there as a memento of it's achievements. ;)14:09
brouschWhat annoys me most is when I tested it on Win7 4 years ago it worked fine. Now Lotus is on some blacklist that won't even try to run14:10
snap-lbrousch: Probably because it didn't actually run well. :)14:10
brouschIt ran fine14:10
snap-lIt's part of Microsoft's grand conspiracy to kill Lotus once and for all.14:12
brouschLotus is officially dead. IBM killed it a month or two ago14:14
jrwrenzomg, PEP8 is ALIVE!!!14:14
snap-ljrwren: I didn't know that it was suspected of being dead14:15
rick_hjrwren: ?14:15
brouschrick_h is going to have a stroke http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0008/#maximum-line-length14:15
rick_hjrwren: yea, lots of pylint stuff, would be cool14:17
rick_hbrousch: why? "Aim to limit all lines to a maximum of 79 characters" ?14:18
brouschBut 99 is OK!14:18
rick_hmeh, but that use case never comes into play since you can always write readable code in 79chars14:19
snap-lWonder if it'll show as a warning now with the linter. :)14:19
jrwreni won't be changing my 79 limit :p14:19
snap-lSame here.14:19
brouschIt'll show as "Why are you breaking at 79 when your whole line would fit in 99"?14:19
snap-lFor flowing long blocks of text with fewer structural restrictions (docstrings or comments), limiting the line length to 72 characters is recommended.14:20
brouschThis sounds interesting: https://github.com/adicu/pantograph15:13
rick_hhttps://gist.github.com/mitechie/6132350 vs https://raw.github.com/kivy/kivy/master/examples/widgets/lists/list_cascade_dict.py for easy to read...go :)15:19
brouschA lot of extra \ breaks in #215:23
rick_hbrousch: ty, hopefully @jacebrowning will start to think a bit15:23
jrwrenHATE \ breaks15:23
jrwrenfind a different way.15:23
rick_hit's his example of "longer line length required for the code here"15:23
jrwrenuse ( or break inside a ( or list or dict15:24
rick_hso I refactored the damn file15:24
jrwrenHATE \ !15:24
jrwrenexactly. it is a sign you have triangular code. extract to more functions15:24
jrwrenmakes it easier to read.15:24
greg-gso, pep8, discuss16:44
* greg-g reads scrollback16:45
* rick_h ducks and tries to hide. 16:47
rick_hpeople can write whatever bad code they want. I reserve the right to say fudge off if I have to deal with it.16:47
rick_hand to submit a pull request that makes it usable if I want to deal with it.16:47
snap-lheh, "fudge off"17:27
snap-l"fudge off you hot dog"17:28
rick_hhey, I've got a 3yr old. It's the time of inventive language ;)17:28
greg-grick_h: totally17:28
snap-lBah, teach 'em young17:29
rick_hand to break out classics like "...because I said so!!!"17:29
snap-ljcastro: http://www.rushisaband.com/blog/2013/08/01/3738/Long-awaited-Vapor-Trails-remix-coming-October-1st-now-available-for-pre-order17:40
rick_hmoto x news coming out. doesn't look like a nexus phone :(19:25
snap-lrick_h: I'm not surprised, but I'm a little saddened19:32
snap-lWonder if there's contracts for the Nexus-branded stuff19:32
* rick_h wonders how close to asop it'll be19:32
rick_hI want to pay full price for a phone that'll get google updates on the day of for the life of that device. Was hoping moto x would be it.19:33
rick_hwtf, did t-mobile get rid of the lower price if you brought your own phone?19:36
rick_hin looking at their website the price is the same if I bring my own phone or get a GS4 from them19:37
rick_hah, nvm. That's the 'down payment' that's 019:39
rick_hso they charge you for the phone, but they'll add it to your monthly payments so nvm19:40
snap-lOK, the person on Windows Weekly sounded like she was what happens when I have the wrong bitrate19:42
snap-lHad to wait for Leo to jump in to verify19:42
jcastrorick_h: you're not waiting for the normal Moto X19:53
jcastroyou're waiting for the Google Play Moto X19:53
jcastrowhich they haven't announced yet19:53
jcastroannounced but haven't revealed I mean19:56
snap-lAh, I see they kept Motorola's Marketing department20:00
jcastroso the one thing I like about this20:02
jcastrois that they decided that going big was dumb20:02
jcastroand kept it at 4.7 inches20:02
jcastromeanwhile samsungs are starting to look like car windshields in your hand20:03
snap-ljcastro: Who do I bitch to about the rash of spam making its way through the Ubuntu list owners aliases?20:07
snap-lbecause something changed and now I'm getting a ton of crap20:07
rick_hyea, I'd like to be about 4.5 I think20:40
rick_hI'm hoping this is 4.7, but since there's less border it won't be much bigger than my gnex20:40
brousch1I'm not a huge fan of the big phones. I loved the size of my Droid 120:42
brousch1But now they pack 1080p into a phone20:43
jcastrorick_h: the Edge is 4.5. And after holding the physical prototype I am basically sold20:48
rick_hjcastro: yea, cool20:48
jcastroI wish I could get the guts of my Nexus 4 in the form factor of the Nexus One20:48
jcastrothat was an awesome size20:48
brousch1iphones are still small20:49
jcastroI don't think iphones are small, I think other phones just got huge20:49
rick_hyea, my wife misses her incredible size (iphone size)20:51

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