QIIIkboodu, are you around?03:56
kbooduYes.  Why?04:05
QIIIYou can get your original UF account back.04:05
kbooduIt picked my Ubuntu SSO account (different email addresses) to log me into the Forums.04:06
kbooduI've had several different accounts on Ubuntu since I used different email addresses from way back when I first started using Ubuntu in 05.04:06
QIIIYes.  Please make a post in the Resolution Centre.  Let the Admins know.  You can get your old account associated with your SSO.04:06
QIIIYou can get it associated once by matching the email address and then you can change your email address on SSO back to whatever you want.04:07
kbooduOk.  I'll see if I can do that.  I've had so many different user accounts.  My signature for the CoC is even off a "deactivated" account.  But I'll see what I can do.  I only had a couple of posts (though those are gone as well).04:07
QIIIWhat was in the database is still there.  Just a matter or reassociating it with your old account.04:08
kbooduOnly SOME of it is still in the database, unfortunately.  (Forums info still is)04:08
kbooduSome of the other systems are "gone" now...You can only using SSO (from login)04:08
kbooduIt's like my IRC issues.  ;004:09
QIIIWell, you can see what you can get back.04:09
kbooduSome of which *IS* user error (and a bad memory)!04:09
QIIIOh, I excel at limited memory.04:09
kbooduI enjoy^h^h^h^h^h suffer from CRS.  (Can't remember....STUFF!)04:10
kbooduBut it's still pulling my Timothy_J_Bruce instead of my kboodu name.  Oh, well.04:11
QIIIMrs. QIII writes my address on the back of my underwear for when I wander the neighborhood.04:11
kboodulol.  Don't worry...I won't tell.  ;)04:11
QIIIGo to the RC.  They can help you get it sorted out.04:11
kbooduOk.  Where is the Resolution Center? I know I've seen the link before..but now...it's just not in front of me.04:13
kbooduI should just play my Minecraft and not worry about it.04:13
QIIIUnder Forum Feedback & Help04:13
QIIIOne of these days I'm going to get to Salem on a Friday night.  Just a bad time to try to get down from PDX after work.04:15
kboodulol.  When is it a good time to get to Salem?04:15
kbooduWhat's in Salem?04:19
kbooduIf you can / want to share.04:19
QIIII am moving your post to the RC.04:20
kbooduOk.  Thanks04:20
QIIIThat's where the Friday night meet ups are.04:20
kbooduAhh...Ok.  I'm so out of touch.  Ever since Cameron left I've been pretty inactive.04:21
QIIIMoved.  I think Cariboo907 is the only Admin on UF right now.  He'll get to it or one of the other Admins will.04:22
kbooduNot a concern....04:22
QIIII've just never had the opportunity to make it down there.04:22
kbooduMe either.  I went to some of the meetings when it was up here in PDX.04:22
QIIIEveryone lives up here except for the students...04:24
kbooduHmm.  Didn't know that....A couple used to live out on the coast (Astoria?  somewhere north and one in Lincoln City)...but that was years ago04:25
QIII"Everyone" being the greatest portion of the population of Oregon04:25
kbooduWell, that is true.  ;)04:26
kbooduok...off for the night. Maybe I'll see you on here tomorrow QIII04:36
kbooduAnd thanks for your help.04:37
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