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teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys and everything else12:14
InHisNameHowdy all12:35
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MutantTurkeygot the S4 Active13:56
MutantTurkeyin terms of software features, holy crap I did not know so many to look cool but be useles.13:56
MutantTurkeyseems sturdier than my S3, supposedly water tight13:56
MutantTurkeystill ordered a case13:56
teddy-dbearturkey drop coming up14:01
InHisNameMaybe if it is 'drop proof' turkey can take to testing with blunt objects like baseball bats etc.14:08
InHisNameGive a new meaning to tapping the screen.14:08
ChinnoDogBaseball played with S4 active as the ball would make a good commercial.14:33
MutantTurkeyi'm not going to drop it15:44
KyleYankanThe difference between the s3 and s4 seems trivial. Lots of useless features. but the whole "Active"" thing? I like that.16:33
MutantTurkeywe'll see how it holds up16:36
ChinnoDogThe girlfriends S4 runs noticeably faster than my S3.16:48
ChinnoDogI do have half the market installed though, so there is that.16:48
ChinnoDogIf I ever need to hire IT staff I am going to be sure that the applicants can also use Linux so I know they can operate a command line.18:59

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