inetprogood mornings06:14
inetprohi Squirm06:14
Squirmhello inetpro 06:14
mazalmaaz , tell Kilos http://www.telkommobile.co.za/deals/ and click on " Check out our interactive brochure "06:25
Maazmazal: Sure, I'll tell Kilos on freenode06:25
psyatwgood morning inetpro06:27
psyatwhi Squirm06:28
psyatwhi mazal06:28
inetprohi psyatw06:28
mazalMorning everyone06:30
magespawngood morning06:43
mazalMorning magespawn 06:52
magespawnany luck with that scanner mazal ?07:11
mazalNope magespawn , using it on win for now07:12
mazalI think it might get supported in later Ubuntu releases07:12
magespawni have generally had good experiences with hp products, so they might release something07:17
magespawnmaybe suggest it to them07:17
magespawnMaaz seen Kilos07:17
Maazmagespawn: Kilos was last seen 13 hours, 14 minutes and 12 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2013-07-31 11:03:17 PDT], and has been offline on freenode since 2013-07-31 11:03:26 PDT07:17
magespawnlong time for the oom07:17
magespawnbbl rearragning the shop07:32
mazalI need advice from the smart guys08:28
mazalScenario: two different pc's08:28
mazalOne 13.04 64bit , the other 12.04 64bit08:28
not_foundinstall windows08:28
mazalBoth ubuntu08:28
mazalI want to have the same /home on both08:29
mazalMy idea: Use an external for /home08:29
barrydkGoeie more Almal08:29
mazalBoth have same username and user is the first user08:29
mazalEdit fstab on both machines that /home points to external's uuid08:30
mazalIn theory this should work , BUT , will the fact that one is 12.04 and other is 13.04 cause problems in my home's config files , especially unity and other related configs ?08:31
zerefSymmetria: 08:40
not_foundI would imagine there could be some conflicts... would all depend on the specific applications08:40
mazalWhat to do08:42
mazalThe reason is I would like to have the same data at home and at work. Email , docs , etc. And this was the only way I could think of08:43
mazalThe only other way would be to do a full install to external and run my whole system from that and boot from usb. 08:44
mazalSjoe , quiet in here without oom Kilos :(11:57
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Trixar_zaYeah, you guys aren't a very talkative bunch12:07
Kiloshi superfly mazal inetpro and others12:23
Kilosi see mage is still gone12:24
mazalHi oom Kilos 12:24
mazalNou net van jou geskinder12:24
Kiloshaha wat het jy gese12:24
mazalDis baie stil as oom nie hier is nie :(12:24
Kilosek het nuwe 2+112:24
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 12:25
Kilossometimes theres an object in your path and sometimes theres lotsa space 12:27
ThatGraemeGuyello :-)12:27
Kilosoh ya :-)12:27
mazalKilos, bad news , k just bumped way back on the list again hehehe12:28
mazalBetween yesterday and today 11 more movies came that needs cleaning. And it looks like I must re-install my current install also12:28
Kiloskde is all i had working this morningthis is a fresh install12:28
Kiloshi not_found nuvolari 12:29
Kilosor nuvolari not_found 12:30
mazalEvery time I am almost up to date another bright idea hits me , and they usually entail lots of work :P12:30
Trixar_zaI'm still on 800MB12:30
Trixar_zaI've been using data less than I normally would and I've been downloading stuff too12:30
Kiloshow did you manage that Trixar_za 12:30
Trixar_zaMostly by not being on the internet for nearly a week :P12:31
Kilosmy net is flying12:31
Kilosgot up to 643kB/s today12:31
mazalThat's very good Kilos , well for SA anyway12:32
not_foundnice :)12:33
not_foundbtw uncle Kilos , I can't remember who had issues scanning last time but I just wanted to scan... went to printers, found it and then I could scan12:34
Kilosit was mazal 12:35
inetproKilos: good morning. Btw, you are late!12:35
Kilosdidnt have data inetpro sorry12:35
Trixar_zaYeah, it's pretty nice on torrent sites, but I need to update my 3G modem - it's still only 3.6 MBits/s max while 8.ta/Telkom Mobile can handle up to 7.2Mbits/s12:42
Kiloshow does one get into a 3g modems storage part to delete all the wmc stuff there12:47
Kiloshmm... peer got him12:49
Trixar_zaI've heard of programs that you can use to format it and allow you to install your own12:49
Trixar_zaFor ZTE modems anyway12:49
mazalEnjoy the evening everyone12:50
Kiloscheers mazal 12:50
magespawnafternoon all13:09
magespawnfor squid does the server have to be physically between the internet and the network, or just set as the proxy in network settings?13:10
magespawnand the same question for a dhcp and dns server?'13:10
magespawnhi Kilos13:11
Kiloswb magespawn 13:12
magespawnty been busing rearranging the shop13:12
magespawni am also looking to boot two laptops via network13:14
magespawnlots of questions today13:14
magespawnso with the network boot does the machine with image have to be the dhcp server or can it be another machine?13:20
Kiloswhew they all ignoring you magespawn 13:38
KilosThatGraemeGuy, you know what to do hey?13:38
confluencymagespawn: what do you mean by "physically between the internet and the network"?13:40
confluencyAFAIK, the squid server doesn't have to be physically anywhere. As long as the server can access the internet and whatever computer wants to use the squid proxy can access the squid server, it can be a squid server.13:41
confluencyNFI about the network boot; sorry.13:42
Kiloshmm... he got busy again13:52
Kiloshi psyatw 13:52
psyatwhi Kilos13:52
magespawnty confluency i meant does the proxy server need two network cards one going to the internet and one to the rest of the network13:54
confluencyAre you setting it up as some kind of gateway, so that the internal network can only access the internet through the proxy?13:56
magespawni was thinking of that but i won't if it is not necessary13:56
confluencyI'm pretty sure it's not necessary.13:57
magespawni do a lot of windows updates for customers machine and was looking to make it faster by caching updates locally13:57
confluencyYou can even run a proxy on localhost.13:58
magespawnnever thought of that13:58
confluencyEveryone who has a Linux machine at UCT needs CNTLM to speak to the NTLM proxy, so it's pretty common here.13:59
magespawnthanks for the input14:03
confluencyI don't actually know anything about networking. :D14:04
confluencyExcept some bits I accidentally know.14:04
magespawnahh well sometimes it is just another voice that helps and accidentally still counts\14:11
magespawni have never set up a squid or any other kind of proxy before14:12
Kilosmagespawn, im trying to install the linux driver for the e220. if i disappear i killed something14:20
magespawncool Kilos 14:29
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magespawnyay have the quassel back 14:33
Kiloswell done14:33
magespawnjust looks like it was not booting properly14:34
Kilosill try this again when someone has time i cant get that .tar.gz to convert to a .deb14:38
Kiloslooks so easy when they do it14:38
superflyyou cannot "convert" a .tar.gz to .deb -- it just doesn't work like that14:47
superflya .deb contains a whole bunch of information that a .tar.gz just doesn't have. and it  can't make that information up either.14:47
Kilosisnt the checkinstall a compiler thingie superfly 14:58
Kilosor is that link wrong what they say14:59
superflyKilos: yes, it will ask you for a whole bunch of information that you need to create a .deb file14:59
superflyKilos: what are trying to break now?14:59
superflyyou should not be trying to install software from a tarball14:59
Kilosthe e22014:59
Kilosafter night off pc dont see it in the morning15:00
superflydid you pull it out, restart the PC and then plug it back in?15:00
Kilosits the only linux driver we could find for the e22015:00
superflyinstalling extra software is not going to make your PC see the device again15:00
Kilosyip many times and tried different usb sockets 15:00
superflyKilos: most hardware does not need a driver, linux already has the driver.15:01
Kilosive done a clean install this morning15:01
superflyKilos: just because you couldn't see the modem again?15:01
Kilosim just bang tomorrow morning the e220 is missing again15:01
Kiloseven sakis3g couldnt work with it15:02
Kilosafter install its working again15:02
Kilosim sure the vodafone stuff in it is sick15:02
superflyai oom, when are you going to learn that if a device is suddently "dead", it's probably the device, not your computer. and no amount of software is going to fix it.15:02
Kilosi took it to win 7 and it worked fine15:03
Kilosonly here it wouldnt15:04
Kilosand its so lekker fast15:04
Kilosoh also if i boot into kubuntu its missing as well15:05
Kiloswell not missing but wont connect15:05
superflyput the device in the freezer15:06
Kiloshehe and then?15:06
superflylet it cool off. then try again15:06
superflysometimes it overheats15:06
Kilosits fine now15:06
superflyhappened to mine15:06
Kilosdidnt work first thing in the morning when i booted so no time to get hot15:07
Kilosoh and all the upgrades and stuff are for windows thats why i was trying to get linux stuff working here for it15:09
Kilosthere is a good tool for fixing modems superfly  but its also a windows thing15:10
Kiloscalled mobile doctor15:10
Kilosdoes diagnostic stuff and repairs whats no good15:11
magespawnlater all home time15:14
Kiloscool magespawn 15:14
Kilosoh Trixar_za 8ta has a modem  for R69 a month on contract15:15
Kilosi dunno if you get data with that15:17
Kilosstraight modem buy is R399 at telkom stores15:18
Trixar_zaI'd probably go for a straight buy15:20
Trixar_zaI don't like contracts since you always end up paying more15:20
Kilosi cant go contracts either15:20
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Kiloshi Squirm Vince-0 magespawn 16:47
magespawnhey Kilos 16:47
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Kiloslo inetpro 18:21
Kiloskoud ne18:22
inetproanyone here that can send me a fax?18:22
inetpro"If you do not use your number within the next thirty days, it will be taken away from you in accordance with ICASA Regulations."18:22
Kiloscan one send one from ubuntu?18:22
Kilosif so ill help18:23
inetproif I knew how I would do it myself18:23
Kilosisnt that option on new cell phones18:24
inetproahh but wait a minute18:24
inetpromaybe I should make a payment to myself and send a fax statement18:25
Kilostry that if not ask someone during the day18:26
inetprodone it now but the fax is not here yet18:31
Kilosefax is in the repos18:32
inetproFAX2EMAIL via fax@lantic.net18:32
Kilosmaybe it dont accept you sending to yourself18:32
inetprothat is what I use18:32
inetproit is free, but for email to fax you have to pay18:33
Kiloscan you then send a fax without a fax machine?18:33
inetproI can receive faxes without a machine18:33
inetpros/a machine/a fax machine/18:34
Kilosi will look at efax and see if it can work from here18:34
Kilosaw it needs a fax modem i think18:35
Kilossigh sorry18:36
inetprobut your phone can act as the modem18:36
* inetpro been there done that... many years ago18:37
inetprothose old nokias could do it18:37
Kiloswith an old fone?18:37
inetprofax tech is old18:37
inetprolong forgotten about all yje ins and outs of it18:38
Kiloscan one make a virtual modem18:38
inetprowhat would you call a virtual modem?18:39
Kilosa software one18:39
Kilosnot a box18:39
Kiloswell duh18:40
Kilosto send receive faxes of course18:40
inetproyou need two devices for sending and receiving18:41
Kilossee iaxmodem in repos18:41
KilosIAXmodem is a software modem written in C that uses an IAX channel (commonly18:41
Kilosprovided by an Asterisk PBX system) instead of a traditional phone line and18:41
Kilosuses a DSP library instead of DSP hardware chipsets.18:41
Kilosoh you need a branch exchange18:42
Kilosfunny they aint made it work from pcs without a fax machine18:43
inetprofax machines should die18:44
inetprojust like ftp18:44
inetproI never use my number, that is why it wants to expire18:44
inetprobut I need to just keep it alive for those rare moments18:45
Kilosthere are still some places that want faxes as legal documents18:46
inetproand I will send me self a fax from the office tomorrow if this one doesn't come through18:46
Kilosi think i had to go send a fax from cop shop for visa that time18:46
Kilosor fax to visa peeps or something18:47
inetproyep, sad case realities18:47
Kilosdidnt accept scanned documents18:48
inetprothey probably have not even heard of email18:48
Kilossleep tight inetpro and all other lurkers18:48
inetpronag oom18:49
Kilosif im late the e220 got lost again18:49
Trixar_zaHi Squirm[M]22:29
Trixar_zaWe're dropping rock btw22:29
Trixar_zaSo we can replace it with a linode22:29
Trixar_zaIn Tokyo22:30
Squirm[M]I have to go. Chat in the morn22:31
Trixar_zaK, I'll give you the new details later22:31
Squirm[M]Good  choice tho7gh22:31

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