jrib!repos | Increase00:00
ubottuIncrease: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.00:00
Increasejrib, I'm root (sudo su) and I've ran update already00:00
wilee-nileejacobguy7800, Thats 10 pushups for you.00:00
dr_willisbest to not use 'sudo su' to get a root shell. use 'sudo -s'00:00
Increaseuniverse is enabled00:00
jacobguy7800I have a problem with compiz whats the compiz desk menu package called i can't find it in the repos.00:00
dr_willisor 'sudo -i'00:00
jribIncrease: I said you need to do 2 things.  And use « sudo -i » not sudo su00:00
IncreaseWhat's the difference?00:01
WulframnOut of curiosity, why is sudo su bad?00:01
jribsudo -i will sanitize the environment00:01
dr_willisWulframn:  it dosent swet the env settings properly and its redundant00:01
jriblike su - as opposed to su00:01
honestlyvieira: my suggestion is to set your login shell back to bash, and use ssh config to force the execution of the script00:01
wilee-nileejacobguy7800, ccsm or compizconfig blah blah00:01
fabrinafiz login00:01
WulframnI gotcha00:01
fabrinaeu acho00:01
jacobguy7800But wheres compiz-deskmenu00:01
wilee-nileejacobguy7800, Needs to be installed00:01
dr_willis!find compiz-deskmenu00:01
jacobguy7800It's on pacman where is it on apt!!00:01
ubottuPackage/file compiz-deskmenu does not exist in raring00:01
Phoenix1969ok, when i use nomodeset from cd boot, then select boot from hd... it gets to the user/guest option screen, but nothing works...mouse...keyboard...nothing... ?00:02
dr_willisjacobguy7800:  that eosent mean the package name is the same on ubuntu. what does it do exactly?00:02
wilee-nilee!find compizconfig00:02
ubottuFound: compizconfig-backend-kconfig, libcompizconfig0, libcompizconfig0-dev, compizconfig-backend-gconf, compizconfig-settings-manager00:02
jacobguy7800I'm stuck in a menuless window manager and tint2 won't install agh!!!00:02
wilee-nileecompizconfig-settings-manager is it Ibelieve00:02
fabrinaalguém pode falar em português ?00:02
dr_willisjacobguy7800:  it may be part of a bigger compiz plugins  extra package.   try apt-cache search deskmenu   yet?00:02
vieirahonestly: Can I do that programatically (via a shell script) on a per user basis? Can you point me in the right direction?00:03
jacobguy7800I've search in software center and tryed aptgetting it even as root and it still won't work!!00:03
vieirafabrina: Aqui não se fala português. Junte-se ao canal #ubuntu-br. Lá fala-se português.00:03
wilee-nileefabrina, This is an English channel.00:04
jacobguy7800If i find the package for arch how can i recompile for raring?00:04
fabrinaa sim obrigada00:04
jacobguy7800I know i need the source.00:04
wilee-nileejacobguy7800, I doubt you need to.00:04
wilee-nileenot  a good option really00:05
jacobguy7800I like standalone window managers like openbox cause rick click is simple but i want eyecandy like compiz.00:05
Phoenix1969HELP... on the black screen boot problem...ok, when i use nomodeset from cd boot, then select boot from hd... it gets to the user/guest option screen, but nothing works...mouse...keyboard...nothing... ?00:06
lyconssomeone speak spanish00:06
tripelbhelp please. unity doesnt see ntsd00:06
jacobguy7800It's all fine though.00:06
tripelbhow do i see other partitions in unity?00:06
jacobguy7800I like unity just as much as the next guy, I might just get fresh-from-the-farm debian and deal with it.00:07
wilee-nileetripelb, gparted or sudo fdsik -l are two00:07
dr_willisPhoenix1969:  so on the LIVE Cd/Installer disk its asking  for a login? last time i saw that - it was due to a bad cd image/burn00:07
dr_willistripelb:  you mount filesystems in order to access them.00:07
Phoenix1969i selected boot from hdd, and when it got to the choose user...Me, or "guest"...nothing worked00:08
dr_willistripelb:   what filesystem is the  drive in question using?00:08
dr_willisPhoenix1969:  your system cant boot itself normally?00:08
wilee-nileefdisk -l*00:08
dr_willisPhoenix1969:  why are you using the live cd to boot the system is what im asking00:09
Phoenix1969not onto ubuntu, just win700:09
fabrinaeu consegui entrar00:09
Steve_BallmerUbuntu is a scam00:09
Steve_BallmerThink about the DEVELOPES.00:09
Phoenix1969it wont boot into ubuntu, i get a black screen with cursor00:09
FloodBot1Steve_Ballmer: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:09
dr_willisPhoenix1969:  i would try to get grub working  on the installed system, then  start troubleshooting the video issues. what is your video card anyway?00:09
dr_willisPhoenix1969:  so you DO boot the system with grub from its hard drive?  or not?00:10
azazel91it still wont work i cant seem to find the files i deleted from the live cd00:10
Phoenix1969I tried both, it simply wont boot00:10
tripelbwilee-nilee how can i just see and write and read directories, files, on other partitions like i used to in gnome where it was transparent.00:10
dr_willis7970 is just a random number to me.. dosent tell me much of anything.00:10
dr_willisPhoenix1969:  booting is one thing.. a working X desktop is another..  the system CAN boot and still have a unuseable desktop00:10
dr_willisPhoenix1969:  try the TEXT boot option from your installed systems grub menu, not the live cd.00:11
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode00:11
Phoenix1969k, then what00:11
Phoenix1969gigabyte amd 797000:14
irssi-mikePhoenix1969: how about easybcd for the booting and burn that iso again00:16
tripelbdr_willis: hi. I've been offline a while. i never had to mount in gnome. how do i get the my_computer or explorer, you know the normal nautilus voew. and... where can i learn to do this in bash? help does not even lost the ls command.  e00:16
TheteDamn I love saucy00:16
irssi-mikePhoenix1969: i had a coaster from using burnerxp, went with the built in burner on windows and everything worked00:17
Phoenix1969ya, i just used windows to burn..00:17
irssi-mikePhoenix1969: verified too?00:17
poppingtonichello all00:18
irssi-mikePhoenix1969: shoot00:18
Phoenix1969so, if I know "nomodeset" got me to the user logon before, would I then need to edit the grub...correct?00:20
wilee-nileePhoenix1969, Or install a driver.00:20
Phoenix1969hmm, so to install the ubuntu driver for my gigabyte 7970, I do what?00:20
tripelbdr_willis: i can see the ubuntu partition. that is the 12.04 disc only.  Is that the answer to what filesystem.00:21
ThetePhoenix1969, Go into Software & Updates -> Additional Drivers, select the proprietary one for your card00:21
wilee-nileePhoenix1969, Have you run a update and upgrade? Have you looked after tha if no driver installed in additional driver in software sources.00:22
Phoenix1969How can I do that with a blank screen?00:22
wilee-nileePhoenix1969, Do you get a desktop with nomodeset?00:22
Phoenix1969yes, but without keyboard & mouse functionality00:23
wilee-nileePhoenix1969, desktop or laptop?00:23
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
wilee-nileePhoenix1969, usb or the old what ever there called?00:24
saiarcot895Can dpkg break into circular dependencies?00:24
wilee-nileePhoenix1969, Do you understand the question?00:25
irssi-mikePhoenix1969: is your keyboard a plug round or flat00:25
wilee-nileeyeah ps2 or usb on the keyboard and mouse Phoenix196900:25
Phoenix1969aaah, usb00:26
wilee-nileePhoenix1969, Did they work on the live cd?00:27
Phoenix1969just stays on purple screen when trying to boot from cd00:28
Phoenix1969with logos at bottom00:28
wilee-nileePhoenix1969, when do they work?00:28
wilee-nileewhat OS00:28
irssi-mikehmm, might just be stuck on splash screen and behind it a bunch of errors.. not that the keyboard is unresponsive00:28
Phoenix1969when I'm in windows 700:28
Phoenix1969the root problem was black screen, remember...00:28
Phoenix1969when booting ubuntu00:29
wilee-nileePhoenix1969, From the desktop can you try ctrl-alt f200:29
irssi-mikePhoenix1969: initially, but then you nomodeset and login and then blank again00:29
wilee-nileeto bet a tty command line00:29
Phoenix1969ok, i can indeed, what to expect then...ill have to shutdown to try...?00:29
Phoenix1969no, when i get to nomode set guest/me logon, nothing  works00:30
wilee-nileePhoenix1969, If you get that with those key presses your keyboard works, so from there login and run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade00:31
wilee-nileePhoenix1969, It may be if we can get to a command line the update and upgrade may get this fixed or closer anyway00:32
Phoenix1969so i just enter that into cmd line?00:32
wilee-nileePhoenix1969, from ctrl-alt-f2 from the desktop or the login area.00:33
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Phoenix1969ill try, bb soon00:33
wilee-nileegood luck camper00:34
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tripelbdr_willis: so 1/3 of my HD is useless to me.00:34
irssi-mikePhoenix1969: strange thing, are you sure you couldn't TAB your way around at that login00:36
wilee-nileeirssi-mike, I wonder if this is a uefi setup.00:39
wilee-nileeusers get those and reinstall W7 and never mention oh by the way I have the fastboot...etc blah blah blah00:40
daftykinsthey should kinda notice since they tend to have to place the bootx64.efi file on flash drives to UEFI boot :(00:42
wilee-nileedaftykins, One would think so I see users here all the time with what is uefi, when they have it.00:43
daftykinsUEFI is definitely causing a lot of people here a lot of trouble00:43
wilee-nileeubuntu is so easy is the word so people jump in the shallow pool head first00:44
reisioit is easy00:45
reisioyou can't compare installing an OS to receiving a computer with a preinstalled OS00:45
reisionot that UEFI isn't awful :p00:46
daftykinsto be honest most people that install Windows don't do it right00:46
daftykinsbut yeah reisio's factory install point is very fair00:46
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gambit69looking for information on the command to copy and rename a file in the same directory please. Thank you00:46
daftykinsgambit69: cp <src> <dst>00:47
wilee-nileegambit69, You were just in #ubuntu-touch what is the OS?00:47
wilee-nileecomplaining of no help within 3min00:48
gambit69Yeah I was in there but no one was saying anything. I'm on the ubuntu system commandline. I'm just looking for the command to copy and rename a file in the same directory.00:49
luke_how can you mess up a pre-installed os btw?00:49
reisioluke_: in the case of Windows, by booting it :p00:49
wilee-nileecool, have some patience you had an answer already.00:49
luke_i completly disagree with that00:49
wilee-nileebazinga reisio00:49
kaihithey guys!00:49
reisioluke_: your opinion is noted!00:50
reisiokaihit: hi00:50
kaihitwhat's up!00:50
wilee-nileemy blood pressure00:50
irssi-mikegambit69: there isn't a rename, there's move, i.e. mv file destination00:51
kaihitso, what are you talking about?00:52
gambit69 cp sourse destination copies a file from one place to another. How does that allow me to copy the file and rename it in the same directory?00:52
wilee-nileeubuntu support, we only chat on occasion.00:53
daftykinswhen the ops aren't around :(00:53
wilee-nileea hierarchal earned privilege00:53
gambit69so there is no way to make a duplicate file and rename it without moving it to another directory first?00:54
kaihitwilee-nilee: all right!00:54
daftykinsgambit69: "cp <src> <dst>" how many more times must i repeat myself?00:54
irssi-mikedaftykins: he wants to clone a file and keep it in the same directory00:55
irssi-mikewith a diff name00:55
irssi-mikei don't know00:55
kaihitgambit69: i have the same doubts  you have00:55
luke_mv <originalname> <newname>00:55
irssi-mikeluke_: yes but he wants to keep original as original00:56
joe75he didn't get the renaming part :P00:56
daftykinsi believe i need a diagram to understand gambit's conundrum00:57
daftykinsit would have pretty pictures and arrows along a timeline00:57
daftykinsbut alas, he or she has gone :(00:58
daftykinsi may never know the circumstances surrounding this challenging fate which presented itself to one... gambit6900:58
luke_has anyone here written irc bots before?00:58
daftykinsand so i must turn in for the night00:58
daftykinsnn all \o00:58
choct155I am trying to apply a patch (https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/2718041/) to fix my signal strength issue with the Atheros AR9485.  When I navigate to the appropriate driver directory (ath9k driver), however, I don't see the appropriate file to patch (or even anything with a .c suffix).  I can only see files with .ko extensions.  Am I missing something?01:00
saiarcot895choct155: you have to apply patches to the source files, and then compile them and install them01:01
Maple__Where do I find where the swap partition is mounted?01:01
reisioMaple__: they aren't mounted at all01:01
wilee-nileeluke_, Yeah, they never write back though they are uppity. ;)01:01
saiarcot895choct155: run "sudo apt-get source package" to get the sources for package01:01
reisiochoct155: ar9003_eeprom.c?01:02
Demoshey so I am using Empathy, is there anything better/more unity integrated for IRC01:03
spikespiegelhello, i was hoping someone could point me into the right direction ubuntu updates01:03
reisiochoct155: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel01:03
wilee-nileespikespiegel, what updates, kinda a vague question.01:03
NK`i'm trying to downgrade a package with apt right after an upgrade, but apt-cache policy is not giving me the previous version nor apt-cache showpkg01:03
NK`any idea ?01:03
NK`i just can't downgrade my package it's really bothering01:04
guest_01huh.. turns out that ssh -D actually makes a simple vpn connection. anyone else know that01:04
wilee-nileespikespiegel, There is a update gui and the command line, is this updates beyond the repos packages?01:05
spikespiegelwilee-nilee, just updating in general, i know people say its better to update using apt-get but for some reason when i do the dist-upgrade to match what updates the gui will do my system seems to act haywire01:05
NK`guest_01: if i'm not confusing ssh -D is setting up a proxy socks01:05
NK`with remote host01:05
saiarcot895NK`: you shouldn't need to downgrade a package (at least not one in the repos). what package is it?01:05
NK`it's gdb01:05
wilee-nileespikespiegel, Can you explain hayware01:05
NK`latest version of gdb is linked with python3 lib01:06
guest_01nope NK you're right. but, if after that socks is set up you type an ip of another system and port in the browser it'll access them01:06
NK`and i have a python2 gdb script01:06
guest_01like a vpn01:06
NK`so i would really want to downgrade my gdb to the python2 version.01:06
spikespiegelwilee-nilee, last time i did dist-upgrade with 12.04.2 it downloaded new kernels (which right now on fresh install are not being installed with just apt-get upgrade)01:06
NK`i just don't want to bother about 2to2 just because of the upgrade01:06
spikespiegelwilee-nilee, after the kernel, my keyboard wasnt responding and after a couple reboots it started working again, and just other weird system glitches01:07
wilee-nileespikespiegel, That is normal, you need the dist-upgrade for some updates01:07
NK`guest_01: almost like a vpn yes01:07
saiarcot895NK`: you could go into Launchpad and download the default version of gdb that comes with Raring (or whatever distro you're using)01:07
NK`because it's a proxy tunneled inside ssl01:07
wilee-nileespikespiegel, keyboard problems are not normal I was answering the previous post01:08
spikespiegelwilee-nilee, is it "safer" to do the dist-upgrade using the GUI as i've read it does not actually delete any packages?01:08
NK`saiarcot895: that would be a way to do it yes01:08
guest_01cept you're stuck in browser. i guess. i didnt know that tho. blew my mind01:08
saiarcot895NK`: wait, are you using Saucy?01:08
NK`but can't it be done with embedded tools in the distri ?01:08
spikespiegelwilee-nilee, or am i better off not doing dist-upgrade until say 12.04.3 is released01:08
NK`saiarcot895: i have to confess guilty yes :)01:08
saiarcot895NK`: it might, but you would have to know the version01:08
NK`i know it exactly from the apt-get changelog01:09
wilee-nileespikespiegel, I run dist-upgrade every time the key is looking at what it is doing, I use the terminal though.01:09
saiarcot895NK`: oh yeah, I forgot about that01:09
saiarcot895NK`: you can try using "sudo apt-get install gdb=7.6.5ubuntu1"01:10
spikespiegelwilee-nilee, yeah thats what i usually do after doing normal upgrade, do you think it was just a coincidence that my system became glitchy after the dist-upgrade?01:10
NK`yes i tried that01:10
wilee-nileespikespiegel, Have you seen any partial upgrades offered?01:10
NK`it didn't work unfortunately01:10
NK`i don't know why i don't have the previous version when i do apt-cache policy gdb01:10
spikespiegelwilee-nilee, The following packages have been kept back:01:10
spikespiegel  linux-headers-generic-lts-quantal linux-image-generic-lts-quantal01:10
spikespiegelwilee-nilee, thats all that isnt updating from upgrade01:10
saiarcot895NK`: because only the latest version is kept in the repos01:11
NK`yes i guess01:11
NK`that's really wrong they choosed to link it with python3 already01:11
wilee-nileespikespiegel, you have run a update inspite of a partial warning?01:11
spikespiegelwilee-nilee, no i haven't updated anything yet as i dont want my system to glitch out, it hasn't said anything about partial upgrades though01:12
saiarcot895NK`: python3 has been included since what, Quantal?01:12
NK`since quantal i think yes01:12
choct155reisio:  thanks for the pointer01:12
spikespiegelwilee-nilee, looks like lix-headers and linux-image 3.5.0-37 is whats being held back from standard upgrade01:12
choct155saiarcot895:  what is the package in this case?  the ath9k?01:12
NK`maybe since precise01:12
NK`i think apport is using python since quantal at least01:13
NK`saiarcot895: you're using saucy as well ?01:13
wilee-nileespikespiegel, Good, you don't want to run a partial it is generally waiting for additional packages. Kernels are vheld and need a dist-upgrade. Not sure on the keyboard problems. Problem here is that your questions are well lets say special, and hard to answer.01:13
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saiarcot895choct155: I believe it's linux-image-extra-`uname -r`-generic01:14
saiarcot895NK`: raring01:14
saiarcot895choct155: but there may be a slightly easier way01:14
NK`what's the last gdb included in it so far ?01:14
spikespiegelwilee-nilee, lol of course thats me. what is your recommendation? is it worth doing dist-upgrade or is it better to play it safe with just upgrade01:14
saiarcot895NK`: seems to be prerelease version of 7.601:15
choct155saiarcot895:  i see (at least enough to move the ball a bit).  what's the easier way?01:15
wilee-nileespikespiegel, If nothing is messed up dist-upgrades should be fine, but do this from a terminal and before you hiy Y for yes look at what it is doing.01:15
spikespiegelwilee-nilee, alright going to give it a shot01:16
wilee-nileespikespiegel, Takes a little while to understand and remember all the key apps, so just keep on learning.01:16
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wilee-nileeand understand all of updates and upgrades01:16
spikespiegelwilee-nilee, i just want to make sure im not messing up by doing the dist-upgrades right now its fine cause its a fresh install but 2 months down the road would kinda suck :P01:17
NK`lastest in saucy is gdb (7.6-5ubuntu2) from the 30 of july, and it's the one which is linked to python3 lib01:17
spikespiegelwilee-nilee, i figured i was being an idiot and forcing things that shouldnt be installed01:17
wilee-nileespikespiegel, A good concern really, better to ask than act all wilee-nilee01:17
NK`i guess i'll go for a 2to301:17
spikespiegelwilee-nilee, indeed01:17
saiarcot895choct155: the linux backports project (https://backports.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Main_Page) has tarballs of just the wireless drivers in the package I mentioned; you could try downloading this, applying the patch, and installing it01:18
saiarcot895choct155: if it works, this would require less time than recompiling 2/3 of the kernel drivers01:18
spikespiegelwilee-nilee, looks as if its not going to remove anything, but just install an additional kernel, so im assuming the older kernel will stay as a failsafe option?01:19
saiarcot895choct155: note that they have their own IRC channel at #kernel-backports, so you can go there to ask any questions01:19
wilee-nileespikespiegel, yeah the old ones stay you v=can remove them if needed if they build up keeping two sets is the nrom, one as a backup.01:19
spikespiegelwilee-nilee, where are these kernels saved and how do you remove just apt-get remove?01:20
choct155saiarcot895:  ok, I saw that page before, but I was unsure what version I was supposed to acquire.  I can ask that in the backport page though.  Thanks for your help.  One more quick thing:  it looked like (from the bug) that the patch was applied to 3.10-rc5.  Since this is before a stable 3.10 release, I can apply it to 3.9 right?01:21
wilee-nileespikespiegel, They are in root basically, can be removed from the terminal I use the ubuntu tweak 3rd party janotor at times, or from synaptic, and probably the software center.01:21
spikespiegelwilee-nilee, okay thank you!01:22
wilee-nileespikespiegel, NO problem, enjoy. ;)01:22
wilee-nileetime to wash the delicates afk01:22
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saiarcot895choct155: yes, you can (that being said, functionality isn't guaranteed, so be prepared to uninstall the driver (it installs to a special update folder, I think) if it doesn't work)01:23
choct155saiarcot895:  you have been most helpful!  thanks01:23
saiarcot895choct155: also, there's a script in there that lets you build only the wireless driver you use, but it's available only for some drivers01:23
choct155reisio:  you have also helped me out a couple times now!01:24
choct155saiarcot895:  in the backport site?01:24
saiarcot895choct155: in the tarball itself01:24
choct155saiarcot895:  gotcha01:25
choct155saiarcot895:  i will be on the lookout01:25
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f00bar80tried to manually recover system after upgrade by mount -n -o remount,rw / and then dpkg --configure -a , got Processing halted because there were too many errors , any idea what i can do ? i've tried boot-repair disk and got different kernels booting options01:26
f00bar80really i need help if anynbody can help , i'll appreciate it01:26
jghfuyitf768i5fubuntu crap01:27
cgtdkjghfuyitf768i5f: that's not very productive01:28
jghfuyitf768i5fwindows rocks01:28
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cgtdkIf you want people to help you, be nice. If you just want to complain, please go away.01:28
BananaMagicianI like ubuntu01:28
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:28
sudoatxI am still a fan of Ubuntu in spite of what Richard Stallman might say01:29
cgtdk!offtopic | sudoatx01:29
ubottusudoatx: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:29
BananaMagiciandont you mean GNU/Ubuntu01:30
f00bar80ppl anybody can help01:30
anoneehello, I'm trying to write a script to directory using lftp, as mentioned in step 3, I should hardcode the destination directory, but I thought I'd better write a scripts that works even if the user moves the destination directory, how can I replace the hardcoded destination directory with a variable that tells the current directory (where the script is located) to lftp?01:31
cgtdk!anyone | f00bar8001:31
ubottuf00bar80: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.01:31
rhinuxHi. I have installed a mini.iso for net install on usb, booting works, but I need a roprietary wlan driver b43 + firmware. I have it on 2nd usb partition, but i cant mount it in boot shell. then I booted again from hdd and mounted ISO as loop, but always only ro, remount,rw doesnt work :(  any idea?01:31
f00bar80tried to manually recover system after upgrade by mount -n -o remount,rw / and then dpkg --configure -a , got Processing halted because there were too many errors , any idea what i can do ? i've tried boot-repair disk and got different kernels booting options01:32
jghfuyitf768i5funinstall ubuntu and install windows all problems solved01:32
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!01:32
jribcgtdk: what is the issue?01:32
cgtdkjrib: jghfuyitf768i5f is a troll01:33
IdleOne!behelpful | jghfuyitf768i5f01:33
ubottujghfuyitf768i5f: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.01:33
phoenix1969HELP...Im back... none of that worked...but..I was able to download the .run driver istallation file for the graphics card I have, so how do I do this?? its sitting on my windows desktop...do I move it into the ubunto folder somewhere?,...how to run?01:34
doggoneDoes anyone know about the SMF forums getting hacked?01:34
josehey guys, any of you know if it's possible to use my Ubuntu PC as a bluetooth headset?01:34
bigbadbenHi I have public keys set up on my ssh server now I want to be able to ssh into that server with my laptop what is the best way of getting the keys over01:35
jribbigbadben: copy any way you can? (e.g. using ssh)01:36
bigbadbenbut I cant scp from laptop to the server01:36
doggonebigbadben: use a password to auth?01:36
jribbigbadben: why not?  Anyway, you should generate a new key for your laptop01:36
jribbut you don't have to01:37
jribbigbadben: you can do the "ssh"y part on either side of scp.  For example, scp foo host:bar or scp host:foo bar01:37
bigbadbenmy desktop is at home I it connects to the server I am not at home but I want to connect to the ssh server is it possible with public keys set up01:38
deadmundIs there a way to remove some of the items from the recently used list?01:38
anoneeSorry, the question is corrected now: 'm trying to write a script to sync a local directory with an ftp site using lftp, as mentioned in step 3, http://www.kreci.net/linux/how-to-synchronize-your-files-by-ftp/ I should hardcode the destination directory in the script, but I thought I'd better write a variable that tells the current directory (where the script is located) to lftp, so the script works if the user moves the destination directory. is it possible?01:38
reisioanonee: do what?01:39
cynicistdeadmund: do you mean in unity?01:39
Maple__Is there a way to find which usergroups a user is in via terminal?01:39
deadmundcynicist: ~/.local/share/recently-used.xbel01:40
reisioMaple__: groups01:40
joseanonee: in your script put the output of 'pwd' as a variable01:40
cynicistdeadmund: where are the results showing up?01:40
Maple__No, rather than descriptions, just the group names alone.01:41
deadmundcynicist: In a script that I am working on that reads and parses the XML of this file?01:41
jribMaple__: groups01:41
deadmundcynicist: what does it matter what modules read the file, what is really important is what writes it no?  The file automatically regenerates itself01:41
microsdoes anyone know what might cause all of a processes child processes to receive SIGABRT at the same time?  We have a starter process, which can kill children with SIGQUIT as required, however, it never sends SIGABRT. When we kill the parent, the children do not die, which is expected behavior so exit of the parent doesnt seem to be the cause.  Neither does an out of memory condition (thought01:41
microsperhaps all the processes fail on a malloc when unblocking from their receive queues, but this isnt the case either)... ideas?  thanks.01:41
cynicistdeadmund: my question was where the results are showing up and whether you wanted to see them at all01:42
cynicistdeadmund: if you mean selectively remove then I don't know01:42
deadmundcynicist: My script shows me which episode of TV shows I've most recently watched.  I recently started a series over (from season 24 to season 1) so I want to remove the season 24 entries that are still int he list01:43
deadmundcynicist: I mean selectively remove them01:43
deadmundcynicist: this recently used files feature is buried really deep in gtk.  Seems like it should be more modular01:43
deadmundcynicist: thanks anyway, i'll keep searching01:43
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cynicistdeadmund: yeah it's not very configurable, gl01:45
deadmundcynicist: thanks01:45
anoneejose should this work?01:45
anoneemirror -n ftp://site/dir1 $pwd01:45
joseanonee: haven't used the mirror command, but if you write " $pwd = `pwd`" without "" at the beginning, it should01:46
=== Amr_ is now known as dr3mro
anoneesorry jose, $wd=pwd01:50
anoneemirror -n ftp://thesite/dir1/ $wd01:50
anoneeI'll try this, thank you.01:50
=== dr3mro is now known as drvista
joseanonee: put a space before and after the =01:50
=== drvista is now known as dr3mro
spikespiegelman i hope this ubuntu phone actually happens, that would be pretty amazing01:52
woospikespiegel: are you talking about the edge?01:53
spikespiegelwoo, yea01:53
=== sarcasticsimba is now known as vigs
woospikespiegel: is ringtail the os side?01:54
spikespiegelwoo, not really sure how that works01:55
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
anoneeOMG jose you should see this. try lftp> set -a02:00
joseanonee: pardon?02:00
anoneejose this is how you can see which variables you can set02:00
joseoh, ok02:01
guest654anyone have any ideas on sshfs and hibernate. either keep the connection open or remount it somehow02:02
guest654think fstab is suppose to do that but wont accept any options for some reason02:05
andschHello. Sorry if it is a silly question, but how do I uninstall old kernels and packages that put files in my /boot partition?02:07
qinguest654: you probably want to  unmount shares with fuse before hibernation or suspend. some neatly composed script should do02:07
guest654qin: where would i put the scipt. i can put it together i just need the right file location02:08
dr_willisandsch:  with the pavkage manager tools02:08
guest654or, even on the ifup, that would work i think. where would i put that file02:09
dr_willisandsch:   askubuntu.com ahas some scripts to clean out old kernesl02:09
andschdr_willis: how do I run it? Is it in Ubuntu Software Center?02:10
dakotawulfyubuntu tweak  has stuff to remove the old kernels02:10
dr_willisandsch:  you use software center or apt-get. or aptitude. or synaptic to.remove the packages02:11
dr_willisany of the package manager tools will work02:11
qinguest654: one way would be to go with pm-actions, but I have never managed to make it work properly.02:12
guest654qin: i know i tried that too. it wouldnt even look at the file so gave up.02:14
guest654i was thinking the interval setting in sshd_conf but im not sure how that works with hibernate02:15
=== Floyd is now known as Guest58178
qinguest654: I think furthest it was manual unmounter, and some batty ideas to call hibernate and screenlock from within script.02:17
goddardhow can i enable/disable crossfire from the command line?02:18
guest654ok thanks.02:22
hdonhi all :) i am using nvidia driver 304.88 for my GeForce 9600 GT. is there a newer driver i should/could be using? i have a lot of problems with my desktop hanging. seems to always happen when i'm running 3D OpenGL applications. either running more than one, or running those and a web browser at the same time will cause my computer to hang for 2-12 seconds every so often.02:22
qinguest654: Here is mass unmounter, it should be easy to add remount feature and hibernate http://paste.ubuntu.com/5934900/02:23
acidrainim looking at the ffmpeg utility for terminal. it says its depricated and to install avconv. sudo apt-get install avconv. couldnt find package02:23
acidrainany good terminal tools for sound conversions i can use that doesnt require me going on a goose chase?02:23
acidraineh... doing ffmpeg -h. the tools is too big and beautiful to lose02:25
somsipacidrain: a bit of info here that might help you about the state of ffmpeg/avconv http://superuser.com/questions/507386/libav-vs-ffmpeg-better-to-use-libav-avconv-today02:27
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qin!info dmenu02:29
ubottuPackage dmenu does not exist in raring02:29
dr_willis! find dmenu02:30
=== scott is now known as Guest85821
qindr_willis: I am getting retarded,,, suckless-tool for dwm for dmenu, it cant be less wired.02:33
angelazouquick question, I added a PPA repo for php502:41
angelazoubut now when I try to install PEAR, I got these error messages02:41
angelazouErr http://ppa.launchpad.net/ondrej/php5/ubuntu/ raring/main php-pear all 5.4.17-1~raring+102:41
angelazouhow can I remove this PPA or find another PPA that has pear package?02:42
krzis it possible to have 2 applications start at workspace 2 at startup?02:42
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html02:43
somsipangelazou: that was for you...forgot to prefix your nick02:44
angelazouis there a ppa-list?02:44
angelazouI'd like to confirm before I remove it02:44
somsip!ppa | angelazou02:44
ubottuangelazou: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge02:44
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codepython777anyone here who runs powerdns/any other dns server? I'm running pdns and it dies in the middle - cant find anything suspicious in the logs. grep "error" /var/log/daemon.log = nothing - Any ideas how to debug this?02:48
SaddyHearthi guys02:52
reisiohi baby02:53
john38Hello all, can anybody recommend a good program to recover deleted files on Precise Pangolin 12.04???....03:05
benkillinyou're pretty much screwed03:06
benkillinyou have to do file carving03:06
benkillinext3/4 zeros out the pointers so once its deleted there is no mapping to the data anymore, unlike ntfs03:06
john38how can that be out of all the software on database and not one for file recovery03:06
reisiojohn38: deleted how?03:07
cynicistangelazou: yes you can search for Software & Updates in the dash or edit > software sources from the Ubuntu Software Center and find your ppas listed under the 'Other Software' tab03:07
benkillinyou'd have to make a forensic quality image of the disk then use advacned forensics tools to recover the files03:07
john38reisio, deleted from trash03:07
reisiojohn38: via the file manager?03:07
john38reisio, no accidently03:08
reisioaccidentally via what...03:08
john38what do you mean via what03:08
reisionevermind, look into extundelete03:08
reisiotry not to make writes to the FS in the interim03:08
john38i mean empty trash03:08
mumpitzelreisio: and this would work with ext3/ext4?03:08
reisiomumpitzel: yup, potentially03:09
john38ok thanks03:09
mumpitzelreisio: no. https://ext4.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Frequently_Asked_Questions#Can_I_undelete_files_in_Ext4.3F03:09
reisiomumpitzel: no what?03:10
mumpitzelit won't work03:10
benkillinoh are the pointers to the disk blocks that belong to a file stored in the FS journal?03:10
john38anybody heard of foremost03:10
reisiomumpitzel: are you pitting a wiki against an entire application named 'extundelete'?03:11
benkillinthat might work in that case assuming the block wasn't moved since the last entry in the journal03:11
mumpitzelbenkillin: read the link and the stuff it lonks to itself03:11
reisiohang on while I edit the wiki to not say that anymore03:11
reisiooh nevermind03:11
mumpitzelreisio: yes. cause the ext2/3/4 developers know more about their filesystem than other people, who write arbitrarily named programs03:11
reisiodid you ever follow its own link? https://ext4.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Undeletion03:11
reisiomumpitzel: spoke too soon :p ^03:11
mumpitzelyou can try to undelete ext3 files, but the results will rarely give you your files back for any non trivial case. and I don't know any program for ext4 with the new features03:13
reisiono way03:13
reisiobut do you know what 'potentially' mean?03:13
benkillin"extundelete uses some concepts and code first shown to be successful by the ext3grep program. extundelete is able to recover the contents of an inode by searching the file system's journal for an old copy of that inode. It then uses that information to determine the file's location within the file system. Then, extundelete reads the corresponding data and copies it to a file in the recovery directory."03:14
benkillinthat sounds extremely iffy03:14
benkillinby the time you even install and compile the program you've probably overwritten the data that you were trying to recover if you didn't immediately power down and take a forensic image03:14
reisioyou're right, he shouldn't even bother trying it03:15
reisiogood call :p03:15
mumpitzelbenkillin: to use any undelete program you unmount or mount the filesystem in question read only immediately and do nothing at all anymore on it03:15
benkillinI know03:15
benkillinI actually have done forensic file recovery before03:15
mumpitzel!ops TirixTa is messaging GNAA spam03:15
sandmanSo I've two routers in my home, both linksys, two Ubuntu 12.04 installations, exactly the same, with a printer connected wirelessly to one of the routers. The Ubuntu machine on that router can print to it. The Ubuntu machine that is on the router that's not close to the printer cannot print to it, though. One router is set to Gateway mode (this is the one connected to the modem), the other router is set to "Router" mode and DHCP ser03:15
sandmanBoth routers have the same SSID, encryption, and so on. Only their channel is different. I've tried different SSIDs, and that doesn't make a difference either.03:16
sandmanAny help would be appreciated. It just doesn't make sense to me that one could print, while the other can't, meanwhile all other traffic seems to go through just peachy.03:16
benkillinhow are the routers hooked together?03:16
benkillindo you have one of the lan ports from one plugged into the wan port of the other03:16
mumpitzelsandman: can you ping the printer or any other host from the machine?03:16
benkillinif so the nat is probably getting in the way03:17
sandmanrouter 1, we'll call it, hooked up to the modem, has a cable in the WAN port. The second router does not use its WAN port, but has a cable running from one of its LAN ports to one of the LAN ports on the other router.03:17
sandmanI can ping the other printer, yes.03:17
sandmanAll machines can print.03:17
benkillinwait whats th problem03:17
benkillinI thought you said one machine cant print03:18
sandmanSo I can ping it right now, but the printer that I've added for it manually says "it may not be connected"03:18
sandmanLet me lay out the topology03:18
sandmanModem => Gateway => Router => Printer. The Ubuntu machine that cannot print is the one that I'm on.03:19
iampozhi, does anyone know how to kill certain processes and make sure they do not turn right back on?03:19
sandmanGateway and Router both have the same wireless configuration, SSID and all, except the channel; one is set to 1, the other 11.03:20
sandmanRouter has IP, Gateway has Router's DHCP server is disabled.03:20
iampozsandman, isent the channels being different a problem?03:20
sandmanPrinter is connected to the Router's WLAN. This Ubuntu machine is connected to the Gateway's WLAN.03:20
sandmaniampoz: I've tried the same channel, too. Unfortunately doesn't make a difference =(03:21
iampozoh okay03:21
iampozwhat kind of printer?03:21
benkillinis client isolation turned on in the wireless settings on the router03:21
iampozcan you print when it is connected by wire?03:21
sandmanFrom this Ubuntu install, connected to the Gateway's WLAN, I can look at the printer's web interface, ping it, etc, but cannot print to it.03:21
sandmanFor the Ubuntu install connected to the Router, through a cable (not WLAN), I can print.03:22
iampozwhat are your firewall settings?03:22
benkillinhave you ensured you can print to it using a wired netowrk as well? maybe you didn't install the driver correctly03:22
sandmanPrinter is connected to the Router's WLAN, once again.03:22
sandmanFirewall is disabled on the Router03:22
benkillinok so its your compy connected to the router bone, then the router bone is connected to the printer bone, all over wireless03:22
iampozwhat about the firewall in ubuntu?03:23
benkillinyeah check your iptables rules with `iptables -L`03:23
sandmaniampoz: They are both fresh 12.04 LTS installs, no modifications made to the firewall03:23
iampoztry to disable the ubuntu firewall03:23
sandmansudo iptables -L lists nothing.03:24
benkillinwhat about ip6tables -L03:24
sandmanNothing. Just the column headings.03:24
benkillinwhat's the default policies03:24
benkillinany that say drop or reject03:25
sandmanBut again, yeah. I can print to it from the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS machine which is connected through cable to the Router.03:25
sandmanbenkillin: Nothing is listed from anything.03:25
iampozhave you tryed turning off the ubuntu firewall?03:25
sandmanfor iptables03:25
sandmaniampoz: Not on this machine, but I'd like to note that the other machine is the exact same install as this03:26
sandmanAnd it can print.03:26
benkillinalso did you check to see if client isolation was turned on in the wireless settings of the router03:26
sandmanBut I can do that, sure. How goes?03:26
sandmanbenkillin: Okay, just a sec03:26
sandmanOkay, AP isolation is off on both routers.03:26
sandmanI take it that's it =)03:28
sandmanNo solution03:28
iampozmaybe this will help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j--A1UIWYqk03:28
benkillinmake sure the networks are the same and it's not routing just acting as a switch03:29
benkillinif its routing maybe there is some sort of natting going on for wireless clients03:29
sandmanbenkillin: Hmmm... that makes me think03:30
amageeI have ubuntu 13.04 and a sound card that is detected fine by PulseAudio and works fine with Skype. I want to be able to record from it to disk using the command line. Can anyone point me in the right direction?03:30
reisioiampoz: heh03:30
iampozHave you tried rebooting?03:31
iampozso my problem is that i have a number of processes (avahi-daemon, wpa_supplicant, NetworkManager, dhclient) that i want to kill and make sure they do not restart, is it possible to do this?03:35
benkilliniampoz: no its completely impossible03:36
benkillinin fact if you try your computer will reformat03:36
iampozdont be mean03:36
iampozthank you benkillin03:37
benkillinmy pleasure03:37
clj_newb_2345is there a way to "apt-get" docker yet on ubuntu?03:38
reisioclj_newb_2345: it's in universe: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu03:39
reisioand probably has been for ages :)03:39
clj_newb_2345isn't docker recent?03:39
reisioif it is, it has a terrible (taken) name03:39
reisiotalking about this? http://www.docker.io/03:40
clj_newb_2345yes, was about to paste a link myself03:40
reisiowere you now :p03:40
reisioclj_newb_2345: https://launchpad.net/~dotcloud/+archive/lxc-docker03:40
angelazouhi I need to remove a PPA package03:40
reisiolike the logo, anyways03:40
angelazouI already have python software properties installed, but ppa-purge seems like a different package03:41
clj_newb_2345it's possible the answer to this question is "don't use ubuntu" but -- what is the ideal distro for a server machine (thus no worry about graphics / 3rd party binary drivers) whose sole job is to run ssh + docker host? So in the "root" system, I need sshd so I can login, and it needs to be able to run docker03:42
UbuntivityHello. I have 2 old computers running Ubuntu server 12.04. I used to update them regularily. but I'm wondering if there is a way to update both of them without having them 2 to download the same packages individually, is that possible?03:42
reisioUbuntivity: yup03:42
jpdsclj_newb_2345: What's wrong with using Ubuntu on a server?03:42
UbuntivityHow is that, mighty reisio?03:42
wh1t3warri0rTry Arch-linux03:42
jpdsUbuntivity: Use a proxy.03:42
clj_newb_2345jpds: nothing, was just wondering if these was a solution tailor made for this03:43
jpdsUbuntivity: sudo apt-get install squid-deb-proxy03:43
reisioUbuntivity: wheee blogs https://locallost.net/?p=603:43
whoeverUbuntivity: no03:43
jpdswhoever: No what?03:43
jpdsUbuntivity: http://askubuntu.com/questions/3503/best-way-to-cache-apt-downloads-on-a-lan03:44
UbuntivityDid I mis-explain myself earlier? Or I AM getting confusing answers?03:44
whoeverjpds: he asked if he would have his to ubuntu boxes bothe update but only dl the package onece03:44
UbuntivityYes whoever, That's what I meant.03:44
jpdswhoever: That is possible.03:44
jpdsUbuntivity: whoever is confused.03:45
danny4wayI am looking for a software or music player that works like itunes.03:45
danny4wayI can install itunes on ubuntu but seems it's very slow.03:45
jpdsUbuntivity: You just need a proxy server to cache the package downloads - see the link I sent you.03:45
whoeverjpds: yes if you had a server that dl'd the packages then you had each box go to the server03:45
reisiodanny4way: yes it would be :p03:45
danny4wayI am looking for any music player that actually connects my iphone and let me transfer music from my computer to my iphone03:46
whoeverjpds: he doesn't have that though03:46
wh1t3warri0rI want to know how to start a linux group in my town?03:46
reisiowh1t3warri0r: just start one03:46
UbuntivityThanks jpds, I'm reading the answers to that question on askubuntu right now...03:46
reisioyou don't need permission03:46
jpdswhoever: Of course; he's asking on HOW to set it up.03:46
kgalahassaPlease, on ubuntu 12.10, I have this "'/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup'" while charging my virtualbox03:46
reisiodanny4way: do you not have banshee already?03:47
reisioor rhythmbox03:47
whoeverjpds: the only part of hes post i sav was can i update both boxes but only dowload the package once , so sounds like i missed something03:47
wh1t3warri0rWill people show up03:47
danny4wayThank you for the chart. reisio03:47
reisiokgalahassa: hrmm?03:48
danny4wayBut how do i install it?03:48
wh1t3warri0rHow do I know if people are going to show up in the linux group.03:48
danny4wayI am actually looking at iRip03:49
danny4wayIt seems to work better than others.03:49
kgalahassareisio: Please, on ubuntu 12.10, I have this "'/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup'" while charging my virtualbox03:49
reisiokgalahassa: is that a question?03:49
UbuntivityHow can I protect my home network while I have two Ubuntu Server 12.04 PCs with ssh enabled on them?03:50
benkillinUbuntivity: you dont have to you're unhackable if you run linux03:50
wh1t3warri0rnot true03:50
danny4wayhi. Anyone?03:50
UbuntivityWhat about brute-force attacks?03:50
danny4wayI just need to install iRip03:50
UbuntivityWhat about brute-force attacks? benkillin?03:51
kgalahassareisio: Please, on ubuntu 12.10, I have this "'/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup'" while charging my virtualbox, :: reisio, i need someone who can help, because of this problèm, i can not work on virtualbox03:51
benkillinUbuntivity: yeah you're super invulnerable against brute force attacks with ubuntu03:51
wh1t3warri0rUbuntivity> Try using a firewall like gufw03:51
UbuntivityHow would I firewall protect me if I have to keep my port 22 open to ssh into my PCs?03:52
reisiokgalahassa: what's the problem?03:52
benkillinUbuntivity: step 1) make sure no unneeded services are running on your machine, you can check this with netstat or my favorite tool `lsof -i -n` to list all open network sockets and which program is bound to them03:52
benkillinUbuntivity: step 2) set up a host based firewall using iptables03:52
reisiodanny4way: iripdb?03:52
benkillinUbuntivity: step 3) run ssh on a non default port, but still some port number less than 102403:52
pznI need a help... aparently ubuntu 12.04lts64bits does not work "out of box" with citrix xen + ibm blade server. I'm not familiar with xen. ubuntu frequently fails (3x per week) the harddisk/blockdev and it is remounted read-only). any hints?03:52
benkillinUbuntivity: step 4) install fail2ban03:52
danny4wayWait. Because right now I am on iRip website.03:53
danny4wayAnd it's like itunes.03:53
reisioUbuntivity: ssh is very secure already03:53
danny4wayBut for windows i have to buy.03:53
reisiochanging the port won't really make you more secure03:53
danny4wayBut for mac, they provide it for free.03:53
reisioit might reduce traffic, though03:53
benkillinUbuntivity: step 5) disable password based authentication for your ssh server, disable remote root login, set up ssh keys with ssh-keygen and only use ssh key based authentication to connect to your machines03:53
danny4wayI have wine and playonlinux03:53
reisioin exchange for complicating your life hugely03:53
reisioUbuntivity: http://xkcd.com/936/03:53
danny4wayBut I am not sure if wine and playonlinux actually install mac softwares.03:53
benkillinUbuntivity: step 6) set up a network boundary firewall and forward appropriate ports for your two machines if you wish to connect to them from the internet03:53
wh1t3warri0rUbuntivity>Are you using key chains or a password for ssh03:53
benkillinUbuntivity: step 7) if you can, set up a VPS server, then use tcpwrappers configuration to make it so only that VPS's IP address can connect to the ssh servers running on your machines03:54
benkillinUbuntivity: then you could ssh to that vps then from that vps ssh to your servers from the internet, same steps apply for that vps server though, making sure to only use ssh key based auth and such03:54
Ubuntivitywh1t3warri0r: I'm using passowrd authentication so far03:54
wh1t3warri0rUbuntivity> Try using a key chains.03:55
UbuntivityAND I'm really fascinated by what ssh can do that I'm intending to port-forward through my router to my PC to remotely-control it from any friend's house or practically any wifi in the world03:55
=== r is now known as Guest51499
reisiodanny4way: they don't03:56
UbuntivityI tried at some point of time to use the GPG (isn't it the thing used for that?)03:56
UbuntivityBut I couldn't set up the two keys (I was really confused)03:56
danny4wayThank you anyway. I just downloaded ubuntu for school anyway.03:56
kgalahassareisio is that each time i want start a virtual machine, i get it:  http://pastebin.com/2Yp9C5rf, see yourself!03:56
danny4wayBut it seems hard to use than what i expected.03:57
wh1t3warri0rUbuntivity>Go to hak5.org if you want to learn more about linux.03:57
reisiokgalahassa: sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup03:58
benkillinUbuntivity: yes ssh -D and ssh -R and ssh -w all very fun03:58
reisiokgalahassa: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox#Ubuntu_12.04_LTS03:58
benkillinUbuntivity: http://superuser.com/questions/62303/how-can-i-tunnel-all-of-my-network-traffic-through-ssh03:59
UbuntivityI didn't really understand what they do on the manual, benkillin!03:59
benkillinUbuntivity: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys04:00
UbuntivityThanks for that link benkillin, I'm gonna read it04:01
UbuntivityGot to go to sleep. Thanks to everyone and good bye04:01
benkillinBTW if anybody was wondering why I said to set an ssh server on a non default port but still less than 1024 its so if you do get your machine compromised, malware still needs root access to bind to your ssh port, this helps mitigate compromise a little bit such that a backdoored ssh server couldn't replace the legit ssh server and steal keystrokes and passwords for other systems04:05
benkillinjust throwin that out there04:05
reisiowaste of time04:06
benkillinnot really04:07
benkillinno you're totally wrong04:07
reisiono u r04:07
benkillinno u04:07
reisioit's almost french, nou04:08
WulframnNon s'il vous plais!04:08
Random832this has been a very productive use of a screenful of irc output04:08
twu1reisio: why would it be a waste of time?04:09
kgalahassareisio, thks04:09
Random832benkillin: isn't that what host key verification (which private key should need root access to read from) is for?04:09
holsteinsecurity by obscurity wont hurt anything, but one shouldnt depend on it04:10
reisiotwu1: because it doesn't stop people from trying to authenticate04:10
reisioit will however absolutely massively complicate your ssh system04:10
benkillinwell the point is if you do move it to a different port you can be sure that you know you've either gotten rooted or something04:10
sobhandoes ubuntu 13.4CD have btrfs-progs ?04:10
reisiobenkillin: I'd rather use an intrusion detection system for that04:11
reisiowhich you'd have to use anyways04:11
benkillinI like my logs cleaner04:11
holsteinbenkillin: yeah? how does the port change indicate that?04:11
reisiosobhan: http://www.google.com/search?q=help%20ubuntu%20btrfs04:12
holsteinsobhan: 13.0404:12
benkillinit doesn't but it forces an attacker to have root to backdoor your ssh04:12
reisiobenkillin: rm :p04:12
holstein!info btrfs-progs04:12
ubottuPackage btrfs-progs does not exist in raring04:12
reisio"<ubottu> Sorry, I don't know anything about butter"04:12
reisiopoor bastard04:12
holsteinsobhan: is it part of a larger package?04:12
benkillinassuming the prot change was to a port less than 1024 that is04:13
varlogtimapt-cache search btrfs04:13
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo04:13
holsteinbenkillin: i have never heard that..04:13
benkillinwell you need root to bind to any port less than 102404:13
holsteinbenkillin: unless you want to just do it on the router04:14
kbooduAnd the signature from connecting to the port will tell you it's ssh anyway.04:14
benkillinoh if you're natting sure04:14
holsteinbenkillin: forward literally whatever port you want through the router firewall to whatever port on the server.. the public facing port is not the one on the server04:15
benkillinI know04:15
benkillinI'm assuming a direct connection to the internet04:15
benkillinso assume you are connecting from a new device and between the time you last connected on a device that had the host key cached and the time you connected on the new device you got pwned04:16
benkillinmost people aren't going to verify the key04:16
benkillinso its safer if you do move to a non default port on the actual box to make it less than 102404:16
benkillinthe benefits of moving the port is if you are directly on the internet and you dont want a bunch of traffic in your logs from the automated bots04:17
Random832i really don't think we should be encouraging people to not verify keys04:18
Random832if they care about security04:18
benkillinwell I'm certainly not encouraging it but lets be realistic04:18
Random832i mean they even make those ascii art keys now04:18
kbooduIt's sloppy security and will lead to people getting careless and could open themselves up to MITM.  We shouldn't really be discussing this for anyone reading through the logs later.04:19
benkillinits not slopy security to move ssh to a different port less than 102404:19
benkillinthe only thing sloppy is not checking the host key from a new device or ignoring a mismatch error04:20
kbooduTo ignore the keys is, however.04:20
reisioit's not sloppy security, it's just silly :)04:20
=== fred_ is now known as Guest66856
kbooduIt's laziness not to be watching for invalid keys coming from the server.  That's sloppy security.04:21
Random832to be fair there is a fine line between sloppy security and defense in depth, and you can't control your users 100%04:21
benkillinyes that's what I just said04:21
* kboodu agrees with benkillin04:22
benkillinthe original argument was it's a waste of time to move ssh to a different port04:22
benkillinI disagree with that04:22
benkillinfor the reasons I've already stated04:22
benkillinignoring host keys is a completely different argument04:22
benkillinand one I'm not making04:22
benkillinanyway, pz out04:23
kbooduHowever, moving to another port under 1024 still requires root (but you can just change the sshd.config).  It still doesn't gain you much other than a little obscurity.04:23
benkillinit adds just a little bit to the defense in depth posture and it makes  me feel like I accomplished something04:25
Awakenhm, why would moving ssh to a port under 1024 be more secure than one over 1024 ?04:27
Awakensurely it would be less secure as a lot of automated port scans just scan 1-1024 ?04:28
nathanbzhow would i install the latest version of https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fuse04:29
nathanbzwhen im on 10.0404:29
holsteinnathanbz: 10.04 desktop/04:31
holsteinnathanbz: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fuse/2.8.1-1.1ubuntu204:32
nathanbzyeah i need 2.8.4+04:32
holsteinnathanbz: might not be able to be supported in 10.0404:33
holsteinnathanbz: you will look for a PPA, or build it on your own.. or upgrade04:33
nathanbzso i would have to rebuild from source instead ?04:33
holsteinnathanbz: you could build it from the source, manually. assuming it can be run on 10.0404:33
nathanbzit can04:33
holsteinnathanbz: i would confirm that.. kernel version.. dependencies.. etc04:33
nathanbzwhats the command to get kernel version again04:34
holsteinnathanbz: uname -a shoulc get you what you need04:35
nathanbzmeh i have latest kernel04:35
universalhow to restore opened tabs synced via firefox sync in another machine or a reinstalled machine ?04:35
holsteinnathanbz: i have no idea what the requirements are for the version of fuse you want to run... but, you can check the source, and the requirements04:36
insommorning all04:36
nathanbzthre requirements are like 2.4.x04:36
insomI have a crazy idea guys... I was cleaning my house today, and I ran in to an old 80GB ipod04:37
reisio80, nice04:37
holsteinnathanbz: the requirements will be listed... the officially suppported version of fuse is in the repos.. if you want a newer version that is not supported, you are welcome to manaully install it04:37
insomI'm wondering if you guys happen to know if I can format with propper partitions and use it as a bootable ubuntu system?04:37
nathanbzI'm building it now from source04:37
nathanbzcant find a ppa :904:38
reisioinsom: know which gen/model?04:38
insomI believe 6th04:38
insomipod video04:38
holsteininsom: i would just load it up and see.. there is nothing about ubuntu/linux preventing it from being used as a mass storage USB device04:38
insomits an ugly clunky little guy04:38
reisioinsom: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Ipodclassic120gb.jpg ?04:39
insomI was more curious if I can turn it into a native usb storage type deal04:39
reisioinsom: you can probably do that by just plugging it in04:39
holsteininsom: if the device is allowed to be used that way, yes04:39
insomthat's part of the question also04:39
reisiohttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPodLinux#Compatibility :/04:40
holsteinthe easy way to know is by plugging it in04:40
insomlol yeah about that04:41
insomwhen you're cleaning house and you stumble upon an ipod, what don't you find?04:42
insomreisio I appreciate the link, but I have no interest in using it as an actual ipod04:44
insomI basically want to turn it in to a thumb drive04:44
danny4waydoes anyone use cario dock?04:46
danny4wayI need help with it.04:46
danny4wayHow do I add custom applications on the dock?04:47
danny4wayIt seems like I can't just drag it from the application menu.04:47
holsteindanny4way: seems? try it04:47
danny4wayI did.04:47
danny4wayBut it didn't work.04:47
christofferdanny4way start the application and then right click to "lock to launcher"04:47
koolmon10question: does the x64 kernel for 13.04 support pae? is pae support even necessary under x64?04:48
christofferdanny4way perhaps I arrived late...missed your first comment about cario dock04:48
danny4wayI can't.04:49
reisioinsom: right... except you said you had :p no worries04:49
theadminkoolmon10: Uh. PAE is an extension for 32-bit machines that allows to use over 4GB of RAM.04:49
danny4wayNow it's lock and I can't even change any exist software on the dock04:49
theadminkoolmon10: It's entirely unnecessary under 64-bit as it becomes useless04:49
holsteindanny4way: you cant right click on it?04:49
koolmon10theadmin; that's what i thought. ive got someone trying to tell me i need pae support04:50
holsteindanny4way: try as a different user.. reinstall the dock.. remove the config in your /home04:50
danny4wayHow does reinstalling the dock related to adding custom software?04:51
koolmon10is there anyway to fix this error on resume? could it be causing gradual performance decrease between resumes? http://imgur.com/eUknDhL.jpg04:52
holsteindanny4way: its a suggestion you can ignore.. from me.. a volunteer.. i read that you are having issues since it is "locked" somehow.. and reinstalling it could be a "fix" if you have broken it04:52
holsteindanny4way: if you test as another user, and it works, then the issue is in the config in your users /home (likely)04:52
danny4wayNo. Now it's fixed by clicking on lock again.04:52
danny4wayNow I can change spots again.04:53
danny4wayThe only problem that I have right now is that  I can't add any custom apps.04:53
wilee-nileedanny4way, I add to it by when an app is open there is a right click add to dock, some do some don't04:54
danny4wayI actually want to use dock for short cut. Because built in side way dock is annoying sometimes. I am used to Mac docks.04:54
danny4wayOh oKya. I will try.04:54
danny4wayNo. I can't wilee-nilee04:55
danny4wayOH I see how to add now.04:57
danny4wayI just solved it.04:57
danny4wayAnyway, Thank you for suggestions guys.04:57
wilee-nileedanny4way, Might have to do which dock image you use, here are a number of possibilities, I found one I like and just save the config per install.04:57
koolmon10is there anyway to fix this error on resume? could it be causing gradual performance decrease between resumes? http://imgur.com/eUknDhL.jpg04:57
ubottuciao: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».05:12
acidrainwhat a good way to 'terminally' (if you will) lower the bitrate of a mp3/wav file.  im attempting to create a website for a music label and i want to ensure that beats arent stolen. so ill stream them from the site in a lower bitrate and then when someone buys give them the high quality.05:15
acidrainanyways, any input will do.05:15
lotuspsychje!it | ciao05:15
ubottuciao: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)05:15
reisioacidrain: I'd recommend excerpts instead05:15
reisiowho wants to download music that sounds like a toaster oven05:16
reisio^ I'll tell you who05:16
reisiothe kind of people who don't care if it sounds like a toaster oven05:16
reisioand therefore won't buy a better quality05:16
rreedacidrain, reisio has a major point there, from experience distributing music independently, that concept will kill the sales.05:16
dr_willistoaster tunes  for two to tango.05:16
acidrainreisio, ok, i like your idea, how can i manage to do this though? like grab a certain section of the audio file?05:17
dr_willisffmpeg and mencoder can cut out a section and put it in a file05:17
linuxcan someone explain how to install something?05:18
lotuspsychjelinux: ask away mate05:18
acidraindr_willis, i just cant find that much detail on ffmpeg to get a good idea on how to use it properly05:18
dr_willislinux:   sudo apt-get install somthing05:18
acidraini see many examples, and man pages. but not good enough explanation05:18
dr_willisacidrain:  i alwaus just google for examples05:18
linuxokay go in the directory or folder and sudo apt get install xxxx05:18
lotuspsychjelinux: from terminal05:19
linuxthe mane of the file I want to install xxxx05:19
acidrainlinux, no. from terminal05:19
dr_willislinux apt-get downloads the stuff from the internet.. no need to be in any directory05:19
dr_willis!apt | linux05:19
ubottulinux: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Muon (KDE) or !Apper (KDE)05:19
linuxyes sure in the terminal. think I have it , i'll be right back in case it does not work. Have you installed frostwire in linux?05:19
rreedacidrain, Audacity is extremely simple for what you're trying to do.05:19
rreedah, he left.05:19
linuxI am trying to do that with deb package.05:20
lotuspsychjelinux: you can install .deb files also with software centre05:20
dr_willislinux then you should have stated the details to begin with05:20
linuxI did search for it in pkg manager but unsucessful?05:20
dr_willissudo dpkg -i foo.deb05:20
dr_willisor 'sudo gdebi foo.deb'05:20
dr_willisor just double click on the .deb05:21
dr_williswhat is In the deb exactly?05:21
linuxdo not know what that means foo see it alot05:21
dr_willisthink about it....foo = an example generic name...05:21
linuxI am getting the download now . do not know yet.05:21
dr_willislinux the download? WHAT are you downloading?05:22
holsteinlinux: you can replace xxxx with foo.. its a variable, as you have used05:22
linuxIt says frostwire.all.2.deb something. just click on it?05:22
ubottufrostwire is a totally open source !bittorrent client, based on Vuze, the Azureus BitTorrent Engine. For installation help, please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FrostWire05:22
dr_willislinux or use one of the commands given abocce05:23
dr_willisi would suggest other torrent clients however05:23
linuxyes it gives option to open in package manager but does not seem to be opening. may need to sudo like you said.05:23
dr_willispackage manager should have a big INSTALL butto at the right side..05:24
linuxhow do you scroll on this screen/ i lost the command at the top?05:24
rreeddr_willis, It's actually not just for torrents, complete p2p network where you can search the music, video, etc. directly.05:24
dr_willisrreed:  and its so 2004-ish ;)05:24
linuxintall button, looking for that oen.05:24
dr_willisactually its also needs java dosent it?05:24
rreedhahaha, exactly. totally forgot it existed; wonder what ever happened to limewire.05:25
holsteinlinux: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingSoftware#Using_GDebi_to_install_packages for example05:25
linuxit did open and I am running the install in pkg manager.05:25
dr_willisall the p2p companies got bought out or gobbled up in the lawsuits of 2008? or so.. ;)05:25
dr_willislinux - why are you wanting to use limeiwire anyway?05:26
linuxgot that holstein thanks.05:26
rreedyea, that's what i'm seeing. i have no idea how i missed all that :D05:26
linuxI found it was great , all kinds of music just some of the dls are crappy quality. free.05:27
ximitimixany one here feel like helping me with a networking issue?05:27
dr_williswell just rember - free is not always ; 'legal'  ;)05:27
linuxno I want to use frostwire!05:28
linuxit is frostwore dr willis. not limewire05:28
dr_willislinux the 2 are the same basically, one is a spinoff of the other.05:28
holsteinlinux: use what you want..05:28
Sk1Specialdo you not have a reliable internet connection or data with a cell phone?05:28
linuxyes i know but i have not used much sharing on the network. been out of it.05:29
Sk1Specialyoutube/playlist.com/iheaertradio/etc etc etc05:29
linuxwhat is the latest available for free?05:29
dr_willislinux im suprised limewire, or frostwire still exist...  they are rather old out dated apps these days.05:29
Sk1Specialiheartradio and playlist.com are good.. so is xbox music on pc. tho thats 10 a month for the full version05:29
linuxpoint is that it plays music right off the bat. Just install. Have a sound card and puts files on the hdd for later.05:30
dr_willisdozens of free music streaming music services out there.05:30
reisiolinux: try deluge05:30
cynicistacidrain: hey I was just curious about that myself since you brought it up and found a page you might be interested in reading about it, http://blog.yimingliu.com/2008/10/07/ffmpeg-encoding-gotchas/05:30
astralhi guys I just installed 13.04 and I am having troubles connecting to my WPA router. However I can connect to my neighbours router which is also using WPA. I have broadcom wifi card with STA drivers. router logs says "could not find DHCP daemon to get information" and bunch of "send request, request ip=" messages. what could be the cause of this?05:31
cynicistacidrain: by 'it' I mean cutting out portions of audio without re-encoding05:31
Senorls : cannot access /usr/lib*/librt.so*: No such file or directory05:31
Senorhow to fix this problem?05:31
dr_willis!find librt.so05:32
utfans05Senor, that means you dont have that directory.05:32
ubottuFile librt.so found in libc6, libc6-amd64, libc6-arm64-cross, libc6-armel-cross, libc6-armhf-cross, libc6-dev, libc6-dev-amd64, libc6-dev-arm64-cross, libc6-dev-armel-cross, libc6-dev-armhf-cross (and 7 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=librt.so&mode=&suite=raring&arch=any05:32
reisiocynicist: he's gone mon ami05:32
reisiocynicist: /msg memoserv send acidrain dudez...05:32
cynicistah I have join/part messages turned off -_-05:32
dr_willisSenor:  try using tab completion, to fill in directories and names.. instead of  overkill use of * wildcards05:33
reisiocynicist: you typing his nick out or completing?05:33
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.05:33
linuxit is finally installign. Something was not trusted. i ran it.05:33
cynicistreisio: typing05:33
dr_willislinux thats bcasue you dident get it fromt he repos. but downloaded the .deb from a site05:33
reisiocynicist: type r, e, i, then hit TAB :)05:33
cynicistreisio, 0_o05:34
reisioand I type c, then y, then TAB05:34
reisiocynicist: bazinga!05:34
dr_willistab key is our friend.05:34
reisioon IRC and in a terminal05:34
cynicistwhy does it append a comma?05:34
reisioand most places05:34
ximitimixanyone here know anything about local dns05:34
reisiocynicist: it's tradition to delimit the nickname05:34
dr_williscynicist:  beayse your irc client tells it to05:34
reisiocynicist: although colons are the chosen delimter and not commas :p05:34
linuxMean the source site? The repos ?05:34
reisiocynicist: you can change it in prefs if you want :p05:34
cynicistI love TAB in the terminal I just didn't realize it was equally awesome in irc05:34
reisiommm :)05:35
dr_willislinux yes.05:35
cynicistreisio: thanks for the tip! <305:35
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.05:35
reisiocynicist: also helps you to know someone has left, heh05:35
reisioor, sometimes, helps you to tab-complete to some random person's name 'cause the other guy left :p05:35
cynicistreisio: honestly that is brilliant lol ty05:35
linuxOkay , may be some bad code in there. i will get virus then and have to reinstall.05:35
dr_willis!virus | linux05:36
ubottulinux: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus05:36
reisiokind of like how if you can't tab-complete a path in a terminal, it doesn't exist05:36
reisiowhich is useful information05:36
dr_willislinux you are thinking in a 'windows mindset'05:36
linuxNot too much virus I have heard about in unix /linux05:36
linuxall i got is windows mindset! Ha ha.05:36
dr_willislinux i cant even name ONE linux virus right now.. they are so rare. ive not heard of one in years.05:36
reisiolinux: there are only a handful, and most of those are proofs of concept that were patched against before they were even released05:36
dr_willisbiggest danger to a linux box - is th eend user doing somthing stupid05:37
reisioyou can still pick up a root kit :)05:37
linuxhad to learn to type. You wouldnt believe how mch faster now.05:37
reisioviruses are only one type of badware05:37
reisioif you're paranoid, look into AIDE05:37
linuxI can actually enter info in the keyboard.05:37
linuxwas about 20 wpm05:37
astralcan anyone help me, my wifi is really poor now because of this05:37
dr_willisat least when you install stuff in linux, you dont have to fight to keep 10+ differnt toolbars of other crud from installing - like you do in windows..05:38
dr_willisbbl. got a job to do.05:38
linuxThat is because everyone looks out for it. Windows no one cares!05:38
theadminastral: Define "this".05:38
linuxGo figure , you pay and get virus and for free you are safe?05:39
reisiowell that and because package management is... well, extant05:39
astral<astral> hi guys I just installed 13.04 and I am having troubles connecting to my WPA router. However I can connect to my neighbours router which is also using WPA. I have broadcom wifi card with STA drivers. router logs says "could not find DHCP daemon to get information" and bunch of "send request, request ip=" messages. what could be the cause of this?05:39
linuxi do have issue with the wifi connection. Have dell 1390 mini card and the driver is proprietary. knoiw a fix?05:39
theadminastral: Maybe your router can't into DHCP? Do you need to configure a static IP?05:40
theadminThough I don't know any routers that don't support dhcp...05:40
astralit supports dhcp of course. can I use static even if dhcp is set?05:41
DuncanNZastral: yes you can05:42
astrallet me try05:42
DuncanNZalthough you don't want your manual address to conflict with anyone's DHCP address, so it's best to put it in a different address range05:42
blazemorelinux: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer; sudo apt-get remove bcmwl-kernel-source05:42
UBUNTU-ROOKHas anyone had an Nvidia with hdmi act as main soundcard and ignore usb x-fi as the soundcard default?05:43
UBUNTU-ROOKand if so how can i make usb default05:43
theadminUBUNTU-ROOK: That's happened to me. Click the volume icon, choose "Sound settings" and then select the desired device in the "Play sound through" list.05:44
theadminUBUNTU-ROOK: Apply the same for the "Input" tab if necessary.05:44
UBUNTU-ROOKthat list is actually blank05:44
theadminUBUNTU-ROOK: You do have Pulseaudio installed, right?05:44
UBUNTU-ROOK13.04 default05:45
UBUNTU-ROOKi can see it in alsamixer05:45
theadminWell, then hit F6 in alsamixer and select the card, UBUNTU-ROOK05:45
=== HandheldPenguin` is now known as handheldpenguin
UBUNTU-ROOKit shows both nvidia and creative usb05:45
UBUNTU-ROOKi have but still no sound05:46
theadminHm... hamsters.05:46
theadminI've no idea then05:46
UBUNTU-ROOKx-fi used to work on 12.04 for me05:46
UBUNTU-ROOK13.04 seems different05:47
astralno luck it just gives me back the network key dialog again. and there's nothing in the router logs now05:47
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
coz_hey guys. I am on 13.04 with nvidia g73 and cannot enable fastwrites and SBA. Any suggestions or solutions?05:48
astralcan this be driver issue?05:49
theadminastral: Well, in theory, but it's very odd that it works with another network.05:50
astralhow can I troubleshoot this? are there any logs from trying to connect to wifi?05:50
utfans05Which network manager are you using astral05:51
astralubuntu's default, I just installed 13.0405:51
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utfans05try getting wicd and see if that fixes your issue. its another network manager.05:52
astralwill try. are there any logs from wicd in case it fails too?05:53
Senorls : cannot access /usr/lib*/librt.so*: No such file or directory05:53
Senorthis is reported at compilation time05:53
Senorfor ACE05:53
blazemore!details Senor what are you trying to do?05:55
ubottublazemore: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:55
blazemore!details | Senor what are you trying to do?05:56
ubottuSenor what are you trying to do?: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."05:56
utfans05astral, just about everything for linux has logs if something is going wrong.05:56
universalhow to restore opened tabs synced via firefox sync in another machine or a reinstalled machine ?05:57
astralI assume they will be in /var/logs or ~/.wicd ?05:57
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utfans05astral, yes05:58
cynicistastral: this may help you with NetworkManager (the default one), https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingNetworkManager05:59
universalanyone ?05:59
ggabriel96hello guys05:59
astrali cannot start wicd: Could not connect to wicd's D-Bus interface.05:59
utfans05!patience | universal05:59
ubottuuniversal: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/05:59
ggabriel96hey guys, i was installing the nvidia driver with additional drivers, but my pc suddenly turned off and now i can't see unity06:00
ggabriel96(im running live usb right now)06:00
ggabriel96is there a way to fix this? ;/06:00
universalutfans05: ok06:01
utfans05ggabriel96, you need to get into one of your tty's you can do this by pressing CTRL+F1, log in and then reinstall the nvidia packages you were installing.06:01
ggabriel96what is a tty?06:01
utfans05ggabriel96, is it a command line06:01
utfans05like terminal06:02
utfans05but built in by default.06:02
ggabriel96i hit ctrl+f1 and then ill have to install nvidia through command line?06:02
ggabriel96oh idk how to do that ;x06:02
utfans05once you do that you should have access to your system.06:02
utfans05apt-get install nvidia-common06:02
utfans05sudo apt-get install nvidia-common06:02
ggabriel96will it install locally, normally?06:02
astralI'm constantly getting these in syslog: "kernel: [ 3151.292988] ERROR @wl_cfg80211_get_station : Wrong Mac address" how can it be wrong??06:03
ggabriel96and what version of the driver will it install?06:03
utfans05make sure you reboot into the os on your hard drive.06:03
ggabriel96yes, into ubuntu06:03
utfans05when you use nvidia-current it will give you the most recent stable release.06:03
ggabriel96so sudo apt-get install nvidia-current?06:03
ggabriel96ctrl+f1 does nothing06:04
theadminggabriel96: Ctrl-Alt-F106:04
bItc01D 06:04
utfans05yeah ctrl+alt+F1 sorry.06:05
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utfans05bItc01D, i didnt see anything you typed.06:06
theadminutfans05: It's because it's a message consisting of whitespace06:07
theadminutfans05: lol06:07
utfans05theadmin, thats what i thought but just making sure he didnt mean to say something.06:07
ggabriel96_ah damn firefox crashed06:08
ggabriel96_utfans05: u there?06:08
utfans05all night!06:08
ggabriel96_hehe ^^06:08
ggabriel96_ctrl+f1 does nothing06:08
FloodBot1ggabriel96_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:08
utfans05it did it again to him LOL06:08
netlarProjects that are in launchpad are peer reviewed?06:10
red27welcome.. ^_^06:11
theadminnetlar: Nope, it's a hosting platform for FOSS projects, anyone can upload anything06:11
theadminnetlar: Well I suppose malicious projects are removed, but...06:11
utfans05well i would hope the malicous ones are removed.06:11
netlartheadmin: they get reviewed before ending up in the repository?06:11
kickasscan i use  to run .apk  files in ubuntu06:11
theadminnetlar: They don't end up in official repositories at all.06:11
theadminkickass: There's an Android emulator called "Genymotion", you can use that.06:12
netlartheadmin: how come06:12
Senorubottu:I am compiling a networking c++ framework on ubuntu server 12.406:12
ubottuSenor: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:12
theadminnetlar: If they are submitted to the Software Centre, yes, they are reviewed.06:12
theadminnetlar: But Launchpad stuff doesn't automagically end up in the repos06:12
netlartheadmin: oh that is another process06:12
netlartheadmin: I want to get involved in a project, not sure where to start06:13
kickassunable to locate package genymotion06:13
theadminnetlar: Yes, you need to submit your app to http://developer.ubuntu.com/ for it to end up in the official repos, you can either upload a source tarball directly or specify a Launchpad PPA.06:13
curious_georgehi derek jeter, you bunt, too?06:13
theadminkickass: It's not in the repositories, it's a fairly new project -- see http://genymotion.com06:14
netlartheadmin: so I can start it in launchpad first06:14
theadminnetlar: For sure, it's probably the best if it's opensource06:14
netlartheadmin: I jsut read that it is best to have it reviewed early and often06:15
theadminnetlar: Well you can submit early versions, sure. As long as they work and don't do bad things :D You can update your submission later06:15
theadminnetlar: And if you submit through Launchpad, you don't have to bother, it will update as soon as LP builds a new package06:16
netlartheadmin: But until I submit it to ubuntu it will not be reviewed06:16
theadminnetlar: Right. I think.06:17
rodrigo91im confused which option do i choose06:18
kickasscan i use  to run .jar files in ubuntu06:19
hdonhi all :) can anyone using a proprietary nvidia driver tell me their ubuntu version and which version of the driver they have? (i want to know if upgrading will get me the newer nvidia driver)06:19
theadminkickass: Yes, just install Java.06:19
mumpitzeljava -jar <jar file>06:19
hdon(you can use nvidia-settings to see your nvidia driver version)06:19
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto06:20
kickassunable to locate package java06:20
goddardare firefox bookmakrs stored some where in the home directory?06:20
theadminkickass: openjdk-7-jre06:20
netlartheadmin: So if I want an application to be on another distro, I have to submit it to their software center seperatly06:20
mumpitzel!java | kickass06:20
ubottukickass: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.06:20
theadminnetlar: Not all distros have submissions as easily open as Ubuntu06:21
mumpitzelhdon: http://packages.ubuntu.com/ and search for "nvidia" for the version of your choice06:21
theadminnetlar: But in general, yes06:21
netlartheadmin: that is an eye opener, why would they make it difficult06:21
theadminnetlar: Eh. Not sure.06:21
mumpitzelnetlar: they have quality standards06:21
hdonmumpitzel, thanks. also thank utfans0506:21
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netlarok, ubuntu does not?06:22
rodrigo91anybody know how i can install madwifi drivers06:22
theadminnetlar: Sure does, but... still much more open to new developers06:22
rodrigo91i got this from a search https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Atheros06:22
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mumpitzelhdon: launchpad is not part of ubunut. ubuntu has ppas which everyone can create and use, but that doesn't mean it's part of ubuntu or gets any support. just like you can put something on laucnhpad, you can use github, sourceforge, etc06:23
goddardare firefox bookmakrs stored some where in the home directory?06:23
netlartheadmin: good to know, made Ubuntu more of my fav distro06:23
theadmingoddard: ~/.mozilla/firefox/06:23
mumpitzelrodrigo91: you shouldn't use or need madwifi drivers. ath5k and ath9k should be what you want. which are available by default06:23
hdonthe link utfans05  gave me lead me to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia which lists several packages whose names contain the string "nvidia-graphics-drivers" but in the link from mumpitzel http://packages.ubuntu.com/ my search for nvidia-graphics-drivers yielded no results06:23
bItc01Dhow can i hide messages like "nevyn (~nevyn@ has joined  | _deXter_06:24
bItc01D                   | #ubuntu06:24
bItc01DI'm using weechat06:24
hdonmumpitzel, oh06:24
hdoni might not have the right ppa06:24
utfans05hdon when you install nvidia-current you will get the most current stable nvidia release.06:24
hdon(ppa's are just apt sources right?)06:24
mumpitzelhdon: sorry, that was for netlar06:24
hdonah ok06:24
rodrigo91but i wanna test my card to do a little experiment06:24
mumpitzelhdon: you probably don't need a ppa. what videocard is it and why do you want newer drivers?06:24
mumpitzelrodrigo91: madwifi hasn't been updated in literally years. it's an abandoned project for a long time now06:25
mumpitzelnot sure if it would even work with current kernels06:25
rodrigo91for what do i use aircrack with06:25
rodrigo91i have to inject06:26
goddardtheadmin: it has json backups of the bookmarks but firefox only imports html06:26
mumpitzelrodrigo91: http://www.aircrack-ng.org/doku.php?id=ath5k for example.06:26
theadmingoddard: You can probably somehow export from within Firefox?06:27
hdonmumpitzel, i've upgraded to ubuntu 12.04 a while back, and haven't had time to fix an issue i started having with it. my system freezes up for 2-12 seconds at a time when running more than one opengl application, or running an opengl application and firefox or chrome (maybe flash player?)06:27
hdonmumpitzel, so i thought i'd investigate updating the driver06:27
theadmingoddard: Actually, you can use those files as well. Bookmarks -> Show all bookmarks -> Import and Backup -> Restore -> Choose file...06:27
mumpitzelhdon: what videocard?06:28
hdonmumpitzel, it's become important for me to fix it now though because i'm often running blender, my own opengl applications, and web browsers. too inconvenient to ignore now06:28
hdonmumpitzel, GeForce 9600 GT. it's not one of the "legacy" models listed on nvidia's site06:28
ggabriel96hey utfans05 u there?06:30
hdonis nouveaux any good?06:31
ggabriel96if u dont need that much of performance06:31
ggabriel96i think so06:31
utfans05yes im here.06:32
ggabriel96~that didnt work06:32
ggabriel96first i did that sudo apt-get install nvidia-current while in the live usb06:32
ggabriel96(what a fail)06:32
ggabriel96that didnt work obviously06:33
utfans05yeh.... needs to be for the os06:33
ggabriel96then i booted into my os06:33
ggabriel96the locally installed06:33
ggabriel96and did that06:33
ggabriel96and didnt work to06:33
utfans05did you reboot after install?06:33
ggabriel96too*. now i did sudo apt-get purge nvidia-*06:33
ggabriel96yes i rebooted ofc06:33
mumpitzelggabriel96: what videocard?06:33
ggabriel96i thought that a purge would get nouveau back and everything would be fine06:33
ggabriel96but it still doesnt show up06:34
ggabriel96nvidia geforce 8600m gt06:34
utfans05hrm. it should have06:34
ggabriel96the problem is that i was installing nvidia driver with additional drivers and my pc turned off suddenly06:34
utfans05can you check /etc/X11/xorg/06:34
utfans05and look for some logs06:34
ggabriel96now i cant see my system06:34
utfans05or check in /var/log and see.06:34
chaosanonHi everyone i was wondering if anyone had a fix for fglrx not working with kernel 3.10 any help would be appricaited.06:34
ggabriel96what file06:34
ggabriel96what command i use to open it06:36
theadminchaosanon: 3.10 is not a supported kernel.06:36
utfans05vim or vi or nana06:36
theadminggabriel96: pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log06:36
=== Granis` is now known as Granis
theadminggabriel96: It'll give you a URL you can paste here06:37
kickassHello there , just now i installed xampp using wine  , it works fine until last and generates error . help me06:37
theadminkickass: ...XAMPP has a Linux version06:37
MsCourtneyHi, after restarting my sister's computer I can't see the login screen, I get a black screen with some text.06:37
mumpitzeltheadmin: bad idea06:37
ggabriel96i gotta install it06:37
mumpitzelkickass: install lamp via ubuntu repos06:38
rodrigo91mumpitzel is that driver preinstalled or do i have to install it manually06:38
kickasstheadmin : i have only exe file06:38
chaosanonok thanks do you know when it will become supported by chance?06:38
mumpitzelrodrigo91: which one?06:38
theadminkickass: Then download the Linux version.06:38
theadminkickass: WINE isn't supported.06:38
mumpitzelkickass: don't use XAMPP on linux. that's like bringing owls to athens06:38
theadminmumpitzel: Why?06:38
kickassmumpitzel:Is lamp same as xampp06:38
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.06:38
mumpitzelkickass: no it's not. Ubuntu LAMP has security updates and is integrated into ubuntu. XAMPP is not.06:39
MsCourtneyHow can I fix the black screen thing, I really want to fix it before she notices?06:39
hdonMsCourtney, what is the text?06:39
ggabriel96what does the log say? ;x06:39
hdonMsCourtney, do you know what a VT is?06:39
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mumpitzelggabriel96: it says "all is fine"06:40
ggabriel96what cant i see unity then? ;/06:40
rodrigo91mumpitzel ath9k well thats what it says is good for astheros based cards06:41
mumpitzelggabriel96: dpkg -l |grep nvidia06:41
mumpitzelrodrigo91: it's part of the kernel, yes06:41
ggabriel96nothing output06:41
rodrigo91can you give me a link to an injection test06:41
MsCourtneyhdon: The text is "Ubuntu 13.04  Emily-Laptop tty7"06:41
mumpitzelrodrigo91: no. cracking is against freenode TOS too06:42
mumpitzelhdon: log in and run "startx"06:42
rodrigo91im not doing anything illegally i just wanna see if i can crack my card06:42
MsCourtneyhdon: The next line is "Emily-Laptop login:"06:42
aeon-ltdMsCourtney: press ctrl-alt-f(then cycle through the f keys)06:43
=== mr_ksco__ is now known as ksco
ggabriel96mumpitzel: nothing as output06:43
MsCourtneyaeon-ltd: Same black screen but it changes like tty1 ,2,3,4 etc06:44
mumpitzelggabriel96: shouldn't be, it should show how nvidia was installed before06:44
mumpitzelggabriel96: oh, you have purged nvidia packages?06:45
hdonMsCourtney, try hold ALT key and pressing the left/right arrows. see if you can find the desktop06:45
ggabriel96mumpitzel: yes06:45
MsCourtneyhdon: No, again the number changes only06:46
hdonMsCourtney, have you tried rebooting? it seems like X isn't starting06:47
MsCourtneyhdon: Yes I reset it multiple times, same issue. It was just working, when I rebooted it it started this.06:48
ggabriel96mumpitzel: only way to solve is reinstalling ubuntu?06:49
hdonMsCourtney, do you have administrative login credentials to the system?06:49
MsCourtneyI really want to get this sorted as it isn't my computer.06:49
MsCourtneyhdon: Yes06:49
hdonMsCourtney, could you login?06:49
mumpitzelMsCourtney: sudo service lightdm start06:50
mumpitzelggabriel96: what happens if you start the displaymanager like this?06:50
ggabriel96mumpitzel: sudo service lightdm start? it says already running06:51
grinwoodyAfter using parted magic and then subsequently installing ubuntu using a live usb how do i stop parted magic from booting and instead booting into ubuntu?06:51
hdonMsCourtney, you're sure if you hold ALT and press the left/right arrow keys, you can't find the desktop? does it loop?06:52
MsCourtneyhdon: It now says "Emily@Emily-laptop~$"06:52
ggabriel96mumpitzel: what about the first answer to this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/285571/ubuntu-13-04-fail-to-start-after-installing-nvidia-drivers-vostro-laptop06:52
hdonMsCourtney, "Emily@Emily-laptop~$" is your shell prompt. it's waiting for you to enter a command.06:53
MsCourtneyhdon: Yes it loops06:53
ggabriel96mumpitzel: or this http://askubuntu.com/questions/204428/unity-missing-cant-see-top-or-side-panels06:53
hdonMsCourtney, ok, going back to the shell prompt, enter the command "ps ax | grep /usr/bin/X"06:53
hdonMsCourtney, the | symbol on most keyboards is made with Shift+Backslash06:53
mumpitzelggabriel96: this is what you already did: removed nvidia drivers and restarted X06:53
elpidios2I want to ask a question06:54
hdonMsCourtney, make sure you use forward slashes in /usr/bin/X06:54
ggabriel96hmm ;/06:54
MsCourtneymumpitzel: lightdm: unrecognized service06:54
elpidios2is it possible to make somehow my ubuntu (from terminal) every 30 minutes to put automatically a command?06:54
mumpitzelggabriel96: have you started lightdm as I said?06:54
hdonMsCourtney, whoa06:54
mumpitzelelpidios2: yes, with cron06:55
ggabriel96mumpitzel: yes, it says already running06:55
mumpitzelgrinwoody: and ctrl+alt+f7 shows you what?06:55
elpidios2yes that command i have its cron command06:55
topkedoes anyone know06:55
MsCourtneyhdon: 3887 pts/2  0:00 grep --color=auto /usr/bin/Xsdwer06:56
ggabriel96mumpitzel: i think i will reinstall ubuntu tomorrow06:56
MsCourtneysomething like that is oputput06:56
hdonMsCourtney, what about "ls /usr/bin/Xorg"06:56
=== cafuego_ is now known as cafuegrumpt
hdonMsCourtney, "ls" is LS lowercased06:56
ggabriel96mumpitzel: just let me ask u something. i have chose to encrypt my home folder during the installation, and in the first boot, a message saying th swap was not ready appeared06:56
ggabriel96mumpitzel: but then everything loaded and booted normally and i dont see that anymore06:57
ggabriel96mumpitzel: so everything's fine, right?06:57
mumpitzelggabriel96: yes06:57
MsCourtneyhdon: "/usr/bin/Xorg"06:57
topkei have a problem whit mint when i boot it via usb it says its running in fallback mode and i cant install it properly06:57
ggabriel96mumpitzel: ok. the last thing: i did a sudo apt-get install nvidia-current on the live usb, is there a problem with that?06:57
inerkickI have this error when updating my ubuntu 12.10 http://paste.ubuntu.com/5935446/06:58
inerkickkindly help06:58
mumpitzelggabriel96: no problem. might even work and be of course gone after a reboot06:58
hdonMsCourtney, does the command "dpkg -L lightdm" list a bunch of files or does it say lightdm is not installed?06:59
mumpitzelinerkick: what's in your sources.list?06:59
ggabriel96mumpitzel: oh, ok. thank u, utfans05 and everyone for ur support. cya later guys, gn!06:59
MsCourtneyhdon: Not installed06:59
mumpitzelMsCourtney: dpkg -l libc6 | tail -1  and dpkg -l xorg | tail -107:00
hdonMsCourtney, hmm, was your system maybe going through a software update and got unplugged or something?07:00
inerkickhave to check mumixam07:00
hdonmumpitzel, you think she has no libc?07:00
wilee-nilee!mint | topke07:01
ubottutopke: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org07:01
Grinwoody_Q: After using parted magic to format and then subsequently installing ubuntu using a live usb how do i stop parted magic from booting and instead boot to ubuntu?07:01
inerkickwhere to find the sources list mumpitzel07:01
mumpitzelhdon: I want to know what OS she has installed07:01
elpidios2i have to do that ?07:01
elpidios2crontab -e07:01
MsCourtneyhdon: It was a normal reboot, I did install and remove some stuff in software center and delete some unwanted files before restarting07:01
elpidios2and after... */30 * * * * /path/to/your/command07:02
wizrdGrinwoody_: how did you use parted magic? Live cd, USB?07:02
hdonmumpitzel, ahh07:02
hdonMsCourtney, you should have started with that information when you came here07:02
topke@ubottu ok but since its same platform in basic and karnel i thought u might have same problems07:03
Grinwoody_Wizrd. I used a live usb and used 64 bit option07:03
hdonMsCourtney, i don't know which packages ended up being accidentally uninstalled, but i'm sure someone with more knowledge can get your desktop back07:03
mumpitzeltopke: it's not the same. either use mint support channels or go to ##linux.07:03
mumpitzelMsCourtney: I'd start with apt-get install xorg ubuntu-desktop07:04
topkeno problem im about to conn to them07:04
MsCourtneyhdon: Sorry, didn't think it was relevant. I use Windows normally so I'm not really familiar. This isn't my computer and I want to get it working as quick as possible07:04
wizrdGrinwoody_: did you remove the usb drive before booting?07:04
hdonMsCourtney, windows' vendor doesn't intend you to uninstall your desktop environment, so it's harder to do it accidentally07:05
MsCourtneymumpitzel: apt-get: command not found07:05
mumpitzelMsCourtney: reinstall ubuntu then07:06
MsCourtneyhdon: I think I am aware of that, but what I uninstalled was mostly unused programs like games07:06
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Grinwoody_Wizrd. Yes but it still boots to partition manager07:06
hdonno apt-get command??07:07
mumpitzelMsCourtney: something is not right. removing apt-get is almost not possible07:07
MsCourtneymumpitzel: Can I do that and keep the files and settings and make it exactly as it was before?07:07
MsCourtneyhdon: No07:07
hdonMsCourtney, what does "dpkg -L apt" tell you?07:07
wizrdGrinwoody_: do you get any error messages when it wants to boot to gparted?07:07
mumpitzelMsCourtney: sudo /usr/bin/apt-get install xorg ubuntu-desktop07:07
MsCourtneymumpitzel: I've used apt-get in Konsole before and it worked07:07
* hdon hopes it's a PATH issue07:08
hdonbut how... could PATH not include /usr/bin... impossible07:09
MsCourtneymumpitzel: sudo: /usr/bin/apt-get: command not found07:09
Grinwoody_wizrd. I had to disable my asrock sata through my bios to run both live usb. I just enabled it and removed the usb and i get error insert boot media. However when i try reinstalling ubuntu it recognizes as already installed.07:09
mumpitzelthen what did you do that it doesn't work now but worked before?07:09
hdonMsCourtney, apt is the most important part of package management. this is something someone would do to your system if they hated you.07:09
mumpitzelGrinwoody_: where have you installed ubuntu?07:09
MsCourtneyIs this because I installed and uninstalled stuff (also updated) or something else?07:10
Grinwoody_wizrd. I ran the defaul installer option onto my hd07:10
hdonMsCourtney, i've never heard of it happening because of that.07:10
hdoni've actually never heard of this happening07:10
mumpitzelMsCourtney: no. removing the apt package is very hard. you really notice it when you want to do that07:10
ikoniaMsCourtney: can you please show me the output of "uname -a" please07:10
MsCourtneyikonia: Something like "Linux Emily-Laptop ...Ubuntu SMP ...x86_64 GNU/LINUX07:11
ikoniaMsCourtney: no, please show me exactly07:12
mumpitzelMsCourtney: not "something". please paste the exact output.07:12
ikonianot "something like"07:12
MsCourtneyok its a bit long to type07:12
chunkyheadis there a way to install linux on a system without livedisk07:13
inerkickhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5935486/ When I do sudo apt-get update07:13
ikoniachunkyhead: what version of linux ?07:13
chunkyheadikonia: ubuntu07:13
MsCourtneyikonia: Linux Emily-Laptop 3.8.0-21-generic #32-Ubuntu SMP Tue May 14 22:16:46 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux07:13
aeon-ltdchunkyhead: what do you mean without livedisk?07:14
ikonia!install | chunkyhead07:14
ubottuchunkyhead: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - See also !automate07:14
inerkickpaste.ubuntu.com/5935489/ this is the error07:14
inerkickwhen updating ubuntu 12.1007:14
ikoniainerkick: you already posted that07:14
chunkyheadaeon-ltd: my usb drives are not working and i dont have a cdrom :)07:14
ikoniachunkyhead: then no, you'd have to setup a pxe install, buy a new usb or cdrom07:14
MsCourtneySomeone elsewhere says to do a "filesystem check".. How do I do that?07:15
inerkickthis one got few more errors in it ikonia07:15
ikoniaMsCourtney: ls -la /usr/bin/apt-get please07:15
chunkyheadikonia: what is pxe install07:15
ikoniachunkyhead: a huge ammount of effort to setup including 2 machines07:15
dolphin-manFor some reason when I torrent on my Ubuntu partition the download rate is capped at 10 kb/s - 12 kb/s07:15
dolphin-manbut when I boot windows the dl rate is normal, so it seems something is wrong with Ubuntu07:15
dolphin-manany ideas?07:15
chunkyheadikonia: booting from network is an option? PS: let me google07:15
wilee-nileeinerkick, pastebin the text from running cat /etc/apt/sources.list07:15
aeon-ltdchunkyhead: 'surrogate' install? move the harddrive to a machine with the same hardware then install?07:15
wizrdGrinwoody_: Grub is loading?07:16
ikoniainerkick: your dns is not working07:16
hdondolphin-man, torrent client settings07:16
MsCourtneyikonia: ls: cannot access please: No such file ordirectory07:16
ikoniaMsCourtney: you've deleted core system libraries07:16
ikoniathat's why nothing is working07:16
chunkyheadaeon-ltd: will grub need to be set up or when i plug in my hard disk i can directly boot without configuring?"07:16
hdoni think MsCourtney needs to ask herself who has it out for her or her sister07:16
ikoniathe binaries are there but the libraries they depend on are missing07:16
Grinwoody_wizrd. Grub isnt loading, I am remaking the live usb and will reinstall it.07:16
hdonwho is probably a sysadmin07:17
ikoniaMsCourtney: your best bet is to backup core data and re-install07:17
aeon-ltdchunkyhead: wait you have access to a machine that has the same hardware as your current machine?07:17
MsCourtneyikonia: Can they be restored?07:17
wizrdGrinwoody_: be sure to remove the usb with gparted before you boot ubuntu07:17
ikoniaMsCourtney: it will be easier to backup your data and re-install07:17
Grinwoody_wizrd. Thanks for the help, i will be sure to do that.07:18
wizrdGrinwoody_: did you set the correct boot option in bios?07:18
MsCourtneyI don't really get what I did wrong here. Can core system libraries be removed from software center?07:18
ikoniaMsCourtney: depends on the package dependencies07:18
ikoniaMsCourtney: lets just check a few other things07:18
hdonit's not supposed to be easy to do on accident MsCourtney07:18
Grinwoody_wizrd. Yes i did but with my motherboard i have to disable something called Asmedia Sata 3 mode to run live media from boot07:18
wizrdGrinwoody_: better check that one first. Happend to me once07:18
syn-ackMsCourtney, Sure they can07:18
ikoniaMsCourtney: can you run "ls -la /usr/bin/ps" please07:18
hdonmaybe MsCourtney should do a fsck07:19
ikoniahdon: why ?07:19
chunkyheadaeon-ltd: im not sure. that was a good option which u had mentioned. so im exploring my options. but i dont see switching hard disks would be any problem as long as both are sata ports07:19
syn-ackMsCourtney, I see where you're going with this....07:19
kickass when i use "java jar path" it shows error could not find or load main class jar07:19
hdonikonia, why what?07:19
syn-ackrather, ikonia07:19
ikoniahdon: why run fsck07:19
mumpitzelikonia: ls won't run: 09:16 < MsCourtney> ikonia: ls: cannot access please: No such file ordirectory07:19
hdonikonia, i might have missed some info but it's amazing that apt got removed maybe the filesystem lost the commands07:19
ikoniamumpitzel: that was against /usr/bin/apt-get I want to check the output as that isn't real output07:19
MsCourtneyikonia: No such file or directory07:20
ikoniahdon: well 1.) fsck wouldn't bring them back 2.) there is nothig to suggest any file system corruption07:20
ikoniaMsCourtney: ok, it looks like your libraries are missing07:20
ikoniaMsCourtney: backup your data and re-install07:20
syn-ackHow did you remove core-utils?07:20
MsCourtneyOk,  thanks for your help, how do I backup data?07:20
ikoniasyn-ack: it's not07:20
wizrdGrinwoody_: makes no sense to disable the sata controler to boot from usb07:21
ikoniasyn-ack: something like libc is missing and the "file not found" error is "ls" erroring that it can't find a library it needs to run07:21
mumpitzelMsCourtney: copy all of /home/ to a backup disk07:21
ikoniasyn-ack: the files are there, but they can't run as something like libc is missing07:21
syn-ackyep, thtat would certainly do it07:21
Grinwoody_wizrd. There is a seperate option to disable the sata controller so it cant be what it does.07:22
nikolamhi were there changes in Unity GUI in recent months, that allow users not being spied by amazon or other internet search and service companies, E.G. Allowing User of Ubuntu Unity to control it's own personal data flow on it's own desktop computer, by default? Or is it the same by default like before?07:22
syn-ackMsCourtney, Out of curiosity, how long has your system been doing this?07:22
nii236|irssiHey all I'm currently running Mint but thinking of switching back to Ubuntu. I realise this is probaly not the best place for an objective opinion, but are there obvious advantages to switching to Ubuntu?07:22
Grinwoody_wizrd. i think its a motherboard 'feature' that makes live usb not load properly07:22
mumpitzelsyn-ack: it ran dpkg half an hour before and not even ls anymore07:22
MsCourtneymumpitzel: Ok sorry if this sounds stupid, but I don't know how to copy it from the Linux CLI. I know how to use cd, dir ls to navigate07:22
MsCourtneysyn-ack: Just now, after a reboot07:22
ikoniaMsCourtney: you need to use a livecd to get the data off07:23
mumpitzelMsCourtney: boot from a live cd. the "cp" for copy program won't run either07:23
syn-ackwow, that's what apt is for, you know that, right MsCourtney?07:23
aeon-ltdchunkyhead: if you absolutely need ubuntu, then 2 hours or so if trying this is worth it assuming no other options are available07:23
ikoniaMsCourtney: a lot of the tools you want to use won't work07:23
mumpitzelikonia: does ubuntu ship with busybox?07:23
ikoniamumpitzel: by default yes, but she's not going to get into it at this stage07:23
wizrdGrinwoody_: just read about it. Looks like asmedia sata controlers are not supported by the linux kernel07:23
ikoniamumpitzel: booting a livecd - copying of then clicking install seems the best 1 stop solution07:23
mumpitzelMsCourtney: you need a livecd to install ubuntu anyways. so you can use the same CD/USB stick to save your userdata07:23
syn-ackWow, what a mess07:24
mumpitzelikonia: busybox is statically compiled, so if it's there it will run07:24
ikoniamumpitzel: I dont mean it won't run, I mean she's not going to get ito it07:24
wilee-nileenii236|irssi, Better support and a much larger development pool, a big forum...etc07:24
syn-ackhe's got a point, ikonia but yeah07:24
vinylhi there. i'm running ubuntu 12.04 server (amd64) using full hard disk encryption. the system comes up fine, however, there is no /var/run/network/ifstate (not even a /var/run/network directory). this causes ifup to malfunction and the loopback device to be missing. can anyone point me to the script that should create that file/directory, so i can see what's going wrong?07:24
syn-ackit would probably be better to just recover what you can and reinstall, anyway07:25
nii236|irssiwilee-nilee: Cheers07:25
MsCourtneymumpitzel: I have a Kubuntu livecd and it was actually Kubuntu installed07:25
mumpitzelikonia: why not /bin/busybox cp -h  ? works just fine.07:25
ikoniamumpitzel: that works fine07:25
mumpitzelMsCourtney: that will do fine07:25
hdonvinyl, that sounds dreadful07:25
ikoniamumpitzel: she's not going to be able to mount the disk to copy off, or use a network etc etc etc07:25
syn-acksomething like libc going missing is never a nice thing from which to recover.07:25
ikoniamumpitzel: the livecd will do all this for her, so it's easier to boot livecd with working environment, copy and re-install in one hit07:26
chunkyheadaeon-ltd: im ok with any linux option but i guess if i mention that here i'd be asked to leave the chat room :P07:26
syn-ackmumpitzel, She'd have to buid a chroot and once she does that... no workie07:26
syn-ackbuild, ugh07:26
MsCourtneyOk livecd booted to a completely black screen and hangs there.07:28
MsCourtneyWell its actually a liveusb07:28
Grinwoody_wizrd. Ah i see, I have re made that live usb and running now. Would the Logical Volume Manager be any use?07:28
vinylhdon, indeed it does. manually touching the missing file and executing ifup -a cures the problem. however, only until the next reboot.07:28
wizrdGrinwoody_: LVM is a good option. You can't go wrong with it07:29
MsCourtneyShould I wait longer, the USB led is not blinking07:29
aeon-ltdchunkyhead: if you have windows currently, supposedly there us a hdd only install with unetbootin http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/#install07:29
MsCourtneyI have been told never to boot a livecd as it doesn't work on this laptop.07:30
ikoniachunkyhead: is there any chance you can share the truth about what you are doing07:30
ikoniachunkyhead: such as trying to install centos07:30
ikoniaMsCourtney: worth trying07:31
MsCourtneyIts still at this black screen on other computers its fast usually07:31
inerkickwilee-nilee, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5935529/ check this , thats the sourcelist07:31
ikoniainerkick: your dns is not working07:32
chunkyheadikonia: trying to update centos or install something with updated kernel. i dont have07:32
ikoniachunkyhead: ok, so that's nothing to do with this channel07:32
DJones /lastlog chunkyhead07:32
wilee-nileeinerkick, I would take ikonia's word.07:33
chunkyheadikonia: imma install ubuntu, how does it matter?07:33
ikoniachunkyhead: so you're now trying to install ubuntu you say ?07:33
chunkyheadim trying to update this computer with a recent kernel07:34
chunkyheadcentos unable to offer me that hence im moving to ubuntu07:34
ikoniachunkyhead: right, and you're using centos07:34
alan_can you help?07:35
aeon-ltdwith what?07:35
chunkyheadikonia: hence i am moving to ubuntu07:35
=== alan_ is now known as Guest57477
ikoniachunkyhead: ok, so what's stopping you from just installing it ?07:35
syn-ackwait, you were using CentOS as a workstation?07:35
MsCourtneyThe screen remained blank.  I powered it off with the button and  I know this sounds crazy but now it won't turn on.  Any ideas?07:35
DJonesGuest57477: We don't yet until you ask your real question07:35
chunkyheadikonia: my ports are DEAD07:35
ikoniachunkyhead: what do you mean "dead"07:35
Guest57477can i download fruit loops on linux??07:35
ikoniachunkyhead: as in hardware failure ?07:35
chunkyheadikonia: does not detect anymore07:36
linuxupdate managers says no updaters available and I still have ver 12 ? Anyone know how to install ver 13?07:36
ikoniachunkyhead: detect in the OS or the bios ?07:36
MsCourtneyThe laptop is a Samsung 530u3c ultrabook07:36
kickassunable to locate lamp in repositories07:36
chunkyheadaeon-ltd: that will require me to use a usb right?07:36
ikoniaMsCourtney: hardware failure if it won't turn on07:36
ikoniaMsCourtney: contact the vendor for an RMA07:36
MsCourtneyIts about a year old.07:37
chunkyheadikonia: OS. i cant event boot anything from usb. although bios detects there is a usb there07:37
Grinwoody_wizrd. I reinstalled and now and its working fine, thanks for your help.07:37
aeon-ltdchunkyhead: unetbootin? there's a frugal install/hdd only; you might need to read into it07:37
ikoniachunkyhead: right , so you should be able to boot from an ubuntu livecd07:37
ikoniachunkyhead: or an ubuntu liveusb07:37
wizrdGrinwoody_: anytime. You can buy me a beer someday07:37
chunkyheadikonia: no cd drive lol07:38
dr_willislinux you need to do a release upgrade, to the next released version. not update your current system to the latest packages for that version. if its a new install. it maybe easier to just get a 13.04 cd and do a clean install07:38
lotuspsychje!cookie | wizrd07:38
ubottuwizrd: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!07:38
ikoniachunkyhead: I suspect it will work if you mack an ubuntu usb07:38
chunkyheadikonia: cant boot thru usb that's what i've been telling you07:38
wizrdlotuspsychje: no cookies for me. Makes me fat07:38
aeon-ltdchunkyhead: what can you boot to?07:38
ikoniachunkyhead: no, you've told me your current OS doesn't detect USB07:38
Grinwoody_wizrd. will do buddy07:38
ikoniachunkyhead: you've told me the bios sees it07:38
MsCourtneySo its nothing I did that could have caused it to stop right?07:38
linuxOkay , think I have it on a cd already anyway. Does that wipe everything from my partitions hdd?07:39
ikoniachunkyhead: if you create an ubuntu usb install device, it should work07:39
ikoniaMsCourtney: no idea, contact the vendor for an RMA07:39
dr_willislinux the instgaller can delete the old os.07:39
chunkyheadikonia: lol i have tried. doesnt work07:39
ikoniachunkyhead: how did you install centos ?07:39
chunkyheadikonia: centos was installed in this. usb stopped working recently :|07:40
ikoniachunkyhead: so to confirm, you have created an ubuntu usb stick already ?07:40
mumpitzelchunkyhead: you can install ubuntu via debootstrap07:41
mumpitzelwhile runnint centos07:41
chunkyheadmumpitzel: THANKS finally07:41
chunkyheadthank guys07:41
ikoniachunkyhead: so to confirm, you have created an ubuntu usb stick already ?07:41
dr_willisdebootstrap can be very... intense ;) not for the faint of heart07:41
ikoniachunkyhead: then how do you know it won't work ?07:41
chunkyheadikonia: because USBS DONT WORK ON MY COMPUTER07:42
ikoniachunkyhead: no, it doesn't07:42
chunkyheadI"VE TRIED EVERYTHING07:42
ikoniachunkyhead: usb does not work on your current OS07:42
ikoniachunkyhead: you've told me the bios shows it still,07:42
chunkyheaddude have you been reading anything i typed till now07:42
mumpitzelchunkyhead: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/installation-guide/powerpc/linux-upgrade.html07:42
chunkyheadi said i cant boot07:42
ikoniachunkyhead: TRY an ubuntu usb stick07:42
chunkyheados is irrelevent07:42
ikoniachunkyhead: what do you mean can't boot ?07:42
chunkyheadbios detects but doesn't boot07:42
ikoniachunkyhead: what have you tried to boot ?07:42
dr_willissee if the usb stick you made, does in fact boot on a differnt pc.07:42
mumpitzelchunkyhead: what mainboard is it?07:42
aeon-ltdchunkyhead: grub2?07:43
chunkyheadi gtg07:43
aeon-ltdchunkyhead: supposedly plop can boot to anything even if it's not supported http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager/mbrinstall.html#grub2inst07:43
chunkyheadi will ttyl07:43
ikoniawhat a surprise07:43
MsCourtneyThe laptop doesn't have warranty according to me as it was bought online from a 3rd party07:44
ikoniaMsCourtney: then we can't help you any more, contact a repair place07:44
aeon-ltddid we get trolled for half an hour by a fake request?07:45
ikoniaand n07:45
ikoniabottom line is from the other channel, he'd screwed his centos install up so it wouldn't detect usb an more as he was trying to do a custom kernel07:46
ikoniahence why if he made an ubuntu usb stick, it probably would have booted as it was his current OS / stick that wasn't working with usb07:46
syn-ackRed Hat *anything* is tricky to get the kernel right07:47
lotuspsychjeis there a collection of pentesting tools fro ubuntu, so you dont have to manually install them one-by-one?07:47
syn-ackalways has been...07:47
ikonialotuspsychje: you'd probably be better looking at kali-linux07:48
lotuspsychjeikonia: found this and just wondering: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuPentest07:48
HypnotiXhow do i set a default folder for the terminal to start in07:49
=== akshay_ is now known as akshay_r
ikonialotuspsychje: sorry, not sure how that url has anything to do with your question, that's explaining what a team does07:49
lotuspsychjeikonia: isnt kali linux another Os?07:51
ikonialotuspsychje: correct07:51
=== karlo|afk is now known as karlo
ikonialotuspsychje: if you're looking for something specific for pen-testing it's worth considering, if you want to use ubuntu, just install the tools you want07:51
HypnotiXcan i install a graphic card driver on my vbox guest windows ?07:51
lotuspsychjeikonia: ok so no collection exist for ubuntu?07:51
ikonialotuspsychje: there are many tools, there isn't a metapackage for them07:52
mumpitzelHypnotiX: no. only the vbox guest additions07:52
lotuspsychjeikonia: ok tnx07:52
MsCourtneyApparently booting Ubuntu livecd's on this particular laptop bricks it and I should not have tried the livecd on it!07:52
dr_willisMsCourtney:  a Toshiba?07:52
MsCourtneySamsung 530u3c07:53
dr_willisthere was a lot of news/posts about that issue a few months back i recall.07:53
syn-ackNever heard of a liveCD bricking a laptop07:53
dr_willisi forget the details.. some weirdness with the bios/uefi or somthing07:53
syn-ackah, well...07:54
aeon-ltdsyn-ack: never heard of laptops bricking either07:54
DJonesdr_willis: Was just going to say it was some Samsung laptop07:54
ikoniaMsCourtney: that's nonsense07:55
syn-ackaeon-ltd, Well, now that it was mentioned that it's something about the UEFI, it makes sense... There's been a lot of breakage with them...07:55
ikoniaMsCourtney: please show me where you found that information07:55
DJonesikonia: Bug 104055707:55
ubottubug 1040557 in linux (Ubuntu) "UEFI boot live-usb bricks SAMSUNG 530U3C,np700z5c laptop" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104055707:55
MsCourtneyMy sister said so, I can't confirm it07:55
ikoniaare you kidding me ?07:55
dr_willisi was thinking samsung also  came out with a bios (or whatever it is) update07:55
ikoniaMsCourtney: my apologies, thats terrible07:56
dr_willisother os's could also brick the thing07:56
mumpitzelikonia: it was a bug in samsung's uefi implementation07:56
DJonesNope, was big news a few months back, turned out to be not Ubuntu specific, was a bios fault that could affect other os's including windows07:56
MsCourtneyikonia: Its not your fault ... should have researched this07:56
mumpitzelsamsung should have fixed this a long time ago07:57
dr_williswonder if they had a recall? ;)07:57
syn-ackmumpitzel, It should never have happened.07:58
ubottuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "ttf-mscorefonts-installer" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/07:59
MsCourtneyBut I thought this was only for 12.04 and 12.10?530U3C08:00
ikoniaMsCourtney: was it 13.04 you tried ?08:00
=== sol is now known as Guest93755
SenorMy wireless nic working not so good ,08:02
SenorMy wireless nic working not so good ,can I do some benchmark for it?08:02
MsCourtneyI thought it was  Kubuntu 13.04, but it seems like I accidentally used Ubuntu 12.10... Anyways there's nothing I can do now. Hopefully it can be fixed and the data recovered.08:03
HypnotiXhow do i install all fonts from a directory?08:03
HypnotiXat once08:03
g0ranhi guys can i change dash button to show applications by default in 13.04?08:04
ikoniaMsCourtney: get in contact with samsung and explain,08:04
sahil__hi every108:05
=== aeon-ltd_ is now known as aeon-ltd
sahil__i need a help in wine.after i run a game under wine(full screen) then the resolution becomes akward after i exit the app.any work around? so that each time i exit the app,resolution auto corrects itself08:07
espioanyone can tell me how I can get the active nic on the commandline (want to use it tn an sh script)08:07
dr_willisg0ran:  if its doable. id bet its been asked and answered on askubuntu.com08:07
espioso I want to know it eth0 or eth1 or whatever is the active networkcard being used08:07
dr_willissahil__:  common 'fix' is use a script to launch the wine game, and have the script run xrandr with the right optiomns to  set the res when the game exits08:08
dr_willisespio:  look at the output of ifconfig and parse it to see which one has an ip# perhaps08:09
sahil__<dr_willis>  okey i nearly understood what you have said...is any sample script available?08:09
dr_willisespio:  of course its possible you will have both nics active ;) in some cases.08:09
dr_willissahil__:  #!/bin/bash     wine /path/to/whatevver.exe       xrandr optionsgohere08:10
dr_willissahil__:  3 line  script08:10
g0ranappears it cannot be done. what about using three finger gestures with touchpad, for example to go back/forward in browser. is there a tweak which enables this. synaptics touchpad settings do not have this08:10
dr_willisGuest93755:  you are better off talking in the channel. that way everyone can help08:11
=== karloone is now known as karlo
espiodr_willis: thx. sounds a bit complex though08:11
sahil__oksay i want to have 1280*1024 reso after the game exist.so will it be xrandr 1280*1024??08:11
dr_willisespio:  ifconfig has differnt options, you can parse the output throught grep to see what eth# has a ip address. that would most likely be the one in use08:12
ubottuXRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1208:12
dr_willissahil__:  check    xrandr --help    also for its syntax. i dont use it much08:12
sahil__thanx :)08:12
sahil__is there  any wine specific channel?08:13
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu08:13
sol2hello people. some help here! I cannot boot my Ubuntu 12.04! it shows several messages on the screen and now has stack to  the following msg : udev[113] : '/sbin/blkid -o udev -p /dev/sda6' [240] terminated by signal08:15
vinylhdon, just to follow up. i found the issue. was due to me replacing /sbin/initctl during installation time for it to work in a debootstrap/chroot environment. unfortunately i must have lost the post-it where i reminded myself to revert back to the original.08:16
vinylproblem solved.08:16
karab44i set ssh service on my ubu server and i am trying to connect from other machine... it asks me for password08:22
karab44I type passw like I used to login to that server as a user but it doesn't work08:23
karab44any sugestions what my password could be ? :)08:23
karab44I mean seriously. If on the router I have user named XXX and password XXX isn't it true that using ssh I login XXX:XXX ???08:24
karab44not router, * server08:24
somsipkarab44: ssh user@server, then enter password when prompted08:25
karab44ok but is it the same as user password?08:25
karab44should be08:25
somsipkarab44: it is the password for the user on the server08:25
DJoneskarab44: Yes, it should be the same password as for the username on the server08:25
karab44I just lost my mind because I got user@server and tried password that I just logged in (I have local access granted)08:26
thatstonerhow are ya08:26
thatstoneroh ya08:26
karab44This is what I get: Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-with-mic,password)08:26
karab44Do I need authenticity ?08:27
karab44to establish a connection?08:27
somsipkarab44: no. You connect with ssh user@server, and when prompted you enter the user's password. Try ssh -vvv user@server for more details. Or check /var/log/auth.log on the server for messages08:28
karab44somsip: thank you mate08:28
karab44I think I found a subtle detail08:29
dr_willison the ssh server see if you can 'ssh user@localhost'      and verify that works08:30
karab44how to list all user accounts?08:30
dr_willislook in /home/ is one way ;) not the best way.. but a way08:30
karab44Im noobie08:31
karab44there is no excuse for me08:31
thatstonereven the most experienced at pcs learn something new all the time man dont sweat it08:32
karab44I think I found what's wrong08:32
karab44nope, I'm a step closer but still not in.08:33
karab44hi w4pm08:34
karab44hi wow08:35
wowhi karab4408:35
karab44uff so many "w" guys...08:35
HypnotiXhow do i copy a text from vbox to linux ?08:35
karab44HypnotiX: there is an option about that08:35
wowsorry dunno what vbox is08:35
wowvirtual box08:35
wowohh okay08:35
HypnotiXah found it08:36
HypnotiXshared clipboard08:36
karab44I wish I have that much luck08:36
wowyeaa i reckon, me too08:36
karab44Ok I made a common mistake. I was logging into user that not exist.08:37
karab44but finally I tried to correct username and with no effect08:37
somsipkarab44: that will cause permission denied errors...08:37
karab44Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-with-mic,password). this was when I used wron username08:38
somsipkarab44: so what's happening now?08:38
karab44The same Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-with-mic,password).08:39
karab44Is this public key or any other authentication essential to establish an connection?08:39
somsipkarab44: you can connect to SSH using various ways. publickey is one, password is another. You're trying to get in using password, so dont worry about publickey for now08:39
karab44because first of all I got something like  The authenticity of host '91.192.8x.xxx' can't be established.08:40
somsipkarab44: where do you get this?08:40
somsipkarab44: or does it then prompt you 'Do you want to accept the identity....etc'?08:40
thunder1212how can i run windoes exe files in ubuntu08:40
somsip!wine | thunder121208:40
ubottuthunder1212: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu08:40
karab44first of all I got something like Could not create directory '//.ssh'.08:40
somsipkarab44: 'get' is not very descriptive. Are you seeing this in the SSH client or on the server?08:41
karab44:))))) somsip sorry08:41
karab44all prints are client side08:41
karab44Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes08:42
karab44Failed to add the host to the list of known hosts (//.ssh/known_hosts2).08:42
karab44these are client prints as well08:42
AcidphaseJust figure I would let some felow Linux users know I managed to get the Sound working with my Sound Blaster Z card with an older kernel 3.8.11-gentoo in case . I compiled it on a whim needless to say I'm very happy I used the this position fix as well08:42
Acidphase(I know a a lot of Ubuntu users were going nut with this too)08:43
dr_willisyour useful s home is not encrypted is it?08:43
karab44I did nothing with the configuration of ubuntu server, I just forwarded ports on my router, thats all08:43
somsipkarab44: you have a local permissions problem. can you post a ls -la ~08:43
somsip!paste | karab4408:43
ubottukarab44: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:43
karab44somsip: what should I expect using this listing?08:45
somsipkarab44: a list of permission of all files and directories in your home directory08:46
mumpitzelsomsip: the files he needs to know about are not in the home directory. they are in ~/.ssh/08:46
somsipmumpitzel: and we don't know if there are permission problems in ~. We have to start somewhere. Neither is a wrong approach08:47
karab44somsip: ok I got it but now I got to copy somehow from vbox :P08:47
somsipkarab44: try shared clipboard. Hypnotix found it early in the channel08:49
mumpitzelsomsip: it is. ~ doesn't matter08:50
karab44I don't have any X installed, pure terminal so I can't use any pointer08:50
somsipkarab44: mumpitzel is quite right that "ls -la .ssh" is something we need to see too. So paste that also08:50
karab44I'll paste jpg if you don't mind08:51
mumpitzelkarab44: do not paste ~ content: those are your private files where we have no business intruding. .ssh are only configuration files which exist on every ubuntu08:51
somsip!pastebinit | karab4408:51
ubottukarab44: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com08:51
karab44mumpitzel: no worry, this is a fresh system08:52
mshadlemy apt-get dist-upgrade is failing - anyone have any ideas? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5935724/08:52
karab44guys there's no such file as .ssh in my home location08:54
karab44so there's nothing to display :S08:54
somsipkarab44: so this could be a problem. mkdir .ssh && chmod 700 .ssh08:55
ikoniamshadle: you have packages that conflict, have you added any 3rd party repos or PPA's ?08:55
somsipkarab44: then try connecting again (very strange there is no ~/.ssh though)08:55
mshadleikonia: yes a couple ppas, but nothing that should be altering any of these.08:57
mshadleshould apt-cache policy i suppose08:58
karab44Well still nothing.  Could not create directory '//.ssh'.08:58
ikoniamshadle: well, the conflicts coming from somewhere, those are the automatic candidates and their dependencies08:58
karab44so should I have same folder on my client machine?08:58
dr_williskarab44:  what was the exact command you used.08:58
karab44ssh user@serv08:58
somsipkarab44: where are you running this from? You are running it on the client aren't you?08:58
dr_williskarab44:   the mkdir command..08:58
mshadleikonia: apt-cache policy is showing me the only sources for those 4 packages is all straight ubuntu repos...08:58
karab44mkdir on my server08:58
dr_willisyour error message seems weird with the   '//.ssh'08:59
ikoniamshadle: those packages yes, but their dependencies, probably not08:59
ikoniakarab44: what is the EXACT command you are using08:59
karab44I didn't touch anything :(08:59
karab44ikonia: ssh user@server08:59
somsipkarab44: you run the client and need to mkdir in the ~ on the same machine. For now, assume the server needs nothing doing.08:59
dr_williskarab44:  there should be a .ssh directory on the users home on the client, and in the users home on the server08:59
ikoniakarab44: that is not the exact command08:59
ikoniakarab44: show me the EXACT command08:59
mshadlei need to list what packages HAVE those dependencies.. sadly, those are pretty important packages. a lot will rely on them. i should evaluate what i'm getting through ppas i suppose.09:00
karab44ikonia: I will not provide my server address09:00
ikoniakarab44: can't help ten09:00
ikoniathe user was the most important thing09:00
karab44ikonia: I know. I've already found it out09:00
ikoniakarab44: what was the problem then ?09:01
karab44slowdown, it's not solved yet09:01
ikoniakarab44: then you've not found iut09:01
karab44I just answered your question :)09:01
ikoniakarab44: what is the username you are using09:01
ikoniakarab44: as that is the key thing to your problem09:01
karab44ikonia: just let me finish what dr_willis and somsip adviced to do, ok?09:03
MindSparkhello people, I am doing some php coding and noticed sendmail in 12.04 does not play so well… Does anyone know a solution to this issue? PHP scripts that run the mail() function take forever to execute and the mails are sent out after a too long time09:07
ikoniaMindSpark: sendmail works just fine,09:08
ikoniaMindSpark: what's the actual issue09:08
mumpitzelMindSpark: and which MTA are you using?09:08
joshuhi the first user that is created during installation is a "standard" user, right? When I use adduser to add another new user do they also become a "standard" user with the same privileges as the one created during install?09:08
nathanbzhow do you check if your kernel supports FUSE ?09:08
karab44well, I surrender09:08
MindSparkikonia: yes, maybe I should have completed the sentence, "does not play well with PHP"09:08
ikoniaMindSpark: plays great with pph09:09
ikoniaMindSpark: I have the pairing on over 30 servers09:09
MindSparkmumpitzel: sendmail. I am developing on a test server, but I am not sure what MTA the live server is going to have yet09:09
ikoniajoshu: no, it's an "admin" user by default09:09
karab44anyone used ssh client from MinGW set ?09:09
ikoniaMindSpark: ubuntu ships with postfix by default09:09
MindSparkikonia: http://www.flogiston.net/blog/2009/05/11/sendmail-painfully-slow-on-ubuntu/09:10
karab44I mean msys09:10
mumpitzelMindSpark: check your logs then09:10
MindSparkthis is the issue09:10
MindSparkmumpitzel: I am not saying it doesn't send. It just takes forever09:10
joshuikonia ok so I created a new user with sudo adduser test and when I login I see this is /var/log/auth.log,"requirement "user ingroup nopasswdlogin" not met by user "test""09:10
* mumpitzel wonders why one uses sendmail for a developer machine in the first place09:10
ikoniajoshu: looks like pam requirements are not set for minimal groups09:11
ikoniaMindSpark: so you know it's a queue based system by default ?09:11
mumpitzelnathanbz: grep CONFIG_FUSE_FS /boot/config-*09:11
MindSparkmumpitzel: I actually removed postfix and installed sendmail because it wouldn't send at all09:11
ikoniaMindSpark: you also know that dns resolution and reverse resolution will be key09:11
histojoshu: you have to give the test user a password09:11
joshuhisto I did09:11
joshuduring the adducer process when it prompted for one09:11
MindSparkikonia: how do I go about the reverse?09:12
ikoniaMindSpark: set it up on your dns server09:12
histojoshu: what groups does the user belong to?09:12
ikoniaMindSpark: it will also need to work on the hosts the mail servers the mail is going to as if they take too long to reverse lookup where the mail is coming from, it will just sit in the queue09:12
joshuhisto this is the user created during install: admin:x:1000:1000:admin,,,:/home/admin:/bin/bash09:13
joshuhisto this is the user I created:test:x:1001:1001:,,,:/home/test:/bin/bash09:13
MindSparkikonia: ok, so you're saying the issue is mainly resolutionk?09:13
MindSparkmumpitzel: what do ytou recommend instead?09:14
ikoniaMindSpark: no, I'm saying "you know he basics right, and you've made sure they are ok"09:14
histojoshu: id test09:14
ikoniaMindSpark: if postfix won't send and sendmail is slow to send, it sounds like your mail infrastructure is not setup correctly, as both those MTA's work great with php09:14
mumpitzelMindSpark: the ubuntu default: postfix09:14
MindSparkok, I'll give postfix another shot09:15
ikoniaMindSpark: why ?09:15
ikoniaMindSpark: what are you randomly changing MTA's09:15
joshuhisto uid=1001(test) gid=1001(test) groups=1001(test)09:15
ikoniawhy not actually fix the problems you have with the core function "sending mail"09:15
MindSparkbecause I removed postfix and installed sendmail thinking sendmail is the default on ubuntu09:15
ikoniaMindSpark: how can it be default if it wasn't installed and another MTA is isntalled09:15
=== zipper_ is now known as zipper
ikoniaMindSpark: and you said you couldn't get postfix to work - that doesn't suggest you removed it because you thought sendmail was default09:15
histojoshu: id admin09:16
joshuhisto uid=1000(admin) gid=1000(admin) groups=1000(admin),4(adm),24(cdrom),27(sudo),30(dip),46(plugdev),108(lpadmin),109(sambashare)09:16
histoMindSpark: ssmtp09:16
histojoshu: how are you trying to login?09:17
joshuhisto lightdm unity-greeter09:17
MindSparkikonia: ok, I added a few lines to my /etc/hosts and uncommented the line accordingly in sendmail.cf and the mail function returns true, which means the mail is sent out09:17
joshuhisto is something wrong with how I created the user09:17
MindSparkbut I think it might be the queue that is holding it back now?09:17
ikoniaMindSpark: you know the mail is being sent out,09:17
ikoniaMindSpark: you already said that, you said it's just slow09:17
MindSparkhisto: I tried that and it works fine with gmail. But I am not sure if I am going to be allowed to switch to ssmtp on the live server09:18
karab44ok I've added HOME variable as msys\1.0\home on my client. There is .ssh folder and first warning dissapeared09:18
MindSparkikonia: yes, now the script actually returns in a matter of seconds09:18
MindSparkrather than a minute or two09:18
karab44but still can't connect09:19
MindSparkand it returns 109:19
ikoniaMindSpark: ok, so that's your internal mail resolution working it appears09:19
mumpitzelkarab44: please ask in a mingw support forum. you don't run ssh on ubuntu09:19
nathanbzhow do you check if your kernel supports FUSE ?09:19
ikoniaMindSpark: so that seems to be "ok" if it takes seconds09:19
MindSparkikonia: ok, what now?09:19
mumpitzelnathanbz: I already told you09:19
ikoniaMindSpark: well, what's the problem now, you said it sends quick, is that not problem solved ?09:19
histojoshu: doesn't appear so should work. You could create another user with the users tool in System settings and compare but should be working09:19
MindSparkexactly, what do I have to check for the external one?09:19
jdoles Is there any reasonable (so, meaning I am not hacked) explanation for a line like ? root Unknown TCP 13KB/s in nethogs output?09:19
ikoniaMindSpark: if it's working now, job done09:19
mumpitzelMindSpark: mail.log,syslog09:20
somsipkarab44: are you definitely connecting to the correct server? Is there are chance you have some DNS issues given it sounds like one machine is a VM09:20
MindSparkikonia: well it looks like it stays in the queue forever09:20
nathanbzsorry mumpitzel i just saw09:20
ikoniaMindSpark: how are you checking ?09:20
joshuok thanks histo09:20
MindSparkI am not, I am just not getting mails09:20
ikoniaMindSpark: right - don't "assume" things then09:20
ikoniaMindSpark: for all you know it could have left and its the next hop that's slow09:20
MindSparkikonia: I am not assuming, I am trying to explain myself09:20
ikoniaMindSpark: you are assuming09:20
ikoniaMindSpark: you just said "it stays in the queue for ever"09:20
ikoniaMindSpark: you have no idea if it's even in the queue09:21
MindSparkikonia: ok, let me rephrase, how do I debug which hop is taking so long?09:21
mumpitzeljdoles: which ubuntu do you run?09:21
ikoniaMindSpark: answer the quesitons09:21
nathanbzwhy isn't this frigger s3fs not working for me :(09:21
jdolesmumpitzel: 12.04 LTS.09:21
nathanbzfuse is ther /boot/config-3.2.0-49-virtual:CONFIG_FUSE_FS=y09:21
MindSparkikonia: which one?09:21
jdolesmumpitzel: with all the security updates.09:21
jdolesmumpitzel: 12.04.2, I think.09:21
ikoniaMindSpark: the ones I keep asking you, answer them with "fact" not "what you think", if you don't know say "I don't know"09:21
ikoniaMindSpark: have you checked the mail queue ?09:22
MindSparkikonia: php mail() returns 1.09:22
ikoniaok, bye bye MindSpark09:22
ikoniaMindSpark: I didn't ask for php mail functions, I asked "hav eyou checked the mail queue"09:22
MindSparkikonia: oh come on, I am trying09:22
dr_willisnathanbz:  fuse is in the kernel by default on ubuntu - yes.   most of the fuse tools have some soert of verbose logging options i think09:22
MindSparkno I have not, how do I do that?09:22
ikoniaMindSpark: you're not, I've just given you speech on giving factual information, not what you think, and if yo udon't know say "I don't know"09:23
nathanbzdr_willis I'm trying to mount a amazon s3 bucket with s3fs i have it working on ubuntu 10.04 but can't get it to work with 12.0409:26
nathanbzit just doesn't let me list the directory its really weird > <09:27
megagolgothi've changed many time my WiFi network card, and now its name is wlan5, i want set it wlan0, what can i must do?09:27
megagolgothnathanbz: have you check the log? dmesg?09:27
dr_willismegagolgoth:  theres some persistant-network rules file ive seen mentioned in here befor that keeps track of that..  It may be mentioneed at askubuntu.com also i see a similer wuestion to yours mentioned in here almost weekly09:28
MindSparkpeople, can someone (who can bear with me for a bit) tell me how to check "the mail queue" of sendmail?09:28
nathanbzdrwxr-xr-x  1 root root    0 Jan  1  1970 s309:28
ikoniaMindSpark: I can bear with you if you are just honest09:28
nathanbzthat looks really weird09:28
ikoniaand say "I don't know" rather thank making up issues like "it's stuck in the queue" when you don't even know how to check09:28
ikoniaMindSpark: the command is "mqueue"09:29
sol2anybody knows what this command is doin? I am trying to fix a problem : sudo fsck -yv /dev/sda09:29
IncreaseHey guys, I used pen drive linux to make a live USB for ubunutu and set the persistant to max, but everytime I shutdown and restart everything goes back to the original live.09:29
MindSparkok, can someone (who can bear with an dishonest guy for a bit)09:29
IncreaseAnyone know how to fix it?09:29
nathanbznothing in dmsg09:29
nathanbz> <09:29
ikoniasol2: you shouldn't be running that09:29
ikoniasol2: you run fsck against a partition, not a disk09:29
megagolgothnathanbz: go to /var/log09:29
ikoniaMindSpark: is your queue full or empty ?09:30
nathanbzyeah nothing happening in /var/log/gmsg09:30
nathanbzyeah nothing happening in /var/log/dmsg09:30
megagolgothdr_willis: oh, it's nice, but how can i found it?09:30
dr_willismegagolgoth:  askubuntu.com has a search function09:30
nathanbzsyslog has Aug  1 09:30:55 ip-10-0-0-150 s3fs: init $Rev: 444 $09:31
karab44somsip: you're right09:31
dr_willismegagolgoth:  all i rember is its a file in /etc/ ive seen people twiddle with in here befor.09:31
MindSparkikonia: the commandline says the command does not exist (see I explicitly said that the cmmandline said that, not assuming anything this time)09:31
megagolgothanother words for the request?09:31
nathanbzthis is so fkin weird :(09:31
karab44somsip: I've just connected to the server (VM) on local network address09:31
ikonianathanbz: no need for bad language09:31
ikoniaMindSpark: ok, so install it, it will be something like sendmail-tools or mail-tools package, or even mqueue package it's self, also look at the splool location on the file system, see if it's full09:32
megagolgothdr_willis: do you remember another words for making my search requests on askubuntu?09:32
dr_willisnathanbz:  hmm.  ive not used that fuse tool. so cant really suggest much.  or i could suggest just setting up ssh and sshfs  and get to the server that way ;) but i dont use the amazon stuff09:32
karab44somsip: Problem is, when I try this trick using a public IP09:32
stringdbI am.getting stack overflow error when I try to boot.09:32
dr_willismegagolgoth:  id search for 'change network device name' and sort the answers by votes09:33
ikoniaMindSpark: also try "mailq!09:33
ikoniaMindSpark: sorry "mailq"09:33
megagolgothdr_willis: ok, thank you :à)09:33
MindSparkikonia: /var/spool/mqueue-client is empty09:33
nathanbzs3fs            256T     0  256T   0% /mnt/s309:34
ikoniaMindSpark: hat's the client, is there /var/spool/mail ?09:34
nathanbzwhoa 256Tbs09:34
MindSparkikonia: there's only this /var/spool/mqueue is empty09:34
dr_willisnathanbz:  thats almost enough for my wallpaper collextion. ;)09:34
ikoniaMindSpark: also check mailq09:34
ikoniaMindSpark: if /var/spool/mqueue is empty it looks like it's either not gone into the queue, or left the host09:34
megagolgothnathanbz: there is another log file on /var/log, on this folder try ls -lh09:34
mumpitzelmegagolgoth: it's in /etc/udev/rules.d/   in there grep for "wlan5" and you will find it09:34
megagolgothmumpitzel: ok thank you09:35
stringdbNeed help guys09:35
IncreaseHey guys, I used pen drive linux to make a live USB for ubunutu and set the persistant to max, but everytime I shutdown and restart everything goes back to the original live.09:35
IncreaseAnyone know how to fix it?09:35
stringdbI am getting stack overflow when booting09:35
MindSparkikonia: ok, so messages in /var/spool/mail are the ones that are not sent out yet, and the ones in /var/spool/mqueue are the ones that are current;y being sent?09:36
dr_willisIncrease:  check that the casper-rw file exists and the boot options tell the system to use it.. would be step 1 in trouble shooting i think09:36
mumpitzelstringdb: which program gets a stack overflow?09:36
megagolgothmumpitzel dr_willis : founded!09:36
Increasedr_willis how do I check that?09:36
ikoniaMindSpark: /var/spool/mail is normally containing incoming messages, it depends on your setup really09:36
ikoniaMindSpark: lets walk it through, does "mailq" do anything09:37
dr_willisIncrease:  look on the usb for the file. and check the syslinux config files, or  when it boots look at what options its using09:37
MindSparkikonia: yes, maiq outputs MSP and MTA queue status09:37
ikoniaMindSpark: that's "mailq" correct ?09:38
Increasedr_willis I can check the USB, but I don't know how to check the options when it boots09:38
stethoAre there any tools that allow me to compare the packages installed on a number of Ubuntu Precise servers?09:38
dr_willisIncrease:  the bootloader should havce some keys to 'edit' the options you can look and see what its using. or check the  bootloaders config files. (whatever loadre the system is using)09:38
stringdbWhen I boot I get error.09:38
stringdbStack overflow.09:38
ikoniaMindSpark: can you poastebin the output, lets have a look if it shows anything ?09:39
stringdbIkonia: Yo mama's so fat. When I tried to boot her, it gives me stack overflow09:39
MindSparkikonia: http://pastebin.com/PjEpFKJW09:39
Increasedr_willis casper-rw file isn't in syslinux on the USB.09:39
IncreaseShould I create one?09:39
dr_willisIncrease:  should be on the root of the usb flash i belove. not in  the syslinux directory. it should be the largest file on the usb i imagine09:40
=== dan_ is now known as Guest61576
ikoniaMindSpark: great, so key thing there is the pre-queue prepperation has nothing in, and the queue has nothing in09:41
ikoniaMindSpark: that suggests they have "gone" from your machine, or not been processed at all (unlikley)09:41
ikoniaMindSpark: if you look in the mail log, you should see confirmation of messages being processed09:41
mumpitzelikonia: isn't sendmail logging what it has sent by default in mail.log or similar?09:41
ikoniamumpitzel: I'd hope so, hence why I've just asked for th elog to be confirmed09:42
Increasedr_willis I found the casper-rw file, it is not in a folder, it's in the main page of the usb taking up a lot of space.09:43
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
Konshirohey! =] wasssup09:44
Konshiroanyone know how i can get to #ubuntu on irc.freenode.net09:44
ikoniaKonshiro: you are hthere09:44
DJonesKonshiro: You're already there09:44
upsidedownslippeHello friends! I would like to know if I could sell laptops as a company with ubuntu installed on the laptops: Ubuntu would be offered for free but is it legal to offer laptops with ubuntu as a company?09:44
ikoniaKonshiro: correct09:44
Konshirook thanks =)09:44
ikoniaupsidedownslippe: yes09:45
MindSparkikonia: ok, this shows more errors09:45
histoupsidedownslippe: dell, system76 and several others offer it09:45
MindSparkgethostbyaddr( failed09:45
ikoniaMindSpark: ok, so there is your dns failing09:45
Konshiroi'm trying to install a search engine on firefox, but it says i need to disable "Unity Desltop Integration" add-on? can't find it09:45
upsidedownslippethanks. because I heard that it is legal to offer ubuntu but there are some programs within ubuntu that have different licensing09:45
ikoniaMindSpark: I suspect if you type "mail" as the post master account you'll see a LOT of bounce messages (you'll see the files in /var/spool/mail)09:45
ikoniaupsidedownslippe: no09:46
MindSparkikonia: ok, in the case where dns is failing, shouldn't mqueue show them?09:46
=== TheBrayn is now known as The_Brayn
MindSparkas still not being sent?09:46
=== The_Brayn is now known as TheBrayn
MindSparkikonia: yes, I did that and I do have mail in the root mailbox09:46
ikoniaMindSpark: no, as they have left the queue, they have been sent, but when they are sent they fail, so get bounced09:46
ikoniaMindSpark: so the queue has worked - hence being empty09:46
MindSparkikonia: ok… in what case would they still be in the queue then?09:47
k1lupsidedownslippe: there are some issues with pro. software and codecs. but a regular ubuntu install is legal09:47
ikoniaMindSpark: think of it as  prepare->queue->sendqueue - once they have left the queue for sending, the queue is done09:47
ikoniaMindSpark: they would be left in the queue if they couldn't be processed,09:47
MindSparkikonia: what is processed? having smtp headers added etc?09:48
ikoniaMindSpark: ubuntu does it a little different, but basically getting it into the queue, so yes, making sure it's in th right format, from the right user etc etc09:48
Konshiroanyone heard of the "unity desktop integration"? and how to disable it09:49
=== Abd_Allatif_ is now known as Abd_Allatif
k1lKonshiro: what do you mean?09:50
mumpitzelKonshiro: integration of what?09:50
Konshiroi need to diable it on firefox to install something, they say it's an add-on09:50
Konshirobut it's not in the list09:51
k1lthey? and you want to install what?09:51
Konshiroyour mother09:51
thunder1212hi  i am using ubuntu 12.04. can i upgrade to the latest kernel version?09:55
ikoniawhy do you want to ?09:55
ikoniareally ?09:55
MindSparkikonia: can you have a look at this? http://pastebin.com/5JRzF63T09:55
ikoniaMindSpark: ok, looks like you have a message in the queue09:56
k1lthunder1212: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack  see this09:56
SenorHow do i install debuginfo for kernel ,which will be used by systemtap?09:57
flipper89_flIs systemd avaliable for ubuntun 12.04 LTS as of current?09:58
MindSparkikonia: ok, so the issue is that the hostname does not resolve I guess, but to me it looks like it is trying to connect to a domain that is nonexistent, localdomain?09:58
SenorI have installed it09:58
ikoniaMindSpark: that's where you are sending the mail to09:59
flipper89_flMindSpark: .local or ,localdomain are strickyly for private and testbed environments09:59
MindSparkikonia: ok, so where do I change that?10:01
ikoniaMindSpark: it should be in how you send the mail10:02
ikoniaMindSpark: it's basically your "too" address10:03
flipper89_flMindSpark: Are you trying to configure a mail service?10:03
flipper89_flwhoops server 10:03
MindSparkflipper89_fl: yes10:04
MindSparkikonia: I am sending to a gmail address10:04
ikoniaMindSpark: ahh I see what's happening10:04
k1lMindSpark: from a dynip?10:04
ikoniaMindSpark: one of two things (or both)10:04
ikoniaMindSpark: 1.) the user www-data is not authorized to use the mail server10:05
flipper89_flHow do i go about getting a ubuntu spacific cloak?10:05
MindSparkk1l: no10:05
k1l!membership | flipper88_fl10:05
ubottuflipper88_fl: Ubuntu Membership means recognition of a significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community.  For more info see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership10:05
ikoniaMindSpark: 2.) the host berlin01.localdomain is not accepting connections from you or can't be resolved10:05
MindSparkikonia: ok… and how do I enable him to?10:05
CaneToadhi.... I'm running 12.04.2 LTS and whenever I open windows they all open under the top panel so that you can't see the top bar of the windows... anyone have any ideas on how to solve this?  Yes I do have the compiz "Place Windows" option checked.10:05
ikoniaMindSpark: which which one of the problems it is10:05
MindSparkwell berlin01 can't be resolved, thats what I am sayng10:05
k1lflipper88_fl: if you are an ubuntu member you can request a cloak in #ubuntu-irc10:05
ikoniaMindSpark: ok, so you have to get the resolved able then10:06
flipper89_flI may could donate the hours of my day between 5 and 7 am Eastern Time10:07
sahil__xrandr --mode 1280x1024   why this syntax is wrong? I wanted to use it in a script to change the resolution to 1280*102410:07
flipper89_flplus what ever loose hours i get durring the day10:07
flipper89_flsahil__: try a man xrandr10:08
joshuikonia the authentication issue I had earlier. Is ti possible that it's a character in the password that's not allowed?10:08
utfans05sahil__, try xrandr -s 1280x102410:08
sahil__#!/bin/bash wine /home/sahil/wine/drive_c/Program Files/Rockstar_Games/MaxPayne2.exe   xrandr --mode 1280x102410:08
ikoniajoshu: technically possible, but doubtful10:08
joshuikonia so there are no special characters that are not allowed for passwords?10:09
sahil__<utfans05><flipper89_fl>okey trying both of your advice...wait few min :)10:09
utfans05ill be here till 8am CST :D10:09
flipper89_fljoshu: What mmail server back end are youn using?10:09
ikoniajoshu: shouldn't be10:09
MsCourtneyAfter installing Kubuntu to a partition, it should automatically detect a Windows 7 install and allow be to select Windows 7 on boot right?10:09
joshuflipper89_fl ?10:10
utfans05MsCourtney, should, if it doesnt install os-prober once your in your kubunto side and then run grub-update10:10
ikoniaMsCourtney: you got the laptop working ?10:10
utfans05that will fix it if its broken.10:10
MsCourtneyikonia: No, I want to restore the installation on another laptop.10:11
flipper89_flThat type of issue is why Ditched windows and stuck with linux nearly the past year10:11
sahil__xrandr is solved...but how to deal with white space in directory nmaes in wine?10:12
flipper89_flbefore this http://smitty2788.blogspot.com/2013/07/battle-of-linux-distributions.html10:12
sahil__for exaple program files,shouldi write program%20files?10:12
utfans05I believe its _ to fix that.10:13
utfans05so write it as Program_Files.10:13
joshuflipper89_fl your mail server question was that meant for someone else?10:13
=== scx_ is now known as scx
flipper89_flNo joshu Oit was meant to showw that I am serious abpout the ubuntu Family of linux Distributions10:14
ikoniaflipper89_fl: do'nt post that junk in here please.10:15
fly-awaydebootstrap installing outdated packages10:15
joshuflipper89_fl ok it's good to be serious some times ;)10:15
flipper89_flSorry ikonia10:15
BrixSatim doing a raid (mdadm) instalation and when i try to install the grub in /dev/md0 i get segmentation fault, why?10:15
ikoniaflipper89_fl: no problem10:15
ikoniaBrixSat: you don't install grub to the metadevice10:16
sahil__<utfans05> how to deal with white space in directory names? Like program files. i am using wine... replacing whie space with%20 is not helping10:16
ikoniaBrixSat: you install it to the physical device10:16
BrixSatikonia:  i have to, i always did it and it always worked,10:16
utfans05sahil__, try using _ instead of %20. %20 is the windows coding for a space.10:16
BrixSatikonia: i dont do it i wont be able to boot the system i would end up in grub rescue10:16
sahil__okey giving it a shot ASAP :)10:17
ikoniaBrixSat: you install grub to to a physical boot sector10:17
flipper89_flsahil__: placing quotation marks aroung said files names might help?10:17
BrixSatikonia: but i would end up in grub rescue :/10:17
ikoniaBrixSat: no you wouldn't10:17
BrixSatikonia:  but i always did it and it always worked why not working now?10:18
ikoniaBrixSat: if it's segfaulting you'll need to log a bug10:18
ikoniaBrixSat: or check your machines hardware stability10:18
CaneToadanyone know how to stop windows from opening under the top panel such that you can't see the window title bars?10:18
BrixSatikonia:  the server is ok, and working nicely the disk was on a previous server and also working nicely10:18
ikoniaBrixSat: so you have a software problem that you'll need to log a bug for10:19
BrixSatikonia:  how do i log the bug? What info can i provide besides the segmentation fault error?10:19
flipper89_flAny one know how to get rid of the darn botom hidea panel in xubuntu 12.04LTS?10:19
ikonia!bug | BrixSat10:20
ubottuBrixSat: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.10:20
MindSparkikonia: is there a way to try to resend all the mails in the queue?10:20
BrixSatikonia: thanks10:21
ikoniaMindSpark: if they are in the queue they will get picked up at the next re-try time10:21
ikoniaMindSpark: (I think the retry time is 25 minutes, but don't quote me on that)10:21
SuperLagAre there any popular alternatives to Thunderbird, for an email client on Ubuntu?10:21
Iam_Gadgetshi all (big channel............big channel:-)10:22
SuperLagThunderbird is driving me crazy. :(10:22
flipper89_flSuperLag: Claws-mail10:22
MonkeyDustSuperLag  I use thunderbird, what's your issue with it?10:22
darkr00tcan anyone tell me how to give read/write permissions to a mounted hard disk... root can delete files, but ordinary user cant10:22
flipper89_flSuperLag: What knid of feature set are you requiring in a client side mail application10:23
ikoniadarkr00t: what file system is on the hard disk10:23
darkr00tikonia: vfat10:23
ikoniadarkr00t: it doesn't support permissions10:23
darkr00tikonia: ok can I mount it so that my user has access?10:23
SuperLagMonkeyDust: fonts, formatting... while composing\10:23
darkr00tikonia: I guess root has full access as thats what mounted it10:24
SuperLagMonkeyDust: it's never consistent, and I can be typing and a font will just change to be smaller with absolutely no intervention on my part10:24
MindSparkikonia: so there's no way to force it now?10:24
ikoniadarkr00tlook at the "mask" mount option10:24
flipper89_flSuperLag: Which spacific fonts are you requiring?10:24
SuperLagflipper89_fl: it doesn't matter what font I use10:24
ikoniaMindSpark: you can run the queue manually, but do you really want to start chanign your config at this stage /10:25
SuperLagflipper89_fl: this happens regardless of font... and it's not something that happens on a consistent basis... but when it does, it pisses me off10:25
darkr00tikonia: ok thanks, umask=xxx right?10:25
ikoniadarkr00t: yeah, you got it10:25
darkr00tikonia: great thanks, i'll try that now10:26
flipper89_flSuperLag: Have you tried a comand line mail reader/composer like mutt or alpine?10:26
MindSparkikonia: I switched to postfox and this is the error I am getting in the queue10:26
SuperLagflipper89_fl: no10:26
flipper89_flMindSpark: I doe beleive you need a fully qualified Domain name (FQDN)10:27
agoodmI am trying to get a Lenovo/Ericsson F5521GW WWAN card working with ubuntu 12.04.  The card is detected by network manager, which also tells me I am registered on the network and shows signal strength, but when I try to use the connection I am getting some 'busy' type error messages in syslog and the connection fails10:27
ikoniaMindSpark: why did you switch to postfix ?10:28
ikoniaMindSpark: you had sendmail working10:28
ikoniaMindSpark: look at the error, it's relaying out of a non-existent host10:28
MindSparkikonia: I am panicking and I need to get this done as soon as possible so I can get back to coding10:28
ikoniaMindSpark: I cannot understand why after having sendmail working a fe wminutes ago, you've randomly switched to postfix10:29
agoodmMindSpark: if you need  aquick solution visit www.gmail.com :P10:29
SuperLagflipper89_fl: Okay, I take that back. I did use mutt at one point, just to see if I could get it to work... not for anything serious like what I'm trying to do now (mail out an agenda that's going to go to 40+ people)10:30
ikoniaMindSpark: yes, so if you needed a quick solution, why did you change when it was working ?10:30
MindSparkikonia: I don't know. Just randomly trying anything out, maybe I get it to work by chance. Postfix is "working" too.10:30
MindSparkif working is getting the email to the server it was sent from that is...10:30
sahil__<utfans05><flipper89_fl> ? worked :) thnx guys :)10:30
utfans05sahil__, ANYTIME!!!10:31
ikoniaMindSpark: so if it's working what's the problem, what are yo uasking ?10:31
flipper89_flOr there is alwau=ys sdf and i am a double life time member (two different ARPA level memberships thus meaning I can validate you onece you nhace signed up MindSpark10:31
sahil__<utfans05><flipper89_fl> anyway can a script be excuteable ?? i mean double click and done?? O.o10:31
utfans05Let me look and see.10:32
IncreaseHey can anyone help me out using reaver on ubuntu10:32
utfans05sahil__, try this. http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/newbie/65731-how-run-bash-script-executable.html10:32
IncreaseI successfully start it and all it does it channel hop constantly10:32
MindSparkikonia: I am asking why it is not sending out of the server. You said working means that the connection between the sending app (PHP script in my case) is delivering the email to the MTA. and it does. The mta however is not forwarding the e-mail10:32
agoodmIncrease, possibly?10:33
sahil__okey lets c... :)10:33
agoodmIncrease, find a vulnerable network and specify the channel and target mac address manually10:33
darkr00tikonia: sorry to bother you again, ive added uid=1000,umask=000 to my fstab and its still giving permission error10:33
darkr00tikonia: the uid is correct10:33
ikoniadarkr00t: check if that's supported on vfat10:33
IncreaseWhy would I target the mac address over the BBSID?10:33
flipper89_flMindSpark: I do beleive a gmail accoun is you're only and safest bet?10:33
ikoniaMindSpark: look at the error, it can't resolve the host - exactly the same as sendmail10:34
agoodmIncrease, to stop reaver from trying to find target aps itself automatically by looking on different channels?10:34
MindSparkflipper89_fl: that's right, I tried that and it works, it is service specific though and I would need to change the configuration for the server to run10:34
MindSparkikonia: which host are we talking about here? I can see 3 different hosts10:34
ikoniaMindSpark: well, check all of them10:35
ikoniaMindSpark: dns is important in mail10:35
IncreaseNo, I enter the BBSID using reaver -i mon0 -b BBSID -vv10:35
IncreaseAnd it just channels hops afterwards10:35
flipper89_flOh so very important10:35
MindSparkikonia: the only thing I can change for now is /etc/hosts. would that suffice?10:35
ikoniaMindSpark: for your local resolution, ys10:36
agoodmIncrease, also tell reaver the channel10:36
IncreaseWhat's the channel? How do I find it?10:36
Increaseagoodm, also where should I put the command?10:36
agoodmIncrease,  -c n where n is channel number.  after the bssid10:38
SuperLagIs there a way to install packages with a wildcard? like apt-get install claws-mail-*10:40
flipper89_flHow would i reconfigure the dchlient.conf file in order to tel dhclient to use the followninfg dns servers,
mumpitzelyou don't tell it to use servers. dhcp does a broadcast in the subnet and the fastest dhcp server wins10:41
agoodmflipper88_fl, configure your dhcp server to tell clients to use the correct dns servers in the first instance?10:41
mumpitzeloh. dns10:41
Increaseagoodm Where do I find the channel? So, it'd be before -vv?10:42
mumpitzelflipper89_fl: see stuff like this https://calomel.org/dhclient.html10:42
sahil__well converting script to a executable file was little too steap for me to understand :(10:42
A1ReconI have a SAMSUNG Android Phone and when I play any music on the phone and I am connected to the Network and the TV is on. I can play the music on the TV through DLNA. Is there any way I can do that on any media player on Ubuntu ?10:42
agoodmIncrease, use airodump-ng and yes before very verbose10:42
sahil__is there any libreoffice channel?10:42
mumpitzelsahil__: /msg alis *libreoffice*10:43
Increaseagoodm I am using airodump-ng, what do I do after? It just sits there waiting for beacon10:43
mumpitzelsorry. /msg alis list *libreoffice*10:43
MonkeyDustsahil__  mumpitzel dont forget  'list' in that line10:43
agoodmIncrease, airodump doesnt find any networks?10:43
MonkeyDustoh, misread10:43
mumpitzelMonkeyDust: I did forget it first, yes10:44
Increaseagoodm, No it does, when I run reaver it just sits at waiting for beacon from BBSID.10:44
Increaseafter I enter sudo reaver -i mon0 -b 00:1C:0E:D4:A4:52 -c11 -vv10:44
agoodmcan you try aireplay -9 to see if you have packet injection working correctly?10:44
agoodmit should be -c 110:45
agoodm-c 1110:45
Increasesudo aireplay -9?10:45
agoodmIncrease, aireplay-ng iirc10:45
utfans05someone just rm -R * in his root folder... /facepalm10:46
darkr00tikonia: hmmm nothing I do seems to make it mount rw, if I were to format it ext4, will the ownership be a problem in future? i remember trying to mount a drive with a live-cd but it wouldn't allow me access to it due to permissions10:46
Increaseagoodm No replay interface specified.10:47
IncreaseWhen command is ran10:47
ikoniadarkr00t: it will be fine with ext4310:47
darkr00tikonia: so how do I avoid permission issues trying to read it from a Live CD? or wont there be a problem?10:48
ikoniadarkr00t: there won't be a problem10:48
brotherBoxHi people. I use gnome-panel and for some odd reason, the clock as well as the volume thing and the message indicator are gone. This is how my panel looks like atm: http://i.imgur.com/tjIEmkv.png - how can I fix this? I tried some instructions on the web and none worked, but the panel is there for newly created users.10:48
darkr00tikonia: ok I'll look to format it10:48
darkr00tikonia: thanks again10:48
agoodmIncrease, from memory aireplay-ng -9 mon010:50
Increaseagoodm, it states that injection is working!10:51
Shogootis there any way to see .psd images?10:51
IncreaseI think that's a PS extension10:51
agoodmIncrease, does it say its working for your target AP?10:51
k1lIncrease: agoodm network sniffing is not supported in here10:51
agoodmShogoot, thats a photoshop file, some versions of photoshop work in wine10:51
vlad77hey guys! What is the command to zip folder with all guts? thx!10:52
Increaseagoodm, it says found 2 AP and can do both10:52
Increasebut they are both open encryption APs10:52
flipper88_flIs there any method by which i can get an oficial acrobat readed linux binary through yhe ubuntu partner or other non free repositories?10:52
k1lIncrease: no discussion, that is not supported in here.10:52
Shogootagoodm, ok, thanks, but im looking for something opensource10:53
ActionParsnipShogoot: http://blog.pixarea.com/2011/10/opening-photoshop-psd-files-in-ubuntu-11-10-oneiric-ocelot10:53
ActionParsnipShogoot: found that in seconds10:53
ShogootActionParsnip, rgr ill look at that,10:53
vlad77What is terminal command to zip folder?10:54
=== zipper_ is now known as zipper
SuperLagzip :)10:54
ActionParsnipvlad77: zip -r filename.zip directory10:54
MonkeyDustvlad77  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression10:55
ActionParsnipvlad77: went to google, searched for:    zip folder bash10:55
SuperLagflipper88_fl: go to adobe.com and download it yourself10:55
vlad77thx! ^_^10:55
SuperLagflipper88_fl: make sure you have ia32-libs installed, and get the .deb file from Adobe10:55
flipper88_flGotcha SuperLag10:57
vlad77could someone explain, please, what is the difference between: bash, terminal and console? Why 3 words exist instead of one?10:57
SuperLagflipper88_fl: it will default to giving you the .bin file. Say you have a different OS, then pick Linux, and then you'll see the option for the .deb file10:58
MonkeyDustvlad77  bash is a language, terminal is a program10:58
=== asma is now known as Guest26604
SuperLagflipper88_fl: and it will install the app to /opt/Adobe/10:58
flipper88_flI am aware of that  that is why I always partiton my hdd with a minimum of 20GB for /10:59
=== babilen_ is now known as babilen
flipper88_flHey babilen11:00
SuperLagflipper88_fl: heh. I have /opt in a completely separate partition, since I have so much 3rd-party software11:00
SuperLagflipper88_fl: /dev/sda2        38G   16G   20G  44% /opt11:00
flipper88_flSuperLag: /dev/sda1                                            19G  5.7G   13G  32% /11:01
babilenflipper88_fl: why did you highlight me?11:02
Guest26604good morning11:02
flipper88_flGood morning babilen11:02
xnockoutgood nite all11:02
flipper88_flnite xnockout11:02
babilenflipper88_fl: Is there anything specific you want? I consider it to be quite rude to be highlighted on random channels I idle in. So, what can I do for you?11:03
xnockout:) flipper88_fl11:03
vishnu_easiest way to connect any mobile to ubuntu? basically for internet11:04
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
jony_easyriderhow can I increase the desktop size in ubuntu? (to have scrollable option)11:05
MonkeyDustjony_easyrider  like increase the resolution?11:06
IncreaseAhhhh quit saying my name11:06
vishnu_ya increase resolution~11:08
=== Plinker_ is now known as Plinker
jony_easyridermonkey, no, to be scrollable11:14
fly-awayhow could i disable this service?11:14
jony_easyriderMonkeyDust, I have a font and I cannot install it since it's install window is bigger then my desktop, and I cannot press the "Install" button11:15
auronandacejony_easyrider: hold alt and then click and drag the window11:15
MonkeyDustjony_easyrider  drag the window, then decrease its size by dragging an edge or corner11:16
jony_easyriderauronandace, TY, it worked!11:16
jony_easyriderMonkeyDust, ty to you too11:16
brotherBoxHi people. I use gnome-panel and for some odd reason, the clock as well as the volume thing and the message indicator are gone. This is how my panel looks like atm: http://i.imgur.com/tjIEmkv.png - how can I fix this? I tried some instructions on the web and none worked, but the panel is there for newly created users.11:17
ActionParsnip!fixpanel | brotherBox11:18
MonkeyDust!fanelpix :p11:19
brotherBoxActionParsnip, is something supposed to happen? Because nothing does11:19
ubottuTo reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »11:19
ActionParsnipbrotherBox: yes, but i was not typing a valid trigger11:19
brotherBoxI entered into a terminal with gnome-panel running but to no effect11:20
nathanbzid -u www-data <- will that always be 33 ?11:20
auronandaceActionParsnip: that was for gnome2 (long since dead now)11:20
ActionParsnipbrotherBox: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue11:21
brotherBoxI use gnome-fallback I think11:21
ActionParsnipauronandace: bah11:21
brotherBoxI installed gnome-panel11:21
brotherBoxActionParsnip, Ubuntu 13.04 \n \l11:21
ActionParsnipbrotherBox: dconf reset -f /org/gnome/gnome-panel; killall gnome-panel11:22
ActionParsnipbrotherBox: http://askubuntu.com/questions/125662/how-to-reset-gnome-panel    found using google....11:22
BluesKajHiyas all11:22
brotherBoxI think I tried this one alraedy - and the clock etc is still not there11:22
k1lfly-away: when you use debian please see debian support11:22
brotherBoxAlso I tried it again without success11:22
ActionParsnipbrotherBox: if you hold ALT+CTRL then right click the panel, can you add items?11:22
brotherBoxActionParsnip, nope. Nothing pops up11:23
ActionParsnipbrotherBox: there's some weird-ass buttons you have to hold down to get right click to work as expected11:24
brotherBoxI tried super + right click and that worked11:24
brotherBoxActually its alt11:25
ActionParsnipbrotherBox: great huh?11:26
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
ActionParsnipbrotherBox: if you dislike Unity session, I suggest you install Xubuntu :)11:26
MonkeyDustbrotherBox  try alt-f2 > dconf-editor > find panel     see if you find something useful11:27
brotherBoxActionParsnip, that doesnt allow me to restore the message indicator. Also I use gnome fallback, not unity11:27
ActionParsnipbrotherBox: just a tip really11:27
shomonhi, how can I trim my startup services, as shown in "service --status-all"?11:28
uvalahello, can anyone suggest me a twitter client that enables to view multiple accounts together, comprising usual follow/tweet functions? I used choqok until now, but it doesn't work for about 2 months now11:28
shomonthe ones that run on startup that is.. can I back them up and delete them?11:28
ActionParsnipuvala: omgubuntu review twitter clients quite a lot11:29
shomonuvala, I think hotot used to but the twittercide api change may have messed it11:29
Fooguoquestion I am new to linux been on linux mint for 8 or so months but i jut have a feeling i want to be on ubuntu. i just dont know if i should join LTS or wait till the new release happeens11:29
ActionParsnipshomon: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ShowHiddenStartupApplications11:29
ActionParsnipFooguo: if you want long support and stability, go for the LTS11:30
shomoncool, now I don't have to run postgres every single time :)11:30
ActionParsnipshomon: you can keep them in place, just disable them in the start apps app11:30
DJonesuvala: You could look at 'polly' its only in a ppa be thats what I've found to work well, not sure about multiple accounts, but worth a look11:31
uvalashomon, yes, I'd tried hotot, but it didnt work on my machine even before twitter policies changed11:31
fallen_hello friends  i want to revert back to Ubuntu 13.04  from the devoloper version how can i do it11:31
uvalaThank you ActionParsnip and Djones, I will check omgubuntu now, and polly, too11:31
shomonwahay! "gnome login sound" off!!11:32
DJonesfallen_: From 13.10 back to 13.04? You'll have to reinstall 13.04, you can't go back down in versions11:32
live-ubuntui'm creating a live ubuntu 13.04 usb with startup disk creator.....why is it taking 10-15 mins and that when booting from the same usb why is it taking 10-15 mins to boot ? i tried ceating live usb again but startup disk creator crashed showing finalizing msg...11:32
Fooguofrom wiki there will be a new release of ubuntu before 2014?11:32
fallen_k thank u very much11:32
DJonesFooguo: Yes, 13.10 released October 201411:32
Fooguoi may switch over then i think11:33
ActionParsnipFooguo: look at the version numbers ;)11:33
shomonActionParsnip, I just ran it but the list doesn't include all the stuff I have in service --status-all11:33
ActionParsnipFooguo:  you can get Saucy now, it is prerelease11:33
uvalaDjones, according to website it supports multiple accounts: "Polly is a multi-account supporting and multi-column toting desktop app for Twitter. It sports a healthy set of features whilst also having a relatively light footprint on system resources."11:33
Fooguoi have drank to much to try anythink now buy love the support from this channel11:33
fallen_i am unable to compile kernal modules in ubuntu << it shows that the header files are not found11:34
fallen_i have used the make -C directorypath/11:35
live-ubuntui'm creating a live ubuntu 13.04 usb with startup disk creator.....why is it taking 10-15 mins and that when booting from the same usb why is it taking 10-15 mins to boot ? i tried ceating live usb again but startup disk creator crashed showing finalizing msg...11:35
peyamlive-ubuntu, I use windows for this kind of things.. but the speed is depending on you usb disk speed as well11:36
jalhallafallen_: check out this link: http://www.garron.me/en/go2linux/how-install-linux-kernel-headers-debian-or-ubuntu.html11:37
fallen_hey do any one know how to compile linux kernel modules in linux11:38
live-ubuntupeyam: ok...how much space to choose for documents and settings stored in reserved extra space ? 1gb is default and its a 4gb sony usb11:38
peyamlive-ubuntu, do you want other things in your usb stick?11:39
live-ubuntucurrently no but maybe afterwards11:39
peyamformat the whole usb stick.. later on you can just drag your files into the disk..11:40
peyamwithout any problem11:40
live-ubuntupeyam: ^^^ btw any difference if i choose higher or lower space ? any performance difference ?11:41
peyamno??? as soon as it s not too small11:41
live-ubuntualso if i boot from same usb and save few files in it then after reboot files will still be there or auto cleaned ?11:42
live-ubuntupeyam: ^^^11:42
peyamthey will be there.. no autoclean...11:42
shomonwill "update-rc.d -f  service_name remove " break anything?11:43
ActionParsnipshomon: removes the service from automatically starting on bootup..... if that is a 'break' then yes, if you want that to happen then no11:43
shomonI mean if I want it back on is it easy to do?11:44
live-ubuntuok....previously i booted with it and i was surprised that there was no windows key working or it may be error in creating the disk ?11:44
live-ubuntupeyam: ^^^11:44
live-ubuntu13.04 live11:44
rob___hi, does anyone know of a tool to handle network interfaces? im using ubuntu but non-gnome wm11:45
ActionParsniprob___: network manager or wicd are decent11:45
rob___ActionParsnip: cool, can i run network manager if im not using gnome?11:46
fallen_can any one know how to compile a linux driver module11:46
peyamlive-ubuntu, windows key?11:46
peyamlive-ubuntu, what do you mean?11:46
BluesKajfallen_, which driver ?11:46
live-ubuntusuper key peyam11:47
peyamlive-ubuntu, in what perpuse? you can go to "keyboard" in the setting and give it an actuall action11:47
ActionParsniprob___: why would you not be able to?11:48
live-ubuntubut is it disabled in 13.04 by default ?11:48
ActionParsnipfallen_: you will need the kernel headers for your kernel and the source for the module11:48
fallen_i am a newbie to linux kernel module designing  and i am facing problem with compiling the basic hello world  program for kernel11:48
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peyamI dunno. I use xubuntu live-ubuntu . you can anyway give it an action.. it is a simple problem..11:48
fallen_i have already got the headers11:48
uvalaDjones, polly looks like a charm, first twitter client I found that really has it all there!11:48
fallen_and the source11:48
uvalaDjones, thank you very much!11:49
=== immediately_zips is now known as Transfusion
ActionParsnipfallen_: could ask in #linux too11:49
live-ubuntupeyam: ok11:49
peyamlive-ubuntu, :)11:49
fallen_  <ActionParsnip> thank u11:50
uvalaActionParsnip, shomon, thank you very much for your support, polly seems to be the one I looked for!11:50
=== carabas1 is now known as carabas
xeiterhi guys, I have the following set up: Ubuntu host and Ubuntu server in VirtualBox VM. I want to map/mount a directory inside VM in the filesystem of the host. What is the best approach here? sshfs? I am running a webserver in the Ubuntu Server VM11:50
ActionParsnipxeiter: virtualbox can share folders with guests11:51
ActionParsnipxeiter: there is no single best approach11:51
DJonesuvala: You're welcome11:52
live-ubuntupeyam: i did ctrl+alt+f1....now what is it and how to return back to normal ? sudo lightdm was only showing mouse arrow pointer with black screen11:52
peyamf2 live-ubuntu11:52
hodappxeiter: Easiest way is probably a shared folder in VBox; it will probably be faster than sshfs.11:52
peyamctrl+alt+f2 or anyother functions keys live-ubuntu11:53
xeiterActionParsnip, is there any advantage of Shared folders compared with sshfs? I had issues with speed whening mounting filesystem over ssh. This is the reason I am asking11:53
rob___ActionParsnip: i dont understand how to get the gui interface for it up11:53
Umairwhat should I follow if I have Ubuntu 12.04 on Macbook7,1? 11.10 or 12.04.  From https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro11:53
live-ubuntui did that but it was showing the same terminal with few lines of msgs peyam11:54
xeiterhodapp: oh nice - I should check it out then11:54
ActionParsniprob___: run:  nm-applet11:54
rob___ActionParsnip: im not using gnome, so the applet has no where to appear..11:55
peyamlive-ubuntu, presst ctrl+alt+f7 or f8 or f911:55
ActionParsnipxeiter: local shared folders will probably be faster. SSHFS will allow you to move the virtual system around and not have to worry about locally shared folders in the guest config11:55
live-ubuntupeyam: thnx11:55
ActionParsniprob___: you can use nm-applet in LXDE, it will appear in the LXPanel11:56
peyamlive-ubuntu, or alt+right arrow key untill you come back to the window you want11:56
xeiterActionParsnip: thank you11:56
rob___ActionParsnip: im using 'notion', it has no sys tray11:56
ActionParsniprob___: why are you so tied up about Gnome not running. You don't have to run gnome.....11:56
rob___ActionParsnip: because i have no system tray!11:56
ActionParsniprob___: gnome is not a sys tray, is it?11:56
GrinwoodyQ:  Ubuntu 13.04 64bit  Dual Monitor setup: I cant change the display settings past mirrored even though both monitors are recognised. When i try to change settings it logs me out then reverts to normal when i log back in.11:56
rob___ActionParsnip: when i run nm-applet, nothing appears on the screen11:57
ActionParsniprob___: if you like, you can remove network manager and install wicd, you can then configure the settings in CLI. Or you can install tint2 and get a panel.....11:57
rob___ActionParsnip: ahh ok, thanks for the advice11:57
Jonuzhi, doubleclick in my keyboard has stopped working, for example if u i press o and o it only puts one o. I have wait about 1sec so I can choose previously selected key.11:58
live-ubuntupeyam: ok...how to restore opened tabs synced via firefox sync in a new  machine or a reinstalled macine firefox ?11:59
Jonuzin login that is working11:59
user_where can i find trash12:05
=== user_ is now known as user_222
user_222where can i find trash in ubuntu12:06
user_222i want path12:06
MonkeyDustuser_222  ~/.local/share/Trash/12:06
user_222i am not able to see local in home/user12:07
MonkeyDustuser_222  it's hidden12:07
auronandaceuser_222: its hidden (hence the .)12:07
user_222how can i see hidden files12:07
MonkeyDustuser_222  in the terminal or in the GUI ?12:08
live-ubuntuctrl + h12:08
_Amr_join #python12:09
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live-ubuntuhow to restore opened tabs synced via firefox sync in a new  machine or a reinstalled machine firefox ?12:11
yehia2amerhi everyone12:12
yehia2amercan anyone take a look at this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=183073912:12
MastaaKHi all!12:14
benui have 4gb of ram on an amd64 system12:15
benuhow much swap?12:15
MastaaKI was wondering how to link my outpup sound to a virtual mic in. I tried with Jackd, but didn't find how... And I also find a trick with PulseAudio and Audacity, but can't find ALSA mic... http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/Tutorial_-_Recording_Computer_Playback_on_Linux12:16
mudkip908benu: Do you want to use hibernation?12:16
Ben64benu: depends on your needs12:16
MastaaKThanks to all of those who will read and/or respond to my answer12:16
benumudkip908: possibly12:17
mudkip908benu: then at least 4gb.12:17
yehia2ameranyone ? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=183073912:18
benuis telling the installer to use 8000MB for it good?12:18
benuand can it be a logical partition?12:19
mudkip908benu: I think 8GB is a bit too much, unless you're going t use it for compiling heavy software or other RAM-intensive tasks.12:20
OerHeksMastaaK, never heard of a virtual mic in, use a virtual line in.12:20
adamkbenu: It can be a logical partition.  If you are going to hibernate, it needs to be at least as large as your RAM.12:20
mudkip908benu: That's more than enough12:21
mudkip908I also have a 4GB x64 system, without swap.12:22
benumore than enough as in use it or as in too much?12:22
mudkip908benu: as in use it.12:23
Hejkkii have never tried x64 buntu12:23
Hejkkialways had x8612:24
benuthat's what ithought12:24
benubut am fatigued12:24
gordonjcpHejkki: no reason not to use 64-bit these days12:24
TheBraynif you use suspend to disk your swap should be twice the size of your ram iirc12:24
Hejkkigordonjcp: ok, good to know12:24
TheBraynunless you have a 32-bit cpu12:25
benuand root partition is fine at 4GB?12:25
mudkip908benu: that's very small12:25
mudkip908mine is 30GB12:25
Ben64are you going to have a separate /home12:26
Hejkkimine is 1TB12:26
benui have /home and /tmp and /usr and /var...12:26
Ben64why /usr and /var12:26
Ben64and why /tmp, unless you plan on having that in ram12:26
MonkeyDustbenu  that's a server partitioning table12:26
GrinwoodyQ: How do i get out of low graphics mode since i took my monitors off mirrored12:27
benuyou're not supposed to use that kind of table?12:27
benuon a laptop, i mean12:28
HypnotiXdoes anyone know the fonts in the browsers in virtualbox are very pixelated ?12:29
MonkeyDustbenu  not really, ubuntu-server has all that on their own partitions, desktop does not need that12:29
benuthen thank you for catching me before doing something stupid12:30
benui'm used to debian requesting that style layout12:31
gordonjcpbenu: these days it's hardly worth doing anything other than separate /home and / for all the rest12:31
gordonjcpunless you're doing something *mental* with masses of disks carved up into many partitions12:31
coz_hey guys  I am on ubuntu 13.04 with nvidia g73 and cannot enable fastwrites and SBA12:32
adamkGrinwoody: How did you disable mirrored mode for the monitors? Can you pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file?12:32
benu /,/home,swap or /boot,/home,/,swap?12:33
coz_adamk:  hey guy ..long time :)12:33
decoder_how to check if I am running ubuntu 12.04.1 or 12.0.2  ?12:34
decoder_* 12.04.1 or 12.04.212:35
adamkcoz_: Hello there.  It certainly has been a while.12:35
coz_adamk:  yep :)12:35
gordonjcpdecoder_: cat /etc/issue12:35
DJonesdecoder_: lsb_release -a12:35
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=== lux_ is now known as Guest45043
peyamdecoder_, hardinfo12:36
peyamdecoder_, lsb_release -a12:36
MonkeyDustor lsb_release -sd12:37
decoder_Thank you guys. It worked. I am running12.04.112:37
Marlene_ri have an error in apt-get12:37
sahil__well i have made a executable script , is it possible to embedded an icon...just to make a differentiation12:38
ActionParsnipsahil__: if you make a .desktop for it, you can put it in /usr/share/applications and it will appear in Dash too :)12:38
MonkeyDustMarlene_r  for one, you don't need sudo if you're already root12:39
Marlene_rMonkeyDust : i get smae error without sudo12:40
ActionParsnipMarlene_r: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue12:40
sahil__i see, ...thnx12:40
MonkeyDustMarlene_r  and "root@root" makes my eyes bleed12:40
karab44ok guys... problem with ssh connection... somehow it started to work.12:41
karab44I did nothing!12:41
adamkGrinwoody: keep it in the channel, please.12:42
Grinwoodyadamk. I went into the ubuntu display settings and just unclicked mirrored mode after installing the amd catalyst control centre. I dont know how to copy the xorg output over using terminal from another computer12:42
ActionParsnipMarlene_r: its a simple terminal command. What is the output please12:43
HypnotiXdoes anyone know the fonts in the browsers in virtualbox are very pixelated ?12:43
benuolnelast thing for now: should I encrypt my home directory?12:43
jpdsbenu: Why not?12:43
benu*one last12:43
ActionParsnipHypnotiX: what browsers have you tried?12:44
Marlene_ri paste the error on pastebin12:44
TantorHello. I have just installed ubuntu 12.04 server with lamp and phpmyadmin12:45
ActionParsnipMarlene_r: its one line, so you can paste in here12:45
oirhdgfuiohegonehello, can i not access stuff on my hard drive when using a live boot cd? im using a 9.10 i found somewhere12:45
TantorNow when I go to the url for phpmyadmin in my browser, I get the login screen. I enter the credentials and then the browser downloaded index.php12:45
TantorSo it seems that php isn't functioning12:45
TantorHow can I solve this?12:46
Hejkkienable module12:46
Hejkkiphp module12:46
dr3mrohello , I need to play rmvb files in totem .. it was working before before upgrade to raring .. how to play it in totem12:47
TantorWhat's the module called?12:47
babinlonstonHow can i write the rules for this OUT put in iptables  {DROP       all  --  anywhere             anywhere}12:47
babinlonstoniptables -A INPUT -j DROP im doing this but its blocking ssh12:47
HejkkiTantor: i have suphp12:48
HejkkiTantor: but you could use php5 also12:48
HejkkiTantor: to see if you have any installed: ls /etc/apache2/mods-available/*php*12:48
TantorI have installed php5 and libapache2-mod-php5, but in /etc/apache2/mods-available is nothing with *php*12:49
HejkkiTantor: ah, ok i did it with the debian way, i mean the debian modules are there12:50
TantorWhich means?12:50
HejkkiTantor: do you have a command a2enmod12:51
Hejkkithen try running a2enmod php512:51
TantorERROR: Module php5 does not exist!12:51
Grinwoodyadamk. I used a live usb to copy over the output http://pastebin.com/3Wj5KwDn12:52
Tantorsudo apt-get install php5 -> php5 is already the newest version.12:52
Tantorsudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-php5 -> libapache2-mod-php5 is already the newest version.12:53
TantorThe packages are installed, but there is no apache module12:53
Hejkkihmm, strange12:53
TantorYes indeed12:53
oirhdgfuiohegonecan you normally access your hard drive when using a live boot cd? im wondering if its an ubuntu thing or if its a hardware thing12:53
Grinwoodyadamk: Is that the correct output ? There is another named Xorg.failsafe.log12:54
TantorIs there a way that I can force a reinstall of php5 and libapache2-mod-php5?12:55
ActionParsnipTantor: sudo apt-get --reinstall insta  php5 libapache2-mod-php512:55
ActionParsnipoirhdgfuiohegone: usually yes, assuming the controller has a driver12:56
Tantorand even that didn't help. Still no php in the apache module dir12:57
HejkkiTantor: you can use switch --reinstall with apt12:57
Hejkkiapt-get --reinstall install libapache2-mod-php5 i guess12:58
TantorI did a purge on libapache2-mod-php5 and then an install command and now it works again13:01
HejkkiTantor: ok great :)13:01
sahil__i tried to make it a executable scrip...where am i wrong? #!/bin/bash13:02
sahil__chmod a+x /home/sahil/Game13:02
sahil__wine /home/sahil/wine/drive_c/Program?Files/Rockstar_Games/Max?Payne?2/MaxPayne2.exe13:02
sahil__xrandr -s 1280x102413:02
FloodBot1sahil__: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:02
TantorThanks for the help13:04
ActionParsnipsahil__: you will need to escape the spaces in the filename13:05
ActionParsnipsahil__: yuo may need to cd to the folder containing the binary, sometimes pwd is important13:05
resureHi. ssh-agent stoppped asking for ssh password and apps just get Permission denied (public key). How can I fix that without logging out?13:05
PedroGomesHi, can someone tell me why Deja vu backups stop accepting my password13:07
ActionParsnipresure: is your key correct?13:09
marianneok, running 12.04 64 bit. verified that the motherboard supports 16gb of ram. Installed 4 gb yesterday, but when i view my memory specs it's only 'seeing' 2 gbs... how do I enable the other 2 gbs?13:09
Captain_ProtonPedroGomes: nope! did you change or reset your password or keys13:09
u78Does anyone know how to recover deleted photos directy from the iphone 4s in dfu mode? Dr. phone says it doesn't support 4s photo recovery13:09
PedroGomesCaptain_Proton: nope, I changed nothing. Last time it did a fresh backup to avoid corruption and since then it does not accept my password13:10
ActionParsnipmarianne: what is the output of:  uname -a13:10
marianneActionParsnip: 3.4.0-030400-generic #201205210521 SMP Mon May 21 09:22:02 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux13:11
riteshhow to get regiestered in irc13:11
jony_easyriderhow can libreoffice autoconvert the introduced test to uppercase?13:11
ActionParsnipmarianne: good, and the output of:  free -m    please use a pastebin to host13:11
resureActionParsnip: sure. I've just figured that problem appears only with git.13:11
ActionParsnip!register | ritesh13:11
ubotturitesh: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode13:11
jony_easyriderhow can libreoffice autoconvert the introduced text to uppercase?13:12
Captain_ProtonPedroGomes: ez way would be reset your password with ubuntu one - force new keys13:12
ActionParsnipjony_easyrider: https://help.libreoffice.org/Common/Change_Case13:12
ActionParsnipjony_easyrider: went to google.com and searched for:  libreoffice uppercase13:13
ActionParsnipjony_easyrider: top link in the results........13:13
PedroGomesCaptain_Proton: I don't even have a Ubuntu One account13:13
ritesh /msg nickserv register 8129655164 riteshnpatel1994@gmail.com13:13
reisioritesh: mistake :)13:13
ActionParsnipritesh: ooops13:13
reisiosend it properly quick ye :p13:13
marianneActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5936391/13:14
ActionParsnipritesh: I suggest you do it in #freenode13:14
Captain_ProtonPedroGomes: where are backing it up to? local?13:14
PedroGomesCaptain_Proton: yap13:14
ActionParsnipmarianne: if you run the memtest86 from Grub does it show all ram?13:14
Captain_ProtonPedroGomes: did you change your use password?13:15
marianneActionParsnip: ok, dumb question... how do i get to grub... it boots right to the OS13:16
riteshreisio : but i want to use #ubuntu channel13:16
Captain_ProtonPedroGomes: user*13:16
ActionParsnipmarianne: hold left SHIFT13:16
PedroGomesCaptain_Proton: hop, I can't understand what happened13:17
reisioritesh: I didn't say that :)13:17
Captain_ProtonPedroGomes: remove that profile and recreate it13:17
marianneActionParsnip: on reboot?13:18
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ActionParsnipmarianne: yes, before Grub loads, hold SHIFT13:18
PedroGomesCaptain_Proton: here_13:19
marianneActionParsnip: ok back in just a few13:19
r0uhDo you think it wise to insert a piece of bread into a floppy drive to toast it? Ubuntu thinks not.13:19
reisior0uh: I don't think it'd toast for a long long long while13:20
riteshreisio : i didnt know its case sensitive13:20
r0uhOh, I beg to differ. This is definetely toasted. It does not suffice however, I have no working floppy drive anymore. I am also from 1995.13:20
r0uhI like turtles.13:20
jony_easyriderActionParsnip, ty for trying to help me, but I need automatic converting when typing data13:20
ActionParsnipjony_easyrider: caps lock?13:21
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jony_easyriderActionParsnip, I want to be automatic. that file will be used by many people. it's a form13:24
reisioActionParsnip: what's goin' on?13:26
HypnotiXActionParsnip: chrome and firefox13:28
HypnotiXsorry i just saw the message now13:29
HypnotiXi asked: does anyone know the fonts in the browsers in virtualbox are very pixelated ?13:29
HypnotiXtheres a why in there somewhere :D13:29
PedroGomesCaptain_Proton: verified, for some reason the fresh backup that was created as a different password13:30
PedroGomesCaptain_Proton: do you know if Backups as a default password_13:30
marianneActionParsnip: got to the test but it didn't show anything. how do you see the results? or do you just sit at that screen until something comes up?13:31
jony_easyriderwho had succeed to install Canon LBP6020 on Ubuntu? It shows when it's online or offline, but when I try to print, it says that it's "Processing" and does nothing13:33
gribouillehow can I set date en time with ntp?13:34
TheBraynif the ntp-server is not running you can use ntpdate to manually synchronise it once13:35
TheBraynif that is what you meant13:35
gribouilleTheBrayn, I get the following error : no servers can be used, exiting13:36
TheBraynman ntpdate13:36
gribouilleTheBrayn, where can I find the servers to use?13:37
Captain_ProtonPedroGomes: it would be your user password and keys13:37
PedroGomesCaptain_Proton: system user?13:38
HejkkiTheBrayn: isn't ntpdate also a service running in background and automatically doing the things, no need to run ntpdate manually13:40
gribouilleI get the following error : "no server suitable for synchronization found". what does it mean?13:41
kyrix_Hejkki, cron?13:41
sahil__ how to run executable .bat file in wine?13:41
Hejkkii have never put ntpdate to cron13:41
TheBraynand why would you?13:41
MonkeyDustsahil__  if wine is installed, right click the exe or bat and select 'open with wine'13:41
Hejkkii wouldn't13:41
jony_easyriderwho's using Canon LBP6020 under Ubuntu?13:42
Hejkkitoo lazy days, need to get out of irc now ->13:42
sahil__<MonkeyDust>no result,no prompt ..nothing...13:43
OerHeksjony_easyrider, did you check the openprinting.org database? i could not find a solution yesterday13:43
MonkeyDustsahil__  at least, can you select wine, or is it not even there?13:44
sahil__i selected via right click context menu...open with wine program launcher...nothing happened13:44
MonkeyDustsahil__  that's odd, what kind of exe or bat is it? what's it supposed to do?13:45
sahil__<MonkeyDust> well its a setup of a game :)13:45
MonkeyDustsahil__  ok, try play on linux, or wine tricks13:46
sahil__wine tricks is installed...though hardly used it ..well lets try then13:46
MonkeyDustsahil__  or is it an old DOS game? if yes, try dosbox13:47
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anomalywhat is the command to check which dns servers are currently in use?  I have used the gui network configuration tool, but I would like to know how to check it via the cli13:53
Elfixanomaly: /etc/resolv.conf ?13:57
icerootanomaly: nslookup hostname13:57
MonkeyDustanomaly  try nm-tool13:57
ActionParsnipanomaly: nm-tool | tail -n 813:58
abailarriHello. I'm trying to install ubuntu form usb on a new laptor (Asus X55U), but I can't set the usb boot in the bios. Anyone can help me?13:58
BluesKajanomaly, /etc/resolv.conf as Effex mentioned should show the nemeservers13:58
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: it will show localhost due to dnsmasq13:59
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ActionParsnipBluesKaj: nm-tool | tail -n 8    will show what is actually used :)13:59
MonkeyDustabailarri  BIOS issues are not for this channel, this is ubuntu support13:59
BluesKajif dnsmasq is installed ActionParsnip , right ?13:59
abailarriMonkeyDust, where I can find help¿14:00
MonkeyDustabailarri  depends on the laptop model, i guess14:00
abailarriis a asus x5uu14:01
Captain_ProtonPedroGomes: sorry yes14:01
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: should be used by default, thats why it says by default :)14:01
abailarrisorry asus x55u14:01
ActionParsnipabailarri: try F11 or F12 at POST, you should be able to select it one-time for that boot14:01
MonkeyDustabailarri  i'd say, contact the vendor14:02
PedroGomesCaptain_Proton: no luck, I tried all the passwords that came to mind and nothing, Dunno what password it used to create the new backup14:02
abailarriActionParsnip, no, only appears uefi mode and windows boot manager mode14:02
MonkeyDustah, uefi :)14:02
melodiecan someone help me for a basic question?14:03
=== kaktus_ is now known as kaktus
ActionParsnipmelodie: just ask :)14:03
th0rmelodie, does't that depend on the question?14:03
BluesKajActionParsnip,ok , this is confusing to me , I didn't have dnsmasq.conf until I installed dnsmasq 2 days ago , i guess an upgrade deleted it somewhere along the line.14:03
melodieI would like to know if some programs can still be installed to /opt, and if /opt is in the $PATH of executables?14:03
melodiehi ActionParsnip hello thomi14:03
reisiomelodie: echo $PATH14:03
MonkeyDustabailarri  uefi is not bios https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI14:04
reisiomelodie: but you can change PATH14:04
th0rmelodie, they can run from /opt, I usually do a soft link to /usr/local/bin14:04
ActionParsnipmelodie: you will need to take steps to integrate /opt by means of symlinks and scripts, you can install apps to /opt if you wish14:04
Captain_ProtonPedroGomes: I dont know. if it was me. I would delete the backup profile in Deja vu and recreate it14:04
melodiereisio I am not running Ubuntu presently, I am having a mail with Brother for a printer does not behave well14:04
reisioMonkeyDust: do you really think someone was calling UEFI, which is spelled UEFI, _literally_ BIOS, which is spelled BIOS? :p14:04
reisiomelodie: that has no bearing on my msgs to you :)14:04
MonkeyDustreisio  come again? what do you mean?14:04
reisioexcept that someone might yell at me for helping a non-Ubuntu user14:05
reisioMonkeyDust: yes, exactly14:05
melodiereisio I don't understand what "no bearing" means :)14:05
reisiomelodie: means it doesn't matter, what I said is true in any situation14:05
melodiecan you confirm that /opt is not in the $PATH ? I don't have an Ubuntu running right now14:05
reisiomelodie: ah14:05
melodiealso do you think it's the same in 12.04 and above ?14:06
melodiereisio I multiboot ;)14:06
reisiomultibooting is silly :)14:06
PedroGomesCaptain_Proton: I'm now creating a new backup on a side folder, as I can use all the backups on the old one except for that last one14:06
melodiereisio my main distro is arch and I contributed to Ubuntu because I help newcomers and non tech around me with linux14:06
PedroGomesCaptain_Proton: deleting the profile won't do much to me, the files on disk are all encrypted with the missing password14:06
anomalythank you to all who responded.  nm-tool did the job.14:07
reisiomelodie: :)14:07
mdinstuhlmelodie: briefly, why arch over ubuntu?14:07
melodieso /opt is not in the $PATH : right or wrong?14:07
abailarriMonkeyDust, solved14:07
reisioI don't run Ubuntu either, someone else will have to say14:07
melodiemdinstuhl a matter of personal choice, nothing related to the quality of distros14:07
ActionParsnipmelodie: its not, but its not needed14:07
melodieActionParsnip ok, why is it not needed?14:08
ActionParsnipmelodie: its for applications as a whole rather than a folder of shortcuts and binaries14:08
ActionParsnipmelodie: neater to install to /opt then symlink to /usr/bin etc (or make a shell script if pwd is important)14:09
mdinstuhlmelodie: Ok.  I've found that the default setup for Ubuntu has gotten just a little bit too "eye candy" for me but I understand that it is important when it comes to new users.  I usually just switch my WM to fluxbox on new installs and it works for me.14:09
MonkeyDustabailarri  how did you do it?14:09
ActionParsnipmdinstuhl: *box are awesome14:10
melodieActionParsnip the Brother packages are installed to /opt, the cupswrapper (which has to be started as root usually) is in /opt14:10
ActionParsnipmelodie: if thats where the debs go, let them14:10
abailarrichanging some options on the bios (launch cms enabled, security boot disabled and then changing the boot priority)14:10
melodiemdinstuhl I have started to work on a remix with Openbox, that is on Precise for the time being14:10
MonkeyDustabailarri  great, but where did uefi come in?14:11
melodieActionParsnip the problem is I could print only a test page, but could not print a file from libreoffice or even a pdf from within evince14:11
melodieand I am having a discussion by mail with Brother about it14:11
abailarrientering to to the bios and changing this options only14:12
ActionParsnipmelodie: did you try removing the printer and rebooting then reinstating it?14:13
Captain_ProtonPedroGomes: you need the old keys. if you do not have them, try checking the website14:14
melodieActionParsnip I did14:14
melodieI also rebooted after installing and the result was same14:14
melodieok, thanks anyhow I have the answer I needed.14:14
ActionParsnipmelodie: coolio14:15
melodieI'll check the path and adapt it accordingly (although I think I have added it to the ~/.bashrc)14:15
max64hi .. i've a problem with my ubuntu task speed .. when opening libre office writer it takes 6 seconds to open.. so i find it slow ..my laptop hp compaq 6730s with core 2 due 2.2 GHz and 2 gigabytes ram .. any method to speed up ubuntu?14:15
ActionParsnipmax64: you can tweak settings in Libreoffice14:15
=== allen is now known as Guest74158
ActionParsnipmax64: http://www.liberiangeek.net/2013/07/increase-libreoffice-memory-to-improved-performance/?=14:16
max64ActionParsnip:many software takt too long time..not only libre office14:16
AqDmax64: SSD14:17
ActionParsnipmax64: set steps to 20, graphics to 256 and memory per object to 1014:17
ActionParsnipmax64: also enable the quickstarter tray icon, this loads a lot of libreoffice to ram so when it launches it will be quicker14:17
sahil__how to install a software from iso file?14:17
ActionParsnipsahil__: mount the file, install software14:18
sahil__i mean via wine14:18
ActionParsnipsahil__: Linux doesnt care that the ISO file is not on a CD, they are viewed the same14:18
max64AqD:sorry i didnt understand14:18
=== kaktus_ is now known as kaktuskuchen
ActionParsnipsahil__: playonlinux may help14:18
ActionParsnipmax64: install preload as well14:19
sahil__okey..thnx... :)14:19
ActionParsnipmax64: 6 seconds for libreoffice isnt bad going14:19
max64ActionParsnip:i will read the page and apply it .. telling you the results when finished .. thank you :)14:19
allenti'm having serious trouble with my flash player in firefox it constantly crashes i have the latest version 11.2. is there some place i can download older versions that might be more stable. i've checked the flash website but didnt see old versions for ubuntu just old ones for other os. can anyone point me in the right direction?14:19
AqDmax64: the startup time cannot be helped except by fast disk14:19
ActionParsnipmax64: also disable java in libreoffice if you dont use it14:19
AqDmax64: you could preload it but it wouldn't solve the real problem14:19
ActionParsnipAqD: more RAM for disk cache14:19
AqDActionParsnip: not for first-time access14:20
AqDActionParsnip: but SSD could help that, a lot14:20
ActionParsnipAqD: true but not overly practical in this case14:20
AqDhe would be able to start everything at the same time instantly14:20
ActionParsnipAqD: why not get a few Gb PCI-X SSD, SATA is slow :)14:21
AqDActionParsnip: the problem isn't SATA14:21
AqDit's the terrible HDD14:21
AqDeven the cheapest SSD can provide like 10x performance than HDD for random file access14:22
ActionParsnipAqD: i doubt thats a viable option with time / cost etc, so tweaking the software is next best14:22
AqDit's the wrong solution14:22
AqDto workaround the weakness of HDD14:22
AqDa lot of optimizations, disk scheduling algorithms, etc, etc14:23
ActionParsnipAqD: thats the best we got. I'm sure an SSD will be bought if resources ae available etc14:23
AqDActionParsnip: some poeple don't know it14:23
tones                                                                                                                                                14:23
AqDnot that they wouldn't buy it14:23
AqDa lot of new servers still use overpriced (so-called enterprise-level) HDD which cost the same but provide terrible performance and reliability14:24
reisiotones: couldn't agree more14:24
max64ActionParsnip:i did the memory config as you told .. not it reduced from 6 sec to 2.5 seconds ... thanks :)14:24
AqDdid tones write anything? why can't I read it in kvirc?14:24
max64AqD:thank you for help :)14:24
ActionParsnipmax64: np dude :)14:24
AqDmax64: preload just loads libreoffice before you want to use it.......14:25
ActionParsnipmax64: you just assigned it more resources, makes a difference14:25
max64AqD:i installed preload already but i dont knoe how to use it .. or it work standalone?14:25
ActionParsnipmax64: workson its ow14:26
max64ActionParsnip:whatever .. i use office suit most than other tasks14:27
ActionParsnipmax64: then the systray thing will be a big help14:27
max64how to do that systray on ubuntu?14:27
ActionParsnipmax64: its in the memory options14:28
=== MonkeyDu1t is now known as MonkeyDust
max64i enabled systray already14:29
ActionParsnipmax64: then log off and on, or run:   libreoffice3.6 --quickstart     (i believe)14:29
=== fire__ is now known as sunny_123
fosstuxHi! I'm trying to backup an ntfs partition with ubuntu. The PC where that hdd was built in, could not start. I searched about fixing ntfs problems.14:30
ActionParsnipmax64: sorry:     libreoffice --quickstart14:30
max64its amazing to work on GNU/linux .. i'm a newbie to it .. i wanna give an effort to say thanks linux .. what can i offer ir back?14:31
sunny_123i am using 2 ubuntu instance one on desktop and other on laptop, can i just copy the config file of one to the other such that i don't have to configure all the things.14:31
somsip!contribute | max6414:31
ubottumax64: contribute is To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu14:31
fosstuxI ran sudo ntfsfix /dev/sdXX - but the last line I can see is Going to clear the Jourmnal ($logfile) ok14:32
ActionParsnipmax64: be cool and kind etc, report bugs14:32
fosstuxWhat next`?14:32
* fosstux is panicky14:32
ActionParsnipmax64: as you lean, you can help others and so on and so forth14:32
* fosstux freaks out soon!!!!!!!14:32
ActionParsnipfosstux: I wouldnt do anything like that outside of Windows as NTFS is proprietary to Microsoft14:32
sunny_123fosstux, it's better to learn to be patient. then only you will learn :)14:33
max64ActionParsnip:i can pay some dollars according to my ability .. and i already made about 30 ubuntu diske to give to my family and friends14:33
ActionParsnipmax64: thats great14:33
max64anyway thank you my great new community :)14:33
ActionParsnipmax64: you can donate to canonical if you desire14:33
MonkeyDustmax64  ubuntu edge has raised a fund14:34
sunny_123i am using 2 ubuntu instance one on desktop and other on laptop, can i just copy the config file of one to the other such that i don't have to configure all the things.14:34
marianneActionParsnip: ok, I'm back. I figured out how to run the memory test.. and it appears that I have a bad chip.... going to work on it this afternoon, when work doesn't get in the way14:34
marianneActionParsnip: thank you for your help14:35
fosstuxActionParsnip, But the pc won'rt boot14:37
sahil__well i am installing oil rush via wine problem is ,it shows as its getting installed,though no directories are actually created inside wine/drive_c/program files... any clue??14:40
sunny_123no one is replying :(14:41
MonkeyDustsahil__  type /join #winehq14:41
sahil__okey :)14:41
ActionParsnipsahil__: does your partition which has /home on it have free space?14:41
ActionParsnipsunny_123: yes that is one of the benefits of storing configs as Linux does14:42
sahil__yeah,about 7 gb free14:42
=== rpadovani is now known as WebbyIT
ActionParsnipsunny_123: you can backup and restore settings by copying the hidden folders for the apps14:42
sahil__<ActionParsnip> yeah...14:42
fosstuxwhat can happen if I kill ntfsfix? Will the hdd then be bborken????14:42
DriedOrangePlanning to buy an Ultrabook with 24gb ssd cache. Can I make Ubuntu use this cache instead of Windows?14:43
sunny_123ActionParsnip, hidden folder of respective apps like firefox  and chromium in home folder right ?14:43
MonkeyDustDriedOrange  that question makes no sense, cache is used by whatever OS is booted14:44
DriedOrangeMonkeyDust, So I can just install ubuntu along side Windows and both will be able to use the ssd cache?14:45
MonkeyDustDriedOrange  it's called !dualboot14:46
DriedOrangeMonkeyDust, So I can just dualboot ubuntu with Windows and both will be able to use the ssd cache?14:46
reisioDriedOrange: GNU/Linux supports more hardware than any other OS14:47
MonkeyDustDriedOrange  yes14:47
DriedOrangeMonkeyDust, Thank you14:47
MonkeyDust!dualboot | DriedOrange14:47
ubottuDriedOrange: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot14:47
ActionParsnipsunny_123: yes, just copy them over14:47
DriedOrangeMonkeyDust, What?14:47
sahil__<reisio>to be exect it support any sort of hardware which have a microprocessor and a storage ;)14:48
=== Triramisu_ is now known as Triramisu
DriedOrangeubottu, Yeah, I know how to dual boot, I just wondered about this ssd cache thingy14:49
ubottuDriedOrange: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:49
ActionParsniphi Triramisu14:49
TriramisuActionParsnip: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:49
Triramisujust kidding14:49
sahil__<DriedOrange>ubonttu is a bot,autonomous replying engine ;)14:49
=== mjayk is now known as mj[away]k
DriedOrangesahil__,  oh, lol, I'm new to IRC.14:50
sahil__<ALL> i am not a bot ,still i am not intelligent :p14:50
sahil__<DriedOrange>i am psedo_new lol14:51
fosstuxCan I simply kill ntfsfix without problems??????14:52
reisiofosstux: ask #linux… calmly14:55
MonkeyDustfosstux  that's ##linux, double #14:55
arc__i need help to make a win xp usb in ubuntu14:56
ActionParsniparc__: i believe unetbootin can do it if the storage is formatted to NTFS14:56
arc__no unet bootin won't let me use ntfs14:57
ActionParsniparc__: http://askubuntu.com/questions/162174/how-do-i-use-unetbootin-to-make-a-bootable-windows-usb-installer14:59
arc__ok i will look at it14:59
ActionParsniparc__: www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbClN3DJtX415:00
=== BadLarry_ is now known as BadLarry
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:08
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/15:09
sunny_123ActionParsnip, thank you :)15:09
fosstuxWhat can I do if the software update application hangs? I have no Close Symbol to close the app15:09
fosstuxI also am running ntfsfix in the terminal - which also hangs.....15:11
=== gary is now known as Guest45878
ActionParsnipfosstux: could run xkill15:19
mnewtonI want to make a script that installs a few packages in linux, how do i check if a user has sudo access?15:19
ActionParsnipmnewton: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/shell-root-user-check-script.html15:19
TheBraynmnewton: google -> check root access bash15:19
Triramisumnewton: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_rbeqbj-n1Z0/Skeak1qBGyI/AAAAAAAAAeM/3k_ntrDWmOw/s1600-h/ubuntu.png15:20
sideonehey all15:20
chjuniorI'm having some weird issue with libgphoto2-2. can someone take a look at this? http://pastie.org/private/slegfu1aqgtagkpwcifbsg15:21
sideonei have rsyslog logging data from A.B.C.D to foo.log, however, it also is logging to messages. How can i remove its logging to both locations? i would really just like the logs seperated to foo.log15:21
chjuniormore details: http://pastie.org/private/g8wndrs2y2peq6omq5jilg15:23
joshuanyone know how to not load all of these indicators: <default>['ug-keyboard', 'ug-accessibility', 'session', 'datetime', 'power', 'soundmenu', 'application']</default>15:25
vishnu_does any one nows! easiest way to connect phone to linux(ubuntu)? for internet15:25
chjuniorvishnu_, the easiest way is to create a bridging network15:27
vishnu_what happen if.. ubuntu does'nt know what to do with device(mobile)?15:28
vishnu_how to tell os to connect to internet via mobile if no drivers avaliable15:29
vishnu_where u gone>chjunior15:31
chjunioryou should create a network, like anyone in your phone to share your 3g15:32
chjunior4g, whatever15:32
vishnu_ya bro15:32
=== 92AAAI4D8 is now known as HiddenCloud
vishnu_tell... me pls15:32
whoeveranyone using gtile extention, if so than i would like to know if there are keybindings, do you like it .. etc15:33
vishnu_i am not using iphone15:34
whoevervishnu_: don't you mean your using !iphone +-)15:36
vishnu_sry i have'nt read ur post......but now thanx15:36
Captain_Proton? for any programers. I am looking @ learning a new gui based launge. I have done alot of php mysql stuff, I have play with mono c# which is fine but I get lost when I need to hook gtk window to the back end15:37
babinlonstonHi all please go throught my issue i have explained here and its About Iptables , i need to open only 5 ports including ssh and all others want to be closed , please have a look her ehttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5936805/15:39
=== jack is now known as Guest9016
holsteinbabinlonston: can you use ufw?15:41
holstein!firewall | babinlonston15:41
ubottubabinlonston: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo15:41
TheLordOfTimeholstein:  why not have just asked your question rather than using pastebin to ask?15:41
TheLordOfTimeholstein:  you're missing a few basic rules though15:41
ActionParsnipbabinlonston: tried asking in #iptables as well?15:42
babinlonstonholstein: this one is iptables i cant use the command ufw there in server , i have checked it and its only working woth iptables commands its too ubuntu 12.04 server 64 bit its located in remote location15:42
babinlonstonubottu: no ufw is not working here15:42
TheLordOfTimeholstein:  i'd suggest you do these two lines first: iptables -A INPUT -i lo -j ACCEPT; iptables -A INPUT -m conntrack --ctstate RELATED,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT15:43
TheLordOfTimeholstein:  which will allow traffic on the loopback interface (localhost / and allow data related to anything else going outbound like web traffic or such to still work15:43
holsteinTheLordOfTime: babinlonston is the one with the pastie, FYI15:43
TheLordOfTimeholstein:  oops sorry15:43
TheLordOfTimeholstein:  my bad15:43
TheLordOfTimebabinlonston:  see my last posts15:43
holsteinTheLordOfTime: no worries15:44
* TheLordOfTime yawns15:44
TheLordOfTimeguess it's COFFEE TIME >:D15:44
tmmunqyeah, without accepting related and established, stateful tracking doesnt work!15:44
TheLordOfTimebabinlonston:  also, do you need to have SSH access, or do you have physical access to the box or something15:44
TheLordOfTimebecause if you use SSH and you didn't change it from 22 then you're locking yourself out there15:45
tmmunqhe said it's remote, my guess is yes, but he doesnt have an apparent port for it15:45
TheLordOfTimetmmunq:  if he's set up SSH then it's probably default, 2215:45
TheLordOfTimein which case he'll need iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 22 -j ACCEPT somewhere before the last line15:45
TheLordOfTimealthough it wouldn't hurt to restrict the connections on SSH by IPs, and add more complex, source-ip-filtering rules.15:46
TheLordOfTime(for SSH)15:46
tmmunqnah. limit the connection attempt rate, use fail2ban or denyhosts15:47
babinlonstonTheLordOfTime: oh no its located in US and im in india :D today morning i wrote the iptables and it kicked my back lol and its got block for all traffic cos i used the line { iptables -A INPUT -j DROP} lol unfortunately not saved the entry so i logined into cloud manager dashboard and restarted the server and it got cleared ....15:48
TheLordOfTimebabinlonston:  okay, then if you don't mind me writing a list of rules for you to use?15:48
tmmunquse public key and restrict users/groups that can login. instaban anyone trying to login as root15:48
babinlonstonSure ... offcourse but after using in local machine only ill apply it in Cloud15:49
babinlonstonJust only i need 5 ports to be opened  including ssh and all others want to be closed and ping request want to be limited ...15:50
=== eden is now known as gaarasub
TheLordOfTimebabinlonston:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5936834/  <-- that's the rules you've got plus a few added by me, and we haven't even started looking at ICMP15:50
gaarasubhow can i install the intel gpu driver for ubuntu 12.04?15:51
TheLordOfTimebabinlonston:  ICMP rules aren't even there, if you want PINGS to be accepted you have to add that otherwise you aren't going to get ping  responses here15:51
TheLordOfTimebabinlonston:  i also suggest using a REJECT rather than a drop, but...15:51
sahil__my root file system have just a few kb of space left.and my home partition have around 10 gb left...what should i do so that atleast 500 mb of space remains in root partition15:52
guramihi i need help for installing skype  ubuntu x6415:52
guramiplease help15:52
gaarasubgurami, go to skype website15:52
guramii go to skype website already15:53
vishnu_its hardly complicated with software management tool15:53
babinlonstonTheLordOfTime: let me check and come back15:53
guramii download deb file15:53
gaarasubgurami, just run it15:53
guraminothing works15:53
ActionParsnipgurami: install it in a terminal, the output will be useful15:54
guramihow can i down irc also?15:54
adamkInstall it from the Canonical Partner Repo.15:54
ActionParsnipgurami: what is "down irc"?15:54
guramii mean xchat15:54
ActionParsnipgurami: i'd stick to one issue at a time15:55
gaarasubhow can i download the intel gpu driver?i am using 12.04 64 bi15:55
ActionParsnipgurami: if you want to install xchat then use software centre15:55
ActionParsnipgaarasub: its in a default install15:55
gaarasubActionParsnip, but in details section it says driver unkown15:55
sunny_123is tripwire obsolete ?15:56
ActionParsnipgaarasub: then udev didnt detect the screen properly or (more likely) screen didnt report its capabilities15:56
ActionParsnipgaarasub: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/04/intel-release-graphical-installer-for-their-linux-drivers   may help15:56
adamkgaarasub: Check your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file to see if it's really using the intel driver.15:56
pvl1i cant seem to get ssh to reload my config15:56
Picipvl1: are you modifying the right file?15:58
baggar11playing around with "Disks" utility v3.6.1 in ubuntu 13.04. Did they remove the option to create a partition? I'm not seeing it anywhere.15:58
`compdocbaggar11, not sure, but you can always install gparted15:59
Picipvl1: There is /etc/ssh/ssh_config and /etc/ssh/sshd_config the latter is for the ssh server.15:59
baggar11`compdoc: yeah, I know. Just wondering about the program "Disks" specifically. I already used fdisk for what I was trying to do.15:59
gaarasubActionParsnip, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5936858/15:59
theadminbaggar11: There's a + at the bottom, no?16:00
pvl1Pici yeah its the right file16:00
=== tiger is now known as Guest43036
baggar11theadmin: no, all I see is the little gear wheels to format... and all that does is format the device like /dev/sdb16:00
theadminbaggar11: Huh.16:01
baggar11theadmin: when I format the device using the gears, it creates a filesystem on /dev/sdb16:01
baggar11theadmin: when it should create a partition --> /dev/sdb1 and format that16:01
theadminbaggar11: That's a strange thing to do. I usually use gparted or gdisk anyway16:01
=== scott is now known as Guest57941
ActionParsnipgaarasub: try the installer, you may need an xorg.conf file16:02
baggar11theadmin: after I manually created the partition with fdisk, I see a minus button to remove the /dev/sdb1 partition16:02
theadminbaggar11: If you click "Empty space", a + should show up.16:02
gaarasubActionParsnip, what installer?16:03
theadminbaggar11: Or maybe you need to right click it... Or something... Anyway, the functionality is there16:03
adamkgaarasub: You are definitely using hte intel driver.16:03
gaarasubadamk, so?16:03
adamkgaSo what?  You wanted to know how to install the intel driver.  I'm telling you that you are using the intel driver already.16:03
adamkgaarasub: ^^16:04
baggar11theadmin: yeah, not getting a plus sign when I click and right click doesn't do anything16:04
gaarasubadamk, it should't be updated or something?16:04
theadminbaggar11: Strange, oh well16:04
gaarasubadamk, i am using 12.0416:04
babinlonstonTheLordOfTime: Its Worked For me :) :D Cheers16:05
TheLordOfTimebabinlonston:  yeppers, if you want the ICMP echo (aka ping pong) to exist i can add a rule for that16:06
baggar11theadmin: weird, I just used the top "gears" button to format the drive, then a plus sign showed up under the partition16:06
GiGaHuRtZHey guys16:06
TheLordOfTimeotherwise it's blocked/ignored16:06
babinlonstonThanks and will u please give me one info what does the line  iptables -A INPUT -i lo -j ACCEPT do16:06
goddardfirefox has json backups of the bookmarks but firefox only imports html16:06
goddardhow can i import the json?16:06
babinlonstonTheLordOfTime: ya go ahead16:06
adamkgaarasub: Why would it have to be updated?  If it does what it needs to do...16:06
GiGaHuRtZUnofrtunately, I have come here for a possible answer. Because asking in #kde and #kubuntu yas yielded no answers, or even any chatter at all. In the 15min or so since I asked16:07
gaarasubadamk, i don't know maybe save more power16:07
TheLordOfTimebabinlonston:  i told you: the -i lo -j ACCEPT line accepts local traffic within the system, i.e. the loopback interface which has / localhost16:07
GiGaHuRtZAny suggestions on a program that can search for dupe MP3 files in folders, and delete the things? Preferably GUI, I found one, but I donno it doesnt seem to work right or something16:07
hogarthI need some help with installing ubuntu on another hard drive separate fromt the hard drive that windows 7 is on.  When i boot up from my usb with the ubuntu rom the only choice I have for setting up my partitions is the drive i wanted but it says 750 gig when I know there is only 698 gig. im confused on why this is and don't want to mess up my other hard drive.16:07
GiGaHuRtZI would prefer QT, but if it works, what the heck, I'll take it.16:07
babinlonstonTheLordOfTime: oh fine got it16:07
pvl1GigaHuRtZ learn bash16:07
TheLordOfTimebabinlonston:  as for making PING requests work, the basic rule is: iptables -A INPUT -p icmp -m icmp --icmp-type 8 -j ACCEPT   but I"m not sure you can use stateful watching on ICMP16:08
GiGaHuRtZThe one I tried is called dupeguru, they have ones for all different file types. I used dupeguru_me (music edition) but I dont know, didnt seem to be working right16:08
GiGaHuRtZpvl1: I know some bash, unfortunately not enough to do the job16:08
pvl1   hogarth how do u know its 69816:08
ThelasI've just installed a new wireless router (model is CGN2-ROG), which is connecting fine on the Macs in the house but not on my Ubuntu machine.  (I appear to be able to connect to the network, have an ip, etc, but can't load pages or ping anything.)  Anyone know what might be the problem?16:08
babinlonstonok let me try16:08
babinlonstonTheLordOfTime: ok let me try16:08
GiGaHuRtZI somehow got like 300+ plus dupes in my library, I think from one of my android devices or something16:08
guramii got skype already thanks16:08
whoevercan someone suggest a way to to tile windows in unity, i have tried grid in compiz but is only changing ws16:09
GiGaHuRtZpvl1: you know bash?16:09
Snake2khogarth, What is the installation is saying "this hard drive or the 750GB HDD?".. maybe its not talking about free space at all..16:09
pvl1GiGaHuRtZ some but im busy atm. write the logic in your own language, and then transfer to bash16:09
GiGaHuRtZIf so, if you know an example for what I am trying to do, that would be awesome :)16:09
GiGaHuRtZEh, nvm16:09
GiGaHuRtZIt's obvious you were trolling me16:09
pvl1GiGaHuRtZ im willing to help you write it, not write it for u16:10
hogarthwell it has nothing on the hard drive and its not a 750 gig. neither is the either one with the windows.16:10
GiGaHuRtZI didnt ask you to help me, or write it for me.16:10
GiGaHuRtZI would rather NOT use bash16:10
pvl1GiGaHuRtZ and i say this because i had to do it myself. these gui's are written  for what the devel wanted, not u16:10
Snake2kwhoever, try gtile16:10
GiGaHuRtZBut use a proper application. Because it's good to know a good GUI of doing things so I can show other less technicallyt inclined people how to16:11
pvl1GiGaHuRtZ and eventually i got sick of them.16:11
GiGaHuRtZSuch as my fiance16:11
=== Craggy is now known as Guest28218
pvl1GiGaHuRtZ itunes did it pretty well for me16:11
hogarthit should only be a 660 gig total drive16:11
GiGaHuRtZpvl1: eh? it detects dupes?16:11
GiGaHuRtZif so, I may fire it up in a VM16:11
Snake2kwhoever, or xtile16:11
GiGaHuRtZI have a windows 8.1 vm here I believe16:12
pvl1GiGaHuRtZ, exact copies yeah. but i dont know how to do it on the new itunes. the older versions were able to show me my duplicates16:12
GiGaHuRtZpvl1: thx for the tip16:12
pvl1GiGaHuRtZ no problem16:12
whoeverSnake2k: thx, i'm looking to tile simlar to xmonad , will xtile allow that16:12
GiGaHuRtZpvl1: I can figure it out, because itunes is documented moreso than say, dupeguru16:12
GiGaHuRtZThoiugh dupeguru also used tag info too16:12
GiGaHuRtZNpot just file names, iirc16:13
GiGaHuRtZBut im just worried about file names atm I think16:13
Snake2kwhoever, Well im not so sure on that.. I use Gnome not unity, there is a shell extension for gnome which uses gtile, does what i need16:13
GiGaHuRtZOh, I deleted my Windows 8.1 VM, crap16:13
ActionParsnipGiGaHuRtZ: time for a file restore from backup :)16:14
GiGaHuRtZI wouldnt bother backing up a windows 8.1 VM, ahaha16:14
GiGaHuRtZI do backup other things though16:14
pvl1GiGaHuRtZ thats the point itunes reads tags16:14
GiGaHuRtZMost of my home and such16:14
whoeverSora1995|Cloud: i need to use gnome not unity16:14
GiGaHuRtZpvl1: oh it does? nice16:14
GiGaHuRtZEither way, it should work16:14
GiGaHuRtZpvl1: does itunes work decently in wine? (never tried, though I have it heard people using it)16:15
whoeverSnake2k: i need to use gnome not unity16:15
pvl1GiGaHuRtZ no idea16:15
GiGaHuRtZI dont need it to work with usb (ipod or whatever), just read the music from my FS16:15
Snake2kwhoever, then switch to gnome on your login screen16:15
GiGaHuRtZits not a big deal for me to install windows in vbox though16:15
auronandace!appdb | GiGaHuRtZ16:15
ubottuGiGaHuRtZ: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help16:15
ActionParsnipwhoever: when you use Unity you are using Gnome16:15
GiGaHuRtZauronandace: I know that16:16
ActionParsnipwhoever: Unity doesnt replace Gnome16:16
GiGaHuRtZthanks though16:16
Snake2kwhoever, log out of your session, click on the ubuntu logo on the right of your name, and choose gnome16:16
Snake2kwhoever, it should be installed16:16
pvl1GiGaHuRtZ goo look in wine db, im sure ppl have reported how it works with wine. and yeah its specific to FS i dont think it works like that on ipod16:16
ActionParsnipwhoever: Unity is a shell, Gnome is a desktop environment16:16
pvl1Pici any idea what it could be16:16
ActionParsnipwhoever: if you want the old style desktop session, if you install gnome-panel   you will be able to use that instead of Unity]16:16
GiGaHuRtZReally, I dont come here for simple stuff. And I rarely come here, because the questions I have are generally more involved than most questions here (thats not a put down or anything, just saying most of the stuff I cant figure out on my own arent great questions to ask hewre)16:17
hogarthhmm its only a 698 gig drive but the instalation says its 750 gig16:18
grass7boyi've set this shell file in my cron tab16:18
GiGaHuRtZLooks like itunes, even newer aqre fine, Gold, silver and bronze ratings on versions. But 11.04 is gold16:18
daftykinsgrass7boy: if you've got a question on the way, please try and put it in a single line16:19
GiGaHuRtZLooks like only the 64bit version run like crap, but i dont need a 64bit app for wine, lol16:19
ActionParsnipGiGaHuRtZ: there are youtube vids regarding it too16:19
pvl1GiGaHuRtZ cant hurt to try it16:19
grass7boythis shell can change my wallpaper16:19
GiGaHuRtZYa, I dont need it. But good to know its there16:19
pvl1i cant seem to get ssh to reload my config file16:19
ActionParsnipGiGaHuRtZ: alternatively avoid devices requiring itunes, lots easier16:19
GiGaHuRtZpvl1: it should work perfect16:19
ThelasI've just installed a new wireless router (model is CGN2-ROG), which is connecting fine on the Macs in the house but not on my Ubuntu machine.  (I appear to be able to connect to the network, have an ip, etc, but can't load pages or ping anything.)  Anyone know what might be the problem?16:19
grass7boyi ve tested this shell in console, it works16:19
GiGaHuRtZLatest version 11.04 is rated gold16:20
ActionParsnippvl1: sudo service shh restart16:20
GiGaHuRtZAs long as I use the 32bit install16:20
GiGaHuRtZWow I havent used itunes in over 6 years..... 985MB now, jeez its getting bloated16:20
pvl1ActionPasnip it says it restart but it doesnt actually open up on a new port16:20
grass7boyhowever when i set my crontab to execute this shell file every minnute, it didn't work...16:20
GiGaHuRtZAll this for something so simple, haha16:20
daftykinsGiGaHuRtZ: er, it's not even over 100MB16:21
GiGaHuRtZLmao, a guy in hong kong is claiming his Galaxy S4 burned down his house16:21
pvl1ActionParsnip wait i lied16:21
GiGaHuRtZdaftykins: it was typo16:21
GiGaHuRtZdelete the 916:21
pvl1but i think it isnt reading my hosts file16:21
whoeveravalarion: thx, utimatly what i am tring to do is get a plugin from gnome that lets me tile like xmonad wihout have to inall xmonad ontop of gnome , do you know of one16:21
daftykinsGiGaHuRtZ: ah :>16:22
GiGaHuRtZGonna use the wine ppa16:23
* GiGaHuRtZ always like having newest stuff whenever possible16:23
ActionParsnipGiGaHuRtZ: wine doesnt work like that16:23
GiGaHuRtZActionParsnip: what?16:24
ActionParsnipGiGaHuRtZ: check which version of wine was used with the gold rated runnning of itunes16:24
GiGaHuRtZWine teams ppa certainly has newer packages16:24
GiGaHuRtZOh I know16:24
ActionParsnipGiGaHuRtZ: some apps like different version16:24
anoneehello ubuntu! so I'm setting up winelocale following this guide https://bitbucket.org/dsobodash/winelocale/src and I've got to the point of installing font packages, the repos say ttf-mona doesn't exist but it's reffered to by another pkg, what's the name of that pkg? same question for ttf-unfonts alternative...16:24
GiGaHuRtZI know16:24
zacktuCan anyone recommend a mobile payments system for a nonprofit? (not really a ubuntu question)16:24
grass7boyhowever, if i add a log command in my shell ( https://gist.github.com/Grassboy/6132933 ), the log file will be updated successfully after the crontab run16:24
ActionParsnipGiGaHuRtZ: so why are yo ublindly installing the newest, if the one you have may be the one which made it work?16:24
ActionParsnipGiGaHuRtZ: makes no sense at all16:24
GiGaHuRtZI've been using Linux for 15 years, since like RH7. Im pretty well aware of how wine works, though ?I rarely use it nowadays16:25
anoneethe fonts are meant to be installed from non-PPA repos btw16:25
wilee-nileezacktu, Knowing that why do you ask?16:25
GiGaHuRtZIts been at least a year since I even installing it16:25
grass7boybut the wallpaper still didn't change after this sell...16:25
grass7boybut the wallpaper still didn't change after this shell...16:25
ActionParsnipGiGaHuRtZ: you need to see which version itunes works best on, not just getting the newest16:25
reisiograss7boy: what's the problem?16:25
grass7boyis there any problem in my shell file or in my ubuntu setting?16:25
ActionParsnipGiGaHuRtZ: its nothing to do with how wine works, its what works best for teh app you want to run16:25
GiGaHuRtZActionParsnip: because with an app like itunes, generally the wine team does a good job at making sure there are any.... what the word..... backwards progression16:26
pvl1i lied again16:26
GiGaHuRtZActionParsnip: Dude, I know this.16:26
grass7boyi ve wrote a shell file to change my wallpaper automatically16:26
GiGaHuRtZSeriously. If I wanted your support, I'd ask for it.16:26
grass7boyand put it in my crontab16:26
ActionParsnipGiGaHuRtZ: so why install the newer one without checking first, it may get a lesser rating in the newer one16:26
GiGaHuRtZWhat makes you think I didnt check?16:26
GiGaHuRtZJust stop. please.16:26
wilee-nilee!attitude > GiGaHuRtZ16:26
ubottuGiGaHuRtZ, please see my private message16:26
GiGaHuRtZGo "guru" someone else that actually wants the help16:27
zacktuwilee-nilee: because i have no idea where to ask and this is a channel where people respond -- even to ask your question16:27
ActionParsnipGiGaHuRtZ: the way you were saying it was "newer = better" as you 'like to have the newest version'716:27
goddardfirefox has json backups of the bookmarks but firefox only imports html16:27
GiGaHuRtZYa, too bad I am +g, ubottu might as well be messaging thin air16:27
goddardhow can i import the json?16:27
ActionParsnipGiGaHuRtZ: which as I said, isnt how wine works16:27
GiGaHuRtZAnyways, I am done here.16:27
grass7boyand this shell change my wallpaper when i run it in console, but it can not change my wallpaper when it was executed by crontab16:27
GiGaHuRtZpvl1: thanks16:27
grass7boythis is my shell:  https://gist.github.com/Grassboy/613293316:27
GiGaHuRtZAnd ActionParsnip thx for uh..... something16:27
wilee-nileezacktu, the web?16:27
wilee-nileedo some research16:28
anoneeActionParsnip: hello! I'm installing font packages, the ubuntu repos say ttf-mona doesn't exist but it's reffered to by another pkg, what's the name of that pkg? same question for ttf-unfonts alternative...16:29
grass7boyi corrected my log command ( 'echo $(date +%H%M%s) >> /home/grassboy/Documents/hihi.txt' )16:30
grass7boymy log file can be updated every min16:30
daftykinsanonee: google says ttf-mona has it16:31
grass7boybut the wallpaper can not be changed16:31
ActionParsnip!find ttf-mona16:31
ubottuFound: ttf-mona, ttf-monapo16:31
ActionParsnip!info ttf-mona16:31
ubottuttf-mona (source: xfonts-mona): Transitional dummy package. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.90-7 (raring), package size 1 kB, installed size 26 kB16:31
ActionParsnipanonee: do you have universe repo enabled?16:31
anoneeYes! ActionParsnip, it seems I should try ttf-monapo instead?... I'm working on it let's see...16:32
ImprovIf I need to rebuild bind9 to add a missing compile flag for a feature I need, is there a reasonably easy way to do that while keeping all the other default flags in ubuntu?16:35
=== HisaoNakai is now known as The_Empire
theadminImprov: apt-get source bind916:36
theadminImprov: Will give you the source as it appears in the Ubuntu tree16:37
zacktuwilee-nilee: how do you know i haven't -- they have a provider for nonprofits who handles desktop transactions, but sends you to a company that's expensive for mobile -- they don't tell you their price until you dig deeply -- hoping someone might have experience -- if you do, you're not being helpful, and no one else has responded -- thank you16:37
Improvtheadmin: Aha, cool. Didn't know about that option.16:37
anonee!find unifont16:37
ubottuFound: ttf-unifont, unifont, xfonts-unifont, unifont-bin16:37
Improvtheadmin: Are the default flags to configure stashed somewhere in there?16:39
theadminImprov: Also, use "checkinstall" instead of "make install" so that it gets installed as a debian package, then just put it on hold so that updates don't overwrite it: echo bind9 hold | sudo dpkg --set-selections16:39
joshuhow do you exit from a desktop xsession full screen firefox session? I can't click any of the menu items, e.g. File, Edit, View History. i have tried ctrl+alt+del, crtl+alt+space, ctrl+alt=arrow nothing returns me to the login screen16:39
theadminImprov: Ah, not sure16:39
theadminjoshu: Eh, F11?16:39
LopeI'm using gufw (graphical uncomplicated firewall)16:40
joshutheadmin just tried that nothing16:40
Lopeit says the firewall is off. but I can't ping my PC from a VM. however I CAN access apache. any ideas?16:40
Improvtheadmin: I don't immediately see what flags it was built with, but if I'm to rebuild it I don't want to use different options apart from adding the one I need.16:41
Improv(that is, --enable-filter-aaaa )16:41
theadminImprov: Maybe there's already a configure output file, a Makefile or such present16:41
theadminImprov: ?16:41
Improvtheadmin: I don't see one.16:42
theadminImprov: Hm. Well, I don't know, sorry.16:42
Improvno worries. I'll do more research16:42
LopeI'm running gufw (GUI for uncomplicated firwall) it says the firewall is disabled. I can access my apache (port 80) from a VM, but I can't ping it or access another service on a different port. any ideas?16:42
rypervencheLope: Check what rules are currently in place. "sudo iptables -nvL"16:43
Lopeis ufw just a frontend for iptables?16:44
Lopepretty sucky firewall program then.16:44
rypervencheLope: I personally prefer to use iptables, but to each his/her own.16:45
Loperypervenche: okay I entered the command it gave me a bunch of info on stuff it rejected.16:46
ffiowhat's the best way to  backup my ubunut machine ?16:46
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ikoniaffio: what sort of backup do you want ?16:46
rypervencheLope: Can you pastebin the output?16:46
daftykinsffio: hire a team of squirrels16:47
ffioikonia: i want to back up my data in case my hard drive fails.16:47
ikoniadaftykins: please don't make silly suggestions, help, or don't16:47
ikoniaffio: so just the data, or the whole OS16:47
arleasGreat citizens of Ubuntu, please help me rescue my system after installing ATI drivers16:48
ikoniaffio: (I'd recommend just the data, as you can always re-install easy)16:48
ffiojust my data16:48
ffioikonia: yeah :)16:48
wilee-nilee!details > arleas16:48
ubottuarleas, please see my private message16:48
ikoniaffio: do you want to backup to a remote machine, or an external disk, or something else16:48
ffioexternal disk16:48
arleascheers guys16:49
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ikoniaffio: ok, so you basically want to mount the disk and setup a regular process to do something like rsync your data to the disk, or tar and compress the data, something like that16:49
arleasi installed the latest ATI drivers to reduce the fan speed of my GPU - but the OS hangs at the login screen16:49
arleasi'd like to do two things - 1) uninstall the ATI drivers16:49
arleas2) make my GPU quieter and be able to dual screen!16:49
wilee-nilee!enter | arleas16:50
ubottuarleas: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!16:50
live-ubuntu-rariwhy there is no desktop in 13.04 ? how to restore it ?16:50
ffioikonia: ok . is that possible that i take the backup of my data on my current hard drive as their is any change in my data ?16:50
Loperypervenche: http://pastebin.com/v975NFwX16:50
ikoniaffio: not real time, the overhead on that is silly, but you can do a process that runs either on login, or say two times a day that syncs all changes to the backup, so you always have a current bakup16:51
GudduIs it safe to use the methods listed here to recover password? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword16:51
theadminGuddu: It's on the official Ubuntu documentation website, so yes.16:52
reisioGuddu: safe?16:52
ffioikonia: that's great :) even once in 3-4 days would be nice :)16:52
reisiotheadmin: so probably yes :p16:52
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning16:52
ikoniaffio: perfect,16:52
theadminGuddu: generally, though, you can't "recover" a password...16:52
daftykinsikonia: fair enough, you have to admit it's quite amusing that 90% of support requests come from those that can't type the name of the distro correctly though16:52
theadminGuddu: You can only change it.16:52
sakangarleas: fan speed is dependent on need to cool down GPU16:52
ffioikonia: :)16:52
Guddutheadmin, Thanks Yes...Change is what I wanted. Also, is there a way to find out all users that were created on the machine?16:53
arleassakang: it runs too quickly -  the GPU functions fine at a lower fan speed16:53
Guddureisio, By Safe i meant if it works :) Wrong choice of word...I will try it now16:53
arleasHow can I uninstall the driver using terminal? When I boot using recovery mode, Unity is disabled (I have no launcher or task bar)16:54
sakangarleas: GPU functions fine even w/o fan, but eventually will fry it16:54
live-ubuntu-rariwhy there is no desktop in 13.04 ? how to restore it ?16:54
rypervencheLope: Try running "sudo iptables -F" and try again. What port(s) are you trying to access?16:54
theadminGuddu: As an admin user, yes: sudo cat /etc/passwd | awk -F ':' '{print $1;}'16:54
arleassakang: I play games in Windows at 40% fan speed - temp is fine at 100% GPU activity16:54
ffioikonia: how can i find out various terms that can be used as " !backup, !sbackup, !cloning etc "16:54
ikoniaffio: sorry, what do you mean ?16:55
theadminGuddu: Err, actually, admin access isn't required and neither is sudo.  Seems it's not locked for regular users to read.16:55
theadminOr maybe something broke on my machine16:55
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theadminIt's odd it's out in the open16:55
=== live-ubuntu-rari is now known as live-ubuntu
ffioikonia: for backup we did !backup so similarly there might be terms for update like !update , so how to know this keywords "!backup !update" so i can get a reply from the bot16:56
ubottusbackup is a tool to create complete and/or incremental backups (which can be scheduled to be automatic, and can be done over a network). It is available in !Universe16:56
ikonia!ubottu | ffio16:56
ubottuffio: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots16:56
Guddutheadmin, I can execute that from recover console also?16:56
ffioikonia: thank you  so much :D16:57
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ffioikonia: i should run this bot commands in this channel itself ? i think it will spam the channel.16:57
northhow do I create a channel on IRC on freenode ?16:57
arleaswill the following uninstall the ATI drivers? sudo sh /usr/share/ati/fglrx-uninstall.sh sudo apt-get remove --purge fglrx fglrx_* fglrx-amdcccle* fglrx-dev*16:57
ikoniaffio: use a pm16:57
ikonianorth: the guys in #freenode can explain the policy16:57
ffioikonia: :)16:58
reisioGuddu: :)16:58
HypnotiXhow do i give a user permission to write into the root directory16:58
reisioby suspending your sense16:59
ikoniaHypnotiX: what situation could that ever be a good idea16:59
reisioif the user were root16:59
reisiobut what _other_ situation :p16:59
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HypnotiXi dont have space left anywhere else16:59
ikoniaHypnotiX: you shouldn't use /17:00
HypnotiXi need to copy some files there from my windows partition so i can get rid of windows forever :D17:00
ikoniaHypnotiX: create a directory off / and use that17:00
ikoniaHypnotiX: /my_temp17:00
ikoniaHypnotiX: then give them access to /my_temp17:00
HypnotiXi cant create a directory in /17:00
arleasi'll give it a go and see if it works17:00
ikoniaHypnotiX: is this your machine ?17:00
=== user1245 is now known as ria_
ikoniaHypnotiX: do you have access to sudo ?17:00
ikoniaHypnotiX: sudo mkdir /my_temp17:01
HypnotiXah ok nm :D17:01
HypnotiXnow how do give access to that folder17:01
HypnotiXdo I*17:01
ikoniaHypnotiX: if it's only temporary sudo chmod 777 /my_temp17:01
HypnotiXwhat if i write -R17:02
ikoniaHypnotiX: there is no need to use -R17:02
ikoniaHypnotiX: as it's empty17:02
HypnotiXi see17:02
HypnotiXthanx a lot17:02
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theadminHypnotiX: Creating stuff in / is usually a bad idea17:05
theadminHypnotiX: Totally unnecessary, the Linux filesystem structure defines directories for everything.17:05
HypnotiXwell the thing is have two linux paritions and one of them is mounted to /home17:07
HypnotiXsorry for the typos17:07
HypnotiXby the way do you guys know why website render differently for firefox on linux and the one on windows17:10
whoeveri was getting responed from a nic what begain with an "a" about window tiling but can't remember the nic, if you , plaease respond17:11
auronandaceHypnotiX: perhaps the system font is different17:11
holsteinHypnotiX: different versions of FF.. different webpages.. flash, or other elements.. many variables to confirm there17:11
holsteinwhoever: why not use a tiling window manager17:12
HypnotiXplain text17:12
HypnotiXwith font set from css17:12
whoeverholstein: i didn't say i wasn't17:12
HypnotiXcan i paste the website here to show you17:13
holsteinwhoever: i would just state some details then.. "im using ubuntu 13.04 with xfce and wanting tiling".. or whatever17:13
Loperypervenche: sudo iptables -F shows nothing.17:13
holsteinHypnotiX: i dont have any way of testing that in windows, but sure17:14
rypervencheLope: It's not supposed it. It flushes the firewall rules. Try connecting now.17:14
Lopehow can I clear my iptables completely? how can I find where the config file is?17:14
Lopehaha, awesome17:14
rypervencheLope: Check my pm too.17:14
whoeverholstein: no , i am tring to find the nic that i was comunicating with17:14
HypnotiXthe idea is that the font size is different on firefox windows, so that dotted line overlaps the text17:15
p0wn3dLope: you can temporarily delete all rules by doing iptables --flush17:15
zteamHi all17:15
holsteinwhoever: its not going to be OK to ping all the "a" nic's.. i would just address the volunteers generally, and someone will assist17:16
zteamI'm having trouble with my SMB share17:16
Kai_p_IEis there a way i can enable hibernate on ubuntu 12.04LTS17:16
zteamI did set it up for about 40 minutes ago, and it worked perfectly17:16
whoeverholstein:and that i have one up and running and just wanted to say that the only tiling manager that will let you tiLe like xmonade in a GUI without installing xmonad is running bluetile  in gnome classic17:16
zteambut now the sharing seems to be dead17:17
bupy7Hi! Me need support for Joomla 3.0. I have error: Layout default not found. I writing new components. Help!17:17
zteamsmb.d is still active17:17
holsteinwhoever: that will "let you", or that you have been able to personally configure?17:17
whoeverholstein: thats why i did't ping then i said nic starts with "a", which should not ping all nics tht start with a17:17
Snake2kwhoever, https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/28/gtile/17:17
zteamI have tried restart the computer, and it still dead17:17
zteamanyone got any ideas?17:17
bupy7Есть кто из России!?17:18
zteamremoving and re-adding the share won't work either17:18
whoeverSnake2k: i tried gtile but it wouldn't let me stack then the way you can in bluetile/ Xmonad17:18
zteamI'm using Ubuntu 13.0417:18
whoeverhandheldpenguin: it will let you17:19
Kai_p_IE!ru | bupy717:19
ubottubupy7: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.17:19
Snake2kwhoever, Hmmm in that case, im out of ideas, sorry17:19
Kai_p_IEis there a way i can enable hibernate on ubuntu 12.04LTS17:19
whoeveryou don't need to confiure unless you want to do some custom thing17:19
holsteinKai_p_IE: i do it in the power management.. its more likely "how do i get suspend working on my particular hardware"17:20
whoeverSnake2k: i don't know if you saw but i posted bluetile17:20
ria_I'm new to ubuntu and I tried installing Krita via terminal.. the installation ended with "ldconfig deferred processing now taking place" ... can anyone help me with what the problem might be?17:20
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto17:20
Snake2kKai_p_IE, http://askubuntu.com/questions/94754/how-to-enable-hibernation17:20
bertogattiKai_p_IE: http://www.howtogeek.com/113923/how-to-re-enable-hibernate-in-ubuntu-12.04/17:20
bertogattigoogle is your best friend17:20
Snake2kwhoever, No I didnt see that, was AFK17:20
whoeverSnake2k: ok17:20
Snake2kGuys I need help with something, my Laptop has a finger print scanner, is there a way I can use that on lightdm?17:21
zteamanybody has any advices?17:21
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whoeverSnake2k: http://lifehacker.com/5992397/log-into-ubuntu-with-your-fingerprint17:22
Snake2kthanks whoever :)17:23
whoeverSnake2k: let me know if it works17:25
scampbellHow can I arrange for my application's init script to be completly run on shutdown before the other upstart scripts?  (for example: don't stop rsyslog until my app is down).17:25
Snake2kwhoever, definitely, setting it up now :)17:25
whoeverSnake2k: do you know if i can you facial recognition with lightdm simler to how xbox use it to log you in, so you don't have to type anything17:26
whoeverif to facial might be better then a figure print if you have more then one use and want to creep them out17:26
trismscampbell: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#stop-before-depended-upon-service17:26
trismscampbell: though perhaps not exactly17:27
Snake2kwhoever, You want to know if there is a way to integrate a facial recognition software or are you telling me? lol17:27
PinkSwingI am trying to get ALL updates to install automatically, following this guide http://www.richud.com/wiki/Ubuntu_Enable_Automatic_Updates        In the section headed "Adding xbmc to unattended-upgrade" it says "if it doesn't tell you the archive name try just omitting it ... otherwise try appending the distro name, "LP-PPA-team-xbmc-unstable:${distro_codename}". (perhaps if you see the 'Suite:' present it means this is what needs setting 17:27
holsteinPinkSwing: ppa's are not officially supported17:28
whoeverSnake2k: would like to know if there is17:28
scampbelltrism: yeah, I saw that.  Unfortunately, rsyslog is stop on runlevel [012] and there doesn't appear to be a way to get in front of that  (that I've found yet).  I just started digging in today though.17:28
whoeverand also suggesting that you might want t try it out17:28
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PinkSwingholstein: The third party repos are not all PPAs17:28
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holsteinPinkSwing: ok.. 3rd party repos are not officially supported17:29
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holsteinPinkSwing: you will go to the maintainers and creators of the specific sources for support and issues17:29
PinkSwingholstein: I was hoping someone here might have gone the same way before me so could answer the question17:30
basiclasernative traktor on ubuntu/xubuntu/debian?17:31
Snake2kwhoever, well I don't know of a way to use that. I've seen facial recognition used on a friend's laptop, win7.. it should be available on ubuntu17:31
holsteinPinkSwing: you can just ask the question and see.. i have had issues with automatic updates, so i dont do it, nor suggest it17:31
holsteinPinkSwing: if you are going to use PPA's, you might not want auto upgrades so you can keep track of breakage17:31
whoeverscampbell: i suspect it would not be that easy to set up thoug17:32
babinlonstonhow to configure fail2ban for ssh17:32
ffiowhat exactly is active directory ?17:32
scampbellwhoever: so I'm finding out :)17:32
wilee-nileebasiclaser, What is you question?17:32
Snake2kwhoever, hey the fingerprint scanner works great!17:35
wilee-nileebasiclaser, #opensourcemusicians17:35
Snake2kwhoever, thank you!17:35
whoeverSnake2k: thx for letting me know17:36
whoeverSnake2k: do you just walk up and scan finger and your logged in or do you have to hit enter17:36
Snake2kNo no I just have to swipe my finger on it17:36
Snake2kit logged in17:36
Snake2kIt asked for my pass again :/ key ring something, no idea what that was for whoever17:37
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Snake2kwhoever, any idea how I can tweak the theme of the fingerprint gui prompt that appears on lightdm?17:38
whoeverStathisA: curiouse  if you have a sweaty hand, and you use the reader, and  then you use  soneone elses linger with tap over the print, will therr body heat transfer to trigger the reader and thing of the oil deposted  on the reader is the print of the indeviudal belongs to u and log you in17:38
whoeverSnake2k: what do you want it to say or look like17:39
Fernandos/usr/bin/env bash would run /bin/bash on ubuntu right? Or is bash symlinked to something else?17:39
StathisAwhoever: huh?17:39
Snake2kwhoever, I want to invert it's colors.. white to black and black to white17:39
Snake2kwhoever, to make it darker17:39
Snake2kwhoever, Ooohh thats useful info O_o17:39
gfortuneI'm trying to get a second graphics card running in my machine.  The current card (Radeon HD 5450) is working fine with both outputs enabled.  The second card I installed was a leftover Nvidia Quadro FX 550.  I tried it without installing any new drivers (loaded  nouveau) and I also tried blacklisting nouveau and using nvidia drivers.  In both cases, lspci shows both cards and the drivers load, but nothing appears on the third screen and I can't get X or17:39
gfortunenvidia-detector to find the card.  Not sure what to do next.  Any thoughts?17:39
Snake2kStathisA, I think he was talking to me I guess lol17:40
StathisAoh well..:-)17:40
whoeverSnake2k: there is a config file in /etc/lightdm , if the option isn't there , you may need to grab the source and make the color changes, but try theme lightdm first to see if there is a plugin for it17:41
CyberJacobEvening all!17:42
Snake2kwhoever, I'll check the second option first.. then the config file17:42
whoeverSnake2k: whats usefull  info, i typed so much i don't really know what your reffering to17:42
Snake2kwhoever, the whole paragraph related to the finger print scanner being triggered etc17:42
GiGaHuRtZOh, Action(whatever his nick was) isnt here17:43
CyberJacobCan anybody recommend any Linux/Debian/Ubuntu qualifications?17:43
GiGaHuRtZWell, Im curious about wine installs. I noticed there are Wine1.X and Wine1.x-amd64 packages,  I would think the non -amd64 would be for 32bit apps only, and the other for 64bit apps.17:44
[S][T][Y][X]hey guys, i have this error: "Malformed line 15 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list" how do i fix it17:44
GiGaHuRtZSo I really want the 32 bit version (i am on 64bit linux though)17:44
GiGaHuRtZBut when I install just wine1.X, it seems to grab the 64bit edition also or something17:45
CyberJacob[S][T][Y][X]: can you pastebin the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list17:45
GiGaHuRtZSo when I go to install 32bit itunes, it will not work.17:45
GiGaHuRtZwhen I grab 1.4 for instance apt wants to install: wine1.4 wine1.4-amd64 wine1.4-i386:i38617:45
GiGaHuRtZthe i386 package would /seem/ fine, but its also grabbing amd64 package as well17:46
whoeverSnake2k: ah thx17:46
GiGaHuRtZI have no idea how to even diferentiate the two once installed if thats even possible17:46
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GiGaHuRtZSo I could run/install an app using the i386/32bit wine17:46
honestlyI changed my hostname in /etc/hostname, but it seems there's still some "residue" of the old hostname... I'm running salt-minion and that is getting the old hostname from somewhere. (I rebooted before doing this)17:46
[S][T][Y][X]i can copy it out of the folder, if thats what you meant17:47
GiGaHuRtZI mean, it clearly also installs the i386 deps also17:47
CyberJacob[S][T][Y][X]: put it on http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/17:47
whoeverSnake2k: you should try it  let me know, i dog paw pads do have striation in then you you try dog , human, cat(if you canget them to stay stell long enough )17:47
GiGaHuRtZpvl1: you around?17:47
GiGaHuRtZHmm, I see wine and wine6417:47
HypnotiXhow do i give myself permission to a new ext4 partition i created17:48
[S][T][Y][X]oh, ok17:48
Snake2kwhoever, sure i will :)17:48
reisioGiGaHuRtZ: WINEARCH=win3217:48
GiGaHuRtZMaybe when I launch an exe via file manager its using wine64 manually, so I need to use the cmd line instead17:48
tmmunqmake a folder there and chown it17:48
GiGaHuRtZreisio: will that really do anything? I would think I would still need to tell Dolphin "hey, dont use wine64, use wine instead"17:48
reisiomv ~/.wine ~/.wine-old && WINEARCH=win32 wine foo.exe17:48
GiGaHuRtZits not a big deal17:49
GiGaHuRtZAs I dont use wine, im using it one time only17:49
reisioGiGaHuRtZ: when you generate ~/.wine (the default prefix) with a particular arch, it sticks until you remove the directory17:49
HypnotiXthing is its mounted as media17:49
GiGaHuRtZGood to know17:49
GiGaHuRtZreisio: thx17:49
reisioGiGaHuRtZ: so it'll probably "just work" after you create it with WINEARCH=win3217:50
GiGaHuRtZI just wish there was a way of telling dolphin to use a certain wine17:50
reisioGiGaHuRtZ: there is17:50
GiGaHuRtZreisio: right, there should be.17:50
reisiothere is17:50
GiGaHuRtZI havent gotten there yet, nor do I really care17:50
reisioI don't think you really need to care :)17:50
GiGaHuRtZLKike I said,m this is purely a one time use purpose17:51
reisiounless you want to be able to pick between win32 and win64 at your discretion17:51
GiGaHuRtZI want to run itunes, once, that is it.17:51
reisioGiGaHuRtZ: why? ew17:51
GiGaHuRtZreisio: Eh, shitty library issues17:51
GiGaHuRtZOnce I fix them with itunes, I will be home free to use mpd or amarok on all of my collection17:51
jdalean1 frm India?17:52
GiGaHuRtZI havent used wine in.... years. Before 1.0 heh17:52
reisiojdale: some people are, yes17:52
reisioGiGaHuRtZ: what's wrong with "them"?17:52
GiGaHuRtZreisio: for shats and giggles, I shall try the WINEARCH trick, and see what dolphin does now17:52
reisioI got the giggles covered, not into scatology17:53
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions17:54
GiGaHuRtZits a common phrase in the US, but I didnt wanna use the real world, cause the ops here are like the gestapo17:54
Sk1Specialdo you guys just know all the bot commands here or are they listed somewhere?17:56
ikonia!ubottu | Sk1Special17:56
ubottuSk1Special: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots17:56
ikoniaSk1Special: you also get to learn the common ones if you use the channel a fair bit17:56
Sk1Specialikonia, yeah. thank ya thank ya :]17:57
ria_I'm new to ubuntu and I tried installing Krita via terminal.. the installation ended with "ldconfig deferred processing now taking place" ... can anyone help me with what the problem might be?18:00
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rasculclamav is an antivirus18:01
hodappClamav sounds like a foreign version of Clamato or something18:02
sideonei have rsyslog logging data from A.B.C.D to foo.log, however, it also is logging to messages. How can i remove its logging to both locations? i would really just like the logs seperated to foo.log18:02
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mudkip908ria_: that's normal18:06
agliodbsI'm having a devil of a time fixing my application links in thunderbird.  the biggest issue is that I have no way of finding out from the ubuntu desktop what the command-line name of an application is, and thunderbird has no way to link to the Launcher.  What do I do?18:07
[S][T][Y][X]CyberJakob: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5937255/18:07
PinkSwingWhy are some third party sources at the end of /etc/apt/sources.list  but other sources are added as separate files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/  ???18:07
mudkip908agliodbs: You can find out the name of an application. open /usr/share/applications in a file manager and find the one you want18:07
mudkip908agliodbs: then open it with a text editor and look for the line with "Exec="18:08
agliodbsmudkip908: wow, ghetto.  nobody has thought to fix this in 6 years of ubuntu?18:08
agliodbsthanks, though18:08
mudkip908i think gnome 2 had a feature to show the command in the menu18:09
euxneksagliodbs, ideally you wouldn't have to do that. I do agree with you that we should be able to find the CLI command for applications easily though18:09
agliodbseuxneks: well, really this is bad design by Thunderbird18:09
ria_mudkip908: yes I realized that a few minutes ago.. problem is somewhere else-- it is unable to locate the executable file 'klauncher'18:09
agliodbseuxneks: but since there is no replacement for TB, we have to live with it18:09
euxneksagliodbs, email in linux is hurtful all around I think18:09
bertogattiagliodbs: or you just open the application and see which processes are running...18:09
OerHeksPinkSwing, that is a design choice.18:10
mudkip908ria_: Are you tying to open it with the terminal or through your launcher?18:10
CyberJacob[S][T][Y][X]: Could you paste the results of this command:18:10
CyberJacob[S][T][Y][X]: cat /etc/apt/sources.list18:10
ria_with terminal18:10
agliodbseuxneks: it's because so many linux devs use mutt.  nobody actually cares about GUI mail clients.  The Evolution developers notoriously never used the program themselves, and made fun of any linux geek who did.18:10
ria_mudkip908: with terminal18:11
PinkSwingOerHeks: So who decides which method is used for particular repos? I have third party sources in both places and it's a little confusing18:11
mudkip908ria_: are you sure that's the right command to launch your software?18:11
euxneksagliodbs, haha. yeah. I just use gmail in the webbrowser18:11
agliodbsbertogatti: I don't know about you, but I have ~~ 200 processes running on my machine18:11
ria_mudkip908: I think so, but let me recheck and get back to you..18:12
bertogattiagliodbs: yes but applications you open have high PIDs so they are at the end of the list, making them fairly obvious18:12
reisio[S][T][Y][X]: cool nick dude18:12
[S][T][Y][X]CyberJacob: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5937267/18:12
bertogattisudo apt-get install mutt18:12
OerHeksPinkSwing, from 12.04 and up /etc/apt/sources.list.d/, i think it is designed this way, to disable ppa's easily.18:12
ria_mudkip908: yes, it is correct18:13
[S][T][Y][X]reisio: Thanks, although it's a pain to write it^^18:13
[S][T][Y][X]reisio: Especially with a Qwertz-Keyboard18:14
PinkSwingOerHeks: So I guess it depends whether I added the repo manually by editing sources.list or by adding it in the sources dialog?18:14
ria_mudkip908: the error that it shows is ---18:14
CyberJacob[S][T][Y][X]: ok, on line 15 and 16 of the sources file18:14
ria_Legacy integer arithmetics implementation18:14
ria_krita(8758)/kdeui (KIconLoader): Error: standard icon theme "oxygen" not found!18:14
ria_Could not find 'klauncher' executable.18:14
ria_kdeinit4: Communication error with launcher. Exiting!18:14
ria_krita(8758)/koffice (lib komain): "krita" part.desktop not found.18:14
FloodBot1ria_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:14
CyberJacob[S][T][Y][X]: you need to add a space between quantal and partner18:14
OerHeksPinkSwing, just add it to the sources menu / dialog, that would add the key also, and put it in the right place.18:15
ria_FloodBot1: okay.. sorry will take care of it next time18:15
[S][T][Y][X]CyberJacob: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5937280/ Better?18:15
PinkSwingOerHeks: I'm not trying to add a new repo, just trying to understand why they are in two different places18:15
mudkip908ria_: run kdeinit4 in a terminal18:15
CyberJacob[S][T][Y][X]: you also need to remove the space between archive and .canonical on lines 18 and 1918:16
CyberJacob[S][T][Y][X]: *17 and 1818:16
OerHeksPinkSwing, well, me too.18:16
daftykinsperhaps it keeps system-wide repos and user repos separate?18:16
reisio[S][T][Y][X]: yeah, after I type [s I want to type t, not ] :p18:17
[S][T][Y][X]CyberJacob: It won't let me alter it.18:17
CyberJacob[S][T][Y][X]: access denied message?18:18
[S][T][Y][X]CyberJacob: Exactly18:18
OerHeksdaftykins, didn't know there used to be a difference.18:18
ria_mudkip908: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5937293/18:18
CyberJacob[S][T][Y][X]: what user are you logged in as?18:18
PinkSwingOerHeks: I found this http://techpatterns.com/forums/about1005.html  which rather slams Ubuntu for doing this.18:18
daftykinsOerHeks: er, perhaps it creates that distinction :D personally i find it just frustrating to diagnose at pure CLI18:18
mudkip908ria_: install kdelibs-bin18:18
[S][T][Y][X]CyberJacob: Not as root, I think.18:19
CyberJacob[S][T][Y][X]: what does the prompt look like?18:19
LightningBladeis k torrent and utorrent the same thing ?18:19
ria_mudkip908: done! retried to run krita.. still couldn't find klauncher18:20
[S][T][Y][X]CyberJacob: Just plain "Access denied", although the design of it looks a bit like a Wine error message.18:20
CyberJacob[S][T][Y][X]: are you in a shell prompt?18:20
mudkip908ria_: install the package "kde-plasma-desktop", then run kbuildsycoca4.18:21
mudkip908(don't worry, this doesn't install full KDE, only some parts of it)18:21
[S][T][Y][X]CyberJacob: Fixed it, I think, by using the sudo command. And no, I wasn't using a shell prompt at any given time -.-18:22
CyberJacob[S][T][Y][X]: ah, I kinda assumed you were18:22
CyberJacob[S][T][Y][X]: and yeah, you would need sudo or gksudo to edit the file18:22
mudkip908[S][T][Y][X]: You should always use gksudo for graphical applications.18:23
[S][T][Y][X]CyberJacob: Ok18:23
[S][T][Y][X]mudkip908: Ok18:24
ria_mudkip908: while it is installing, i'd really like to know why is it that one has to install parts of kde desktop?18:24
ria_for installing krita that is18:25
wilee-nileeria_, dependencies18:25
[S][T][Y][X]CyberJacob: So, do I have to reboot or anything? Although it seems to me that everything works fine now.18:25
mudkip908ria_: they should have installed automactically18:25
ria_wilee-nilee okay..18:25
CyberJacob[S][T][Y][X]: nope18:25
mudkip908the ubuntu package must be broken or something18:25
[S][T][Y][X]CyberJacob: Ok, thanks for the help :)18:26
CyberJacob[S][T][Y][X]: no problem18:26
tmmunqthe full KDE suite is huge, most likely you dont want all of it. the best way to go is install plasma-desktop, then cherry pick applications or meta packages. kde-admin, kde-accessibility, etc18:26
ria_mudkip908: okay.. I could check that with the community maybe18:26
* hodapp is not a KDE fan.18:27
motaka2can anyone help me connect to freenode via xchat ?18:27
HisaoNakaimotaka2 - Lol, haven't you already>18:27
DJonesmotaka2: You already have18:27
mudkip908KDE is pretty nice18:27
motaka2DJones: HisaoNakai :) I am using chatzilla on firefox18:28
DJonesmotaka2: Assuming you're using xchat now (that is)18:28
HisaoNakaimotaka2 - Oh, lol.18:28
HisaoNakai /!\ Warning! DE wars imminent!! /!\18:28
wilee-nileethere using chatzilla18:28
HisaoNakaimotaka2 - What's the issue? error or something?18:28
motaka2HisaoNakai: I keep recieving this:  http://codepaste.net/oupzy218:30
HisaoNakaimotaka2 - Sorry, no idea :( Maybe someone else knows.18:30
wilee-nileemotaka2, Try #xchat18:31
HisaoNakaiCursorily, I'd check if xchat is being blocked by a firewall or something.18:31
motaka2wilee-nilee: they dont answer18:32
DJonesmotaka2: That sounds likes xchat is trying to connect to an old freenode server, some have been taken out of commission lately, if you join #freenode and ask the people there showing that codepaste, I think they should be able to get you on the right track18:32
motaka2DJones: They say try xchat18:32
mudkip908motaka2: try /connect moorcock.freenode.net18:32
mudkip908that one definitely works18:33
* reisio giggles18:33
OerHeksmotaka2, xchat has a build-in list of servers, incl #Freenode18:34
motaka2mudkip908: You did it thank you very much18:34
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DJonesmotaka2: From the paste, it was connecting to irc.freenode, according to freenodes website, it says to connect to chat.freenode.net18:34
OerHeksmotaka2, http://freenode.net/certfp/certfp-xchat-1.png18:35
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=== motaka2_ is now known as motaka2
DJonesmotaka2_: I just saw in freenode, they suggested using chat.freenode rather than irc.freenode18:36
angsis there any text editor like notepad++ on ubuntu that is able to compare two text file to detect the differences?18:36
motaka2everyone thank you I am now in using xchat18:36
mudkip908It's weird, I have my xchat connecting to irc.freenode.net and it automatically "redirects" me to chat.freenode.net18:37
motaka2mudkip908, I am using what you gave me, I forgot it is that good or I should change it to chat.freenod?18:38
mudkip908motaka2: change it to chat.freenode.net18:38
aberrantHi all. New to ubuntu desktop (but have used server). What's the recommended desktop manager for raring? Too many choices here.18:39
mudkip908aberrant: The default one? (lightdm)18:39
=== amin_007110 is now known as amin007110
wilee-nileeaberrant, There is no recommendation, use what works for you.18:40
reisioaberrant: define desktop manager18:40
aberrantmudkip908: Im probably asking the wrong question. I see kubuntu, lubuntu, xubuntu...18:40
reisioaberrant: desktop environment18:40
reisioaberrant: Kubuntu (KDE) is a little nicer for people coming from Windows18:40
mudkip908aberrant: Use whichever one you like.18:40
reisioif you want something similar and not different18:40
mojtabaHi, Does anybody know, if there is a way to turn on and off the GUI in ubuntu?18:40
reisioor, rather, less dissimilar18:40
aberrantOk :) last time I used a unix desktop was a sun 3/50 running twm :)18:40
reisiommm, twm18:41
reisioyou can use that ;p18:41
aberrantHah. Its for my daughter.18:41
reisiomojtaba: that would be the lightdm service18:41
kostkonaberrant, ubuntu comes with unity, kubuntu with kde, lubuntu with lxde, etc.18:41
reisioaberrant: daughters love twm18:41
reisiowith its bright color.18:41
mudkip908eww twm18:41
mojtabareisio: How should I do that? (I am pretty new to linux)18:41
aberrantReisio: yeah, but i18:41
OerHeksaberrant, depends on your memory : lubuntu 256 mb / xubuntu 512 mb / ubuntu 1 gb kubuntu too18:41
aberrantThink I'll go wi something more modern18:41
reisioaberrant: how old?18:41
reisioyeah, a nine year old still has a flexible mind :p18:42
reisioyou could just try the default18:42
[S][T][Y][X]mudkip908: My XChat is connecting to FreeNode via irc.freenode.net/8001 , probably the default connection, so I don't understand motaka2's problem. Why does he have such problems to connect?18:42
mudkip908put i3 or awesome on it18:42
aberrantWhat's the default? Im not seeing one specified. Im doing a NetBoot install18:42
reisioyou might, um, uninstall the amazon thing; sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping18:42
mudkip908[S][T][Y][X]: No idea, mine also works fine with irc.reenode.net18:42
reisioaberrant: the default is a version of GNOME 3 with a modified window manager and front end configuration, called Unity18:43
reisioaberrant: it looks a lot like a purplish version of Mac OS18:43
aberrantIs that the ubuntu-desktop package?18:43
reisioaberrant: yes18:43
mojtabareisio: Could you please let me know how can I turn the GUI on and off?18:43
reisiomojtaba: right right18:43
aberrantOk, I see that one. Thanks. Will try it.18:43
reisiomojtaba: http://askubuntu.com/questions/139014/how-to-disable-lightdm18:43
mudkip908mojtaba: /etc/init.d/lightdm stop?18:44
aberrantThanks for the suggestions :)18:44
mojtabamudkip908: Actually I just want to be able to run startx at the bootup from cmd, if I want to have the GUI enabled.18:45
mudkip908mojtaba: skip the display manager altogether and write yourself an .xinitrc18:45
wilee-nileemojtaba, edit grub to text, then you can run startx from the cli18:46
mudkip908mojtaba: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CustomXSession18:46
reisioaberrant: Xubuntu (Xfce) looks a lot like a gray version of Mac OS :p18:46
reisioaberrant: Unity (ubuntu-desktop) has an accelerated window manager, though, so it has fancier effects by default18:46
mojtabamudkip908: Thanks for the link, I will take a look at it18:47
mojtabawilee-nilee: could you please explain more?18:47
aberrantReisio: got it. Installing the 1343 ubuntu-desktop packages as I type this.18:47
reisioyou multitasker18:47
wilee-nileemojtaba, http://askubuntu.com/questions/174312/how-can-i-set-my-ubuntu-12-04-lts-to-boot-to-console-without-gui18:48
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mojtabawilee-nilee: Thanks18:51
wilee-nileemojtaba, No problem.18:51
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wilee-nileereisio, So what the color like mac of the shell? ;)18:54
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xibalbawhats a good APP to monitor disk IO ?18:55
syntroPiWhy is sound alsa output broken so frequently in last updates. it happens here on many machines almost every second update or such... :-/18:55
xibalbavmstat is OK but doesn't keep the output aligned nicely18:55
grahamburgersyntroPi: Glad it's not just me18:55
syntroPii only get dummy output every time...18:56
reisiowilee-nilee: what the what now? :p18:56
grahamburgerMe too. Happened this morning actually :-/18:56
reisioxibalba: iotop?18:56
reisiohuman senses?18:56
xibalbareisio, i will try that18:56
wilee-nileereisio, I forget the name of the mental state where people use color in memorization and thats how they undestand the world.18:57
wilee-nileethat is it18:58
xibalbareisio, thanks, good recommendation18:58
mudkip908htop can also monitor IO18:59
* wilee-nilee has been there with the right chemicals19:00
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syntroPigrahamburger, "sudo alsa force-reload" and reboot actually fixed it here ???19:02
grahamburgerreboot typically fixes it for me, just haven't been patient enough for a reboot yet today.19:02
reisiorebooting is for the birds19:03
wilee-nileetweet, tweet19:04
mfaroukg1i have samsung laptop i5 with ubuntu 13.04 and it is getting very hot and i another i3 and it is not very hot ... what is the difference ?19:07
=== jelatta_away is now known as jelatta
Ari-Yangmfaroukg1, most likely you're using the radeon open source driver on the laptop that is heating up and the other one that isn't heating isn't using the open source drivers.19:08
mfaroukg1 Ari-Yang, i installed the ubuntu on both i5 and i3 same way , what makes i5 hot if no manual driver installed?19:10
Ari-Yangmfaroukg1, the radeon open source drivers are known for running laptops hot. it heats up my laptop too. you could either 1) use proprietary driver (fglrx), which I don't recommend at all or 2) install drm-next kernel (3.10.0-996) which has dpm (dynamic power management) for the open source radeon driver that doesn't run your laptop hot.19:11
Ari-Yangmfaroukg1, what kind of card does your i5 and i3 have?19:11
mfaroukg1 Ari-Yang, which command i can run and i paste the output for you ?19:13
syntroPicat /var/log/Xorg.0.log19:14
Ari-Yangmfaroukg1, second link is i3?19:18
mfaroukg1 Ari-Yang, no it is for lspci.... shall i make the same for the i3?19:19
Ari-Yangmfaroukg1, type this command to get the graphics: lspci | grep VGA19:19
Ari-Yanggive me the output19:19
Ari-Yangdo it on the i3 and i5..19:19
syntroPidmesgintel(0): Integrated Graphics Chipset: Intel(R) Sandybridge Mobile (GT2)19:20
mfaroukg1for the i5 (VGA)  ------>00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)19:20
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mfaroukg1for the i3 (VGA)  ------>00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 3rd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)19:22
syntroPialso this one has NVIDIA    http://pastebin.com/EgkDunMY    01:00.0 3D controller: NVIDIA Corporation GF119M [GeForce GT 520MX] (rev a1)19:23
Ari-Yangmfaroukg1, oh, so it's intel.... mfaroukg1 thought it was amd. hmmm..... well I recommend that you go to Software Sources then go to the 'Additional Drivers' tab and select a driver from that isn't being used (proprietary) if there is one.19:23
Ari-Yangthen reboot19:23
Ari-Yanggood luck, afk19:24
syntroPimfaroukg1, assuming your both pastebins are from the same machine, is that nvidia properly unused or deactivated?19:25
mfaroukg2syntroPi, i will try19:26
syntroPiseems it can do either intel or nvidia, but thats just a guess... try that aditional drivers in software sources19:26
syntroPialso make sure the cpu uses the lower power sleep states. could even be that those have to be activated in the bios/uefi something19:27
Sheilonghttp://pastebin.com/pY5jyuvB hi everyone, somebody can help me with that ?19:28
wilee-nileeSheilong, What is it you are doing, what is the problem?19:29
Sheilongtrying do do upgrade19:30
Sheilongi get some errors19:30
Sheilongdeps not found19:30
Sheilongsomething about linux-image-3.2.0-51-generic19:31
wilee-nileeSheilong, In distro upgrade right? run a sudo apt-get update and pastebin it, I don't nor many here read spanish19:32
wilee-nileeSheilong, If needed there is #ubuntu-es as well19:33
syntroPimfaroukg2, not sure it its that setup linux torwalds "recomments" nvidia company for... maybe switching between intel and nvidia could prove to be quite problematic, but i dont have any experience with those19:33
Sheilongwilee-nilee:  i dont know why my ubuntu is in portuguease, i did set english after install it19:33
wilee-nilee!language | Sheilong,19:34
ubottuSheilong,: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.19:34
Sheilongwilee-nilee:  no errors in update19:34
Sheilongubottu:  ?19:34
wilee-nileeSheilong, Sorry thought that was a language info19:34
wilee-nileemy bad19:34
mfaroukgsyntroPi, it was giving problem with previous ubuntu's19:35
mfaroukgsyntroPi, same hot19:36
SheilongE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)19:36
wilee-nileeSheilong, Here is default language info. http://askubuntu.com/questions/133011/set-default-language-to-english-us-in-12-0419:37
Sheilongwilee-nilee:  thanks19:37
wilee-nileeSheilong, If you run the update gui does it show a partial upgrade?19:37
wilee-nileeyou could try sudo apt-get dist-upgrade you would for kernels anyway19:38
boiboroddev question:  know of any good resources for finding ways to make separate testing environments in ubuntu for like different versions of php, django, etc without having them intermingle?  Is the only way to do that using virtual machines of each environment?19:39
daftykinsboiborod: that would probably be the cleanest and easiest way19:42
Piciboiborod: for django and python, using virtualenvs is the standard way.19:44
ShizuneHakamichiHelp! I'm trying to boot from a CD, but I only get a message: CDBOOT: Cannot boot from CD - Code: 5 error: unknown filesystem. grub rescue>19:46
tmmunqverify the disc, then the iso19:48
ShizuneHakamichidisc is a Windows 7 install disc19:48
ShizuneHakamichiI think the MBR may be messed up on this hard drive19:48
tmmunqyou dont need a valid mbr on the hard drive to boot a cd19:49
wilee-nileeShizuneHakamichi, Where did you get the disc?19:49
ShizuneHakamichiwilee-nilee: Micro Center19:50
=== BadLarry_ is now known as BadLarry
mumpitzelShizuneHakamichi: if the DVD is a windows 7 disk, why do you ask here? you are in the wrong channel19:50
Sheilongbrb guys19:50
ShizuneHakamichibecause I'm running into an error with Grub19:51
mumpitzelShizuneHakamichi: a windows 7 disk will NOT help you with that19:51
wilee-nileeShizuneHakamichi, You have the disc first read in the bios, and an unallocated space on the HD?19:51
mumpitzelShizuneHakamichi: if you want to repair your grub, boot a ubuntu live cd19:51
ShizuneHakamichiwilee-nilee: yes and yes19:51
mumpitzelwilee-nilee: for windows installation support: ##windows19:52
ShizuneHakamichimumpitzel: will try that after I try another method19:52
ShizuneHakamichiI suspect something's gone off in the MBR19:52
wilee-nileeShizuneHakamichi, There is a boot menu outside the bios with key prompts.19:52
wilee-nileemumpitzel, we support dual boots here.19:52
mumpitzelShizuneHakamichi: you suspicion is wrong.19:52
mumpitzelwilee-nilee: we do not support windows CD troubleshooting. if he wants to repair his grub (where the MBR has nothing to do with it): fine, but then he can't use a windows 7 disk. or he installs windows 7, then he's in the wrong channel19:53
wilee-nileemumpitzel, LIke you I'm on the ##windows channel they will send them back here half the time if anything linux ix mentioned.19:53
checoimgHwo to install  MYSQL19:53
=== smithkm_ is now known as smithkm
saiarcot895ShizuneHakamichi: my guess is that the boot sector on the CD/DVD is not installed19:54
saiarcot895ShizuneHakamichi: it's definitely not the MBR on the HD19:54
mumpitzelwilee-nilee: it's still not a ubuntu problem. the only ubuntu problem is: fixing grub-rescue to make the grub menu appear. and no, ##windows users will help people install windows on a PC with ubuntu19:54
ShizuneHakamichiaaand hiren's bootCD is failing19:54
mumpitzelchecoimg: apt-get install mysql-server-5.519:54
checoimgThank you :D19:54
mumpitzelShizuneHakamichi: your problem stems from your BIOS settings and/or your CDs. nothing else. neither is a ubuntu problem. come back when/if you want to fix your grub219:55
checoimgHow do I start the MYSQL server ?19:56
wilee-nileeShizuneHakamichi, What is on the HD now and does it boot?19:56
mumpitzelchecoimg: service start mysql or such19:56
checoimgOK! :D19:56
mumpitzelchecoimg: should start automatically when you boot too19:57
ShizuneHakamichiwilee-nilee: nothing is on the HD now, formatted to NTFS19:57
checoimgsomething like this ? : /etc/init.d/mysql start19:57
mumpitzelchecoimg: no. ubuntu doesn't use sysvinit anymore19:58
TodoHello i have problem to install ubuntu i boot from the dvd but it cant find a install on the dvd. i have ubuntu-12.04.2-server-amd6419:58
checoimgOk , it looks like Ubuntu auto runs the server19:58
wilee-nileeShizuneHakamichi, Then you are on the wrong channel for sure ##windows is the best help, however you just need to find the key prompt for the per-session boot fro menu not in the bios, it should say what it is on the splash screen, mine is f11 or f12 I forget.19:58
ShizuneHakamichiwell other CDs (DVDs) boot perfectly fine so I don't see why the Windows disk is throwing an exception19:59
daftykinsTodo: what does the error say?19:59
daftykinsTodo: when you try to boot from the disc, what happens?20:00
wilee-nileeShizuneHakamichi, It happens, that is why you shoould know the per-session boot20:00
Todostarting debian20:00
daftykinsShizuneHakamichi: sometimes a partitioned disk can confuse the Windows installer, if you don't have any data you need, delete all partitions from a booted Linux LiveCD with gparted or similar utility, then the Windows disc should boot20:00
Todoit try to boot from the dvd first20:00
daftykinsTodo: debian is what you have installed on the hard disk already - and you are planning to remove it?20:01
wilee-nileedaftykins, Its reading the mbr not any partitions20:01
Todoyes and install ubuntu20:01
daftykinswilee-nilee: pure semantics20:01
Todoi have copy all files to the dvd and boot from the dvd but nothing happends20:01
wilee-nileedaftykins, And you solution will not clean the mbr.20:01
daftykinsTodo: how did you write the CD/DVD?20:02
daftykinswilee-nilee: well, so far i see you and mumpitzel not helping very much.20:02
Todoburn to the iso with poweriso to the dvd20:02
wilee-nileedaftykins, The per session boot works dummy20:02
daftykinsexcuse me?20:03
saiarcot895wilee-nilee: as long as the bootloader has been installed into the DVD20:03
ShizuneHakamichithe boot select screen didn't do anything20:03
daftykinswilee-nilee: perhaps if you focus on helping instead of insults :)20:03
daftykinsTodo: do you have any other boot discs you can try to confirm it's not just a bad disc?20:04
Todoyes have try 2 disc but i cant find any setup on the iso file20:04
mumpitzelTodo: what files are on the CD?20:05
Todo.disk boot dists doc EFI install isolinux pics pressed chromupgrade md5sum redme.diskdefines20:06
mumpitzelTodo: ok. and you are trying to boot from this CD? note: you cannot run any setup.exe to install ubuntu20:07
Todoyes i reboot the computer press f12 for bootmenu boot from cd/dvd20:08
peyamdaftykins, what is the issue?20:09
mumpitzelTodo: and what happens then?20:10
peyamwilee-nilee, is respected member here.. litsen to him! daftykins  :)20:10
Todofirst it trying to boot the cd then it cant find anything to boot on and start debian20:10
peyamTodo, what are you trying to do?20:11
Todoinstall ubuntu20:11
peyamTodo,  is the DVD okay?20:11
Todoyes have try 2 diffrent dvds20:11
peyamTodo, i dunno know about servers but is it the right version? 32bit or 64?20:11
peyamwhat is ur processor?20:12
Todoamd 6420:12
peyamHave you tried 32 bits?20:12
zenxTodo what is ur problem. i jux joined20:12
peyamTodo, try it!20:12
Todoi cant boot from the dvd20:13
Todook peyam20:13
zenxwhat os r u using20:13
peyamYou should test 32 bits first20:13
Todohave linux debian20:13
peyamzenx, let him try the thing I suggest otherwise he can come back and ask you if that's okat?20:13
geniipeyam: Ubuntu server comes in 64bit20:13
zenxcos my dvd is also not workin & my pendrive is what is use to do everytn20:14
peyamgenii, okay then I dunno!20:14
zenxjux try what peyam is showin u. Get back to me if it does not work20:15
Todook i try 3220:15
peyamgenii, sorry there is actully an 32 bits also20:16
zteamHi all!20:18
zteamI have a very strange issue with SAMBA on Ubuntu 13.0420:19
peyamzteam, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Samba20:19
zteamIt seems the password I had set become corrupt, which prevents me from accesing my  SAMBA shares20:19
zteamAfter setting a new password with sudo smbpasswd -a it works good for a little while20:20
zteamWhat is going on?20:21
njbairI'm looking for the best way to handle a system with an SSD and an HDD. I'm thinking about a single partition on the HDD with /home, /var, and /srv directories on it, then bind-mounting (or sym-linking) each of those dirs to the SSD filesystem. Any thoughts?20:22
bekksnjbair: Setup the system on the SSD, and /home on the HDD. No symlinks whatsoever.20:23
njbairbekks: what about /var and /srv20:24
=== yan__ is now known as Cheun
bekksnjbair: Whats up with them?20:24
njbairbekks: /var is volatile (lots of reads/writes), and /srv can contain a lot of data20:25
HiddenCloud_does anyone know20:25
HiddenCloud_like when I type ls20:25
HiddenCloud_and there is a huge folder name20:25
HiddenCloud_is there a trick to cd into the folder without typing the whole name20:26
njbairHiddenCloud_: hit tab20:26
bekksnjbair: lots of read/write are pretty irrelevant, since SSD nowadays can handle them. And if /srv is too large for the SSD, then setup a second logical volume (LVM, not partition) on the HDD.20:26
HiddenCloud_njbair : through ssh20:26
HiddenCloud_so not my machine20:26
njbairHiddenCloud_: tab completion should work over ssh, unless it's not set up on the remote machine20:26
daftykinsHiddenCloud_: type cd, then the first character of the folder with the correct case, then hit tab20:27
njbairHiddenCloud_: in which case you're out of luck20:27
=== scott is now known as Guest43824
grahamburgermight be that you're ssh'ing to a weird shell. try typing 'bash' first thing after ssh'ing.20:27
pan_could I get someone to help me test my server..  ssh to grex.org on port 20022 with username/pw: user/user    thanks20:27
bekkspan_: Why dont you do it yourself?20:27
njbairbekks: That's what I've got on my current system. Trouble is, even with LVM, you have to try to predict how much space to allocate to each dir. A single partition would avoid this. Any reason why this would be a bad idea?20:28
ustunozgurhi everyone, my vps running ubuntu 12.04 panicked and restarted on its own. which log file should I look at to see what might have caused this? /var/log/syslog doesn't seem to contain anything important20:28
ustunozgurI have started running a pptp server just yesterday btw20:29
ustunozgurand this is the first kernel panic I have experienced20:29
syn-ackdash used to be the default shell in Ubuntu, if bash wasn't specified upon user creation. That's probably what it is20:29
mudkip908HiddenCloud_: Say you have a folder named HugeFolderNamenakvdkfan91i42. To CD to it type: "cd HugeF*"20:29
ustunozgurthe machine was ok before that, so I suspect it could be related. anyone had a similar experience, pptp server causing a kernel panic?20:29
bekksnjbair: Err - no. Thats why LVM is considered to be dynamic, and allows resizing :) And using partitions - well. For ten years, the only partitions I am using are /boot and the partition for the physical volume for LVM.20:30
zteampeyam, Thanks, but I can't find anything useful there :-(20:30
peyamzteam, where?20:31
njbairbekks: have you ever run into a situation where you had to downsize an LVM filesystem?20:31
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bekksnjbair: Sure. An having a current backup, that situation never caused fear or trouble to me.20:32
zteampeyam, on the link I got from you ( https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Samba )20:32
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syn-ackWhy use LVM when you can use proper RAID? :P20:32
njbairbekks: okay, you've convinced me. THanks20:33
rreedI was attempting to uninstall/reinstall software center, and when I try to apt-get install it again, I'm told I'm missing a bunch of dependencies. When I try to install those dependencies, it says I have them.20:33
zteampeyam, don't get me wrong, I know it's a very good page about SMB, but I can't find anything on my issue there20:33
peyamzteam, sorry. I was pretty quick with my link!20:33
syn-ackrreed, first off, why were you trying to remove it to begin with and second force it.20:33
zteampeyam, No problem :-)20:34
rm201308how could I restart an unresponsive graphical session from a text console? It seems the window manager failed to load okay. Thanks20:34
rreedsyn-ack, Hadn't added any new sources or installed any new packages recently and it just started closing upon launching it. After searching on AskUbuntu, the general consensus was that was an easy remedy.20:34
zteampeyam, Do you know if there is some known issues with Samba on Ubuntu 13.04?20:34
rreedsyn-ack, Now I just get the list of packages and "E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages."20:34
peyamzteam, never used it..:( sorry20:35
zteampeyam, I had been running SAMBA on Ubuntu 12.04 and earlier for years, without any problems, but on Ubuntu 13.04 my password seems to become corrupted20:36
peyamzteam, I dunno know why you choose 13.04 when you had a LTS20:36
rreedsyn-ack, Forcing it didn't help, either.20:37
usr13_zteam: Sounds like you have a password problem, (not really a samba issue), but see the man file and you should be able to find out how to resolve it.20:40
mudkip908rm201308: sudo /etc/init.d/lightdm restart20:40
usr13_zteam: man smbpasswd20:41
rm201308thanks mudkip90820:41
bekkssyn-ack: Proper RAID requires a hardware RAID controller. And LVM is different from RAID.20:42
kgalahassaHow can i get free space deleting a space by my virtual machine (for sure, i want to delete all virtual system installed on it), someone can help?20:43
=== ncm` is now known as hdhgf
kgalahassaon ubuntu 12.1020:44
kgalahassaHow can i get free space deleting a space by my virtual machine (for sure, i want to delete all virtual system installed on it), someone can help on ubuntu 12.10 ?20:44
sam113101I don't understand the question20:45
mudkip908kgalahassa: What VM software are you using? VMware, VirtualBox or virt-manager?20:45
mudkip908right click on a VM20:45
mudkip908click remove20:46
=== SonikkuAmerica is now known as ToshikiKai
mudkip908then Delete all files20:46
kgalahassamudkip908, Virtualbox20:46
rm201308mudkip908: using 12.04 here. it tells me it should be "sudo service lightdm restart" the graphical session comes back but when logging in, the mouse stops responding.20:46
uvalahello everyone, I deinstalled (purged) choqok hours ago, but I still get random windows containing the message (server couldnt identify the user...cancel/continue/details)..when I check the dash, the package is no more there. but the messages still come..how is this happening? :)20:46
rm201308is there log messages from lightdm that could point to an error? I found a workaround to my problem by going through recovery mode.20:47
sam113101maybe it was still opened when you purged it?20:47
sam113101just reboot your computer20:47
sam113101or kill it20:47
mudkip908rm201308: switch to a different VT and type "sudo rmmod psmouse" and then "sudo modprobe psmouse"20:47
mudkip908kgalahassa: right click the VM you want to delete, click Remove and then Delete all files.20:48
kgalahassamudkip908, ok20:48
PrufrockHi all20:49
=== Guest85887 is now known as LoganCloud
=== BradCrittenden is now known as bac
rm201308mudkip908: thanks for the help. It seems that it's the menu at the top that fails to load. The window manager, I believe. and now even more strangely, when switching to a text console, it fails to update the video. Maybe I have problems with my video driver.20:52
mudkip908rm201308: what kind of graphics card do you have?20:52
rm201308it's odd that I can get in okay when going through recovery mode though20:52
rm201308mudkip908: lsmod shows a line for "radeon" which I think it's a video driver20:53
mudkip908rm201308: Can you boot into recovery mode and open the software center?20:54
mudkip908rm201308: radeon is the open-source ATI driver20:54
rm201308mudkip908: the system works okay when booting in recovery mode.20:55
mudkip908rm201308: do you have fglrx installed?20:55
rm201308there is a simple option to "continue" if I remember okay.20:55
rm201308let me check about fglrx20:55
nerdcustomsAnyone mining worldcoin on ubuntu 12.04?  Having stability issues.20:56
rm201308mudkip908: there is fglrx-modaliases in 'dpkg -l | grep fgl'20:57
mudkip908rm201308: enter the following command; "sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak"20:57
mudkip908rm201308: then try to reboot in normal mode20:57
IdleOnenerdcustoms: I've never heard of worldcoin but I am certain it isn't supported in here. They might have an irc channel, check their site.20:58
nerdcustomsIdleOne, it's basically bitcoin mining with scrypt.  I guess I could have said bitcoin mining causing stability issues on 12.04.20:59
nerdcustomsMaybe I will try different video drivers.20:59
rm201308mudkip908: no such file or directory for /etc/X11/xorg.conf20:59
saiarcot895nerdcustoms: perhaps #bitcoin can help21:00
mudkip908rm201308: can you describe what happens when you try to start the system in normal mode?21:00
mudkip908rm201308: Do you have the xserver-xorg-video-radeon package installed?21:01
rm201308mudkip908: there is a xorg.conf.failsafe there though. When booting in normal mode, the graphical log in screen shows up. I choose a user, type in a password okay. The unity buttons show on the left of the screen and I see for example the mozilla firefox icon. I don't see the top components that show sound status and network status though.21:02
salahUbuntu don't detect screen resolution. I think I don't have the correct driver. It is an Intel card, but how to install the drivers?21:02
nerdcustomsworldcoin.in, it's just a software that maxes out GPU shaders. I have had no problems with 5xxx series or 7xxx series ATI cards.  Just this 69xx cards.21:02
pvl1is anyone using i321:02
mudkip908rm201308: oh, so it's not a GPU problem21:02
rm201308mudkip908: yes to xserver-xorg-video-radeon package installed21:02
mudkip908pvl1: as in the window manager, or the processor?21:02
mudkip908rm201308: can you run programs?21:02
pvl1mudkip908: wm21:03
saiarcot895salah: Intel doesn't have any closed-source drivers for Linux, so the drivers that are installed by default are the only ones21:03
rm201308mudkip908: further to the description of the problem, I am running an irc text mode chat client in a tty. No program runs in graphical mode though21:03
salahsaiarcot895, ouch that sucks. So what do I do when Ubuntu detects only 2048x1150 when it should detect 2560x1440?21:04
mudkip908rm201308:  in your tty, run "export DISPLAY=:0" and "unity --replace". What output does it give, if any?21:04
salahUsually I used xorg.conf to fix these problems, but it's gone now21:04
stairmast0ri have both onboard graphics (HD6530D) and discrete (HD6570)21:05
stairmast0ri've installed the catalyst drivers21:05
stairmast0rbut catalyst only shows me options for the onboard card.  lspci recognizes the presence of both cards21:05
rm201308mudkip908: that gave several messages and the graphics screen came to "... has experienced an internal error..."21:06
mudkip908rm201308: can you run X applications from the terminal?21:06
tmmunqyou might still need to make an xorg.conf if you have multiple cards. some multihead setups still need it too i think21:06
mfaroukgafter i installed the nvidia the desktop lost all the visual control ... how to get back the desktop normally?21:07
saiarcot895salah: the only potential solution (more like a suggestion) I have is to try installing xserver-xorg-video-intel21:07
rm201308mudkip908: The message is "sorry, ubuntu 12.04 has experienced an internal error" but it won't even take my click to send the crash report21:08
tmmunqintel driver will not help you unless you have an intel graphics device too, it doesnt sound like you do21:08
saiarcot895salah: that might help only if you have i8xx or i9xx hardware21:08
mudkip908rm201308: try to run another application, like nautilus or gcalctool21:08
stairmast0rglxgears gives me ~1,600fps... does that sound like the drivers are working?21:09
tmmunqglxinfo, glxgears isn't really useful for benchmarking21:10
mfaroukgi don't know what to do in my problem21:10
mudkip908stairmast0r: try heaven benchmark :P21:10
mudkip908i have a dinky nvidia 120m and i get over 3000fps in glxgears21:10
rm201308mudkip908: I tried nautilus and gcalctool.  Both show messages in the tty but all graphics output is gone when switchng between tty mode and graphics mode. I see my graphics mode mouse cursor that moves on top of the tty display.21:11
gerihi, how can i resolve this install issue? http://pastebin.com/Fhgypyy721:11
mudkip908rm201308: go to the login screen and select unity 2d, or fallback. something like that21:11
zaapielhey guys, im on kubuntu and would like to install the defaul ubuntu, what is the apt command to do that?21:12
mudkip908zaapiel: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop21:12
reisiozaapiel: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/pureubuntu21:12
rm201308mudkip908: one of the messages was "unity-panel-service: no process found." maybe that's the problem. I'll try what you suggest of unity 2d21:12
saiarcot895geri: sounds like they are conflicting packages, let me check21:13
zaapieli like linux mints cinnamon desktop, is it available for ubuntu?21:14
zaapielhate linux mint upgrade system21:14
rm201308mudkip908: unity 2d works okay.21:14
mudkip908rm201308: go install compizconfig-settings-manager, run ccsm21:14
reisiozaapiel: yes it is, but the same upgrade systems are also available on both21:15
saiarcot895geri: both packages seem to provide the same files (and potentially the same functionality)21:15
zaapielyeah but they recommend against it21:16
zaapielid rather use ubuntu21:17
zaapielthey dont teach you how to upgrade in the manual that way21:17
gerisaiarcot895: how can i remove all the packages?21:17
zaapieljust says point to new repos but i dont know how21:17
saiarcot895geri: what packages get removed when you run "sudo apt-get remove libhbaapi2"?21:18
saiarcot895geri: *what packages are listed to be removed21:18
wilee-nileezaapiel, Cinnamon is in the raring repos21:18
zaapielno idea what that means21:18
rm201308mudkip908: I fired ccsm and got a warning to use it with caution. Am I trying to fix unity from ccsm?21:18
zaapieli have to configure something extra?21:18
mudkip908rm201308: yes21:19
wilee-nileezaapiel, raring is 13.04 you would just run sudo apt-get install cinnamon21:19
zaapielthats what im on21:19
wilee-nileethen run the command21:19
goddardfirefox has json backups of the bookmarks but firefox only imports html21:20
zaapielwaiting for default ubuntu to install first then will, ty for help21:20
goddardhow can i import the json?21:20
cynicistzaapiel: you can also click this link to launch the ubuntu software center and install it that way, http://apt.ubuntu.com/p/cinnamon21:20
wilee-nileecynicist, Don't psot straight downloads21:21
frost_hey! first time here21:22
frost_whats up21:22
cynicistwilee-nilee: hmm?21:22
wilee-nileecynicist, The channels that.21:22
frost_This is my first time running any linux based OS. Which essentials should I install to xubuntu before I leave this wifi connection lol21:22
wilee-nileecynicist, looking in the software center is okay,21:22
wilee-nileefrost_, whatever you feel is essential.21:23
frost_Anything I can do to make this os run even faster?21:23
rm201308mudkip908: Is it possible to disable the session "ubuntu" or make "ubuntu 2d" the default when logging in?21:24
wilee-nileefrost_, What OS and what release, usually startup stuff is about all you can change with minimal effect.21:24
cynicistwilee-nilee: I didn't post a straight download, just a link to the application he wants in the software center. He would still have to click install in order to get it21:24
frost_xubuntu 13.0421:24
frost_oh ive also installed torproject21:24
mudkip908rm201308: sudo nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf and change user-session=ubuntu to user-session=ubuntu-2d21:25
wilee-nileecynicist, the channel asks that you do not do that, that could be anything, not questioning your honesty it is just a precaution.21:25
wilee-nileecynicist, Its in the repo apt-get synaptic or the software center is appropriate21:26
cynicistwilee-nilee: not trying to be confrontational here or anything but it's just an http link21:26
cynicistwilee-nilee: it would be the same as linking to a guide on the internet21:26
wilee-nileecynicist, I don't make the rules.21:26
wilee-nileeI am just informing you21:27
wilee-nileea download is not a guide21:27
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
Left_Turnhey my ubuntu is installing to a drive that has 8gb free. and it says installation size is 7gb.. what does this mean.. i will only have 1gb free? or ubuntu won't have access to that 1gb ... what happens to that odd 1 gb?21:27
rm201308mudkip908: thank you very much. I think that will be a more reasonable workaround than going through recovery mode21:27
cynicistwilee-nilee: it's not downloading an app though, it's downloading a link to an app in the software center. I didn't post a .deb package for example21:28
wilee-nileeLeft_Turn, amount free21:28
Left_Turnso the installtion will eat 7gb?? why so much?21:29
cynicistwilee-nilee: but I will keep your warning in mind in case a mod gets angry with me :)21:29
mudkip908rm201308: no problem. you may want to install a proprietary driver: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI for gaming.21:29
wilee-nileeLeft_Turn, voodoo, ask the developers21:29
Left_Turnomg 7gb? no thanks21:29
mudkip908Left_Turn: windows 7 takes way more ;)21:29
reisioLeft_Turn: I think it starts at 5GB, actually21:29
reisioand yeah, Windows 7 takes more than three times that21:29
mudkip908Left_Turn:  7gb is not a lot. this is 2013 bro21:29