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JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Yorkshire Day! :-D08:32
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sorenI've done it again: Changed phones, forgot to sort out 2fa with Launchpad, and my yubikey is somehow out of sync.13:55
sorenHow that yubikey gets out of sync is a mystery, but that's what Launchpad tells me.13:55
beunosoren, usually generating a lot of keys in a row13:56
sorenbeuno: Yeah, but I only ever plug it in when I need to auth with Launchpad.13:57
soren..and then unplug it again.13:57
soren..and my kids aren't big enough to pick something like that up, plug it in, push it several times and unplug it again.13:58
sorenAnyway, I need help. Again.13:58
* soren puts on brown paper bag13:58
beunosoren, let me fix that for you13:59
sorenToyKeeper helped me last time, but I guess it's barely 8 AM at her place.13:59
davmor2soren: set the key to the long press rather than short it means you have to press and hold for four seconds but it prevents accidental press putting the device in and out of the usb slot.13:59
sorendavmor2: That's good advice. Thanks.13:59
beunosoren, email address?14:00
sorenbeuno: soren@ubuntu.com14:00
sorenHow many times must I have pressed it by accident for Launchpad to consider it out of sync?14:02
beunosoren, you have 2 devices set up14:05
beunoyour phone also doesn't work?14:05
sorenbeuno: No, I changed phones. I wanted to log in with the yubikey to go and set up my phone again.14:05
sorenbeuno: That's the only situation I ever use the yubikey, really. Dunno. Never got into the habit of using it.14:06
beunosoren, done14:06
beunosoren, may I suggest printing out codes instead?14:06
sorenbeuno: You certainly may.14:06
sorenbeuno: And this time around, I even have a printer, so I'll go ahead and do that :)14:06
sorenbeuno: It still says it's invalid.14:07
beunosoren, oh, you shouldn't need 2fa for the login now14:07
sorenHm. Maybe there's a cookie confusing it.14:08
* soren tries14:08
sorenHm. No.14:08
beunosoren, how about now?14:09
sorenYes, now it's good.14:09
sorenbeuno: Thank you!14:09
beunosoren, np14:10
sorenWow. I generated a set of printable backup codes. One of them was "9".14:15
soren(I've generated a new set)14:15
beunothat doesn't sound right14:22
beunonessita, any clues?  ^14:23
nessitareading backlog14:23
sorennessita: 14:15 < soren> Wow. I generated a set of printable backup codes. One of them was "9".14:24
sorennessita: Just that.14:24
nessitasoren, can you please remove the printable device you just added and email me the sheet of tokens?14:25
sorenI already removed it (generated a new set). I kept a screenshot, though.14:27
sorenWhere should I send it?14:27
sorennessita: ^14:30
nessitasoren, natalia.bidart@canonical.com14:31
sorennessita: On its way.14:34
nessitagot it14:34
nessitasoren, so, will try to reproduce myself14:35
nessitahum, I can not14:35
nessitasoren, is there any chance you try a browser where Lastpass is not "in the middle" of it?14:36
sorenWell, if the codes are random, you'd only see it once every hundred thousand tries.14:37
nessitabeuno, do you use lastpass?14:37
nessitasoren, does the 9 always appear in the same row/column?14:37
sorenI don't see what lastpass has to do with it? Launchpad (presumably) generates those codes independently of the browser?14:37
sorennessita: It just happened once.14:37
nessitaah, I thought it happens every time14:38
sorenOh, no, not at all.14:38
sorenThank goodness :)14:38
nessitayeah, I was scared14:38
sorenI just thought it was interesting. I'd assumed they'd all be 6-8 digits.14:38
nessitasoren, right, 6 digits for printable code, all of them14:38
nessitasoren, give me on sec, be right back14:39
nessitasoren, was able to reproduce! may I please ask you to file a bug?14:42
jgdxnessita: is the issue presentation or generation?14:45
nessitajgdx, my html seems fine, so I'd say generation, but honestly that does not make sense14:46
nessitajgdx, trying to reproduce locally (I just reproduced in prod)14:46
jgdxnessita: ack.14:46
nessitajgdx, I can't reproduce with the sso theme, trying with the u1 theme14:47
jgdxnessita: crosses fingerz14:50
sorennessita: Against which project?14:50
nessitasoren, https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-identity-provider/+filebug14:52
beunonessita, I do14:54
nessitabeuno, tha's fine thanks, I reproduced from my browser on login.ubuntu.com (and I don't use lastpass)14:55
nessitajgdx, can not reproduce locally :-/14:56
jgdxnessita: ack :S14:56
sorennessita: bug 120739815:12
ubot5bug 1207398 in Canonical SSO provider "Got single-digit code when generating codes for printing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120739815:12
nessitasoren, perfect, thanks, we're trying to debug this15:12
nessitasoren, so, you're all set now?15:12
sorennessita: Yeah, absolutely.15:12
sorennessita: Thanks.15:12
nessitasoren, thank you!15:13
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* ToyKeeper *facepalm* ... single-digit 2F code? Really? wow.18:03

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