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* cub is back from vacation12:20
smartboyhwWelcome back cub12:20
cubhi, you are back as well? How aws the UK?12:20
smartboyhwcub, great:)12:20
cubwhere were you?12:21
smartboyhwcub, London.12:21
cubah nice12:21
cubgotta go for a while, our garden looks like a jungle...12:23
zequencecub: Can't you pay the neighbors kid to sort it out?13:34
smartboyhwzequence, +113:34
cubI'm a cheap bastard. I mean I even use free software. ;)13:45
smartboyhwcub, .........13:49
smartboyhwcub, using free software doesn't mean one is rich or not.13:49
smartboyhwBut really, on this business tell your neighbour's kid to do it is better than doing it yourself:P13:50
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