skellatxnox: That's what I saw looking at the branch via Launchpad Librarian.  I hope Noskcaj comes up with something interesting to scratch whatever itch he's got in the matter.00:23
luke_Anyone around?01:07
pleia2usually, we all kind of lurk01:09
luke_i wanted to join the testing team01:09
pleia2great :)01:10
pleia2did you have any questions in particular?01:10
luke_not really, just want to jump in there :)01:10
pleia2that's the way to do it!01:11
pleia2middle of the night for the guy who leads up testing, but most of us can answer questions if you encounter any issues01:11
luke_how does the testing work? can you break it down for me?01:11
pleia2http://xubuntu.org/news/want-to-help-out-xubuntu-test-raring/ is an article from a few months ago when we were testing raring (now testing saucy)01:12
pleia2explains a lot of the basics01:12
pleia2https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/ISO/Walkthrough has a full walkthrough of testing ISOs01:13
luke_is there any code testing? what i mean by that is unit testing?01:14
Unit193Nobody tests me, I'm (mainly) stable.01:14
pleia2we currently don't do any traditional unit testing01:15
Unit193Sometimes it's requested to test some application, like Mugshot.01:15
pleia2since Xubuntu is made up of a bunch of applications we pretty much trust that the source of the software has done testing and we mostly test things as a whole - installation of Xubuntu, basic functionality of key applications01:16
pleia2all manual at this point01:16
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elfypleia2: thanks for talking to luke last night 07:04
elfywhich just looks too odd now I posted it ... 07:05
Noskcajhey elfy 07:06
elfyhi Noskcaj - thanks for keeping up with merges07:06
NoskcajI've made an OEM slideshow for xubuntu, hopefully it will get accepted soon07:07
* elfy read that 07:08
elfymight not have had much time this week - but I have been reading the backlog07:08
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knomeNoskcaj, have you sent your form to the magazine?09:40
Noskcajknome, yep09:41
knomeNoskcaj, okay, good09:41
knomeNoskcaj, and have you already got the agreemend and signed that?09:41
Noskcaji think so09:41
knomeokay, good good09:41
knomewe're able to finish this magazine thing soon then09:42
Noskcajknome, just incase you've not read the scrollback, i made an oem slideshow for xubuntu09:42
knomei didn't, you didn't ping me09:42
knomewhere do you have the branch?09:44
Noskcajlp:~noskcaj/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/oem-xubuntu i thinl09:51
knomeok, i'll try to check it out today10:01
bluesabremaybe I should put this here instead, so that knome, mrpouit/mr_pouit, or micahg might see17:19
bluesabrealso, ochosi/mrpouit: the gtk theme in saucy is still the old one without gtk 3.8 or lightdm-gtk-greeter 1.6 support17:20
Unit193Ah, so could poke https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/xubuntu-s-artwork17:37
bluesabrethanks Unit19317:42
Unit193Heh, sure.17:43
knomebluesabre, saw that, didn't have time to review yet17:52
pleia2jjfrv8: are we pretty much all set for 12.04 docs?17:53
knomepleia2, yup17:53
pleia2need to get it all wrapped up for sru17:53
knomepleia2, i just came home and i can run through it with you if you have time17:54
pleia2and I should upload it to docs.xubuntu.org17:54
pleia2knome: I can make that work, give me 20 min or so?17:55
knomeyeah, same here (i need to plug in and that)17:55
pleia2knome: hihi18:15
pleia2ok, shall I download and build this thing?18:15
knomepleia2, so basically, the 1204 docs should be fine in the technical side (eg. the menu paths should be correct etc etc)18:16
knomesure, if you want to have a look at it ;)18:16
knomei've gone through all of jack's MP's, and merged18:17
knomethey are all fine, and we will want some of them applied to the saucy docs as well18:17
* pleia2 nods18:17
pleia2do we need to do a specific call for starting on the saucy docs, or does jjfrv8 have that handled?18:18
knomei've asked him to send the same improvements as MP's to the saucy branch and AFAIK, some other people are working on it, but a call never hurts18:18
pleia2ok, I'll see about doing that soon18:19
pleia2so what else needs to be done with precise?18:19
knomeafter all, the saucy docs are more open to all kind of improvements and expansions18:19
* pleia2 nods18:19
knomewell, probably a quick run-through and then the SRU18:19
pleia2ok, looking now18:19
knomei think the SRU was also a good test for the docs to see if it's release-agnostic enough (and i think we passed)18:20
knomeah, i see something that can be further improved :)18:22
knomeno, it's there18:23
knomewe should probablt note that apt-offline isn't available by default in 12.0418:28
* pleia2 nods18:29
pleia2http://docs.xubuntu.org/1204/ but didn't link it to the main page yet18:30
knomepleia2, pushed rev 6518:33
knomei'm ok for the docs to start going the SRU route.18:36
GridCubewhen its the next meeting?18:36
GridCubeits its or is18:37
knomewe should schedule.18:37
GridCubemmmhmm i fail at is18:37
knomeeg tala ekki islensku a annan weg18:38
GridCubei would really like to have some follow ups for the mir subject18:38
GridCubeeven if there is some test i could help do18:38
knomefrom non-xubuntu side, or xubuntu people poking at the mir team?18:38
pleia2GridCube: Unit193 and I have been talking about it for days :)18:39
knomeUnit193 has been building some ISOs and stuff18:39
pleia2GridCube: did you see Unit193's iso?18:39
GridCubehow are we going and stuffs18:39
pleia2Unit193: link for GridCube plz18:39
GridCubewas a mail about it?18:39
Unit1933 pings all very quickly, I broke something...18:39
pleia2no, just on irc18:39
GridCubeoh ok18:39
pleia2and we've been updating http://etherpad.ubuntu.com/xubuntu-mir18:39
knomeUnit193, if it's okay for you, can you send a mail to the list announcing the mir ISO?18:39
pleia2I think I might make a youtube video18:39
knomewoo pleia2 on a video!18:40
Unit193http://vanir.unit193.tk/dump/xubuntu-13.10-xmir-i386.iso.zsync or http://vanir.unit193.tk/dump/xubuntu-13.10-xmir-i386.iso18:40
pleia2Unit193: assuming it's ok to share that iso link (on your home connection?)18:40
Unit193(There's an md5sum file too.)18:40
Unit193pleia2: VPS, just crappy domain.18:40
pleia2ah ok18:40
knomewe don't care if you don't care...18:40
knomepleia2, can you talk with jjfrv8 about a shell?18:40
GridCubeits safe enought to install on real hardware? like if i install it on a partition of my netbook?18:41
pleia2knome: of course18:41
knomepleia2, ta18:42
Unit193GridCube: Well you can't use it in a VM, but live booting is a fine test.18:42
pleia2jjfrv8: if you'd like a shell, just email me your preferred password and your id_rsa.pub key to use (or link to one in lp)18:42
GridCubelive ok18:42
knomeGridCube, never install testing stuff on production machines.18:42
GridCubethat could do18:42
Unit193(I use grml-rescueboot: drop ISO in /boot/grml/, sudo update-grub, and reboot.)18:42
GridCubethats why i'm asking, i would like to know if its safe enough because this might be our default desktop in less than 2 months18:43
knomejjfrv8, if you need help with the shell stuff, feel free to ask me or pretty much anybody in the channel18:43
GridCubei find this matter really worrying18:43
GridCubewell i have to go home now18:44
Unit193Dowh, was going to ask him for his inxi -G...18:45
skellatThis still bothers me as a boot result from the latest ISO: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/skellat/audiobox-profile?action=AttachFile&do=view&target=IMG_0039.JPG18:49
pleia2knome: oh right, so you handling getting the docs srued now?18:50
knomepleia2, was hoping you would have done that, but i can do that as well18:51
knomepleia2, or we can delegate to skellat if he's up to it18:51
pleia2knome: I don't know how :)18:54
skellatAnd I need to scramble to find a charger for my laptop...18:55
knomepleia2, i don't know the exact process either, but AFAIK, it's similar to freeze exception paperwork18:56
pleia2I don't know how to do that either ;)18:56
knomestop giving excuses! :P18:57
skellatpleia2: There is a bug that has to be filed.  The wiki link has the template18:57
pleia2I vote for delegate to skellat 18:57
knomeme too, if he's up to it18:58
knomeskellat, you comfortable with doing it?18:58
pleia2it just magically creates the package from the branch?18:58
knomepleia2, i don't know about building magic...18:58
skellatpleia2: No, there is an SRU team to review things18:58
skellatThere is criteria to consider here for if we qualify for SRU process: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates#When19:00
knomeskellat, we do.19:00
knomeskellat, there will be nobody saying we can't do that SRU. if somebody says, point them to me19:00
knomeskellat, it's a no-brainer: it affects nobody except xubuntu, it can't break other packages19:01
skellatpleia2 will need to work with me on this as I need a bug control master to nominate for series once I do the paperwork19:01
knomeskellat, neither me or pleia2 can do that afaik19:01
knomeor we can probably both nominate19:01
knomeso just ping us if you need us.19:01
skellatIf you can change severity, you can do it19:01
knomeskellat, so can i mark you as the assignee now? ;)19:02
skellatNot yet19:02
skellatIs the changelog completely done for this?19:02
knomei'm comfortable with out changelog19:02
skellatWe'll need to insert some "Closes LP#" language in there19:02
knomeyou need to file that bug first then...19:03
skellatBut I gotta create the bug first so we can have that19:03
knomeso can i now set you as the assignee? be assured i will give you all the support you need.19:03
skellatGo for it19:04
bluesabreUnit193: is inxi in the repos or just that ppa?19:04
skellatDid we actually ship proper documentation with 12.04?19:04
bluesabreit seems like that would be super helpful to have in the repos19:04
Unit193!info inxi saucy19:04
knomeskellat, not really, the docs were from far away19:04
ubottuinxi (source: inxi): full featured system information script. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.9.12-1 (saucy), package size 115 kB, installed size 438 kB19:04
skellatbluesabre: It should be in ppa:skellat/tests done via backportpackage19:04
Unit193bluesabre: Installed in the ISO too, for reasons. :P19:05
knomethanks again skellat. i'm just so much more comfortable somebody running the process, even if they asked me about it every day. 19:05
knomeso anybody else want to take any other bug assigned to xubuntu-team at http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-s/group/topic-s-flavor-xubuntu.html ?19:07
knomelooks like there aren't too many. yay!19:07
knomeelfy, can you confirm if the testcase bug statuses are up-to-date?19:08
knomeelfy, seems like there are many inprogress19:08
knomeelfy, and/or todo19:09
bluesabrei'll take this one:19:09
knomeelfy, if you want, i can run through them with you later today19:09
elfythe in progress ones are afaik19:09
bluesabre[smd-seandavis] Work to gain packageset uploader rights for Xubuntu through Developer Membership Board process: TODO19:09
knomebluesabre, that's already assigned to you :P19:09
knomeelfy, abiword is set as "TODO"19:09
knomeelfy, xfce appearance settings as "INPROGRESS"19:10
knomebut i thought i have already done those.19:10
elfyI'll loook 19:10
knomedone as in added to the tracker19:10
knomeanything that is in the tracker (even the admin side) can be marked fix released19:10
ganglere1How do the "Test Needed" qa's work? They're in need of a test case to be written?19:10
knomeganglere1, yes19:10
elfyganglere1: yep19:10
elfyI might to be honest move the autopilot ones19:11
elfynot really any chance of them getting sorted afaik19:11
bluesabreelfy, I can help a bit with the autopilot ones if I find free time19:12
elfyok 19:12
bluesabreI played with it a bit, doesn't seem too hard19:12
elfytbh I am still firmly on the fence 19:12
knomeelfy, oh, ah, those are autopilot tests19:12
elfyknome: some are :)19:12
knomeelfy, we should rename the bugs that it was clear they are19:12
elfyI'll sort it out in a bit19:12
elfyknome: http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/admin/config/services/qatracker/testcases19:16
elfythere they need to be? 19:16
knomeelfy, yup19:16
elfythought so 19:16
bluesabreoh good, I didn't have to ask for the link19:17
Unit193We aren't shipping translations in docs?  I've been seeing po files come in.19:17
elfyI'll work through it all now 19:17
skellat!info xubuntu-docs precise19:17
knomeUnit193, no, i should look how to do that.19:17
ubottuxubuntu-docs (source: xubuntu-docs): xubuntu documentation. In component universe, is optional. Version 11.10.0 (precise), package size 728 kB, installed size 1960 kB19:17
Unit193knome: That, re-write SD, setup meetings, you have a lot. :P19:18
knomeUnit193, sure.19:19
knomeUnit193, rewriting the SD is taking half-a-day and just getting on with it :)19:19
skellatLP Bug 120749319:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1207493 in xubuntu-docs (Ubuntu) "Documentation does not match shipped system version (11.10 shipped with 12.04)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120749319:21
knomeskellat, does those changes look like what you need?19:24
skellatknome: Which changes are you referring to?19:27
skellatThose changes19:28
skellatNot fix completed19:28
skellatWas the changelog updated to add the LP bug number?  If not, I'm working on a merge proposal real fast.19:28
knomeskellat, i'll do that in a minute19:28
skellatI'm pushing a branch up now for MP19:29
skellatknome: https://code.launchpad.net/~skellat/xubuntu-docs/precise/+merge/17815619:31
knomeskellat, thanks, merged19:35
elfyknome:  when you got a minute can we just run through adding a testcase 19:35
knomeelfy, sure19:36
knomeelfy, are you ready now?19:36
elfysorry - not looking at timestamps :)19:39
elfyknome: whenever you are 19:41
knomeso open the admin19:42
knomethen go to the testcases tab, and click "add a testcase"19:42
elfyyep 19:42
elfythen find the id19:42
knomenow you should have the bzr branch open19:42
knomeyou don't input the id19:42
knomejust get a test from the branch that doesn't have an ID19:43
elfythey all have that I can see19:43
skellatknome: The SRU is filed and our involvement for the moment is done.19:44
knomeskellat, ta19:44
knomeelfy, in that case, there is no testcase to add.19:44
knomeelfy, or somebody has come up with an ID19:44
elfyso it's there somewhere?19:44
knomeyou basically copy-paste the testcase content19:45
knomeand add the title19:45
elfyoh 19:45
knomeTHEN the tracker will show what ID is linked with that test19:45
knomeand then rename the file in the branch and commit/push the changes19:45
knomeso as testcases in the branch shouldn't be given ID's if nobody has added them to the tracker19:46
elfyknome: so something is wrong - in http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/admin/config/services/qatracker/testcases19:47
elfy1589 is Xfce4 Thunar Volman19:47
elfy1589 is Time Administration19:48
knomeelfy, yes19:48
knomeelfy, somebody has "guessed" an ID for time-admin in the branch19:48
knomeelfy, if you look under "Xfce", thunar volman is also 158919:48
elfyso someone is just guessing at id's 19:49
elfythat's helpful19:49
knomeanyboby that isn't a tracker admin and inserting tests shouldn't give tests ID's19:50
knomethat's what the mess was the last time as well.19:50
elfywell I know for fact it wasn't me - I've only looked at it the last time we did :)19:50
elfyright - well I - perhaps stupidly assumed these things talked to each other - and you could just tell it an ID19:51
elfyI've not got time to do all that tonight - I'm just having a break from dealing with the sso fallout19:52
elfyI'll have to look - I should be able to follow the log here19:52
knomei can fix that later19:52
elfyI've gone through the bugs - renamed OUR a/pilot stuff so it is obvious19:53
elfychecked all the bugs - marked those on tracker as released19:53
elfyEXCEPT settings manager - that needs to be checked to make sure all bits are tested somewhere19:53
elfyso https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/xubuntu-s-qa is up to date19:54
elfy10 left commited - working from the bottom - stuff at top is all autopilot19:54
elfystill showing 13% of 56  - I guess it's not caught up19:55
knomeyeah, it's not live19:55
knomeit'll update at some point19:55
elfyLast updated: Thu 01 August 2013, 18:59 UTC tomorrow I guess :D19:56
knomethat's an hour ago19:56
elfyyea - bet it'll do it 2/8/13 @ 18:59 :)19:57
knomeit used to be once in an hour-3 last cycle19:57
elfyknome: just so I have it right in my head - a testcase on branch with a bad ID - how would you un-ID it?19:58
elfyI'll work on it all over the weekend then19:59
knomeelfy, just rename it to not have an ID.19:59
knomeelfy, or add it to the tracker and rename to new ID20:00
knomeelfy, but as i said, i can look into that later today... :)20:00
knome(once i've stopped confusing poor balloons)20:00
elfyok 20:00
lderanpoor balloons20:02
Unit193Also, ISO is growing it would seem. :/20:06
elfydon't know about confusing balloons - does me 20:06
elfyI just find it hilarious how unjoined up the qa stuff is 20:07
knomethere's just a bit too many levels for packages20:08
knomefor ISO's, they all make sense20:09
elfynot what I mean - in a sensible world - you'd merge a testcase - give it a number - go to packages.qa - give that the number - done20:11
knomein the ideal world, there was a script that did that for us20:12
knomeand that would be completely doable with the API20:12
lderandoable you say mmmm20:18
knomewell there is a python API...20:18
lderanpython you say mmmm20:18
lderani can give it a shot :)20:19
knomeheh, well you should ask balloons first ;)20:19
lderanwhere is this balloons?20:20
knomebut it's my turn to pester him now >:)20:21
knomehe's the ubuntu/canonical qa lead20:21
lderanokay i shall poke him after20:21
jjfrv8knome, hi. I'll e-mail pleia2 the info she requested for getting the screen set up.20:33
knomejjfrv8, awesome. if you need help with that, or setting the screen up after, just ping people in the channel20:33
jjfrv8I was trying to avoid letting the world see how ignorant I was about that stuff :) I've got it running now headless on a Raspberry pi but that has its disadvantages too.20:35
Unit193Hah!  Awesome!20:36
elfyknome: ok - blueprint is up to date again21:07
knomeelfy, goodie21:11
elfythere's still a few to do - I'll look at those over weekend - need to do it myself 21:12
knomeor just wait others to pick them up21:12
elfyno - I meant there are 3 merged that need to go into packages tracker21:13
elfynot testcases :)21:13
elfyI'll also look at testcases that can be in testsuites21:13
knomedid you read my discussion with balloons today?21:14
elfykind of - in between talking to people in forum :(21:14
knomewe probably want to leave the obviously shared stuff, like firefox and thunderbird, out of the xubuntu product21:14
elfyyea - wouldn't move anything that was like that21:14
knomeyup, good21:15
elfyxfce window manager for instance - needs to be on packages and in xfce testsuite21:15
elfyI'd forgotten you had to recreate the testcase - which was why it was making no sense to me :)21:16
pleia2knome: any reason not to link up new 12.04 docs on the website now? (updated to version 65)23:10
pleia2s/website/docs site23:10
pleia2k, on it23:10
pleia2there we go, shiny23:13
knomeooh ooh :)23:13
knomei like our docs progress.23:14
pleia2yeah, we're like a real operating system \o/23:14
knomesomething like that23:14
skellatpleia2: Once you're done, could you pretty please update LP Bug #1207493  with a comment to mention you've updated the website docs and give a link to such?23:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1207493 in xubuntu-docs (Ubuntu) "Documentation does not match shipped system version (11.10 shipped with 12.04)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120749323:15
skellatAdding the comment will help with questions from the SRU team23:17
pleia2hmm, should probably just add xubuntu-website to the affected projects23:18
pleia2there we go23:19
skellatNot that23:19
knomepleia2, not really...23:20
skellatI meant literally just add a comment stating "Our online public-facing documentation has been just updated at http://docs.xubuntu.org to reflect what is in the requested stable release update."23:20
pleia2skellat: ah, well this communicates the same thing, should be ok23:21
skellatJust need something like that to add tracking for the SRU team.  23:21
skellatOkay.  Somebody needs to poke Scott Kitterman or Brian Murray to look at the SRU proposal then.23:22
knomeskellat, done @#ubuntu-release.23:23
pleia2thanks knome 23:23
knomeno problem23:23
GridCubepleia2, can i pm you?23:28
pleia2GridCube: shoot23:28
Unit193So since it's being sent to the list, any last changes requested to the page?23:40
pleia2it's lovely23:41
pleia2but it is testing of XMir - so might want to be clear about that23:41
pleia2XMir != Mir :)23:42
Unit193Hah, only because Pasi made it to be. ;)   I thought that was pretty clear, but alrighty.  XMir uses Mir, sooo.23:42
Unit193But, sure.23:42
knomeUnit193, yeah, i get that highlight too :)23:42
Unit193Figured you would.23:42
pleia2quick, stop talking about gnome with a k behind his bad!23:43
pleia2back too!23:43
Unit193But you wouldn't if I used your surname!  (Mainly because I would spell it very badly.)23:43
pleia2Unit193: pro tip: it's in his whois23:43
Unit193(And /who, ident)23:43
knomelol ;)23:44
knomeheh, actually i do have my surname on the highlight too23:44
knomemaybe you should all try to spell it without looking at it23:45
Unit193s/Mir/XMir/ done.23:45
knomeand i could add that to the hilight list too :P23:45
pleia2canonifolks tell me that mailing list archive queuerunner is going again, should take a few hours to get archives up to date again23:45
pleia2maybe by tomorrow we can tweet GridCube's ml post23:46
knomeduh. :)23:46
Unit193GridCube: Thanks for posting!23:46
knomeUnit193, i see what you did there!23:46
Unit193Hrm, I didn't make a note that it had to be on real hardware, and that virtual machines don't count...23:47
knomeUnit193, you can still fix that.23:48
Unit193Hrm, wording, wording... After making public! :D23:49
Unit193I didn't indicate the use of DVDs, but people are smart enough to figure that out, right?  "...to add the ISO to grub.  However you do it, you can not use a virtual machine." ? :P23:51
knomethey can just ask if they don't understand.23:51

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