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ogra_ppisati, whats that about dropping arm board support ?09:46
ogra_(why dont you just leave them idle ... so people can potentially use them)09:46
ppisatiogra_: because we don't need them09:50
ogra_well, users might use them :)09:50
ppisatiogra_: if we find someone actually using them, they can send a req to turn them on again09:51
ogra_that would save them from having to roll their own09:51
ppisatiogra_: we already have enough dead crap in it09:51
ogra_heh, ok09:51
rtgppisati, aren't these for platforms that don't support LPAE ?09:52
ppisatirtg: both of them09:52
ppisatirtg: in the lpae case we just support calxeda and vexpress a1509:52
ppisatirtg: for the non-lpae case, we support omap3/4, imx, calxeda and vexpress09:53
ppisatiif anyone is willing to support (aka test) exynos5, st, omap5, etcetc i'm happy to turn them on09:53
* ogra_ thinks am43xx (beaglebone) would be more intresting than omap309:54
ogra_omap5 devices are rare and hard to find09:54
ogra_(was born dead after omap4 was discontinued)09:54
ppisatiogra_: don;t you have an exynos5 laptop?09:55
ppisatiogra_: are you willing to test a kernel?09:55
ogra_yes as my main work machine with a highly hacked up GLES setup09:56
ppisatiah, right09:56
ogra_dont really want to risk that 09:56
ppisatithe GL bound...09:56
ogra_i would have said ask hrw, but he is all fedora now 09:57
ogra_EH hired him09:57
* ppisati thinks should ask to expense one and add exynos5 support to out generic multiplatform kernel09:57
ogra_you should really have a chromebook 09:57
ppisatiwell, problem is that they were talking about a refreshment soon, so i was waiting for that to happen09:58
ogra_enoxys5 + USB 3.0  + 2GB = priceless09:58
ppisatiah, and i would go for a GL-less kernel :)09:58
ogra_my last refreshment paid for 3 ac100s and the chromebook :)09:59
ogra_(well, technically i got one ac100 for free)09:59
ppisatiogra_: i mean refreshment of the chromebook line09:59
ogra_not sure if they will do an arm one again09:59
ppisatiit was all over the internet10:00
ogra_oh, then it must be true :)10:00
ppisatiLOL :)10:00
* ogra_ goes reading10:00
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anon^_^Hi, I'm sure this topic has been discussed or covered before, I can't seem to find an answer.  Has the kernel team considered including BFQ in a kernel package? possibly in linux-lowlatency?21:54
infinityanon^_^: We build in all the mainline schedulers.  There's not much interested in pulling in out-of-tree ones, AFAIK.22:56
anon^_^inifinity, the main reason I brought it up is there are still some desktop responsiveness issues with deadline and multi-tasking22:57
anon^_^specifically when initiating and maintaining sustained file transfers22:57
anon^_^BFQ seems to handle those scenarios well and could be more suitable for desktop use22:58
anon^_^including BFQ (but not set as default), would at least allow users to switch schedulers and still maintain the use of ubuntu kernel in repo23:01
infinityConvincing zequence to pull it into lowlatency might be an easier sell.  Still, maintaining out-of-tree patches can be a pain, especially if we want to move befre BFQ upstream does (he doesn't seem to release patches against RC kernels, for instance)23:07
infinityHonestly, the best answer for everyone is, instead of evangelizing how awesome it is for years, and asking distros to carry it as a patch, get it cleaned up and in mainline.23:08
anon^_^Unfortunately, my magic wand can't make that happen, but I can petition the ubuntu kernel team23:09
infinityYou could also petition upstream.  Just sayin'.23:09

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