ubottuBen64 called the ops in #ubuntu (the children are back in the channel)01:59
elkyoh look what i already had typed from the last time i looked in #u02:00
ubottunAn00k called the ops in #ubuntu ()02:00
IdleOnereisio really bugs me02:12
ubottuwilee-nilee called the ops in #ubuntu (Simcha_Lester)03:13
reisioIdleOne: howdy09:57
IdleOneWould you like to know my reason for banning you?09:57
reisioI'd like you to explain your reason, yes09:58
IdleOneYou got banned because earlier today/last night I told you that your off topic comments and jokes would no longer be tolerated and that I would ban you if you did not stop. Do you think telling Ben64 to pay attention if he wants to play op is an acceptable comment for a support channel?09:59
reisioobviously, why else would I have said it09:59
reisiodo you think it's acceptable for people to badger people _giving support_ and _receiving support_10:00
IdleOneI see. Well your ban is now 3 months long. Have a good night.10:00
IdleOneI have nothing else to discuss with you.10:00
reisioIdleOne: you didn't explain you reason yet10:00
reisioare you saying your reason is that earlier you said something?10:00
reisiobecause just before you banned me I didn't make an off topic comment or a joke10:01
reisioI'm not saying it can't still be your reason10:02
IdleOneno, you were an ass towards someone who was polite enough to remind you again that you should be chatting in #ubuntu-offtopic10:02
reisiojust that it lacks reason :p10:02
reisiowe were talking about backports10:02
reisiohow is that not a support issue?10:02
IdleOneyes, you are not that good of a helper that you deserve some slack from us.10:02
reisioslack for what?10:02
IdleOneI'm done.10:03
reisioso much for doing what you said you would :p10:03
reisiomaybe instead of "if you join #ubuntu-ops I will explain my reason.", next time you should try "come to #ubuntu-ops and yell at you for interrupting Ben64's useless interruptions" :p10:04
reisioand I'll* :p10:05
reisionow is it really going to be 3 months?10:07
reisiolast time I was told I'd never be unbanned10:07
reisioafter I said I would be10:07
reisioso by that precedent, what, a couple weeks?10:08
bazhangreisio, hi10:10
reisiobazhang: hey baz10:10
reisioleast I wasn't banned over saying clamav was an AV this time, heh10:10
reisioprogress, in a way10:11
bazhangreisio, could you come back in  , say 24 hrs and we'll revisit this? I am swamped atm10:11
bazhangok thanks10:11
bazhangsee you then10:12
reisioand you :)10:12
jribso what's with the "hi i'm here and ready to ddos" thing?  Some post on a social media site or something?11:30
bazhang<darm0k> at tanagra11:33
bazhang<darm0k> i tried to start darmok at tanagra but it won't run11:34
bazhangat +1 and #u respectively11:35
jribbonus for star trek reference but he didn't stop...11:36
ikoniajrib: the ban I set a few minutes ago should already catch that12:02
jribikonia: aren't you filtering by nick?12:02
ikoniano, ident12:02
ikoniayes, I am I screwed up12:03
ikoniawell spotted12:03
ikoniathanks jrib12:03
* LjL is leaving for vacation. Will often connect, but be unable to work on the bots that run from the server at home (I think it's only one FloodBot at this point that's of concern to you), while of course I will still be able to access the ones on ubottu.com.13:12
ubottuOerHeks called the ops in #ubuntu (dicaxa)13:28
ikoniahello dicaxa13:29
ikoniadicaxa: hello ?13:30
dicaxaI would pound you in the ass if I wanted to catch alcoholism.13:30
dicaxaSuck off an amputee13:30
ikoniadicaxa: could you stop for a moment please.13:30
ikoniadicaxa: do you know the rules of using the ubuntu channels ?13:30
=== kloeri_ is now known as kloeri
IdleOneIf idoru is catching those "hi i'm here and ready to ddos" in other channels it means that when they do it i n #ubuntu and don't get a kline it is because they are not doing it in other channels where idoru is. Really think we need to ask staff to bring idoru into #ubuntu again.16:23
DJonesIf it wasn't for Dr_Willis as support in #u, we could just set a ban on *_*@* in #u, that would seem solve the problem16:24
DJonesIdleOne: I think idoru coming back might be a short term answer16:25
ikoniait's not exactly massive problem though16:25
ikoniajust kick them out16:25
ikoniathey aren't doing anything to cause a problem16:25
Myrttiit's not a problem for you *now*16:25
Myrttiit was quite bad few nights ago16:25
IdleOneit was a massive problem two days ago16:25
ikoniaMyrtti: sure, but if you just keep knocking them out of the channel, it's not a problem16:26
DJonesIf they get left in the channel, they seem to be disruptive16:26
DJonesIf I see one, I remove & they don't appear to rejoin, I'm assuming that they end up klined from other channels so never get the chance to come back and cause problems16:27
IdleOneI know we had some problems with idoru way back when, but aiui she has been upgraded some and false klines should no longer be an issue.16:27
ikoniaidoru is just doing the same as us though, kicking them out of the channel16:28
DJonesIs that right though, does idoru just kick from the channel, or does it consolidate spam/trolling from multiple channels and then remove/kline netwrok wide17:00
Myrttiit doesn't kick from the channel, it kills network wide17:02
DJonesThat was what I thought, basiclly consolidates network wide spam and kicks from freenode, if thats all it does, I can't see any reason not to have it in #u17:05
DJonesIf it doesn't conflict with what ubottu does, I can't see any conflict17:07
Myrttiwhat might happen more is if someone posts the same question with /amsg to several channels17:07
Myrttilike #debian and #ubuntu and some others at the same time, it might interpret it as spam17:07
DJonesWhich technically, probably would be considered spam, if it was Ubuntu related I'd expect it in #ubuntu, if it was debian releated then in #debian, if they post post the same thing in both channels, then they're their own worst enemies17:10
* DJones wonders if LjL-Alps is skiing down them & irc'ing at the same time :) DON'T DO IT17:46
IdleOneif you do, pics!17:46
DJonesIs that before/after and without/with plaster casts17:47
IdleOneI'm flexible17:48
DJones:) You're not the one falling off a mountain17:49
LjL-AlpsHisaoNakai: hi20:43
HisaoNakai-sigh- hi, LjL-Alps :(20:43
LjL-AlpsHisaoNakai: seems some of our ops hate nickname-based practical jokes20:44
LjL-Alpsyou can't blame them, after all the times i used that sort of joke, it gets tiring20:44
HisaoNakaiUm, hi folks. Just got IP banned from #ubuntu-offtopic (not sure if intentionally or unintentionally) for playing what I consider to be a minor prank. op concerned - ikonia . Humbly wish to know whether 1. it was knowingly or not so, 2. whether it has a time limit, 3. whether or not it is considered a mite excessive, and 4. whether clean past record has any bearings on it. Sincerely.20:44
HisaoNakaiLjL-Alps - Ah.20:45
HisaoNakaiI dunno, man, straight off IP ban seems a bit excessive. It was pretty immature, yeah, but IP ban? wat.20:45
LjL-AlpsHisaoNakai: i'll do something that's usually not done here, and override that ban immediately. note the op involved may reinstate it once he comes back20:45
ikoniaI won't20:46
ikoniaI just find the tripe being spewed offensive20:46
ikoniaand it's tiresome20:46
HisaoNakaiThank you and my apologies, LjL-Alps , ikonia .20:46
LjL-AlpsHisaoNakai: no problem, have fun20:48
* HisaoNakai bows20:48
k1l_does anyone know whats up with that ddos script in #ubuntu? if my log is correct its 51 so far last days22:29
ikoniahello dolphin-man23:28
ikoniawhat's up? how can we help ?23:28
ikoniadolphin-man: hello ?23:32
ikoniadolphin-man: if you don't need anything could you please part the channel and come back if/when you do need something23:35
dolphin-manone sec, i am one the phone but ill be off on in a a sec, and then ill present my issue23:35
ikoniano problem23:35
ikoniadolphin-man: probably best you part the channel and come back when you are off the phone23:42
ikoniaahh welcome back dolphin-man23:48
ikoniaall finished ?23:48
ikoniadolphin-man: hello ?23:50
ikoniadolphin-man: are you free now ?23:54
ikonia@mark #ubuntu-ops dolphin-man back to trolling behaviour joining #ubuntu-ops but not speaking, clearly at keyboard to rejoin23:54
ubottuThe operation succeeded.23:54
ikoniahello dolphin-man are you off the phone/free now ?23:56
dolphin-mansorry was on the phone, you kept kicking me so i kept hitting the up key and enter23:56
ikoniadolphin-man: why ?23:56
ikoniadolphin-man: I clearly said "do not rejoin until you can talk"23:56
ikoniawhy did you keep rejoining ?23:56
ikoniaanyway - how can we help ?23:56
dolphin-manI didn't read what you said, i just saw I was kicked23:56
dolphin-manoh okay23:56
dolphin-manI'm wondering how to become a ubuntu op23:57
dolphin-manalso ikonia23:57
ikonianot doing the behaviour you've been doing is a good start23:57
dolphin-man@mark is a reference to mark shuttleworth?23:57
ikoniano, it's a mark in our logs23:57
ikoniaas in comment23:57
ikonia!canibeanop | dolphin-man23:58
ubottudolphin-man: If you are interested in joining the Ops team, take a look at both http://www.siltala.net/2010/03/24/ops-teams-applications-announcement/ and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcTeam/OperatorRequirements for info on the process and requirements.  You can also learn about what the job entails from people in #ubuntu-irc.23:58
dolphin-manIf I make a large donation to Canonical would I stand a better chance?23:58
ikoniadolphin-man: if you read that info that should give you anything you need23:58
ikoniano, money won't change anything23:58
ikoniabut you're welcome to donate23:58
ikoniaanything else ?23:59
dolphin-manyeah, i want to create a new account from the command line23:59
ikoniathen ask in #ubuntu23:59
dolphin-manbut for some reason its not working correctly anymore23:59
ikoniathat's the technical support channel23:59
dolphin-manoh okay23:59
dolphin-mani didnt know you dont use ubuntu23:59

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