user42I NEED SOME HELP **  how can I use two headphones at the same time? Im using qjackctl and pulse jack sync... Im using turtle beach with a usb/3.5mm connector and $20 wallmart sony headphones04:37
user42I want to record a friend in Ardour using jack and pulse sync and to be able to both hear the sound at the same time..04:39
user42NEED HELP ***  ----->   qjackctl / jack .. multiple outputs to monitor a friend record a song in ardour? I would like to just hear the same sound in each headphone...  right now qjackctl lets me use my turtle beach headphones or my normal "non usb" headphones06:24
HisaoNakaiuser42 - I'm not sure I understand your question. :\06:26
HisaoNakaiIf I understand correctly...what prevents you from getting, say, one of those 3.5mm 1 male to 2 female things?06:28
user42I want to record a friend in ardour but I want us both to have a pair of headphones to hear the same thing at the same time...in qjackctl I choose turtle beach headphones and I hear my sound threw the turtle beach headphones... if I choose HDA NVIDIA I hear the sound threw my regular headphones..but I cant choose both at the same time..06:34
user42money... transportation... and the 1st pair of headphones is also usb as its an amplified headphone set06:35
user42<HisaoNakai> also the last time I went that rout it was a pain and the sound wasnt quite as clear06:37
user42the adapter and plug always came unpluged and stuff or ide only have the left channel in one set of headphones and the right channel in the other set06:39
HisaoNakaiuser42 - Not sure. Also out of my league here (my work almost always involves MIDI). Anyway, try #opensourcemusicians if you don't get answers here, and also linuxmusicians.com.06:40
user42<HisaoNakai> thanks!06:41
user42I NEED HELP PLEASE *** How can I use two headphones with jack? I want a headphone output for the producer's headphones and also want the vocalist to hear everything I hear as I edit it and everything.... I dont want to use a headphone splitter  but rather the computer's sound system's / jack send the output to two seperate headphones .....or sound cards........not even sure...  in jack settings one is  " hw:2 Turtle Beach PX21 Headset"     and one is07:43
user42"hw:0 HDA Nvidia"    How can I listen to both of those sound devices simultaneously?07:43
zequenceuser42: try #jack.08:13
zequenceit's quite possible to do, but I don't remember how08:13
Lucaszhi all13:18
islandmonkeyKeep getting this when starting JACK: http://pastebin.com/sjJSLdJp14:15
islandmonkeyAnd yes, I have done a restart (thrice)14:15
robert__hello. the option in the installer to encrypt my home folder doesn't work. all i get is a ~/.Private. is there anything i can do about this?14:40
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holsteinrobert__: i would use another installer, and add the ubuntustudio packages17:14
robert__holstein: thanks for helping me out. in the end i installed without encrypting the home folder and encrypted it once i'd booted in to the new system.17:16
holsteinrobert__: i think that is best,17:16
holsteinrobert__: there is probably a bug in the installer17:16
robert__holstein: the ecrypt-migrate-home command made it a lot easier than i thought it would be.17:18
robert__holstein: i mean ecryptfs-migrate-home17:19

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