superman_is there an easy way to change the default login theme?00:24
superman_i actually want the login to look similar to this, it is more user friendly to people who are new to lubuntu and computers in general, and it takes less clicks https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a8/LightDM_1.2.1_on_Ubuntu_12.04.png00:35
superman_the background isn't a big deal just the user interface00:36
ianorlinhmm I don't know that00:38
ianorlinis this coming back from sleep or when you first boot?00:38
superman_first boot00:39
superman_or anytime you log on00:43
superman_when guest use a computer with Lubuntu they don't know how to log on and think you need a password00:43
Unit193allow-guest=false  fixed. ;)00:45
superman_but i want guest to use the computer easily without bothering me or anyone else heh00:46
ianorlinyou want it to show guest first?00:54
superman_no something like this https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a8/LightDM_1.2.1_on_Ubuntu_12.04.png00:55
superman_just one click to log in for guest00:55
ianorlinI it says there is auto login maybe try setting that to guest in here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Boot_Install_Login01:03
superman_in Linux Mint you just download any login theme you want and select it01:06
superman_hmmm was zeitgeist included in the last update?01:08
ianorlinI don't know01:10
superman_zeitgeist datahub is now found checked to automatically start when Lubuntu starts, i don't think i saw it there before... maybe i'm blind01:12
superman_ianorlin, on your galculator is there a currency converter included?01:17
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tomattoplease, how can i set numlock automatically when X starts?10:55
tomattoplease, how can i set numlock automatically when X starts?11:10
phillwtomatto: let me look it up...12:05
tomattoi installed numlockx and it looks like that it is working12:06
tomattobut i have still issue with adobe flash player12:06
phillwtomatto: going back to num lock.. it is covered at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NumLock which I will be doing!12:07
tomattowhen i want to play something on youtube, it show black window, blink few times and disappear12:07
tomattofirst step is gnome related12:08
phillwtomatto: the best / easiest way for you tube is to join the html5 'trial' http://www.youtube.com/html5?gl=GB12:09
phillwthe other steps in that wiki area are also for server systems :)12:09
tomattoi already joined to html5 trial but only few videos can be played that way12:10
phillwtomatto: that sounds more like a graphics issue - head over to http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=334 and have a read of the 2nd sticky about "multimedia and graphics" area.12:13
tomattoi have nvidia fx5200 graphics and nvidia drivers12:14
phillwthe people on that area will know of the graphics card, if it is not listed in the sticky area then do feel welcome to ask them!12:15
tomattodo you mean this howto's new part? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=76668312:16
phillwmedibuntu is lapsing :'( they do not have people to keep it going.12:18
phillwtomatto: the main thing is to install the restricted extras package... use the CLI for this, as there are issues with the 'easy' install. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats12:21
tomattodidn;t help13:43
superman__hey friends14:45
superman__i'm just curious, why did Lubuntu choose Chromuim and now Firefox as the default web browsers14:46
superman__btw, Firefox > Chromium :P14:50
superman___trewe, do you know?14:51
_treweknow what?14:52
superman__i'm just curious, why did Lubuntu choose Chromuim and now Firefox as the default web browsers14:54
superman__i'm just curious, why did Lubuntu choose Chromuim and now Firefox as the default web browsers14:54
Newkmaybe because chromium loads in all tabs (if you chose that option in settings: that you left open last session) and firefox only loads them when you open the tab15:07
Newkthats one of the reasons why i like firefox better15:08
superman__i'm curious why a lightweight browser wasn't chosen such as Midori, since Lubuntu is suppose to be a lightweight distro15:10
Newkyes that is strange but i am glad the chose firefox because it is fully featured15:11
Newkif i need featherlight but feature lacking i would install midori15:12
superman__the main reason FF is my main browser is because of some addons, if Midori had some of those addons i would switch to the lightweight Midori browser15:13
hylianwhat settings tools do i have at my finger tips for lxde? (or the lubuntu packages?) I want tnings like power control, etc..15:39
hyliandoes xfce settings manager work for lxde?15:41
superman__i heard that Google is giving FireFox $300 million a year15:48
superman__to have Google as the default search engines and stuff15:49
superman__Google is just the modern day NSA/CIA/Government spying... etc heh15:51
rundazinstalled libreoffice, then removed abiword and gnumeric. icon for abiword is gone. but icon for gnumeric is still in menu (even though nothing happens when click on it). how do i get rid of it (on all user accounts)?16:17
__crash_"Error creating directory: Permission denied" when trying to create s .theme folder in home directory17:00
__crash_what should i do?17:00
superman____crash_, try sudo or ask the Ubuntu channel for help17:09
dazruinstalled webhttrack and icon is way out of size in menu (way too big). how can this be fixed?18:03
dazruanybody around?18:07
dazruUnit193: ? (i already got some quality help from you...)18:11
Unit193dazru: Howdy, find the ,desktop file in /usr/share/applications/ and check what icon it's pointing too first.18:11
dazruthank you. found the file but not sure how to chekc what icon it's pointing to18:13
dazrui did properties...18:14
dazruthere are two desktop files: WebHTTrack-Websites.desktop and WebHTTrack.desktop18:15
dazrulooks like one is the website copier and one is to browse. both icons are are way too big in the menu18:17
dazruUnit193: are you still there?18:21
dazrudon't abandon me :(18:25
ianorlinthis happened to me too on lincity18:31
Unit193cat the file.18:32
dazrucat? i dont understand18:36
dazruyou mean cut?18:37
dazruianorlin: seems to be a lubuntu bug...18:39
subman_Is Lubuntu not integrated well with Ubuntu One?  I don't see a sync option in the default file manager18:39
ianorlinit isn't installed by defualt18:39
ianorlincat is a terminal command to show the file right18:40
dazruUnit193: you mean "cut the file"?18:40
subman_ianorlin, I am running Lubuntu under Ubuntu via install lubuntu-desktop18:40
Unit193dazru: No, view it, open it, etc.18:41
Unit193subman_: UbuntuOne doesn't care about pcmanfm.18:41
dazruUnit193: i did already...18:41
dazruUnit193: i cant see how to resize the icon18:42
Unit193grep Icon /usr/share/applications/whatever.desktop18:42
subman_Unit193, well that is not good.  How do you sync your files then in Lubuntu?18:44
Unit193subman_: rsync or scp.  You can use UbuntuOne, just not in the context menu to get the links and such.18:45
dazruUnit193: ok found it. now do i just resize it with gimp?18:45
subman_Unit193, and this issue is not a show stopper for users?  I love Ubuntu One myself18:46
Unit193dazru: That text, is it a direct link?  Does it point to a too large file?18:46
Unit193Not good to edit.18:46
ianorlinmake another resized imaged off a backup?18:46
dazrui opened the icon file and the image seems quite big... about the same size as it comes out in the menu i guess...18:47
Unit193subman_: I don't know, I dumped U1 myself.  (Never used Mainbuntu.)18:47
subman_Unit193, ok.  Thanks for the help, appreciated.18:48
Unit193dazru: It's because it's an xpm file, you can try to copy the image to ~/.local/share/applications/ and see if you can point it to a smaller image, or take off the path (eg, Icon=webhttrack )18:48
dazruUnit193: what type of file should it be?18:49
dazruUnit193: can i just open it with gimp and save it as png for example?18:50
dazruUnit193: thank you. have a little problem here (not computer related) have to go. will try doing what you said later. thank you.19:00
ianorlinhmm there is a gui way to change icon if you right click on it in the menu19:04
jaaaaaaaaaaaakkkis there no way of getting a complete oracle java install with javaws and everything without having to go through crazy loopholes and commandfrenzy?21:54
jaaaaaaaaaaaakkkin lubuntu 13.04 ie21:55
Unit193Not so much, but openjdk works pretty well.21:56
jaaaaaaaaaaaakkki am using a site where openjdk does not work... only oracle will work for me21:56
jaaaaaaaaaaaakkkomg this java stuff has become a death trap21:58
jaaaaaaaaaaaakkkdoes the full ubuntu come with a working oracle java?21:59
XentinelI'm having trouble getting VMware workstation to fit my Lubuntu VM to window size, I've installed open-vm-tools, however, that did nothing to help21:59
jaaaaaaaaaaaakkkXentinel: you may need to22:01
jaaaaaaaaaaaakkksudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-generic linux-headers-`uname -r`22:01
jaaaaaaaaaaaakkkand then install the tools again22:01
jaaaaaaaaaaaakkkyou know unarme -r will give you what you need to write after linux-headers-22:02
XentinelI'll give it a go22:03
Xentinelthose `` runs a command inside a command?22:04
jaaaaaaaaaaaakkkthe first thing you do is run22:04
jaaaaaaaaaaaakkkuname -r22:04
jaaaaaaaaaaaakkkthat will give you a version number22:04
jaaaaaaaaaaaakkkand you put that after linux-header-22:05
jaaaaaaaaaaaakkkso in my case it would be22:05
Xentinelwell it did try to install the one I had22:06
Xentinelthere we go22:07
Xentinelworks now, thanks22:07
jaaaaaaaaaaaakkkXentinel: np22:08
Xentinelbut seriously, that `` did insert the output22:12
Xentinelit's pretty handy22:13
jaaaaaaaaaaaakkkXentinel: ah ok ... i didnt even know that22:13
Xentinelyou can try to do: echo "uname -r"22:13
Xentinelthat's just output the text22:13
Xentinelthen do: echo `uname -r`22:13
jaaaaaaaaaaaakkk:) good it works Xentinel... at the moment im trying to get java running22:14
Xentineljaaaaaaaaaaaakkk, hope you get it working, I'm afraid I can't be of any help with that22:16
jaaaaaaaaaaaakkkXentinel: no worries... doesnt seem like anyone knows22:20

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