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guest-ILWr9zCan some please post their /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf file mine is borked02:52
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BluesKajHiyas all10:28
christian_lappyi tried to upgrade my 13.04 to 13.10 but the update manager crashes11:48
christian_lappyand do-release-upgrade exits without a notice with return code 111:48
christian_lappyany hints hwo to further debug the issue ?11:50
penguin42did you pass do-release-upgrade -d ?11:50
christian_lappyyeah, sure11:51
penguin42hmm and was that after you tried doing it with the update manager?11:51
christian_lappyit starts doing the update downloads some fles and then stops11:53
penguin42so I guess what's happened is that something believes it's already tried to upgrade to 13.10 and that's why do-release-upgrade -d is doing nothing11:53
penguin42how far did it get before it crashed?11:53
christian_lappytrying it again with uodate manager now11:53
christian_lappystopped before installaing anything11:53
k1lsee if the sources list already says 13.10. then should a apt-get dist-upgrade make the upgrade complete11:54
christian_lappyyep, the sources list is already migrated to saucy11:54
christian_lappydo-release-upgrade crashes with UnicodeDecodeError in distUpgrade11:55
christian_lappy...ordinal not in range11:56
christian_lappyso update manager calls do-release-upgrade and that crashes11:56
christian_lappylooks like dist-upgrade would do the trick11:57
christian_lappythe download is running nowlets see what happens11:57
DreamPCsHey guys, is there a simple way to move from nvidia proprietary drivers back to mir?12:46
penguin42has anyone else ended up with a libreoffice that won't start?14:36
penguin42ah, update fixed it14:39
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