kailasHey guys I am a bit stuck on creating a new user, so when I attempt to adduser -uid X name. I get an error saying. The UID is not unique. I made sure I deleted the previous user with that id. I checked the shadow and the password it doesnt contain the previous user... Any help would be great04:57
holsteini use.. sudo adduser04:57
holsteinkailas: what are you trying to do?04:58
kailasok i did try sudo adduser. The thing is I had a postgres user with the system uid 109. Now when I try to reinstall postgresql it gives me an error regarding the user id, which should be 10904:59
holsteinkailas: so, what are you trying to do?05:01
holsteinfix postgres? or add a user with a duplicate id#?05:01
kailasI want to create a new user named postgres with the uid 109..05:01
kailasya so have a duplicate uid05:01
holstein!info usermod05:02
ubot93Package usermod does not exist in raring05:02
holstein^^ thats where i would start.. just make a user and try modifying til its what you need05:04
kailasAwesome, thanks, I ll give that a shot. I m using 12.04, so I should be good...05:04
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r4yI want to ask a quick Ubuntu forums questions and then I will be on my way and gone16:24
r4yI this link OK to use?: https://login.ubuntu.com/16:25
r4yIs that link OK to use?16:25
r4yDo I have to have Ubuntuone enabled under System, preferences, startup applications?, I don't use Ubuntuone16:29
r4yI guess I should ask some other time then. Bye16:31
josewow, how impatient was that.16:36
josenot even 5 mins16:36

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