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phillw Hi good people, is apt-get easy link for such areas as https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats going to be made working again, or do we need to remove it from the wiki pages and use the terminal command only?13:31
xnoxGridCube: see #ubuntu-mir, but note that most people are away during weekend.19:44
xnoxjdoles: just precise-updates is not enough, you should have precise, precise-security as well.19:45
GridCubexnox, :) thanks, i found it yesterday and got the answer i needed, there is no support for multiple monitors so far19:51
xnoxGridCube: there are bugs open and it's work in progress. I am waiting for it as well.19:51
jdolesxnox: I have those too.20:21
* xnox is confused about zsh FTBFS20:26
jdolesxnox: do you know where a fastcgi application started by Apache2 has its current working directory?20:29
xnoxjdoles: hm.... not really, no. Why are you asking me? =) i'm not really fastcgi nor apache2 expert.20:30
jdoles I think I will just have to redesign the application then, if nobody can tell me this.20:30
xnoxjdoles: what application?!20:31
cjwatsonjdoles: Arrange for it to hang around for long enough that you can inspect the running process, and then look at /proc/PROCESS-ID/cwd20:38
cjwatsonOr indeed just have it print out /proc/$$/cwd or the equivalent in whatever language is involved20:38
cjwatsonprint out> I mean print the target of that symlink20:39
jdolesxnox: it's a question which is not dependent on the application.20:39
jdolescjwatson: thank you.20:40
jdolescjwatson: pwdx should be implemented with that.20:40
jdolescjwatson: because your solution works in an environment where pwdx doesn't.20:41
cjwatsonpwdx *is* implemented with that20:41
cjwatson(I just checked)20:41
jdolescjwatson: that's odd.20:42
cjwatsonThere's no other way to get the working directory of another process, as far as I know20:43
jdolescjwatson: pwdx: invalid process id: 1234120:43
cjwatsonThen that process doesn't exist, so you're calling it wrong ...20:43
jdolescjwatson: no, because file /proc/12341/cwd does work.20:43
cjwatsonDunno.  strace it to find out20:44
* cjwatson has to go attend to baby20:44
jdolescjwatson: it's not locale independent.20:45
jdolescjwatson: I don't think the locale should matter this much at least, and as such it's a bug.20:46
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cjwatsonjdoles: Where's the locale-dependency?  (That said I can't say I even knew about pwdx before you mentioned it; seems like a niche tool)23:03
lifelesscjwatson: remember me mentioning a failed GPT grub environment? I held of filing until I upgraded to R, in case it was fixed. It wasn't.... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/120826823:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1208268 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "grub not recognising my GPT+mdadm+lvm layout" [Undecided,New]23:18
lifelesscjwatson: if you could let me know what info you need to reproduce, I'll add it in asap23:18

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