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phillwdarkxst: just as thought.. have you got a restricted extras package? aka https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats12:30
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darkxstphillw, no we dont, but we probably should have!21:35
phillwdarkxst: I'd suggest using the lubuntu one, but that is currently pulling in chromium as a web-browser. If you have a chat21:39
phillwjuilen (gilir) I'm sure he'd be happy to give the details needed21:40
jbichawhy wouldn't ubuntu-restricted-extras also work for Ubuntu GNOME?21:47
darkxstjbicha, well it would, only thing I see with that is that it pulls in both gstreamer 0.1 and 1.021:51
jbichathere is still stuff in the Ubuntu archives that use gstreamer 0.1021:53
jbichait looks like lubuntu-restricted-addons is inadequate compared to ubuntu's21:54
jbichaXubuntu's is probably inadequate for not including the gstreamer 1.0 stuff21:55
jbichamy opinion is that Xubuntu should just just use ubuntu-restricted-extras21:57
jbichaand that lubuntu-restricted-extras can recommend ubuntu-restricted-addons and the chromium extra codecs21:58
jbichaon the other hand, even lubuntu is using Firefox now so maybe even that's not needed (except for upgraders)21:59
jbichaalternatively, I'll ask qengho why the chromium codecs need to depend on chromium-browser; maybe we can get rid of all the other -extras except Kubuntu's22:00
jbichabecause many people using Ubuntu use Chromium too22:01
jbichaubuntu-restricted-extras needs to install a few extra things (like gstreamer 0.10 *and* 1.0 support) because it's not possible for other packages to recommend that stuff22:03

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