amireldorAvihay, I didn't. I think moshe742 did01:14
AvihayiPink made me not want to go01:15
amireldorAvihay, how come?01:15
Avihaywell, she didn't want to come along when I invited her, and she said it became too big and "for the masses"01:16
Avihayand, actually, I had some personal issues that took all my energy too01:17
Avihaywanted to know how it was, and if I missed much01:17
amireldorAvihay, what's wrong with 'for the masses'? hamakor want to reach as much people as possible01:18
amireldorto raise more awareness to FOS01:18
AvihayI guess there's nothing wrong with it01:18
amireldorAvihay, did you see the lecture list? some interesting stuff were there01:19
Avihaymmm, not geegy enough?01:19
amireldorsome were very geeky01:19
Avihayyes, I did, nothing too exciting01:19
amireldori wanted to see the MEAN server lecture01:19
amireldoroh well01:19
amireldoryeah it wasn't too exciting01:19
amireldorand i don't want to pay 50 NIS :)01:20
AvihayI had a student discount, probably01:21
amireldorI always think you are 5001:21
Avihaylol, why?01:22
amireldordunno, I always imagine you as an old guy hacking stuff01:22
amireldornot a student :)01:22
amireldorhow old are you? i'm 26 in a month01:22
Avihay28 years and 5 days01:23
amireldorcool mazal tov01:24
amireldoryou see? you ARE old01:24
AvihayDON'T CALL ME OLD!!!01:24
* Avihay starts counting wrinkels and goes sobbing in the corner01:24
amireldorI need to change my desktop background01:25
AvihayI usually never see my desktop background01:25
Avihaywhat distro are you running?01:25
amireldorWindows 701:31
amireldorand Ubuntu 12.0401:31
amireldorthe Ubuntu has nicer background01:32
amireldorbut I'm on Windows most of the time now coz I need it for the audio stuff :(01:32
amireldorwe talked about this didn't we01:32
AvihayI started that debate because I wanted to say that I don't mind you being the ubuntu PoC even if you use win7 most of the time, as long as you believe in free software01:33
Avihaywell, if you weren;t runing ubuntu, I would have recommended http://blog.desdelinux.net/5-wallpapers-de-chicas-anime-distros-linux/01:34
amireldornice :) but i prefer nature01:37
amireldorit has a lot of free wallpapers in it01:38
amireldorthat site01:38
amireldorAvihay, I did tell you about my secret meetup did I?01:38
Avihaythe server upgrade?01:39
amireldoryeah, also content update01:39
amireldordrupal update01:39
amireldorand eventually drupal 6 >> 701:39
amireldoralso a new theme... I hate the current one01:39
amireldorwould you attend such meetup(?) (gonna take more than one)01:40
amireldorAvihay, ^^^01:52
AvihayI uhh, don't think so. I've nearly never used the site/server01:52
Avihaythe theme is kind of 'human' ugly01:53
Avihayif I recall01:53
Avihaywell, actually, it depends on my lazyness, and when and where01:55
amireldoryou can help with gimping and content01:55
amireldorit's not only server stuff01:55
amireldorand CSSing01:55
amireldorand HTML5ing01:55
AvihayI can't help gimping, but I can do some decent image editing. I've also gotten handy with inkscape01:56
Avihaygimp's UI gives me Cerebral hemorrhages01:58
amireldorgimp 2.8 is good because you can use it in a single window mode01:59
amireldordid you know that?01:59
amireldorinkscape is also good01:59
Avihayya, it only took them two daceds to figure that out01:59
amireldorsometimes I use the several windows mode as well02:00
amireldorit depends on what's going on behind in my desktop02:00
amireldorI like gimp :)02:00
amireldorbut then again, photoshop is much more powerful. does it work on linux/wine?02:01
amireldornot that i'm gonna use it02:01
amireldori don't use warez02:01
amireldorand i'm not an expert in photoshop's extra features02:01
amireldori can do everything i know on gimp02:01
Avihaywell, gimp's multi-window workflow is BAD when you try to use another/other programs while using gimp, which is my usual usecase02:02
Avihayyes, I have photoshop running more or less ok on whine, some window hints don't pass so well to the window manager02:02
AvihayI don't particularly like photoshop. it comes from the same place that thinks that mice should only have one button02:04
amireldori don't have photoshop experience. i just know adobe(?) put some advanced cool technologies and tools in there02:05
Avihayso it's kind of counter-intuitive to me, much like gimp is totally counter-intuitive to me02:05
AvihayI like paint shop pro 5, it's so simple and intuative, that I managed to teach my mom how to use it, in, say, less then 10 hours02:09
Avihayand reasonably powerful02:09
Avihayand wine started to run it well02:09
AvihayI'ma gonna hit the hay...02:10
amireldorme too02:14
amireldorgood night02:14
amireldoror morning02:14
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someone235hey, how can I change my crontab path? e.g, I want cron to read the file ~/myCustomDir/crontab07:56
Avihaymaybe you can simlink it08:04
amireldorsomeone235, yeah +1 for symlinking08:43
amireldoror maybe run a script that runs all scripts under ~/customdir/08:44
amireldoralthough that's a bit silly08:44
amireldormaybe there's a cron.d for users too? is there one for /etc bixlal? i don't use crontab much08:44
someone235amireldor, ומה אם אני רוצה שזה יקרא את זה ב08:56
someone235cron format?08:56
someone235@hourly etc08:56
amireldorsomeone235, this is interesting: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=5823508:59
amireldordamn those arch guys and their hacks :) gotta love them08:59

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