cjwatsoninfinity: Could you commit your installation-guide changes to lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/installation-guide/ubuntu, please?08:08
cjwatson(And thanks)08:09
infinitycjwatson: Ahh, I didn't notice we had a branch for it.  I briefly considered doing a full merge, but it was late.11:43
jkitchenis there something like partman but for networking?20:13
jkitchenit doesn't seem to do much though20:13
cjwatsonI mean, that's the d-i component responsible for networking20:13
cjwatsonIt does a fair bit in d-i20:13
jkitchenhere's what I'm trying to do:20:14
jkitchenduring install, configure static networking between eth0/eth1 -> bond0 -> br020:14
jkitchenwhich I have, and it works. Except 13.04 it's not eth0/eth1 anymore20:14
cjwatsonCan be if you disable biosdevname, or you could adapt to the new world order20:14
jkitchenso I need it to be more dynamic20:14
jkitchenI'm hoping to adapt to the new world order :)20:15
cjwatsonnetcfg isn't capable enough for that, though, no.20:15
cjwatsonSo you could try to add bonding support to it, which would be worthwhile20:15
cjwatsonOr hack it up with some kind of early script20:15
jkitchenwith partman I have the ability to be like "take 2 of the following and make a raid+lvm: sda sdb vda vdb" and it Just Works20:16
ubot2`Debian bug 611250 in netcfg "please support network bonding" [Wishlist,Open]20:16
cjwatsonThere's nothing packaged that does what you want, although it should be possible to do it in a late_command script20:17
jkitchennetcfg is only for during installation though, right? or does it also lay down a static config for you in the installed system?20:17
cjwatsonIt does both20:17
jkitchenahh ok20:17
cjwatson(At least in modes where it isn't basically delegating to NM for the latter)20:17
jkitchenI don't *think* I'm using NM20:18
jkitchenI just have /etc/network/interfaces with what I need20:18
jkitchenanywho, I'll make it 'dynamic' in my late_command script for now20:19
jkitchenis there a preferred method of enumerating the network devices on the machine other than doing 'ip a | <parse>' ?20:20
jkitchenaha 'ip link show'20:22
jkitchenok, I'll poke around a bit at it. thanks for your help :)20:22
cjwatsonYou could walk /sys/class/net/20:22
cjwatsonAssuming you don't mind being Linux-specific20:23
jkitchenas opposed to? :)20:23
jkitchenthis is for ubuntu installation20:23
cjwatsonIf you were submitting a netcfg patch to Debian then it supports some other kernels too20:23
jkitchenahh ok, gotcha20:24
cjwatsonThough no idea if they have bonding20:24
jkitchennah, I think for now I'm gonna just hack it into my late_command script20:24
* cjwatson nods20:24
jkitchenhacking on the installer itself isn't something I'm quite ready to dive into just yet20:25

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