frafuHi, Could anybody please help me with the following packaging issue: I have a software that creates two deb, that are named onboard and onboard-prediction-data. We would like to rename the deb onboard-prediction-data to onboard-data. I have read on the web, that this is done by creating a dummy onboard-prediction-data that is empty and the onboard-data package with the files. However, when I try to install them, I get a "file already installed by another p19:38
Ampelbeinfrafu: http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-relationships.html#s-replaces explains how to take over files in other packages.19:44
Ampelbeinfrafu: You shouldn't need a dummy package btw, only if there is other software that requires that package to be present. Just rename the second binary to onboard-data, have a Breaks/Replaces: onboard-prediction-data and adjust the depends of onboard accordingl.y19:45
frafuAmpelbein: Thanks for your reply. I will try again without the dummy package; but how will it know to remove the onboard-prediction-data package? Because of the Breaks line?19:50
Ampelbeinfrafu: From that page I linked: "If a package is completely replaced in this way, so that dpkg does not know of any files it still contains, it is considered to have "disappeared". It will be marked as not wanted on the system (selected for removal) and not installed."19:52
Ampelbeinfrafu: Since all the files of the old package will be in the new package, the old one will just disappear.19:52
frafuAmpelbein: The sentence you quoted is about splitting a package. 7.6.2 is about replacing. Thus, should I I write Provides/Conflicts/Replaces: onboard-prediction-data?19:58
Ampelbeinfrafu: You don't need to if the package was just renamed. Breaks/Replaces is enough.20:01
AmpelbeinI assume of course that onboard declares a depends on the data package.20:03
frafuAmpelbein: Thanks for your help. I am trying it the way you are suggesting. onboard-data is in Recommends; does it have to be in Depends? I put it in Recommends because onboard also runs without the onboard-data package installed (but in that case in a more basic mode).20:08
Ampelbeinfrafu: That's fine then.20:08
Ampelbeinfrafu: If it works without the -data package but works better with it, Recommends indeed is the correct relationship, making sure that almost all systems will have both packages installed.20:09
frafuAmpelbein: Thanks for the piece of information.20:10
frafuAmpelbein: Sorry, it still does not work: dpkg: error processing onboard-data_0.99.0~alpha1~tr1537-0ppa~raring2_all.deb (--install):20:28
frafu installing onboard-data would break onboard-prediction-data, and20:28
frafu deconfiguration is not permitted (--auto-deconfigure might help)20:28
Ampelbeinfrafu: Did you install with apt-get? "sudo apt-get -f install" should resolve that.20:29
frafuAmpelbein: no, I used dpkg. The package is intended for a PPA. It should be packaged to run smoothly without user intervention.20:32
jtaylorif using dpkg directly add --auto-deconfigure20:33
frafuHow will it behave in a PPA?20:34
jtayloryou usually use apt-get to install from ppa20:34
Ampelbeinfrafu: When it's in a ppa, apt-get is the way to go.20:34
Ampelbeinfrafu: You don't want your users to wget the package and use dpkg -i manually.20:34
frafuOf course not. How can I test a package from the result directory of pbuilder with apt-get?20:37
Ampelbeinfrafu: For example with dpkg-scanpackages, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Personal20:38
frafuDoes apt-get behave the same as installing the package from a PPA? (So that I can deduce the behaviour from it.) Ampelbein: Thanks for the new link.20:40
Ampelbeinfrafu: apt-get doesn't care about where the package comes from. ppa, local repository, official archives - it's all the same.20:41
frafuAmpelbein: I am now using apt-get to install from the result directory of pbuilder and I have the same problem that I had when I was using the dummy package: dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/onboard-data_0.99.0~alpha1~tr1537-0ppa~raring1_amd64.deb (--unpack): trying to overwrite '/usr/share/onboard/models/es_ES.lm', which is also in package onboard-prediction-data 0.99.0~alpha1~tr1507-0ppa~raring121:28
frafuAmpelbein: forget my last message: apt-get installed the wrong version of onboard-data and onboard21:30
frafuI have to quit now; I will continue tomorrow. Thanks for the help.21:53

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