ikoniawhat's up now dolphin-man ?00:03
dolphin-mansorry i meant to join #ubuntu-irc00:03
ikoniano problem00:03
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k1lhi reisio10:13
k1lhow can we help you?10:15
reisiomeeting bazhang10:16
ikoniareisio: do you have a moment ?10:16
ikoniaI just wanted to clarify something after you've been ranting about being banned for saying clamav is an anti-virtus10:17
ikoniaI think you know that wasn't the case, but I wanted to clarify10:17
reisioyou wanted to clarify that you thought that, or something else?10:17
ikoniayou where banned because you where not offering help - the guy in question wanted to scan his system for linux virus's - you kept telling him clamAV - which wasn't what he needed or wasn't going to solve his problem10:18
reisioI could get my log, but IIRC the guy sent a smiley face? He was quite satisfied10:18
ikoniayes, he was, with the wrong information10:18
reisiowrong? :)10:18
ikoniathat was the point10:19
reisiodid he not ask for an antivirus application?10:19
ikoniayes, but it wouldn't help him10:19
reisiowhy wouldn't it?10:19
reisioit's what he asked for10:19
ikoniahow is clamav going to help him scan his linux system for linux virus ?10:19
reisioby using it10:19
reisioit's an antivirus, you see10:19
reisiothat's what it does10:19
ikoniaand this is the problem10:20
reisiowhat is?10:20
ikoniaI think you know exactly what you are doing10:20
reisioI think you know exactly what I'm doing, too10:20
reisiobecause it's obvious10:20
reisiobecause I'm being perfectly rational10:20
reisioor at least 99% perfectly10:21
k1lreisio: i think idleone made it quite clear that your ban will stand for at least 3 month now.10:24
ikoniahang on10:24
ikoniabazhang: said he'd pick it up with him10:24
reisiok1l: he did make that quite clear10:24
reisioand also what ikonia said10:24
k1likonia: ok10:24
k1lbazhang: seems afk for now. please come back some time later. we will inform bazhang that you were here and tell him to pm you if he is back on10:26
reisioI can wait10:27
k1lplease dont idle in this channel here. come back in some time or wait untill bazhang messages you that he is available to solve that issue here in this channel. thank you10:28
reisiopresumably that will serve some codified purpose? Presumably one that is being applied to others here even though it seems not the case?10:31
ikoniareisio: it's just a simple rule of not idling so that others can use the channel if need be10:32
k1lreisio: do you have a problem with following rules?10:32
ikoniareisio: the only guys idling are on the ops team, nothing hidden or coded,10:32
ikoniait's in the topic,10:32
k1lbecause showing you have a problem with following rules will not convince the ops team to lift a ban for a user in the support channel.10:33
ikoniareisio: it's only to keep the channel clear, nothing else,10:33
reisiok1l: well I can hardly attempt to prove otherwise now that you've said all that, can I?10:33
reisioasked a question and got an answer, catch you later10:33
Myrttidid someone remove the ban then?13:05
Myrttiok, my brain is shortcircuiting quite badly so I can't see anything13:07
ikoniathere is a comment in BT explaining that I'd removed it13:07
ikonia(and obviously BT logs me removing it too)13:08
Myrttioh yeah, I could've looked from there13:08
Myrttisilly me13:08
ikonia(also put a comment in the secret channel explaining this)13:09
bazhang<dicaxa>  ban removed so soon ikonia ?16:20
ikoniachanged to account based16:20
bazhangok thanks16:20
ikoniahe always identified but the BT ip range he uses is huge and changes16:21
ikoniajust seemed a simpler approach16:21
DJonesI'm not sure if that was a script, looked like they joined, did /me is back & lewq lewq and then quit16:23
ikoniaDJones: he knows not to do it now though16:23
DJonesThats true, the same nick does have a 12 month old entry in BT using a Sky broadband ip for spamming the channel16:25
DJonesHah. Abolfazl_Olaf Hello everyone, I'm here and ready to DDos..   Is that why his connection was reset by peer a few seconds later17:13
ubottuIdleOne called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (chverma79)17:50
IdleOnenever mind17:52
jribcan we just get the bots to auto-ban the i am here to ddos phrase...?17:59
IdleOneidoru can do it18:00
IdleOnebut idoru is not in #ubuntu18:00
IdleOnefloodbots could do it also but LjL is in the mountains, probably not caring about PHP18:01
IdleOnegooganger: you said you wanted to speak to the ops. Please go ahead.20:32
k1l_AndresSM: hi, can we help you?21:15
AndresSMoh sorry was just checking if the channel did exist21:15
AndresSMI'll leave21:15
k1l_alright :)21:15

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