tux31j'ai des bug d'affichage avec xubuntu 00:24
tux31quelqu'un a deja vu ca00:24
tux31les icone dans le menu disparaise et reaparait au passage de la souris00:25
Ankmandriver bug after update?00:32
tux31no bug without update00:35
Ankmani had this before (debian) after a bug in an intel GPU driver. was fixed within 24 hours after the bug appeared00:36
Ankmanwhat video driver?00:36
tux31have not install driver00:37
tux31how can find driver00:37
Ankmanlspci | grep -i vga00:39
tux31VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation NV18 [GeForce4 MX 440 AGP 8x] (rev a2)00:40
Ankmanokay, nvidia GPU00:42
Ankmanthere is a file /var/log/Xorg.0 which might tell you about problems. have a look at lines which contain "(EE)"00:43
Ankmanstart to read at the bottom00:43
tux31(EE) Failed to load module "nvidia" (module does not exist, 0)00:50
Ankmandid you install the nvidia packages?00:52
tux31where a get this00:52
Ankmanyou seem to be on a fallback, vesa may be00:52
Ankmanstart you package manager, search for nvidia00:52
Ankmani think selecting "nvidia-driver" should select all you need. install it all (80 MB here) and reboot00:56
tux31i try you stay here?01:01
tux31Ankman  thanks you01:10
tux31its worl01:10
tux31i'm stupid  :P01:10
Ankmannah. you couldn't know this01:12
tux31do you khow how find a driver for card reader on inpiron 6000 with ubuntu01:12
Ankmanthe system is stupid. it should have noticed you have nvidia and install everything automatically01:13
Ankmananyway, all should be faster and smooth now01:13
tux31yes its really more fast01:13
Ankmanyou should have 2D and 3D acceleation now01:14
tux312d i think01:14
Ankmantry "glxgears". they should rotate smoothly and fast. even if you make the window verylarge01:14
tux31i try01:18
tux31do you know how find a driver for card reader on inpiron 6000 with ubuntu01:19
tux31all worl except card reader01:19
Ankmanis it an external reader? or a built-in?01:20
Ankmanas root, type01:22
Ankmanmodprobe sm_ftl01:22
Ankmansee if it works then01:22
tux31the command have pass but i don't see card reader01:27
Ankmandid you insert a card?01:28
Ankmanthen open as root /etc/modules.conf and see if there is a line which only has sm_ftl01:29
Ankmanif not, add it at the end01:29
Ankmanjust /etc/modules01:29
tux31i have add01:37
tux31i need reboot?01:37
Ankmanis it usb?01:37
Ankmanwell reboot yes01:37
Ankmanusually you can just restart the usb system01:38
Ankmanbut i don't know if this is usb related01:38
Ankmanso reboot should do it anyway01:38
tux31its normally glxgears has long to install?01:41
Ankmanit wasn't installed? no need to. is just a benchmark program to see if the graphic accelation works01:44
Ankmandid you reboot for the card reader? if not you could try01:44
Ankmanudevadm trigger01:44
Ankmanthat might reset the USB system and "find" all devices again01:45
Ankmanin case your card reader is USB. otherwise you should reboot01:45
tux31have reboot my inspiron and no card reader01:46
tux31no more idea02:15
Ankmandid you reboot?02:48
Ankmananyway, i have to go. am here tomorrow may be02:48
tux31ok yes have reboot02:50

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