smartboyhwGood afternoon Noskcaj07:27
Noskcajhey smartboyhw07:28
* Noskcaj was busy making rockets07:28
smartboyhwNoskcaj, LOL07:28
Noskcajit fell over and made lot's of smoke07:28
* smartboyhw has just finished a new package's packaging07:28
smartboyhwNoskcaj, BOO07:28
smartboyhwNoskcaj, give me the chemical equation of the rocket plz:P07:28
NoskcajKNO3 + sugar = rocket07:29
Noskcajgoogle "R-candy"07:29
* Noskcaj can07:29
Noskcaj't think of anything to package07:30
Noskcajstupid enter key07:30
smartboyhwKNO3 (Potassium nitrate) + Sugar (C6H12O6) = Rocket fuel07:30
smartboyhwNoskcaj, LOL07:30
smartboyhwNoskcaj, my bug is 120802107:32
smartboyhwI broke it down into multiple binaries07:32
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1208021 in Ubuntu "[needs-packaging] artikulate" [Wishlist,In progress]07:32
smartboyhwAnd now I got only 1 lintian warning \o/07:32
NoskcajI saw that thismorning. (Noskcaj's one debian packge only has 1 warning)07:33
smartboyhwNoskcaj, good07:34
smartboyhwNormally, it's a manpage warning LOL07:34
Noskcajno, mine is completely lintian clean07:35
smartboyhwNoskcaj, oh good07:35
smartboyhwI can't write manpages myself, so:P07:35
Noskcajneither, i really need to learn how07:35
Noskcajsmartboyhw, for update software version bugs, are they "fix released" when the current dev release contains the new version? if so, i have a lot of triage to do07:40
smartboyhwNoskcaj, yes07:44
smartboyhwNoskcaj, how's your "bug triaging"?:P08:01
Noskcajnothing, did you reply? my internet crashed08:01
smartboyhwNoskcaj, I did reply yes08:03
* Noskcaj looks at logs08:04
NoskcajI've got an MIA to file, then i'll do that.08:04
smartboyhwHey elfy any testcase you want to mess with today?:P08:06
smartboyhwelfy, oh:(08:09
elfytestcases are more or less cracked as far as I am concerned08:11
elfyonly 2 not being worked on08:12
smartboyhwelfy, good:) Which two?08:13
elfycan't remember now :)08:14
elfyonboard is one I think08:16
phillwballoons: next time you're about, I cannot find the test case for lxterminal. I know it was of the ones I converted over and we then re-loaded last time the applications database was flushed...... Any ideas?10:31
smartboyhwphillw, I thought somebody submited another testcase of LXTerminal10:36
smartboyhwJust now10:36
phillwsmartboyhw: indeed, and I have just gone through my archived stuff and found the one for lxterminal and lxtask, along with all the sub tests for pcmanfm..... I'll strangle Nicholas if he's managed to loose them all AGAIN!10:39
phillwsmartboyhw: you have mail :)10:40
phillwsmartboyhw: I'm still going to strangle balloons as he seems to have lost the lxterminal and lxtask ones :P10:45
elfylxtask is there10:48
elfytest number 151010:48
phillwelfy: so, where did lxterminal vanish to? :)10:50
phillwhe he, It was a while ago, still using <dl>, <dt>, <dd> etc back then :D10:53
elfyphillw: we still do use <dl>, <dt>, <dd>11:44
phillwelfy: ooh, I was told the CSS had changed.... just goes to show how quickly you can out of touch with things.... balloons had a script to convert them to the 'new' CSS system. I have enough 'fun' keeping to the wiki rules :D11:47
elfyjust look at a reccent one - we use those tags - but we don't do all the seperate test names within a testcase11:50
phillwback then, for pcmanfm it was going to be too long a series of sub tests. I've seen this raised about how many steps can we reasonably expect a tester to do and a 'fail' of 4 -5 pages of a test case is why I split them and something that is still being actively discussed :)11:53
smartboyhwphillw, OK12:31
phillwelfy: as the test case for lxtask relies on lxterminal, it is rather redundant as of now :(13:15
elfyjust needs to be fiddled with Iexpect13:18
phillwelfy: if the old or new version of lxterminal can be added, I will ask the person from lubuntu who is keen on test cases to follow on.... I am borg, his resistance to being assimilated into the 'writing test cases' is futile :D13:21
elfyI have to be honest - I've aas much interest in other flavour testcase as others appeared to have in xubuntu ones :)13:23
elfyour team did a wonderful job and we'll now have other xubuntu jobs for them to do :p13:23
phillwelfy: I have to be also honesty... I have as much interest in cadence testing as that. For testers, I have already mentioned this to balloons but I do think it should be put on a more formal setting.13:24
elfyphillw: don't mistake my lack of interest in *buntu for one of not being willing to help people :)13:32
elfys/help people out13:33
phillwelfy: I've known you far too long to make that mistake :)13:33
elfygood :)13:33
phillwelfy: BTW, my semi-feral editor of grammar and explaining stuff that is n00b friendly is awaiting a new task... I was thinking about you posting up a page about using the testing repos :D13:38
smartboyhwphillw, tracker you mean? What repos?13:38
smartboyhwI thought you are talking about Debian testing:O13:39
elfyphillw: packages.qa do you mean?13:39
phillwsmartboyhw: it is a new section to be added to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Activities the PPA area was recently added, need a section for enabling the dev area of the repos, why it is asked to be done, what the dangers are and how to revert back if it borks.13:41
smartboyhwphillw, what PPA area?13:41
phillwelfy: ^^13:41
* smartboyhw still can't understand:13:41
smartboyhwI'm a little bit troubled with Multi-Arch packaging here13:42
smartboyhwSo I'm sorry for not understanding13:42
phillwsmartboyhw: then can I suggest you read the page :P https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/PPA_Testing13:42
* elfy is bereft of time unfortunately - still dealing with sso logins13:42
smartboyhwphillw, well that page seems good13:43
phillwelfy: yeah, I did seem to get a lot of traffic on my personal area about that. I'll go and find another "volunteer" :P13:43
smartboyhwphillw, since you are the Lubuntu QA Lead please review the remaining two merge proposals into lp:ubuntu-manual-tests13:48
elfyphillw: don't you just love someone telling you what to do ... :p13:49
smartboyhwelfy, well that two testcases clearly are based on Lubuntu and I don't have Lubuntu:P13:49
smartboyhwI've already reviewed two...13:49
elfyI understand that - you just need to think about what your 'pronouncements' look and read like :)13:50
smartboyhwelfy, 'pronouncements' yeah:)13:51
smartboyhwMaybe I should write one, I haven't written a manual testcase for a LONG LONG time.13:51
phillwsmartboyhw: and I know little of the new test case system. If the code will not crash something, then get it merged. The testers will pick it apart for any errors. Trust the testers.13:51
smartboyhwphillw, OK fine.13:51
* smartboyhw goes reviewing13:51
smartboyhwWhen I review things, I tend to run through them actually though13:52
elfyso would I13:52
phillwsmartboyhw: my current 13.10 has good days, I can run through the test case once it is no longer a diff report :)13:55
smartboyhwphillw, so you hate diffs?13:56
* smartboyhw is used to diffs13:56
smartboyhwphillw, I'm downloading the Lubuntu alternate to test the image + run through the testcase;P13:56
smartboyhwI mean, run through the image testcase + the reviewing testcases:P13:56
phillwsmartboyhw: with a passion.. http://pastebin.com/D7jShWjM13:57
smartboyhwphillw, ?13:57
phillwI have that gunk thrown at me on wiki pages I am subscribed to.13:57
smartboyhwI've merged it in and pushed already13:57
phillwsmartboyhw: that was my email announcement. I'm not qualified to accept such a thing.13:58
smartboyhwphillw, email announcement!?!?!?13:58
* smartboyhw can't understand what phillw is talking at all......13:59
phillwsmartboyhw: yup, I get emails for each merge proposal :)13:59
smartboyhwphillw, yeah sure, so? :P13:59
elfywanders off ...14:00
phillwI have a quick look to see if there is something crazy, but then leave them to others.... smartboyhw https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGNOME/Header?action=info is on version 158....14:04
smartboyhwphillw, \o/14:04
phillwAmd I DO read each notification.14:04
smartboyhwphillw, oh no, I will hate these:P14:05
smartboyhwbzr diff is my favorite LOL14:05
phillwsmartboyhw: when you grow up, you will learn about wiki editing. Makes test cases look a walk in the park :P14:06
smartboyhwphillw, LOL14:07
phillwgo look at the code at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/https:/wiki.ubuntu.com/phillw/temp and work out why it does not work :)14:09
smartboyhwphillw, thanks but I don't want wiki challenges14:09
phillwsmartboyhw: wiki is NOT that scary... I fail to understand how any tester would no be able to learn how to be an editor, especially those who run class room sessions :'(14:11
smartboyhwphillw, I'm sorry, I would rather want to go and work on code challenges or something......14:12
phillwsmartboyhw: and yet the wiki area is the 1st point of contact for many new commers. Too many kids want the 'exciting stuff' yet they forget that without the wiki area and the manual area, being an advocate for *buntu is to no avail.14:15
phillw</end rant>14:16
smartboyhwHello SergioMeneses14:57
SergioMeneseshi smartboyhw ...morning here! how are you?14:58
smartboyhwSergioMeneses, great:)14:58
SergioMenesesgood to know14:58
smartboyhwphillw, no need for you to approve the 2 Lubuntu testcases I mentioned, I merged and tested them already:)15:16
phillwsmartboyhw: thanks, can you send an email to the L-QA thread about the subject?15:18
smartboyhwphillw, OK15:18
smartboyhwphillw, done15:20
smartboyhwI'm thinking of telling balloons to add him as a testcase admin15:20
smartboyhwHe's really talented:P15:21
phillwsmartboyhw: thanks, as the 'general' qa / wiki person there is a limit to what I can do without burn out :)15:22
phillwIf he is a good test case writer. get him on board!15:23
smartboyhwphillw, there's also a limit too when I am packaging for Kubuntu:P And phillw I will surely recommend him to balloons15:23

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