phillwHi good people, is apt-get easy link for such areas as https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats going to be made working again, or do we need to remove it from the wiki pages and use the terminal command only?13:08
stgraberphillw: that's not an #ubuntu-release question so you're unlikely to get an answer here13:24
phillwstgraber: as it was answered here last time with words to the effect "It's broken and not really going to get repaired", where should I ask?13:26
stgraberphillw: #ubuntu-devel or whoever actually works on that feature (maybe the software-center folks?)13:27
phillwstgraber: thanks, I'm wearing my 'wiki head', if the page needs changing, it will be done. I'll go ask on #ubuntu-devel. As ever, thank-you for time in answering.13:29

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