drkokandy_.wx 4480502:13
jenniCover Unknown, 12°C, 1022mb, N SC, Light air 2kt (↑) - LFRS, 02:00Z02:13
drkokandy_unknown O.O02:14
=== drkokandy_ is now known as drkokandy
Unit193drkokandy: Simple, you live in a strange, strange land. :D02:16
drkokandyseems like just normal nighttime out there02:16
drkokandymust be they can't tell if it's cloudy because of the darkness02:17
skellat.wx 4400403:11
jenniClear ☼, 59.0°F (15°C), 30.02in (1013mb), Calm 0kt (↑) - KYNG 02:51Z03:11
skellat.wx Ashland, Ohio03:12
jenniKSKY: no such ICAO code, or no NOAA data03:12
skellat.wx KERI03:13
jenniCloudy, 12°C, 1018mb, Mist, Patches Fog, Light air 1kt (↑) - EETN, 02:50Z03:13
skellat.wx 1650103:14
jenniClear ☼, 59.0°F (15°C), 30.02in (1013mb), Calm 0kt (↑) - KYNG 02:51Z03:14
skellat.wx 1570103:16
jenniClear ☼, 12°C, 1023mb, Light air 2kt (↻) - LEST 03:00Z03:16
skellatNo jenni, that's nowhere near the hometown of Jimmy Stewart where Indiana University of Pennsylvania is based03:17
Unit193Latrobe, Pennsylvania: Temp: 64 F (18 C) ~ Partly Cloudy ~ Heat index: NA ~ Humidity: 100%03:18
drkokandyaw, jenni in trouble03:20
Unit193yano: Hello!03:25
yanoUnit193: hi! :-)03:26
Unit193I hear choppers.03:26
yanodo they have chickens in them?03:27
yanoanyone get the reference?03:27
skellatI'm thinking of the WKRP Turkey Drop03:28
jenni[ Cows With Guns - The Original Animation - YouTube ] - https://j.mp/129tKvG03:29
Unit193yano: Yep, I got the reference.03:31
Unit193(Wasn't sure if that was referencing somthing else.)03:32
jenni[ WKRP "As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly" Thanksgiving - YouTube ] - https://j.mp/13Ek8ah03:36

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