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smartboyhwzequence, we have a whole bunch of testcases in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual-tests/+bugs?field.tag=ubuntu-studio13:53
smartboyhwHey madeinkobaia 15:54
smartboyhwNice to see you back!15:54
madeinkobaiaHi smartboyhw :)15:55
madeinkobaiaThanks for the welcome !15:55
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia, any nice things for me to see?15:55
madeinkobaiasmartboyhw: nothing recent, the last artwork made is the social network banner.15:56
madeinkobaiasmartboyhw: Also our webshop start to be ready. Did you visit it ?15:57
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia, ouch, I thought you are working on our 13.10 default wallpaper already. Webshop? Where?15:57
smartboyhwWhy did NOBODY tell me!?15:58
smartboyhwHoly!? 20 euros!?15:59
madeinkobaiaI think it is not finished that's why. The price seems expensive indeed.15:59
smartboyhwzequence, I want a price slim-down....15:59
madeinkobaiasmartboyhw: I think ttoine is the best person for speak about his / this project. 16:02
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia, OK.16:02
smartboyhwLet me ask about price....16:02
madeinkobaiasmartboyhw: Otherwise what do you think about of the t-shirt designs ?16:04
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Guest9653hi, I would like to contribute to ubuntu studio22:01
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millerthegorillaApart from the mailing list is there information about contributing anywhere else?22:02
zequencemillerthegorilla: http://ubuntustudio.org/contribute/22:04
zequencemillerthegorilla: You being here is a good start22:04
zequencewhat do you think you would like to contribute with?22:05
millerthegorillathanks, I've just been to that page.  I don't know.22:06
millerthegorillaI'm a coder and a musician, and can patch and compile a kernel22:06
zequencemillerthegorilla: Have you done any Debian packaging before?22:06
millerthegorillaNo I haven't but I'm keen to learn22:07
millerthegorillaI wouldn't mind contributing to the alsa stuff along the lines of kxstudio's cadence22:07
zequencemillerthegorilla: This is a good place to start https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/SetupDeveloperEnvironment22:07
zequencemillerthegorilla: Have you done any python coding?22:08
millerthegorillayh, a reasonable amount, I've used the RAD design gtk systems as well.22:09
zequencemillerthegorilla: Actually, before you do that, you might want to install saucy22:09
millerthegorillawhen is saucy planned for release?22:09
zequenceFeature freeze is coming up at Aug 2222:10
zequenceThat means we need to have uploaded all our changes before then22:11
millerthegorillaok, I should be able to get a grip of the workflow in time for the next version22:11
zequenceWe need to do a bit of work on ubuntustudio-controls before feature freeze22:12
zequenceif you like, you could assist in that22:12
zequencei'm the project lead, btw22:12
zequenceOvenWerks is our most busy dev22:12
millerthegorillagr8, not seen the project before.  got a link?22:12
zequenceRight now, there's no new version anywhere22:13
zequenceI'll need to set it up22:13
zequencebeen delaying it for far too long22:13
zequenceeither we fix it so it has some use, or we remove the package from the archive22:13
zequenceIt's job will be primarily to adjust system settings22:14
zequenceit could also be developed into a jack control application22:14
millerthegorillahave you seen kxstudio?22:14
zequenceI have some code laying around, just need to make it useful22:14
zequenceyes, and I know falktx22:15
millerthegorillasounds sorta like cadence22:15
zequencewell, he got some ideas from us to that, and it's a good start, but what I have in mind is something bit different22:15
millerthegorillaI strip out pulse and install cadence on my ubu studio22:15
millerthegorillawhat did you have in mind?22:16
zequenceI'll need to go to sleep now22:16
millerthegorillaok. cya.22:16
zequenceWill put up some code later this week22:16
zequencewill be attending DebConf and probably I'll be doing some work during that time22:16
millerthegorillaon the mail list?22:16
zequenceWe use launchpad projects, and bzr branches22:16
millerthegorillaok.  got a link?22:17
millerthegorillathanks, gdnight.22:17
zequenceYou can find most of what you need to know here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/DeveloperDocumentation22:17
zequenceOr, at least, what is written down so far22:17
zequencemillerthegorilla: See you around22:18

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