xnoxcrankharder: multiple dirs, are explicitely disabled for pid 1 (system-wide init), but they are support in user-session init (e.g. /usr/share/upstart/session, /etc/xdg/upstart, ~/.config/upstart...)19:41
xnoxcrankharder: and via cmd line options as well.19:41
xnoxcrankharder: why do you want multiple include directories?19:41
xnoxcrankharder: maybe .override files is all you need =)19:41
crankharderxnox: I want one directory so puppet can manage it.  It's convenient because puppet can watch a directory and purge anything not currently known to puppet.23:58
crankharderI can't do that with /etc/init since puppet doesn't manage all the things in there.23:59

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