jjfrv8elfy, are you around?12:21
elfysort of 12:24
elfyjjfrv8: what's up?12:25
jjfrv8Quick question on the testcases. Do you want us to finish up the remaining bugs that are out there? I.E., will you be adding more testcases to the test tracker?12:25
elfyas far as I'm aware we've got everything - so I'll not be adding anything now 12:26
jjfrv8Okay, I had assigned Alacarte to myself.  Can I drop it? :)12:26
elfyjjfrv8: only 2 left 12:27
elfyyou can if you need to - someone else will pick it up I expect :)12:27
jjfrv8Alrighty, that way I can focus on running instead of writing :)12:28
elfycool :)12:28
GridCubeUnit193, i tried the amd64 iso but grml would not find it after choosing it from the grub menu, retried using the i386 and it worked again17:55
Unit193Hrm, if you want me to I can test that method with one computer here later on.  ISO works though.17:56
GridCubewell i dont have a pendrive though :(17:56
GridCubeso i can't go that road17:56
Unit193I'd assume you did update-grub after sticking the ISO in the dir?17:58
Unit193Checking some of the referring links, several have bad information, and "The team is committed to updating..." Wut?  The bad information is recommending vbox testing.  Are news sites always this wrong? :P18:45
skellatUnit193: Who needs smacking around?19:00
Unit193Everyone? :D19:00
skellatUnit193: Which news sites, I mean19:01
skellatThe script for Burning Circle 125 to be recorded tonight can't get any more emphatic that under no circumstances should any virtualization environment be used for testing the ISO.  I can't do much more to triple-underline it there.19:02
Unit193Some random unheard of ones, can pull a list if need be.19:02
skellatBC syndicates to Planet and, if I try very hard to stick exactly to the script, and I can ensure a transcript appears too19:04
Unit193Google translate not being the best, can't tell for sure if what http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=it&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.lffl.org%2F2013%2F08%2Fxubuntu-disponibile-la-iso-con-il-nuovo.html seems to say is what it really does, but we're now going to have two xubuntu versions? ;)19:06
* skellat is summoned by his recording engineer19:06
* Unit193 wonders if he should tell pleia2 that you can't use the terminal that pops up on the live CD, guesses that'd be a bad idea, so doesn't.19:17
* drc was wondering if anyone got that terminal to work.19:19
Unit193It's there only to show you the log. :P19:19
Unit193It made sense at the timeā„¢19:20
pleia2Unit193: you just exit the log19:20
drcThen maybe http://vanir.unit193.tk/mir/ should be revised to indicate that?19:21
pleia2Unit193: no need to be passive aggressive about pointing out error, we're all on the same side here to make the instructions clear19:21
drcI know I didn't have any clue :(19:21
Unit193pleia2: Was I?19:21
pleia2Unit193: yes19:22
Unit193Hrm, not what I was going for...19:22
pleia2I don't know why you think it would be a bad idea to tell me I'm mistaken about something19:23
pleia2you can just tell me, no need to action it19:23
Unit193Lets try it again.  If you hit q, the log will close as will the terminal, thus you won't be able to check in that terminal.  Ah, that was kidding about me having to find words to edit the page with, heh.19:23
pleia2I could have sworn I just exited the log and typed the command there, but I am fallible19:23
pleia2see, I was mistaken, it's ok :)19:24
pleia2want to update the page and then reply on list?19:24
Unit193You could have, but I don't see how as the command is  xfce4-terminal -x less logfile  (which I just tested and seems to close.)19:24
pleia2yes, I was mistaken19:24
Unit193(In theory, it's a different version in saucy, so technically it could be that you are not mistaken!)19:25
pleia2skellat: you sent a mail to the list with an unsubbed list, shall I let it through or do you want to resend with a subbed address?19:25
pleia2s/unsubbed list/unsubbed address19:25
pleia2(I don't mind letting it through, just don't know if you intend to use that address in public)19:26
skellatpleia2: You can let it through.  The address is shown on my LP profile which is why it went through on the LoCo list just fine even though I didn't look.19:26
Unit193I take it s/type/run/ won't suffice?19:26
pleia2Unit193: I'd do this...19:27
pleia2After booting the system, a terminal window with the unity-system-compositor log will display.19:27
pleia2^^ one line19:27
pleia2then ...19:27
pleia2To confirm that you are running XMir, open a new terminal and type: ps ax | grep system-comp19:27
drcand maybe give them some sort of clue what they should see if they are running xmir?19:29
pleia2er, another whitespace?19:29
pleia2drc: the 'ps ax | grep system-comp' is really the only indicator19:29
Unit193Didn't think it needed it, but I will comply.19:29
pleia2Unit193: we want to make clear that people don't think those two things are related19:30
pleia2thanks :)19:30
drcpleia2: no, I mean the output of the command.19:30
pleia2drc: ah19:30
Unit193drc: Broken screen, you're running mir. ;)19:30
pleia2I guess we assume people know how grep works, huh :)19:30
drcAgain, I had to ask, 'cause I din't have a clue19:30
Unit193Yes, I like to presume people know what grep is.19:31
Unit193pgrep system-comp && echo "Yep, I'm running XMir."    :-----D19:32
drcI know how grep works, I wanted to know what <specifically> I should be looking for19:32
pleia2Unit193: could do19:33
Unit193How it is now follows the official guidelines for how to test if it's running.19:34
Unit193pleia2: Want me to change thatpart to something as well?  (Asking, because you're better with public announcements/text/wording.)19:35
Unit193So far, only pad entries are from people I've seen on IRC, not as many as I'd hope based on how many are downloading. :/19:36
pleia2Unit193: 1. sorry, which wording where? for the 'ps' command we could just say something like "a line containing "system-compostor-unity" (or whatever it's called) should show up"19:38
pleia22. I have to collect reports people gave directly on G+/fb :\19:38
Unit1931. Alrighty.  2. Awwh, dangit.  No fun for you. :/19:38
pleia2mostly it's more of the same though, slowness, backspace weirdness when typing, showing text typed in screen during shutdown19:38
Unit193GridCube: That's the stuff!19:39
pleia2if someone wants to browse Mir bug reports and see if any of that has been reported before, we can me too it :)19:39
GridCube:P i though i should screenshot it for the ml19:39
pleia2I have it on my list to do later, but my list is massive19:39
pleia2if bug reports don't exist, we can write some19:39
pleia2then send bug reports + email in reply to Mir the Mir thread on list that included Mir pepole19:40
Unit193pleia2: I looked at a few, there were some about being slow but I think I thought they were unrelated (twice as much thinking, more likely to be wrong.)19:40
GridCubeUnit193, theres some reports in the g+ page19:40
* pleia2 goes to make video of XMir problems19:40
GridCubesome here http://ubuntu-discourse.org/t/help-test-mir-for-xubuntu/89719:41
Unit193'To confirm that you are running XMir, open a new terminal and type <code>ps ax | grep system-comp</code>.  You should see several lines of output with "unity-system-compositor" in them.'19:42
GridCubei like that xmir its not failing as much as i was expecting it to19:42
GridCubeUnit193, link the screenshot i pasted19:42
elfypleia2: you know how to add someone to etherpad?19:42
Unit193GridCube: I looked at the FB and G+ pages a couple times, Facebook seemed to be more "Nooo! Don't do it!" and discourse had nothing. :P19:42
GridCubeelfy, they should be part of the etherpad group in launchpad19:42
elfybig sigh19:43
pleia2i approved a bunch of people this morning19:43
elfypleia2: you know how to get it so someone can post to etherpad19:43
elfycan you do him please19:43
elfythanks :)19:43
pleia2steve.horsley (steve-horsley) has been added as a member of this team.19:44
elfyGridCube: yea - but you can't add yourself to it afaik 19:44
elfythanks pleia2 19:44
GridCubeyou can ask to join and pleia2 can accept ya19:44
elfyGridCube: not me :) it's someone else - and she did :) 19:44
Unit193...I should really stop editing the live page, but added more instruction.19:45
elfyespecially if it's just one person saying they don't understand ...19:45
GridCubeUnit193, nah you keep editing all you need19:45
Unit193elfy: That was my thought. :P19:46
elfytbh I didn't read the mail properly19:46
Unit193elfy: I will comply with whatever Lyz says though, she's the marketting/PR/whatever it's called person.19:46
Unit193http://0bin.net/paste/ijCn5RT8ow-wShup#Oy4iS1Rh+oaSyOnVLyTm0V1H4DJCcWKjkU1Xvsb0AVw=  seen all as referrers, well except for the last 3, but Google and FB both have some weird method of referring anyway.19:49
drcWhich method of replying is prefered, ML or Pad?  Which ever one is, should be listed first (hint: Pad requires a account)19:49
Unit193Pad is preferred, at least by me. :P19:50
Unit193pleia2: We good, all set?19:52
pleia2Unit193: yeah, thanks19:53
Unit193GridCube: And yep, linked to your image.19:54
pleia2ml requires sign up too, which I guess is why everyone has been replying in the respective social media outlets instead ;)19:54
Unit193Oi, I'm stupid. >_<19:54
GridCubeUnit193, noted19:54
GridCubethat was the mean of it19:54
Unit193Hah, good timing. :D19:55
GridCubeUnit193, i dont know who made this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4g31weG-SM20:02
Unit193But, hadn't seen the video.20:05
skellatIs that Polish?20:06
skellatOr Bulgarian?20:06
Unit193Right, well she reminded me to check and see how well I can get a video of a monitor. :P20:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1102756 in Mir "duplicate for #1198741 System compositor input events passed to console (particularly troublesome for Alt+Fn and Alt+Left/Right)" [High,Triaged]20:07
pleia2if anyone wants to me too it20:07
pleia2that's the one I meant20:07
pleia2for some reason it's a dup of the first one I posted20:07
elfyI'd like to be able to get them a bug report for my fail - but I can't think of anyway to get that for them20:09
elfythere's probably a terminal somewhere ... http://imagebin.org/26644520:09
pleia2elfy: heh, we have a few people with that issue20:10
elfyoh - is there a bug for it?20:11
elfypleia2: worked on this machine at least20:11
pleia2elfy: doesn't look like we've filed it yet, collecting screenshots of errors20:12
elfyok - I'd report it but I can just imagine the pointlessness of just posting a screenshot :)20:13
pleia2elfy: I figure we'll post one bug report linking to a bunch of screenshots w/ system specs, can you add to etherpad?20:13
elfyI have :)20:13
Unit193-mir is dead on weekends, nobody works at Canonical.20:14
elfythe cog will too I expect pleia2 20:14
elfythat being steve horsley 20:14
elfyUnit193: IS do if they have to :D20:14
Unit193Hah. :D20:14
elfywoohoo - we have a test result on the package tracker :D20:15
* pleia2 goes to do some other things while testing video uploads20:16
Unit193One last thing I was thinking about, changing "Testing XMir on Xubuntu" to "Testing XMir 0.0.8 on Xubuntu", or is it something only I would think to add? :P20:22
elfyp[ossibly only you :)20:22
Unit193Cool, I'll go hide in a corner now.20:25
elfyUnit193: I'll leave this machine on tonight - see if the torrents move 20:27
pleia2jono wants to know if it would be helpful to have a meeting this week with some Mir engineers to iron out some things20:29
pleia2I won't be around after Wednesday, and I think most can be communicated via email20:29
elfysppoky fingers ... :p20:33
elfypleia2: same as I had - didn't notice password when I logged out though20:36
GridCubepleia2, i think it would be great to have a meeting20:36
pleia2what package do we ubuntu-bug against?20:37
* elfy agrees, not sure if I'll make it on Wed though - depending on time20:37
elfypleia2: not at all sure 20:37
pleia2I am not sure we actually can20:37
elfymeet or bug?20:37
pleia2but I want it to do all the upload logs magic20:38
* elfy gets tinfoil out for his hat 20:38
Unit193I think it's technically unity-system-compositor, but since "mir" is in the repos, I'd file on that. :P20:39
pleia2mir package isn't installed20:39
Unit193That's the source package name, binary is... libmirclient-sopmething and libmirserver-something, as well as a couple other libs.20:40
pleia2no, not in the repos for this either20:40
pleia2so should file against one of those libs?20:40
pleia2there's also the xserver-xmir package20:40
pleia2or somesuch20:40
Unit193Yeah, think same source package... I *think* system-compositor is the one, right?20:41
pleia2elfy: I don't want to file it manually, want it to do all the upload magic of all my system info20:41
pleia2Unit193: ok, I'll just do it under system compositor, then can fix it ;)20:42
elfyI'll boot it up if you want and see what ubuntu-bug finds if you want20:42
Unit193Apport may not let you, but worth a shot.20:42
elfytired ... to many wants in that last sentence ... 20:42
pleia2seems this won't work since none of these packages are officially in the repo20:44
pleia2guess I'll just file manually20:44
skellatpleia2: Jono wants to do a meeting?20:44
pleia2skellat: yes20:44
skellatE-mail would be better at this point.  We've got 18 days until our go/no-go decision point on XMir as of right now.  The best thing we could get from the Mir team would be a diff from Unit193's ISO of what a proper configuration for boot up would look like in their view.20:46
elfytyping's fun20:46
elfyand it's slow rechoing20:46
Unit193Do remember, the terminal with the log is actually a change I did, easily removed. (sudo rm /etc/xdg/autostart/mir-log.desktop or in the settings manager.)20:47
ganglere"Startup Disk Creator" is usb-creator-gtk, correct?20:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1208242 in Mir "Text is jumpy when typing" [Undecided,New]20:48
elfyif anyone wants me to  try  ubuntu-buig pleasee type it here - this is a nightamare20:50
elfyand I'll copypasta20:50
elfynot mire though20:51
GridCubehahaha yes, typing in xmir is a pain20:51
Unit193ganglere: Yes.20:52
Unit193ganglere: Not recommended at this point, IIRC.20:53
skellatUnit193: I'm not really worried about that terminal job.  I'm worried about replication.  Why can't we get what was shown in those YouTube videos in months prior to faithfully replicate across different hardware profiles?  What hideous hacks will it take?20:53
elfyok 20:54
elfyno takers20:54
ganglereunit193, it's included as part of the daily milestone, but not prepackaged. i've filed a bug.20:55
pleia2putting together an email here: http://etherpad.ubuntu.com/xubuntu-mir-email20:55
elfydon't set grub to default to last booted ... 20:57
elfywhat was that bug you posted pleia2 ? 20:57
pleia2elfy: I posted a couple :)20:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1208242 in Mir "Text is jumpy when typing" [Undecided,New]20:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1102756 in Mir "duplicate for #1198741 System compositor input events passed to console (particularly troublesome for Alt+Fn and Alt+Left/Right)" [High,Triaged]20:58
elfythe first one - thanks :) me too'd it 20:59
* pleia2 adds some more gfx card info from others who reported the same21:01
elfybut as I said yesterday - if I only have a 50% success rate at even booting the iso - I'm never going to +1 using it 21:01
pleia2elfy: I'm still willing to be surprised in the coming weeks, I wouldn't say "never" so soon ;)21:02
elfypleia2: you want me to add my card? or do you want to add it with the rest? 21:02
pleia2elfy: go for it21:02
elfypleia2: if it works it works21:02
Unit193I have a 117MB file I don't want to upload to a video hosting service, how would you like to view it? :P21:03
Unit193...Very crappy video.21:04
elfypleia2: posted21:05
elfyand I'm always willing to be surprised too 21:05
skellatIf it can be done successfully, great.21:06
skellatIf not, then it is still okay.21:06
skellatThat's why we have the go/no-go meeting.21:06
elfypleia2: I'll do a bug with the screenshot I've got of the complete fail - then if you have other's from social stuff you could add them21:07
pleia2I need a simple video editor, suggestions? :)21:07
pleia2elfy: perfect, thank you21:07
drcpleia2:   pitivi?21:07
pleia2really just need to chop out a segment21:07
pleia2drc: thanks21:07
Unit193Heh, that's what I was thinking, but never used it.  Isn't OpenShot another one?21:09
pleia2doesn't seem to want to edit mp4 videos21:09
pleia2nm, I just don't know how to use it ;)21:10
* pleia2 figures out21:10
elfypleia2: you know that bug - that showed your password - should have marked it a security vulnerabilty :p21:10
GridCube!info ffmuliconverter21:11
ubottuPackage ffmuliconverter does not exist in raring21:11
pleia2elfy: it was, it was unsecurityified21:11
GridCube!info ffmulticonverter21:11
ubottuPackage ffmulticonverter does not exist in raring21:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1208250 in Mir "Complete graphic corruption on live boot" [Undecided,New]21:13
elfypleia2: there you are 21:13
pleia2skellat: want to add your video to that bug? ^^21:13
pleia2lderan: your mir.jpg seems to have disappeared, can you upload it somewhere more permanent?21:15
elfyI noted those 2 bugs on the discourse thread for this xubuntu mir testing21:16
elfypleia2: and the cog has posted to the new bug - good bunch forum staff :p21:22
pleia2the cog?21:25
drcsmall cog...big machine21:25
Unit193I had made a wiki of the etherpad for easy reading.. :P21:26
pleia2Unit193: where?21:26
pleia2I'm just copying+organizing over in the -email etherpad21:26
elfypleia2: steve horsley - is the cog in my world :)21:26
pleia2elfy: ah, ok :)21:27
Unit193Just transferred part of the wiki, so if it's slightly broken... http://vanir.unit193.tk/wiki/doku.php?id=wiki:mir and the video is uploaded. \o/21:27
elfytoz is another forum staff guy that uses xubuntu 21:27
lderanpleia2, weird it should be there 21:27
skellatpleia2: Feel free to add the video where necessary21:28
elfyI added Xubuntu to my bug pleia2 - maybe do the same? 21:28
elfynvm 21:28
elfyI can do so 21:29
Unit193Do I win on worst one yet? :P21:29
lderanpleia2, ah typo'ed the url21:29
elfyanyway - done for the day - piskie will watch over you all 21:29
skellatUnit193: I'm still downloading your video21:31
Unit193lderan: Noooo!  IE10! :P21:35
skellatUnit193: You win.  That looks like something a bad SNES cartridge might have produced back in the day.21:37
Unit193Not really old hardware...21:37
skellatI think that AVI needs to be a bug attachment21:38
Noskcajinteresting bug that just turned up. bug 120824321:40
ubottubug 1208243 in usb-creator (Ubuntu) "usb-creator-gtk not included in Xubuntu 13.10 daily iso" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120824321:40
Unit193I never got to see the desktop. :(21:41
Unit193"Antique hardware is not in use"  Mine is. :P21:43
skellatNoskcaj: That would be due to it not being seeded and included on the disc: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5949026/21:44
skellatWe didn't ship it in 13.04 either21:47
pleia2lderan: ah, thanks!21:56
lderanits pretty premanent until i have a power cut :P21:57
pleia2lderan: hm, actually, it didn't load the installer?21:58
pleia2the installer doesn't use xmir, xmir is only started when you go to "try" afaik21:58
pleia2skellat: can you add your machine specs to the video? (something so that the bug report references back to your info)21:59
skellatpleia2: Another comment made but done22:01
lderanpleia2, i tried it with 13.04 and it loaded fine so thought it was something to do with the xmir22:06
pleia2ok, I'm about ready to send off the email at http://etherpad.ubuntu.com/xubuntu-mir-email22:13
skellatpleia2: I'm okay with it.22:25
knomepleia2, thanks for the answer22:36
pleia2what answer?22:36
knomepleia2, email reply to jono22:36
pleia2oh, I sent one directly to him too22:37
knomeoh, ok22:37
knomeright, just got that. :)22:37
knomealso, i'm going to be off from wed this week until pretty much next week22:38
pleia2I leave wednesday night22:38
knomethe project? :)22:38
pleia2california :)22:38
pleia2going to a conference over the weekend22:39
knomeaha, which one?22:39
pleia2so mostly gone thurs-sun22:39
pleia2the freenode one, fosscon.org22:39
knomeanything interesting there (excluding you)?22:39
pleia2coolbhavi is flying in for a couple talks22:40
knomedon't know the nick22:40
pleia2mostly I want to go becaus it's in philly and my friends are there :)22:40
knome(or person, i'm pretty sure)22:41
knomei have friends wedding on sun!22:41
skellatpleia2: Well, at least you'll be passing Ashtabula...and Erie, Clarion, Harrisburg, Indiana, Kutztown, Lancaster, and a whole lotta other places22:42
pleia2ok, need to take a break from xubu-things22:43
lderanhope you have fun :D22:44
knomeisn't lancaster in the brits? :P22:44
lderanthink so22:44
skellatknome: Ohio has one and so does Pennsylvania22:44
knomepleia2, enjoy your well-earned break!22:44
skellatThe Pennsylvania one is near Philadelphia22:45
skellat(Relatively speaking)22:45
knomerelatively speaking, we almost sit next to each other (comparing to pluto)22:46
lderanpoor pluto :(22:47
Unit193Still is in my book, and think they reinstated it.22:47
drcnope...still a dwarf-planet/ plutoid22:49
skellatIt is like when Ashtabula gets lumped in as part of "Greater Cleveland".  We're only 60 miles away from the outer suburbs of Cleveland but, hey, what do I know...22:52
knomeby those standards, i live in the helsinki city centre!22:54
knomeby most standards, i do live quite near anyway!22:54
skellatUS Census Bureau officially **does not** include Ashtabula as part of the Cleveland metro area.  We're considered a "micropolitan" area for statistical purposes.22:55
drcmetropolitan statistical area?22:56
skellatdrc: Yep22:56
drcmarketeers are so smart :(22:56
knomeok, i'm off22:57
knomesee you later22:57
lderanme too22:57
lderangood night all22:57
drcbed bugs and all that....22:59

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