KufatHi; any idea why update manager would run silently in the background instead of displaying the usual window with progress bar? Fresh install of 13.04 i386, invoked it through the notification area popup.02:57
IMTheNachoMananyone know of any good photo managers/organizers for xfce?03:56
holsteinIMTheNachoMan: "good" is a matter of opinion.. i tend to manage all my files with a file manager... theres fspot that i think most folks use04:12
holstein!info fspot04:13
ubottuPackage fspot does not exist in raring04:13
holstein!info shotwell04:13
ubottushotwell (source: shotwell): digital photo organizer. In component main, is extra. Version 0.14.1-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 2334 kB, installed size 6920 kB (Only available for linux-any)04:13
holsteinIMTheNachoMan: it was replaced with shotwell..04:13
IMTheNachoMani might just do that04:14
IMTheNachoManuse file manager04:14
IMTheNachoManjust need to figure out way to split pictures into date/time structure04:14
holsteinshotwell is popular04:15
holsteinand in the repos04:15
holsteinsudo apt-get install shotwell.. or use the package manager of your choice04:15
IMTheNachoManthanks guys. figured out way to use identify and/or exiv2 to extract photo information and im going to use that to write a script to do what i need04:27
Rabbitiscoolgod I love xfce05:06
RabbitiscoolI love how it just works no questions asked05:06
TomsMoHey ya'll, how can I troubleshoot these random and spontaneous log-outs I've been getting? Xubuntu 13.04.06:47
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nantouwhat app should I use, would you recommend to burn dvds?10:59
nantouto copy a dvd?10:59
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skaftaHello to all of you! I have an issue about sound output. Once I put an aux cable to listen sound trough an external device, since them sound output only works via aux, i.e. if I take aux cable out, I have no sound. Advices are greatly appreciated. Skafta14:16
TheSheepskafta: right-click on the speaker icon and look for muted channels14:18
skaftaTheSheep, when I look in pavu control, nothing is muted14:20
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TheSheepskafta: how about xfce4-mixer?14:21
TheSheepskafta: notice how you can change the sound card with the dropdown at the top14:22
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Dol88phangood day all14:24
skaftaTheSheep, even in xfce4-mixer nothing is muted14:27
skaftaTheSheep, any more idea?14:39
TheSheepskafta: no14:43
TheSheepskafta: padevchooser maybe14:43
skaftaTheSheep, anyway thank you.15:01
S1llywhich of this should i download for a p4 desktop17:43
pleia2PC (Intel x86) desktop CD17:43
pleia2first link on the page17:44
S1llyouh xD17:44
S1llylet's see17:44
pleia2you're welcome17:44
* SpeccyMan is very taken with xubuntu, epecially now he has removed the bulk and added all his fave apps17:46
S1llyi have another question17:47
S1llywhen i'm playing this OpenArena game17:47
S1llyi have low fps in some maps17:48
S1llywhy is that?17:48
S1llyand in windows xp i get full fps17:48
S1llyby the way i'm a xubuntu beginer so i dunno everything about this "linux drivers"17:49
GridCubeS1lly, you can open the aditional drivers settings from the settins manager, and see if you are using the propietary drivers for your machine17:54
S1llyif i am17:55
S1llyand if i still get low fps17:55
S1llywhat could i do?17:55
GridCubeask the openarena guys if there is anything you should do17:55
S1llyok will see :)17:56
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pinqvinI have old toshiba portege r150 and it's bios doesn't support usb booting how to update bios in xubuntu?19:17
pinqvinso some words missing my toshib portege r150 doesn/t support usb in bios, so how to fix it?19:17
TheSheeppinqvin: install from a cd?19:19
Unit193Well, you can boot from Plop, then use that to boot from a USB device.  Are you sure a newer BIOS version supports this?  (For your device.)19:19
pinqvinin this toshiba there is no cd reader19:20
pinqvinyea i suppose because it's possible to fix bios in xp19:20
pinqvinwhat's plop?19:20
pinqvinso is there any possibilities to reinstall xubuntu so conffigures will be right?19:24
pinqvini have installed this xubuntu on this hdd on other computer and the i put it in this laptop19:24
Unit193You can upgrade, other option only leaves /home/ intact.19:27
Sysichance to upgrade bios has nothing to do with it bringing features like usb boot19:30
Sysipretty much19:30
Sysi(I would never ever upgrade bios from withing OS other than dos)19:31
pinqvini'm asking this cos my sounds doesn't work and i cannot update this. it's so maby cos i installed this os from other computer19:31
Sysishouldn't be related to that, I've shuffled between three different soundcards on one installation19:32
pinqvinok how to get those sounds work then i'm trying to upgrade first19:33
Unit193Sysi: I used the dell tools (from the repo) in Xubuntu, worked nicely. :P19:33
pinqvindell tools?19:34
pinqvinhttp://pastebin.com/DAWkYFB7 i got this error what it could mean?19:38
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nullm0demhello, I have recently installed xubuntu 12.04 on my laptop after using debian 6 - 7 for quite some time. I am experiencing periods where the keyboard and mouse seem to glitch out on certain windows. I am able to move the pointer but buttons and keyboard do not work in any application windows, after some time they start working again.21:44
nullm0demat a loss on how to find the issue.21:45
SunStariotop and system monitor. check out usage to see if its just thinking too hard21:48
SunStarnext check out the hard drive to ensure its not failing21:48
SunStarsmartmontools can read the S.M.A.R.T. health status21:49
SunStar@ nullm0dem21:49
nullm0dem@SunStar Thanks! looks like /dev/sda is prefail21:55
SunStaraww too bad21:55
nullm0demnothing a 16gb usb wont remedy till i get another :)21:57
SunStaryeah it'll work but expect it to halt up like its doing now --alot more21:58
SunStarespecially with java scripts21:59
nullm0demjavascript is what brought about the issue, was trying to use tiddlywiki and firefox began locking up.22:04

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