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ovnicrafthello i have 2 branches (not stacked) i want to know if its possible extract revs from specific directory in branch A and put w/ that directory in branch B02:04
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andrewukgood evening20:15
andrewukso i have now setup bzr on my nas drive and i can connect to it through the terminal via SSH with no trouble20:16
andrewukbut i cannot connect to my nas through bazaar explorer. I think this is because i need to set BZR_REMOTE_PATH but i cannot see how to do this in explorer20:17
vilaandrewuk: bzr_remote_path in locations.conf: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5952704/21:02
* vila bed :)21:02
vilaerr, back to that is21:02
andrewukthanks villa i will take a look tomorrow and see if i can get it working21:04

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