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gnuoyI've trying to use lp:juju-deployer/darwin + juju-core for the first time. juju-deployer is hanging and this seems to be due to it attempting to contact the zookeeper node on port 17070 which it'll be unable to do due to a firewall between the server doing the deployments and the juju env. What is 17070 used for ?10:43
AskUbuntuhow do i apply the maas bug fix? | http://askubuntu.com/q/32885810:45
jamespagejcastro, around? wanted to get your opinion on the name for the juju-core local provider dependency package thingy we discussed week before last11:19
gary_postergnuoy, hi.  71070 is the juju API port12:57
gary_postergnuoy, for juju core12:58
gary_posterdeployer needs to be able to talk to it12:58
gary_posteror it will not work12:58
gnuoyok, so juju deployer talking to it is completely sane then12:58
gnuoythanks :)12:58
gary_postergnuoy, sure :-)12:58
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benjidimitern: you're so silly, I know you really mean AgenterEntertyWatchererer13:41
dimiternbenji: lol13:57
bryanmoylesHello, is there anything that needs to be done as a special case to get mongodb running on the juju control instance? I'm getting mongo timeouts when trying to deploy an instance14:07
jcastro_bryanmoyles, what version of juju?14:12
bryanmoylesI'm using the mac client from their website, I can't do -v to get the version14:12
bryanmoylesfrom their github it looks like 1.11.214:13
bryanmoylesI see this "Binaries for mongodb are also required, but a newer version than is present in14:15
bryanmoyleseither 12.04 or 12.10 Ubuntu releases. Instead, you can get what you need from14:15
bryanmoylesthe public bucket which juju uses when deploying itself:"14:15
bryanmoyleswould I just upload that into the tools directory?14:15
bryanmoylesCan anyone help me with juju's mongo precise tgz file? I have no idea what to do with it14:19
henningeThere is a packaged version from 10gen that I use (not tried with juju yet, though).14:21
henningeMaybe that is an option?14:21
bryanmoyles    http://juju-dist.s3.amazonaws.com/tools/mongo-2.2.0-precise-amd64.tgz14:22
rick_hbryanmoyles: juju already runs a mongodb instance on node 014:22
bryanmoylesjuju's docs show that file, but I don't know what to do with it per se14:22
bryanmoylesnot according to my install, it can't connect to it after bootstrapping14:23
rick_hbryanmoyles: can you ssh to that instance and look around? Some error during bootstrap perhaps?14:23
bryanmoylesis there a way to associate a key pair on bootstrap? Otherwise I can't get access to the node14:24
marcoceppibryanmoyles: it should pick up the ssh key in you ~/.ssh - however you can add more using `authorized-keys` environments.yaml setting14:37
bryanmoylesI've tried this for setting an instance type, how else would one go about it?14:44
bryanmoylesjuju bootstrap --constraints "instance-type=m1.small" -> led to ->unknown constraint "instance-type"14:45
marcoceppibryanmoyles: instance-type isn't available as a constraint yet in juju-core14:46
marcoceppiYou can instead use generic constraints mem, cpu-cores to match instance-types14:46
marcoceppiAFAIK, m1.small is the default14:47
bryanmoylesWhen I bootstrap by default, it's choosing nano, which runs out of resources, how can I prevent that? Ah, okay, so --constraints "mem=2048"14:47
marcoceppibryanmoyles: Right, you can use mem=1024 or 1G, it'll use the ec2 api to find an instance that at least meets that criteria14:48
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=== bbcmicrocomputer changed the topic of #juju to: Share your infrastructure, win a prize: https://juju.ubuntu.com/charm-championship/ || Review Calendar: http://goo.gl/uK9HD || Review Queue: http://manage.jujucharms.com/review-queue || http://jujucharms.com || Reviewer: ~charmers
AskUbuntuHow to deploy Django app from bazaar branch with juju? | http://askubuntu.com/q/32897216:23
bryanmoylesHey, I'm getting a no "precise" images from juju, but I believe I have all of the moving parts in the right place, can anyone throw out a thought to help me bend my thinking?16:30
bryanmoylesCan someone help me figure out why juju won't find my instance declared in the meta data?16:50
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bryanmoylesIs there an easy way to debug why juju can't find images?16:58
bryanmoylesIs there a better place I should be asking this question?17:03
sarnoldbryanmoyles: this channel is probably best; askubuntu.com might be another option, there's a different audience there, someone who knows the answer may be there instead of here..17:06
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bryanmoylesI just wish this tool had better documentation, this is a terrible roadblock considering I passed it 2 hours ago17:10
bryanmoylesaskubuntu doesn't have anything of value, does anyone have any insight on how to debug why juju can't find images?17:23
sarnoldbryanmoyles: then it's time to post a new question :)17:25
bryanmoylesThe question already exists, numerous times, all without valid answers17:25
bryanmoylesI just found out what the blasted thing is… I'm going to contribute to juju to not waste 3 hours of someone else's time over a simple public url misconfiguration17:26
marcoceppibryanmoyles: what was the issue?17:46
bryanmoylesI had wiped stack from the env, and then I totally spaced to update the public url's user_id, I had absolutely everything in place aside from my local environments.yaml17:47
bryanmoylesstack had regenerated the user's ID when I ran ./stack.sh again17:47
marcoceppibryanmoyles: ah. Are you using devstack?17:55
bryanmoyles@marcoceppi yeah, I'm running into a handful of issues accordingly17:55
marcoceppibryanmoyles: I was actually planning on trying devstack and juju compat this week. I figured it would be pretty difficult compred to a "real" openstack setup, given it's meant more for openstack dev and "production" per se17:57
marcoceppilet me know if you need help with anything, it'd make for an interesting niche setup for those who want to use Juju privately and dont' have access to the local provider17:58
bryanmoylesSo far it's been okay, the only real issues I've had so far are swift configuration and intranet communication (currently). If you'd be willing to help me debug this issue it would be incredible, I can show you all of the steps that I've documented to get a compute / controller setup in place17:59
bryanmoylessometimes the best part of the journey is self discovery though haha, in my current networking case, definitely not17:59
marcoceppibryanmoyles: I'd be happy to help if I can18:00
bryanmoyles2013-08-05 14:53:31 ERROR juju open.go:88 state: connection failed, will retry: dial tcp network is unreachable18:00
bryanmoylesthat's what I'm getting, I'm tcpdumping now to ensure it's not trying to access that IP from my local net18:00
bryanmoyles-.- sure enough it is18:00
bryanmoylesdo I have to run juju deploy on the actual instance?18:01
marcoceppibryanmoyles: no, the juju commands only need to be run from the client. Can you confirm in the dashboard that you have an instance running with that IP address?18:02
bryanmoylesyeah absolutely, I see it running18:02
marcoceppiCan your current machine actually reach
marcoceppieither via ping or ssh, etc18:02
bryanmoylesbut I'm also seeing the traffic being processed on my local net, absolutely not, that's a local IP to my private cloud18:02
bryanmoyles76 bytes from g0-6-4-4.nwrknj-lcr-21.verizon-gni.net ( Destination Net Unreachable18:02
bryanmoylesthat's when I tried pinging that IP18:03
marcoceppibryanmoyles: Ah, so there's a routing issue in your network then18:03
bryanmoyleswell my issue is our offices, and our private cloud is in a data center in another city18:04
bryanmoylesI'm not operating on the same network as our private cloud18:04
marcoceppiOkay, depending on how you have  your devstack setup, try switching the 'use-floating-ip: true' in your environments.yaml to see if that rectifies the issue. Either that, or is you can, set up a vpn between you and the data center to bridge the networks18:04
marcoceppierr, set use-floating-ip to true in your environments.yaml18:05
bryanmoylesare floating IPs supposed to be publicly accessible?18:08
bryanmoylesI allocated one on the instance, and it's a 192 IP18:08
marcoceppibryanmoyles: it depends entirely on the network setup for your openstack install18:08
marcoceppi192 might just be the "public" network in the datacenter. So that IP is available to other machines outside of openstack18:09
marcoceppiI think at this point, some kind of VPN or SSH tunnel in to the datacenter is the best way to resolve this networking issue18:09
bryanmoylesYeah I"m trying a VPN right now, I'll be back as soon as I can get that set up18:12
marcoceppibryanmoyles: cheers, gl. I'm going to pop out for some lunch18:13
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ahasenackhm, I need to write a quick how-to how to use simplestreams, or rather, juju's image-metadata, in the case of private clouds18:45
AskUbuntuJuju zookeeper stuck at 1st bootstrap in maas enviornment | http://askubuntu.com/q/32902418:49
weblifeCan I get some feedback on a non juju based issue?? I respect many of you and your experience in software engineering.  I rewrote my resume and have never held a professional position in the field outside of my own work(company) and could use some feedback/advice:  http://www.themindspot.com/trunk/brandonclark-resume.pdf20:16
sarnoldweblife: a friend of mine has a rule, "anything on a resume is fair game to ask about" .. are you prepared to handle questions like "draw two intersecting circles and a line through the intersection" in SVG? (just to make up something off the top of my head, to see how well someone knows svg.. :)20:20
sarnoldweblife: 'development practices' feels out of place. acronym I don't know, followed by words I -do- know but not sure why you wouldn't have given them top billing..20:21
sarnold"rapid development" also feels a bit out of place -- you might be very good at quick turnaround times :) but I'd rather have someone flexible to fitting in with a team20:21
sarnoldweblife: and in place of the word "repository" on your githubs, maybe a quick and short description of what kinds of code you've got in those repositories20:22
sarnoldah, all kinds of things, all over the place :)20:23
marcoceppisarnold: I've found that just having a github profile with interesting things (doesn't have to even be functional, just interesting) is quite helpful and often times replaces the time held tradition of "quiz 'em on the spot"20:24
sarnoldmarcoceppi: agreed there, a github account is a far better indicator of, well, just about everything you'd care about as a co-worker :)20:25
marcoceppiOr, a launchpad account, as it may be :P20:25
weblifesarnold:  (yes,  I have immersed myself in all practices(all over the place), lol),  Thank you, very good advice. I do plan on doing my homework of concepts so I don't get caught off guard.(ie been 2 years since I last did heavy SVG, but I used to make interactive Blackberry interface themes.20:28
weblifeI hadn't seen any examples of people actually putting their repos or work into a resume.  Thought it might at least make me stand out.20:33
weblifeA bit worried on how people may treat the fact I am going back for my MS20:34
sarnoldweblife: folks may worry about your ablity to work full-time and do studies, but if you can convince them in an interview that it won't be a problem, that is liable to be good21:49
weblifesarnold:  While finishing the last year of my bachelors degree as a full time student enrolled in  5 classes a semester and around 2 to 4 classes a intersession I worked week days and weekends also.  This unfortunately took any free time away from me and I didn't see any time off till the holidays.  I also maintained keeping a relationship with my soon to be wife.  (Sound good???)21:56
sarnoldweblife: yup :)21:57
weblifeI got this.21:57
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marcoceppihazmat: can you `relation-set --format=json` ? If so, what does that look like?22:15
weblifewoohoo!! First tech interview  ever tomorrow at 10.  I haven't been nervous in ages, kinda exciting.22:34
sarnoldweblife: congratulations :)22:36
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