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AskUbuntuusr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/qt5/bin/qmlscene exited with code 255 error in Ubuntu QT SDK | http://askubuntu.com/q/32876805:05
mihir_popey: Hey06:06
mihir_popey:  could you please test this merge proposal on device? https://code.launchpad.net/~ravirdv/ubuntu-calculator-app/calculator_label_width_fix/+merge/17849706:06
mihir_mhall119: Hey , Good Morning !!06:38
mihir_mhall119:  Do you have device to test?06:38
dpmgood morning all06:57
mihir_Good morning :)07:02
oSoMoNgood morning dpm07:04
dpmmorning mihir_, morning oSoMoN :)07:05
dpmhey mihir_, last time we spoke before my holidays you were trying to get involved in core apps. Have you had the chance to look more into it?07:05
mihir_dpm: yeah i have started in Calculator app07:12
mihir_dpm:  I am awaiting for one confimration for bug from design team to get it resoleved once it has been confirm I can work on that07:13
dpmmihir_, which bug is it? I can perhaps help07:15
mihir_Bug :- https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calculator-app/+bug/120326707:15
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1203267 in Ubuntu UX "The equal sign is placed under the result" [Undecided,New]07:15
dpmmihir_, thanks. I'll talk to the design team once they're up in about 1h07:17
mihir_Sure :) and as i had talk with popey . he told me that we should remove (=) equal sign from the result as it is not there in our wireframes :)07:18
mihir_dpm:  do you have device to test ?07:21
dpmmihir_, I do, but I need to update it and I'm not sure I'll be able today with my mobile broadband connection07:22
mihir_okay no problem :) I'll wait for someone to test one MR  , before approving it :)07:22
dpmmihir_, I'd suggest to go ahead and propose the merge request rather than waiting.07:24
dpmthis way people can test it and review it already07:24
dholbachgood morning07:32
WebbyITHi dpm, welcome back :)07:36
WebbyITdpm, when you have time, can you help me with https://code.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/ubuntu-clock-app/language_support_city_search/+merge/175464 ?07:37
zsombioSoMoN: ping07:47
dpmhey WebbyIT :)07:47
dpmWebbyIT, done07:55
WebbyITdpm, thanks!07:55
guschnerochiaro: can you review? https://code.launchpad.net/~schwann/qtubuntu-camera/qtcamera-flash-reset/+merge/17850807:58
nerochiarogusch: yes, flashing my phone to latest then I'll be on it07:59
nerochiarogusch: looking at the code already07:59
guschnerochiaro: cool thx07:59
oSoMoNzsombi: pong08:00
zsombioSoMoN: it seems that the IMA rework will cause some behavioral changes, which will be close to the MouseArea's behavior...08:01
oSoMoNzsombi: what are those changes?08:01
zsombioSoMoN: like event propagation for instance happens only if you say event.accepted = false in pressed() and clicked() signals08:01
oSoMoNzsombi: sounds good to me08:02
zsombioSoMoN: ok :)08:02
zsombioSoMoN: I'm still working on it, I have few test cases broken still, but hopefully today I'll be able to fix those, so we can test it08:03
zsombioSoMoN: do you have many places where you propagate events?08:03
oSoMoNzsombi: excellent, once you have a MR out I’ll test it08:04
oSoMoNzsombi: only one atm08:04
zsombioSoMoN: good... however I think we will have few places in SDK where we need to check this thing, like for instance in toolbar handling... and notepad may also have some issues in case they use event propagation... let's see :)08:05
tsdgeosdo we have plural handling built into i18n.tr() ?08:09
tsdgeoswe do08:09
timptsdgeos: yes, but apparently you need to add a .arg(..) that is not documented, see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/118481008:13
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1184810 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "[i18n] Plural form does not work as documented" [Medium,Confirmed]08:13
tsdgeostimp: really? that's bad :D08:14
mihir_dpm:  any ways to get keyboard on machine simulator ?08:23
dpmmihir_, I don't know, sorry :/08:24
nerochiarogusch: i'm trying your script to run jenkins test artifacts on the device, but in my case it seems to upload everything to the deveice but never actually run the tests. anything you can suggest ?08:27
guschnerochiaro: did you run it with the "-s" option?08:28
nerochiarogusch: yes, i tried that too08:29
nerochiarogusch: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5950429/08:29
guschnerochiaro: hmmm - can you run "phablet-test-run -p camera-app-autopilot camera_app"?08:29
guschnerochiaro: ah - the problem is, that it only works for the apps (and their autopilot tests)08:30
guschnerochiaro: qtubuntu-camera does not have autopilot test08:31
guschnerochiaro: you should run the camera-app tests (use my the command above)08:31
nerochiarogusch: got it08:34
guschnerochiaro: hmmm - and the script should be smart enough to catch such cases - but it's only a hack ;)08:35
nerochiarogusch: it's ok, i wasn't thinking enough when i ran it on that branch :)08:35
weblifeHow to for Ubunto: Node.js / MongoDB setup to program to cloud with Juju: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2GrIUlxOcs&feature=share&list=PLCTh_XwrphiKQHpqSG8mz_74U0_nrGxar08:43
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weblifelol, ubunto. you know thats a typo I hope08:48
nerochiarogusch: i am trying your MR for the qtubuntu-camera plugin together with the latest camera-app (from phablet-flash --pending) and i still see the same issue when i enable video recording torch then switch to front camera08:53
guschnerochiaro: hmmm - maybe I adapted the camer-ui as well last week let me check08:54
guschnerochiaro: works fine for me -what exact steps are you using to reproduce that issue?09:04
nerochiarogusch: switch to video recording, activate torch, switch to front camera, (torch will turn off), switch back to photo capture, click on flash button, flash modes will not cycle anymore09:05
guschnerochiaro: so you are still using the fron camera?09:07
guschnerochiaro: so you are still using the front camera?09:08
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Traffic Light Day! :-D09:10
timpJamesTait: Good morning. Do you happen to know who came up with a Traffic Light Day, and *why*? :)09:13
nik90dpm: Hi, you are back :)09:17
JamesTaittimp, although there's a reference to a traffic light day in May, I'm going to ignore that and claim credit for celebrating the installation of the world's first electric traffic signal on this day in 1914. :)09:17
dpmhey nik90 :)09:17
dpmI am indeed09:17
nik90dpm: How was your vacation?09:17
dpmtiring :)09:17
dpmnot really a vacation, I've moved countries09:18
dpmso I took the time to do all the move09:18
dpmso now I need holidays to recover from my "holidays" ;)09:18
nik90ah, so where are you currently moved to?09:18
dpmto Germany09:18
nik90ooh closer :)09:18
timpJamesTait: :)09:19
guschnerochiaro: so you are still using the front camera when you try to switch the flash?09:23
dpmnik90, were are you based? Was it somewhere in the Netherlands?09:23
nik90yeah Delft, Netherlands09:23
dpmcool :)09:29
nik90dpm: do we need the autopilot ppa on suacy?09:39
nik90oops meant to ask baloons09:40
nik90balloons: do we need the autopilot ppa on saucy?09:40
dpmnik90, I'm not sure, best to ask balloons when he's around or perhaps om26er09:42
WebbyITdpm, do you know that nik90 became an Ubuntu Member? :)09:42
nik90WebbyIT: hi :) Good Morning09:43
dpmWebbyIT, I wrote a testimonial for him, as he very much deserved it, but I didn't know it had already happened. Congrats nik90!!!09:44
nik90dpm: thnx. I just got it a few days back. You were on holiday09:44
WebbyIThi nik90 :) Following dpm suggestions I improved https://code.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/ubuntu-clock-app/language_support_city_search/+merge/17546409:45
WebbyITdpm, absolutely!09:45
nik90WebbyIT: Does the online API provide good results when used in other languages?09:46
nik90WebbyIT: Also what happens when the system returns a language code not present in the online API?09:46
nik90For instance if there is a language used by a user but which is not available in the online api09:47
WebbyITnik90, I tring only with italian and it's work... if there is no language it uses the toponym Name09:48
nik90WebbyIT: ah ok. So it does fallback to something useful. That's nice09:49
mihir_dpm: I am getting this error while pushing MR bzr: ERROR: Invalid url supplied to transport: "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mihirsoni-123/ubuntu-calculator-app/RemovedOnclick": no supported schemes09:51
mihir_any idea?09:52
WebbyITnik90, but there is a problem: country name is not transable (eg, London, United Kingdom in Italian is Londra, United Kingdom, but has to be Londra, Regno Unito)09:53
dpmmihir_, can you paste the command line you used to push?09:54
mihir_dpm: bzr push lp:~mihirsoni-123/ubuntu-calculator-app/RemovedOnclick/09:54
nik90WebbyIT: ah. let me check the online api09:56
WebbyITnik90, http://api.geonames.org/search?q=londra&maxRows=5&username=krnekhelesh&style=full no way :-/09:57
dpmmihir_, are you also getting this message by any chance? ->09:57
dpmYou have not informed bzr of your Launchpad ID, and you must do this to09:57
dpmwrite to Launchpad or access private data. See "bzr help launchpad-login".09:57
nik90WebbyIT: yeah it seems they only provide translations for the city name09:58
nik90WebbyIT: it would look really wierd if the country name was in english while the city name is translated09:59
nik90WebbyIT: that said, in current phones, are the city names translated?09:59
mihir_dpm:  resolved thanks. my mistake forgot to login in bzr launchpad10:00
dpmok, cool :)10:00
mihir_I forgot to  setup in my new machine10:00
mihir_can you help me to review that ?10:00
dpmno worries, glad it's sorted :)10:00
WebbyITnik90, let's me check10:00
dpmmihir_, sure, have you sent the merge proposal?10:00
WebbyITnik90, yes, on Android world city are in Italian10:01
nik90WebbyIT: okay. In that case, I will create a forum post in the online API website asking if this can be done or if that feature can be added soon.10:02
WebbyITnik90, looks good.. I have shared a photo on G+ with you with italian translation, FYI10:03
mihir_dpm:  yes done :)10:03
mihir_dpm: here is the bug link :- https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calculator-app/+bug/120768510:03
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1207685 in Ubuntu Calculator App "Tapping a number pastes it each time you tap" [Undecided,New]10:03
nik90WebbyIT: okay. It seems we have the same phone :)10:04
WebbyITnik90, \o/10:05
mihir_dpm: let me know if I have misunderstood bug :)10:06
AskUbuntuGlade, quickly and changing an image with code | http://askubuntu.com/q/32883610:07
dpmmihir_, reviewed and commented, thanks!10:08
WebbyITmihir_, dpm that's not the way: the result has to be paste only once10:08
WebbyITUops, dpm was faster than me :)10:09
dpmWebbyIT, yeah, that's exactly the comment I added in my review. Good to see we're thinking alike :)10:09
WebbyITdpm, I need your help to understand how we work with design team :) In this bug I asked a clarification, now the bug for UX is mark as fix commited, but I don't understand what I've to do10:10
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1207679 in Ubuntu Calculator App "Pencils appear before calculations are made" [Undecided,In progress]10:10
* dpm looks10:10
dpmWebbyIT, let me see if I can get Christina on this channel10:12
WebbyITthanks dpm10:13
* nik90 would like to know how it works as well10:14
nik90WebbyIT: Nice question!10:14
zsombi1oSoMoN: Huston, we have a problem! The event propagation is an internal feature of the MouseArea and it only considers QQuickMouseAreas. This means that we can only handle proper event propagation if we derive from QQuickMouseArea. And that one is not so trivial :(10:19
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oSoMoNzsombi: why not? QQuickMouseArea inherits from QQuickItem itself, right?10:21
zsombioSoMoN: yes, and overriding contains() invokable would be enough... it's the composedEventPropagation that causes problems10:22
zsombioSoMoN: if you check QQuickMouseArea implementation, you will see the propagate() and propagateHelper() methods whiuch actually do the job. No matter what I do, I cannot do proper propagation without that... but the main issue is to extend QQuickMouseArea10:23
zsombioSoMoN: so far we had IMA derived from QQUickItem overriding the contains() method and filtering app events. But that's not good and implementing IMA just based on QQUickItem's mouse handling does not propagate the composed events properly :(10:24
zsombioSoMoN: so clicked does not pass through :(10:26
oSoMoNzsombi: and can’t we simply implement IMA with two MAs, on that covers the surface of the view, and one on top that covers the item and swallows mouse events, preventing them from being propagated to the "IMA" ?10:27
oSoMoNas a benefit, that would be a pure QML solution10:27
nik90timp: ping10:28
zsombioSoMoN: I was thinking on that too. The one covering the exclusion area (not the sensing) needs to pass through the mouse events, so a MouseArea from that hole shoudl be able to get mouse events...10:29
nerochiarogusch: sorry, the electricity in the building started being very sketchy, and I found out they were doing some maintenance. should be over now. I might have missed some message from you, last i saw was you asking if I am still using the front camera: basically when i switch to front camera (screen side) the torch turns off but then no matter what i do i the button that controls torch/flash can't be operated anymore10:30
nerochiaro(regardless if i change recording mode or camera)10:30
oSoMoNzsombi: unless we ensure it is always behind the associated contents in the exclusion area10:30
zsombioSoMoN: there is a QML solution which uses 4 MAs, but that is a bit resource eating too.10:30
oSoMoNzsombi: yeah, I don’t like this solution either10:31
zsombioSoMoN: the one we have now is nicer as we have one component doing the job10:31
guschnerochiaro: even after switching back to the back camera?10:31
nik90dpm: are any of the designers on irc? I am unable to find ckpringle, mehow or christina10:32
oSoMoNzsombi: an implementation with only 2 MAs should be acceptable, don’t you think?10:32
dpmnik90, they're not. I'm trying to get them in here10:32
nerochiarogusch: ah, you're right, if i switch back it works again. i think the issue is that the screen side camera has no light/flash support and the icon should be greyed out, but isn't.10:33
zsombioSoMoN: yes, if we can pass the events through the hole properly10:33
dpmnik90, also Calum left Canonical last week to seek new opportunities in another job at a design agency10:33
zsombioSoMoN: I'll keep trying to get QQuickMouseArea derivate, and if it does the job, then we're pretty much done with it. Unless every touch event is really converted onto a mouse event10:33
nik90dpm: wat. that's too bad10:34
timpnik90: pong10:34
dpmnik90, yeah, that's what I told him too :/10:34
oSoMoNzsombi: but how about ensuring that the MA is below the content, you don’t need to pass events through anymore10:34
nik90timp: I found a bug because of a recent update to the tab headers.10:34
nik90timp: Let me grab a screenie for you10:34
timpnik90: ok10:35
zsombioSoMoN: what do you mean?10:35
timpnik90: please also report it on http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit10:35
nik90timp: http://imgur.com/0gn6hy310:36
nik90timp: sure10:36
guschnerochiaro: yep - so I'd say it works - but the app needs to hande the "no flash"-case https://bugs.launchpad.net/camera-app/+bug/112457210:36
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1124572 in camera-app "[camera] the n7 has no flash but the torch toggle is still enabled" [Medium,Confirmed]10:36
nik90timp: The tab header is colliding with the pagestack header10:37
guschnerochiaro: but the hybris and plugin needs some work for that as well (working on that)10:37
christinahi dpm10:37
oSoMoNzsombi: take the case of a popover, you want to ensure that mouse events go to whatever contents is inside the popover, right? well if the MA that blocks events from going to the IMA is below that content, then you don’t have to deal with passing events through anymore, the z-order handles it automatically for you10:37
dpmhey christina, thanks for joining!10:38
nerochiarogusch: ok, and after the plugin tells me if the camera is supported or not please reassign the bug to me so i'll have the UI handle it properly10:38
dpmchristina, WebbyIT, from the calculator team had a question about bug 1207679 - it seems it's been marked as fix committed without further comment10:38
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1207679 in Ubuntu Calculator App "Pencils appear before calculations are made" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120767910:38
timpnik90: how did you structure your code? similar to the pagestack+tabs example on http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/devel/ubuntu-13.10/qml/ui-toolkit/qml-ubuntu-components0-tabs.html ?10:39
timp(it is a new example)10:39
WebbyIThi christina, thanks for your availability. I don't understand if have I to delete both pencil or only one which refers to calc10:39
nik90timp: looking at it now to check10:39
nik90timp: I have structures it as shown in the examples10:40
christinaubot2`, i will take a look now10:40
ubot2`christina: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:40
nik90timp: so mainview -> pagestack -> tabs -> pages10:40
zsombioSoMoN: I see... yes, in that case it is OK to use that. However this is one use case and in most of the cases the MA covering the hole should not even be used... so in that sense we could simply have one MA covering the sensingArea and one which is "alive" only when needed. But then we're almost there where we have one custom MA, which is what I'm trying to do now :) Let me try this prior we go with this approach10:40
christinadpm, WebbyIT, i will take a look now10:41
dpmgreat, thanks10:42
timpnik90: the example code works fine for me with qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-ui-toolkit-plugin version 0.1.46+13.10.20130731-0ubuntu110:42
mihir_christina: Need help on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calculator-app/+bug/120326710:42
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1203267 in Ubuntu UX "[Calculator] The equal sign is placed under the result" [Undecided,New]10:42
nik90timp: yeah I just tried it as well on my comp10:42
timpnik90: can you check your version, and see if the example code works for you?10:42
timpnik90: ok, it works?10:42
nik90timp: the example works10:42
timpnik90: do you have a simple version of your code where it doesn't work well?10:43
nik90timp: will try to make it simple and then show you10:43
guschnerochiaro: I'll do once, hybris and plugin are done10:44
guschnerochiaro: although - you can already do the UI part (and query for the supported modes)10:45
christinamihir_, yep looking now10:45
timpnik90: great, thanks10:45
timpnik90: when you create a bug report, can you attach the code there? Full code please including imports so I can run it directly10:45
oSoMoNzsombi: ok, please keep me posted10:46
zsombioSoMoN: will do10:46
zsombioSoMoN: hehe :)10:48
nik90timp: yes10:48
mihir_i am leaving will be back after some time :) thank you :)10:48
zsombioSoMoN: that's the new interface :) https://pastebin.canonical.com/95423/ The API is not changed as we derive from QQuickMouseArea, which has all the properties we had (+ more of course)10:49
mihir_dpm:  when user clicks on that result , it should be pasted only once correct ?10:49
dpmmihir_, that was my understanding, yes10:50
mihir_Okay :)10:50
guschnerochiaro: so are you approving the MR?10:50
mihir_I am done with that I will send MR once I reach home :)10:50
nerochiarogusch: yeah, i was checking a few more things but it's a yes so far10:51
oSoMoNzsombi: looks good, where is the IMA going to be positioned (which item will be its parent?)?10:52
zsombithe parent can be the hole, as it was before, or more precisely the hole is the item the IMA is anchored to10:52
zsombioSoMoN: ^10:52
christinamihir_, hi, i've made a comment now. hope it helps :) let me knwo10:53
zsombioSoMoN: the contains() method does and also did the magic. That one decides when to emit the signals10:53
oSoMoNzsombi: right, but effectively, will the IMA still be on top of every other item in the scene?10:53
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zsombioSoMoN: nope, works in the same way as the MA10:54
zsombioSoMoN: I have your test.qml also included in my tests10:54
guschnerochiaro: ah ok10:55
nik90timp: I am unable to reproduce this with the example code even after modifying it to be similar to the clock app. But suprisingly even the rss feeder app has this same issue.10:55
nik90timp: This is the structure used in the clock app http://paste.ubuntu.com/5950796/10:57
oSoMoNzsombi: perfect, thanks10:57
nik90timp: the interesting bit starts at line 10310:57
zsombioSoMoN: just need to adjust few tests to get the propagation properly done, then I'll push it to you for testing10:57
oSoMoNgusch: could you please review https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/webbrowser-app/increase-coverage/+merge/178506 ?11:00
guschoSoMoN: sure11:01
nerochiarogusch: approved, but it would be nice to have an autopilot test on camera-app to cover this case to prevent regressions11:02
guschnerochiaro: thx - can you write that test?11:03
nerochiarogusch: not right now but yes.11:04
guschnerochiaro: cool thx11:04
guschoSoMoN: I got that error when running the autopilot test on the desktop https://pastebin.canonical.com/95424/11:36
oSoMoNgusch: can you reproduce reliably the error?11:46
guschoSoMoN: yes11:49
oSoMoNgusch: weird, let me test here (note that they pass in jenkins, so you shouldn’t have to worry about running them on your desktop)11:55
guschoSoMoN: I wasn't able to run them on the device, so I did run the test on the desktop first12:00
oSoMoNgusch: ah, got it, that’s the test for which I had to increase the timeout, it’s racy, sometimes 2 seconds is not enough for the page to fully load and the chrome to hide…12:01
oSoMoNgusch: not related to this MR at all, but let me see if I can make the test more robust12:01
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oSoMoNbtw, why weren’t you able to run the tests on your device?12:20
zsombioSoMoN: https://code.launchpad.net/~zsombi/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/inversemousearea-refactoring/+merge/17854412:30
zsombitimp: nerochiaro: hi guys, I need your help on testing/reviewing this MR https://code.launchpad.net/~zsombi/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/inversemousearea-refactoring/+merge/17854412:31
zsombitimp: nerochiaro: pls test on the device too (my tablet id dead for now, it takes some time for its revival)12:32
nerochiarozsombi: i can test with notes-app on the phone12:32
zsombinerochiaro: thx!!! hopefully it handles touch events also properly!!!12:33
nerochiarozsombi: but looking at the code of that MR ther are various commented out pieces of code in there. i don't think you should leave them in12:33
nerochiarozsombi: also debug print statements12:34
zsombinerochiaro: sure not! it's a work in progress MR, if you see it working properly, I'll make it clean!12:34
zsombinerochiaro: just want to keep it in needs review status to get jenkins testing it12:34
oSoMoNzsombi: I’m going for lunch now, will test thoroughly when I’m back12:35
nerochiarozsombi: ok, i'll test it on my device when jenkins has built it. it will take me forever if i have to build it in my chroot12:35
zsombioSoMoN: thx!!!12:35
zsombinerochiaro: sure! it's not crucial to be tested in the next ~1h :) however if you can test it with the apps the IMA is used, it will be awesome!12:36
nerochiarozsombi: the only one i know is notes app12:37
zsombinerochiaro: it's enough :) oSoMoN will check the Browser, timp hopefully can check the Panel, Toolbar, Popovers12:38
* zsombi brb12:44
* zsombi actually needs to be away for a bit longer, so bbl12:47
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zsombi|afkoSoMoN: nerochiaro: actually one test I touched was failing, so I pushed the cleanup to get jenkins failures fixed, now the MR should be clean for review12:52
christinaWebbyIT, hi, just saw your earlier message about the pencil. how do you mean by delete both or only one? there should be a pencil icon per line13:09
WebbyIThi christina, look at this screen: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/146464308/device-2013-08-02-104242.png13:10
WebbyITchristina, first pencil is for the title of the calculation, second one is a label for the number. IMO (but you are the designer) first has to be visibile without a calculation because I can write the name of the calc (e.g Shopping) before do the calc13:11
christinaWebbyIT, ahh yes13:11
christinaWebbyIT, i see what you mean now. In our original spec, the pencil icons (for both) would only appear after you have created a calculation13:12
christinaWebbyIT, as this is because the focus of the app is to do calculations, n labels are nice to have. so we want users to concentrate on making calculations first, then they can add labels later.13:12
christinaWebbyIT, hope this helps13:12
WebbyITchristina, thank you very much, very kind :)13:14
christinaWebbyIT, this is the original spec http://design.canonical.com/2013/03/app-patterns-applied-calculator-key-journeys/13:15
christinaWebbyIT, you're more than welcome! let me know if you got other questions13:15
WebbyITchristina, ok, thank13:17
guschnerochiaro: I'd say this rather a bug for you https://bugs.launchpad.net/camera-app/+bug/1204135 can I re -assign it to your?13:57
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1204135 in camera-app "n7 preview video is off-center and the aspect ratio is wrong" [Medium,Triaged]13:57
guschnerochiaro: I'd say this rather a bug for you https://bugs.launchpad.net/camera-app/+bug/1204135 can I re -assign it to you?13:57
nerochiarogusch: i dont have an n7 though14:01
guschnerochiaro: me neither14:02
guschoSoMoN: I flashed my N10 with 20130805, and I get the following, when running my script (trying to instal) https://pastebin.canonical.com/95440/14:16
oSoMoNgusch: install unity-webapps-qml manually first14:17
guschoSoMoN: is this a new dependency14:20
oSoMoNgusch: yes14:20
guschoSoMoN: ah14:21
guschoSoMoN: approved14:34
oSoMoNzsombi|afk: looks like the unit tests are segfaulting when run inside a chroot14:34
oSoMoNgusch: thanks14:34
nerochiarozsombi|afk: looks like your IMA merge request is still failing according to jenkins14:52
nerochiarogusch: how do we deal with bugs that happen on devices we don't have ?14:53
guschnerochiaro: either find someone with that device to fix it, or someone has to send the device15:03
guschnerochiaro: but that bug is on the n7, which is not the current focus - so we could wait for a while to fix it15:04
nerochiarogusch: ok15:05
nerochiaroom26er: can you repro this bug with today's image ? https://bugs.launchpad.net/camera-app/+bug/117959215:39
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1179592 in camera-app "Zoom slider +/- icons missing, causes autopilot test to fail" [Medium,Confirmed]15:39
nerochiaroom26er: on galaxy nexus15:39
om26ernerochiaro, I only have nexus 415:39
om26ernerochiaro, but that should be fine I guess15:39
nerochiaroom26er: it works fine here on galaxy nexus15:39
nerochiaroom26er: is nexus 4 one of the devices we're focusing on ?15:40
om26ernerochiaro, yeah its the second priorirt15:40
om26ernerochiaro, actually when I reported that but the issue was on desktop, and I just checked and it happens there still15:40
nerochiaroom26er: ok, then someone with the nexus 4 need to take a look at fixing it15:40
nerochiaroboiko: ^15:41
om26ernerochiaro, the issue also does not happen on nexus 4, only on desktop/laptops15:41
nerochiaroom26er: hmm, then the bug is definitely not a priority, right ?15:41
om26ernerochiaro, yeah, I guess15:42
nerochiaroom26er: in any case can you please comment on the bug mentioning that it happens only on desktop ?15:42
om26ernerochiaro, sure15:42
abhidoeslinuxhello everyone, is there a privilege to use java in QT creator?16:16
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mihirdpm: ping !!!16:39
mihirdpm: you there ?16:41
ahayzendpm, Thanks for the email16:54
dpmhey ahayzen, no worries, just came back from holiday and while doing catch up I thought I'll forward it to you17:11
ahayzendpm, thanks :) how was ur holiday?17:12
mihirdpm:  we just need result to be copied once in bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calculator-app/+bug/1207685 ?17:20
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1207685 in Ubuntu Calculator App "Tapping a number pastes it each time you tap" [Medium,In progress]17:20
UbuPhilluppopey: what about this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-filemanager-app/+bug/1199461 still in progress?17:22
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1199461 in Ubuntu File Manager App "The app is not translatable" [High,In progress]17:22
mihirWebbyIT: Ping !! you there?17:23
WebbyIThi mihir :)17:24
mihirCould you help me to review MR ?17:24
WebbyITmihir, which MR?17:25
mihirWebbyIT: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calculator-app/+bug/120768517:27
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1207685 in Ubuntu Calculator App "Tapping a number pastes it each time you tap" [Medium,In progress]17:27
mihirWebbyIT: Now, it just copy result once :)17:27
WebbyITmihir, good news! Let's me look17:28
WebbyITmihir, needs fixing, see my comment17:36
mihirWebbyIT: Okay Let me check this scenario :)17:39
mihirmhall119: for this xx-large fonts will work ?http://ubuntuone.com/3uhvRhJ0LXNgpnlbPUzwcX18:27
mihirWebbyIT: I am unable to reproduce first scenario could you help me ?18:31
WebbyITmihir, I'm sorry, I have to go: but I checked and yes, I can't reproduce the first scenario, I don't know what I saw :-/18:57
WebbyITHave a nice evening!18:57
mihirOkay :) bye :)18:57
om26erso the NewTabBar is now known as TabBar we need to change that in our tests,19:21
om26ertimp, hey19:24
om26ertimp, when was that change. NewTabBar to TabBar ?19:25
om26erboiko, ping19:27
=== om26er is now known as om26
=== om26 is now known as om26er
boikoom26er: pong19:29
om26erboiko, please review this https://code.launchpad.net/~om26er/phone-app/adapt_autopilot_test_to_latests_sdk_change/+merge/17862519:29
om26erboiko,  it seems the sdk changed recently19:29
boikoom26er: ok, I'll just wait for CI to run to make sure tests pass, thanks for fixing it19:30
timpom26er: the change was last week20:55
om26ertimp, ok, we need to change our app's autopilot suites to adapt :)20:56
timpom26er: support for autopilot is being added to the UITK, so you can call functions from there, and you ddondfdfdon't need to make these changes in the future20:56
timpom26er: elopio_ is the best person to ask for details about that20:57
om26ertimp, yeah, I looked at that, that's a bit more work that just renaming NewTabBar in our tests, we'd be doing that for our apps, soonish20:57
om26erI do have a few improvements for the emulators in the UITK in mind, which i'll propose soon20:58
timpok, good20:58
timp"ddondfdfdon't" meant don't (network issues, I didn't see what I was typing)20:59
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mpageI am trying to hook apt pre-install-pkgs, my script runs but I can't figure out how to get the list of changes23:12
mpageif I try reading from stdin it just waits for user input23:12
mpagegoogle says the info should be on stdin, but that there was a proposal to put it in a pipe23:13
mpagenamed pipe23:13
mpageany ideas23:13

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