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lk82again i'd like to ask a question17:42
lk82my ubuntu 13.04 gnome version has a problem with one thing17:42
lk82it does not save the settings of desktop17:43
lk82i can't have desktop with mounted devices and files from desktop visible17:43
lk82has anybody any solution?17:43
bjsniderwould someone kick that guy for sending private messages please?17:58
lk82hey dude, i'm just a newbie in this webchat18:01
lk82sorry for interrupt18:01
lk82i'm just looking a sollution for the problem i got with ubuntu and cannot find any solution in any forum18:02
lk82seems to me that ubuntu gnome has the lowest support of all ubuntu versions18:02
lk82anyway it looks well and works well for me, but in 12.04 i had no problem with system and in 13.04 this desktop issue i have is annoying18:03
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