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nessitahello everyone. diwic, re: bug # 1201528, on Saturday I installed a fresh precise, and audio broke when I installed the raring kernel. Verbose pulseaudio log attached to the bug12:01
diwicnessita, yeah, I saw. So, it looks like the kernel is at fault here...12:02
nessitadiwic, apparently...12:02
nessitadiwic, I still have the installation on a separated partition, so if you need me to run more tests, just let me know12:03
diwicnessita, I guess rtg could set up a git bisect between 3.2 and 3.8 for you 12:06
nessitadiwic, sounds good12:06
nessitadiwic, do we have a newer kernel in saucy? I could try that too12:07
diwicnessita, saucy is 3.10.12:07
nessitadiwic, would you recommend that path?12:07
diwicnessita, I think you tried saucy at one point and it was still broken, right?12:08
nessitadiwic, no, at that point you considered it wasn't going to help12:08
nessitaor it likely wasn't ging to help12:08
diwicnessita, I still think it's more likely it does not help, but feel free to try12:09
nessitadiwic, I have no leftover space in my disk for a separated partition, so I would have to upgrade this raring to saucy. Would you know if the transition is "smooth"?12:10
diwicnessita, try saucy from a live USB stick.12:10
nessitaor is there a package with saucy's kernel for raring?12:10
nessitaah, can do that12:10
diwicnessita, btw, is your computer home-built?12:10
diwicnessita, or does it have a common name (like "Dell inspiron D505")?12:11
nessitadiwic, I bought the separated parts and I assembled it12:11
nessitaso, I guess the answer is "yes"12:11
diwicnessita, okay, what graphics card is in there?12:11
nessitanvidia gforce (grabbing exact model)12:12
nessita8400 GS12:12
nessitadiwic, FYI, I did not install the propietary drivers in the precise installation12:13
diwicnessita, since it has been the graphics showing up on the wakeup_rt tracer reports - do you have another card around that you don't use, you could try switching and see what happens?12:13
nessitadiwic, hum, no, I don't have, and this MB does not have integrated graphics12:13
diwicnessita, okay12:13
diwicnessita, so, a long boring git bisect, or possibly switching graphics cards are my best bets at the moment - but saucy could be worth a try too if it is easy for you to test12:19
diwicnessita, but I'm far from sure it's the graphics card at all so don't go buy a new one just for this :-)12:20
nessitadiwic, right, I wasn't planning on getting a new video card... is hard for me to understand how video can mess up with audio like this. Specially since this computer has "a lot" of cores, so I would expect audio and video to not mess each other12:21
nessitadiwic, will do the sacuy test. I'm also happy to do the git bisect, but I'd need instructions/packages for that12:22
diwicnessita, yeah, I too think that is surprising. I'm not an expert on scheduling. And I'm not ruling out audio either, it's just that that biggest weirdness are these latencies.12:22
ohsixoh my god, i can't even believe bfq and deadline came up in discussion as a reasonable thing to do12:23
ohsixbug #120152812:24
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1201528 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "[Realtek ALC889] - Audio Playback Unavailable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120152812:24
ohsixheh oh man, raymond is on launchpad now ;O12:27
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ohsixdiwic: doesn't have to be a scheduling problem, but that is indeed weird stuff13:07
ohsixi'd be interested to see if some of the power state latencies and stuff were correctly reported and if it's entering them13:08
rtgapw, I updated overlayfs. looks like it builds OK. maybe you could do your testing on it ?13:14
apwrtg, is that post what i build this morning ... assume so13:15
rtgapw, just now. updated to v1913:15
apwrtg, ok13:15
diwicnessita, could you attach the output of /proc/interrupts ? It does not have to be any specific kernel or release.13:42
nessitadiwic, sure, will grab them from this session. Do I need to "break" audio first?13:45
diwicnessita, does not matter.13:46
nessitaack, attached https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/1201528/comments/4113:47
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1201528 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "[Realtek ALC889] - Audio Playback Unavailable" [Undecided,New]13:47
nessitadiwic, properly formatted https://pastebin.canonical.com/95432/13:48
ohsix45 is a busy one13:48
nessitaFYI, audio playback is still working (haven't opened mumble yet)13:49
diwicnessita, just curious if nvidia and snd-hda-intel were on the same cpu but it seems like nvidia is spread across all CPUs.13:50
nessitaand nvidia interrupts values seem "reasonable"13:51
nessitasnd_hda_intel interrupts are crazy high13:51
diwicnessita, and this was raring, right?13:52
nessitadiwic, yes, 13.04 with 3.8.0-26-generic13:52
nessitathat makes me remember... /me needs to download saucy iso13:53
diwicnessita, are you running with tsched=0 ?14:01
nessitadiwic, not that I know of, let me check14:01
diwicnessita, if you are that could explain the large values on snd-hda-intel14:01
nessitadiwic, can you please remind me where to look?14:02
diwicnessita, /etc/pulse/default.pa14:02
nessitadiwic, full content of the file https://pastebin.canonical.com/95438/14:03
nessitai don't see tsched there14:03
diwicnessita, nope, looks like the origina14:04
nessitayeah, my recall was that I reverted all the changes I tried14:04
rtgapw, laid down some hacks on lttng in unstable. can you have a look to make sure what I did makes sense ?14:10
nessitaohsix, I see that diwic left, but just wanted to mention that booted a saucy live from pendrive, and auido playback broke as soon as I opened mumble, attached to the bug the pulse verbose log (with lots of underuns), and the /proc/interrupts from before17:24
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