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dholbachgood morning07:32
iulianMorning dholbach.07:38
dholbachhi iulian07:38
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mfischhow can I tell who sync'd a package?10:36
smartboyhwmfisch, look at the publishing history?10:37
mfischI must be looking in the wrong place, it says sync'd by Ubuntu Archive auto-sync10:39
mfischsponsored by the bot10:39
mfischbut I did that one10:39
gesermfisch: look at the entry for saucy-proposed on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pycode-browser/+publishinghistory (Copied from debian sid in Primary Archive for Debian GNU/Linux by Matthew Fischer)10:45
mfischthanks geser10:56
mlankhorstcan I get some feedback on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1208431 ?11:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1208431 in Ubuntu "please add xorg-integration-tests to universe" [Medium,In progress]11:01
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mfischI'm in meetings all week, but I can look at your package some today13:22
mfischmlankhorst: ^^13:23
mfischmlankhorst: is this package in debian already?13:30
mlankhorstno they don't have autopkgtest, so it's useless there, also some requirements missing13:30
mfischwhere did Uploaders and Original Maintainer come from?13:30
mlankhorstugh oops, copy/paste :P13:31
mlankhorstthose fields can be killed13:31
smartboyhwI don't think you should kill Original Maintainer...13:34
smartboyhwUploaders should be killed....13:34
mfischI dont think XSBC-Original-Maintainer makes sense in this case13:35
mfischit's not a debian merge13:35
mfischthe copyright file will contain the upstream author13:36
mfischmlankhorst: you need some different copyright stuff for debian/13:36
mfischmlankhorst: apt-get source unyaffs (in saucy) to get an example13:37
mlankhorstoh I like MIT, do I need a separate license for debian/* ? :P13:42
smartboyhwmlankhorst, probably GPL:)13:42
mlankhorstif I'm lucky I can get the packaging upstream, but then it has to be same license13:44
mlankhorstmfisch: I fixed the packaging now with the points you raised14:21
mfischmlankhorst: I cannot get it to build atm14:21
mlankhorstneeds xorg-gtest from saucy14:21
mfischmlankhorst: so why isn't that a dep?14:22
mfischmlankhorst: I'm curious if there are lintian issues14:22
mlankhorstI was waiting for upstream to cut a new xorg-gtest release14:22
mlankhorstthere are 2 afaik, not much I can do about them :/14:23
mlankhorstW: xorg-integration-tests source: illegal-runtime-test-name lib.libX1114:23
mlankhorstW: xorg-integration-tests source: illegal-runtime-test-name lib.libXi14:23
mlankhorstoh woops, third one from empty newlines in debian/copyright, ah well fixed that one14:26
mlankhorstI filed debian bug 711844 about that one, btw14:27
ubottuDebian bug 711844 in autopkgtest "autopkgtest: Allow uppercase letters in test names" [Wishlist,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/71184414:27
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mfischmlankhorst: the . is also an issue right?14:31
mlankhorstI don't believe it is14:31
mlankhorstunless you don't have linux-image-3.* ;-)14:32
mfischmlankhorst: "dots" sorry I missed that in the list14:33
mfischmlankhorst: does the warning cause the test to be skipped?14:35
mlankhorstno if it did none of the tests would work14:35
mfischmlankhorst: ok. well sounds like whats left is to add that gtest dep and wait for a new version to show up14:36
mlankhorstok, if i require 0.7.1-0ubuntu1 should I depend on >= that version or is 0.7.1 enough?14:39
mfischI'd rely on whatever one has the changes you need14:41
mfischfor Ubuntu specifically 0.7.1 and 0.7.1-0ubuntu1 would be the same14:42
mfischif this was in Debian that may not be true14:42
mlankhorstshrug debian version wouldn't work, package is not ready for debian yet, guess it doesn't matter14:42
mfischif you plan on pushing it to debian, I think 0.7.1 makes sense14:43
mlankhorstavailable now14:49
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jtaylorzzzzZZZzz compiling 70k line c++ files takes forever on qemu ppc :(19:42
jtaylorI'd like to get the gnu parallel situation solved in ubuntu19:45
jtaylorsomeone familiar with the package?19:45
jtaylorit conflicts with moreutils parallels in debian now19:45
jtaylorI don't like that because the stuff in moreutils is useful19:45
jtaylorI was thinking about splitting moreutils into two packages, one without parallel that does not conflict with gnu parallel19:45
jtaylorhurray compile done after 16 minutes :D19:47
ScottKjtaylor: Fix it in Debian in my thought.20:04
jtaylorI'm not sure that will be easy20:05
jtaylorthe history between parallel and moreutils is not so good20:05
jtaylorbefore I propose anything I'd like some input if its even a good idea20:05
ScottKI know just enough about it to think we don't want to deal with the diff.20:06
jtaylorthe diff probably wouldn't be big20:06
jtaylortwo extra packages20:07
jtaylorhm I guess I can file a bug and see what happens20:14
jtaylorX-Debbugs-CC can be put directly into the text header of a mail?20:24
jtayloror is it some special header I can't add with e.g. thunderbird20:24
jtaylorfound the section in the docs, should work20:25

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