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ikoniadid anyone else notice gksudo is gone in 13.0410:15
Tm_Tikonia: hm?10:18
DJonesI hadn't, but I normally use sudo nano, looks like you have to install the gksu package & gksudo is a sym link to gksu10:18
ikoniayes, but as it's "bad" to launch gui's without it ??? why is it missing10:19
Tm_Tikonia: from default install?10:19
ikoniaI don't see anything in the documentation to suggest a fix for the gui config files ending up in /root10:19
ikoniaTm_T: yes10:19
ikoniaa user reported it and I just looked on my test box and it's not there either10:19
tsimpsonI think there is a move to pkexec10:20
Tm_Tikonia: gksu seems to be in defaut install10:20
DJonesI'm just reading this http://askubuntu.com/questions/284306/why-is-gksu-no-longer-installed-by-default-in-13-0410:20
Tm_Tand gksu should provide gksudo command too10:20
ikoniaTm_T: not on my ubuntu 13.04 test machine, or the user in #ubuntu's10:20
Tm_Tikonia: it's listed in manifest file AFAICS10:20
k1lits bad to use sudo with gui, but i think they switched from gksudo to gksu?10:21
Tm_Tikonia: see http://releases.ubuntu.com/raring/ubuntu-13.04-desktop-amd64.manifest10:21
ikoniak1l: neither are installed by default10:21
Tm_Tikonia: why it's in the image then if not installed? bizarre10:22
ikoniaTm_T: that's the question I'm asking10:22
ikonia(in directly)10:22
tsimpsonit's part of the ubutnu-live task10:22
Tm_Ttsimpson: so it's used during livecd but not on installed system?10:23
DJonesThe suggestion seems to be that gksu isn't recommended anymore and that may be removed in future10:23
tsimpsonit's installed on the live CD, just not installed by default to the "real" system10:23
* tsimpson knows not why10:23
Tm_Tinteresting to remove functionality without providing replacement10:24
tsimpsonyou can use pkexec10:24
tsimpsonit uses PolicyKit instead of su10:25
tsimpsonit seems quite a bit more complex to use than *su{,do} though10:28
ikoniarightly so though, as it depends on policies, rather than a setup basic sudo rules10:28
MyrttiYeah I noticed the same in Debia'm13:57
Piciikonia: do you search out the weird questions, or do the weird questions only come out when you're active?14:15
ikoniaPici: which one did I miss ?14:37
ikonia(I started playing a game as I was bored)14:37
Piciikonia: the sudo history person.14:39
ikoniaI want a shell function to be a command so I can lock it14:39
ikoniahe's messed up his sudoers file now (no doubt trying to lock history) I'd love to tell him "re-install" so they learn the value of a.) not messing b.) taking backups14:40
k1ljdale, wasnt he there the last days? and now its icelite and talking about " a friend" and the ident is jdale again?16:12
ikoniayes, same host16:18
ikoniahe even just connected as his old nick and re-connected16:19
ikonia17:01 -!- jdale [~jdale@pool-173-66-166-124.washdc.fios.verizon.net] has quit [Client Quit]16:19
ikonia17:02 -!- icelite [~jdale@pool-173-66-166-124.washdc.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu16:19
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