jibelgood morning07:39
DanChapmanGood Morning all :-)08:00
slickymastergood morning all09:49
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slickymasterelfy: ping. You there?14:16
smartboyhwHey balloons14:46
balloonssmartboyhw, howdy14:47
balloonssmartboyhw, did you plan on using ubuntu on air for this saturday's hackfest?15:01
smartboyhwballoons, actually, can you do the Hangout?15:01
smartboyhwMy webcam broke15:02
smartboyhwAnd my Mum doesn't allow me to buy one, blah15:02
balloonssmartboyhw, I think you shift is like 6 am for me or something.. on a saturday? no thanks ;-)15:03
balloonsbut seriously, you don't HAVE to have a hangout.. i usually like doing impromptu hangsout when it makes sense if someone needs extra visual help15:04
smartboyhwballoons, OK...15:04
smartboyhwI will just cancel it15:04
smartboyhwballoons, it would be great if Noskcaj can have it on Ubuntu on Air15:04
balloonswell we should chat with jackson about it15:04
smartboyhwballoons, you should chat with him when he comes online15:04
balloonsI think he might be planning on ubuntu on air.. but I asked because jose isn't sure if it's free or not15:04
smartboyhwballoons, :O that time is not free?15:05
balloonsnot sure exactly, but it seems there might be a conflict15:05
balloonsanyways, I'll chat with jackson and pass along the info15:06
=== balloons changed the topic of #ubuntu-quality to: Welcome to Ubuntu Quality | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam | Cadence Week 4: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Cadence/Saucy/Week4 | Test Drive Hackfest: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Testdrive/Hackfest | Cadence Week Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Cadence/Saucy
smartboyhwballoons, I think one of the problem now is that we have just too many testcases, and if we still want to add more we can't test them all (even with the team of testers)15:11
smartboyhwI think I have to Noskcaj anyway tmr15:11
smartboyhw*talk to15:12
elfyballoons: when you've got 5 minutes can you ping me - thanks15:12
balloonssmartboyhw, ok15:12
elfyslickymaster: kind of15:12
smartboyhwballoons, I think with the current number of unwritten testcases (202) it would be a huge number15:12
slickymasterelfy: it's just a quick question. I've noticed that you marked the xfce4 settings manager test as fix released15:13
elfyyep - we're going to leave it as is for the time being15:14
slickymasterelfy: but I was under the impression that that one was a case of work in progress15:14
balloonssmartboyhw, there is/will be a lot but everyone doesn't have to test every testcase.. Regardless, it's a good point. I think the changes made to the tracker should help in that regard, along with the ideas about pinpointing problem areas. In other words, you can test things you know haven't yet been tested or things that are causing issues15:14
slickymasterelfy: I see. Anyway, I'll keep working on it an d by the time I'll have a body of work worth to show, I'll ping on that15:15
smartboyhwballoons, here's what I'm suggesting15:15
smartboyhwFor every NEW upstream version of the package, we should ask to test them15:15
elfyslickymaster: that was the case - but really don't do anymore than you have already15:15
slickymasterelfy: ?!15:16
elfywe're not sure if we want tests seperate from the settings manager at this point15:16
elfyif you've done some more ok - thanks - but don't do anymore on it :)15:16
slickymasterelfy: you scared me there for a few seconds :)15:16
slickymasterelfy, can I be abusive and pop you another question?15:16
elfyslickymaster: but don't push it for merge yet - I'll talk to you about it at some point15:17
elfyslickymaster: well I'd rather you weren't abusive :p15:17
slickymasterelfy, got it15:17
slickymasterelfy, :)15:17
balloonssmartboyhw, we started down that route, but there are many upstream changes.. it's probably not the best idea.. certainly every major upstream version, but that requires you or I to brand it as such15:17
elfyslickymaster: what's the other question15:18
smartboyhwballoons, hmm....15:18
slickymasterelfy, I'm running some of the Xubuntu tests, in the particular case, the Mousepad one. Question is do I open a bug when I noticed something incorrect in the body of the testcase?15:18
elfysomeone did slickymaster :)15:20
slickymasterelfy: good, so I can take as granted that that is the approach to take, whenever needed, right?15:21
elfyslickymaster: I lied - jjfrv - just did some changes and then pushed it for merge proposal15:24
slickymasterelfy: ok, so, do you think I should fil it against the original bug, the one at ubuntu-manaul tests?15:25
elfyslickymaster: mousepad?15:26
slickymasterelfy: yes, step 8 - "Click case sensitive box and click Replace All" there's no Replace All button, just "Replace"15:27
elfyno - leave it - or look at the merge proposal and see if it's covered, if it's not comment on that instead https://code.launchpad.net/~jjfrv8-gmail/ubuntu-manual-tests/Xfce4Terminal-revised/+merge/17847815:28
slickymasterelfy, okie dokie. I won't "abuse" any further :)15:29
slickymasterelfy, Jack already covered it15:34
elfyslickymaster: ok15:34
balloonsLetozaf_, buonasera19:11
Letozaf_balloons, buonasera19:11
balloonsso I was looking at your tests to merge for rss reader19:14
Letozaf_balloons, how are they ? do they look good ?19:14
Letozaf_balloons, there are a couple of sleep around, couldn't get rid of them :(19:15
balloonsLetozaf_, I'm getting some failures19:15
balloonson the whole they looked good19:15
Letozaf_balloons, :'(19:15
Letozaf_balloons, for the failures19:15
balloonsblame my pc :-)19:16
Letozaf_balloons, they work on my box, with autopilot run  -v19:16
Letozaf_balloons, I think it's all timing problems19:16
Letozaf_balloons, lol19:16
balloonsif you have sleeps.. you'll have timing issues19:17
balloonsso let's go through and get rid of them eh :-)19:17
Letozaf_balloons, sure, thanks19:17
Letozaf_balloons, the one at line 148, is the hardest one to get rid of19:18
Letozaf_balloons, where do you get failures ?19:18
Letozaf_balloons, argh! I ran the test again and I get no failure :?19:22
balloonsLetozaf_, no worries no worries19:22
balloonsLetozaf_, try clearing everything out before you run it19:22
balloonsrm -rf ~/.local/share/Qt\ Project/QtQmlViewer/QML/OfflineStorage/Databases/19:22
balloonsthat way you know your not depending on any local config19:23
Letozaf_balloons, ok let me try19:23
Letozaf_balloons, lol autopilot crashed :) didn't let rssreader download the default feeds19:25
balloonsyea I got that one too..19:25
balloonsre-running fixed it. I think we might need to report it as a bug in ap, but we'll see19:25
Letozaf_balloons, so let me re-run it :) do you run it with -v  or not (autopilot run -v) ?19:26
balloonsrunning with -vv isn't a bad idea :-)19:27
balloonshmmm it's failing to read the header19:28
balloonsthat's silly19:28
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Letozaf_balloons, now I get a failure, but not the same one you got, I get an error on clicking the topic toolbar button19:33
balloonsmy box does NOT like the header.title asserts at all19:33
Letozaf_balloons, :( why ? I get no complain here, what could the difference be ?19:34
Letozaf_balloons, I mean between my box and yours19:34
Letozaf_balloons, and why the program behaves differently19:34
Letozaf_balloons, that's curious19:34
balloonslet me check and see if that fixes it19:35
balloonsk running19:36
Letozaf_balloons, yes I also think so because the same test on time fails and the next works, without any change, how do we fix this ?19:37
Letozaf_I mean one time fails not on time19:37
balloonsLetozaf_, your using eventually19:39
balloonsi caught it!19:39
balloonsyou're using eventually19:39
balloonsknome would be proud19:39
Letozaf_balloons, can't I ?19:40
balloonsLetozaf_, sorry I got sidetracked correcting myself. Heh. So yes, avoiding sleep means using eventually. and you are. but let me check19:40
balloonsit might not be polling like we think it should19:40
Letozaf_balloons, ok19:41
balloonsit still hates me19:45
Letozaf_balloons, :(19:46
Letozaf_balloons, it hates me one time and the other no! :)19:46
balloonsLetozaf_, lol.. well one thing is it looks like upstream renamed one of the tabs19:47
balloonsso I'll change that19:47
Letozaf_balloons, cool :-)19:48
balloonsit really doesn't like reading the main window19:50
balloonsI would suggest doing things a different way than the header19:51
Letozaf_balloons, ok19:51
balloonslet's look at the page itself19:51
balloonsso all those qml files define pages19:52
balloonsfor example, Page {19:52
balloons    id: editPage19:52
balloonsthat's the edit Feed page. Let's add an objectName there for that page, then issue a select for Page, objectName=editfeedpage19:53
Letozaf_balloons, the one with title "Feeds" right ?19:54
Letozaf_balloons, or the appendfeedpage ?19:55
Letozaf_balloons, oh thanks19:57
balloonswell.. you need to do it for all the pages you want to check :-)19:57
Letozaf_balloons, do we have the same stuff ? I do not have the EditFeed.qml ... :)19:59
Letozaf_balloons, maybe you have a "newer" version of rssreader app20:00
balloonslooks in the feeds folder20:01
balloonsLetozaf_, bzr merge lp:ubuntu-rssreader-app20:01
Letozaf_balloons, ok20:01
Letozaf_balloons, now I've got it :p20:02
Letozaf_balloons, maybe here is the answer to why it worked on my box20:02
Letozaf_balloons, and on yours not :p20:02
balloonsLetozaf_, :-) yea, it's important to stay updated20:02
balloonshowever that's why we should merge quickly so changes don't break things20:03
Letozaf_balloons, must remember this :p20:03
balloonssome of these teams are constantly landing changes, heh20:03
balloonsLetozaf_, so does that all make sense? I'll just wait for your update if so20:06
balloonsNoskcaj, I need to chat with you quickly about the hackfest20:06
Noskcajballoons, sure20:07
Letozaf_balloons, yes I will fix and then "come back"20:07
balloonsNoskcaj, so a couple thing.. howard can't do a hangout now, due to his webcam not working20:08
Noskcajballoons, he emailed me about that20:08
balloonsin addition, are you planning on doing the hangouts onair?20:08
NoskcajIf we could, i'd not put much though into tht20:09
balloonsLetozaf_, also, I don't think you need your sleep20:09
Letozaf_balloons, If I delete it the test fails, if  I leave it it works20:09
balloonsNoskcaj, what's your plan for the hangouts? you going to screen share you coding?20:09
balloonsLetozaf_, ohh I see.. that's an easy fix20:10
Letozaf_balloons, at least on my box, but now I must try the test with the last merges20:10
balloonsLetozaf_, I'll explain when everything else is done20:10
Noskcajballoons, Provided no one in my house uses the phone or touches another computer, i might just have enough bandwidth for that. therwise i'll do audio only20:10
Letozaf_balloons, ok fine20:10
balloonsgood.. everything should work :-)20:10
balloonsNoskcaj, lol.. ahh so if it's audio only, probably should stay off ubuntu on air20:11
NoskcajI think i'll be able to do video. Plus there should be a few others there20:12
balloonsdid you plan to hack at the same time in a pad, or just hack on seperate things yourself and do review work etc?20:12
Noskcajprobably just hack by yourself20:13
balloonsNoskcaj, alrighty. I think that's all the questions I had :-) I'll probably ping people again in a few days to remind them20:20
Noskcajok, ty.20:21
Letozaf_balloons, can I show you a "bug" ?20:22
Letozaf_balloons, it should be a bug :)20:23
balloonsLetozaf_, what is it?20:24
Letozaf_balloons, launch rssreader app with autopilot launch, select add feed form the toolbar and click to add a feed20:25
Letozaf_balloons, you get the shorts title under the append feed one20:25
Letozaf_balloons, two titles on over the othe20:25
Letozaf_balloons, sorry other20:25
balloonsLetozaf_, ohh yes I know what you mean.. I was getting that20:26
balloonsthat's another potential autopilot bug :-)20:26
Letozaf_balloons, should I report a bug or what ?20:26
balloonsyea.. I think the crash and that both deserve reports20:26
Letozaf_balloons, ok so I will report the bugs20:27
balloonsLetozaf_, nothing is ever easy is it :-) It's good to find bugs20:27
Letozaf_balloons, yes, well it's better we find them than the users, right ?20:27
balloonsthat is the point isn't it? :-)20:27
Letozaf_balloons, sure :)20:28
Letozaf_balloons, bug number 1208605 if you want to confirm it :)20:39
Letozaf_bug #120860520:39
ubot5bug 1208605 in Ubuntu RSS Feed Reader App "Shorts and Append feed titles overlying" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120860520:40
Letozaf_balloons, for the other bug I did not get another crash, as soon as it crashes again I will report the bug, ok ?20:41
balloonsyes I think that's fine20:42
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