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apwsystemd seems to have some 'stuck' autopkgtest test, jenkins seems to be reporting them complete, but they show RUNNING in britney08:20
cjwatsonjibel: ^-08:22
jibelapw, cjwatson unstucking08:23
apwjibel, thanks08:23
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psivaa_cjwatson: xnox: reported bug #1208401 for lvm server smoke test failures from 20130803. Reported against lvm2. Not sure who else to ping :)09:55
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1208401 in lvm2 (Ubuntu) "saucy server lvm installations fail to boot " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120840109:55
xnoxpsivaa_: well recent TIL is good to ping as well. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lvm2/+changelog were the images with 2.02.98-1ubuntu3 ok?09:56
xnoxpsivaa_: maybe apw and/or roaksoax need a ping about ^09:57
psivaa_xnox: thanks10:00
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didrockscjwatson: infinity: I wonder if the chroot isn't stuck: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mesa/9.1.4-0ubuntu6/+build/484589710:15
cjwatsondidrocks: asked ops, thanks10:33
xnoxinfinity: can you de-new tk8.6 from above ^ that should be the last bits of multiarching tk/tcl s11:49
infinityxnox: Danke.  Is this tcl/tk multiarch stuff going to end up in Debian so we don't have to carry deltas forever for detecting things in configure, etc?12:53
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xnoxinfinity: bugs and patches are in bts. It's uploaded in experimental, pending de-newing there. So eventually it will land, hopefully in jessie time frame.13:15
infinityxnox: jessie's a long way off, one would hope. :P13:43
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stokachuhow would i get a python 2.7 application into main if it is not being accepted in a seed update?15:08
stokachuits a private python module so making it a build dependency on another package in main doesn't make sense15:09
stokachubug 1206106 is the one im working on15:10
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1206106 in sosreport (Ubuntu) "[MIR] sosreport" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120610615:10
infinitystokachu: "Not being accepted in a seed update" how?15:22
infinitystokachu: It either needs to be seeded, or isn't in main.  There's no in between here.15:22
stokachuinfinity: i was told that python 2.7 wasn't being accepted15:23
stokachuinfinity: i created an MP to see sosreport on cloud-image, desktop, server, and server-ship15:24
infinitystokachu: python2.7 is in all those tasks already.15:25
infinitystokachu: Though, we'd prefer not, sure.  I take it porting sosreport to python 3 would be very painful?15:25
stokachuinfinity: not to painful i've started on the port already15:25
stokachubut im getting some push from cloud guys to have it seeded on cloud-image15:26
infinitystokachu: So see it for cloud-image.  It's their seed.15:28
infinitystokachu: Who told you that you can't?15:28
stokachuinfinity: smoser didnt want any new python 2.7 private modules in there15:28
stokachuand i believe seb128 didn't want any new python 2.7 on the server one15:28
stokachuor maybe that was desktop, im not sure15:28
seb128it was desktop15:29
stokachuseb128: thanks i forgot :D15:30
seb128I've no say about server15:30
seb128and don't really care what they do15:30
seb128but we have been under pressure to drop python2 from the desktop install for some cycle and we are not adding new users15:30
infinitystokachu: So, which "cloud guys" are asking for it to be added?  Clearly not smoser.  Or is he arguing with himself? ":P15:31
infinitystokachu: Anyhow, it could be seeded in supported.  It doesn't need to be in any default install to be in main.15:31
stokachuinfinity: so could i get it seeded in supported and then talk to the cloud team about the importance of having it on their seed?15:32
infinitystokachu: Yeahp.15:35
infinitystokachu: I'll do it now.15:35
stokachuinfinity: awesome man i appreciate it! was just updating the MP15:35
stokachuinfinity: should i just close this https://code.launchpad.net/~adam-stokes/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu.saucy/+merge/17746915:36
infinitystokachu: Yeah, just ditch the MP, I already committed.15:37
stokachuinfinity: thanks man this helps a lot15:37
infinitystokachu: And commented on the bug to reflect the current state of... Whatever.15:38
stokachuinfinity: haha love the comment15:39
xnoxstokachu: given that all of openstack is python2.7 it is inevitable to have python2 on server images.15:59
stokachuxnox: good point15:59
stokachumed_: ^15:59
xnoxstokachu: ditto cloud-init on cloud images.15:59
med_stokachu, thanks.16:01
stokachumed_: :)16:01
infinityxnox: Right, but the point is that some product managers would prefer not to accept any *new* python2.7 packages.  The goal is to reduce the number to 0, not use the current >> 0 value to excuse increasing it.16:12
infinitystokachu: ^16:13
stokachuinfinity: ok sounds good16:46
skellatinfinity: Are you available and willing to take a look at this today perhaps? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xubuntu-docs/+bug/120749320:13
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1207493 in xubuntu-docs (Ubuntu) "[SRU] Documentation does not match shipped system version (11.10 shipped with 12.04)" [High,Confirmed]20:13
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