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max64if i have an IP address .. can i detect his geographical location percisely?  and how?  thanks02:44
virusuy_max64: yes, with geoip02:44
jkitchenI wouldn't call it "precisely" though.02:45
virusuy_it's a program that you can install from repos02:45
jkitchennot like you're gonna get his address.02:45
virusuy_yeah, not 'that' precisely02:45
virusuy_but at least you'll now the country02:45
virusuy_or state02:45
jpdsmax64: sudo apt-get install geoip-bin; geoiplookup $IP02:48
max64no other method possible to detect his percise point location?02:48
jpdsmax64: What are you trying to do to this poor IP?02:48
max64i'm trying to learn only no other that it02:49
virusuy_max64: basically it's really hard to you know that information02:49
max64:) thats ok02:50
ag763anyone know why a wireless nic wouldn't start on boot?  its config is in the interface file and 'ifconfig wlan0 up' works fine.  working on setting up an AP02:50
ag763take it no one has run into anything like that02:58
Matrix3000__need some help with ldap, i've followed both https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ActiveDirectoryHowto and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LDAPClientAuthentication?highlight=%28%28OpenLDAPServer%29%2903:23
Matrix3000__I was able to get ldapsearch to work, but it keeps on saying it couldn't validate the password.03:24
Matrix3000__I am going up against a windows server 2003 domain controller03:24
bkboggyhi guys, I'm new to Linux/Servers... I just installed the "server" version of Ubuntu and I'm trying to install Apache 2 package... so I typed in    sudo apt-get install apache2   and got back information about the package and how much space it'll take to install, i confirmed it and then got a list of errors that say in essense that there is a failure resolving 'us.archive.ubuntu.com'04:01
bkboggyand then a list of failures to fetch archives..... i tried sudo apt-get update and got failures messages as well04:01
bkboggyany ideas how to fix it?04:01
jpdsbkboggy: Your DNS is broken.04:04
bkboggyhow do i fix it04:04
jpdsbkboggy: Found out when your proper DNS nameservers are, and set them correctly in /etc/network/interfaces04:04
bkboggyjpds: so, I have the IP address for the DNS servers, I am a bit confused on the setting part... I'm not familiar with linux terminal commands04:06
bkboggydo i just type /etc/network/interfaces and then type DNS servers... or?04:06
jpdsbkboggy: No.04:07
jpdsbkboggy: You type: sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces04:07
bkboggyjpds: and then it'll have options for me?04:08
jpdsbkboggy: And somewhere in your interfaces definition, you need a "dns-nameservers IP.ADD.RH.ERE" line somewhere.04:08
bkboggyoh, so it's like a text file?04:09
bkboggy*configuration file04:09
jpdsbkboggy: Yes.04:09
bkboggyi see, thank you very much04:09
bkboggyi will be right back if i have more problems :)04:09
Matrix3000__wish someone could be that helpful with ldap auth on a windows server 2003 domain haha libnss-ldap is not being friendly to me04:18
jpdsMatrix3000__: Well, you could always go for something like: https://shop.canonical.com/index.php?cPath=41_3904:20
Matrix3000__haha, don't need that for a whole server haha04:21
Matrix3000__already have it working with kerb04:21
Matrix3000__why waste the money04:21
jpdsWhy's it a waste of money if you get an answer from a expert? Anyway.04:21
Matrix3000__It's not a necessity04:21
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Matrix3000there we go04:22
Matrix3000was wondering why I had the _04:23
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DenBeireni'm planning on building a testing device based on some old (small) hdd's i have lying around,..06:05
DenBeirenin the future, the hdd's would need to be swapped for bigger ones06:05
DenBeirencan i put 6 hdd's in software raid, and have boot, root, home and data on lvm's?06:06
DenBeirenor should i pick one disc for boot, root and swap and have home and data on raid and lvm?06:06
jpdsDenBeiren: It's a test machine, good and try it.06:07
DenBeirenyes, ofc, but is it a good idea to spread boot root and swap over raid and lvm?06:07
jpdsDenBeiren: Everyone will tell you a different answer based on their experience. I don't see why not, you don't want your /boot not to not survive a disk failure.06:10
DenBeirenand are there any tuts out there to migrate to bigger disks? cfr rebuild raid, expand lvm etc06:12
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DenBeirenI've been getting this message for quite a while now,.. should i be worried? *** /dev/mapper/samantha-data will be checked for errors at next reboot ***07:30
DenBeirenseems like it is never checked07:30
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jamespageMadkiss, around? I'd like to pull ceph-deploy into the pkg-ceph team for Debian if thats OK with you.08:25
Madkissjamespage: i haven't touched the package in ages, but sure, please go ahead08:32
jamespageMadkiss, ta08:34
jamespageMadkiss, I should have spotted your ITP before I packaged it for Ubuntu - that was my bad :-(08:35
wiehanHi. I'm having some issues with my first ubuntu server install with a RAID setup. I have a Asus p8 H77 MLE mobo and it says it supports RAID (It doesn't specify whether it's actual physical or Fake RAID), but nonetheless the problem comes in when I start to setup the ubuntu server. Firstly I am unsure at this screen http://bayimg.com/GaOAHAAeC what to choose. These are some other pics of the RAID config http://bayimg.com/gAOAg08:47
wiehanaaeC  and  http://bayimg.com/GAoafAAec08:47
wiehanIf I've set RAID at a hardware level, i.e. the mobo, what does it mean when ubuntu server asks me "One or more drives containing Serial ATA RAID configs have been found... Activate Serial ATA RAID devices"?08:51
Madkissjamespage: no need to apologize; you were the guy to spend time uselessly ;-)08:56
jamespageMadkiss, not much tbh08:56
wiehan_I Need some help with RAID setup in ubuntu server.08:56
wiehan_What does it mean: "one or more drives containing Serial ATA RAID configs found... activate Serial ATA RAID devices?" I've setup a RAID1 in the mobo, I don't know what to choose at this screen08:59
Madkissjamespage: every second is too much. :P09:00
wiehan_Anyone that can assist with RAID setup? Please.09:09
frojndHm, anyone here OpenVPN server side experienced user? :) Trying to setup up in a way when client is using OpenVPN _ALL_ the data goes through OpenVPN, not just reaching the server...09:10
frojndI'm reading this doc: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/openvpn.html correct me if I'm wrong, but when using Adcanced configuration -> Advanced router VPN configuration on server I should be able to browse the internet with server's ip while using OpenVPN?09:23
frojndInstead, I can't even ping but only server with ping
mic_tried mtr?09:27
frojndmic_: mtr?09:28
mic_see where it stops.09:28
mic_apt-cache search mtr09:28
mic_and then apt-get install mtr09:28
mic_it's a better traceroute09:28
mic_and check your routing.09:29
frojndko installed09:29
frojndmic_: simple configuration works..09:29
frojndhttps://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/openvpn.html#openvpn-simple-server-configuration I can reach server on lan09:29
frojndnow I'm trying to use internet as well09:29
frojndIn documentation says: If you want to reach more servers or anything in other networks, push some routes to the clients. DONE: push "route"09:30
frojndAnd then it further says: If enabled, this directive will configure all clients to redirect their default network gateway through the VPN, causing all IP traffic such as web browsing and and DNS lookups to go through the VPN (the OpenVPN server machine or your central firewall may need to NAT the TUN/TAP interface to the internet in order for this to work properly).09:31
frojndmic_: this mtr is X11 package09:31
mic_it can do x1109:31
mic_but it's also console.09:31
mic_so you have two issues - check if you have proper routes09:32
mic_and then - since these people connect from private addressess - make sure you nat the stuff09:32
frojndmic_: 1194 port is opened with ufw09:33
frojndon server side09:33
frojndoh, btw, you mean I check routes while connected to OpenVPN with client?09:34
mic_and then try also experimenting with your firewall turned on and off09:35
frojndHm.. when mtr while connected to openvpn it gives me nothing09:39
aruna__when Installing ubuntu server, and RAID 1 setup in Bios, What do I select when it asks me "SATA RAID devices found... activate them?"09:39
mic_frojnd: then your stuff dies immediately on the machine09:40
mic_frojnd: check routing & NAT.09:40
DenBeirenthanks jpds09:41
frojndmic_: netstat -rn says: http://sprunge.us/XaJf09:43
DenBeirenhmm,.. i must be overlooking something in the samba config09:43
frojndmic_: don't know exactly what am I looking at in order to find out what might go wrong09:43
DenBeireni set up the workgroup, the share and added a sambauser09:43
DenBeirenanything i am missing? i can't connect to my share :s09:44
frojndmic_: where it say ext.e.r.nalIP it's server's IP09:44
mic_frojnd: try to use ip r l09:45
mic_frojnd: it shows the route information in a bit friendler mode09:46
mic_frojnd: and from that it seems yuo have to default gws09:46
mic_two default gateways.09:46
frojndmic_: netstat ip r l ?09:47
mic_frojnd: ip route list09:47
mic_ip is a command.09:47
frojndah ok09:47
mic_frojnd: what I told is pretty much all from the generic bag of pointers - because I am not an OpenVPN expert.09:48
frojndmic_: it's ok, I bet you know alot more about networking than me: http://sprunge.us/RdbW09:48
frojndand I appreciate your help09:49
frojndmic_: this is ip route list while I'm not using OpenVPN on a client: http://sprunge.us/hKjJ09:50
mic_frojnd: can you ping things in the local network of the VPN server?09:52
frojndI can ping from client to server. I can ping (server) from client and I can ping (client) from server09:53
mic_anything else on that remote network?09:54
frojndmic_: jst nginx and gitolite09:54
mic_frojnd: in terms of machines ;)09:56
mic_frojnd: did you setup the NAT as the manual was saying?09:56
frojndmic_: no :) It's somewhere it data centers..09:56
frojndmic_: I've added those commands09:57
frojndpush "redirect-gateway def1 bypass-dhcp"09:57
frojndifconfig-pool-persist ipp.txt09:57
frojndpush "dhcp-option DNS"09:57
frojndpush "dhcp-option DNS"09:57
frojndbah.. let me paste it, sorry for multiline09:57
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frojndmic_: http://sprunge.us/ciDR10:01
frojndthat's server.conf without empty lines and lines starting with '#'10:02
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frojndI've explicitly followed rules and red the text so I understood what spesific command means but maybe I missed something10:05
mic_I am just wondering about that NAT10:06
frojndmic_: the only thing I didn't do was: uncomment user nobody, group nogroup10:06
mic_I am not sure OpenVPN does natting10:06
mic_and you probably have to use iptables to set it up.10:07
frojndmic_: hm can you guide me thrugh? I was using ufw till now :) didn't have much ports to open10:07
mic_frojnd: I am afraid you have also a bit of reading ahead10:08
mic_frojnd: ufw, ok. Make sure you read about NAT and its purpose in this case (and how to set it up)10:09
mic_frojnd: I can tell you that in iptables it's the MASQUERADE and SNAT targets10:09
mic_frojnd: I am not trying to sound like a condescending bastard, but checking details about that will really pay off10:11
frojndmic_: what exactly would I have to do in iptables/ufw10:12
frojndprobably everythinh that says here in docs? push routes to client10:13
mic_push routes - one thing10:19
mic_and you seem to be doing that. Second part10:19
mic_is to setup the NAT, so that your VPN clients can in fact access the Internet10:20
mic_and that's necessary, because their addresses are in the network10:20
mic_right? ;)10:20
frojndmic_: yeah, that's how I set it up in server.conf for OpenVPN, but before that there was no "LAN"10:22
frojndMaybe I found something relavant: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/OpenVPN#Configure_ufw_for_routing10:34
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Enneai have a problem: i have no idea where the "nologin" dummy shell is. it's not in /sbin/, as several guides suggest. it's there, though. i just don't know where. running 12.04. any ideas?11:27
ogra_try /usr/sbin11:28
Enneathere it is. thanks a bunch. do you have an explanation for why it's there?11:30
ogra_i think its there since forever in debian/ubuntu ... not sure thugh11:32
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indistyloFolks I had installed Jboss AS 7 Server on ubuntu 12.04 following this link (https://www.digitalocean.com/community/articles/how-to-install-jboss-on-ubuntu-12-10-64bit ), I am having port conflict problem, not able to login at Jboss Admin console. Port tomcat6 is being used and by default Jboss also using localhost. Please suggest how to fix it12:04
indistyloFolks I had installed Jboss AS 7 Server on ubuntu 12.04 following this link (https://www.digitalocean.com/community/articles/how-to-install-jboss-on-ubuntu-12-10-64bit ), I am having port conflict problem, not able to login at Jboss Admin console. Port tomcat6 is being used and by default Jboss also using localhost. Please suggest how to fix it12:05
indistylo_Folks I had installed Jboss AS 7 Server on ubuntu 12.04 following this link (https://www.digitalocean.com/community/articles/how-to-install-jboss-on-ubuntu-12-10-64bit ), I am having port conflict problem, not able to login at Jboss Admin console. Port tomcat6 is being used and by default Jboss also using localhost. Please suggest how to fix it12:26
mollerupindistylo_: change the listening port of one of the services ? your choice.12:28
indistylo_mollerup, How?12:29
mollerupcant remember which config file its in, sorry been ages since ive played with either jboss or tomcat12:31
jamespageindistylo_, try uninstalling tomcat612:43
indistylo_jamespage, i need that too for development purpose12:43
jamespageindistylo_, OK - /etc/tomcat6/server.xml should have the port definitions in it12:44
jamespageyou could add an IP alias to the server the run JBoss on the alias12:44
jamespageindistylo_, I think "-b <IP alias>" should do the trick when starting JBoss12:45
jamespageyou might need to restrict where tomcat6 runs as well12:45
indistylo_trying to fix it12:47
indistylo_jamespage, trying to fix it12:47
yolandahi, is there any charm that generates some ssh key and passes it into the relationship? i need to do something like that and i'd like to have some sample13:43
jamespageyolanda, hmm - yes13:45
jamespageyolanda, I think the nova-cloud-controller and nova-compute charms do that13:45
yolandaok, let me take a look13:45
jamespageto setup live instance migrations over SSH13:45
yolandai need that for gerrit-zuul13:46
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wiehanI urgently need some help setting up  software raid on ubuntu server... I have read the guides (most of them are old). I need help with the ubuntu server 12.04 partitioning screen. I am at the stage where I can see SCSI1 (0,0,0) (sda) 3TB and SCSI2 (0,0,0) (sdb) 3TB. My goal is to have a software RAID1 for my home server14:51
xnoxwiehan: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/advanced-installation.html#software-raid14:53
yolandajamespage, is ok to setup that ssh keys on the joined hook? i'm finding that sometimes it's correctly grabbing the key, but other times isn't, and exactly with the same process all the time14:53
wiehanHow do I achieve the above?14:54
xnoxwiehan: the guide tells exact steps.14:56
msafiHow can I know if a server have SFTP installed and can listen in on connections?15:04
wiehanxnox ty, this is the best guide so far15:04
wiehanxnox, I am having trouble where the Bootable Flag: off can't be changed to on??15:05
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wiehanI can't make a partition bootable in the manual partitioning??15:11
LcawteHi, I have a VPS running 12.04, and I was wondering if I can get some help with ip routes, at the moment I'm using a command everytime the server reboots to add the route (ip route add via but I need to add the route into whatever config so its permenant. I read somewhere it is something to do with /etc/network/interfaces, mine is http://pastebin.com/0usYa7WG ... any i15:55
dv81can i update 13.04 to the next LTS when it comes out?15:56
resnodv81: sure15:59
patdk-wkdv81, no16:01
patdk-wk13.04 can only be upgraded to 13.1016:01
dv81patdk-wk: how so?16:01
patdk-wk13.10 and 12.04 can be upgraded to 14.04 (likely the next lts)16:01
dv81right ok, thanks :)16:01
LcawteHmm, I see my client cut the end off my question, it was "any idea how I do that?" :)16:03
resnopatdk-wk: you cant upgrade none lts to lts?16:03
resnoor did i misunderstand the question16:03
patdk-wkresno sure you can16:03
patdk-wkyou can only upgrade lts -> lts16:03
patdk-wkor release to release16:03
patdk-wknot release (skip next) to lts16:04
patdk-wkso 13.10 -> 14.04 ok16:04
patdk-wk13.04 -> 14.04, bad16:04
patdk-wk13.04 -> 13.10 -> 14.04, ok16:04
resnoi misunderstood the question then16:04
dv81if my 13.04 gets updated to 13.10, and then to the 14.04 LTS, will the install be the same as an 14.04 LTS install?16:04
dv81patdk-wk: what's the difference? :)16:05
patdk-wkdunno, 14.04 isn't out16:05
dv81i believe when using an LTS release, it only checks for a upgrade to the next LTS?16:06
patdk-wkbut there can be slight differences and compatability and packaging things16:06
patdk-wkthe big one was, for 12.04, grub wsa not updated, but kept the same16:06
ScottKFor all practical purposes it will be the same.  There are sometimes things it safe to do on install, but not on upgrade (migration from grub1 to grub2 is an example), but they are rare.16:06
ScottKpatdk-wk: Yes, because there's no sane way to do it.16:06
patdk-wkyes, so it won't be the same, but should be functionally equiv and 99% the same16:07
patdk-wkbut this is why people spend time to create *release notes*16:07
patdk-wkwhy do people not read these things?16:07
dv81patdk-wk: i am now :)16:07
patdk-wkwell, 14.04 doesn't exist, so alittle hard to do that now :)16:08
dv81so for a production server, i should really be using 12.04 and only be updating to the next LTS?16:08
patdk-wkthat is up to you16:08
dv81i refer to 14.04 just as the next LTS :)16:08
patdk-wklts is good for 5 years16:08
patdk-wknon-lts is 18months16:08
patdk-wkhow long do you want your server to function, without changes?16:09
resnopatdk-wk: how long do you stay on a version before jumping to the next?16:09
patdk-wkresno, till, I prove the next version is stable16:09
patdk-wkit took me 8months to get my issues with 12.04 solved16:09
patdk-wkit took me a year to then upgrade everything16:09
resnoyou have more then 50 servers?16:10
ScottKActually non-LTS is 9 months now (starting with 13.10)16:10
resnoim curious what stablity issues occur from version to version16:10
patdk-wkresno, I start my testing long before release16:11
patdk-wkresno, only like 40 or so linux servers at the moment16:12
patdk-wkbreaking 370 windows servers16:12
resnopatdk-wk: you moving from one to oter, or just as needed b clients?16:13
resnoare you dumping linux in favor of windows? or do your numbers represent client needs/requests16:14
wiehan_I really need assistance with Ubuntu Server software Raid setup. The following two guides https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/advanced-installation.html#software-raid http://www.howtoforge.com/how-to-install-ubuntu8.04-with-software-raid1 has reference17:09
wiehan_Both are outdated. And Both Fails.17:09
xnoxwiehan_: define outdated? server guides are published for each ubuntu release and are up to date.17:10
wiehan_I cannot get a Grub2 bootloader 2 install with the ubuntu server installation promtps. It fails every time. I have tried to leave a bios-boot-partition. I have tried leaving a separate /boot on one drive, I have tried making a RAID boot partition. But nothing works. The guides are outdated. There are parts in the guides that says" Make this partition bootable, but unfortunately the installer doesn't allow that on occasions17:11
wiehan_where you select use as raid-volume17:11
xnoxwiehan_: starting from https://help.ubuntu.com/ pick your version, and select appropriate server guide.17:11
wiehan_I am using ubuntu 12.04 server17:11
xnoxwiehan_: "marking partition as bootable" is not necessary at all (grub doesn't need it)17:12
mollerupwiehan_: which format did you choose on the partition table ?17:12
wiehan_xnox ok, but the GRUB installer still fails, every time17:13
xnoxwiehan_: it's best to leave off the beginning of the partition (e.g. 4MB) such that grub for sure has enough space in the beginning to install its bootcode.17:13
xnoxwiehan_: swithc to TTY4 and tell us what the errors from grub are?17:13
wiehan_xnox, I will leave a 10mb partition for Grub and try that too. But this solution offers its own problems, i.e. GRUB won't be mirrored like the other data - what's the point of having a RAID 1? Secondly, what filesystem and what mount point should be selected for this 4 (or 10mb) partition17:15
xnoxwiehan_: you should install grub on to both drives, into mbr. E.g. /dev/sda and /dev/sdb. Your /boot should be on the raid device and thus also mirrored on both drives.17:16
xnoxwiehan_: one only ever boots from one mbr, thus the fallback here is, that you can boot from either of the drives.17:17
xnox(if one of the drive happens to fail for example)17:17
wiehan_xnox, ok, So I should then create 3 partitions on each drive and software RAID them together. The new one being /boot.17:18
wiehan_xnox, I am doing what you said now (I believe that I have tried exactly this earlier today - and it failed)17:18
wiehan_xnox for creating the 3 Partitions Swap, / , /boot I am following this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/advanced-installation.html verbatim17:19
wiehan_xnox I have two 3tb seagate drives just btw17:19
xnox3 partitions on each drive, creating 3 raid1 devices (one for each of the partitions) ?17:20
xnoxand it should be "_____ /boot, /, swap" since one should have /boot earlish on the disk (physically)17:20
wiehan_xnox will 15mb for /boot suffice? And what does "______ /boot" imply17:21
xnoxwiehan_: no, 15mb is not enough. a single kernel is 50MB ....17:21
xnox(with extra & optional modules)17:22
xnoxwiehan_: 300 MB is default, but I tend to use 500 MB for /boot17:22
wiehan_xnox I will make /boot 500mb17:22
xnoxwiehan_: and ext2 without journal for /boot, otherwise you loose space for nothing.17:22
wiehan_so on both drives I first make the three partitions and select use as "physical volume for RAID"17:23
mollerupgrub2 probably wont install because of the GPT partition table and lack of a partition marked with bios_grub: on17:23
wiehan_or for /boot must I select ext2 straight away?17:23
wiehan_mollerup, I have briefly seen a similar explanation somewhere else, could you please adumbrate ;)17:24
mollerupi have experienced that when setting up partitions manually17:25
wiehan_mollerup, Ok so what you are saying is install it, and let it fail, continue without grub, but how do you install this if you can't boot into anything?17:27
mollerupand you could always just install default on a single disk and convert to raid1 after with this: http://raider.sourceforge.net/17:28
molleruplivecd can fix the missing grub after install, but you could just setup the partitions correctly from the beginning.17:30
wiehan_mollerup, I can't believe that one cannot install a software RAID 1 by default and that you have to use something like RAIDR17:30
mollerupI must confess ive never done md-raid on any setups, never had to.17:31
wiehan_mollerup, if you're willing to assist, I would like to do it right from the installer17:31
mollerupwiehan_: you should be able to get it from the beginning, if you get the partition-table right.. that is a different problem, unrelated to md-raid17:32
wiehan_mollerup, http://bayimg.com/KAOCNaAEC does this look right thus far?17:36
wiehan_Now going into the "Configure Software RAID screen"17:36
xnoxmollerup: grub2 can handle gpt, and it really does not care about partitions marked for anything.17:36
wiehan_xnox can you have a look at that link and see whether it looks good up to this point.. I've literally been pulling my hair out this whole day about this17:37
xnoxwiehan_: yeah, looks ok.17:40
wiehan_xnox and mollerup now after the software RAID config it looks like: http://bayimg.com/mAoCgaaEc17:43
wiehan_xnox and mollerup still on the right track?17:44
mollerupwiehan_: looks ok, partition-wise17:45
mollerupxnox: yes grub2 works fine on GPT if you set up partitions correctly, if you dont have the free space and boot_grub you will get the error in the blog that I linked earlier, been there done that ...17:47
wiehan_mollerup, xnox here are the crucial partitioning specifics, is this all correct? http://bayimg.com/MaOcMaaec17:51
molleruplooks ok to me17:53
msafiHow do I specify the initial path for the user when he logs in with sFTP? (I want to give him root access)17:54
wiehan_When it ask: Do you want to boot your system if your RAID becomes degrade? What do I choose?17:55
mollerupwiehan_: yes, else it wont boot if one of the disks are missing ...17:55
mollerupmsafi: define root access ? normal user with / as his homedir ? or real root with access all areas ?17:57
msafimollerup, normal user with / as his homedir :)17:58
mollerupmsafi: then just set that as the users homedir with usermod17:59
msafimollerup, I get "sftpuser is currently used by process 7420" Do you kow why that is?18:02
mollerupmsafi: is the user logged in ?18:06
msafimollerup, Maybe he was. I killed the process and it sorta shutdown the whole thing. I restarted and set the directory like you told me! :D18:06
wiehan_mollerup, xnox all went well, grub2 said it installed without a hitch but now When I rebooted: Black screen: Reboot and select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in Selected Boot device and press a key... dope!!!!18:12
a|3xi am having issues mounting encrypted volume19:36
a|3xi am 100% sure the password is right, i've used it before19:37
a|3xi've set it up to mount at boot with /etc/crypttab19:37
a|3xit tells me this error when i enter the password:19:37
a|3xmodprobe: FATAL: Error inserting padlock_sha (/lib/modules/2.6.32-38-server/kernel/drivers/crypto/padlock-sha.ko): No such device19:38
a|3xif i enter the password again, it doesn't show me this error any more19:39
a|3xmy system partition is unencrypted and i can boot if i skip, but after boot, i can't mount it either19:40
sarnolda|3x: do you have the corresponding VIA hardware for the packlock-sha?19:41
a|3xits a virtual machine running on vmware esxi 5 / vsphere19:41
a|3xthis used to work a few months ago :(19:42
a|3xwhen i last booted it19:42
sarnolda|3x: eh, perhaps something just modprobes everything that says it can do sha sums.. does lsmod show anything that looks like it might also provide sha family of hashes?19:43
a|3xalso, one time i tried to mount from terminal after booting, it told me 'device is busy'19:44
a|3xlsmod: http://pastebin.com/YQWXQhRE19:47
sarnolda|3x: woo, sha256_generic. I think that first error message about padlock is not a problem in your environment.19:47
a|3xits fatal19:48
a|3xnot a warning19:48
sarnolda|3x: it is fatal to that specific invocation of modprobe, yes, but I don't think it is fatal to the larger operation19:48
a|3xthen why doesn't my password work19:49
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