harriswhen does it come out00:06
dgonyeoso I have a toro version of a galaxy nexus, and I want to try to install the takju galaxy nexus builds of ubuntu touch on it to see what happens00:07
dgonyeophablet-flash -b -d takju doesn't work00:07
dgonyeoanyone have any advice?00:08
harriswhen does it come out00:08
dgonyeoI just want to know how to tell phablet-flash "just pretend install the builds for device y, ignore that you don't recignize the device"00:09
dgonyeojust install*00:09
dgonyeonvm, i'm dumb00:12
dgonyeo-d maguro00:12
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harriswhen does it come out00:33
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DJJeffdoes Ubuntu Touch use wpa_supplicant for encrypted wifi? I cant find /data/ubuntu/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf04:56
DJJeffI found /data/ubuntu/etc/wpa_supplicant/ but it just has 3 .sh scripts in it04:58
DJJeffps aux | grep wpa shows...04:59
DJJeff/sbin/wpa_supplicant -B -P /run/sendsigs.omit.d/wpasupplicant.pid -u -s -O /var/run/wpa_supplicant04:59
DJJefflooks like its running but not sure where the conf file is :(04:59
DJJeffoh snap............ theres a command line interface with wpa_cli05:02
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diwicHi, is there an arm-eabi-gdb executable that works under ubuntu touch, and if so, how do I find it?06:54
DJJeffok who is the wise one to break wpa_supplicant07:40
DJJeffjust did apt-get dist-upgrade rebooted and now its not running anymore07:41
effbiaiis there any where do download ubuntu for android source code? is it released for a phone, or is ubuntu edge the first phone to get it?07:45
effbiaireffering to this http://www.ubuntu.com/phone/ubuntu-for-android07:48
ogra_effbiai, neither binary nor source of UfA are public07:48
ogra_if the edge happens it will be released alongside though07:48
ogra_DJJeff, use nm-cli, dont use wpa_supplicant directly, this will most likely break stuff07:49
DJJeff-bash: nm-cli: command not found07:51
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ogra_DJJeff, ah, sorry, no dash08:00
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ogra_if you already fiddled with the setup it might indeed now work though08:00
ogra_DJJeff, is there any reaso why you dont use the UI btw ?08:01
ogra_(phablet-network-setup will help too in case your host PC has wlan)08:03
DJJeffmy UI shows the networks but wont let me type a password08:08
DJJeffwill only put a check mark08:08
DJJeffeven if I select more then one network they all get check marks08:08
DJJeffran tail -f /var/log/syslog in my ssh session and got nothing08:09
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ogra_DJJeff, does your host PC have a wlan connection by chance ?08:10
diwicogra_, do you know if it is easy to compile an android binary? Just a small c file that will open an android library and call a function in there.08:10
ogra_ah, well, then nmcli it is08:10
diwicogra_, using hybris in that scenario would be overkill perhaps08:10
ogra_diwic, xnox did roll a bionic/android toolchain we build the android packages with  ... i need to look up the package name ...08:11
ogra_you should be able to cross build for android with it08:11
ogra_ah, thanks08:11
diwiccjwatson, is that the package name?08:12
diwiccjwatson, aha, it is only available on amd64, not on armhf itself08:13
ogra_diwic, for cross building, yes08:15
DJJeffI only wish my WLAN0 TXPOWER was 1496 dBm lol08:16
DJJeffpeed my pants from laughing so hard08:16
ogra_well, again, dont use wpa_supplicant directly ...08:17
ogra_nmcli d help08:18
ogra_start from there08:18
DJJeffjust googled this08:18
DJJeffnmcli -p dev wifi list08:19
DJJeffreturned nothing for me :(08:19
ogra_what phone is that ?08:20
DJJeffrfkill list shows that nothing is blocked08:20
DJJeffand it worked just fine before I did apt-get dist-upgrade08:21
ogra_with nmcli ?08:21
ogra_editing wpa configs doesnt count08:21
DJJeffI was using wpa_supplicant before with wpa_cli08:21
ogra_right ...08:21
DJJeffroot@ubuntu-phablet:~# iw wlan0 scan | grep SSID08:22
DJJeffshows my network just fine08:22
ogra_well, so should: nmcli d wifi list08:23
DJJeffit does not :(08:24
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ogra_well, the good question would be now ... did it before you tinkered with the wpa settings ... but i guess you didnt try08:25
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ogra_DJJeff, well, its hard to tell if it isnt whon because you changed the wpa defaults or if it has to do anything with your disct upgrade08:30
* ogra_ would just flash freshly to make sure nothing is messed up, and then use nmcli on a fresh system ....08:31
ogra_if you hack around it now by not using teh default tools, it will likely just break again on a subsequent upgrade08:32
DJJeffseems that each time I set something up and get it working it breaks when I upgrade :(08:33
DJJeffI really need to stop upgrading08:33
DJJeffor just wait for this to become more stable before diving into the settings08:33
ogra_what device are you on ?08:33
DJJeffSamsung GT 10.1 Wifi (p4wifi)08:34
ogra_(also be extremely careful with upgrading, there are shared pieces in android that arent packaged so you need to re-flash a freshly built zip alongside on upgrades)08:34
ogra_(wont influence wlan though ... )08:35
DJJeffpast upgrades have been ok (for the last 3 weeks)08:35
DJJeffuntill today where I noticed network-manager got updated08:36
DJJeffand same with wpa_supplicant08:36
DJJeffbeen using open non encrpyted networks in the past with just (iwconfig wlan0 essid "networkname") and (dhclient wlan0)08:38
ogra_asac, looking at the dashboard it smells like another week without release ...08:43
ogra_all new tests seem to fail08:43
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ogra_(we should probably rename the "dailys" to "weeklys" :P )08:44
ogra_gema, ^^^08:44
didrocksogra_: see, and you want minutely! :p08:48
didrocksogra_: daily releases are being to move on a 3 hours schedule probably FYI08:48
ogra_didrocks, well, minutely would indeed assume thests are working :P08:49
didrocksogra_: right, welcome to my world of pain ;)08:49
ogra_(and that we invent some kind fo time warp mechanism to make them finish in under a minute)08:49
didrocksogra_: let me make some "research" playing chrono cross :)08:49
ogra_welll, i think multiple dailies would be a good start already08:50
didrockswon't fix the "flacky/failing tests" though08:50
didrocksbut yeah, you will get quicker to the image08:50
ogra_no, indeed08:50
ogra_thats up to the devs of the apps08:50
ogra_(or devs of the tests ... depending where what fails)08:51
didrocksI need to get some locking system in place though to prevent if we can't make the 3 hours target because of timing out tests08:51
didrocksthat should be easy enough, but need some thoughts to be scalable08:51
ogra_yeah, could get hairy if they dleay your stuff more than once ... like ten times in a row .... and suddenly you test two days old stuff from a queue08:52
didrocksogra_: right, hence the easiest model is "if you miss the tick, you'll be picked in the next one"08:52
didrocks(but also, it expects pushing stuff in coherence every 3 hours)08:53
didrockslet's see how it goes, pushing stuff in coherence was already hard to get ;)08:53
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Traffic Light Day! :-D09:10
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MacSlowtsdgeos, Saviq, mzanetti: that's a plain Jenkins-failure, right -> https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/generic-mediumtests-runner-saucy/1596/console ?10:04
SaviqMacSlow, yes10:04
tsdgeosjust retrigger it10:04
ogra_hmpf, unity8 eats constantly ~40% CPU here10:04
ogra_my load is around 3.610:04
seb128ogra_, it's a feature, it's to keep your pocket warm in winter10:05
ogra_heh, yeah10:05
tsdgeosogra_: dednick is working on trying to find out what that happes10:05
ogra_surfaceflinger seems busy as well ... not as much as unity8 though10:05
ogra_tsdgeos, ah, awesome10:06
tsdgeosit sucks that is not easily/trivially reproducible10:06
ogra_i see it on a parted device more often than on a nexus10:07
dednickmy wpa_supplicant process quite often goes to +95% usage and stays there...10:09
dednickmaking reproducing a pain.10:11
ogra_dednick, yeah, we have rasec all over the place10:11
ogra_jodh's upstart bridge into android will help a lot with that (hopefully)10:12
jodhogra_: yeah - death to sleeps! :)10:12
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ogra_gusch, i think ricmm might be able to help you, he reworked the PID handling when we flipped ...10:24
guschogra_: thx10:24
davmor2Morning all10:29
davmor2ogra_: how are the images coming along?10:29
ogra_0804 looks fine10:29
ogra_waiting for a burp from cdimage for 0510:30
ogra_the new tests mostly fail though10:30
davmor2ogra_: yeah I have 0410:30
ogra_so i wouldnt expect a release soon10:30
davmor2ogra_: fair enough10:30
davmor2ogra_: I noticed that the images test rates were all over the place10:31
ogra_all over the place ?10:31
davmor2ogra_: 30-odd % saturday 70-odd% sunday10:33
ogra_ah, yeah, that perscentage computing is totally weird10:33
ogra_but 100% are 100% at least :)10:34
davmor2ogra_: 100% of the test are definitely tests10:35
ogra_well, i meant success rate indeed :)10:35
DJJeffim happy with my load / cpu usage hehehe http://puu.sh/3UekO.png10:38
DJJeff 03:36:58 up 4 min,  1 user,  load average: 1.16, 0.84, 0.3810:38
ogra_above 1 doesnt look so good for an idling device though10:39
DJJeffhere is a screenshot of my HTOP http://puu.sh/3Ueoh.png10:39
DJJeffwhen I first flashed ubuntu on my tablet network manager was constantly @ 100% cpu till I stopped the ofono service10:42
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DJJeffroot@ubuntu-phablet:/tmp# nmcli dev list11:13
DJJeffGENERAL.NM-MANAGED:                     no11:13
ogra_if you had re-flashed when i told you, you might have a working system since 1h :)11:14
DJJeffoh I think I solved it.... :()   had to edit /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf11:20
DJJefftook out ofono and put managed=true11:20
DJJeffnmcli con now shows11:21
DJJeffIfupdown (wlan0)          5391eba4-6426-faca-338e-5828034ff9d1   802-3-ethernet    never11:21
DJJeffI choose reflash/reinstall as a last resort as you loose your work and dont learn anything11:22
DJJeffyup problem solved http://puu.sh/3Ufye.png11:24
DJJeffoh and now wpa_cli decided to start working11:26
DJJeffso I guess doing apt-get dist-upgrade wiped out my .conf files and that was the issue11:26
ogra_right, and it would have done the same on next upgrade11:26
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asacogra_: moin moin11:34
ogra_dashboard doesnt look so good with the new tests11:35
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asacdoanac: gema: plars: dashboard needs help i guess11:35
ogra_maguro seems to hang11:35
asacogra_: yesterday or so it was still ok (no big regressions on the existing ones)11:35
ogra_yeah, i was referring to the new ones11:35
ogra_they have a lot failures11:35
asacogra_: balloons is the guy11:36
ogra_(not unexpected)11:36
asache promissed quick fix11:36
ogra_balloons, ^^11:36
asacballoons: how is the test cleanup going?11:37
asacballoons: ogra has high hopes in you11:37
ogra_me ?!?11:37
ogra_you said he's the man :)11:37
asacogra_: i guess today will be calm... lots of folks shaking out their pain11:37
ogra_yeah ... i'm melting anyway11:37
asacogra_: move in a modern flat ... here in the north room i dont really get much heat11:38
ogra_though i at least want to have the livecd-rootfs android implementation done today11:38
asacogra_: is everything in archive now?11:38
ogra_my basement is cold too11:38
ogra_asac, yes, but we still need a plan for doign automated daily builds for the package11:38
ogra_currently xnox does them manually on request11:39
asacogra_: what packages?11:39
asacogra_: so phablet ppa is dead?11:39
asaccan we kill it"?11:39
ogra_phablet PPA waits for ofono to be done afaik11:39
asacogra_: just stuff it in11:39
asacinstead of the other stuff11:39
ogra_awe and rsalveti are on it11:39
ogra_asac, thats my plan, but we still need an automated rebuild strategy11:39
asacogra_: so what i want is that all that OEM has to touch is in container11:40
ogra_else hybris can go out of sync and you stay unbootable11:40
asacogra_: so we might want to move more in there11:40
asacand maybe the android container should be a separate image like thing11:40
ogra_it is11:40
asacthat we distribute as a separate baseline11:40
asacogra_: good. then just live-build it11:40
ogra_we cant distribute it separately11:41
asacogra_: we already do, no?11:41
ogra_it always needs the matching hybris ABI11:41
asace.g. +maguro11:41
asacwhy do we change hybris api?11:41
ogra_yes, but the build is 100% bound to the content of the armhf zip11:41
asacwhat changes hybris api? i would think if we dont move to a new android11:41
ogra_ABI :)11:41
asacwe dont change that api11:41
ogra_not api11:41
asacabi changes, but api not?11:42
ogra_you need binary compatibility on both sides11:42
asacthat feels odd11:42
asaci know11:42
ogra_i dotn care about api at all :P11:42
asacbut... the hybris api/abi doesnt change much, i would think11:42
ogra_i do care about failing boots :)11:42
ogra_if hybris on the android side changed you need to rebuild android and need to re-flash along with updating the hybris deb on the ubuntu side11:43
ogra_and since hybris  and platform-api can hook into HW specific bits you cant just have a generic cross built hybris package that you could dump into the container11:45
asacogra_: when does hybris change? isnt that just when new android comes out?11:46
ogra_asac, it changes all the time11:58
xnoxogra_: i can build 4.3 android emulator from aosp and it does run (that's target arch arm, running under qemu). Do you think it's sensible to try, ubuntu touch port against aosp builds? for some reason the cyanogenmod emulator builds are borked, and i don't feel like fixing that.12:00
ogra_xnox, why not, if you can get it to work12:02
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Mirvrenato_: hi, can you look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/address-book-app/+bug/1208343 which blocks phone stack publishing12:53
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1208343 in address-book-app "AP test address_book_app.tests.test_contactlist.TestContactList.test_contact_list failing" [Undecided,New]12:54
ogra_rsalveti, btw, you said sensorservice was moved to late_start to fix a race ... was that before or after the flip ? :)12:54
rsalvetiogra_: after flip12:54
ogra_ah, k12:55
ogra_sad, i had hopes12:55
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seb128gusch, hey, are you working on the gallery-app (seems so from the commit history)?13:25
davmor2ogra_: hmmm that will be an interesting bug then,  on 05 disable wifi to allow 3g to be tested enable wifi refuses to connect correctly 3  then crashes the entire device instant reboot nice :)13:26
guschseb128: yep - although currently busy with other stuff ;)13:26
seb128gusch, I've some questions for you if you have a bit of spare time :-)13:27
seb128gusch, 1- can I --pick-photo on a specific album (if not, is that planned)?13:27
xnoxogra_: do we at all have: unflipped userdata as .img ?13:28
guschseb128: no, not planned at the moment13:28
seb128hum, ok13:29
seb128gusch, next question "is there a way to call that picker from qml"?13:29
guschseb128: Kaleo is working on that picker API for QML, but the picker is not yet functional :(13:30
seb128gusch, ok, I'm asking for https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Appearance#Phone (to give some context)13:31
seb128gusch, I think I'm just going to make one entry calling gallery-app --pick-photo meanwhile13:32
guschseb128: I'd say that's a good idea13:33
seb128Kaleo, hey, where can I get details on the content picker that you are working on and what it's going to do/support?13:34
seb128gusch, thanks for the replies ;-)13:34
Kaleoseb128: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1j7LsTDHLlYODMxXkz6PI-wqgDMvDuwlz8NWzSyYF9Zg/edit#heading=h.nm4hvq9ryltd13:35
seb128Kaleo, thanks13:35
Kaleoseb128: not working on it right now13:36
seb128Kaleo, do you have any idea when that's going to be available/usable?13:36
guschseb128: not before I'v done the backend for it - don't hold your breath :(13:37
seb128are you guys saying we should better build a custom image grid/picker for the background selection?13:38
seb128that google doc has 13.08 as target for a qml api in the sdk13:38
seb128I guess that needs to be revisited?13:38
Kaleoseb128: probably it has; maybe; maybe we manage to get something for end of month13:41
Kaleoseb128: can you work on something else in the meantime,13:41
seb128Kaleo, yes13:41
seb128I'm just going to put that on hold with a note to revisit in septembre13:41
seb128if by then the content picker is still not there we might need a plan B13:42
seb128gusch, Kaleo: thanks13:42
seb128gush: if I read that google doc correctly the picker is going to allow important photos from apps (gallery and camera are the ones we need) and from specific folders?13:43
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guschseb128: not sure what you mean, you'll be able to import the photos, that are available in gallery-app13:45
seb128gusch, what about pointing to a directory? like /usr/share/backgrounds13:46
seb128gusch, those are not user photos/in the gallery, but we are going to need to pick files from there for the background13:46
seb128gusch, e.g is the picker going to support an "import from <DIR>" ?13:46
ogra_xnox, no, we dont have userdata as img at all13:46
ogra_(i mean we dont use it)13:46
ogra_davmor2, wait for awe ... he was working on a fix for all this (or at least coordinating the work)13:47
xnoxogra_: i'll see if i can fake one, by repackaging unflipped .zip roughly following what our deploy script does. Emulator runs off .imges only.13:47
guschseb128: no - no plan for that13:47
plarsballoons: good morning13:48
ogra_xnox, well, the build surely produces an img ... you can use sim2img to make it mountable, install the tarball in it and re pack it with img2simg13:48
guschseb128: interessting requirement ...13:48
plarsballoons: ubuntu-clock-autopilot and ubuntu-clock-app-autopilot were both on our list of requested app tests to add. Are they really different from one another though?13:48
ogra_xnox, what android produces is otherwise just the directory structure inside the img13:48
seb128gusch, where would be the right place to open a wishlist?13:49
Kaleoseb128: gusch: add /usr/share/backgrounds to a default album in the gallery app?13:50
Kaleoand done?13:50
ogra_seb128, we ship ubuntu-bug now :)13:50
seb128Kaleo, that would work for me, we might not want to list backgrounds there though13:51
wilee-nileemmmm bugs13:51
Kaleoseb128: sounds like a design question13:51
davmor2ogra_: will do ta13:52
seb128mpt, ^ opinion/can you check with other designers?13:52
Kaleoseb128: mpt: especially Rachel and Oren (who take care of the picker)13:52
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cyphermoxrsalveti: sergiusens: hey, how's it going?14:01
cyphermoxbtw I still have https://code.launchpad.net/~mathieu-tl/phablet-extras/brcm-rename/+merge/176270 waiting for review ;)14:01
rsalveticyphermox: hey, welcome back14:02
rsalvetiyeah, had some comments but forgot to update that, just a sec14:03
rsalveticyphermox: just updated it14:07
rsalveticyphermox: just a better check for getprop, as this will be installed by default14:08
rsalveticyphermox: the mako one is missing 'stop on' as well14:09
cyphermoxyeah, that's on purpose14:09
cyphermoxthere is not really a stop case for mako14:09
rsalvetiyeah, just thought about that14:09
rsalveticyphermox: why do we need to export a PATH in there?14:10
cyphermoxprobably not, I'll re-check14:10
rsalveticyphermox: cool, and sleep 15 is really a long sleep, do we need a high value like that?14:10
cyphermoxsleep: yeah, seems like it does, but if you give me a few minutes I'll triple-check14:10
cyphermoxbut brcm-patchram takes a little bit to get done14:11
rsalveticyphermox: perfect14:11
cyphermoxI'm reflashing my nexus 4 right now, I'll verify all of this14:13
ogra_cyphermox, davmor2 also had some weird behavior with wlan interacting with 3G (might be UI related though, he can surely explain better)14:14
cyphermoxlet's look into it14:14
cyphermoxdavmor2: ?14:15
ogra_<davmor2> ogra_: hmmm that will be an interesting bug then,  on 05 disable wifi to allow 3g to be tested enable wifi refuses to connect correctly 3  then crashes the entire device instant reboot nice :)14:16
ogra_from the backlog14:16
davmor2cyphermox: so for me I wanted to test the 3g connection,  so I opened the NM-indicator deselected wifi.  Tested the 3g connection worked and then went to re-enable the wifi.  The wifi instantly flicked back to X in nm-indicator so I tried it 2 more time then the device crashed and rebooted14:17
cyphermoxwhat device was that?14:17
davmor2cyphermox: maguro14:17
davmor2cyphermox: that is on 0514:18
cyphermoxheh, the indicator is as broken as ever14:21
riddleboxhello, is there a blog or any site I can go to see the progress on ubuntu touch?14:21
cyphermoxit restarts so often it's not impossible that NM got confused by the state changes if it changed states a lot14:21
cyphermoxdavmor2: ^14:22
davmor2cyphermox: this was disable, open the webbrowser, wait for the first page to load click on the indigogo link wait for that, close browser enable wifi,  so a minute or more maybe?14:23
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cyphermoxdavmor2: yeah, but I meant something else actually14:24
cyphermoxwhen you enable or disable, the indicator itself crashes and restarts14:24
cyphermoxthat's why you see the app flashing and stuff14:24
davmor2cyphermox: ah right14:24
davmor2cyphermox: yes that I see14:24
cyphermoxI started looking into that, with help from desrt, but I didn't manage to fix that one issue yet14:25
cyphermoxnot sure whether it's worth spending too much time on it though since tedg is working on the indicator...14:25
dejelloAnyone know where I can find a log for the Porting Clinic discussion?  Been on vacation and missed it.14:25
ogra_dejello, irclogs.ubuntu.com has all ubuntu related irc logs14:26
ogra_(including this channel)14:26
dejelloThank you14:27
davmor2cyphermox: the other thing as well is I believe there is a new indicator hopefully landing soon so I don't know how much effort you will want to put into it,  ogra_ that was the outcome from tedg right?14:28
cyphermoxdavmor2: yeah that's what I was just saying :)14:29
ogra_not sure of that also is true for NM though14:29
davmor2cyphermox: ah sorry :)14:29
ogra_ah, good14:29
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|tea
cyphermoxit's the network indicator, for driving wifi and 3G14:29
davmor2cyphermox: I thought it also included signal strength for telecoms too14:30
cyphermoxor you know well,14:30
cyphermoxpossibly, I don't know ;)14:30
davmor2cyphermox: I think you missed a maybe and a perhaps out of that sentence :)14:31
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balloonsplars, I'm confused by clock-app and ubuntu-clock.. probably a misprint. There's only one clock app14:44
plarsballoons: but there are two test packages14:45
plarsballoons: ubuntu-clock-autopilot and ubuntu-clock-app-autopilot14:45
davmor2balloons: there is the clock indicator too or is that in an other part?14:49
stomrbingerhi everyone14:51
Chocantoballoons: The libpoppler-qt5 as just been released in saucy, I think we will be able to work on pdf tests soon :)14:51
balloonsChocanto, :-)14:51
* ogra_ finally wants to be able to read his ebooks on ubuntu touch 14:52
balloonsplars, so the ubuntu-clock-app is using ubuntu-clock-app-autopilot14:52
plarsballoons: but are the tests doing something different?14:52
Chocantoogra_: It would be awesome ! :)14:53
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balloonsplars, as far as I can tell ubuntu-clock-autopilot isn't doing anything and isn't needed15:00
mptseb128, Kaleo: That's why I wrote "items for “Ubuntu Art” ... *and* an item for each album in the gallery"15:01
mptseb128, Kaleo: So it's a variation of the image content picker specifically in that here it shows the Ubuntu Art collection whereas everywhere else it does not.15:01
=== Namidairo is now known as Namidairo`bnc
seb128mpt, would "Ubuntu Art" be part of the gallery albums?15:03
seb128mpt, seems like the picker as designed atm doesn't support what you want, at least it doesn't have a "pick from album"...15:03
mptseb128, no, that's why I wrote "*and*" there15:03
mptShould I change it to "plus"? :-)15:04
seb128mpt, I guess I should open a bug because there might be a disconnect between the design and what the picker is going to allow us to do15:04
seb128mpt, no, the design is fine, but it seems like the picker is not going to let pick from something which is not a gallery album15:04
mptseb128, probably. I did raise this with Rachel earlier. I haven't seen the design for the content picker though.15:05
seb128mpt: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1j7LsTDHLlYODMxXkz6PI-wqgDMvDuwlz8NWzSyYF9Zg/edit#heading=h.nm4hvq9ryltd15:06
mardykenvandine: hi! Please don't forget about https://code.launchpad.net/~mardy/ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts/client/+merge/178038 (the diff is huge, but mostly because of the docs)15:06
plarsballoons: ok, it will probably go away when we move to the click packages then15:08
kenvandinemardy, i won't :)15:09
balloonsplars, lol.. well that's one way of looking at :-) I was trying to track down where it was coming from15:09
ogra_plars, you mean when we have to rewrite all tests from scratch anyway ? :)15:09
mptseb128, I just checked with rachelliu. The design of the content picker is being changed at the moment, but she will raise this issue of extensibility with tvoss_ on Wednesday.15:09
seb128mpt, ok, thanks15:10
seb128gusch, Kaleo: ^ jfyi15:10
sergiusensballoons: ahve you seen what mzanetti wrote regarding qml unit tests?15:11
balloonssergiusens, I spoke with mzanetti a couple weeks ago and got an example qml unit test from him.. it was rather interesting to see how much you could do with qml unit tests.15:13
sergiusensballoons: so as long as no integration is required, I say just use that and skip the ap tests (just have one to see if it launches or something and others for whatever requires system integration)15:14
balloonssergiusens, many of these could have been written as qml, indeed15:15
balloonshowever the velocity was behind autopilot and thus we've rolled with that15:16
balloonsnot every test is perfect, but a running test that offers value is better than nothing.. I suppose it remains to be seen if maintenance costs on these will eat away at the value15:16
doanacanyone have a pointer that explains how to create a click package?15:17
sergiusensdoanac: I have this that tries and creates a click manifest from an existing debian packaging http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/+junk/click_ready/view/head:/click-readiness.py15:18
sergiusensdoanac: after that it's just click build15:18
doanacsergiusens: thanks15:19
themikemhi all.  Since you're talking about building and testing, is there a guide somewhere on setting up a build environment for all of Ubuntu Touch?  I.e. the automated bild scripts, tools, etc?  I've been looking for some documentation on the build system itself for some time...15:26
timpwhy does phablet-flash install 20130731.3, while phablet-flash --pending has a 20130805 image? Are all images since 31 July broken?15:28
ogra_timp, they didnt pass the auto tests15:30
plarsogra_: so, this thing you are doing with adb as phablet - how close is that, and how would we go about fixing the sudoers file so that we can get unrestricted access for testing? It will require quite a few changes on our end I think if you do this15:42
plarsogra_: or could we still just do 'adb root' and it will fix that up for us?15:42
ogra_plars, no, the idea is to use sudo indeed ... you cah just ship a file in /etc/sudoers.d  with the test framework though15:43
plarsogra_: you mean by extracting the tarball, changing it, and repacking everything?15:44
ogra_its not very close yet but we will have to have it locked down by release15:44
dholbachhey MaxWallstedt - how are you doing?15:44
ogra_i will occasionally work on this every time i have some spare time ... its not super high prio15:44
dholbachMaxWallstedt, I'm not quite sure what came out of the last time we tried the new phablet-flash branch together - did it flash your device correctly? (I only have a Nexus 7, so I could just test if the download part worked all right.)15:45
ogra_plars, no, you wont be able to do tests in non devekoper mode as i understand15:45
plarsogra_: ok, well please give us some warning when this is going to happen, as it will certainly require some things on the test automation side or everything will break15:45
ogra_plars, so it shuldnt be a prob to ship the sudoers.d snippet with a package15:45
plarsogra_: maybe my understanding of developer mode is not good, but I was thinking we *must* do tests without developer mode, otherwise we are changing too much15:46
ogra_plars, i'm not in a hurry and we can make it so that everything you need works fine for you15:46
plarsand not really testing the image as the user would see it15:46
ogra_we can indeed also make /etc/sudoers.d a writable dir by default15:47
ogra_i think stgraber was also working on some finer grained mechanism for developers to make sure they get writability where needed15:47
MaxWallstedtdholbach, I'll try again - last time it didn't quite work, I got stuck in recovery. Could be because my ubuntu is in virtualbox15:48
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dholbachsergiusens, ^ did you see MaxWallstedt's reply?15:53
dholbachcould that be the case?15:54
stgraberogra_: /etc/system-image/writable-paths in current images15:55
ogra_stgraber, oh, it is in already ?!?15:55
ogra_you rock !15:55
ogra_plars, ^^^15:55
stgraberogra_: the catch however is that it's not an overlay, so if you mark a path as writable, it'll be migrated to writable at first boot and then won't ever be synced with what's in the base image15:55
stgraberogra_: which is fine for most cases but will be a problem if you use it on some .d directories where the distro may also add/change files15:56
davmor2stgraber: less of a catch more of the the brick wall that will hit you at speed though is ;)15:56
stgraberdavmor2: :)15:57
janimoogra_, do you know why current points to the Aug 1 image? Is automatic testing not run daily or did the images since fail?15:57
ogra_janimo, automatic testing is run daily ... promotion is only done manually by me if we have 100% passed tests15:58
ogra_(which we didnt in a while and since today there are new tets sthat all need cleanup)15:58
janimoogra_, so there are regressions then? Are the outputs of the tests public?15:58
ogra_there were some regressions before and now there are new tests15:59
ogra_that need to be shaken out first15:59
ogra_with luck we might have a release on wed. .... latest fri. i'd say16:00
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MaxWallstedtdholbach, It did not work this time either - after it pushed the images to /sdcard/ and rebooted, it said something like "waiting for sd card to mount (20 s)" and counted down to 0. It then rebooted to android.16:20
dholbachsergiusens, ^ do you have an idea what this could be? (flash_change branch)16:24
sergiusensMaxWallstedt: what device was this and is the sdcard a real one?16:27
ogra_sergiusens, i910016:27
MaxWallstedtsergiusens, It's i9100 and I use the internal sdcard. Is it possible that the sdcard mounts too slow in through virtualbox? Can the waiting time be increased?16:29
sergiusensMaxWallstedt: shouldn't be related to virtualbox, I may be missing a mount command on the extendedcommands, let me try something16:29
dholbachMaxWallstedt, sergiusens: you're heroes!16:35
ogra_note that userdata is only 2G on that device16:36
ogra_if there is an existing install thats not enough space to unpack and install the new zip16:36
ogra_i have to wipe /data/ubuntu here to make it work16:36
mhall119upvotes appreciated16:39
NecrosporusCan Ubuntu Edge run Slackware or some other distribution if I dislike Ubuntu?16:42
NecrosporusOr maybe Trisquel16:42
mhall119Necrosporus: if those distros support it16:43
ogra_Necrosporus, if you port it :)16:43
ogra_there is a standard ubuntu so it shouldnt be hard to do ... you just need to add Mir support to the distro16:44
Necrosporusogra_, I have managed my windows mobile Pocket PC run CRUX-arm16:44
NecrosporusI'd prefer X.org16:44
ogra_xorg work work (thats the reason Mir was started at all)16:45
lolcatShould I install Ubuntu phone?16:45
lolcaton my phone?16:45
Necrosporuslolcat, if you wish so16:45
* xnox is not a happy camper with emulator16:45
mhall119lolcat: depends on your phone16:46
ogra_Necrosporus, indeed you can run an xorg server and use the phone with a traditional desktop install, but yu would lose ubuntu touch for using it as a phone16:46
lolcatSamsung Galaxy Note16:46
sergiusensMaxWallstedt: in recovery, if you browse, do you find the zip files in /sdcard/ ? if not, can you mount /sdcard from an adb shell while in recovery16:46
ogra_and without Mir driving the external port i'm not sure if you coould use that with xorg16:46
ogra_surely needs a lot of development work (but also surely isnt impossible)16:46
lolcatCan I apt get things on the ubuntu phone? is it like maemo?16:47
sergiusensxnox: everyone who has played with the emulator ended up feeling like that16:47
ogra_lolcat, yes16:47
ogra_!devices | lolcat16:47
ubot5lolcat: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices16:47
lolcatCan I use ubuntu phone to fill all the storage with gardbadge?16:47
lolcatogra_: Did I ask about devices?16:47
ogra_lolcat, see the list of community ports to find if your device is there16:47
lolcatI know my phone is supported16:47
ogra_ah, k16:47
lolcatI just dont know if I should use it16:47
ogra_well, probably ask someone of the porters how usable it is on your device16:48
Necrosporusogra_, will touchscreen work? It's one thing I haven't managed to make working properly. Anyway, Ubuntu Edge is said to support some desktop mode. So can another distribution used in desktop mode, so it would be tri-boot with ubuntu for phone things and other distro for desktop, plus maybe android (why having android at all?)16:48
ogra_(i.e. wlan surely works on the majority of ports, calls and 3G probably not)16:49
lolcatogra_: So I can only text?16:49
ogra_Necrosporus, the desktop mode will use Mir16:49
ogra_(even for input)16:49
mhall119Necrosporus: it will depend on the distro you want to put on there and how well they support the hardware and underlying services16:49
mhall119there won't be anything stopping it, let's put it that way16:50
ogra_Necrosporus, the desktop and distro you want to use would either need Mir support or you would have to write touchscreen and graphics drievr yourself (or find something thats easily adjustable to work)16:50
ogra_the point of Mir is to be able to make use of the existing android drivers without having to use android ... xorg cant do that16:51
NecrosporusSo there's still only one more or less modern device running X.org, Nokia N9?16:51
ogra_there will be XMir on the edge16:52
ogra_which means all X apps will just run without probs16:52
ogra_but that wont help you much on something like slackware indeed16:52
ogra_Necrosporus, Xorg is dead ... all distros move towards new technologies16:53
NecrosporusSlackware does not seem to abandon it16:53
ogra_(at least tthe bigger ones ... and eventually their derivatives)16:53
NecrosporusSlackware is not a lesser one16:53
ogra_ubuntu doesnt abandon it either16:53
ogra_but it wont be used by default16:54
NecrosporusI don't think Slackware is going to include Mir or wayland in near future16:54
ogra_up to them :)16:54
ogra_they will have to at some point16:54
ogra_since the desktops switch over and start depending on either wayland or Mir16:55
NecrosporusIt has been adopted Network Manager only in the last release and it's not default16:55
ogra_as i said, up to them16:55
ogra_if they want supportable desktop stuff they will pull it in at some point16:56
ogra_depends how much they like to be behind16:56
ogra_that said ... beyond graphical stuff you will indeed be able to run every distro you want on the edge16:57
janimodholbach, sergiusens I get a python traceback ending in KeyError: 'ubuntu_img'16:57
janimo when trying to flash an image I put up for the u920016:57
ogra_or build your arm gentoo system at a very high speed etc16:57
sergiusensjanimo: let me check your branch16:57
janimodholbach, sergiusens I did not enter an ubuntu image url since it is optional according to the wiki16:57
sergiusensjanimo: should be optional16:58
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MaxWallstedtsergiusens, I can't find the zip files on the sdcard when browsing with recovery. I'm not sure how to mount the sdcard, I don't know which device it is, and whether it is mounted or not17:11
sergiusensMaxWallstedt: check fstab (is it not /sdcard?) ogra_ ^^?17:11
sergiusensMaxWallstedt: can you see the files if you browse in an adb shell?17:13
ogra_it is /sdcard in recovery i think17:13
sergiusensogra_: is it mounted on boot?17:13
ogra_let me reboot to recovery17:14
* ogra_ would love to know why adbd takes ages to come up 17:14
ogra_even in recovery17:14
ogra_~ # mount|grep sdcard17:15
ogra_~ #17:15
ogra_/dev/block/mmcblk1p1 on /sdcard type vfat (rw,relatime,fmask=0000,dmask=0000,allow_utime=0022,codepage=cp437,iocharset=iso8859-1,shortname=mixed,errors=remount-ro)17:16
ogra_~ #17:16
ogra_it automatically mounts the extaernal one for me17:16
janimosergiusens, did you see anything weird in the u9200 branch?17:16
ogra_and my desktop is plastered with mtp messaages17:16
sergiusensjanimo: nope, fixing your issue, oe sec17:17
ogra_i guess thats why adbd takes soo long17:17
sergiusensogra_: external being /sdcard-ext ?17:17
ogra_external is definitely mmcblk117:18
ogra_the above is after "mount /sdcard"17:18
sergiusensjanimo: can you get revno 157.17:24
sergiusensogra_: so you need to manually mount?17:24
sergiusensI just want to know if you need to manually mount or if it takes too long to mount17:25
om26ersergiusens, hey! you were exporting DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS for the user to run autopilot as root, IIRC. where to find it for the phablet user?17:25
sergiusensom26er: if you do a proper login it should be there17:26
sergiusensom26er: check phablet-test-run if you need to import17:26
TheMonsterHello, I wanted to know if it is possible to do anything that can be done on a PC ubuntu on the ubuntu-touch... For example, install ruby on rails or others?17:26
janimosergiusens, downloading now. I'll let you know if I hit any other issue17:27
sergiusensjanimo: do you have an external sdcard in there too? I might need to add logic for external sdcard deploy if the internal one isn't automatically mounted17:27
om26ersergiusens, phablet-test-run does not have anything, it runs the suite with ssh. I want to run it with adb so that in a single script I could execute the autopilot suite on the phone as well as use powerd-cli (as root)17:27
janimosergiusens, there is a uSD slot which I have not used before17:28
sergiusensom26er: oh, I have that pending item, adb was giving me issues with autopilot still17:28
janimosergiusens, and I think I had to manually mount /sdcard in recovery before pushing to it17:28
ogra_sergiusens, yes17:28
ogra_TheMonster, yes17:29
TheMonsterThanks ogra_17:29
om26ersergiusens, with adb the single problem I found was that if the suite was killed with ctrl+c it will keep running on the phone, which ogra_ thinks is an issue with adb itself.17:31
janimosergiusens, indeed not booting, recovery did not find autodeploy.zip as sdcard was likely not mounted17:32
janimo/dev/null /sdcard datamedia rw17:33
janimo is in fstab17:33
sergiusensom26er: anyways, can't you sudo powerdcli stop or something?17:33
om26ersergiusens, sudo would require password17:33
sergiusensjanimo: hmmm, I can either do automagic or you can tell me in the description file where the external mount is17:34
janimosergiusens, you mean there's a field for that in the json manifest?17:35
sergiusensom26er: I think plars and doanac already override sudoers17:35
sergiusensjanimo: I mean, we can add one :-)17:35
plarssergiusens, om26er: not currently17:35
sergiusensplars: is it planned?17:35
plarssergiusens, om26er: everything runs over adb, which has root right now17:35
sergiusensplars: or something for the image?17:35
plarssergiusens: we'll have to if/when ogra_ does his changes to have adb as a regular user17:35
plarssergiusens: we were just talking about that earlier17:36
sergiusensplars: I'm hoping adb root would work in developer mode17:36
om26erplars, the script I have is supposed to run on the phone directly, if ran as root, autopilot tests don't run due to a dbus error, so I am trying to workaround that17:37
sergiusensom26er: also, don't worry about the current phablet-test run, most likely integrating the upstart job plars and doanac have to be the default17:37
plarsom26er: have you looked at how utah already does that?17:37
om26erplars, not, yet. will look.17:37
sergiusensom26er: you can also do it as a command switch in phablet-test-run17:37
sergiusensom26er: just like we have the disable unity8 stuff17:38
plarsom26er: talk to doanac also, he and I were speculating on whether autopilot should just do the right thing there rather than us having to hack around it17:38
plarsom26er: utah already handles the dbus session bus address stuff though17:39
plarsom26er: what are you trying to do exactly?17:39
sergiusensplars: +117:39
aimwinAny one can help answer the real differences between Ubuntu touch vs Ubuntu Unity Desktop, apart from touch function?17:39
om26erplars, I want to unlock the screen systematically, but first turn on the screen with powerd-cli17:40
sergiusensjanimo: can you pastebin your fstab for recovery?17:40
om26erplars, yeah the dbus session stuff in utah would help, I guess17:40
janimosergiusens, sure but it may not be the mouting after all17:40
janimosergiusens, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5952068/17:41
doanacom26er, plars: NOTE - utah doesn't do anything with dbus anymore. we get that information by virtue of "bash -ic"17:41
doanacit sucks in the right stuff via its .profile or bashrc or somewhere like that17:41
janimosergiusens, right, I can actually push autodeploy manually and it is seen after reboot without having to mount17:42
janimoso not sure why it was not found when driven by the script17:42
janimosergiusens, can the script flash only without downloading anew?17:42
sergiusensjanimo: not yet for community builds, but I can get that in... it won't download new files if the hashes match17:43
sergiusensjanimo: checksum hashes that is17:43
janimosergiusens, so md5sum files need to be provided along with the file?17:44
sergiusensjanimo: nope, that's the hash and hash_func entry in your manifest17:44
om26erdoanac, plars sergiusens I have found this worked from the device as root: sudo -u phablet -i sh -lc "$COMMAND"17:56
mhall119oh developer mode, why must you take to long?17:59
sergiusensjanimo: MaxWallstedt can you try again with revno 158?17:59
sergiusensmhall119: have you figured out if you want the plugins in the packages themselves or added to the archive?18:00
sergiusensnemo and keyboard18:01
mhall119nemo and kterminal you mean?18:01
janimosergiusens, nice, it does not redownload, is that due to curl?18:02
sergiusensjanimo: no, I doa checkum calculation before trying to download18:02
mhall119sergiusens: I think in the app's package for now, I haven't been able to get any communication going with upstream for either of those plugins, which is going to make getting them accepted into the archives that much harder18:02
janimosergiusens, ok installing device.zip now18:03
mhall119sergiusens: bzoltan: I assume it'll be easy enough to include QML plugins with qmlscene launched apps in the same Click package?18:03
sergiusensjanimo: nice, if that worked I'm golden for most cases18:08
sergiusensmhall119: yes, the problem is, for click, there is no compilation rule18:08
sergiusensmhall119: only terminal and filemanager have dependencies outside of what is already installed, right?18:09
janimosergiusens, something went wrong again though - I have seen this before. Not the entire ubuntu image installed so it does not boot18:10
janimowhere to look for decompression/install errors?18:10
sergiusensjanimo: can you get me the /cache/recovery/last_log ?18:10
janimosergiusens, for instance /var/log and /var/run are the only dirs under /var18:10
sergiusensjanimo: that's where btw18:10
janimono /cache dir and as a result not mounted18:11
janimovery strange18:11
sergiusensjanimo: if you are not in recovery, it's sort of hidden in flipped18:12
janimosergiusens, I am in ubuntu adb shell not in recovery18:12
janimowhere is it hidden?18:13
sergiusensjanimo: android-chroot18:13
janimochroot: cannot change root directory to /proc/-1/root/: No such file or directory18:14
janimoI think my install is really hosed18:14
janimoI'll reinstall, again using the script now18:15
sergiusensjanimo: before that18:16
sergiusensjanimo: reboot into recovery and fetch /cache/recovery/last_log18:16
janimosergiusens, I think it worked for me befrore the mount sdcard thing but since I saw recovery boot and say no autodeploy.zip found and no output on the screen of my laptop for 10 seconds I concluded it is not working18:16
janimothe Pushing... message appears after some delay only18:17
sergiusensjanimo: oh, yeah, the no autodeploy.zip found doesn't mean anything18:17
janimosergiusens, I thought it had already been pushed but not found due to wrong/no mounts18:17
janimoso the delay in the Pushing message is confusing18:17
sergiusensjanimo: hoy big is /data?18:18
janimoespecially since there's a wait complere18:18
janimosergiusens, 2.5G18:18
janimosergiusens, cache/recovery/last_log : http://paste.ubuntu.com/5952205/18:19
sergiusensjanimo: this is what broke I:Skipping execution of extendedcommand, file not found...18:19
sergiusensjanimo: can you run phablet-flash like ./phablet-flash --debug community --device u920018:20
janimosergiusens, running that now18:20
sergiusensjanimo: then pastebin the output ... I think that paste is already from a subsequent boot (if it didn't break)18:21
sergiusenslast_log gets overwritten after exiting recovery so it's not that reliable18:21
janimosergiusens, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5952223/ the output of phablet-flash18:25
janimonot sure if it helps since the flashing is going on after the tool has exited18:26
sergiusensjanimo: that's ok, it's async ... after the reboot, phablet-flash relies on this /tmp/tmpa1L3zB18:26
sergiusensjanimo: which ends up in /cache/recovery/extendedcommands18:27
MaxWallstedtsergiusens, It did not work with the new revision either, same thing again18:47
sergiusensMaxWallstedt: can I get /cache/recovery/last_log and your fstab for recovery?18:48
MaxWallstedtsergiusens, last_log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5952294/18:51
janimosergiusens, I get the same: I:Skipping execution of extendedcommand, file not found...18:51
sergiusensMaxWallstedt: and that has your fstab ;-)18:52
sergiusensjanimo: so if I mount I break you?18:52
sergiusensMaxWallstedt: hmmm mount: mounting /dev/block/mmcblk1p1 on /sdcard failed: No such file or directory18:53
janimosergiusens, I don;t think the mount affects this device either way19:01
MaxWallstedtsergiusens, I found that in recovery, the internal sdcard is at /emmc/ and needs to me mounted19:03
MaxWallstedtto *be mounted19:03
AskUbuntuGalaxy Nexus 4 Ubuntu Touch CDMA Questions | http://askubuntu.com/q/32902919:03
sergiusensjanimo: did you get a /cache/recovery/last_log after the try?19:04
sergiusensMaxWallstedt: ok, just to avoid issues, can you add one entry to the manifest file?19:05
sergiusensMaxWallstedt: or lets do ths manually first19:05
sergiusensMaxWallstedt: first adb push the two files two /emmc/19:07
sergiusensfiles to (not two)19:07
MaxWallstedtsergiusens, that will take approx. 20 minutes19:08
MaxWallstedtor 15 perhaps19:08
sergiusensMaxWallstedt: pushing takes that much? where do you regularly push?19:08
sergiusensMaxWallstedt: because after that I was hoping you could push http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5952348/ to /cache/recovery/extendedcommands and then adb reboot recovery19:09
[SLB]is ubuntu for android available already?19:09
MaxWallstedtI usually push to /sdcard/. It's the ubuntu zip that takes about 14 minutes to be pushed19:10
[SLB]i've seen it on nexus 4 devices but not sure whether it's just from the staff for now.19:10
sergiusens[SLB]: why don't ask here? http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1jqfce/we_are_the_engineering_team_behind_ubuntu_for/19:11
[SLB]because I didn't know there was such link, thanks19:11
MaxWallstedtsergiusens, I need to mount /emmc/, how should I do this?19:15
sergiusensMaxWallstedt: you can do it from the recovery ui or from the shell mount /emmc19:16
janimosergiusens, yes, it's in that one that  I again saw  I:Skipping execution of extendedcommand, file not found...19:26
sergiusensjanimo: oh, so tell me, what recovery image do you have?19:28
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janimosergiusens, built from UTouch daily19:29
janimosergiusens, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5952416/19:29
sergiusensjanimo: do you have the repo hosted anywhere?19:30
janimosergiusens, the repo itself not but device and kernel is what I changed19:30
janimo<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>19:31
janimo  <project name="janimo/android_kernel_huawei_u9200" path="kernel/huawei/u9200" remote="github" revision="master" />19:31
janimo  <project name="janimo/android_device_huawei_u9200" path="device/huawei/u9200" remote="github" revision="master" />19:31
sergiusensjanimo: yeah, the device repo is what interests me19:31
sergiusensjanimo: do you still have /tmp/tmpa1L3zB on disk ?19:33
janimosergiusens, yes  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5952422/19:33
sergiusensjanimo: can you push that file to /cache/recovery/extendedcommands and reboot into recovery?19:38
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janimosergiusens, pushed rebooted nothing happens19:40
janimoE: Can't open /cache/recovery/ubuntu_command on the screen19:40
sergiusensjanimo: when you push the file, are you in recovery?19:40
janimois it extendendcommand or extendedcommands? The error message is the former19:41
janimosergiusens, yes, I push while in recovery19:41
janimosergiusens, I feel like a fastboot -w will solve this19:41
sergiusensjanimo: hmm, try extendedcommands ...19:41
janimoor formatting cache/ at least19:41
janimosergiusens, yes that is what  I pushed19:42
janimoit's just that the errmsg is not plural19:42
sergiusensjanimo: oh, sorry, yeah, try the former (not plural)19:43
MaxWallstedtjanimo, for me its without the "s"19:43
sergiusensjanimo: that's what phablet-flash and recovery expects19:44
sergiusensjanimo: http://phablet.ubuntu.com/gitweb?p=CyanogenMod/android_bootable_recovery.git;a=blob;f=recovery.c;h=8cfaa73a116f41584f639651e10d3bc8eebb33ab;hb=HEAD#l94919:44
janimosergiusens, ok with that pushed it starts installing19:45
MaxWallstedtsergiusens, It now worked for me with that extendedcommand file! Some strange output, but it continues anyways: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5952455/19:46
janimosergiusens, but the install had started and finished before as well19:46
sergiusensjanimo: so I don't get why it wouldn't with phablet-flash :-P19:46
janimojust did not unpack Ubuntu fully19:46
janimosergiusens, it happens with that as well, no idea why the error message19:46
janimoso these install command definitely run19:46
sergiusensMaxWallstedt: that looks a lot better19:46
janimobut the resulting ubuntu image is incomplete19:46
janimoand I did not catch any error messages before recovery finishing and rebooting19:47
sergiusensMaxWallstedt: so in the manifest.json can you add a 'storage': '/emmc' entry ?19:47
sergiusensMaxWallstedt: repace storage with what you see fit19:47
sergiusensjanimo: oh, so if you enter into recovery multiple times /cache/recovery/last_log is lost...19:47
janimosergiusens, well I entered so I recovery cache/recovery since you said it's kind of hidden in ubuntu flipped19:48
MaxWallstedtsergiusens, Done, it's pushed to https://code.launchpad.net/~i9100-image-dev/phablet-image-info/i910019:51
sergiusensMaxWallstedt: ok, let me get something going here19:52
sergiusensMaxWallstedt: when it's done, can you give me /cache/recovery/last_log please?20:03
MaxWallstedtsergiusens, of course!20:04
MaxWallstedtsergiusens, there seems to be a problem with free space on data: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5952618/20:33
sergiusensMaxWallstedt: ok, from what ogra said, I guess you will need to perform a --wipe for this device20:35
MaxWallstedtsergiusens, indeed, so it seems20:35
MaxWallstedtsergiusens, can that be done from the command line?20:36
sergiusensMaxWallstedt: from phablet-flash, yes20:37
sergiusensMaxWallstedt: one sec and I'll give you something that works with your new branch20:40
sergiusensMaxWallstedt: with revno 163 do ./phablet-flash --debug community --device i9100 --wipe20:46
sergiusensMaxWallstedt: that will get the new storage option and also clear /data and /cache before deploying20:47
bledidoes anybody can i instal ubuntu on my galaxy s i9000 or in my note 10.1 N800020:55
MaxWallstedtsergiusens, Could the script check the storage on beforehand if the latest zip files are already on the device, and if so skip pushing them and use the ones already on the device?20:55
sergiusensbledi: there's a n8000 port20:57
blediCan you link20:58
sergiusensMaxWallstedt: a bit tricky since I'll need to calculate the checksum on the device ... I was also looking into having the script delete the files after deploy20:59
* sergiusens is irritated when he fetches links for people and they can't wait21:01
ogra_sergiusens, thats how IRC works, no ? you ask a question, repeat it 5 times within 1min and then sign off :P21:10
sergiusensogra_: I guess...21:12
gordonjcpogra_: :-p21:13
dixeflatlinethat sounds about right21:15
c3d1hey guys21:20
c3d1i'm trying to install ubuntu touch21:20
c3d1but now i can't boot into fastboot anymore21:20
c3d1Ubuntu Touch Installation failed21:20
c3d1and now i'm not able to boot into fastboot to install stock Android21:20
c3d1could anyone help me?21:20
dixeflatlineno recovery mode?21:21
c3d1recovery mode works21:21
dixeflatlineor download mode?21:21
dixeflatlinethen you can get fastboot21:21
c3d1but i dont't know how to use recovery right21:21
c3d1how to start fastboot out of the recovery mode?21:21
dixeflatlinereflash your recover image with fastboot21:22
dixeflatlinefastboot flash recovery file.img21:22
dixeflatlineif on a linux machine use sudo21:22
c3d1adb reboot fastboot doesen't work21:23
c3d1my Nexus dont go on21:23
c3d1i only see the Google Screen21:23
c3d1and the symbol that the device is unlocked21:23
dixeflatlinepower off then hold vol down and power21:24
c3d1it works21:24
c3d1and now?21:24
dixeflatlinegoto recovery21:25
c3d1i see the Ubuntu Logo in the back of the Recovery Mode21:25
dixeflatlineadb push file.zip /sdcard/file.zip21:25
c3d1and now?21:26
c3d1what's to do now?21:26
dixeflatlineget your files on that way and manually flash21:26
MaxWallstedtsergiusens, phablet-flash worked fine now! Here's last_log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5952762/21:26
c3d1i have the nadkasig-jdq39-factiry0798439d.tgz21:26
c3d1what's to do with this?21:27
c3d1sorry, when i tried to press ' i hit the return key21:27
dixeflatlineyou cant flash the .tgz manually21:29
c3d1what should i do now?21:29
ogra_just follow these steps21:30
dixeflatlinethank you ogra21:30
c3d1my terminal says < waiting for device > and nothing else happens21:31
c3d1and i can't enter the fastboot modus21:31
ogra_did you read the instructions ?21:31
dixeflatlineno fastboot in terminal21:31
dixeflatlineadb kill-server21:31
dixeflatlineadb start-server21:31
dixeflatlineadb devices21:31
c3d1015d483bf22bf80b        recovery21:32
c3d1and now21:32
dixeflatlineso now you can use adb to push files21:33
ogra_follow the instructions  :)21:33
dixeflatlineread that link that Ogra sent you21:33
dixeflatlineany problems after that we are here to help you out21:33
ogra_(hint: you are at point 4 now ... )21:34
dixeflatlinewait the install failed?  did you update your phablet-flash?21:35
c3d1it's installing right now21:36
sergiusensMaxWallstedt: great news!21:36
c3d1you are so fucking awsome :)21:37
c3d1thank you so much!21:37
c3d1my nexus boot *_*21:38
c3d1it's so amazing xD21:38
c3d1thanks guys!21:38
dixeflatlinethanks goes to Ogra_21:38
ogra_sad you didnt manage to get ubuntu touch to work21:38
c3d1i'm happy to get my android back21:39
c3d1but i will try it maybe tomorro21:39
c3d1in germany its 11:39 P.M21:39
ogra_i know :)21:39
* ogra_ is in kassel21:39
c3d1Schwarzwald ;)21:40
dixeflatlinegood luck on getting that touch up21:40
c3d1thank you very much21:40
dixeflatlineit sure is a nice OS and fun to dev on21:40
c3d1oh jea21:40
dixeflatlinedamn its sexy21:41
c3d1i want to build apps in C++/Qt21:41
dixeflatlinecant wait to test them21:41
c3d1at work i have to use C++/MFC or C# with wundows21:41
c3d1it's nice21:41
c3d1but it's boring21:41
c3d1i want cross-plattform applications using QT5 and C++21:42
c3d1C++ is my favourite language and i love it21:42
c3d1MFC is nice, really21:42
c3d1but it's not Cross-Plattform21:42
c3d1it only works on windows21:43
c3d1and i want to share my apps with Mac, Linux, Windows21:43
dixeflatlinejava / python21:43
c3d1i only wan't to do my work once and not 3 Times, one for Mac, one for Linux and one for WIndows21:43
c3d1Python is really nice and works good with QT21:44
c3d1but i Dislike the Java-Swing themes (like nimbus, etc.)21:44
c3d1i use QT21:44
c3d1i prefer it much more than Java/Swing/AWT21:44
c3d1but ok21:45
c3d1i'm tired now21:45
dixeflatlinealright bud.  see ya tomorroe21:45
c3d1yes, maybe :)21:45
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Timmywhat will happen if campaign don't receive enough funds?22:29
Tassadar_as in "where will the money go" or "what happens to Ubuntu Edge"?22:30
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Tassadar_money will be fully refunded, it will go back to all the people who contributed22:32
Tassadar_and edge probably stays beign just a design prototype22:33
Timmyand what will happen to ubuntu touch?22:34
Tassadar_the development will continue, ubuntu touch does not depend on the edge at all22:34
Timmyif it's not, then how can we run ubuntu touch? and what device?22:35
Tassadar_they said there will be some oem devices, mainly from operators and such22:36
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RobbyFwhen is UFA apk available?23:41

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