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Saviqveebers, since you've been taken away, shall we skip the sync until you can be back with us?07:17
Saviqveebers, mzanetti unless you have something to update us on ↑?07:18
veebersSaviq: sure, I intend to catch up with MacSlow  but other than that I have nothing really to share07:20
veebersSaviq: I believe you'll already know that Francis has told me there is hardware coming/put aside for the CI tests (which should drastically improve speeds etc.)07:21
Saviqveebers, for mediumtests?07:21
veebersSaviq: Also, I recall mzanetti mention that he wouldn't be available for the meeting (as he's on vacation?)07:21
Saviqveebers, right, he's away this week07:22
mhr3Saviq, could we get the proper form factor from unity8? it's a simple call, but i'm not sure what to base it off on the shell side07:22
veebersSaviq: yes, and maybe more? I'm going to catch up proper with Francis once he's back so will have more info then07:22
Saviqveebers, ok cool07:23
tsdgeosSaviq: fwiw mzanetti is on leave07:23
Saviqtsdgeos, yeah, just noticed the sudden addition to the leave list ;)07:23
Saviqmhr3, thing is, the shell doesn't know yet, either ;)07:24
Saviqmhr3, what's your current usecase?07:24
mhr3Saviq, home scope wants it, apps do, scopes will need it07:24
mhr3as in scopes scope07:24
Saviqmhr3, meaning phone vs. desktop?07:25
Saviqmhr3, let's just hardcode "phone" in unity8 for now07:25
mhr3fine with me07:25
Saviqmhr3, we did the same for indicators07:25
Saviqmhr3, cool, you do or we do?07:25
mhr3i will07:25
Saviqmhr3, cheers07:25
tsdgeosSaviq: do you know if gerry is back today or tomorrow?07:37
Saviqtsdgeos, should be back today, afaik07:37
Saviqtsdgeos, canonicaladmin says so, too07:39
* tsdgeos wonders why suddenly 12px in firefox gives me a much smaller font than in the rest of the apps07:40
jameshsil2100: hi.  I had another look at the lucene++ compile problem and haven't been able to reproduce it.  I built a package into my PPA with just the ENABLE_STANDARD_ALLOCATOR=ON change without problem.07:53
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sil2100jamesh: hi! Ok, good point, maybe my system is broken - thanks for the pointer, what I will do is also push my version to a PPA, see if it builds and if yes, I'll push it for sponsoring :)07:54
sil2100jamesh: so I guess we should have the new lucene++ this week07:54
mhr3sil2100, we'll also need the media scanner07:59
mhr3afterall lucene is great, but we need the thing that uses it :)07:59
sil2100mhr3: could you e-mail me all the things we would need? Since you mentioned some patches that were needed there ;)07:59
sil2100Or I misunderstood something08:00
mhr3jamesh, could you? ^ you actually got it building :)08:00
jameshmhr3: I've included packaging updates in my MP for the media scanner.  I need to sort out licensing before we can release it to the archive though08:02
sil2100jamesh: mhr3: ok guys, so if you could point me to all the branches in some e-mail I would be really grateful, as I am on holidays this week and only pop-up in the mornings ;)08:05
mhr3jamesh, but it'll still need new-ing etc, sil2100 ^ can you look at it before the license issue is solved?08:05
sil2100mhr3: where can I find it?08:05
mhr3sil2100, jamesh will email you the branches :)08:05
jameshsil2100: https://code.launchpad.net/~jamesh/hollywood/saucy-fixes/+merge/178192 is what I've currently got08:06
sil2100jamesh: thanks! Will look into that later today08:07
sil2100See you around o/08:07
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tsdgeoshow do i connect to wifi now?08:25
tsdgeosi just have a knob to enable/disable08:25
tsdgeosbut how do i seleect the newtork?08:25
tsdgeosthe jenkins machines seem to be diyng as flies08:45
tsdgeoswho's our contact for that now?08:45
tsdgeosmmrazik left, right? /me has vague memories08:45
didrockstsdgeos: fginther and people from his team08:48
tsdgeosis the background now black?¿08:55
greybacktsdgeos: sounds like something has gone wrong for you08:56
tsdgeoswell something regarding the background was merged08:56
greybackah I thought you meant your desktop background08:57
tsdgeosbut now is fine08:59
Saviqtsdgeos, did your wifi work after all?09:12
tsdgeosSaviq: yeah, i did reboot the phone and then it is working09:12
Cimidednick, ping :)09:15
dednickCimi: pong09:15
* tsdgeos is trying mzanetti's ofono's patch but can't get the pin lock screen at all09:21
mzanettitsdgeos: can I help... I have like 20 mins before jumping into the car09:25
tsdgeosmzanetti: should the PIN thing appear when running with run_on_device or do i need to install it + reboot?09:25
mzanettitsdgeos: 1) SIM card pin is enabled?, did you reboot the phone after entering the SIM card?09:26
tsdgeos1) i guess, the Z10 asks for it09:26
tsdgeos2) no09:26
mzanettitsdgeos: rild apparently does not support hot-swapping SIM card09:26
dednicklarsu: ping09:26
tsdgeosmzanetti: booo09:26
mzanettitsdgeos: yep09:26
tsdgeosmzanetti: ok, let me reboot09:26
mzanettirsalveti: ^ :D09:27
* greyback is convinced phone battery is still being consumed while phone is "off"09:27
tsdgeosgreyback: well, you can adb shell to it (or at least i can) so most probably yeah :D09:27
mzanettihuh? we can adb shell the phone when its off?09:27
mzanettithat's scary09:27
tsdgeosthat or i did not find the proper way to shut it down :D09:27
tsdgeosmaybe it has to do with the devel/debug mode being enabled09:28
greybacktsdgeos: I remove battery, and then put i back in09:28
mzanettigreyback: ah...09:28
mzanettiit boots when entering battery09:28
tsdgeosgreyback: well, i don't have a battery to remove, and to be honest that may well start it up, the z10 does when you do that09:29
mzanettigreyback: press the power button for 4 secs and it should really power off09:29
greybackmzanetti: wtf?!09:29
tsdgeoswhich tbh i hate it09:29
dednickmzanetti: sometimes it doesnt turn off. need to take battery out.09:29
greybackthat's retarded09:29
mzanettigreyback: most phones do that09:29
mzanettigreyback: not saying that I like it...09:29
greybackdoesn't make it right :)09:29
greybackbut explains my confusion09:30
dednickgreyback: you have galaxy nexus?09:30
greybackdednick: yep09:30
dednickgreyback: mine does the same when plugged into usb09:30
Saviqgreyback, when you just pop the battery out and back in, shouldn't turn on09:31
mzanettidednick: in case the phone shouldn't shut down with 4 secs power button, pressing it for 8 secs should do an ACPI power off09:31
greybackdednick: yep, that I noticed too. Which is ok09:31
Saviqgreyback, but indeed it does (to show the charging screen) when you connect to a charger09:31
mzanettitsdgeos: does it work now?09:31
greybackSaviq: yep that's fair.09:32
SaviqOTOH manta and mako seem to have a hard time of shutting down indeed (I can usually only get them to reboot)09:32
Cimidednick, can we have a little chat in some mins?09:32
dednickCimi: sure09:32
tsdgeosmzanetti: on it, somehow run_on_device wanted to recompile everything09:32
greybackLOL no wonder phone wouldn't start. I'd completely removed the battery :D09:34
tsdgeosmzanetti: yessir, works now09:35
tsdgeosgreyback: lol09:35
mzanettitsdgeos: cool. make sure to read the description of the MR for the known issues.09:35
tsdgeosand i can even call my landline!09:36
tsdgeoswhich i obviosuly couldn't before becuase the sim was locked :D09:36
mzanettitsdgeos: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ofono/+bug/120694109:36
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1206941 in ofono (Ubuntu) "[ofono][rild] "Retries" property does not not work" [High,Confirmed]09:36
mzanettitsdgeos: if you're taking over this MR for this week, make sure to watch out for this being fixed09:36
tsdgeosmzanetti: well, it'd be cool to get this in, someone was asking for it in the ubuntu-phone ml09:37
mzanettiyep, seen that09:37
dednickmzanetti: i'm having some trouble reproducing that wifi issue. it seems to be very flaky. different processes sometimes go into a cpu hungry state and stay there. Sometimes unity8, sometimes chewie and sometimes  wpa_supplicant. Going to continue looking today09:37
mzanettiI'd love to see this in when I return next week. Even tough the small known issues it still has09:37
mzanettidednick: cool, thanks. Yeah, I agree its a tricky one. But its also a real blocker for dogfooding.09:38
mzanettidednick: maybe Saviq finds some time this week to help a bit on that one ;)09:38
tsdgeosmzanetti: now go on vacation (and set yourself to away ;-))09:39
mzanettijust waiting for the shower to be freed before taking one and then driving away09:40
greybackhave a good holiday!09:42
greybackmzanetti: ^09:42
mzanettithanks greyback09:43
larsudednick: hey, how is it going?09:59
tsdgeosdoes make autopilot work for you guys?10:03
tsdgeosi'm getting10:03
tsdgeosmake[2]: *** No rule to make target `CMakeFiles/install.dir/all', needed by `CMakeFiles/autopilot-shell.dir/all'.  Stop.10:03
dednicklarsu: howdy. good thanks. how was gaudec?10:04
larsudednick: great! (I'm still at it, but it's only hackfest from now on)10:05
dednicklarsu: ah. ok.10:05
dednicklarsu: we have 2 branches that need looking at to merge into the unitymenumodel code. Also we need to resolve this target+parameter_type discussion.10:05
larsudednick: did you get a chance to test my messaging menu branch?10:05
dednicklarsu: no, i fear i have been pulled onto a network problem with the client.10:06
larsudednick: yes, I saw the branches. I'll look at them aftre lunch10:06
larsudednick: no worries :)10:06
larsudednick: target+parameter_type?10:06
dednicklarsu: with ted last week. if target and parameter type dont match, we don't set the action state.10:07
dednicklarsu: if i'm remembering the terms correctly10:07
larsudednick: ya, and that's correct behavior. What should the state be set to when the types don't match?10:09
larsudednick: the fix there is to make the types match. I told ted that10:09
larsudednick: gotta run. bbl10:10
dednicklarsu: yeah. he seems reluctant. :)10:11
dednicklarsu: ok.10:11
tsdgeosMacSlow: ping10:17
MacSlowtsdgeos, poing10:17
tsdgeosMacSlow: you've run autopilot tests in the pc lately?10:18
MacSlowtsdgeos, well yes... but mostly only my notification-tests10:18
MacSlowtsdgeos, what's the issue?10:18
tsdgeosi can't get them to run10:18
tsdgeoshow do you run them?10:18
CimiSaviq, hey buddy10:18
SaviqCimi, ho10:19
CimiSaviq, so last week for the welcome wizard10:19
MacSlowtsdgeos, cd unity8/tests/autopilot ; autopilot run <whatever.test>10:19
CimiSaviq, we released it would be great to share code between system settings, indicators, welcome wizard10:19
SaviqCimi, realized?10:19
MacSlowtsdgeos, that's not working for you?10:19
CimiSaviq, :P10:19
CimiSaviq, we could have a meeting after the standup10:20
Cimiwith web and nick10:20
MacSlowtsdgeos, getting any error-output? Paste?10:20
Cimiare you free?10:20
tsdgeosMacSlow: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5950736/10:20
SaviqCimi, I got connection issues today, on 3G, not good for meetings, not gonna make standup, either10:21
CimiSaviq, ok10:21
SaviqCimi, can you schedule something for early tomorrow?10:21
CimiSaviq, sure10:21
MacSlowtsdgeos, "MismatchError: None == None" :) hm10:21
CimiSaviq, I'll put the wizard on hold10:22
CimiSaviq, but create the project10:22
CimiSaviq, lp:ubuntu-welcome-wizard or lp:meet-ubuntu ?10:22
SaviqCimi, you got better people around you to answer that (assuming you're in the office) ;)10:23
CimiSaviq, nope :P10:23
SaviqCimi, u-w-w is more informative10:23
SaviqCimi, so maybe I'd go with that10:23
seb128+1 for u-w-w10:23
tsdgeosMacSlow: whatthe, now it works :-S10:27
MacSlowtsdgeos, ah... Murphy is playing games with you ;)10:27
nic-doffaymzanetti, Saviq anyone else with ListView wisdom. Any idea how the click input is handled? I can't find anything in the docs, and I'm looking to trigger a signal when a delegate is clicked.10:38
Saviqnic-doffay, there is not "clicked" signal in a ListView10:39
nic-doffaySaviq, yeah I know that much.10:39
Saviqnic-doffay, you need to put it *in* the delegate10:39
Saviqnic-doffay, just use an AbstractButton or a MouseArea, depending on what makes sense10:39
nic-doffaySaviq, I see the AbstractButton has a MouseArea, makes sense to use that in this situation. ta!10:40
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xnoxPlease merge https://code.launchpad.net/~jbicha/unity/adjust-to-ubiquity-desktop-rename/+merge/17815211:02
xnoxas otherwise, currently installer icon is missing from the launcher on live cds11:02
CimiSaviq, so far there's only the template of the qml files, needs the functionality11:12
SaviqCimi, k11:12
Cimimzanetti, ping11:21
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SaviqCimi, he's away11:28
CimiSaviq, ok11:28
Cimiseb128, I think I need an help packaging ubuntu-settings.components11:28
seb128Cimi, where need help means that you have questions or that you need somebody to package it for you?11:29
Cimiseb128, the latte :P11:29
Cimilike, sure you can do better than me in creating the deb11:29
Cimiavoid time spent on fixing it :)11:29
seb128didrocks, Mirv: ^11:29
Cimibut I can give it a go if you want11:30
seb128Cimi, no, that's fine, I agree there is no point making you waste time on packaging, let's the packagers sort that and you focus on your code11:30
didrocksCimi: agreed, can you point mirv to the source branches?11:30
CimiMirv, lp:ubuntu-settings.components11:31
didrocksit's going to be only used by ubuntu-system-settings or anything else?11:31
Cimididrocks, indicators11:40
didrocksCimi: ok, so maybe those components needs to be part of the sdk stack?11:40
Cimididrocks, external to sdk though11:40
didrocksCimi: just an internal implementation, yeah11:41
Cimididrocks, they are more11:41
Cimisdk should have buttons and so11:41
Ciminot complex widgets like those11:41
didrocksok, but I guess we can dive that into the sdk or indicator stack, we just need to ensure that the settings stack deps on that one11:41
didrocksMirv: FYI ^11:41
seb128sdk seems it would make sense11:44
seb128they are somewhat sdk components11:44
Mirvok, let's put that on the list11:53
larsudednick: why are you exposing the action name? I'm trying to keep the changes to gtkmenutrackeritem minimal...12:11
dednicklarsu: we need it for autopilot tests.12:11
dednicklarsu: we need object names to be able to select the controls by their action name. (as we have no other handle to differentiate one control from anohter)12:12
larsudednick: hm, interesting. The menu item's label is not enough?12:13
larsudednick: ah, got it. Oh well, it doesn't hurt that much12:13
dednicklarsu: might not have a label12:13
larsudednick: right12:13
larsudednick: are you married to the updateState() name? We use change_state() and I prefer using the same terminology to not confuse people12:13
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dednicklarsu: change_state is ok for me.12:16
dednickmzanetti: think i may have found the problem with the cpu usage12:17
larsudednick: okay I'll change that. Thanks for the patch! I'll merge it right away12:17
dednicklarsu: cool. thanks12:18
dednickmzanetti: looks like infinite animations may not always be ending when destroyed or stopped with "running" parameter.12:20
dednickmzanetti: eg. the wifi "connectoin waiting" spinner in the network indicator.12:21
Saviqdednick, http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtquick/qml-qtquick2-animation.html#alwaysRunToEnd-prop12:22
dednickSaviq: By default, the alwaysRunToEnd property is not set.12:23
Saviqdednick, yeah, so when you stop(), it will not complete12:23
Saviqdednick, mzanetti is away, btw12:23
dednickSaviq: yeah, just saw the holiday sheet12:23
Saviqdednick, I might not have the details of what you're after with the animation, so might be talking crap here ;)12:24
dednickSaviq: it seems to be continuing to issue redraws.12:24
dednickSaviq: even if the control has been destroyed.12:24
Saviqdednick, ah, sounds like a bug12:27
Saviqdednick, you mean that if you destroy an animation, it still causes redraws?12:27
dednickSaviq: that's what it looks like. still looking into it.12:27
dednickSaviq: if i change it to non-infinate (eg 20 loops) it stops hammering the cpu12:28
Saviqdednick, interesting12:28
dednickSaviq: when you "running=false"12:28
dednickSaviq: but only seems to happen "sometimes"12:29
Saviqmterry, o/ thanks for jumping on the powerd thing12:30
Saviqdednick, mhm, might be something doesn't get deleted for some reason12:30
dednickSaviq: yeah, i'm looking into the qt code.12:31
tsdgeosSaviq: we'll have tryCompare + msg in 5.212:46
Saviqtsdgeos, saw that ;)12:46
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mhr3Saviq, oh btw does this look reasonable? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5951318/14:00
tsdgeosmhr3: he's not around (i think he lost his internet)14:22
mhr3hopefully he'll get it once he's back14:23
tsdgeosmhr3: but i think that goes a bit against the "resposive design" thing we try to avhice (which basically says you shouldn't care if it's a phone or not, only the screen size + perhipehals you have available)14:23
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mhr3tsdgeos, right and you don't have a way to distinguish those as of now14:25
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Saviqmhr3, I think we should use a Binding { } in ScopeView14:29
mhr3Saviq, hm, maybe in that case you want to do it, i'm sure i'll get it wrong the first 5 times :P14:30
Saviqmhr3, Binding { target: scope; property: "formFactor"; value: "phone" }14:31
mhr3and then i won't update the mock scopes or something :)14:31
Saviqmhr3, mock scopes use ScopeView.qml ;)14:31
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mhr3Saviq, better? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5951424/14:33
Saviqmhr3, yup, looks good14:33
mhr3ok, mping14:34
MacSlowdednick, ping14:52
dednickMacSlow: pong14:52
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Saviqdidrocks, where can I see the autopilot recordings again?15:13
didrockssee the artefacts -> results/autopilot/videos15:15
Saviqdidrocks, interesting...15:16
Saviqdidrocks, the most interesting thing is that it works on intel :D15:17
didrockswelcome to the world of flackyness/different matchines :p15:17
Saviqdidrocks, yeah, thing is it fails to log in with a "password" password on ati, but not on intel ;)15:18
kgunnSaviq: just kind of a heads up, fallout from iom wrt design...https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AoELdAtqKZMYdHZSZXhPQTVxNUNCc3FvcUtSWFgwRFE#gid=115:21
kgunnsee "right edge"15:21
Saviqkgunn, yeah, been in that mtg15:22
Saviqdidrocks, can I just trigger a rebuild of that failed job?15:24
Saviqdidrocks, to see how reproducible it is (locally - it isn't...)15:25
didrocksSaviq: sure, let me do that quickly15:28
didrocksSaviq: passed15:35
Saviqdidrocks, yeah, thought so, let's see if it's a single-time failure15:36
Saviqdidrocks, only idea I have is that one of the keys didn't actually get delivered to the application15:36
Saviqor maybe in the wrong order15:36
didrocksSaviq: let's see… from experience single-time comes back :)15:36
Saviqdidrocks, yeah, I know15:36
didrocksSaviq: anyway, acked the packaging changes15:39
Saviqdidrocks, thanks15:39
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jbichacould someone take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~jbicha/unity/adjust-to-ubiquity-desktop-rename/+merge/17815216:08
kgunndednick: Cimi ...hey would both of you mind scrubbing this bp16:35
kgunnin terms of what's done & inprogress16:36
dednickkgunn: sure16:43
kgunndednick: thanks much16:45
dednickkgunn: the panel overview no longer exists. can i remove the item "Improve overview to support variable number of indicators"16:46
kgunndednick: if its overcome by events16:46
kgunnfeel free to make is sane16:46
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dednicklaptop cpu = sticky molten mess.17:08
* greyback eod17:25
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