snap-l Hello there01:00
snap-lWho all is here?01:00
rick_hoh right, meeting eh?01:00
waldo323good evening01:01
snap-lGood Evening01:01
snap-lAnyone else on the line?01:02
snap-lAgenda is here01:04
snap-lGoing to wait a few minutes, and then get started01:04
snap-lOK, let's get started.01:09
snap-lFirst up, welcome to the August 2013 meeting for the Ubuntu MI Loco01:10
snap-lGlad you're all here. ;)01:10
snap-lFirst order of business is Ohio Linuxfest01:10
snap-lWho all is going?01:10
waldo323part of me will be there in spirit01:11
snap-lYeah, I'm not going to be able to make it either01:12
snap-lThe only person I know who is going is jcastro01:15
snap-lSo perhaps our involvement will be less "official". :)01:15
snap-lAnywho, it's on the radar and coming up in case someone can help out with things01:15
snap-lbut from the sound of it it's not going to be well attended by us.01:16
snap-lAh well01:16
snap-lIf someone wants to do something and organize it, there's still some time to get something together01:17
snap-lso don't let that disuade you. :)01:17
snap-lAnywho, moving on01:17
snap-lUnfortunately it turns out just about everything overlaps this year01:17
snap-land much as maker Faire and PyOhio overlapped, so too does Ohio Linuxfest and Ubuntu Global Jam S-Cycle01:18
snap-lI'm thinking because it overlaps OLF, we should do something online again01:18
snap-lIe: Participate when you can over the weekend01:18
snap-lThat way folks who go to OLF can still participate01:19
snap-land those who are busy with other things that weekend can also participate during the weekend.01:19
waldo323what are the suggested ways to participate?01:19
snap-lGlad you asked. :)01:19
waldo323helpful you are01:21
snap-lMostly triage / fix bugs, Testing, Docuumentation, Translations, packaging, and Being Friendly.01:21
snap-lOh, wait, I mean improving Ubuntu Friendly01:21
snap-lwhich is different than being normally friendly. :)01:21
snap-lI think it's determining what laptops and hardware are more friendly to Ubuntu than others01:22
waldo323aah i was hoping that going around holding doors for people and giving them an ubuntu disc would work for that01:23
snap-lThat's under the Ubuntu Chivalry project01:24
waldo323sign me up and send me discs :)01:24
snap-lunfortunately it was replaced after the Ubuntu Middle Ages01:24
waldo323or usb sticks01:24
snap-lThe Ubuntu Renaissance saw to that.01:25
snap-lNow we just paint Circles of Friends on sistine chapels. :)01:25
snap-lAnywho, Global Jam, September. We'll have one more meeting to plan and such, but the gist is we'll meet online during the weekend01:26
snap-lAny questions? Concerns? Alternate plans?01:26
waldo323not at this time, at least not for the bug jam01:32
snap-lOK, last but not least: Ubuntu Release Party01:33
snap-lThis should be celebrating the release of 13.1001:33
snap-lwoo woo01:33
snap-lwhich I'm sure you've all been following closely.01:33
snap-lAnywho, think about what you'd like to see at the release party01:37
snap-lbecause frankly I'd like to see someone else plan it if possible. :)01:38
snap-lBut hey, there's another month or so to plan that01:40
snap-lso just keep that in my backs of your minds.01:40
snap-lAnything else on the release party?01:40
waldo323should it be the weekend after, day of, weekend before, or should that be left up to who ever plans it?01:41
waldo323i think washtinaw user group meets that night01:42
snap-lIf someone wants to run with the ball I'm happy to let them run01:44
snap-lAs long as the answer to "who is planning the release party" is "not me", I'm quite content.01:45
waldo323how planned does it need to be?01:46
snap-lNot particularly. Just find a spot for people to hang out in a place that is flexible for around 20 folks01:48
snap-lI was surprised at how many folks we had for the one we had at the brewery01:48
snap-lI think they were surprised as well01:48
waldo323my initial thoughts are RO Brewery or Black Lotus Brewery but i'll have to see about my availability before I step up01:53
snap-lThat would be awesome. :)01:53
waldo323is there a way to have a poll on our loco site?01:54
waldo323or somewhere else so we can get an idea what date would be best for those who would attend?01:54
snap-lI don't think so, but Google Docs has a poll01:54
snap-lAnywho, I think that wraps this meeting01:59
snap-lThank you everyone for coming. :)01:59
waldo323thank you for hosting02:05
jrwrenmeeting scheduled during trueblood airings will not be attended :p03:19
Blazeixi bet they'd reschedule if you raised it with HBO03:59
snap-ljrwren: That's what laptops are for. :)12:25
snap-lShow can't be all that interesting12:25
snap-lAlso, Good morning12:30
rick_hsnap-l: 12.04? or 13.04?12:32
snap-lI have no interest in trying anything later at the moment12:33
snap-lI think there must be some people on vacation because the network is amazingly fast at work.12:39
brousch1Mailpile looks interesting http://www.mailpile.is/13:37
brousch1I have wondered for a couple of years why there's no good Python webmail client13:37
jrwrencan anyone link me to some "internal juju" docs. Some thing which describes what juju is actually doing when I juju init and juju deploy. e.g. juju init creates machine zero. why? for what is it used. How is the charm deployed? push? userdata? userdata to do pull? when is charm install run?13:40
rick_hjrwren: hmm, I'm not sure what docs go into that at that level. I can give you some answers but some I don't know13:43
rick_hjrwren: the docs are being updated and in looking at them it's not at that level from what I can see.13:44
rick_hhttp://blog.labix.org/2013/06/25/the-heart-of-juju is interesting, but again, not 'behind the scenes' as much13:44
brousch1Read the code!13:45
jrwrenthanks rick_h13:57
jrwrengood point brousch113:57
rick_hjrwren: so node 0 is to run the juju api server which stores all the metadata and actually pushes deploys and such14:02
rick_hjrwren: there's a mongodb server with an api service running. juju talks to it and commands go from there to things on the inside of the environment14:03
brousch1I can see why people like their IDEs on windows. It's frickin annoying to use anything less14:06
snap-lYeah, you don't realize how spoiled you are under Linux / UNIX14:07
snap-lIt's like expecting all water to taste like it has iron in it14:07
rick_hmeh, right tool for the job. If it sucks as doing the job change the tool14:08
snap-lrather, Windows folks are used to everything tasing like it has iron in it14:08
rick_hnot spoiled, just choosing good tools14:08
rick_hdon't try to tow a camper with a Mini14:08
snap-lrick_h: Yes, but if you're only used to minis you will never think to tow a camper14:08
brousch1You just tow very small campers14:09
* rick_h is making campgruond reservations so in the camper mindset14:10
snap-lalong the tiny british coastline14:10
rick_hand <3 google maps for checking out campground spots via sat. to help pick good spots :)14:11
rick_hthis is awesome https://twitter.com/Earth_Pics/status/364354667829927936/photo/114:13
snap-lYeah, I would love to know14:19
brousch1The tip of the foolishness I need to deal with on Windows https://github.com/van-dam-iron-works/WinBootstrapPyEnv14:27
jrwrenrick_h: when you got 29mph were you pulling that camper?14:37
rick_hjrwren: huh?14:38
rick_hjrwren: ah no. empty14:38
rick_hjrwren: with the camper was 15mpg14:38
jrwrenlol, mph. wow, I need more coffee for sure.14:39
snap-lbrousch1: Any particular reason you're installing distribute separately?14:39
rick_hsnap-l: pip requires distribute if you want to use it for packages in there.14:39
rick_hsnap-l: so you have to install it along for the ride before pip comes in so pip can work right14:39
snap-lIsn't it part of setuptools .8?14:40
rick_hI know they're merged, but guessing it's not the version he's using?14:40
jrwreni don't see the big deal. I do almost that identical boostrap process on linux rather often. I don't use ubuntu everywehre :)14:40
rick_hjrwren: yea, when I did python3 setup I had to do those steps manually14:40
brousch1I haven't moved to the new setuptools yet14:41
snap-lbrousch1: Ah, no worries then14:41
snap-lnewer versions of distribute will install setuptools anyway (.7 and onward)14:41
brousch1So maybe I get it for free from the distribute bootstrap14:41
snap-llikely. I pinned ours to 0.6.49 (the last stand-alone distribute) for a project.14:42
rick_hif anyone has some spare time looking for some brave bookie testers. I've got a serious branch that actually uses celery now and is sweet. Auto loads content of pages on import, auto starts imports on submit, etc.14:43
rick_hadd a new bookmark via bookmarklet or manual and the page content is almost there before you can get back to hit the eyeball icon to look at it :)14:43
snap-lI'm only looking for casual, non-commital, and light-hearted bookie branches. ;)14:43
rick_hboooo, commitment issues14:43
brousch1I have 0.6.4914:44
snap-lYeah, so you're using the stand-alone distribute14:44
brousch1I should look into the new one. No point in going old right now14:45
rick_ha little brousch1 <3 at the end http://therealkatie.net/blog/2013/aug/5/young-coders-pyohio/15:23
rick_h:( https://twitter.com/gregferrell/status/36440986432111001615:58
brousch1rick_h: Woohoo on the kivy!17:08
jrwreninteresting: http://www.stylight.com/Numbers/pipes-and-filters-architectures-with-python-generators/  from a couple weeks ago pycoder weekly mail17:18
jrwreni've never seen reduce used that way17:22
jrwrenin any language, or if I have, i've forgotten.17:22
greg-grandom thought: since the email spec says + addressing is acceptable (you know, me+bugs@domain.com is delivered to me@domain.com) shouldn't websites not allow multiple accounts that are just + addresses of the same root?17:39
* greg-g overhears people in coffee shop testing their webapp with test accounts that are u+alice@, u+bob@, etc17:39
snap-lNot all services handle it that way17:39
rick_hgreg-g: yea, if anyone bothered to check17:39
* rick_h does a `bookie user list G +`17:40
snap-lI think it's a convention, but you could theoretically have different accounts referenced by the +17:40
greg-gsnap-l: well, there supposed to17:40
* greg-g checks spec17:40
snap-lBut yeah, email is fun that way17:41
rick_hgreg-g: email = email.replace(/\+[^@]/, '')17:41
snap-lrick_h: Don't you DARE do that. :)17:41
greg-gmaybe a better one: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc359817:43
snap-lImplementations SHOULD17:43
snap-l   allow the separator character to be configurable so that they may be17:43
snap-l   used with a variety of mail systems.17:43
rick_hyea, a lot of web apps don't allow a + in the email17:44
rick_hdrives gmail users bonkers17:44
snap-lI remember getting yelled at by SF users for that.17:44
rick_hI've got 4 of them in bmark.us.17:44
jrwrenhttp://adambard.com/blog/Reducers-explained-through-Python/  cool17:44
snap-lWell, not yelled ay per se... more "comic book guy"ed17:44
jrwrenSHOULD v MUST17:45
rick_hah specs, where no one wants to be locked down to anything17:45
snap-lAnd then we get yelled at for being pedantic. :)17:46
snap-lor not being pedantic enough17:46
jrwrendid you know dovecot has a lucene plugin base on CLucene which indexes all mailboxes ?17:57
rick_hjrwren: yea, but then you're doing searches against the back end17:58
jrwrenwhich might be good17:58
jrwreni run dovecot on my laptop17:58
rick_hI'm pretty happy with notmuch (xapaian and packaged) locally17:59
rick_hjrwren: ah, I run dovecot on my server, but nothing locally17:59
greg-gnotmuch is good enough for me, but I know people are swearing by dovecot locally (instead of offlineimap)18:00
* rick_h didn't realize dovecot would be able to be a 'sync' layer to replace offileimap18:00
jrwreni just found it easier to setup.18:01
jrwrenand it works great.18:01
jrwrenI don't know if it syncs or not.18:01
jrwreni just fetchmail from an unstable Exchange server.18:02
jrwrenso my stability improvement is HUGE18:02
rick_hwell call me curious I guess if it can replace offlineimap. offlineimap hangs on my server once in a while and I've got to kill it18:02
snap-lYeah, I use fetchmail and dovecot with a local maildir18:20
brousch1OK, now my install script is much less embarrassing. Added support to automatically download and install Python, PyWin32, and the environment. Also Python3.3 https://github.com/van-dam-iron-works/WinBootstrapPyEnv18:42
brousch1Do you think that python on windows bootstrap is appropriate for pypi?20:28
snap-lNot sure, but wouldn't hurt to try20:31
rick_hmeh, there's a ton of sample packages from books up there20:39
rick_hbrousch1: if you want to pip install it then put it up there I say20:39
brousch1It doesn't make sense as a pip install. It installs pip!20:40
rick_hthen no, I'd not put it up there20:41
rick_hI'd put it on github20:41
rick_hgit clone helper && helper.run20:41
snap-lJesus, you'd think the Washington Post was the center of the universe on Twitter.20:48
rick_hyea, kind of a big deal though. one of the big papers in the country.20:49
rick_hthough /me only has 2 references to it20:49
snap-lWonder if the folks from Geeknet will stick around there20:49
snap-lI follow Jeff Jarvis20:50
brousch1Having git installed on Windows does not seem like a good assumption, so my instructions have you download the project as a zip, unzip it, then run the appropriate .bat20:50
snap-land several other folks that feel this is a big deal.20:50
rick_hsnap-l: heh, well there's your first mistake :P20:50
snap-lIf you're a developer in 2013 and don't have git installed... well, I can't help you.20:50
brousch1Come on now. It's useful for n00bs20:51
rick_hdeveleper != noob20:51
rick_hat least shouldn't :/20:51
snap-lCue the "disruption" articles20:52
rick_hhttp:// cool, running on rackspace server for free :)21:15
rick_htime to make it go boom!21:16
rick_hheh, and broken things21:17
greg-gok, who uses gnome shell here? and have you noticed the "you can't expand a column in nautilus bigger than the current window can take, ie: you can't expand the filename col very far until it stops, because the right most column has hit the edge of the window" bug?22:40
greg-gI bet its a feature, but dammit22:41
snap-lJust attached a HDMI cable to the monitor.22:47
snap-lAnd figured out how to arrange things so it's at full resolution22:47
snap-lHurray for pointless but satisfying upgrades. :)22:47
snap-lJoDee is pissed.22:58
snap-lShe ordered something from JoAnn Fabrics that arrived in Madison Heights on Saturday22:59
snap-lThey handed it off to the post office today22:59
snap-lshe hasn't seen it yet22:59
snap-lMeanwhile I had a package that was supposed to arrive on Tuesday show up today.22:59
snap-l(from Amazon)22:59
snap-lNeedless to say she'll be much more reluctant to buy anything from JoAnns online23:00

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