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Unit193Break all the things! :D03:31
skellatI regret nothing.03:31
jennioh baby03:31
skellatUnit193: I told you I would get the extra special image mentioned on Planet Ubuntu.03:33
skellatSadly, I didn't stick to the script as closely as I should have.03:34
* Unit193 doesn't visit the planet. :D03:38
Unit193skellat: "GET /mir HTTP/1.1" 301 563 "http://planet.ubuntu.com/" <<<There you go!05:00
Unit193Hah, nevermind, it was you. :P05:01
thafreakall hail canthus1316:08
* canthus13 bows.16:09
jrgiffordpaultag: ugh16:10
* canthus13 stabs paultag.16:11
thafreakjust when i thought paultag wasn't an a$$...16:13
paultagit literally never gets old16:13
paultagright, brbs16:14
thafreakI think you mean figuratively16:15
skellatWhen in doubt, don't operate a GPS jammer: http://hraunfoss.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/FCC-13-106A1.pdf16:49
dzhoheh.  I did 'git branch rm foo' instead of 'git branch -d foo' so now I have a branch called 'rm'17:38
dzhowell, not really.  I did 'git branch -d rm' but you know it sounds better the first way.17:38
dzho(and by better, I mean hilariously worse)17:38
skellatThought for today: http://xkcd.com/1247/23:02
jenni[ xkcd: The Mother of All Suspicious Files ] - https://j.mp/13ze9Hw23:02

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