rmg51JonathanD: stop kicking me out :P09:17
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys and everything else12:11
InHisNameGood Morning folks13:46
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scottrigbyhey guys20:11
JonathanDHi scottrigby20:11
JonathanDFancy meeting you here.20:11
scottrigbylol indeed20:12
scottrigbyanyone know how to enable wireless connection on Lubuntu?20:14
jedijfscottrigby: did you check drivers20:29
jedijfscottrigby: additional drivers20:29
jedijfscottrigby: wired - check additional drivers20:29
scottrigbyjedijf: how do i?20:29
scottrigbyoh. we should do this while wired?20:29
jedijfscottrigby: as i said in the very beginning - do installs wired - just in case there is a driver issue20:30
scottrigbyjedijf: right ok20:30
jedijfonce wired, check preferences additional drivers20:31
jedijfor just right click the radar looking thing on the bottom right20:31
scottrigbythe 'network manager'?20:31
scottrigbyor something elseā€¦ we'll look once we get to a place where we can wire-in. At a cafe now20:32
scottrigbyonce we do, what are we looking for when checking for additional drivers?20:33
jedijfwell if you right click network manager and don't see a wireless card - hopefully additional drivers will have one or we'll have to go deeper20:33
scottrigbyjedijf: ok cool thanks20:35
* scottrigby waves to dedi 20:55
scottrigbyjedijf: dedi is the person with the Lubuntu install - he's now wired at his place, around the corner from the cafe I'm at in Brooklyn20:55
scottrigbydedi meet jedijf :)20:55
dediso this is my driver Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN20:56
dediwhen i paste this into google i see a lot of common problems on lubuntu20:56
jedijfdedi additional should cover it - broadcoms /were/ an issue20:57
jedijfdedi: try additional drivers *first* before the info in that link21:00
jedijfdedi: actually, type "sudo modprob b43"21:00
dedinot found21:01
jedijfdedi: ok - get wired and try preferred--> addtional drivers21:03
jedijfdedi if not, did you update after the install?21:06
jedijfdedi: if not, type sudo apt-get update21:06
jedijfand then check additional drivers again21:07
dedioh wow, did not update!21:07
jedijfdo that first - then check additional drivers - no go - type sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter21:08
jedijfand then check additional drivers again21:08
dediokay. check additional drivers?21:11
dedihow do i do that? :321:11
jedijfthe star trek menu thing-->preferences->additional drivers21:12
jedijfbottom left ^^21:12
TheLordOfTime"star trek menu thing"21:12
TheLordOfTime+1 for descriptions, jedijf21:12
* jedijf <-- linux plumber 21:13
dedii see no additional drivers option under preferences21:13
jedijflook harder21:13
jedijfthat's where it was in 12.04 - let me check 13.0421:14
dedii have software still updating, maybe that is why?21:14
TheLordOfTimejedijf:  i think they renamed it in 13.0421:14
TheLordOfTimededi:  it'd still show up either way, but let the updates finish21:15
TheLordOfTimei wish I had a 13.04 VM :/21:16
jedijfdedi: yeah hopefully it will show when the updates are done21:16
* TheLordOfTime downloads the ISO21:16
jedijfbut now it's in software sources21:16
TheLordOfTimeah that's what Dr_Willis just said in #ubuntu :)21:16
TheLordOfTime<Dr_Willis> TheLordOfTime:  it got moved to a tab under 'software-sources'  in 12.10+ i think21:16
* TheLordOfTime yawns21:16
TheLordOfTimeseriously though i should have VMs for each release21:16
jedijfhaha - good luck with that21:17
jedijfi run straight ubu mainly for support21:18
jedijfdedi: other than the wireless, how are you enjoying Lubuntu so far?21:23
dediloving audacious :)21:23
dedii was just traveling in asia and europe with no computer but a 1 TB hardrive, picked up about 80,000 sounds around the world and audacious is a nice music player for it!21:24
dedii haven't gotten to explore much else without internet, i'm going to be using a lot of online tutorials for learning code21:25
waltmanthat's a lot of sounds!21:25
dediyeah 23,000 hours21:25
dedii picked up about 60,000 from "the dumpster" which was a mass storage space for a squat i was living in berlin; it was connected throughout the house through LAN and everyone could easily upload anything they wanted to it21:26
waltmanwait, so you were traveling with *just* a harddrive?21:27
dediyes hehe21:28
dedihold up resstarting!21:28
jedijfkernel in that update21:28
dedi_hey jedijf i just upated everything, still do not see additional drivers, or software sources under preferences21:33
dedi_is it software and updates?21:33
jedijfdedi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qY-LTqHfg6421:48
dedii got it done!21:48
scottrigbydedi: woo!21:49
dedithanks for all your help :)21:49
* scottrigby throws sparkling rainbow confetti21:49
scottrigbywith both hands21:49
dedisudo apt-get remove --purge bcmwl-kernel-source sudo apt-get install linux-firmware-nonfree21:49
jedijfdedi: so it was in additional - once we found additional21:50
dedinot so sure, wasn't able to find additional, when i was waiting for a response i did some forum digging and tried it out21:52
jedijfapparently it's a tab in Software Sources - probably under System21:53
KyleYankanHave you guys seen any leap motion projets for *nix yet? I got the APK working, but I don't see many (read: any) projects out there for it22:10
JonathanDmake a motion  controller for pizzaparty.pl22:13
KyleYankan... *google*22:13
KyleYankanI'm getting a polish music club restaurant.22:14
JonathanDKyleYankan: command line pizza ordering for linux22:14
JonathanDKyleYankan: build a picture of a pizza on wall, with each slice a different type, then you can point and select the pizza type22:15
KyleYankanI like it.22:19
waltmanWhy do we not have in-house 3d pizza printing yet?22:19
KyleYankanrequires Toppings::Pepperoni22:19
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KyleYankanwaltman: I think if we did, those people wouldn't share. They'd just dissapear and keep that power secret22:20
KyleYankanAt least I would. You'd only know from the steady order of ever-increasing chair sizes22:20
waltmanFrom what I hear of the current state of the tech, it would break down and clog often enough to prevent serious weight gain :)22:21
* waltman *grrs* at matlab22:22
KyleYankanWe'd need to work on our cheese to pepperoni cohesion rate. Adjsut the temperature to correleate to the printing time, so it's cooked by time printing is done22:22
KyleYankanNow I have to go make Pico de Gallo the old fashioned way - by hand22:23
waltmanIs it too much to expect the convhull() function to say which exceptions it might throw? Yes, yew it is.22:23
waltmanlike an ANIMAL22:24
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