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shadeslayerhi, we're trying to backport KDE to Precise and have used the backported HWE stack from raring, however, it seems like the window manager still depends on libgl1-mesa-glx because https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/precise/mesa-lts-raring/precise-updates/view/head:/debian/libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-raring.shlibs still says libgl1-mesa-glx instead of the -lts-raring package, is this intentional?08:51
shadeslayerif not, should we still build using the regular stack but ask our users to manually install the LTS stack08:51
RAOFshadeslayer: Deliberate09:01
shadeslayerbut then dpkg-shlibdeps adds the wrong dependency?09:01
RAOFshadeslayer: Because the ABI for libgl1-mesa-glx is the linux OpenGL ABI, so really everything *actually* depends on the libgl1 branch of that dependency; the libgl1-mesa-glx branch is to help apt out.09:02
shadeslayeryofel: ^^09:04
RAOFshadeslayer: Why does the KDE backport require the HWE backport stack?09:04
yofelwell, the reason we're doing that because KDE upstream doesn't support any configurations they don't test (at least Martin Gräßlin doesn't). That includes KDE 4.11 with mesa 809:05
shadeslayerRAOF: upstream told us that anything using old mesa versions is unsupported, only the latest mesa is supported because there could be problems during runtime09:05
yofelso we're *trying* to make kde 4.11 pull mesa9 in, but apt isn't really making that easy09:05
RAOFYou should be able to add a manual dependency on the various bits.09:06
RAOFBut I don't think installing the lts-raring stack on an existing system is something we've tried to support very hard.09:07
yofelis there an easy way to do that with an shlibdeps rule? or only by manually adding it in control09:07
RAOFIt's expected that if you've got a working install, then you don't need the backport stack for hardware enablement ☺09:07
RAOFmlankhorst would be the resident expert here.09:07
shadeslayerwould adding manually to control even work?09:08
RAOFYou *could* do it with a local shlibs file, I think, but I'm not sure why you'd want to do that instead of just a manual dependency in debian/control09:08
yofelit would, libgl1-mesa-glx would be overriden by libgl109:08
mlankhorsterm I don't think depending on a version would work in the lts09:08
yofelwhy not?09:09
mlankhorstbecause the user might use the blob drivers for example, in which case mesa version wouldn't matter, if you use the lts stack libgl1-mesa-glx is virtual, which means versioned depends would fail09:10
yofelwell, so far we don't have versioned depends, but we try to directly pull in the -lts-raring stack09:11
yofelwhich ended up causing a dependency mess09:11
mlankhorstit's not recommended to do that either09:11
mlankhorstbest you can do is request the user to do that upgrade09:11
mlankhorston amd64 it requires apt-get install xserver-xorg-lts-raring libgl1-mesa-{dri,glx}-lts-raring:i386 , I guess we need to review this in the next lts, maybe allow mesa to be separately upgraded09:15
yofelwhy i386 o.O?09:16
mlankhorstbecause of steam/wine/ other 32-bits applications that may depend on libgl09:17
yofelok, good point09:17
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