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Kilosmorning superfly  and others06:40
Kiloshi Vince-0 SilverCode mazal 07:27
Kilosmorning maiatoday 07:27
mazalMorning all07:28
inetprogood moring everyone08:04
inetprooh and hi Kilos08:05
Kilosmorning inetpro 08:05
Kiloshi psyatw 08:15
psyatwhi KIlos08:17
psyatwhi Vince-008:17
psyatwI´m looking forward to seeing how that works08:42
ThatGraemeGuyhello peeps09:29
mazalAny smart guys around ?09:52
mazalI have installed Ubuntu to my external hdd ( 13.04 , want to have the same os with same docs and mail and all both at work and at home)09:53
mazalAt home , it works , but at work I get to the login and when I log in I only see the desktop. No launcher , no top tray or system area09:54
mazalInstinct tell me it can be graphics drivers maybe ? At home , where it was installed , Nvidia's proprierty drivers was installed.09:55
mazalSo now I think it's those drivers not working at the work pc09:55
mazalBack at home I tried to deselect that driver in " additional drivers " section , but ubuntu refuse to deselect it09:55
Kilosi read somewhere that happened because of graphics driver09:55
mazalAny ideas ?09:56
Kilosare the graphics cards different09:56
mazalIs there a manual way to remove the nvidia proprietary driver ?09:56
mazalYes they are Kilos 09:56
Kilosboth nvidia?09:56
mazalNope , ati at work09:57
Kilosubuntu not very ati friendly09:57
mazalIt might also be an ATI 13.04 thing.09:57
SquirmKilos: ATI supplies drivers for Ubuntu09:57
mazalI remember when I installed 13.04 for first time at home I had to remove ati card and install nvidia card09:58
SquirmI use them, they're not that great though09:58
mazalATI's drivers didn't work at all on my ati card at home09:58
mazalNow I think that if I remove the nvidia drivers that ubuntu can work in a default state without screen drivers and might work on both with it's own built-in drivers ? Like when you first install ?09:59
Kilosyeah nouveau driver09:59
mazalBut I dunno how to get the nvidia one off10:00
KilosMaaz, google 13.04 no launcher or top panel with ATI graphics card10:00
MaazKilos: "unity - Launcher and panel missing [ubuntu 13.04] - Ask Ubuntu" http://askubuntu.com/questions/288235/launcher-and-panel-missing-ubuntu-13-04 :: "Ubuntu 12.10 shows no launcher or menu - Ask Ubuntu" http://askubuntu.com/questions/208346/ubuntu-12-10-shows-no-launcher-or-menu :: "Unity doesn't load, no Launcher, no Dash appears - Ask Ubuntu"10:00
Maazhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/17381/unity-doesnt-load-no-launcher-no-dash-appears :: "After upgrading to…10:00
Kilosapt-get remove10:01
Kiloswhat are you using nvidia-173-extras10:01
mazalCan't remember oom , and can't boot it here to see10:02
mazalIt was one of the "tested" ones10:02
Kilosmost likely 173 or 173-extra10:03
Kiloshi Squirm help the poor man10:03
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 10:04
mazalOom Kilos the list of problems have been getting so long I had to install win this weekend in dual-boot just to get work done :-( Now this problem also10:04
Kiloswhen it boots to that blank screen ctrl+alt=f2 to get prompts10:05
mazalSuddenly this weekend video editing also started giving issues10:05
mazalHad to boot 12.04 to get that done. I am running 3 os's now :-(10:05
Kilosyou gotta try get to kde im sure it has more tools10:06
mazalVery last time I install these middle releases. from 14.04 gonna stay on LTS and hope it goes better10:11
Kilosare you in the prompt?10:12
mazalI can't Kilos , I will have to shut down and boot that broken one , then I can't get on here10:14
mazalYou have a way to remove the driver in cli ?10:14
Kilosbecause after ctrl+alt+f2 you can remove nvidia from the terminal10:15
mazalUhm , ok lemme see if I can boot it on another pc10:15
Kilosalso on that blank screen you can ctrl+alf+t for a terminal10:16
Kilosthen you can lspci and it will show the card in the machine10:19
mazalbusy booting10:19
mazalOk , I'm in terminal10:20
mazalHow to remove nvidia drivers ?10:20
Kilosapt-get remove nvidia-173 i hope10:21
Kilosif you used that one10:21
mazalIsh , you hope :-P10:21
Kilosya man you must know which one you used10:22
mazalWait I was able to get to " additional drivers "10:22
mazalIt's actually using ATI open source tested. It automatically changed to that it seems10:23
mazalSo it's the same &^%$*&$%^$ ati thing I had at home grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr10:23
Kilosok activate10:23
mazalIt's won't work on this pc :-(10:23
Kilosoh my10:23
Kilosok you know the card?10:23
mazalCheck how stupid this is , that drivers is marked , but it says " no proprietry driver in use "10:24
Kilosmaybe one can get the drivers from ati10:24
Kilosits maybe not activated10:24
mazalAnd I know for a fact the other two listed won't work as those two broke my system so bad the last time I had to re-install10:25
Kilosbut you can do aptitude reinstall driver if you have its particulars10:25
Kilosyou'll have to wait for a clever geek to help you10:26
mazalThanx for trying oom , at least now I know 13.04 can't do what I need10:27
Kilosmazal, dont the nouveau drivers work10:27
mazalNouveau doesn't even show here as it's not nvidia10:28
Kilosuninstall ati and nvidia and use nouveau10:28
Kilosno its in synaptic youll find it10:28
Kilosyou can also remove the nvidia and ati drivers from there10:28
Kilosjust cli synaptic10:29
mazalI hope 13.10 and 14.04 works with ati , then I'll try and work this way again. For now will just use two different os's10:31
Kilosget the company to get some nvidia cards10:31
mazalOi , oom jy praat van 6 maande se werk10:32
Kilosor even try the onboard socket10:32
Kiloscant remember you might need to remove the graphics card though10:33
mazalGotta shut down , gonna try the onboard thing10:39
Kiloswb maiatoday 10:42
maiatodayty Kilos10:42
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mazalNo-go oom Kilos , onboard intel also don't work10:54
Kilosskuus man10:54
Kiloswhat does additional drivers show there10:55
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mazalIf I wasn't so g@tvol of re-installing os's I would have gone back to 12.04 with this main os also11:10
mazalBut I already did 4 the last week or so11:11
magespawnafternoon all12:33
Kiloshi magespawn 12:34
KilosMaaz, seen banlam12:36
MaazKilos: banlam was last seen 6 months, 15 days, 18 hours, 12 minutes and 26 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2013-01-21 20:23:38 SAST], and has been offline on freenode since 2013-08-03 08:35:23 SAST12:36
KilosMaaz, seen bakuman12:36
MaazKilos: bakuman was last seen 3 months, 13 days, 21 hours, 39 minutes and 28 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2013-04-23 16:56:48 SAST], and has been offline on freenode since 2013-08-03 08:36:23 SAST12:36
mazalBye everyone , have a good evening12:48
SilverCodeyay, finally managed to fix my tmux issues13:20
Kilosat least someone is winning today13:21
inetproSilverCode: what tmux issues?13:28
SilverCodeinetpro: the first was "dirty" screens. As the window scrolled up, lines wouldn't clear properly13:40
SilverCodeinetpro: turned out to be using the wrong term13:40
SilverCodeinetpro: the second was Shift+Fn keys not being passed through correctly13:41
SilverCodenow if only I could solve my KMail problems13:41
inetproSilverCode: you using tmux directly or via byobu?13:41
SilverCodeinetpro: byobu?13:42
inetprosee http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Byobu_%28software%2913:43
SilverCodeah, in that case, using tmux directly13:45
SilverCodealthough byobu looks interesting13:46
inetproit is very useful indeed13:47
* inetpro still prefers GNU screen for the backend13:49
inetpromerely because that is what I'm used to13:49
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Kilosyo Squirm Trixar_za 14:10
Trixar_zaHey Kilos14:10
Trixar_zaI just redid the znc for them14:10
Kiloswhats a znc?14:10
Trixar_zaa bouncer client - it idles online and keeps messages or logs while you're free to disconnect14:11
Kilosfor who did you do this?14:12
Trixar_zaSquirm and me mostly14:18
Kilosyou mean on here Trixar_za ?14:18
Trixar_zaYeah and a few other networks. Squirm uses it with 3 networks14:20
Kiloseasier for me to just ask what i missed14:21
KilosSilverCode, kmail really sucks. i couldnt get it even to start up and the fly also said he used thunderbird because it was so bad14:23
Kilosbut evolution works well on unity and kde14:27
Kilosin 12.04 that is14:27
Kilosinetpro, do you use kmail?14:29
* inetpro been a happy user of Thunderbird for like ever14:30
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Kilosyo neelsie15:37
* Kilos greets Cantide too15:38
nlsthzno/ uncle Kilos15:38
Cantidehello Kilos et al :)15:54
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KilosCantide, when you going?16:04
Squirmbusy putting together a collection of my better flying16:20
Squirmgoing to use it for advertising16:20
Squirmmy little Dual Core probably isn't ideal for video editing, but oh well16:20
CantideKilos, i don't know just yet :p17:37
Cantidestill working on that '-'17:37
Cantidebut you can be sure i will let you know when i get my ticket :)17:37
magespawnevening all17:50
Kilosyo magespawn 17:51
magespawni saw something online connected with tor, some new project, but i cannot remember where or what it was called, trying the group mind as a last resort17:52
magespawnvague i know but any suggestions/beatings will be appreciated17:54
Kiloswhat is tor magespawn ?17:55
magespawnan annoymous browser17:56
CantideTOR is horribly slow17:57
Cantidebut it works well for what it does17:57
Cantidei remember gmail thinking i had logged in from Czechoslovakia :)17:57
magespawni do not notice too much of a difference18:00
Kiloshow big is the download magespawn ?18:01
Kilosnm ill use data on that android goodie rather18:04
magespawnnot too big, i think, but i forget18:05
Kilosthe fly fights me when i try install tarballs18:05
Kilosi got that android adv just about going18:07
magespawnit comes in a zip file that once unzipped you run it from there18:09
Kilosoh ok will look at it ty18:10
Kilos35 meg18:13
magespawneverthing is self contained18:17
Kiloswell it works, but takes a while to open with all the setting up18:21
inetprogood evening18:22
Kilosbut i actually dont need to be annonimous because mostly browse for help stuff18:22
inetproKilos: you should really not be installing tarballs18:22
Kiloshi inetpro 18:23
Kilosit opens without installing inetpro 18:23
Kilosbut the android thing did18:23
inetprowhat is it?18:23
Kilosso whip me18:23
Kiloswhat is what?18:23
inetprothat you're trying to run?18:24
magespawninetpro tor18:24
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Kilosandroid avd i think its called18:24
Kiloswanna try gets whatsapp working here18:24
Kilosoh you meant tor18:25
inetproKilos: forget it18:25
magespawni just mentioned it conection with something else i was looking for18:25
Kiloswhew after all that data18:25
Kilosforget what tor or android18:25
magespawnwhy forget it?18:25
Kilossee magespawn i have to be careful18:26
Kiloswhen the pro dont bomb me the fly does18:26
inetprowhy do you need whatsapp anyway?18:27
Kiloswell ian uses it because it dont eat cell battery like mxit18:28
inetprowhen you already have skype, facebook, gtalk and bbm18:28
Kilosno skype man18:28
Kilosand no bbm18:28
Kilosand facebook sucks18:28
Kiloswhatsapp on pidgin would be cool18:29
inetprowhatsapp and gtalk is exactly the same thing, only difference being that whatsapp is restricted to mobile to mobile, and that really sucks18:30
Kilosyou can run it in an android emulator18:30
Kilosbut majot thinking needed18:31
magespawni see Kilos, but they are just looking out for you( i think).18:31
Kilosyeah magespawn i darent say eish or ai! then im asked what i broke now18:32
Kiloshee hee18:32
magespawninetpro what is wrong with tor?18:32
inetpromagespawn: why would you want to use it?18:33
magespawnno particular reason was just reading several blog posts about the nsa etc so privacy came up18:34
inetproprivacy? hmm... what privacy?18:34
magespawnsurfing privacy18:35
inetprothere's no such thing these days and tor is IMHO not really worth it18:36
magespawnoh wait get it, as in we we have none18:36
inetprounless you have something to hide18:36
magespawneverybody has something to hide18:36
Kilosinetpro, he wants to hide his financial position18:36
Kilosthey got an increase18:37
inetpromagespawn: you use gmail?18:37
tonberry352_google knows...18:37
Kilospoor wife slaves and mage spends18:37
magespawnwhat financial postion? in the toilet?18:37
magespawnhah if only that was true18:37
magespawnall the time inetpro18:37
inetproahh, you see18:38
inetpromagespawn: you are the weakest link18:38
inetprogood bye18:38
Kilosgoogle knows all about you18:38
magespawni am easy with that, what i do not want people to know i do not tell them18:39
inetprothen why use tor?18:40
Kiloswont it use more data bouncing around first18:40
magespawn i don't, just read about it and tried it,thats all18:41
Kilosinetpro, ou papie het maaz reggemaak18:42
Kilosjy moet dankie se18:42
magespawnwas actually looking for some other piece of randomly connected info that i read in connection with tor, but cannot remember where or what, called something like tortallion or something18:42
magespawnvague i know, scroll18:43
inetprococooncrash: thanks for fixing Maaz18:43
inetproKilos: mooi, dankie18:43
inetproek sien hy het hom reggemaak so net voor 2:00 vanoggend18:44
Kilosso we got coffee in 4 mins again18:47
KilosMaaz, coffee on18:48
* Maaz starts grinding coffee18:48
inetproMaaz: coffee please18:48
Maazinetpro: Sure18:48
KilosMaaz, hurry18:48
MaazMaking decent coffee is an art Kilos and should never be rushed18:48
magespawnMaaz coffee please18:48
Maazmagespawn: Done18:48
Kilosits near bed time for ballies18:48
magespawnMaaz large18:48
MaazIn a beer mug just for you magespawn18:48
Kilosshame the poor bot is so corrupted18:49
magespawnnow if i could just get the wife to do it like that too18:49
magespawnmaybe she thinks the same about me18:49
Kiloshaha i use beer mugs18:49
inetpromagespawn: shame18:50
KilosMaaz, larger18:50
Maazinna bucket for you Kilos18:50
magespawnmake coffee on demand18:50
inetpronow go make her a cup18:50
Kilosor tell her maaz made her some18:50
magespawnalready on it, kettle is on18:50
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos, inetpro and magespawn!18:52
inetproMaaz: danke18:52
KilosMaaz, gracias18:52
MaazKilos: ¡de nada!18:52
magespawnMaaz botsnack18:53
MaazThank you thank you, munch munch chomp chomp18:53
Kilosnight guys, have a nice night and sleep warm18:55
magespawnnight Kiloe18:57
magespawngood night all19:49

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