a16g_JackYu, ping04:15
=== a16g_ is now known as ypwong
ypwongJackYu, ping04:22
smartboyhw:O So many people pinging JackYu such early LOL04:33
smartboyhwHow are you ypwong ?04:33
ypwongsmartboyhw, really? who else05:20
ypwonghe's famous :)05:20
smartboyhwypwong, ouch, I didn't realize that a16g_ is you:P05:23
ypwongsmartboyhw, xchat switched over to another nick after re-connect05:24
smartboyhwypwong, oh05:24
JackYua16g_, hi06:12
smartboyhwJackYu, a16g_ is ypwong :P06:13
ypwongJackYu, hi06:13
JackYuypwong, hi06:13
ypwongJackYu, i asked steve about seeds06:13
JackYuypwong, any good news?06:13
JackYusmartboyhw, :).06:13
ypwongJackYu, shouldn't be problem, but can you write me "why UbuntuKylin wants seeds instead of the existing ubuntu-defaults-builder setup. "06:14
JackYuypwong, sure. need I cc to steve?06:14
ypwongJackYu, up to you06:16
smartboyhwypwong, eh!?06:34
smartboyhwI thought you guys are using seeds already...06:35
ypwongnot really06:35
smartboyhwypwong, you should.06:36
smartboyhwThat's what everybody is using.06:36
ypwongseeds has its own maintenance problem06:37
smartboyhwypwong, why?06:38
ypwongif you don't want to deviate too much you need to sync with ubuntu's06:38
smartboyhwypwong, eh huh06:39
smartboyhwWell, look at Edubuntu06:39
smartboyhwThey use Unity also as you06:39
smartboyhwAnd they use seeeds06:39
ypwongthere's no alternatives in the past06:40
ypwongseeds or not, it's flexibility vs maintenance06:41
ypwongwe have to learn from edubuntu and ubuntu studio for how things work :)06:42
smartboyhwypwong, you already got UbuntuKylin Developers Team06:42
smartboyhwypwong, Ubuntu Studio doesn't even have a developer that has uploader right06:42
smartboyhwAnd we still use seeds06:42
ypwongdo you have the need to?06:42
smartboyhwAnd you guys are backed by Canonical06:43
ypwongeh that's not the point06:43
smartboyhwypwong, well yes, since we have different tasks (e.g. audio, video, -desktop)06:43
ypwongwhy no one apply for upload right?06:43
smartboyhwypwong, ubuntu-defaults-builder is for people who want to make their own version of distro (with PPAs probably), not for a flavour.06:44
smartboyhwypwong, because we aren't ready. Our flavour lead (zequence) is making his way through06:44
smartboyhwI'm applying for Kubuntu Developer06:44
smartboyhwBut even if I became Kubuntu Developer, I06:44
ypwongbut ubuntu studio has been existing for long time06:44
smartboyhwwould not be a MOTU06:44
smartboyhwypwong, because all the original developers left:P06:44
ypwongcan you guys work on PPU first?06:45
smartboyhwAnd we haven't been involved in package maintenance06:45
smartboyhwypwong, we haven't been involved in package maintenance as I say06:45
ypwongthen get involved06:46
ypwongwho is maintaining the tasks06:47
smartboyhwypwong, zequence + OvenWerks06:47
smartboyhwUpload done by micahg06:48
ypwongttyl, meeting sson06:49
JackYuypwong,  mail sent:).07:36
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ypwongyouker-assistant-daemon 没有必要独立成为一个单独项目吧?09:20
ypwong应该是 youker-assistant 的一部分09:20

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