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cubsmartboyhw, wasn't it you who posted https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual-tests/+bugs?field.tag=ubuntu-studio here a couple of days ago? I'm not sure on how to go about to test things there. Any hints?11:40
smartboyhwcub, no not me.12:30
smartboyhwAnd it's testcases NOT written.12:30
smartboyhwcub, of course you can help write these:P12:32
cubI wouldn't know where to begin so I focus on things I actually know so far. :P12:35
smartboyhwzequence, how do you think we can write testcases?12:36
smartboyhwHey ttoine 13:34
smartboyhwMay I ask why are the items in the webshop that expensive?:P13:35
ttoinesmartboyhw, ah you had a look13:35
smartboyhwttoine, yeah madeinkobaia gave me the lin13:35
ttoinesmartboyhw, it is the cheapest possible13:35
smartboyhwttoine, :O13:35
ttoinefor tshirt, madeinkobaia and zequence asked me to use a quality cotton13:36
ttoinebut for the mug, it is the simplest product (there is only one mug on spreadshirt)13:36
ttoineand of course, I don"t had any comminsion13:37
smartboyhwttoine, OK fine.13:37
smartboyhwWhen will it be ready for public?13:37
ttoineI don't know. zequence ordered some stuff to check the quality, I think we are waiting for his feedback13:37
smartboyhwttoine, I heard he received his T-shirt already13:38
smartboyhwAnd here's madeinkobaia !13:38
madeinkobaiaYeah !13:38
ttoinesmartboyhw, and what does he think about it ?13:39
smartboyhwttoine, I forgotten, check this channel's backlog in irclogs.ubuntu.com plz (it should be yesterday or the day before yesterday)13:39
cubbut the shop is live, right? Because I was about to place an order as well.13:39
smartboyhwcub, yeah, the shop's live13:40
smartboyhwSo called private-preview:P13:40
cubsadly it's kind of those prices for quality shirts with print in Europe. At least when I had a look around for other purpose some time ago13:40
smartboyhwttoine, question: Are the T-shirts made in China!?13:41
smartboyhwThat should be cheaper:P13:41
cubttoine, but how does it work with the site? I suppose they make some money of it, but it says on their homepage that each shop makes money too13:41
ttoinesmartboyhw, I don't know. I think that spreadshirt is a UK company13:42
ttoinesmartboyhw, I don't know how to use the channel backlog. I am not even sure that I have the right13:42
smartboyhwttoine, everybody can use it13:43
cubit's just a web page13:43
ttoinecub, this is a soft opening so we can test the merchandise13:43
smartboyhwGood job cub :)13:43
cubttoine, could we easily add other sizes? There *could* be females wanting to buy US shirts. ;)13:44
ttoinebut he doesn't speak about the product...13:44
smartboyhwcub, +113:44
cuboh it was probably not the same date as I pasted a link to, it was just the one I had open13:45
ttoinecub, you can select the size and color you want. at the moment, we don't have female shirt, but I can create them. first, I would like that madeinkobaia validate that it is possible13:45
cubNo you can only select Medium as the smallest size13:45
ttoineI didn't see that...13:46
ttoinemaybe it is because the drawings are too big for s13:46
ttoineor maybe, the size S is not available with the t-shirt used13:47
cubMy thinking was that they for some reason consider Small as not-a-men's-shirt13:47
cubzequenceI got the Ubuntu Studio t-shirt today, and the mug is probably here already as well13:5013:47
cubzequenceI'll take a picture once I get the chance13:5013:47
cubzequencethe quality of the T-shirt is good, but I think we should offer a cheaper alternative too13:47
cubfrom http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/08/02/%23ubuntustudio-devel.html13:47
ttoinecub, available size depend on the type of shirt13:49
ttoineon spreadshirt, there are many brand of basic shirts, from different qualities13:49
smartboyhwHmm, we can even find ttoine's address:O13:50
smartboyhwttoine, Spreadshirt is actually German13:51
ttoinecub, thanks for the link. so the quality is good for the price, i guess13:51
ttoinesmartboyhw, why do you speak about my address ?13:52
cubI rather pay a bit more for a shirt that survives the first wash than to have a sloppy tent after a couple of weeks13:52
smartboyhwttoine, because you should use one that isn't your actual home address (or office address, but not meaning fake)13:52
cubttoine, you are listed on the Legal Information page at spreadshirt13:52
ttoineah, of course, yes13:53
smartboyhwThis is particularly true for all designs found in the shop, as well as all elements used in designing the shop. 13:53
madeinkobaiattoine cub smartboyhw: I ask myself how ubuntu manage to sale their t-shirts around 13€. Someone could contact them and see if there is a possibility to use their sales platform.13:54
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia, that would be ttoine or zequence 13:54
smartboyhwI don't think we will be allowed to use their platform...13:54
madeinkobaiasmartboyhw: For sure, or I can do it to.13:55
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia, maybe13:55
cubUbuntu probably got a good deal due to expected to sell large quantities13:55
smartboyhwSince Kubuntu has it13:55
smartboyhwBut the Kubuntu items are discontinues13:55
smartboyhwAnd only available for sale13:55
cubIf so, I want a http://shop.canonical.com/product_info.php?products_id=1006 with US logo. :P13:55
ttoinemadeinkobaia, I already had a chat about that with them13:57
ttoinethe difference is that they don't sell on shirt per month, as you can guess13:57
ttoineonce you have volume, you can decrease the price by buying stock13:57
ttoineat the moment, it is done one by one13:57
ttoineand as smartboyhw it is not allowed to use their platform13:58
madeinkobaiattoine: Ok, I understand now13:58
madeinkobaiattoine: I didn't knew you already contacted them.13:58
cubI would rather not buy from the canonical.com either because of the hassle with customs and taxes13:59
ttoinemadeinkobaia, how do you think I have the legal right to create US merchandise ?13:59
ttoineI have a signed agreement. It tooks monthes to get him...13:59
ttoineotherwise I wouldn't have spent (and you too, by the way) to create shirts and mugs14:00
madeinkobaiattoine: US is don't supposed to be an "official" Ubuntu derivative. Its what I heard, maybe I am wrong in that case.14:01
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia, it is an official Ubuntu derivative14:01
cubbut not covered by the trademark14:01
ttoineby the way, if there are sales on the canonical shop it means that they are buying stock. We can't do that at the moment14:02
ttoinemadeinkobaia, as we use the word "Ubuntu" it is mandaroty to have an agreement. It is not related to be an official distro. for example, Ubuntu-fr needs the same agreement to make french merchandise14:03
ttoinecub, Ubuntu Studio is a brand registered by Canonical.14:03
cubAre you sure? http://www.canonical.com/intellectual-property-policy14:04
cubCanonical’s Trademarks (registered in word and logo form) include:14:04
ttoineactually, it is stated that any linux related stuff including the word Ubuntu is owned by  Canonical14:04
ttoineOur brand is Ubuntu Studio. Ubuntu is registered, they don't need at all to register it14:04
cubUbuntu is registered if used with the font and associated logo14:05
smartboyhwcub, there are Trademarks and Registered trademarks:P14:05
cub"ubuntu" is a word that existed long before Ubuntu14:05
ttoinecub, you are speaking about the drawings. I am speaking about the word itself14:05
cubI speaking about both14:05
ttoinecub, I think you don't know well trade rules and industrial properties ;-)14:06
madeinkobaiattoine : http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu#Variantes_et_d.C3.A9riv.C3.A9es (its in french sorry) it is wrote "Les variantes reconnues par Canonical, mais non officielles sont :" in the list there is an error, as I see Ubuntu Studio in it. Its not the first time I read this ambiguous between "Official" and "Recognized".14:06
smartboyhwcub, but Ubuntu IS a trademark:P14:06
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia, now wait a moment14:06
ttoinecub,  I will not provide you with all the long emails chat I had with the legal and marketing teams of Canonical14:07
ttoinebut I confirm that we need an agreement.14:07
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia, there isn't "official" derivatives if you call Ubuntu Studio "recognized" derivatives14:07
ttoineeven spreadshirt asked me to provide the agreement14:07
cubI believe you. I'm not convinced you can trademark an special word.14:08
cub"Ubuntu is an age-old African term for humaneness"14:08
ttoinecub, you can register a word for an activity14:08
madeinkobaiattoine : I trust your judgment about that, no worries. I think globally, that there is something not really clear about Ubuntu derivatives, official or not.14:09
ttoineubuntu, when used around IT, Linux, PC, server and more around, is a registered trademark, and so, we cannot use it like we want.14:09
ttoinemadeinkobaia, I agree, this is not clear enough14:09
ttoinecub, for example, ttoine is a registered trademark14:09
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia, normally, official is recognized14:12
smartboyhwOfc, some are more equal than others;P14:12
ttoinecub, an example like yours: Oracle is a place, or someone, to speak about the future. the fact is that when it is related to databases, you cannot use it for free.14:12
cubyes, when used in those areas. But it's not the word itself they "own".14:13
cubbut as for the shop, will US get anything from the €20 per shirt?14:16
smartboyhwcub, I don't think so14:16
smartboyhwWe don't even have a bank account lol14:16
cubAs Spreadshirt slogan is "Create a design -> Upload your design -> Make money"14:18
madeinkobaiacub: I believe that ttoine knows what he done. They will be certainly benefits for Spreadshirt (its normal) but not for us, as there is no profit margin differential.14:20
madeinkobaiacub: So the price is for the production and the expedition. Now I also think its expensive but I don't know other systems who allow to not command products before sales.14:22
cubYeah the Ubuntu Developer Summit is online nowadays so we don't need to sell loads of shirt to send zequence to the next meeting. ;)14:22
cubI think the price is standard for your own print on a quality shirt. If you buy a rock band shirt it's about the same cost and often they are crap after 2-3 washes.14:23
madeinkobaiaFor sure :(14:24
smartboyhwcub, LOL14:26
ttoinecub, sorry for the delay, I am at work14:36
ttoineWe don't have any money on merchandising. the licence we have doesn"t allow it14:37
cubno worries, so am I. :D you read up when you can…or the next day from the logs during coffee breaks14:37
ttoineactually, we might provide a very poor quality shirt around 5€ I think14:38
ttoinebut the cotton will be very cheap quality14:38
cubDo they have lots of other merc stuff? Like hoodies and beanie hats?14:38
ttoinewe can do a lot of stuff14:38
ttoinebut only one by one printing at the moment14:39
ttoineWhen we will have some turnaround on the shop, I will ask spreadshirt if they can add some drawings to the embroidery base14:41
ttoineso we can create baseball caps or other embroided stuff14:42
cubI wonder how many US users there are15:04

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